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For Inez's sake, Clint agreed to give Ford the money to pay off Eddie. Inez agreed to seduce Bo in return for Clint's promise to get Eddie to leave town. Kelly met a woman named Aubrey on an airplane flight, unaware that she was Joey's girlfriend. Marty blamed Starr for Cole's downward spiral. Clint hired Eddie to kidnap Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 29, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kelly finished a phone call as she rushed onto an airplane that was about to depart from London. She was ready to place another call when a pleasant and pretty young woman stopped her. The young woman had already been advised to turn off her phone, and she wanted to give Kelly a heads-up. The woman took her seat next to Kelly.

The women chatted during the flight, and Kelly made it known that the people of Llanview were great. She was going home to a "special guy." She revealed that they'd had several chances together already, but they'd been young. Her man had even had an affair with her aunt, Kelly confessed, but Kelly had married him later. They divorced, and Kelly had fallen for her ex's brother. Kelly had married and divorced him, too, and she'd messed things up. Suddenly, she had second thoughts. What she was doing was utterly stupid. "What am I thinking?" she asked the young woman.

Kelly grew distraught as she second-guessed her actions. She began to breathe into a brown paper bag. She mentioned that she hadn't been together in "that way" with the man in a very long time. She was afraid he'd think she was crazy. The young woman thought that Kelly should take the chance. She'd done the same herself, and she'd had no regrets. She thought that the man would fall back in love with Kelly.

Joey surprised his mother when he walked through the front door at Llanfair. He revealed that his airplane ticket was open-ended for the return trip to London, and Viki was thrilled. After exchanging their hellos, a tired Joey announced that he wanted to take his luggage upstairs to his bedroom. Reluctantly, Viki told her son that his bedroom was not available due to an old friend of Clint's who was staying with them. Unfortunately, the carriage house was not available either, because Rex, Gigi, and Shane lived there.

Joey was perturbed that none of Viki's guests were paying for their living quarters, although Viki explained that she was thrilled to have Rex and his family there. Joey joked that he'd obviously left his mother alone for too long. She questioned him on his latest exploits, and he advised her that he'd been traveling. He changed the subject quickly when Viki asked if he had a special person in his life. He was anxious to see everyone, and he seemed surprised when Viki mentioned that Kelly was in Llanview.

At La Boulaie, the young people were still upset that Eddie had punched James in the face. Bobby wanted to take his brother to the hospital, but James assured Bobby that his ears weren't ringing. He usually had trouble hearing after his father beat him, James muttered. Starr and Langston stood close, ill at ease, and when Dani and Nate stopped by to say hello, the couple observed that they had walked in on something unpleasant. James didn't want to discuss it, but Starr proclaimed that Eddie had hit James.

Nate was horrified, but James told him what had happened was "no big deal." His father had arrived, James had asked him to leave, and Eddie had just gotten physical. It was obvious that the others didn't agree, and Bobby noted that his father had gone to jail. Bobby advised Nate to stay out of Eddie's way and to never cross him. Nate was worried about his mother, and he left with Dani. Starr was adamant that James hold ice up to his bruised face. Suddenly, the phone rang. Starr learned that Cole had been in a fight at Statesville, and she had to leave in a hurry.

Outside, Bobby and Langston each told the other to keep an eye out for James. Bobby was beside himself, to hear that his brother had maintained that he wasn't injured because his ears weren't ringing. He hated himself for leaving his brother with their father. He had to leave, though, because he had something to do. Starr rushed out, as well, on her way to the prison.

At the police station, Bo reached his breaking point with a miserable Eddie, as the ex-con threatened to sue the police department for his arrest. "Now you can add wrongful adhesive to your list," Bo told the man as he taped Eddie's mouth shut with duct tape. Nora walked in with a file and proceeded to read out the list of Eddie's prior arrests. "What a charmer. How can Inez resist you?" Nora stated. Bo removed the tape from Eddie's mouth, and the man made sexist remarks towards Nora, especially after he learned of her identity. Bo was ready to step in to stop Eddie, but Nora assured her husband that she was able to handle it.

Eddie was surprised that Nora wasn't a hag with the way Bo had been chasing Inez, Eddie announced. Nora mentioned Eddie's assault on James, and she noted that there had been several witnesses. Eddie was surprised to learn that James hadn't pressed charges. Nora noted that Eddie had probably been beating James for years, but Eddie told her it was only a "speculation" on her part. He and his son had merely had a disagreement.

It hadn't been an assault, and Eddie felt that James needed to have some sense knocked into him. "And you think you're the guy for the job?" Nora asked sarcastically. Eddie noted that he had never stopped being a dad. Bo and Nora exchanged disgusted glances, and Nora called into the station for someone to remove the "gentleman" from Bo's office. Eddie was amused. "You're a good time," he told her. Eddie mentioned that he knew that Bo had been busy with Inez, and Bo was ready to attack him. Eddie told Nora to call him, since he knew he wouldn't remain in jail for very long. He'd treat Nora right, Eddie maintained. "I can just imagine," Nora replied dryly.

Eddie figured that Nora was able to see how things were headed with Bo and Inez. He pointed out that his ex-wife was good at playing the victim. A police officer arrived to escort Eddie to the courthouse. "See you later," Eddie said in farewell to Nora. "Not a chance," she muttered. While Bo and Nora talked about Eddie's charms after he left, Nora noted that Eddie had made a good point in his description of Inez. Bo was irate. He couldn't believe that Nora had accepted what Eddie had said. Nora pointed out that Eddie had been married to Inez, and he knew her.

She indicated that they'd never heard about anything in Inez's life except for the bad things that had happened to her. Bo assumed that there were plenty of good incidents, as well, but Nora stressed that Eddie had been right. Inez always played the victim. Bo promised that he would make sure to find something to keep Eddie in jail in the event that James wouldn't testify against him. Nora was distressed and mentioned that wasn't really Bo's job as police commissioner. Bo felt that he had to do that, since Inez was his assistant. Nora wondered if he'd feel the same if Inez wasn't working for him.

Bo was adamant that Inez didn't have a crush on him, and even if it were true, he wondered why it bothered Nora so much. Nora was certain that Inez wanted Bo, and Inez wanted to break up his marriage. Bo disagreed and laughed, but Nora thought it was a serious issue. Bo noted that he'd heard about the plant incident in his office, but he'd had to drag it out of Inez, because Nora had refused to tell him anything at all. Nora was annoyed. She thought that their lives had grown consumed with everything Inez. All she ever heard about was Inez and her sons and her ex. "What do you want me to do? Fire her?" Bo asked.

"Say, there's an idea," Nora replied. Bo refused to fire his assistant, and he didn't think the situation was the way that Nora said it was. Nora felt that Inez had made Bo into her personal "savior." Nora thought that Bo wanted to be everyone's hero, and he'd made it his job. While she liked that about him, Nora thought that he had a "blind spot," and people took advantage of him.

Inez couldn't believe what she'd heard. Clint wanted her to sleep with Bo. "Are you joking?" she asked in disbelief. Clint explained that Bo had ruined Clint's marriage, and Clint wanted help to "return the favor." Inez reminded Clint that he had told her that Bo and Nora were meant to be together. Clint clarified that he'd meant "once upon a time." Too much had happened since then, he told her, as he gave her a brief rundown on Bo and Nora's history. Inez asked if Clint wanted revenge. "It's a start," he replied. Inez was disappointed that all of Clint's attention to her had been only due to his plan.

Clint insisted that his interest in Inez had truly been from his heart, but Inez emphasized that there had obviously been a string attached. Clint thought the two of them could do business together, but Inez was repulsed that the business was to ruin Bo's life. "It's time for payback," Clint told her. Inez was appalled and advised Clint that she wouldn't take part in his "sick game." Clint responded that he was merely giving her permission to do what she wanted to anyway. He would make sure that Inez would have Bo.

Inez insisted that she wasn't interested in Bo several times. Even Nora had accused her of that, but it had been a misunderstanding, she explained. She only cared for her sons. She didn't want anything bad to happen to her sons, Clint suggested menacingly. She ordered him to leave her sons out of it. Clint continued, though, and asked if she were sure about that. He was certain that she didn't want all of the good things that had happened for her sons to just disappear. "You'd take it away?" Inez asked incredulously.

Clint just wanted Inez to work with him. He would be able to help Nate too. He thought that she must be tired of struggling, and he'd be able to make it either difficult or easy for her and her sons. "Did you just threaten my family?" Inez asked. Clint denied that he had. He would just take back all of the favors he'd doled out to them. It would be like going back in time, he told her. She could return to her life without hope. He reminded her of the state that her sons had been in before he'd helped them.

Clint suggested that James could return to work for his father. Inez noted that Eddie was in jail, but Clint reminded her that Eddie had gotten out previously. He doubted that Eddie would remain behind bars. Inez responded that she could never break up Nora and Bo, but Clint reported that the marriage was already falling apart. Nora had betrayed Bo in the past, and Bo hadn't forgotten it. Bo would try to settle his old score, and Clint was certain that Inez could benefit from that. "It's the way of the world," he claimed. Inez was doubtful that Bo would try to steal Clint's girlfriend, and she was concerned that whatever Clint had been up to had been an act.

Clint wanted Inez to report to Bo that she and Clint had broken up. Inez refused and retorted that she planned on telling Bo everything that Clint had ordered her to do. She declined Clint's offer. Clint thought she'd regret it. "I regret knowing you," she shouted as she stormed out.

While Natalie waited at the airport for John to return, she occupied her time and looked at the flight information posted on the walls. She did a double take when she envisioned the signs providing personal information meant only for her eyes. The signs stated that John would leave her when he learned about the baby. "He'll get his own baby," one sign read. Suddenly, he appeared behind her, and he held a baby in his arms. Before Natalie was able to react, the baby's mother caught up to John. An attendant was pushing her in a wheelchair. The mom thanked John for his help. "He'll make a great dad," the woman told Natalie.

John showed Natalie the stuffed bear that he'd received as a gift from Michael. The bear was wearing a shirt that said, "MY DADDY'S ON THE LPD." Natalie looked up at the wall, and the flight information changed. It said, "John's a cop, not a daddy." Another read, "But Brody's both." John looked at Natalie and remarked that she suddenly looked ill. He made her sit down and told her that he planned on calling her doctor. Natalie assured him that she was feeling better. She'd been stressed the last time she'd felt ill, and this time was merely "turkey coma." John declared that he'd missed her.

Nate and Dani arrived at Nate's apartment. He was embarrassed that it was small and messy inside, and he asked Dani to wait outside. She reminded him that he'd seen her untidy bedroom. She didn't care about such things, she told him. Her home in Tahiti had been a shack. They went inside, but Inez wasn't there. Nate wanted to leave his mother a note and then leave, but Dani wanted to remain and watch a movie. She preferred to stay there rather than returning home to be with her dad, she noted.

Nate was also ashamed of his father, but Dani reminded him that her father was Todd Manning. They sat down and prepared to watch a film. Nate assured Dani that she'd enjoy the movie with captions.

Natalie and John arrived at Llanfair, and an ecstatic Natalie flew into Joey's arms when she spotted him. The group made small talk about Natalie's baby. "Did I miss the wedding?" Joey asked facetiously. "Nice, nice," Natalie muttered, while Viki tried to quiet her son. Joey thought that John needed to "make an honest woman" out of Natalie. John announced that Natalie was the "most honest woman I know," though Joey wondered if John had ever played pool with his sister.

Joey had to leave. Natalie apologized for her brother's statement, but John thought they should talk about getting married. Natalie insisted that she wasn't interested, and she wasn't in a hurry. She hoped that John didn't feel obligated to say something because of Joey's comment. She handed him the Thanksgiving wishbone, they each made a wish, and they snapped it in half. Natalie won.

Kelly's plane landed, and before the girls parted ways, they introduced themselves. Kelly offered Aubrey a ride, but she announced that she was meeting her boyfriend. Her own relationship was still new, since she and her man had been doing some traveling when they met. Kelly thanked her for listening.

Clint spoke to someone on the phone and told them to "make it happen." He was surprised when he turned and found Bobby standing in the room. Bobby was glaring at him. "I need your help," Bobby said.

Inez went to the police station and saw her ex-husband. She told Eddie that she hoped he'd rot in jail for what he'd done to their son. She informed him that their sons had a safe home with her whenever they wanted. Eddie was surprised that Bo had fallen for the "Mama Bear" act. Inez called Eddie a pig, and she suggested that he wouldn't know a decent man or relationship. He picked up on Inez's mention of a relationship, but she ordered him to stop talking. He told her she should make her move, since Nora was "wound up" about Inez.

Bo and Nora sat in his office. Bo promised that no one would make "chumps" out of either of them. "Unless you let 'em," he added. Nora stormed out to "personally" take care of Eddie's arraignment. "Now we can all rescue Inez," she muttered. After Nora went by, Inez knocked on Bo's office door. "I have to tell you something," she said.

Viki opened the front door when Kelly returned. "Is Joey here?" Kelly asked as she hurriedly walked inside. Viki informed Kelly that she had just missed him. He'd been there, but he had gone out.

At the airport, Joey found Aubrey waiting for him. The couple shared a long kiss.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kelly and Viki were chatting at Llanfair when Rex, Echo, and Charlie walked in through the French doors in the study. Kelly and Echo were introduced, and Viki exclaimed "We're just one big family." "That's great," Kelly replied, not too enthusiastically. Viki announced that Joey had returned home.

Kelly wanted to leave, and Rex hurriedly offered to see her to the front door. Echo voiced how wonderful it was that a woman and man could be friends when the man was attached to another woman. Viki rolled her eyes as Echo suggested that they learn from the younger folks' example. Viki agreed that it had been an evening full of education.

Viki announced that Echo was in Joey's bedroom, and she'd have to leave. Charlie suggested that a smaller room might suffice, but Viki confessed that her house was quite crowded, and there really wasn't any room for Echo. Charlie quietly stated that it was his house, too, and he'd been the one to invite Echo to stay with them. He couldn't very well uninvite her, he added. Viki suggested that Echo use Rex's loft, but Charlie revealed that Rex hadn't renewed his lease, since he'd moved in with Gigi.

Echo stated that she'd move out, but Charlie refused to put his son's mother out on the street. Viki reluctantly agreed to allow Echo to stay for another night. "Or as long as you need to," Charlie said. Viki looked at Charlie and grew angry, and asked, "Are you serious?" She grumbled that she'd never agreed to an "open-ended" visit, or even more than one night. Charlie promised that it wouldn't be for long, and they could figure out some other alternative. He asked Viki to do it for him, not Echo. He joked that he'd seen a naked David Vickers, so she owed him.

Viki consented, and Echo gave her a huge hug. With their arms wrapped around each other, Viki growled into Echo's ear, "You cross me, lady, I will make your life a living hell." Echo pulled away abruptly after she heard Viki's tone. Viki smiled again innocently and voiced how happy she was that things had worked out. Charlie smiled as the two women seemed to be getting along.

Out in the foyer, Kelly advised Rex that Joey had turned up in Llanview, and Rex was amazed that she had been able to get Joey to fly home. Kelly admitted that she'd had nothing to do with it, and she hadn't seen him yet. Kelly was only happy that Joey had never heard the drunken calls that she'd made to him. It was purely a coincidence that Joey was there. Rex thought it was possible that Joey had been thinking of Kelly.

Kelly really didn't know what Joey had been thinking, but she noted that Kevin hadn't been surprised when she'd expressed her feelings for Joey. Kevin had also told her that Joey hadn't been seeing anyone. Rex urged Kelly to call Joey, but she refused. She'd made enough calls to him. Rex persisted though. "Haven't you put your heart on hold long enough? What do you have to lose?" He handed her the phone.

Inez visited Bo in his office at the police station and advised him that she had something to tell him about Clint. Suddenly, Nora walked through the door. She couldn't believe her eyes and demanded to be told why Inez was back in Bo's office, without even any cookies. She thought they'd said goodbye to Inez earlier. Smiling as she spoke, Nora asked, "Exactly what are you offering my husband this time?" Inez wanted to explain, but Bo advised her they'd continue the conversation after he had a word with his wife.

Nora didn't want to linger. She was only there to make them aware that the charges against Eddie hadn't stuck. He had been released after claiming that his strike against his son had been a mistake. The judge agreed to let him out on a misdemeanor. Nora was sorry, but Inez was distressed. Inez was afraid that Eddie would go after James again. She wondered how her ex-husband always managed to "slip through the cracks." The trio walked out into the lobby of the station and encountered Eddie standing there with his attorney.

"I'm sorry, did I interrupt your threesome?" Eddie inquired with a sneer. Inez told him he was disgusting and the same bully who had thrown her out on the street. "Do you believe this bitch?" Eddie responded. He began to rant about how Inez had been the one who'd left him. The two began to exchange words, but Bo ordered Inez to stop. "He's not worth it," Bo told her. Eddie had to sign for his belongings, and he turned to leave. "I have to go collect what's mine," he said ominously. Nora wondered how Eddie had paid for his attorney, a well-known and expensive one. Bo frowned.

Eddie stopped to thank Bo for his hospitality, but Bo declared that he expected to see Eddie return. "Don't even think about tailing him," the attorney warned. Bo wondered why he would even consider that. The attorney cited the actions and threats that Bo had already made against Eddie. He proclaimed that he was already able to make a case of harassment. "Really? Try it," Nora pronounced, quiet until then. Eddie laughed and told Nora she was feisty.

Eddie asked Bo which woman was better "in the sack." Eddie started to get specific about Inez's bedroom behavior, but suddenly Bo yelled. He ordered Eddie out of the station. Eddie told Inez she was still beautiful when she was angry. After Eddie had gone, Bo checked on the women. Nora advised him she was okay, though she shuddered. Inez was shaken, and Bo invited her to wait for him in his office.

Bobby paid a visit to Clint to ask him for some help. Clint couldn't believe what he heard, especially after Bobby had taken advantage of Clint's daughter Jessica. Bobby reminded Clint that he had paid for his mistake, though Clint gruffly advised Bobby that he'd still be paying if it had turned out that Jessica's baby was Bobby's. He ordered Bobby to stay away from Jessica, but he was curious about the help that Bobby wanted.

Bobby confessed that he needed $50,000. It was for his father, and it was the money that James had taken from Eddie. Bobby wanted to give Eddie the money in order to get him out of town. Bobby would tell the cops that Clint had arranged to have Bobby beaten if Clint felt that he didn't want to provide the aid. Clint wondered if Bobby were threatening him. "Call it what you want," Bobby replied. Clint reminded Bobby that he was a respected citizen, a "pillar of the community," and his own brother was the police commissioner. Bobby knew that Clint's brother was a man of integrity.

Clint spelled out all that Bobby had done to get himself in trouble while he'd been in Llanview. He wondered who would even believe Bobby's story. Bobby knew that his mother, the woman that Clint had been dating, would believe her son. Clint replied that all he had to do was "snap my finger," and things would change for the Ford brothers. He advised Bobby to run to his mother and tell her his news.

Bobby accused Clint of using people to get what he wanted, and though Clint advised Bobby that Bobby was the same way, Bobby revealed that he had changed. Clint was just like Eddie, Bobby uttered. He made his way to the door, but Clint stopped him. He would give Bobby the money for Inez's sake. He handed Bobby the money and told him to be careful with it. Bobby thought it strange that Clint had that much money in the house, but Clint declared that he never knew when an emergency would arise.

Clint told Bobby that it would be the last business transaction between the two of them. He also advised the younger man that he was not to mention the incident that had landed him in the hospital. Bobby thanked Clint and left. "No, Ford, thank you," Clint stated as he picked up the necklace that Inez had refused to accept.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie, looking for Starr, but James answered the door and revealed that Starr had gone to Statesville because Cole had been in a fight. James was aware that Todd didn't like Cole, and he advised Todd that his brother Nate was a "good kid." Todd replied that there weren't any guys good enough for his daughters. He reminded James that Nate had dragged Dani into a bad situation. James remembered, but he added that it had been because of James in the first place. Todd agreed that the brothers were idiots. He thought that James was a "wuss" too. James had to admit that Todd was right, especially since he couldn't even stand up to his own father.

Todd realized that James's bruised face was courtesy of James's father. James told Todd that it was okay to laugh at him, but Todd didn't think it was funny. He knew all about bruises that sons received at the hands of their fathers. He realized that the guest at Bobby's place had been James's father, and he understood why James hadn't introduced him. James revealed that he'd tried to get away from his father.

Todd recalled that James had stood up to Bull and risked his life to save Starr and Hope. He advised James that Eddie would be out of jail soon, and he would be angry. Todd had been familiar with a kid who'd had an adoptive father who had "roughed" the boy up, Todd shared. It made the father feel big. It "screwed" with a kid's head, not just his face. It made a kid feel like he'd deserved it and wasn't worthy of love and respect.

James exclaimed that it sounded like his own life, and he thought that Nate had been lucky to be raised away from Eddie. Todd thought that Eddie was a lowlife when he'd met him, Todd admitted, but not a killer. James wondered how the kid in Todd's story had gotten away from the father. Todd related that the father had died. He would have killed the dad himself if he hadn't died, Todd muttered. "I'd had enough by then." James grew quiet and thoughtful.

Dani and Nate watched a foreign film at Nate's place, though Dani was completely bored with it. Nate noticed and slowly put his arm around her. They began to kiss until something on the movie caught their attention. They turned to watch a sex scene, and Nate was annoyed that he hadn't remembered it was in the film. Dani couldn't believe the film was only rated "R." Awkwardly, Dani jumped up to turn the television off, and Nate suggested that they talk about sex instead.

"We're getting closer," Nate said, and he thought they should talk about "stuff." Dani admitted that she'd almost had sex with Matthew after she'd been upset to learn that Todd was her father. Nate noted that she'd mentioned it to him before, and he'd also heard about it from Matthew. Dani was not surprised to hear that. She explained that Matthew had been the one to stop it, but it had all been happening for the wrong reasons, and it was the wrong boy. "Have you done it?" she asked Nate.

He admitted he had, but only once. It had been a girl from his old school. Dani asked what it had been like, and Nate admitted that he'd thought it would be better if it had been with a girl he actually cared about. Dani wondered if Nate had ever thought about having sex with her. "Only every minute of every day," he informed her. Nate wondered if Dani ever thought about the two of them having sex, and she began to stutter. She finally admitted yes, but Nate assured her he was fine.

Dani confessed that it was a big step, and she had a lot going on in her life. Nate understood that she wasn't ready, but Dani wondered if they had a problem, because she knew that he was. Nate promised that he didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and he didn't see it as a problem. They agreed to get back to the movie, and Nate assured her he'd fast forward through the "naked parts." He offered to go out for some popcorn after he couldn't find any in the apartment.

Joey was thrilled to meet Aubrey at the airport when she arrived from London. They shared a long kiss, and Aubrey mentioned that the flight had been a fast one. Her seatmate had been a very interesting young woman, and she wondered if Joey knew her. Joey laughed and told her that people in Llanview didn't know everyone else, but Aubrey shrugged. She assumed that all the gorgeous girls knew all the handsome men, she told him.

Joey was intrigued, but he turned his attention to his girlfriend. He couldn't wait for his family and friends to meet Aubrey, the new woman in his life. She explained that she was a mess, and she didn't think Llanfair should be her first stop. She wanted to go to the hotel and take a shower, she told him. While Joey stated that there were showers at Llanfair, Aubrey felt that a hotel would be more appropriate. She reminded him that they had discussed it. Joey admitted that he hadn't told his family about her yet, so the hotel was probably a good idea.

The couple headed to the Palace, and as soon as they got into Aubrey's room, they began to kiss. Before long, the couple removed their clothing and made love. Joey's phone began to ring, but they ignored it. The phone fell to the floor. Later, he looked at the phone and noticed the call had been from Llanfair. He assumed it was his mother, and he was pleased that he hadn't answered it. He realized it was too late for Aubrey to meet his family.

He hated to leave because they'd been together almost every night since they'd first met. Aubrey couldn't believe how Joey was a part of her life. They took turns describing how they'd known each other for a month, since their meeting when Joey was out taking pictures.

At Llanfair, Kelly tried to call Joey, but she received his voicemail. She refused to leave a message, and she decided that she'd just leave him a note instead. She asked Rex how he felt about his newly discovered parents. Rex admitted that he still couldn't get past the fact that Echo had dumped him in a hospital. He understood, though, that desperate people did desperate things.

Rex confessed that Echo and Shane were really getting along well together. Rex had also been staring at Charlie, looking for signs of the same mannerisms that he had, but he hadn't seen any. He explained how he'd seen signs of himself in Shane before he'd been aware that the boy was his own son.

Kelly thought that perhaps Rex was looking at things differently, especially since he already knew Charlie. She told him to look on the bright side. It was a great thing that Clint wasn't his father instead, she added. Echo, Viki, and Charlie walked into the foyer. Echo announced that she was staying thanks to Viki. "For a little while anyway," Echo clarified. Charlie accompanied Echo upstairs to help her change rooms, and Viki went off to look for her maid, Lois. Kelly and Rex remained, and Kelly confided that she would tell Joey about her feelings.

Rex left, and Kelly began to scribble her note to Joey. Just then, Joey returned home and spotted Kelly. They smiled at each other happily.

Aubrey called someone on the phone from her Palace Hotel room. "Hey, it's me. Guess where I am," she said.

Inez called Clint from Bo's office. She asked if he had hired Eddie's lawyer to make a point. Clint feigned ignorance and asked if she'd told Bo about Clint's plan. She revealed that she hadn't, but she still planned to tell him. "I don't think so," he replied. He revealed that he'd just given Bobby $50,000 to enable him to get rid of his father, because Bobby had been worried about James. Clint reminded Inez that he was able to get things done, and one could be either his best friend or his worst enemy. He assumed she'd pick friend, since she loved her sons. Inez abruptly said goodbye and hung up.

Nora was apologetic about Eddie's release, but Bo joked that he was glad that Nora hadn't accused Inez of setting Eddie free so that she could get Bo's sympathy. Nora felt that Inez would "milk the situation" anyway. Sharply, she asked if Bo planned to camp out at Bobby's apartment to keep an eye on the boys. Just then, one of Bo's officers stopped by to advise his boss that a unit had been parked at the Ford apartment. Nora laughed.

Bo assured Nora that if Inez had a crush on him, he wouldn't act on it. Inez was dating Clint anyway, he told his wife. He returned to his office and confronted Inez. She had been about to tell him something earlier. She announced that she and Clint had broken up.

Bobby stopped at La Boualie as Todd was leaving. As he reached the door, Todd turned to James and advised him, "You're not good enough for my daughter either." Bobby told his brother that he had a way to get rid of Eddie for good.

Eddie walked through Nate's apartment door and spotted Dani alone. He whistled at her.

Eddie's attorney went to Clint's house to receive his payment. He confided that Eddie had believed the attorney had been hired through an "Ohio connection."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Joey's suite at the Palace Hotel, Aubrey gabbed on her phone to an unseen friend. She told her phantom caller that Joey had gotten them a great suite, and she thought she would like it in Llanview. As she combed her hair in the mirror, she said that no one knew she was there except her friend, "and some girl I met on the plane." She promised to check back in after she met Joey's family.

Aubrey's call was interrupted by a knock at the door. Answering it, she was greeted by a waiter bearing room service and a card from Joey, who said he missed her already. Aubrey was touched by the gesture.

At Llanfair, Joey and Kelly embraced upon seeing each other again. Joey asked what she was doing there, and Kelly blurted out that she was visiting Llanfair to see him. She explained that she had gone to London, as well, to see Zane, but admitted that Zane hadn't been the only reason for her trip. "I went to London for you," she revealed. "Me?" Joey asked, confused.

Joey apologized for being out of the country when Kelly had arrived in London, but pressed her for details about her trip, as she seemed to be holding back. Nervous and shaken, Kelly said she needed a drink, and Joey poured her a tall martini full of olives. As Kelly sipped the martini, Joey answered his phone; it was Aubrey, calling to thank him for room service. Before Joey could begin a conversation, Kelly began choking on her olives. Joey abruptly hung up on Aubrey and rushed to Kelly's side, performing the Heimlich maneuver until Kelly hacked up the lethal olive.

"You saved my life," Kelly mumbled, recovering. She admitted she hated olives, but had been nervous seeing Joey again. "Why?" he asked, clueless. As Kelly began to explain herself, Joey's phone rang again. As Joey answered the phone to in the foyer, Kelly began to rehearse declarations of love under her breath. Noticing Joey's camera, she toyed with it in her hands.

In the foyer, Joey flirted with Aubrey on the phone as she promised to save him some strawberries and chocolate for when he returned to the suite. Smitten, Joey hung up and rushed back to Kelly in the drawing room, and told her he had to go because "something came up." He asked Kelly if she still wanted to tell him her big secret, but Kelly said it could wait. Joey said he had something important to tell her, as well, and suggested lunch at the Palace the following afternoon. Kelly agreed, and Joey bid her goodbye with a peck on the cheek.

As Kelly left Llanfair, she was ecstatic at the thought of reuniting with Joey. "Is this really happening?" she asked herself.

Back in the drawing room, Joey picked up his camera and admired Aubrey's racy photo.

At the police station, Inez told Bo she had broken up with Clint, and said the relationship hadn't been working. Feeling awkward, Bo asked if the breakup had involved him in any way. "Yes, it did," Inez began, "but not in the way that you think." Bo was baffled by Inez's cryptic tone, but before he could question her further, Inez said goodbye and walked out of his office.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora confronted Clint. She told him she and Bo were fighting, and claimed it was all Clint's fault for making her as paranoid about her relationship as he was. Clint feigned innocence, and said he had only mentioned Inez's interest in Bo because he was hoping to safeguard Bo and Nora's marriage. As Nora complained about Inez taking advantage of Bo's "white knight" complex, Clint smirked behind her back.

Clint and Nora's conversation was interrupted when Inez called Clint from the station. She informed him that she had told Bo they had broken up, but that she would not go ahead with his indecent proposal. She told him he was despicable, and said she never wanted to see him again.

Dismayed, Clint hung up, then turned and confessed to Nora that he and Inez had broken up earlier; he claimed he hadn't wanted to tell Nora because he feared what it would mean for her and Bo. Clint admitted that Inez had made a lot of excuses for dumping him, but said he felt sure it had to do with her unresolved feelings for Bo. Infuriated, Nora stormed out as Clint gloated over his latest triumph.

Nora headed to Bo's office, and was unsurprised to find that Inez had already relayed the news of her breakup with Clint. Nora snapped that Inez had run to her husband once again, and added that Clint had warned her that Inez wanted the wrong brother. Bo said that wasn't the case, and recounted Inez's mealy-mouthed explanation -- "she said it was yes and no." "Now what the hell does that mean?" Nora asked, frustrated.

Bo said he hadn't understood Inez's explanation, but told Nora that if she trusted him, she would know it didn't matter what feelings Inez had for him, since he would never stray from his marriage. "I trust you," Nora said. "I don't trust Inez." She insisted that Inez was trying to get Bo into bed. "I'm not gonna sleep with her, damn it!" Bo cried, fed up. "I'm not the one that cheats!"

Nora was stunned by Bo throwing the memory of Sam Rappaport and her infidelity back in her face. Bo profusely apologized for his outburst, but said Nora's neuroses were driving him up the wall. "No, I get it," Nora muttered, upset. "It's my fault. It's always going to be my fault. You've forgiven me, you're just never going to be able to forget." Bo pleaded with Nora to stay and work things out, and said he hadn't meant to say what he had. "But you did," Nora replied softly, pulling away from his arms and walking out of the station.

At the Salingers' apartment, Danielle found herself face-to-face with a lascivious Eddie Ford. He called Nate a lucky guy, and closed the apartment door as he advanced on Dani, joking that Nate was likely to get a lot luckier with her soon. As Dani recoiled, Nate burst in and ordered Eddie to leave her alone. Eddie taunted the teens with sexual innuendo about their cozy night together, and Nate ordered his lecherous father to shut up and get out. Eddie said he was there to see Inez, and as he began to prowl around the apartment, Nate convinced the reluctant Dani to leave.

Nate headed into the kitchen to confront Eddie. He demanded to know his father's intentions towards Inez, but Eddie was more focused on the prospect of Nate taking Dani's virginity. "For a little girl, she's got quite a pair!" the elder Ford cackled. Disgusted, Nate punched Eddie. Eddie was impressed with his son's right hook, but warned the boy that he had just made a bad mistake.

At the Manning house, Todd and Téa were worried about Starr's visit to Statesville Prison to see Cole, who had gotten into a prison brawl. Téa was sympathetic to the boy, while Todd remained characteristically unconcerned and said Cole had always been out of control. He added that James was a young man who had good reason to be a loose cannon after being raised by Eddie Ford. Téa couldn't believe Todd was expressing empathy for a guy who had taken an interest in Starr. "What's wrong with you?" she teased.

"I'm not going soft on these horndogs lusting after my daughter," Todd insisted, but said that he understood James's pain given his own history with Peter Manning. He reminded Téa that they had met Eddie at the Ford brothers' apartment, and explained that Eddie had assaulted James on Thanksgiving. He said that James had covered for Eddie and felt ashamed, just as Todd had with Peter, and admitted it had all reminded him too much of himself.

Téa wanted to work with Nora to build a case against Eddie and protect James from future abuse, but Todd wasn't convinced the legal system could stop Eddie, who had already beaten the rap several times. He said he knew Eddie's type, and that Ford Sr. would soon be out on the prowl for fresh blood. Téa was glad Todd had been there to counsel James. "What am I, a social worker?" Todd cracked. "It was not a bonding moment. I don't bond." He had only told James the honest truth -- Eddie had to be gotten rid of.

A frazzled Danielle rushed into the house, eager to hurry upstairs, but Todd and Téa stopped her in the foyer. Noticing her distress, they pushed her to recount her run-in with Eddie at Nate's place, and Dani admitted that Eddie had made inappropriate advances. Turning cold, Todd stormed out of the house.

With Todd gone, Téa took Dani into the living room and asked her about her evening with Nate prior to Eddie's unexpected arrival. Téa knew there was more to Nate and Dani's innocent "movie night" than Dani had wanted to say in front of Todd. Dani admitted that she and Nate had discussed having sex, and that Nate wasn't a virgin. She said that she felt like an inexperienced kid, but Téa told the girl that having sex was a huge step that couldn't be rushed just because one partner had more mileage.

Dani said that she trusted Nate with her feelings and her body, and that she had admired how he had protected her in front of Eddie. She admitted she felt close enough to him to be physically intimate with Nate in the future. Téa was calm and understanding, but asked Dani to be careful and not hurry. Dani thanked Téa for her support, and mother and daughter hugged.

At the Salingers', Inez walked in on the confrontation between Eddie and Nate. Eddie mocked Inez's friendship with Bo, and encouraged her to have him arrested again; he said he had friends in higher places than the police commissioner, and that his visit was only a warning to get Bo to back off. He told his ex-wife that he would do as he pleased. "Tell your little girlfriend that when she's ready to supersize, she knows where to find me," Eddie drawled, leering at Nate. With that, he sauntered out of the apartment.

Todd met Eddie in the hallway, and introduced himself. He coolly told Eddie he knew that Eddie was an abuser. "My Dad was like you," Todd remarked. "He's dead now. And you will be, too, if you ever talk to my kid again." Eddie pleaded ignorance and told Todd to leave him alone, but Todd warned him that if he wanted to "stay out of the wood chipper," he would stay away from Danielle.

In the Salingers' apartment, Nate put ice on his bruised fist. He couldn't believe how disgusting Eddie was, and expressed his doubts that the police could contain his father. "He can do whatever he wants," Nate said with a sigh. "No, he can't," Inez replied. She told Nate that she was going out. When Nate asked where, Inez said she was going to make sure that Eddie couldn't hurt them anymore.

At Statesville Prison, Starr and Blair awaited their visiting hour with Cole in the wake of his recent prison brawl. Blair downplayed the incident, but Starr was terrified that Cole could be permanently scarred by his assault. She berated herself for worrying about others while Cole was suffering in prison, and admitted that she felt guilty for getting closer to James in Cole's absence. When Blair asked if Starr perhaps felt more than friendship for James, Starr said she couldn't let herself "go there" -- she had promised Cole she would be faithful to him.

As Starr explained how she had been there for James after Eddie crashed the Cramer Thanksgiving, Blair said that Starr's response to James's ordeal was natural. Starr had a big heart, and as she grew and changed without Cole -- finished school, raised Hope, and made a career -- she would have to share her life with new friends, and more. Starr insisted that she couldn't give her heart away to anyone other than Cole, and that caring for James felt like a betrayal of their love. As the guard arrived to take Starr to see Cole, Starr hugged Blair and swore that Cole was the only person she wanted to be there for.

At the Ford brothers' apartment, Ford informed James that he had found the money to pay Eddie off, and told his little brother not to worry about who their benefactor was. He said that it was his responsibility to care for James, and swore that Eddie would never lay a hand on them again. His hopes were dashed when a police officer arrived to watch the apartment, and informed the brothers that Eddie had been released from police custody.

James was terrified, but Ford insisted that they would pay Eddie what they owed him and send him out of Llanview for good. James didn't buy it -- he was sure Todd was right, and that the only way to be freed from the cycle of abuse was for Eddie to be six feet under. "And trust me," James growled, "that thought has definitely crossed my mind."

Guilt-ridden, Ford said he hadn't realized how much of an animal Eddie had become until he had watched their father attack James, and asked what had happened to their old man since he had left home. James recounted how as a child, he had watched Eddie's abuse grow worse along with his father's alcoholism. When he had sometimes found Eddie passed out in bed, he had fantasized about setting fire to the mattress with one of his father's cigars -- but James had never acted on his feelings, because he knew he would've been left alone. Ford was struck by his little brother's confession

Eddie returned home with a cheery "Hey, girls! What's up?" Ford handed over the cash Eddie was owed and asked him to skip town, but Eddie said he wasn't ready to leave Llanview just yet. James grew emotional as he begged their father to go away and leave them alone, but Eddie cracked they could "hash it out" in the morning and strolled off to his bedroom. Ford comforted the frightened James, and admitted it might take more than money to get rid of Eddie. He promised to banish their father forever, and said he owed James that much.

Todd returned to the Manning house as Téa and Dani concluded their "girl talk." Dani took a call from Nate in the foyer, and asked her boyfriend if he was all right. Nate said he was fine, but told Dani that he needed her to know one thing: "I'd kill my father before I ever let him touch you again."

Inez arrived at the Buchanan mansion and faced Clint. She told him she would accept his offer and seduce Bo, on one condition: "You make Eddie disappear."

At the Mannings', Todd and Téa shared a private conference in the living room. Téa asked Todd if he had threatened Eddie's life to protect Danielle. "Yeah," Todd said coldly. "Something like that."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rex entered the office at the Sun to find a distracted Kelly. He asked if he was interrupting, but Kelly had only been thinking about Joey. Rex asked about Kelly's encounter with Joey the night before. She hadn't told Joey of her feelings, but she was more sure than ever about how she felt about him. She informed Rex that she was meeting Joey at the Palace for lunch, and she needed to be calm. Rex told Kelly that he had actually shown up at the Sun to look for work. Kelly told him to wait for Todd and then asked how she looked.

Aubrey told Joey on the phone that she was nervous to meet his parents. He said that they would love her. She asked him if it was a good idea to keep her a surprise to them. Joey related that they just wanted him to be happy, and that they weren't judgmental.

Viki opened the door of Llanfair to Nora, who wanted to talk to Viki about Inez. Nora believed that Bo's secretary was trying to destroy Bo and Nora's marriage. Not meaning to only talk about herself, Nora asked if Charlie was excited about having Rex as his son. Viki said that Charlie was happy, but she believed that Echo was trying to destroy Viki and Charlie's marriage.

Nora couldn't believe that Echo hadn't learned her lesson after trying to steal Clint from Viki. Viki asked about Inez, and Nora told her that Inez had broken up with Clint because she wanted Bo. Nora was horrified at how she was talking about Inez, but she thought the woman was causing trouble for her and Bo. She began to tell Viki about how she and Bo had argued the night before, but Joey entered and interrupted.

Joey was happy to see Nora and apologized for missing her wedding. She asked if he had missed it in protest, but Joey denied it. He was sorry for his father, but he believed that Bo and Nora were meant to be together. Joey told his mother to take Charlie to lunch at the Palace because he had something huge to tell them. He left, and Nora continued telling Viki about Bo, saying that he wasn't the cheater of the two of them.

Viki couldn't believe that Bo would throw the affair with Sam in Nora's face, and assured Nora that Bo had just been angry. Nora had slept in her office the night before and hadn't been taking Bo's calls. She didn't know what to say to him, and decided that she couldn't forgive Bo if he couldn't forgive her. Viki thought that the couple needed to talk, and related that Nora was lucky that Inez wasn't living with them.

Nora was shocked to learn that Charlie had asked Echo to move into Llanfair. Viki mocked Charlie, saying that Echo was broke and had nowhere to go, she was the mother of his son, and they had so much room. Charlie had told her to have compassion and, if she showed the least bit of suspicion, she was seen as the bad guy. Both women hated the way they were acting, but knew they were right. Nora asked how they were supposed to fight back.

Viki didn't know how to handle Echo, but Nora warned Viki not to let Echo manipulate the couple into having the same fight Nora and Bo did. Nora said she would talk to Bo if Viki talked to Charlie. Viki was excited to have lunch with "no Echo." Nora left and sat outside of Llanfair.

Starr arrived at the Sun and found Todd. She divulged that Cole had told her about the restraining order Todd had put in against Marty. Starr was angry that Todd had tricked her into signing it, even though he seemed pleased with himself. He admitted to taking advantage of her distraction over Cole. Starr reminded him that Hope was her daughter, and she was going to get the order lifted. Todd warned her that Marty was dangerous.

Starr related that Marty had made a mistake, and that Hannah had fooled Cole as well. Todd said that Starr would've died if it weren't for James, and that Marty had probably really wanted Hannah to go after Starr. Starr thought that Todd was just trying to wipe every trace of Cole out of her life, but she wasn't going to let him do it. Todd told Starr that she would regret it, and she left.

Todd went into his office and found Rex. Since Todd's own private investigator had "gone AWOL," he needed Rex's help to dig up dirt on Marty. Rex wondered why, and Todd replied that he was trying to convince Starr that Marty was a threat. Rex reminded Todd that he still had to pay if Rex didn't find anything. "Then find something," Todd replied. Todd also needed Rex's help to keep an eye on "a new perv in town," Eddie Ford.

Eddie arrived at Clint's and told him that the limo was a nice touch. However, if Clint was anything like Bo, Eddie wasn't interested in doing business. Clint assured Eddie that he was nothing like Bo, and said that Eddie would change his mind once he saw what Clint had for him. Clint walked over to a table with a briefcase on it, opened the case, and pointed a gun at Eddie. Eddie asked if Clint was going to shoot him.

Clint turned the briefcase around, showing Eddie piles of cash. Clint said the money would be Eddie's if he agreed to a few terms. Clint needed a favor. Eddie asked if he was supposed to kill someone. Suddenly, Bo entered the house, yelling for Clint. Clint went into the foyer and said he wasn't in the mood for company. The two went into the living room with Eddie and the briefcase nowhere in sight.

Bo said that Inez told him about the breakup. Clint corrected Bo and said that Inez had broken up with him. Bo asked if Clint had meant it when he'd said that Inez liked Bo. Clint said he'd meant it, but Bo said he was happily married, and there would never be an "Inez and me." Bo confessed that he had spent the previous night trying to convince Nora that he loved her, but had ended up saying something stupid. Clint thought that they could get past the crush.

Bo hoped that Clint didn't blame him for Inez breaking up with Clint. Clint assured Bo that he had taken worse. Bo offered help if Clint needed anything, and Bo left. Eddie emerged from hiding.

As Bo walked out of the living room, Joey entered the house, happy to see his uncle. Joey told Bo that he had just seen Nora looking upset. Bo left, and Joey entered the living room. Joey invited his father to lunch at the Palace because he had something important to talk about, and they had a lot of catching up to do. He told Clint to bring his girlfriend, but Clint admitted that the relationship hadn't worked out. Joey was sorry for Clint's recent troubles with women, but Clint told Joey not to worry and said goodbye to his son.

Clint returned to Eddie and said that Eddie would get his money after he did what he needed to do. Clint asked if they had an understanding, which Eddie agreed to. Clint gave Eddie the gun, and Eddie left. Talking to a picture of Asa, Clint said that he was doing everything he needed to do in order to protect the family.

James opened the apartment door to Inez. Ford asked Inez what she was doing there. She wanted to make sure her sons were all right. James said that Eddie had been gone when James woke up, so the three wondered where he could have gone. Even though Eddie had rubbed it in their faces that he wasn't going anywhere, Ford wondered if Eddie would even return.

James left to get dressed, and Inez asked Ford if something had happened. Ford said he had paid Eddie the fifty thousand dollars Eddie was owed. Ford wondered what was going on as Inez thought about when she had asked Clint to make Eddie disappear. Inez hoped something convinced Eddie to stay out of their lives. Ford admitted that he had gone to Clint for the money because he had needed to do something. Clint was the only one he could think of to ask for help. Inez confessed that she and Clint had broken up because Clint was "as bad as your father."

Ford warned his mother to stay away from Clint, and asked why they had broken up. He asked if Clint had hurt her, but she denied it. She blurted out that she didn't know what to do. James returned and asked if anyone wanted to go to breakfast. Inez and Ford took a rain check, so James went himself. Inez told Ford to call if Eddie returned. Ford asked her what she had been planning to say before, but she said it wasn't important, and that she was just doing what she needed to for James. She left a confused Ford.

At the diner, John assured Marty that he had gotten Cole moved to a safer wing of Statesville after his fight. He wished he could do something about the restraining order. Marty thought back to when she had wrapped Natalie's DNA test results as she took out the box. She wanted to show her gratitude to John. She could tell he was going to be a wonderful father by the way he took care of Cole. As he started to open the gift, she hoped she hadn't gone overboard, but believed it was something he needed.

Starr entered the diner and saw Marty. She assured Marty that Todd had tricked her into signing the paper. John, wanting to give them time to talk, went outside to make a few calls. Marty told Starr that she would take responsibility for her actions if Starr would for her own. Starr was confused about what Marty was referring to. Marty yelled that Cole never would have turned to Hannah if Starr hadn't been "running around" with James.

Starr denied the accusation, saying that she broke off her friendship with James the minute she found out that it bothered Cole. Marty said that Starr falling in love with James had started Cole's downward spiral. "Speak of the devil," Marty spat as James entered. James asked if everything was all right. "I'm done here," Starr said angrily, and stormed out of the diner. James followed her out and asked what had happened. She explained that Marty blamed Cole's problems on Starr apparently falling in love with James.

Starr went on to say that Marty was being irrational, and that Starr had thought Todd was being paranoid by telling her to stay away from Marty. As the two left, Marty glared at them through the window.

John returned and asked Marty how things had gone with Starr. "Not great," she said. John assured her that, in time, Starr would get the restraining order lifted. Marty was grateful to John for talking her down, and said that was another reason for him to open his gift.

Inez arrived at Clint's and demanded to know what he had done to Eddie. Clint was just doing what she had asked -- making sure that Eddie didn't hurt her sons. He urged her not to worry because James was safe. Clint related that she could hold up her end of their bargain. Inez said she couldn't sleep with Bo. "Can't or won't?" Clint asked. She explained that Bo would never cheat on Nora. However, Clint said that Nora wouldn't be a problem.

Bo arrived outside the diner and decided it was time for him and Nora to talk. He took out his phone and dialed her number. Sitting outside Llanfair, Nora heard her phone ring and dug in her purse for it. As she was about to answer it, a gloved hand grabbed her.

At the bar at the Palace, Aubrey's phone rang. She told the person on the other end that she couldn't talk because Joey would be there soon. Kelly entered and recognized Aubrey. She tapped Aubrey on the shoulder. Happy to see Kelly, Aubrey hung up the phone and told Kelly to stick around if she wanted to see Aubrey "die of anxiety." Aubrey was nervous to meet her boyfriend's parents for the first time.

Aubrey asked how things had gone with Kelly and her ex, but Kelly said she hadn't told him anything. She was supposed to meet him at the Palace because he had news for her. Aubrey related that she would love to meet the man. Aubrey said that Kelly was very "put together" and gorgeous. Kelly laughed, but Aubrey asked if Kelly would help her pick out something to wear. Kelly agreed and, as the two took sips of their coffees, Joey entered the restaurant at the Palace.

At the Palace, Dorian ordered drinks because she would need them to get through a meeting with Echo. Echo entered and sat down at the table. She was surprised about Dorian's invitation. Dorian said that she wanted to start over and be friends. She owed Echo an apology; Echo agreed. Echo said that all of their trouble had been "eons ago."

Echo admitted that she liked Charlie, and Dorian said it was a pity that he was happily married. Dorian asked if Echo had moved into Llanfair to be closer to Charlie. Echo said she had moved in because she was "financially challenged." Dorian offered for Echo to move into La Boulaie. Echo thanked Dorian, but declined because she liked being "steps away" from her family.

Dorian toasted to Echo giving Charlie the greatest gift, especially since the baby could have easily been Clint's. A tipsy Echo said that she hated the thought of hurting Charlie. Dorian related that it had taken courage to tell the truth about Rex, and that Clint had probably been devastated that Rex wasn't his. Echo laughed and slurred that Clint was ecstatic, and would have done anything to make sure that Rex wasn't his son.

Dorian asked what Clint could have done because Echo herself had announced that Charlie was Rex's father. Echo confessed that she hadn't wanted to announce it. Echo laughed about the expression that had been on Clint's face when Viki had demanded a DNA test. Dorian wondered why Clint had been so angry. She wondered if it was possible that Clint was Rex's father and not Charlie.

Friday, December 3, 2010

At Llanfair, Charlie walked through the back patio door and asked Viki where Echo was. Viki remarked that Nora had dropped by and then snarled, "Echo's not here...thank goodness." Charlie set down a toolbox and informed Viki that Echo wanted to clean up some of the tools to give to Shane for Christmas. Charlie was excited that he would be able to work on a project with Shane. Viki saw that Charlie was happy because he could spend time with his grandson.

Viki told Charlie that she would be able to accept Echo more, once Echo no longer lived in Llanfair. Charlie thanked Viki, because she was "so understanding." When Charlie wondered about the mystery surrounding Joey's lunch, Viki suspected that Joey had a new love. Charlie thanked Viki again due to all of the things that had happened, and Viki requested that they "spend the rest of the day not thinking about things." Viki and Charlie left to meet with Joey for lunch.

Sitting with Echo in the Palace restaurant, Dorian suspected that Charlie was not Rex's father, and that Clint was. However, Joey interrupted them, before Echo could reply. After Joey greeted Dorian, Echo realized that Joey was Viki's son, and that he was the reason that Echo had been forced to move to a smaller guest room at Llanfair. Joey commented, "So, you're the woman making my mom and Charlie miserable."

Echo insisted to Joey that Viki was "a fabulous woman." When Joey informed Dorian that he was having lunch with his mom and dad, Dorian found it interesting that Clint and Viki would be arriving at the Palace. Joey announced that he had to leave but reminded Echo that he would see her back at the house.

As a sloshed Echo sloppily remarked on how good-looking Joey was, Dorian pointed out, as she continued to pour Echo drinks, that Rex was nice-looking also. Dorian reminded her that Echo had wanted Rex to get to know his father. Echo recognized that Charlie was a kind man, who deserved to have a son. Charlie and Viki entered the restaurant before Echo could continue.

Dorian announced that she knew that Charlie and Viki were meeting with Joey. Viki immediately realized that Echo was drunk and tried to walk away, but Charlie insisted on taking Echo home. Once Charlie helped Echo out, Viki blamed Dorian for getting Echo drunk. However, Dorian insisted that she had done it to keep "that harlot" away from Viki's husband. Viki sneered and said, "What a great plan. See how well it's working."

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint told Inez that Bo and Nora had fought, but Inez believed that they had probably already made up. However, Clint had "a feeling" that Bo and Nora would not immediately get back together. When Clint demanded that Inez live up to her end of the bargain, Inez wanted to know what had happened to Eddie.

Clint informed Inez that Eddie was "taking care of some business," and that Eddie would then "be gone." Clint declared, "I found a way to use Eddie's talents to help a lot of people." When Clint tried to hand Inez money to buy "something sexy," she slapped his hand away. Clint exclaimed that Inez should comfort Bo, because Bo was "having a very bad day."

Outside, as Nora reached for her cell phone, Eddie placed a cloth over her mouth. When Nora woke up, she found herself tied to a chair in a hotel room, as Eddie pointed a gun at her. Nora wondered why Eddie was holding her and speculated that it has been because of Eddie's arrest. However, Eddie claimed that he did not hold grudges and then said, "Ask my boys."

When Nora demanded that Eddie "let her go immediately," Eddie taped her mouth shut. Eddie then rushed out of the room to run an errand. Nora tried to escape her binds and, when that failed, hopped her chair across the room.

After Inez had left the Buchanan mansion, Eddie arrived and claimed to Clint that he had needed to shut Nora up but also insisted that he had not harmed her. When Eddie requested his money, Clint exclaimed that Eddie would receive it, when the job was done. Clint explained, "In one hour, after I'm at the Palace, and I'm there in front of all these witnesses, who can testify that I had nothing to do with it...." Eddie finished with "That's when I hit this button," as he lifted up a remote.

Back at the Palace, Dorian announced to Viki that her plan had been to get Echo to confess that Charlie was not Rex's father. Dorian spotted Clint, who had just walked in, before she could say anything else. After Clint asked about Charlie, Dorian asked about Inez. Clint revealed that he and Inez had broken up. Once Clint left, Viki begged Dorian to "leave this thing with Charlie and Echo alone." Dorian insisted, "Someday you're going to thank me," as she walked away from the table.

When Charlie escorted Echo into Llanfair and voiced that Echo had a problem, Echo replied that she was not the alcoholic. Echo immediately regretted her comment and apologized. Charlie admitted that Echo's drinking had reminded him of unhappier times, when he had been miserable, but Echo only remembered that Charlie had been a happy drunk.

When Charlie asked what Dorian had been "up to," Echo claimed that Dorian and Echo had been drinking, because of Charlie. Charlie cried, "You're drinking because of me?" Echo stuttered, "Uh...not like you made me do it. It's just...I, you're just such a wonderful man, and I just...I feel...." Echo kissed Charlie, as Dorian peered in through the patio door window.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Bo left Nora a message on her cell phone and stated that he had been an idiot to say what he had said and pleaded with Nora to call him back. At a table in the café, Marty watched as John began to open the present that she had given him. Bo walked up to the table and asked John and Marty if he was interrupting them.

After Bo joined the table, he asked them about Cole. John announced that he had moved Cole to another facility for Cole's safety. Bo was amazed that John had the pull to move Cole and insisted the Cole was lucky to have John "watching his back." Once Bo had left the table, John reached for the gift. Marty cried, "Wait."

Marty told John that Cole should be the one to give John a gift. John pouted, "Now I feel like this kid at Christmas, who's got all these presents under the tree, but he's not allowed to open any of them." Marty insisted that John was a big boy, and that he could wait. When John remarked that he could probably wait until Christmas, Marty commented, "We'll see."

At another table in the café, Rex announced to Gigi that Todd had hired him to watch Marty. Rex claimed that he had to find proof for Starr that Marty was "a nuisance." Gigi informed Rex that Shane was learning how to do research papers in school and remembered that the previous year, Rex and Gigi were very thankful that Shane was alive. Gigi then mentioned that Marty had been acting strangely lately, and that Marty blamed Natalie, because Cole was in prison. Rex reflected, "Marty's a shrink. If anybody should have a handle of things...."

Rex informed Gigi that Todd had wanted Rex to check out Eddie Ford also. Bo overheard the remark and asked to speak to Rex alone. Bo revealed that Eddie had "walked out of an assault charge." Bo insisted that he also wanted Rex to find out about Eddie. Bo claimed that he was curious about how Eddie could afford a hot-shot attorney, who had gotten him out of the assault charges. Rex then returned to the table with Gigi.

Bo called the police station and asked if Nora had left any messages for him there. When he was told that there were none, he hung up his phone. Inez found Bo in the café. Bo asked Inez if she had seen Nora at the office. Inez reminded Bo that she had taken the morning off.

As John escorted Marty to the door of the café, Rex took Marty's glove from her coat pocket, when she walked by his table. Rex then chased after Marty outside of the café and yelled at her. Marty dropped the gift that she had intended to give to John, and Rex picked it up. Rex weighed the gift and stated, " feels empty. What've you got in here?"

Marty claimed that the gift was an early Christmas present, and Rex handed Marty her glove. After Marty walked off, Rex told Gigi, who had followed him, that he found it suspicious, since the gift had felt empty. Gigi wondered if Marty had something to hide.

Bo joined John at another table in the café and asked if John had seen Nora. Bo regretted to John that he had said something to Nora that had upset her. John insisted that Bo "let things cool off," so it would "blow over." John believed that it would take more than just one fight to tear Bo and Nora apart. At another table, Inez listened to the conversation, as she pretended to powder her nose.

As Nora continued to hop her chair across the hotel room, Eddie swung open the door and declared, "Sounds like you've got a spring in your step." Eddie then cautioned Nora to speak in an inside voice and ripped the tape from her face. When Nora screamed out in pain, Eddie insisted that it would hurt less, if it was done fast. Nora insisted that she knew that Eddie needed something, and that she wanted to help him.

When Nora asked why Eddie had taken her phone, Eddie told her to "just wait." After Nora claimed that Eddie would need a plan, because Bo would search for her, Eddie stated that he already had a plan. Eddie revealed that Bo would no longer be looking for Nora.

In the café, John left the table to answer his phone, and Inez joined Bo. Inez noticed that Bo looked upset and offered, "You've been a really good friend to me. Let me return the favor." Bo received a text message from Nora's phone, "I'm still furious over what you said last night. I honestly don't know if I can ever forgive you." Inez asked Bo if everything was okay.

In the Palace restaurant, Kelly and Aubrey discussed Aubrey's new love and decided to visit Aubrey's Palace hotel room, so that Aubrey could change clothes. Once they were in her room, Kelly and Aubrey realized that they had both attended the same school in Paris. Kelly cried out, "Wow, what a small world. I can't believe how much we have in common."

As Aubrey pranced in front of Kelly in a different gown, Kelly requested that Aubrey twirl in her dress. After she gave Aubrey her approval, Kelly worried over her own appearance. When Aubrey stated her belief that the guy was already into her, Kelly replied, "Yeah, I think I felt something, you know, when he Heimliched me. I don't know. It might be putting too much stress into this lunch, but I just, I want to look my best."

Aubrey offered Kelly a dress, because Aubrey claimed that she was "a sucker for a love story," and Kelly left the room to try it on. Aubrey answered the knock on her door and found Joey, who thought she looked terrific. Aubrey went to the bedroom and told Kelly to stay as along as she liked in the room to prepare. Aubrey and Joey left for lunch.

At a Palace table, Clint regretted the way that he had treated Viki the last time Echo had lived in Llanview. Clint insisted that Viki not let Echo hurt her again. Joey walked into the restaurant with Aubrey and introduced her to his parents.

Clint asked, "So, Joey, is this your new girlfriend?" Joey responded, "No, Aubrey's not my girlfriend."

Still in Aubrey's room, Kelly spritzed spray into her hair and munched on a strawberry. Kelly picked up Aubrey's cell phone and read the text, "I just left you in the room, but I miss you already. Love J." Kelly remarked, " more thing we have in common. Aubrey and I both love men, whose names begin with J. All right, Joey, ready or not...." Kelly snapped her fingers and finished, "Here I come."

Joey announced to Clint and Viki in the Palace, "Mom, Dad, Aubrey is the woman that I'm going to marry."

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