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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, December 6, 2010

At the hotel, Annie admired herself in the mirror before she wandered over to the bed and then flopped down. Annie smiled as she recalled how much she had liked spending time with JR in bed while they had been in Washington, DC. Annie hoped that JR would hurry back to her soon.

In David's hospital room, JR blasted an unconscious David for everything that David had done to sabotage JR and AJ's relationship. JR quickly changed his tune when he heard Marissa approach. As Marissa stood in the doorway, JR begged David not to die, for Marissa's sake. According to JR, JR and David had put Marissa through enough misery. JR then began to make a humble speech about the years of animosity that JR and David had felt toward each other.

JR claimed that he saw a side of David in himself that he didn't like. JR didn't want to be like David. JR insisted that he wanted to be a man who honored his relationships and a man that AJ could be proud of. Marissa was moved by JR's words. JR acted surprised when he heard a sound from the doorway. He immediately apologized for being there and then started to leave.

In the hallway, JR stopped to let Marissa know that he was sorry for what had happened to David and for hurting her. Marissa called out to JR to wait as he started to leave. Marissa admitted that she was surprised to see JR in town because she had heard that he had been in Washington, DC. JR revealed that he had returned home after AJ had called with concerns about David. Marissa realized that AJ was confused because David had died, then David had turned up alive, only to land "somewhere in between" after being shot.

JR reminded Marissa that he knew what it was like to hate a father, but, at the same time, beg God to let him live. JR had gone through the same thing with Adam. Marissa was surprised by JR's compassion; she hadn't seen that side of JR in a long time. JR credited David's situation with giving him clarity, so he was eager to sit down with Marissa to work things out regarding AJ. Marissa was leery of JR's change of heart after their recent confrontations, but JR insisted that he wanted everyone to heal and to give AJ the best Christmas possible.

Annie was thrilled when JR arrived at the hotel room. She warmly greeted him in a sexy negligee. They started to make love until JR explained that they had to "make it quick" because he had a date with Marissa. Annie immediately put on the brakes and then pulled away. She tried very hard not to lose her temper as JR explained that he had invited Marissa out, so that they could talk about AJ.

JR assured Annie that he just wanted the opportunity to remind Marissa that they could be friends. Annie was not pleased, but JR promised that he was only interested in working things out with Marissa, so that they could share custody of AJ. Annie softened when JR confessed that he didn't want to hide his relationship with Annie. Annie and JR made love. Afterwards, JR confided that he was looking forward to going out with Annie on his arm. As JR prepared to leave, he promised to return soon.

At Wildwind, Asher reluctantly thanked Caleb for taking care of the speeding ticket and the other charges that Asher had faced. Moments later, Caleb's cell phone rang. Caleb took the call, spoke briefly, and then revealed that he had to leave. Asher's expression hardened as he decided to stick around to finish fixing the computers, since Caleb would be leaving.

At the courthouse, Liza warned Erica not to threaten her. Erica smiled serenely as she assured Liza that she hadn't threatened anyone. Erica suggested that perhaps Liza was jealous of Erica because Erica had it all while Liza didn't even have a cat to feed at night. Erica insisted that Liza's career was a joke and then snidely advised Liza that it was easier to prove a murder when the victim was actually dead. Liza argued that Greenlee's trial had nothing to do with Erica's situation.

Erica believed that Liza was attempting to save face for wrongly convicting Greenlee of murder. Erica accused Liza of doing a miserable job as a district attorney. Erica vowed that, unlike Greenlee, she would fight back. Erica suspected that Liza would be lucky to find a job as a "burger flipper" after Erica was through with Liza. Liza bristled when Erica questioned how Liza had become the district attorney.

Liza insisted that she had earned the job on her own merit, but Erica argued that the courts and the press would probably be interested to know that Liza and the mayor were indebted to David. Liza accused Erica of resorting to blackmail, but Erica insisted that it was called collusion. Moments later, Caleb appeared in the doorway. He demanded to know what Erica was doing. Liza advised Caleb to remind Erica not to threaten the district attorney.

Caleb warned Liza that it had been out of line for Liza to talk to Erica without an attorney present. Liza argued that Erica had approached her, but Caleb refused to back down. Liza ordered Caleb to keep Erica on a short leash and then left. "Bye-bye," Erica cheerfully bid Liza. Caleb reminded Erica that they weren't playing a game.

Erica didn't show any remorse for the confrontation with Liza. She pointed out that Caleb had pushed her to fight, so she had merely followed his advice. Caleb accused Erica of making it personal, but Erica insisted that she had an impressive arsenal at her disposal, which she wanted to remind Liza of. Jackson entered the courtroom a short time later. Jack was grateful for Caleb's phone call. Jack wasn't surprised to hear about Erica's attempt to intimidate Liza.

Jack felt sorry for Caleb because Erica was a difficult client to represent. Caleb wanted Erica to promise to follow his and Jack's orders, but Erica argued that she only made promises that she could keep. Later, Caleb returned to Wildwind. He was working on Erica's case when Marissa arrived home. Caleb offered Marissa the opportunity to back out of Erica's case because of David, but Marissa declined. Marissa was on Erica's side.

Marissa then changed the subject to let Caleb know about her encounter with JR at the hospital. Marissa suspected that Caleb was disappointed because she had agreed to meet JR, but he insisted that it was her decision to make. Marissa assured Caleb that she didn't trust JR, but she had finally seen a side of JR that she hadn't seen in a long time. Caleb didn't want to get involved; however, he wanted to be certain that Marissa understood what she was getting into. A short time later, JR and Marissa met at Krystal's restaurant.

JR and Marissa talked about AJ's Christmas wish list. JR feared that they only had a few years left before AJ realized that Santa Claus wasn't real. He wanted to make the most of the time that they had left. Marissa agreed. JR recalled that he had been sick with cancer the previous Christmas. He was determined to find a way to work out a custody arrangement, so that they could give AJ the best Christmas possible.

Kendall arrived home to an empty house. Greenlee suspected that Bianca had the boys, so she offered to fix Kendall something to eat. Kendall explained that she wanted to be alone, but Greenlee wanted to help. Kendall assured Greenlee that Greenlee had helped her at Zach's crash site. Kendall insisted that she just wanted Greenlee to go.

Greenlee reminded Kendall that they had always helped each other through difficult times, but Kendall was certain that Greenlee was only interested in seeking forgiveness for what had happened to Zach. Kendall blamed herself for Zach's fate because she had asked Zach to help Greenlee, so Kendall had to move forward alone. Greenlee wanted to make things easier for Kendall, but Kendall argued that Greenlee was the last person who could do that for her. Greenlee was determined to stay, but Kendall suggested that Greenlee check on her own husband, David.

Bianca arrived shortly after Greenlee left. Bianca was delighted to see her sister, so she welcomed Kendall home with a tight hug. Kendall briefly mentioned that she had been on the beach where Zach had died and then quickly changed the subject to ask how the boys were. Bianca explained that the boys were with Sandra at the movies, but they would be home soon. Kendall was curious if the boys had asked about Zach.

Bianca assured Kendall that Spike and Ian were fine and then revealed that Ryan was at Emma's concert, so he had promised to call when he returned home. Kendall wondered how David was doing. Bianca admitted that David remained in a coma. Bianca then asked about Kendall's trip to the beach. Bianca was curious if it had helped Kendall.

"Yes," Kendall admitted, but she didn't elaborate. Kendall then suddenly announced that she had to run an errand. Bianca stalled Kendall by requesting that Kendall agree to have a memorial service for Zach, so that his friends and loved ones could say goodbye. Bianca promised to make all of the arrangements, so Kendall relented. Bianca then mentioned that Kendall should talk to Griffin, the doctor that Zach had hired to help with the Miranda Center.

Kendall assured her sister that she would have a meeting with Griffin and then made another attempt to leave. Bianca once again stopped her sister by confessing that she wanted Kendall to lean on her, but Kendall insisted that she needed to find the strength to help herself and the children move forward. Bianca argued that Kendall didn't have to do it alone, but Kendall claimed, "Yes, I do." Kendall apologized for not grieving the way that Bianca wanted her to, but Kendall explained that she couldn't lean on anyone or she might never find the strength to live without Zach. Kendall needed to prove to herself and the boys that she could do it.

Jack and Erica arrived moments later. Erica gave Kendall a fierce hug and then noticed Zach's bag sitting on the chair after she pulled away from Kendall. Kendall confirmed that the bag was Zach's, but then changed the subject. Kendall was upset that Erica might face charges for shooting David. Erica didn't want Kendall to worry about her legal problems. Kendall agreed that they should all focus on something joyful, so she suggested that they plan a holiday wedding for Erica and Jack.

Erica and Jack quickly explained that they wanted to wait until Erica had been cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting before they moved forward with the wedding. Kendall urged them not to put their lives on hold; they should seize the opportunity to get married. Erica assured Kendall that the wedding would take place after everything had settled down.

Later, Jack met Greenlee at Krystal's restaurant. Greenlee expressed concern for Kendall, but Jack advised Greenlee to be there for her friend. Greenlee feared that she was a constant reminder of what Kendall had lost. Jack reminded Greenlee that Zach's tragic death had been an accident. He was certain that Kendall would realize that one day. Jack then switched gears to find out why Greenlee had called him.

Jack was pleasantly surprised when Greenlee announced her decision to divorce David. Jack explained that they would have to get an advocate to represent David, but he was confident that they could obtain a legal separation for Greenlee, so she wouldn't have to be concerned with David's medical decisions. Greenlee decided to continue to make medical decisions for David until they had found a legal advocate.

Later, Jack headed to ConFusion to meet Erica. Erica and Jack discussed Kendall's suggestion for a holiday wedding, but they realized that they simply didn't have enough time to plan a proper wedding. Jack was confident that they would work things out soon, so that they could get married. Erica agreed, but she insisted that Kendall had been right to advise them to live each day as if it were their last. They exchanged declarations of love just as Caleb approached their table. Caleb revealed that it appeared that Liza might move forward with a case against Erica, so he warned Erica and Jack that they would have to be prepared for a tough fight.

Greenlee entered David's hospital room to tell him that she had recently returned from the beach where Zach had perished in a plane crash. Greenlee couldn't understand how Kendall could be in so much pain while he rested peacefully in bed. Later, Greenlee spotted Liza standing outside of David's hospital room. Liza was about to enter when she saw Greenlee standing in the hallway. Greenlee wondered if Liza continued to suspect that Greenlee had killed David.

Liza started to explain herself, but she stopped mid-sentence. Liza realized that Greenlee had gone through hell; she was sorry for her part in Greenlee's suffering. Greenlee informed Liza that David hadn't cared whom he had hurt, but Liza disagreed. Liza insisted that David had believed that Greenlee could save him if he just found a way for Greenlee to love him again. Greenlee argued that David was a sick man who couldn't be saved by anyone.

Kendall slipped unseen into David's hospital room while Liza and Greenlee talked in the hallway. Kendall stared down at David's prone body as she recalled tossing a bouquet of flowers into the ocean. Angry tears filled her eyes as she told David about how she had stood on a cliff to throw flowers into her husband's watery grave. Kendall seethed with rage as she cried that it was the closest she would ever get to Zach again. Kendall desperately wanted David's chest to stop moving and his heart to stop beating, so that he could go to hell where he belonged.

Kendall was certain it was the only way that it could be over for all of them. After several moments, Kendall looked around and then quickly closed the curtain to block the view from the hallway. Afterwards, Kendall picked up a pillow and then slowly approached David's bed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan and Greenlee kissed, and he told her that he had missed her. They reveled in the thought of being together after all the time they'd spent apart. They kissed again, but Greenlee suddenly looked distant. Ryan realized that she was thinking about Kendall. Greenlee recalled Kendall's goodbye to Zach on the beach. Ryan urged Greenlee to give Kendall time to grieve. Greenlee thought that her own decision to marry David had caused the entire mess. Ryan tried to reassure her that she wasn't to blame, but Greenlee was still upset about Kendall's plight.

Ryan implored Greenlee to be patient, but Greenlee commented that she wouldn't be herself if she didn't desire immediate results. He was sorry that they couldn't change things, but was grateful that they had one another. She complimented his patience and said they made a good team.

Greenlee informed Ryan that Jackson was initiating her divorce from David. She called her reunion with Ryan a gift and swore that she'd never take Ryan for granted. She declared her love, and they kissed again. Ryan remembered that he had promised to take Emma to the hospital to visit Madison, and Greenlee said she'd go along to see David's doctors. Ryan warned her to be careful, but she thought David could no longer hurt them.

Frankie and Randi visited Madison, who wondered why she was still in the hospital. Frankie reminded Madison that she had suffered a bullet wound. "Wrong place, wrong time -- story of my life," Madison lamented.

Frankie told Madison that her shooting should have been a wake-up call. Madison insisted it was an accident, but Frankie angrily stated that she always got hurt when Ryan was involved, and he didn't just mean the bullet wound. Randi gently tried to get Frankie to back off, but Madison explained that Ryan had done the best he could have under unfortunate circumstances, and she believed that Ryan was a good guy. Frankie thought that Madison deserved better.

Emma and Ryan arrived to see Madison at the hospital, where Emma carefully hugged Madison. Emma snuggled up next to Madison in bed so they could read a book together. Frankie abruptly left to check on a patient, but Ryan chased after him. Ryan explained that he regretted that he had been the reason Madison had gotten hurt. Ryan insisted that he had only visited because of Emma.

Meanwhile, Emma told Madison that she missed Madison. Madison acknowledged that Ryan and Greenlee had loved one another for a long time. Emma said that she loved Greenlee, too, and asked whether Ryan had also loved Madison. Randi tried to change the subject, but Madison clarified to Emma that there were different kinds of love. Emma asked if she would still see Madison. Madison assured the girl that they were friends and that they could spend time together whenever Emma wanted.

After Emma finished chatting with Madison, Frankie warned Ryan to keep his own visit with Madison short. Ryan entered Madison's room and hoped that Emma hadn't tired Madison out. Madison was thankful that he had allowed Emma to visit her. Madison looked upset, and Ryan asked what was wrong. "You need to stop coming around," she insisted.

Madison admitted that she loved being around both Ryan and Emma, but it hurt too much. Madison wished she could be friends with Ryan, but thought it would be best to make a clean break. He wanted what was best for Madison and offered to explain the situation to Emma. Ryan awkwardly bid Madison goodbye, and he left.

Madison prepared to leave the hospital, but Frankie stopped her. He said that they'd run some additional tests to be sure she hadn't suffered an infection, but then he grew silent. She worried that something was wrong. He informed a stunned Madison that she was pregnant.

At Krystal's, Jake suggested to Amanda that they visit his parents in Florida to get away for a while. Amanda appeared less than enthusiastic. She explained that she had volunteered to do charity work at the Miranda Center that month, so it wasn't good timing to take a trip. Griffin stopped in to pick up some food, and Jake coldly acknowledged him. Griffin thanked Amanda for volunteering. Jake was peeved that she hadn't told him that she'd be working with Griffin. Jake assumed that it had been Griffin's idea.

Amanda became irritated, but she admitted that Griffin had initiated the conversation about the volunteer work. Jake found it suspicious that Amanda hadn't mentioned Griffin's involvement. Amanda scoffed at the idea that Griffin would try to seduce her at the Miranda Center and wanted to know what Jake's problem was. Jake pointed out that Amanda was a beautiful woman to whom men were attracted, but Amanda realized that Jake didn't trust Griffin because of what had happened with Cara. Amanda implored Jake to trust her. He apologized and declared that he was married to the most beautiful girl in the world.

Bianca greeted Amanda and Jake, who asked about Kendall. Bianca explained that Kendall had finally decided to have a memorial service for Zach, but they were still working out the details. Jake and Amanda offered their support, and Bianca left to get her own table. Jake and Amanda discussed how Zach's death was surreal, especially since Zach had helped to save Jake's life in Africa. Amanda pushed Jake to talk about his former life, but he insisted that it had nothing to do with the present. She felt that Jake's strong reaction to Griffin's presence made the past relevant, and she wanted to know more about Cara.

Jake told Amanda that when he had met Cara, he had been running away from the pressure of being Joe's son. He and Cara had experienced a crazy, horrifying time together, and he might not have survived without her because of all the pain and suffering they had seen in Africa. Amanda understood that Jake had loved Cara. He said that Cara had been his entire life, and it had devastated him when she had left, but he had since moved on and no longer had room for the bad memories. Amanda was confident of Jake's love for her.

Amanda told Jake that with Griffin around, his feelings wouldn't go away until he resolved them. She asked whether he still had feelings for Cara, but he claimed that he only had questions, to which the answers didn't matter. While it had hurt when Cara had left, he had moved on and was happy that he had found Amanda. She felt the same way. He asked her to forgive him for avoiding talking about his past. He had only started to make sense of things, and she nodded that she understood.

At another table, Bianca told Reverend Ricky Torres that her family's lives had changed when they had lost Zach. While Bianca's concern was for Kendall, he recognized that things were hard on Bianca, too. He thought that she could use someone to take care of her, and Bianca revealed that she had a wife. She was pleasantly surprised when he didn't have an adverse reaction.

Ricky said that he'd like to meet Reese, but Bianca explained that Reese was in France. He commented that it was a long commute and asked whether just talking was enough. She said it had to be. She suggested that he go to an address that she had given him and advised him where to find a key. He left. Bianca's cell phone rang, and she hesitated before she answered. "I miss you, Reese," she declared.

At the hospital, an incensed Kendall wished for David to die. She ensured that she was alone with David and closed the curtain for privacy. Clutching a pillow, she began to slowly walk toward David. Kendall angrily told David that Zach's death was his fault. As tears streamed down her face, she struggled with the choice whether or not to smother David.

Kendall looked down at her wedding ring and called Zach's name. Suddenly, Griffin entered and snatched the pillow away from Kendall. She struggled against him, but he held her as she broke down in his arms, sobbing that David had killed her husband.

Griffin asked Kendall what she had been about to do when he had walked in. He understood her grief, but warned her about what would happen to her and her family if she smothered David. He told her that she couldn't play God, no matter what David had done. She tearfully explained that Zach was at the bottom of the ocean because David himself had played God.

Griffin said he'd have to report Kendall, though she claimed that she didn't recall how she'd gotten there. He asked whether she would have killed David if he hadn't walked in, and she didn't know. He counseled that violence wasn't the right way to handle grief, and she snapped that there wasn't a good way to deal with it. She asked whether he had ever lost someone he had really cared about. He admitted that his heart had never been broken in that way. She ordered him not to lecture her about grief or loss. He maintained that it was his job to protect patients, no matter who they were. Greenlee entered and inquired what was going on.

Griffin fibbed that Kendall had simply stopped by to ask about David's condition. Kendall abruptly left, and Griffin informed Greenlee that there hadn't been any change. Griffin caught up with Kendall and urged her to stay away from David. Kendall half-heartedly said that she'd leave David alone, and Griffin warned her that he'd call the police if she didn't.

Greenlee insisted that Griffin tell her what Kendall had really been doing in David's room. Griffin didn't reveal specifics, but urged Greenlee to get Kendall to a grief counselor. Greenlee continued to push, but she quickly realized that Griffin wasn't going to tell her anything.

Greenlee told an unconscious David that their divorce was underway and that she'd soon be happy with Ryan. She wiped something from his face and said she'd tell the nurses to take better care of him. She recalled that he had always made sure that he had looked like a million bucks, and she gently stroked his face. Ryan entered and did not appear happy to witness the intimate gesture.

Kendall was shocked to find Ricky in her living room. He introduced himself and realized that his identity might not have been apparent because he was in plain clothes rather than clergy attire. She asked why he was there. He expressed his condolences and explained that Bianca had suggested that they talk about Zach's memorial. Kendall didn't think it was a good time, but he stated that there never was a right time to deal with such a terrible tragedy.

Ricky asked about Zach. Kendall mused that Zach hadn't let many people in. Ricky believed that people healed in their own time, but Kendall wondered whether she'd ever heal. Ricky was confident that she would for her kids, but she was skeptical. He said he understood, but she felt like she didn't even recognize herself anymore. Ricky asked what Zach would expect from Kendall and said that just because Zach was gone didn't mean that Zach couldn't help her find her way.

Kendall revealed that she had almost done something crazy that day, but Ricky pointed out that she had allowed someone to stop her. He encouraged her to keep Zach in her heart and to allow Zach to live on through her. She admitted that she still sometimes called Zach's cell phone to hear his voice on the outgoing message. Ricky said that while she had suffered a tragedy, she had been lucky to have been loved and to have loved back, which she'd never lose. He gave her his card and told her to call him, then invited her to help him reconstruct a school. She stopped him from leaving and inquired whether he'd preside over Zach's memorial. Ricky said he'd be honored.

Later, Bianca and Kendall looked through photos for Zach's service. Kendall thanked Bianca for pushing her to deal with the memorial. Bianca asked for Kendall's opinion of Reverend Torres. Kendall confessed that while she had tried to brush him off at first, she had liked him. Kendall grew upset and admitted that she didn't think she'd ever be okay, but she was willing to try. Kendall was grateful to Bianca for being there, and the sisters embraced.

At the hospital, Amanda dropped Jake off. Jake lovingly said that he was a lucky guy, and they kissed as Griffin looked on. Griffin covertly called Cara and told her that her plans for Jake were a bad idea. Griffin informed Cara that Jake loved his wife and child, and warned her to stay away.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At Ryan's house, Greenlee heard a jet fly overhead and thought for a moment that it was Zach. Ryan said it was normal for her to miss her friend. For the memorial that day, she tried to compose a speech to express her feelings about Zach, but she couldn't find the right words. Ryan was sure that once she met with Zach's loved ones, she'd know exactly what to say.

Spike entered and asked when Zach would return home. Ryan reminded Spike that Zach was in heaven, and Ryan sent the boy to get dressed for a visit with Ian, who missed Zach, too. Spike returned in a jacket and Red Wings shirt. He also carried the stuffed Gunter, which he intended to give to Ian. Ryan asked why Spike hadn't put on what Ryan had selected. Spike said that he'd wanted to wear his hockey shirt for Daddy Zach. Ryan replied that it was perfect.

At Erica's penthouse, Jackson found Erica staring at old photos. Erica expressed worry about her daughter, whose heart had been shattered by Zach's death. Erica recalled how lost she'd felt upon her mother's death, and she worried that she'd lose Kendall to grief. Jackson held Erica and consoled her.

At home, Kendall awakened and recalled Zach saying that, in his heart, they'd always been married. Once downstairs, she saw the memorial preparations in the living room. Unable to bear the reality of the service, she rushed out of the house.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad saw Kendall alone at a table, and he expressed his condolences. Though Kendall knew she had to be strong that day, she really wanted to run away. She said sticking around meant saying goodbye to Zach, and she just couldn't do it. Kendall felt unable to breathe at times, and she asked how Tad had coped with the loss of Dixie. Tad reminded her that she'd been breathing when she'd gotten the news, and she was still breathing.

Tad explained that the suffocating pain would eventually transform into something else. He said that, even after the memorial service, she could still talk to Zach, and if she listened closely, she could hear Zach speaking to her. Tad shared that he and Dixie had relied upon a particular star to feel close to each other, and he still felt her presence in his heart whenever he gazed upon it. He assured Kendall that Zach would always be in her heart. As Tad and Kendall left the restaurant, Caleb entered and offered his condolences to Kendall.

Back at Kendall's house, Jake and Amanda arrived. Bianca greeted them and revealed that she had no idea where Kendall was. Bianca wanted to call Jesse, but Jake and Amanda advised her to give Kendall some time. Later, Bianca was relieved to see Kendall walk through the front door. Kendall immediately saw candles illuminating the memorial portrait of Zach. She choked up as she gazed upon it, but with a decisive sigh, she put on a brave front.

Kendall thanked Bianca, Amanda, and Jake for the beautiful decor. Ian entered, and Kendall placed him on her lap just as Erica and Jackson arrived. Kendall told Ian that everyone had gathered to talk about how great his father had been.

Greenlee, Ryan, and Spike arrived, and Spike readily handed Gunter to his brother. Ryan explained that Spike wanted Ian to have a piece of Zach that day. Kendall asked what Spike would do without the toy, but Ryan assured her that Spike was taken care of. Kendall tried to thank Ryan for helping Spike through the confusing time; however, Ryan said he was Spike's father, and they were all in it together.

Kendall approached Erica about Erica's criminal case, but Erica said she didn't want Kendall to think about it that day. Opal, Tad, and the minister arrived. Holding onto Bianca and Erica's hands, Kendall stated that she was ready, and the service began.

Torres opened by describing Zach as a pensive man of few words, but one who'd valiantly protected his family and friends. Zach had turned his life around and made a family and home with Kendall. Zach's life had been cut too short; however, it hadn't been wasted.

Friends and family stood up to speak about Zach. Jake started by expressing his gratefulness to Zach for rescuing him in Africa. If Zach hadn't done it, Jake wouldn't have Trevor and Amanda. Tad said he and Zach had helped each other save the loves of their lives, and there hadn't been anyone that Tad would have preferred to be in the trenches with.

Opal recalled Zach's special relationship with Myrtle and imagined that Myrtle and Zach were living it up in Heaven. Next, Erica said that Zach been there for her when she'd lost her sobriety. He'd called her a complete waste of feathers and sequins. "It was just what I'd needed to hear and who I'd needed to hear it from," Erica stated.

Greenlee told everyone that Zach had helped her keep it together in the bomb shelter by getting her drunk, recounting hockey games, and telling terrible jokes. Bianca talked about the night of the tornado. She said Zach had saved her life, and at the same time, he'd given her life. "He gave me Gabby," she said with a sob. Ryan followed up by talking about how Zach had refused to let Spike arrive in the world prematurely. Though Ryan and Zach hadn't always been amicable with each other, Ryan said that he'd been proud to share his fatherly title with Zach.

Next, Kendall remembered how she'd wanted nothing to do with love, and even though Zach had been scared of it, too, he'd convinced her to take the risk with him. Against all odds, they'd leapt into marriage. Also against all odds, he'd helped deliver Spike and given Ian the courage to survive. She believed that everything they'd accomplished had been "against all odds." Though it hadn't been easy, it had been worth it.

Kendall knew that Zach wanted her to be strong for the boys, and she promised that she would be. She vowed not to think of him as gone forever. "You've just taken another journey across the sea, and I will be here waiting for you. I will never stop loving you," she said, sobbing. Everyone lit candles, and Kendall allowed the boys to kiss Zach's portrait. Kendall stroked the picture and uttered, "Goodbye, Zach. Always, only you."

Back at Krystal's restaurant, Caleb encountered Asher and decided they needed to talk. Caleb took Asher to Wildwind and expressed a desire to talk about Sonia. Caleb asked if Asher knew that Sonia's family had been Cuban. Stating that he couldn't do it, Asher turned to leave. "She wanted to have a son. She wanted you," Caleb continued. Asher returned and sat down.

Caleb explained that he'd met Sonia just after he'd graduated law school. Overly ambitious, he'd lost himself and his relationship with Sonia to his work. After they'd been apart for a long while, Sonia had searched the mine for Caleb. The explosion had occurred before he'd discovered that she'd been there.

A shell-shocked Sonia had been in labor when Caleb had located her. They'd been trapped, so Caleb had to deliver Asher on his own. Caleb recalled holding Asher up for Sonia to behold, and Caleb said he'd never seen someone so happy. "She was smiling when she died. She was looking at you," Caleb explained, and Asher smiled through his sadness.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the police station, Brot explained to Natalia that he hadn't slept well because he had moved to a hotel room while his apartment was being repainted. She nonchalantly offered to let him stay with her. Realizing how her suggestion had sounded, a flustered Natalia immediately changed the subject to work, but Brot pushed her to admit what she had meant. She clarified that he was welcome to sleep on her couch. He half-heartedly thanked her but said that he didn't want to impose.

Jesse entered and called Brot over to discuss Brot's report about David's shooting. Jesse reprimanded Brot for letting Ryan leave the crime scene. Natalia defended Brot, but Jesse cut her off. Jesse assigned them both to an outdoor stakeout. Natalia protested that nothing ever happened at the surveillance site, but Jesse refused to cave in and advised them to bring umbrellas.

Brot and Natalia arrived for their stakeout, and both resented being there. Brot thought that he would have been better off if she hadn't defended him to Jesse. She complained about Brot and Jesse's macho attitudes, and she and Brot bickered. He noticed that she was shivering and offered her his coat. He tried to place it over her shoulders, and they briefly struggled as she attempted to shake it off. They shared an awkward close moment until his coat fell off the side of the building. She pushed him away, and he asked why she always led with her fists.

Brot and Natalia traded insults over his lost coat, and he implored her to stop playing games with him. He didn't want anything to do with her constantly changing attitude toward him, and she barked that she wasn't offering him anything. He said that he had been through enough hell in his life and that he didn't want to deal with a woman who didn't know what she wanted. She blurted out that she was scared and that she panicked every time they got close. He noted that she was shaking, and she said it was because of the panic. He touched her face and vowed he'd never hurt her. They tenderly kissed.

Brot held Natalia close but sensed that something was wrong. Natalia said that she had been thinking about Zach, and cited his death as an example of how much she stood to lose if she got close to someone. She worried that she'd end up like Kendall or Rebecca, who had both been left alone after losing the men they had loved.

Brot said that he'd learned that life could be unpredictable. He'd had expectations of how life would be when he returned from Iraq, but after his accident, his life had completely changed. He lived life and looked at life completely differently from the way he had before. He was focused on "today," not the future. He saw Natalia as a beautiful, bright woman who liked him a lot. She admitted that she did.

As they huddled close, Brot and Natalia both began to laugh. She giggled that she couldn't believe they'd had a physical confrontation over a coat. Her cell phone rang, and she answered it to Jesse. Jesse apologized for his earlier behavior and asked her to put on the speakerphone. Jesse admitted that he had been hard on them, and he asked them to return to the station. Natalia began to leave, but Brot hesitated and amorously said that they should keep an eye on the building until their replacements arrived. They began kissing again.

At the hospital, Tad noted the lack of bruises on Jake's knuckles and jokingly complimented Jake on not throwing any punches recently. Jake swore that he had been fine since he had told Amanda the entire story about Cara. Tad was doubtful that Jake had really spilled everything to Amanda, but Jake assured Tad that Amanda believed that she had healed his heart and that their marriage was perfect.

In the physical therapy room, a shirtless Griffin was working out when his cell phone rang. He answered the phone to Cara, whom he brushed off. He resumed lifting weights, and Amanda spied him as she arrived. Amanda greeted Griffin, and they made small talk as Jake and Tad stumbled upon them. Jake called out to Amanda, who made a show of kissing Jake. Tad left to give them some time alone.

Amanda handed Jake a thermos of his favorite coffee. He asked her about her encounter with Griffin. Amanda explained that once Griffin had spotted her, she had needed to say hello. She inquired whether Jake was truly comfortable about her working with Griffin. He assured her that he was and that she had nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, a nurse flirted with Griffin while she presented him with administrative forms.

Later, Tad caught up with Jake again and expected Jake to be irate. Jake asserted that Amanda could speak to whomever she wished, but he didn't like that Griffin worked at the hospital. Tad pointed out that Jake had a great life and that Jake needed to get over his resentment of Griffin. Jake said he needed to treat his past like a wound by cleaning it out, stitching it up, and watching it disappear. Tad wondered how Jake intended to do that.

Once alone, Jake flashed back to meeting Cara for the first time, when she had given him the shots he had needed before he had embarked on a Doctors Without Borders assignment. He had asked whether nurses usually administered shots. An offended Cara had called him one of "those guys" who expected to leave grunt work to the nurses. She had informed him that she was about to finish her residency but that she hadn't wanted to take a regular job with regular hours. She then had refused to say anything more about herself and had insisted that they simply deal with the preparation for his mission.

Jake's memories turned to when he had presented Cara with some coffee as a peace offering. They had toasted to a clean slate. She had asked what it had been like for him in Africa. He explained that it had been like living a full year every day, but that he had felt alive every second while dealing with crisis after crisis. She had thought it was amazing that he had stepped away from a safe and predictable life to help people. He had hinted that they needed doctors, but she had refused to commit. He had offered to put her in touch with people at Doctors Without Borders, and she'd admitted that she was interested. As he had left, he had told her his name and she had smiled as she had repeated it.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie arrived and greeted JR with a kiss under the mistletoe that he had just hung. She confirmed that they were alone, and she wanted to give him an early Christmas present. She opened her coat to show that she had gift-wrapped herself. They began to kiss passionately but were interrupted by the doorbell. JR explained that it was Marissa, who had arrived early, but he didn't want keep Marissa waiting. An incredulous Annie quickly covered herself as JR prepared to meet Marissa.

Annie demanded to know why Marissa was there. JR quickly took down the mistletoe and shuttled Annie out the door to the patio. Marissa entered and apologized for being early, but he simply stated that it meant they had more time to plan their family Christmas.

Later, Amanda was at Krystal's restaurant when she saw Annie enter. Amanda invited Annie to take her coat off and stay, but Annie informed Amanda that she couldn't. She let Amanda peek under her coat and expressed her irritation that Marissa had interfered with Annie's surprise for JR. Annie revealed that she and JR were back together but that they had to keep their relationship secret because of the custody battle. Annie gushed that at long last, she and JR were finally a couple.

Amanda worried that Annie was getting her hopes up and would be let down, but Annie thought that JR accepted Annie for herself. Amanda wondered if Annie was all right with all of the secrecy. Annie tried to convince herself that it was sexy, but she admitted that she didn't want to live that way forever. Amanda pointed out that the custody battle could drag on, but Annie thought that JR was doing the right thing by working things out amicably with Marissa. Annie said it was worth it as long as she ended up with JR, but Amanda was skeptical. Amanda noted that Annie was anxiously watching her phone, waiting for JR to call.

Annie and Amanda discussed Jake's issues with Griffin. Amanda grew uncomfortable when Annie asked whether they had something to do with Cara. Amanda admitted that she had volunteered at the Miranda Center to get more information in order to protect Jake. Amanda changed the subject to Annie's anticipated phone call. While Annie tried to keep up a brave front, she was clearly concerned about JR and Marissa's meeting and made an excuse to leave.

Griffin entered Krystal's and sat alone. Amanda approached him and joked that she just couldn't get away from him. She inquired about the paperwork he had on the table, and he informed her that he was filling out forms to make his work at the hospital official. He was evasive about how long he planned to stay in town. He left to take a call regarding David's care, and Amanda peered at his papers. When he returned, she asked why Cara was listed as his emergency contact when Griffin had claimed that he and Cara hadn't kept in touch.

Griffin didn't find it necessary to explain himself to Amanda, but she accused him of lying. Griffin didn't care about Jake's feelings about him, as long as Jake stayed away from Griffin. "And Cara?" Amanda asked.

Griffin received a page about David, and Amanda followed Griffin to the hospital. Griffin warned Amanda to leave Jake's past with Cara alone. He pointed out that Amanda had a solid marriage and family, but Amanda wanted the truth. Griffin reiterated that Cara was an ocean away. Jake interrupted them and informed Griffin that the page had been caused by a faulty monitor, not a problem with David.

Jake found it odd that his wife was with Griffin again, and she tried to get her husband to take a break. Jake said there was something he should have done sooner, and Amanda begged him not to make another scene. Jake walked over to Griffin. "Welcome to Pine Valley Hospital," Jake sincerely said.

Jake told Griffin that he'd thought a lot about his marriage to Cara, and he wanted to put the past behind him. Jake said that Griffin had done him a favor because, as a result of Griffin's actions, Jake had found where he was supposed to be -- with Amanda. A touched Amanda kissed Jake. Meanwhile, Cara entered Krystal's.

JR presented Marissa with her favorite breakfast. Marissa clarified that she was only there to decide how to divide time for the holidays, and she hadn't planned to share a family holiday with JR. He grew nostalgic as he pulled out an ornament. Marissa recalled when she had helped AJ make it. JR said he himself had taken the ornament everywhere while he had been undergoing cancer treatment. He marveled that something so fragile could survive. JR then declared that he wouldn't have survived if it hadn't been for her.

JR and Marissa remembered the Christmas they'd spent together the prior year. JR had thought it would be his last one, but he had been grateful for the family that he had loved and that had loved him back. He repeated that he had only lived because she had supported him, and added that he'd never forget it. She said that she had loved him and had thought he had loved her, too. "I did," he stated.

Marissa awkwardly changed the subject to how they'd split AJ's time on Christmas Day. JR offered her as much time as she wanted, but he also thought AJ would like it if the three of them spent at least a small amount of time together. Marissa was wary of JR's motives. She admitted that she had been very angry, both with him and with herself for allowing him to treat her badly. He commented that it sounded like those feelings were in the past. She relented and said it would be good for AJ if they all spent Christmas together. He thanked her and pulled her into a close hug, which Annie was not happy to see as she arrived.

After Annie made her presence known, JR and Annie covered with a story about a problem at Chandler Enterprises. Marissa's cell phone rang. As she stepped into the foyer, she smiled as she told someone that she was looking forward to seeing them later that day. JR overheard and asked her to stay, but she rushed out.

Annie happily speculated that Marissa was dating someone, but JR was irritated that Annie could have ruined everything by not waiting for his call before she had returned to the mansion. Meanwhile, Marissa spoke with Scott on the phone. She promised to help him and said that she'd see him soon.

Friday, December 10, 2010

After Ryan incredulously surveyed what Greenlee had moved into the penthouse, he asked Greenlee to sit near him on the couch. In doing so, Greenlee noticed a set of keys on the coffee table. Greenlee asked if Ryan had them made for her. Ryan awkwardly broke the news that the keys had belonged to Madison.

Frankie found Madison at ConFusion. He asked why Madison wasn't resting at home so soon after being released from the hospital. Madison admitted that she was freaked out about the pregnancy and needed space to decide what her next move would be. Madison quickly apologized for her tone. She told Frankie that she had an appointment later to check on her baby, but confessed that she hadn't yet told Ryan the news.

Frankie asked Madison what she wanted. Madison said that she'd gotten used to being told what to do -- first by her father and then by her husband. Because she only had herself to depend on, Madison said that she wouldn't reveal anything to Ryan until she was absolutely sure she knew what she wanted.

Madison said that somehow, it was important that she take charge of her life. Frankie understood, but said that the child was also Ryan's. Madison said that if she told Ryan right away, she would want to lean on him. Frankie told Madison that she should take some time to get clear on the situation before saying anything to Ryan. Madison grabbed Frankie's hand and thanked him for his support.

At the hospital, Amanda convinced a reluctant Jake to help Greenlee move. Before she left, Griffin interrupted their conversation to say he had to leave. Jake managed to be civil. Once Griffin left, Amanda applauded Jake for his restraint. Jake said that he wasn't thrilled about Griffin working at the hospital, but knew Griffin was a good doctor.

Jake believed that Griffin was a doctor who felt he could save the world on his own. Without thinking, Jake said that he didn't know what Cara ever saw in Griffin. Amanda flinched, and Jake immediately apologized. Amanda brushed it off, and Jake changed the subject. Jake sadly told Amanda that he wished Zach and Kendall could be helping with Greenlee's move as well.

At Krystal's restaurant, Cara stared at a picture of Jake on her cell phone. Moments later, she took a seat at the counter and looked at the menu. Krystal approached Cara and offered coffee. As she poured the coffee, Krystal asked if Cara was new in town. Cara told her that she was simply passing through. Krystal stepped away from the counter until Amanda walked in. After Amanda ordered coffee to go, the conversation turned to Jake. Cara was transfixed when she realized that Amanda was Jake's wife.

Amanda remembered to tell Krystal about the holiday party she and Jake were hosting at their place. As she held the carrier full of coffee, Amanda tried to pull the invitation out of her bag, but ended up dropping it. Cara sprung into action and picked the invitation up from the floor. Cara stared at the picture as Amanda rambled on about how lucky she was that Jake and Trevor were part of her family.

Kendall sat in her living room and spent some quality time with her sons. Then, without thinking, Kendall told Ian that he was as silly as Zach. Tears sprung into Kendall's eyes, but she fought them back when she heard the doorbell ring. Kendall answered the door and found Griffin, who'd wondered how she was doing. Kendall knew that the true motive for Griffin's visit was to make sure that she didn't try to kill David again.

Griffin told Kendall that if he'd felt she planned to do something dangerous, he would have held her at the hospital for 72 hours. Kendall was slightly relieved that Griffin didn't believe her to be a psychopath. Kendall asked what Griffin actually wanted. He told her that they had unfinished business that involved Zach.

Griffin told Kendall that Zach had advanced him a large sum of money to establish Miranda Centers around the world. Kendall said that her family could handle setting up the centers, and instructed Griffin to refund the money. Griffin pointed out that if Zach had wanted Kendall to be the point person, Zach would have asked Kendall to be involved from the beginning. Kendall asked if Griffin's resistance was because of the money. Kendall asked if Griffin had spent all of the money already.

Griffin told Kendall that the money had been put into a trust fund. Kendall apologized, and said that she would talk things over with Bianca. Once they arrived at a decision, Kendall would inform Griffin. Griffin started to leave, but Kendall asked him to stay. Kendall asked Griffin to tell her anything he could about Zach.

Griffin said that Zach had spoken of Kendall and his family often. Griffin added that Zach had struck him as a guy who had made a significant change in his life, and was ready to take on the challenge of that change. Kendall asked if Zach had sounded happy about his new life. Griffin confirmed that Zach was excited and anxious to begin the latest chapter of his life. Griffin gave Kendall his card and told her to call him whenever she and Bianca were ready.

Griffin showed up at Krystal's restaurant and reunited with Cara. After they hugged, Griffin lightly chastised Cara for showing up in Pine Valley. Cara said that she was only in town to see Griffin. Griffin didn't believe her and cautioned Cara against trying to revive her relationship with Jake. Griffin told Cara that Jake was happy in his new life, and that Cara needed to accept that the relationship she'd had with Jake was over.

Cara said that she had viewed Jake as part of her past until she'd run into Jake's wife. Griffin was horrified and asked if Cara had told Amanda who she was. Cara said that she'd kept her identity hidden out of pride. Griffin pointed out that Cara had a history of being unpredictable. Cara said that it was clear that Jake had moved on with his life.

Cara said that she'd moved on, as well, and was content with her life in Doctors Without Borders. Griffin asked if Cara had any regrets. Cara said that she didn't want to waste time thinking about things she couldn't change. Griffin told Cara that she'd always been first with him, and that everything he'd done had been for her. Cara silently thanked him, and they made arrangements to meet back at Cara's hotel. After Griffin left, Krystal invited Cara to stay a bit longer and have some fresh-baked pie. Although it sounded wonderful, Cara said that she had to go, and left the restaurant.

Greenlee told Ryan that Madison was likely the first to know that Ryan and Greenlee weren't done with each other. Ryan revealed that when he'd seen Madison at the hospital, she'd told him that she didn't want to see him again. Ryan added that although a lot of relationships were changing, they would all get through it.

A loud banging on the penthouse door prevented another Ryan and Greenlee makeout session. They heard a cry for help from the other side, and Greenlee ran to the door. Jake braced himself and three stacked boxes in the doorway. Greenlee took the box off the top and left Jake to struggle in with the other two. Both Greenlee and Ryan expressed their gratitude for Jake's willingness to help.

After Ryan left the penthouse to pick up food, Greenlee pulled a framed photo of herself with Kendall out of a box. Greenlee told Jake the story behind the photo. Jake asked where Greenlee's friendship with Kendall stood. Greenlee told Jake that Kendall didn't want to see her. Jake encouraged Greenlee to take the initiative and visit Kendall. Greenlee hesitated, but Jake wouldn't take no for an answer.

Amanda showed up at the penthouse, and Jake caught her up on everything that she'd missed. Amanda remarked that she was pleased that Greenlee was finally with the right person. Jake said that Ryan and Greenlee were proof that if the love was strong enough, it could survive anything -- including other marriages.

Amanda reminded Jake that it would be their first holiday season together without anything or anyone hanging over their heads. A message showed up on Jake's cell phone, and Jake told Amanda that he needed to go back to the hospital. Amanda said that she needed to meet with Griffin regarding some Miranda Center business. Before they left, Amanda told Jake she was sure Ryan and Greenlee were together for good this time. Jake replied that sometimes, couples need another chance to get things right.

Frankie told Madison to call him if she needed him, and left ConFusion. Madison prepared to leave, as well, when she saw Ryan standing at the bar. They shared an awkward greeting and then Ryan asked how Madison was healing. Madison casually said she was fine, and then asked how Ryan was faring. Before Ryan could answer, the bartender delivered Ryan's order and said that Greenlee had called in a few things.

Madison realized that Greenlee would be moving in with Ryan. The awkward feeling intensified, so Ryan shifted the focus back to Madison's injury. Ryan was worried that Madison would hurt herself if she drove. Ryan offered to drop Madison off, but Madison refused. When Ryan objected, Madison wanted to know why Ryan was so wonderful.

Ryan asked why his desire to take care of people was a bad thing. Madison told him that he needed to choose, and had done so by resuming his relationship with Greenlee. Ryan said that he still cared about Madison. Madison reminded Ryan that after all they'd shared, she was in no shape to be "just friends" with Ryan. Ryan said that he understood. Madison begged Ryan to leave her alone and reluctantly, Ryan walked out.

Griffin wrapped up a call with Bianca just as Amanda arrived at ConFusion for their meeting. Amanda asked if it was difficult to celebrate the holidays while in the DWB program. Griffin told her that the danger of the program made it impossible to do anything except live life as fast as possible in case it was cut short.

Amanda asked if Griffin had fallen in love intensely while overseas. Griffin refused to talk about his love life, so Amanda suggested they start working. They both indicated that they had a relatively short amount of time before they had to leave. Amanda asked if Griffin had a date. Griffin again refused to divulge any information.

After Griffin and Amanda finished their meeting, Griffin left the table to pay the bill. While he was gone, Amanda looked at one of Griffin's brochures. On the front was a picture of Griffin with the woman Amanda had seen at Krystal's. When Griffin returned to the table, Amanda asked if the woman on the brochure was Cara. When Griffin confirmed Amanda's suspicions, Amanda demanded to know why Jake's ex-wife was in town. Meanwhile, Cara went to the hospital and tracked down Jake.

When Greenlee showed up at Kendall's house, Kendall tried to discourage Greenlee from visiting. Greenlee refused to leave and walked into the house. Greenlee told Kendall that she'd moved in with Ryan, and invited Kendall and the boys to visit. Kendall said that she couldn't act as though all was okay just because Greenlee had found happiness.

Greenlee told Kendall that she could wait until Kendall was ready before they worked on their friendship. Kendall lashed out and said that she didn't want to see Greenlee or Ryan anytime soon. Kendall added that Greenlee didn't need to send any future wedding invitations, because Kendall wouldn't attend. Greenlee said that she would postpone her wedding until Kendall could stand at her side as matron of honor. Kendall said that if those were the conditions, Greenlee wouldn't get married again.

Greenlee said that if Kendall was trying to hurt her, it had worked. Kendall said that Greenlee didn't know what real pain was. Kendall said she was just trying to live her life. Greenlee said that she couldn't imagine her life without Kendall in it. Kendall said that Greenlee would have to try. Kendall said that she had to take life one day at a time. Kendall said Greenlee should stay out of her life and asked Greenlee to leave.

Ryan returned to the penthouse and was surprised to find only Greenlee there. Greenlee told Ryan that she'd gone to see Kendall and that Kendall didn't want anything to do with Greenlee or Ryan. Ryan thought that Kendall would change her mind, given time. Greenlee wasn't so sure. Greenlee revealed that she'd also received a call about another decision regarding David's medical care. Because she'd started divorce proceedings, Greenlee said that she needed to find a medical advocate for David.

Ryan told Greenlee that he'd run into Madison. He said that when Madison found out that Greenlee was moving in, Madison had looked like she'd been hit by a truck. Greenlee wondered if she and Ryan would ever be able to find the one right thing to do that would make everyone happy.

Ricky Torres stopped by to see Kendall. Kendall was worried that she would be required to go to church because Ricky had performed Zach's memorial. Ricky told her that he just wanted to find out how she was holding up. Ricky also told her that he'd performed a wedding, and received hockey tickets as a thank you. Ricky offered them to Kendall and said that perhaps she and Ryan could take Spike to the game.

Kendall was grateful to the pastor for thinking of them. At that moment, Spike wandered into the living room and said he'd had a bad dream about Zach. Kendall comforted her son and admitted that she missed Zach as well. Kendall told Spike that she knew of a way for them to feel closer to Zach.

Ricky left after Spike fell asleep on his mother's lap. Once alone, Kendall eased the small boy onto the couch and fetched Zach's hockey jacket from the closet. She inhaled Zach's lingering scent one final time, and then covered her son with the jacket. Across town, Ryan held Greenlee after she unearthed a picture of the two of them with Kendall and Zach.



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