One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on OLTL

Matthew saw Inez and Bo kissing. Marty wrote a prescription for Inez to help her sleep, but Inez used the pills to drug Bo. Natalie realized that Marty planned on showing Natalie's paternity test results to John. John proposed to Natalie. Kelly lied about her feelings for Joey after she learned that Joey and Aubrey were engaged. Violence flared between Eddie and Ford; James took Eddie's gun.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Eddie played with Nora's phone while he had her tied to a chair in the motel room. He complained that there weren't any games on her phone. Nora pleaded with him to allow her to talk to her husband, so she could let Bo know that she was okay. Eddie disclosed that by the time things were over, Bo wouldn't care. Nora wondered if Eddie really had a plan in his "pea head," and Eddie was angry at the insult. He advised her that the text Bo received would "dampen his enthusiasm." Nora realized that Eddie had pretended to be her, and she wondered what Eddie had said in his text. Eddie agreed to read it out loud.

He pretended to be Nora and read it dramatically in a high-pitched voice. The message stated that she'd been furious with what Bo had said. As Eddie continued to read, Nora remarked that she wouldn't have written the way Eddie had. "After all this time, we still have..." Eddie read and shouted out. "Wait for it!" he interrupted himself excitedly. "...Sam Rappaport between us." Nora was perplexed. She wondered how Eddie would have even known about Sam. "I have my ways," Eddie said, then laughed in a sinister tone. He read the rest of the text slowly.

The rest of the message indicated that Nora would be going away for a few days. "Did I capture your essence?" Eddie asked. Nora couldn't understand why Eddie was trying to break up her marriage to Bo. "You don't have a shot," she told Eddie. She was confused because only Bo and Viki had known about her argument with Bo. Suddenly, it dawned on her that Inez knew also, and she wondered if Inez had put Eddie up to the kidnapping. Eddie took offense. He wouldn't take orders from Inez, he grumbled.

Nora was certain that Eddie couldn't have planned everything himself, and she began to think about who might have wanted to see her split from Bo.

Natalie found John sitting in a booth at the Buenos Dias Café. He was engrossed in a book, Know Your Child She did her best to reassure him that he'd make a great father. She also mentioned all of the presents they had received, and John disclosed that Marty had given him a gift, too, though she had promptly taken it back before he had a chance to open it. Natalie was perplexed, but John rationalized that perhaps Marty had gone overboard and had reconsidered giving them the gift.

John noticed that Natalie was quiet, and he knew that something was wrong. Natalie just thought it was weird that Marty had given John a gift and then taken it away.

At a table nearby, Bo sat with Inez. He received a text message that said that Nora wouldn't be able to forgive him. "My wife has lost her mind," he informed Inez. He had no clue as to where Nora might be, but he recognized that she was "ticked off." He only wanted a chance to "make things right." Inez blamed herself, and she got up from the table, assuming that Nora wouldn't appreciate it if she were aware that Inez had spent time with Bo. The police commissioner revealed that the fight with his wife had been about Inez.

Inez sat down again, and Bo explained that Nora believed that Bo was interested in Inez. He read aloud one of the text messages that he'd received from Nora. It asked if he had to sleep with someone else in order to "even the score." Inez confessed that while she knew about the argument, the type that all married couples had, she hadn't realized it was so serious. Inez was sorry that she hadn't looked for a new job. Bo hadn't realized he'd hurt Nora so deeply, and he thought he should have "nipped it in the bud."

The text message from Nora puzzled him, though. "It's not her," he maintained. It wasn't Nora's way to pick a fight over the phone, nor to "cut and run." He insisted, "None of this is her." Inez was quiet, and she suggested that maybe it really wasn't Nora who had sent the text message. She proposed that maybe someone had found Nora's lost cell phone, but Bo knew that couldn't be true.

Bo didn't think anyone would have known about the argument. Inez thought that Nora had been pushed too far, and that was a just cause for her unexpected text. Bo decided that he would send Nora an unexpected reply.

Marty returned home from the café and put her key into the front door lock. She turned around, sensing that someone was watching her, but she didn't see anyone, and she entered the house. Rex peered from behind a bush after Marty had gone inside. Just then, he received a phone call from Kelly, who wanted Rex to know that she was ready to talk to Joey. Rex wished her luck and hurriedly explained that he was on a case. It wasn't a good time for a call.

Inside the house, Marty spoke out loud as if Cole were there. She told him that she couldn't give John the gift after all. She'd looked at his face and realized that he'd done way too much for them to hurt him. She couldn't take his baby from him. She tucked Natalie's paternity test results into a photo album that was sitting on the table. She turned and left the house again, and once she was gone, Rex managed to get inside.

He began to search, and even went through the trash basket. He spotted the wrappings from the gift meant for John. As Rex rummaged around, he received a phone call from Gigi, and he told her what he was up to. He was trying to figure out what a "normal hiding place" would be. He picked something out of the trash basket and looked around.

When Rex spotted the photo album, he advised Gigi that he had to hang up. He held the photo mount that he had retrieved from the trash and began to thumb through the album. He found a folded piece of paper and opened it up. It was Natalie's paternity test results.

Dorian peered through the French door at Llanfair and watched in dismay as Charlie and Echo locked lips. After Dorian ran off, Charlie abruptly pulled away and ordered Echo to stop. He thought she should go to her bedroom. Echo felt that it had meant a lot to Charlie, and he had taken his time before ending the kiss. "Anyone with eyes can see that," she said. He advised her that she'd had too much to drink, and he had been caught "off-guard."

He insisted that he didn't share Echo's feelings, and while he cared for her, he only loved his wife. Echo was the mother of his son, and she'd always have a place in his life, but he was happily married. Echo thanked him for his honesty, and she thought that Viki was very lucky. She thought it best if she left Llanfair, but Charlie didn't want her to leave. He blamed the kiss on alcohol, though Echo didn't think it was entirely to blame. Charlie knew that the town had been against her, and he didn't fault her for reaching out to him. He forgave her.

Echo was thrilled and pointed out how wonderful it was to have Rex and Shane so close and just across the yard. She wanted to get to know them. She was certain that Viki would toss her out when she heard about the kiss, and she was hopeful that Charlie wouldn't mention it to Viki. Echo painted a picture of what would happen if Viki found out about the kiss, and she thought that Viki might go into cardiac arrest. Charlie agreed that Viki wouldn't hear about the kiss as long as there was not a "repeat performance."

At the Palace Hotel, Joey introduced Aubrey to his parents and quickly got down on one knee. He proceeded to propose marriage to an astonished Aubrey, as Viki and Clint looked on and exchanged disappointed glances with each other. Aubrey was speechless, and Clint suggested that Aubrey needed some time to think about it. Viki noted that Aubrey had been taken by surprise.

Viki and Clint hadn't been aware that Joey was dating anyone, and Joey revealed that he'd only known Aubrey for a few weeks. Viki was concerned, and she indicated that Joey had taken the step too suddenly. Joey accused Viki of being cynical due to her problems with Charlie, and he was disappointed. He'd thought he could count on his parents. Clint was certain that issues with Charlie had nothing to do with Joey and Aubrey, and he felt that Joey had put Aubrey on the spot. Both Viki and Clint were disappointed with Joey's act, and Clint explained, "This is not the first time that Joey's put the cart before the horse."

Joey was annoyed with the reaction of both of his parents. He expressed how he'd wanted to share the moment with them, and turning to Aubrey, Joey explained that while both of his parents seemed cold-hearted, they weren't usually that way. Finally, Aubrey spoke up, and she told Joey that she couldn't accept his proposal. It was Joey's turn to be surprised, and Aubrey admitted that she agreed with Joey's parents. It was too soon, and they should enjoy life together first, as well as get to know family and friends. Aubrey suggested that Joey spend some time with his parents, and she walked away.

Out by the bar, Kelly saw Dorian rushing by, and she stopped her aunt to find out what was going on. Dorian exclaimed that she was on a mission to save Viki. Kelly wanted details, and Dorian stated that it involved Charlie and sleazy Echo. Kelly thought that she detected happiness in Dorian's demeanor, but Dorian asked if Kelly would want to know if her own relationship were on the rocks. "You would have to have one," Dorian noted drily. Kelly retorted that she could remind Dorian of Dorian's own recent history, but Kelly was prepared to win back her first love.

Dorian was surprised to learn that Kelly still had feelings for Joey, and Kelly admitted that she hadn't realized it herself. Dorian agreed that the young man was special, and she no longer had feelings towards him. He'd always have a place in her heart though. She gave Kelly her blessing, and pointed out that Joey was even single. "Free as a bird like me," Kelly added happily.

Clint thought that Aubrey was smart, at least, but Joey was certain that he'd lost her. Viki was convinced that Aubrey was being thoughtful. Clint advised his son that his partner had to be thoroughly checked out before any marriage took place. Joey wanted to look for Aubrey, but his parents stopped him. Clint was angry, and he noted that he'd barely gotten Aubrey's name before Joey had gotten down on his knee. Clint didn't even know anything about the young woman. Joey revealed some insignificant information, like Aubrey's favorite color, and insisted that she was perfect for him. He knew plenty about her, more than Clint knew about Kim before he'd married her.

Clint took exception to Joey's comment. "You don't know the first thing about Kimberly," he growled. Joey knew that he was happy with Aubrey, and that was enough for him. He thought that Clint should give him respect. Clint felt that Joey didn't deserve it and complained that it was the "same old, same old," with Joey. "All heart and to hell with the consequences," Clint concluded. Viki jumped in to stop the arguing. She didn't think it was fair to judge Joey, but she agreed that it had all happened too fast. Joey had caught Aubrey "off-guard."

Clint added that it reminded him of Joey's failed marriages to Jen and Kelly. It was the same thing happening again, and Joey had just rushed in. He had to remind Joey that marriage was a "sacred institution." Dorian appeared just then. "Oh what an admirable sentiment, she asserted. "What a pity so many people don't share it with you." Clint advised Dorian that they were having a private conversation, and Dorian cheerily agreed that they were having a celebration due to the return of her favorite Buchanan.

Clint warned her not to get any ideas, but Dorian assured him that she and Joey were just friends. Anyway, she doubted he'd be "on the market" for too long. Dorian merely wanted to speak to Viki in private. She had seen something that was only for Viki to hear. Clint began to argue, but Joey walked away, thereby ending the Buchanan family argument.

Aubrey sat in the bar and ordered a champagne. Kelly showed up with a drink in her hand, and Aubrey revealed that her boyfriend's parents had shown up. She wasn't sure how it had worked out with them. Kelly admitted she hadn't had the nerve to speak to her own man yet, but Aubrey urged her to go ahead. They made a toast that they would both get their men. Aubrey wondered what Kelly's man looked like, since it was possible she had seen him around the Palace.

Kelly described him as "tall, dark and handsome" and someone who had a powerful family, but he was sweet. He also had blue eyes. Aubrey confessed that she'd only had eyes for her own guy, but she looked as though an idea had crossed her mind. After Kelly departed, Aubrey spoke to someone on the phone. She told them of Joey's proposal.

Dorian pulled Viki outside in the cold and explained that she had followed Charlie and Echo back to Llanfair. She took far too long to tell the story, and Viki implored her to get to the main point. Dorian had looked through the French door at Viki's house. "There they were," Dorian stated. She had seen Charlie and Echo kissing.

Joey and Clint sat at a table, and while Clint was hungry, Joey couldn't believe they could just sit there and eat as though nothing had happened. They began to have words again over Joey's "stunt" and Clint accused his son of embarrassing Aubrey. Joey fiddled with the engagement ring box and suggested that Aubrey was embarrassed for Joey. Kelly walked into the restaurant and saw Clint and Joey. As she walked over to them, Joey told his father that he intended to marry Aubrey, and he didn't care what Clint thought about it. Clint advised Joey that Joey was on his own to mess up his life with another marriage. Clint got up and left. Kelly sat down and opened her eyes wide as Joey sat and looked at the engagement ring.

Inez tried to stop Bo from sending his text message. She thought that Nora might misinterpret it. He sent it anyway.

Eddie told Nora to relax. He gently stroked her face and pointed out a line that he hadn't seen before. She told him he had committed a felony when he'd kidnapped her, and he would receive 25 years to life. Just then, her phone chimed its text message sound, and Eddie picked up the phone to read Bo's response. It said that she sounded like Matthew, Bo had already apologized, and they should be talking. He said that Nora was paranoid to blame things on Inez. Eddie noticed that Bo didn't say anything about love, and Eddie was sorry that Bo had thrown Nora to the wolves.

Nora emphasized that Eddie would be put away for a long time. He tied a scarf around her mouth and left the motel room.

Bo received another text from "Nora." "She wants me to sleep with you," he told Inez.

Marty returned home.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At Llanview University, due to its popularity, Gigi started off an additional art class in Cristian's absence. The nude model, Joel, was ready to pose, and both Starr and Langston were members of the class. Starr found it difficult to concentrate, since James was supposed to take the class, also, and he wasn't there. Langston found it difficult to focus, as well, but for different reasons. She was totally engrossed in looking at and sketching the nude model, and she could barely listen to anything that Starr had to say.

Gigi urged the model to pretend he was an ancient Greek warrior, and she handed him a pole to use as a spear. "Who goes to war naked?" Langston muttered as she practically salivated over her subject. Starr pointed out that Langston would never make the six months abstinence that she'd imposed on Bobby, and Starr joked that Bobby wouldn't agree to six hours, let alone six months. Langston disagreed, but she noted how hot the model was. Starr thought he was just okay, and Langston believed that Starr had to be sick. Starr supposed that Langston probably had a fever herself as she continued ogling the model. Langston gave Starr permission to look at other guys while Cole was in jail.

As Gigi walked around the class, Starr told Gigi that Langston wanted the model's number. Starr continued to fret over James's absence. Langston suggested that Starr call James, but Starr didn't want to lead him on. The girls discussed Marty's accusation that Starr's feelings for James had led to Cole's actions, and Langston suggested that Todd had been right in his assumption that Marty was crazy.

Langston continued to feel feverish as she worked on her sketch. "Focus," Starr demanded, as the model changed his pose. Langston looked at the model, and suddenly, she saw Bobby's face instead. "Are you sure you don't want to have sex with me?" he asked her. Langston's jaw dropped, and she appeared to be stunned.

Langston mumbled that maybe three months would be okay instead. She looked up and saw Bobby's face again. "Stop doing that," Langston yelled, and Starr was confused, since she thought that Langston was talking to her. "Check out the goods," Bobby said to Langston.

James took out his frustration on the punching bag at the gym, and he was crestfallen when Eddie walked in. He was certain that Eddie would have left town with his money, but Eddie revealed that he had a part-time, freelance consulting job. He thought he'd drop by the gym to see how James was doing, and he was thrilled that his son was into boxing. "You never know when a little self-defense is gonna come in handy," James said. He advised his father that he had no intentions of being taken by surprise again.

Eddie was amused at the way James attacked the bag, and he offered to help his son with his moves. "No thanks," James said. Eddie teased James and thought they should settle the score, since he'd probably embarrassed James in front of Starr. James tried to get out of it, but Eddie suggested that James make him pay. Eddie offered James a "freebie" and told him to take his "best shot."

James was lucky and hit Eddie lightly. The fight began, and most of James's punches didn't make contact, while Eddie's did. Finally, James landed a couple of hard blows, and Eddie was angry. "You've got yourself a fight now, Buddy Boy," Eddie said, sneering.

Bobby spotted Aubrey in the bar at the Palace, and he went over to say hello to her. They recalled meeting at a film festival in 2008, and while Bobby believed that they'd had something going on, Aubrey reminded him that he hadn't been honest with her. Bobby informed her that he had changed since then, and he was a new man. "Sure you are," Aubrey responded. She told him she'd met a special someone, and she was in town to meet his family. She had changed, too, she added.

"Oh my God, are you asking me to marry you?" Kelly stammered to an equally shocked Joey, when she saw the ring. "I would never. I mean, after all these years?" Joey managed to reply. "You didn't come down here thinking I was going to propose to you?" Joey took a quick look at Kelly's disappointed expression. "Oh God," Joey gulped. "Talk about a misunderstanding."

Kelly got up and acted as though she thought it was a crazy notion, just like Joey. He stated that he'd never spring anything like that on her, and besides, they were good friends. Anything between them had happened a long time before, he reminded her.

Joey acknowledged that the engagement ring he was twirling around in his hand was for someone else. Kelly claimed that she'd had a "momentary insane flash," since she'd heard that Joey wanted to see her. She was surprised because Kevin had told her that Joey wasn't seeing anyone. Joey admitted that he hadn't known his girlfriend for very long, but he'd seen her, and he'd realized that she was the one. She was special. Kelly noted how impulsive Joey had always been.

Joey had intended to tell Kelly sooner, but he'd told his parents first, and they had "completely freaked," he said. Things would have been smoother if Kelly had been present, Joey figured, because she would have been happy for him. "Maybe," Kelly replied. She admitted that she saw his parent's point, and maybe it was too soon for such a drastic step. Joey couldn't believe that Kelly sided with his parents, but Kelly felt he owed it to himself to make sure he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman. Joey insisted that he just knew it was right, that he could feel it, and he was sure that Kelly would think his girlfriend was great.

Dorian spoke to Viki outside of the Palace. "I saw them. Charlie was kissing Echo," Dorian stated. Viki thought that Dorian had to be mistaken, but Dorian was persistent. "Why is the mayor of Llanview running around town spying on people?" Viki asked. Dorian knew what she'd seen as she'd looked through the door at Llanfair, and she felt that Viki deserved the truth. Dorian thought that Viki should speak to Charlie, but Viki refused to confront her husband when she hadn't seen the incident for herself.

Dorian felt the opposite, and she was unrelenting in her opinion of the situation. She hoped that Charlie would at least be honest. "God you're irritating," Viki grumbled. She finally gave up and consented to talk to Charlie.

At Llanfair, Charlie agreed that he wouldn't tell Viki about his kiss with Echo, as long as there were no repeat performances. It would be their secret, he told her. Just then, Brody walked into the room and asked who might be keeping secrets. Quickly, Charlie explained that Echo had consumed too many mimosas, and they all laughed about it. The men helped Echo stagger upstairs to her room, and once she was deposited, they returned to the study.

They joked about Echo's state, though Charlie soberly explained that Echo had been having a rough time. She had also suffered much guilt over leaving Rex when he'd been born, and guilt made one do crazy things. Brody wondered if it might be a bad idea to have Echo stay at Llanfair. Charlie explained that she wanted to get to know her son and grandson, and it was easier at Llanfair, since they were so close. He knew that Viki understood that because she had a big heart. Brody was convinced that he wanted his marriage to be just like Charlie's. Just then Viki returned home and asked to speak to Charlie in private.

Brody indicated that he had to check on Jessica, and he left Charlie and Viki alone. Viki wanted to talk about Echo, and she asked what had happened after Charlie had arrived home with her. Charlie explained that he'd tried to sober Echo up, and he and Brody had taken her upstairs to "sleep it off." Viki asked if Charlie had anything else to say about it. He didn't, and Viki revealed that Dorian had seen Charlie and Echo kissing. Charlie wondered if Viki had arranged for Dorian to spy, but Viki assured him that Dorian had done it on her own. Viki wondered if it were true, and Charlie admitted that it was.

He explained that Echo was a little out of control, but she probably wouldn't even remember what had happened, and it didn't mean anything. Viki began to lose her temper. Echo was more than a little out of control, and she was kissing someone else's husband. Charlie defended Echo, and proclaimed that she was afraid of getting thrown out of Llanfair before she had a chance to get to know Rex and Shane. Viki declared that Echo was afraid of losing her chance with Charlie. As the couple spoke, Echo quietly crept down the stairs to listen.

Charlie was annoyed that Viki was angry. Viki pointed out that Charlie's "very ex-girlfriend" had thrown herself at him, yet Viki was supposed to "take the high road." Viki wondered how it would be if she invited Clint to move in, and she kissed him. Charlie vowed that it was a one-time occurrence, and he had "absolutely no interest in kissing her ever again." Echo headed back up the stairs.

Viki was tired of the conversation, and Charlie promised she wouldn't regret anything. Viki assured him she would if Echo were to try something again. Charlie tried to lighten the mood, and he joked that he couldn't help that he was irresistible. He declared his love for Viki, and he moved in for a kiss. Viki stated that she loved him in return, which was why she was upset. She couldn't kiss him until he washed his face. She wanted him to remove any traces of Echo's lips.

Marty returned home as Rex was looking at Natalie's paternity test results that were hidden in a photo album. Marty sensed that someone was there, and she called out hello. No one answered, and Rex remained hidden under the table that held the album. Marty continued to look around suspiciously, and by the time she got to the table, Rex had moved to a new hiding spot. Shrugging her shoulders, Marty went into another room.

It was Rex's time to leave, but he stopped at the table to take a photo of the paternity test results with his phone. He placed the paper back into the album and dashed out the door. Marty walked back into the room. "Anyone there?" she asked. Again, she didn't see anyone, and she opened her mail. There was a letter from the hospital, and it stated that she would be put on probation until further notice. She looked longingly at Hope's drawing and placed a phone call to Starr.

She received Starr's voicemail and left a message. She thought they both needed to be there for each other because of Cole. She wanted to see Hope because she missed her. She was hoping that Starr would put an end to the restraining order.

Aubrey noticed that Bobby was different, and she inquired about the woman who'd transformed him with her "sexy moves." Bobby confessed that sex was "non-existent," but Aubrey thought that he was joking. She got up to leave, and they kissed each other goodbye. Dorian had just entered the bar and saw the kiss. She approached Bobby. "And what the hell is going on here? That's what I'd like to know," she snarled.

Bobby informed Dorian that he really didn't have time to discuss it, but Aubrey was someone he used to be acquainted with. Dorian accused Bobby of "pawing" the young woman, and she assumed that he'd had sex with her at some point. Dorian didn't want to listen to anything that Bobby had to say. She knew about the "moratorium" on sex with Langston, and she explained that there was always "full disclosure" in the Cramer household. Dorian was afraid it would drive him right into the arms of another woman. Bobby insisted she was wrong. "Never," Dorian replied.

Aubrey found Joey talking to Kelly and walked over to them. "Aubrey!" Kelly shouted. "Kelly!" Aubrey called out. Joey was astonished that the women knew each other. He explained that he and Kelly had been together in the past, and it dawned on Aubrey that Kelly had spoken to her about Joey. She began to say something, but Kelly jumped in and declared how happy she was for the couple. Kelly turned to leave, but Joey stopped her. He wanted her to help him to convince Aubrey to marry him.

Kelly walked off to the side, and Joey got down on one knee again. He proposed to Aubrey, and this time she said yes. Kelly looked sick, as Joey proclaimed that it was "only the happiest night of my life." He was joyful that Kelly was there, and he went off to get some champagne to celebrate. Aubrey revealed that she knew Joey had been the man that Kelly was longing for. She had been afraid that Kelly would tell Joey her true feelings and ruin things for Aubrey. Joey returned and reminded Kelly that she had news she had wanted to tell him.

Gigi walked by, and Langston shouted that it was all Gigi's fault that there was no sex. Langston wanted to know if it had really worked, but when Rex ran into the classroom excitedly to see Gigi, Langston had her answer. "I guess it worked," Langston said. Rex showed Gigi the photo of Natalie's paternity test results, and the fact that it stated that Brody was the baby's father. Gigi agreed that it was horrible, and she dismissed the class abruptly. Joel asked Langston to hold his pole, and she ran out of the room.

Rex wondered where Marty had obtained the test results, and he presumed that they were fake. They had to be since obviously, Natalie and Brody hadn't slept together, he affirmed. He supposed that Marty was trying to exact revenge on Natalie, but the only way she could do that would be if the results were real, he continued. "And they can't be. Can they?" Gigi suggested that Rex speak to Natalie, because Natalie had to be made aware that Marty was up to something.

After class ended, Starr perused a flyer on the bulletin board in the hallway. She thought it might be interesting to take a kick-boxing class at the gym, and she suggested that Langston might want to work off her energy too. The girls decided to go over to the gym. On the way, Starr received a voicemail and saw that it was Marty. She assumed it was about the restraining order, and she didn't want to listen to it.

They arrived at the gym and walked in on the fight between James and Eddie. It was brutal, and Starr called out to James. When he turned, Eddie landed some solid punches and knocked James out. Starr insisted that Langston call Bobby right away.

Bobby thought that Dorian underestimated him, and he would be able to do anything when it involved Langston. Dorian promised to hurt him if he ever hurt her daughter. Just then, he received a phone call. It was Langston, and she urged him to get to the gym. Dorian called Viki and left a message. She wanted to hear how things had gone with Charlie. "Men. They're beasts. All of them," she pronounced to herself.

Langston and Starr helped James up, and Starr began to yell at Eddie. He informed her that he had merely been working out with James, and it was really her fault. James jumped up and accused his father of throwing a sucker punch. Just then, Bobby stormed in. "Why don't you pick on someone who's better at fighting back?" he asked.

Bobby advised his father that he should have left after he had received his $50,000. Bobby accused Eddie of needing one more shot at James. Eddie insisted it was a boxing match. Bobby offered to fight him instead. If Bobby won, Eddie was to leave town and never return.

Marty sat in her living room and spoke to Cole's photo. She mentioned that Brody had threatened her and vowed to tell everyone that Marty had taken Natalie's medical records. She would lose her job, and she was no longer a wife, mother, or grandmother. She would no longer be a doctor. She had to plan her steps carefully.

Joel returned to the classroom to look for his underwear. He wanted Gigi to help, but she was in a hurry. She had to get to Brody.

Rex showed up at Llanfair to see Natalie. Brody answered the door and advised him that Natalie wasn't there. Rex thought that maybe he could speak to Brody, since it involved him.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At Llanfair, Rex said that Brody needed to see what Rex had with him. Before Rex could show Brody the test results, Gigi rushed up the driveway and ordered him to stop. Choosing her words carefully, she stared at her boyfriend as she told both men that Rex couldn't ruin her important "surprise." Pressed for time, Brody bid the couple goodbye as he rushed off to the police station.

As Gigi hustled him into the foyer, Rex asked her why she had stopped him from talking to Brody. He believed that Marty had falsified Natalie's paternity test results to name Brody as the baby's father, and wanted to inform Brody and Natalie of the "deception." Gigi said that they didn't need to hear it. "Why not?" Rex asked, before a horrible thought occurred to him. "Oh, my God...because it's true?"

At the Palace Hotel, Kelly was caught between Joey and Aubrey's expectant gazes as she declared that she, like Joey, had made up her mind about her love life. Joey seemed pleased to hear it, and asked Kelly whom she was involved with. When Kelly haltingly explained that it was someone she had known a long time, and even been married to, Joey became confused. "Kelly, are you talking about me?" he asked, as Aubrey stared daggers at Kelly.

"No, no, no!" Kelly cried, forcing a laugh. "Don't be absurd!" Joey was stunned to realize that Kelly meant that she had reunited with Kevin. Kelly spun a yarn about how she and Kevin had reconnected in London and resumed their family life with Zane, and claimed she had gone back to the United Kingdom to tell Joey in person. She said she had been worried about breaking the news, but felt better knowing that he had Aubrey. Joey appeared unsettled, and wanted to call Kevin to ask him about the surprise reunion.

Rising from her seat, Kelly told Joey he couldn't call Kevin, because Kevin had wanted to speak to him personally, brother to brother. Joey agreed to wait to speak to Kevin, but said he had to call Viki and inform her that Aubrey had accepted his proposal. As Joey rushed off, Aubrey thanked Kelly for staying silent, and asked if Kelly thought anything would change if Joey knew the truth about her hidden passion. "Do you?" Kelly shot back, looking Aubrey in the eye.

Wearing a saccharine smile, Aubrey told Kelly that she didn't think Kelly's feelings would've made a difference to her and Joey's engagement, and claimed she only wanted to spare Kelly the inevitable humiliation when Joey rejected his ex-wife. She coyly suggested Kelly and Kevin give it another shot for real.

Joey returned from the lobby and announced that Viki had given him and Aubrey her blessing. Aubrey kissed him passionately as Kelly looked on, helpless. Aubrey suggested that she and Joey head up to their suite, and Joey agreed. He said goodbye to Kelly, who wore a plastic smile as she offered the couple her congratulations. As soon as Joey and Aubrey were gone, Kelly fled to the patio and wept, alone.

At the police station, Natalie told John she had news he wouldn't like -- she was beginning her Lamaze classes. "Is that the thing that I, uh, I try to coach you to breathe while you scream about how much you hate me for getting you pregnant?" John cracked. He admitted it wasn't his idea of a good time, but promised to be there for Natalie and the baby through everything, even as she cursed at him like a drunken sailor during labor. "I'll be a lot worse than a drunken sailor," Natalie sighed. "Bring it," John joked. "No problem. I'll be there, it's our baby, right?"

In Bo's office, Inez entered and asked if he had heard from Nora since her "text message." Bo confirmed that Nora was maintaining radio silence. Inez expressed her sympathy for her boss's plight by putting her hand over Bo's -- a gesture Matthew noticed as he walked into the office. "Am I interrupting something?" he asked, staring at his father.

As Inez left the office, Matthew told Bo he didn't want to know the details of the "innocent" moment he had just witnessed, but needed Bo to sign his permission slip to skip his last period study hall in order to go to work at Buchanan Enterprises earlier in the afternoon. Bo opined that Matthew was spending too much time at B.E., and reminded his son that his schoolwork needed to take precedence. "Where's Mom?" Matthew asked with a sigh, "I'll get her to sign." "I have no idea," Bo murmured sadly.

As Bo related the story of his and Nora's argument and Nora's subsequent disappearance, Matthew grew upset. He couldn't believe Bo wasn't out searching for Nora, and accused Bo of spending more time cozying up with Inez. "Real nice, Dad," Matthew snapped, storming out of the office.

Matthew brushed past Inez in the hallway, then ignored Brody and John's calls as he raced past them in the squad room. Noticing Matthew's foul attitude, Brody told John they had their own children's teenage years to look forward to, but said he could handle it all compared to the nightmares he had suffered when he believed Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. "You must be relieved by those paternity test results," John said, walking down the hall. "More than you'll ever know," Brody muttered to himself.

Back at Llanfair, Gigi begged Rex not to make her answer any questions about Brody and Natalie, and asked him to get rid of his copy of the paternity test results. Before Rex could inquire further, Natalie returned home, and Rex asked his sister point-blank: "Is Brody the father of your baby?" "You told him?" Natalie cried, wheeling around to face Gigi. "Oh, my God," Rex moaned. "It's true."

Gigi headed to work, leaving the Balsom siblings to talk things out. As they walked into the drawing room, Natalie told Rex all about her drunken night with Brody, and called it a terrible mistake. Rex hugged Natalie and told her he couldn't judge her -- he knew what it was like to act in a desperate moment when love seemed lost forever. Natalie thought he was referring to his fling with Stacy, but instead Rex alluded to his kiss with Kelly without naming names.

Natalie explained that neither Brody nor John knew the truth about the baby's paternity, and Rex swore that her secret was safe with him. She asked how he had found out the truth if not from Gigi, and Rex told her that a separate case he was working on for Todd had unexpectedly led him to the information. Showing Natalie his copy of the paternity results, he revealed that he had found the document in Marty's house.

At Rourke's Gym, Bobby Ford challenged his father to ten rounds in the boxing ring in order to get Eddie to leave Llanview for good. Eddie laughed off the challenge, but Starr goaded him and called him a coward afraid to face his eldest son. When Eddie turned on her, James stepped in between the two. Eddie deflected his sons' repeated questions about why he was still in town, but after enough encouragement, he agreed to Ford's challenge and began working out in preparation.

"This is so caveman," Langston moaned, and called Ford's plan stupid -- she worried about his preexisting injuries, but Ford was sure the showdown would be easy as pie. He wanted to face Eddie immediately, but Eddie insisted it could wait, and claimed he wanted a crowd. He asked Ford to assemble an audience, and said he would be there.

With Eddie gone, Ford remained smugly confident about his chances in the ring while talking to the teens. "I work out everyday!" he reasoned, and said he needed to beat Eddie in order to redeem himself for abandoning James. As Starr and James moved away to call Inez, Langston begged Ford to find another way to get rid of his father. Ford told Langston that violence was the only language Eddie understood, but Ford blithely admitted he had no prior boxing experience, not even in gym class. "Great," Langston mumbled.

Inez returned to Bo's office and asked him if he was okay after his argument with Matthew. She said Matthew's rebelliousness was to be expected at his age, but Bo felt the change in Matthew was a direct result of Matthew's working with Clint. Just then, Inez got a call from James, explaining that Eddie was still in town and would face Ford in the ring. Upset, Inez told Bo, who resolved to head down to Rourke's personally. After Bo left, Inez prepared to call Clint.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Clint was annoyed to find Vimal waiting in his office. He said he didn't have time for Vimal, as he was busy squashing the latest "gold digger" attempting to infiltrate the family by marrying his son Joey. "I was instrumental in the squashing of Rex Balsom," Vimal chimed in. Clint warned Vimal to forget his actions in the DNA lab, and Vimal asked if that meant he needed to forget about his changing Clint's daughter's test results as well.

Clint ordered Vimal to remain silent about everything he had done for the Buchanan family, and warned him that if anyone ever learned the truth about Rex or the baby, Clint would hold him personally responsible. He ordered Vimal to get out, and as Vimal exited the office, Matthew entered. Matthew informed his uncle that he hadn't been able to get Bo to sign his permission slip, and said that Nora was missing in action. Clint feigned ignorance as Matthew told him about Bo and Nora's argument over Inez, and put on a show of insisting that Bo and Inez's "moment" at the station had to have been completely platonic. Matthew remained unconvinced.

Just then, Inez called Clint and informed him that since he had failed to banish Eddie from Llanview, she would not seduce Bo. Clint ordered a dejected Matthew to get him coffee; after the boy left, he told Inez that all she needed to do was sleep with Bo by the next day, and Eddie would be gone with the morning's light. Inez told him that seducing Bo in one evening would be impossible, and asked Clint if he had anything to do with Nora's disappearance and recent messages. Clint said he had no idea what Inez was talking about, but reiterated that all she needed to do was sleep with Bo, and she would never worry about Eddie Ford again. "Inez, you'll have everything you ever wanted," Clint promised before hanging up, "including my brother."

Bo arrived at Rourke's, and instantly surmised that Eddie had hit James again. He told the assembled teens that he had heard that Eddie was still in town, and preparing to fight Ford in the ring. He called Ford's plan dumb, and said Inez didn't like it either. Ford thanked Bo for the concern, but said he had one chance to get "this SOB" out of his family's lives, and he was going to take it, no matter what happened. Bo asked where Eddie was, and said he hoped to get Eddie out of town before the fight.

In another corner of the gym, James thanked Starr for sticking up for him, and admitted that when he had been fighting Eddie, he had wanted to kill him. "I don't blame you," Starr replied. Across the room, Langston continued to fear for Ford's well-being, while Bo got off the phone with a patrolman. He explained to the couple that his patrolman had checked for Eddie's car outside the Ford brothers' apartment building, but there was no sign of the vehicle. "Where is he?" Ford wondered aloud.

At the Minute Man Motel, Nora struggled to get free of her bindings that kept her tied to the chair. Flashing back to her conversation with Eddie, she again concluded that Inez had to be in cahoots with Eddie to split her and Bo up. Spotting the television remote control on the floor, she managed to hop in the chair over to it, and clutched the remote with her feet. Using her toes to turn the TV on, she began pressing down on the volume control with her foot until the room was blaring with the sound of loud cartoons. When a neighboring guest began to complain and banged on the door, Nora struggled to scream for help through her gag.

At the police station, John asked Brody to head over to the Minute Man Motel to deal with the noise complaint. Brody was annoyed by the motel's past superficial complaints, and suggested they ignore the call.

Eddie returned to the motel to find the TV on. Furious, he turned it off. "Nice try, bitch," he snarled at Nora, but told her that no one in the fleabag motel would notice her escape attempt. As he stripped off his jacket, he explained to Nora that he was training for a fight, and considered using her as a sparring partner. Nora cowered, unable to move as Eddie jabbed at the air inches from her face.

As Eddie re-tied Nora's binds, he warned her that she would be punished for her disobedience. Before he could follow through, Brody began pounding on the motel room door from outside.

At the police station, Inez left Bo's office, seemingly hysterical. John noticed her cries and asked if he could help. Inez said she couldn't speak to him, but needed professional help. John gave her Marty's name.

Back at Buchanan Enterprises, Matthew returned to Clint's office with his uncle's coffee. Clint assured him that Nora would be back soon and would sign the boy's permission slip. "Or you could just get Vimal to fake it for me, right?" Matthew quipped. Clint froze as Matthew explained that he knew that Vimal had faked a hospital keycard and gotten into the DNA lab for Clint, and said that he and Clint were in things together. Matthew told Clint that he knew the truth -- "Charlie isn't Rex's dad. You are."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At Buchanan Enterprises, Matthew advised Clint that he knew the truth, and that Clint was Rex's father. Clint admitted it was true, but he wanted to deny his paternity based on the fact that Rex was a con man. He explained how Rex had arrived in town and had been after Jessica's money. The young man claimed to have changed, but Clint was certain that Rex was after the Buchanan family fortune. He reminded Matthew that Rex had broken into Clint's office, and Matthew had seen him. Matthew still didn't think he would be able to keep Rex's paternity a secret.

Clint figured that Rex didn't want him as a father, anyway, and he thought that the way it had worked out was better for both Rex and Charlie. Matthew pointed out that he was disappointed, because Rex could have been a family member -- a cousin for him and a nephew for Bo. Clint replied, "Bo already treats Rex more like a son than..." He stopped himself but Matthew finished the sentence for him. "More like a son than me?" Matthew asked.

Clint said that he hadn't said that, and he attempted to smooth things over. He thought that Matthew should sit and have a talk with his father, but Matthew assured Clint that things were fine. Clint explained that Bo had always had a "soft spot" for Rex. Clint thought it was because Rex was a private investigator, so that was close to being a cop, and Rex was probably around the same age that Bo's deceased son Drew would have been.

Matthew retorted that it was all about Rex and Clint, but Clint insisted, "There is no Rex and me." Clint thought it was more about Rex and the Buchanan fortune, and he was convinced that Rex would push everyone else out of the way with the Buchanan name and Bo backing him up. Clint could fight Rex, but there would be no guarantees. He supposed that one could be the smartest, best, most loyal person and still lose. He wondered if something like that had ever happened to Matthew. The young man acknowledged that it had. Clint didn't think they should risk things when Rex and Charlie could have the relationship they both deserved.

Matthew realized that Asa would have made the same moves, and he figured that was why his father wasn't in the family business. He thought his father deserved to know what was going on. Clint noted that there were several reasons for Bo not being in the business, and he thought it was unfortunate that Matthew didn't receive the same respect from Bo. He tried to drop it, guessing that Matthew would want to pursue it. Clint stated that it was adult business, but then he relented. He warned Matthew that he wouldn't like it.

Clint explained that he had been dating Inez for a reason, and that was because she was a threat. She had been attracted to Bo, and Clint had done his best to keep her from turning her attention to his brother. He had failed, because she'd broken up with Clint. She was too distracted because of her attraction to Bo, but Bo wasn't innocent. He didn't discourage Inez. Matthew thought that his father was just nice, but Clint announced that Bo had been cheating on Matthew's mother. Bo had been having an affair with Inez.

Natalie was distraught after Rex showed her a copy of the paternity test results that he'd found in Marty's house. She was certain that her life would be destroyed. They discussed the situation, and Rex revealed that he had been at Marty's house, looking for a gift that Marty had given to John and then taken back. Natalie believed that Marty had planned on showing John the paternity test results, and Rex had to agree that Natalie was probably right. Natalie swore that John and Brody couldn't find out about it, and she was going to have to make certain that Marty kept her mouth shut. Natalie insisted on going to see Marty alone. Rex was concerned, and he recommended that Natalie try to remain calm.

After Natalie left, Rex was surprised when Charlie walked through the front door. Rex was apologetic, and he indicated that he had been with Natalie and then had remained behind to make some phone calls. Charlie advised him that excuses weren't necessary, and Rex was welcome at the house at any time. Rex admitted that things were still new, and Charlie was sorry. Rex reminded Charlie that it wasn't Charlie's fault, but Charlie was also sorry for the time they'd lost. Charlie admitted that it might have been better without him, anyway, because he hadn't done Jared much good. Charlie regretted that Rex had grown up thinking the wrong man was his father.

Charlie could tell that Rex had something on his mind, and Rex divulged that he had received some news that wasn't too good. Charlie offered to help however he could. The talk turned to Echo, and Charlie confessed that Echo had acted out after drinking too much and was sleeping it off. Charlie was certain that Dorian had tried to get Echo drunk so that she could obtain information. He added that Echo was disturbed by what she had done to Rex when he was born, and though it wasn't much, she wanted to make it up to Rex. Rex responded that he didn't need a mother, and Charlie agreed that she had to earn it, because mere DNA was not enough. Charlie would be his dad forever though.

Rex had to leave to look after Shane, and Charlie offered to watch his grandson anytime. Rex revealed that Shane had been thinking about calling Charlie "grandpa," and Charlie liked it. He was hopeful that Rex would call him "dad" one day.

Marty sat in her office and tried to concentrate on the probationary letter from the hospital that she was reading. She crumpled it up in disgust, but she was saved when Inez walked through the door. Inez noted that John had referred her to Marty, and she needed help before she did something terrible to a very good man. She was unable to sleep because she had been so distraught. Marty promised to prescribe some medication, and she urged Inez to talk about her problem.

Inez spoke about the man whom she was very fond of, and how she would have never thought about committing a despicable act in the past, but her boys needed protection. The man was happily married, and she hated herself for possibly making a move to destroy his marriage. Inez then enlightened Marty on the troubles her sons had gone through, and how the man she had been dating had helped them out. He wanted her to ruin his friend's marriage in return.

Then her ex-husband had arrived in town and had physically abused one of her sons. Inez's ex-boyfriend offered to get rid of Eddie, but again, in return, he insisted that she follow through with his demand. The man she had dated had looked respectful, but he was manipulative and powerful, she explained to Marty. Inez was about to explain further, but suddenly, Natalie burst through the door. "You and me right now," Natalie yelled at Marty.

Marty couldn't believe that Natalie had disturbed a session with a patient, but Inez got up to leave. Marty quickly wrote out a prescription for her, and she turned to Natalie who slammed the door behind Inez. "I know exactly what you're up to you little bitch, and I will not let you ruin my life," Natalie shouted. Marty played dumb when Natalie handed her the test results, and she claimed she'd never seen them. Natalie informed her that it had been found in Marty's house, and Marty quickly accused Natalie of breaking in.

Natalie replied that it had been someone else in the house, but she didn't think Marty had a leg to stand on. Marty had stolen Natalie's private medical records, which was a felony. Marty encouraged Natalie to call the cops, in particular John or Brody. Natalie strongly advised Marty to keep her mouth shut. She accused Marty of teasing John with the present, and wondered how Marty could hurt John with the news. Marty confessed that she had decided that she couldn't hurt him, and that was the reason she hadn't given him the gift.

Natalie vowed to see to it that Marty lost her license, and she was sick of being held responsible for everything wrong in Marty's life. The women began to scream at each other, and suddenly, Natalie slapped Marty hard.

Bo spoke to Ford and James at Rourke's Gym about the fight that Ford planned to have with his father. Bo didn't like the idea, and neither did Inez, he advised the brothers. Ford was positive that Eddie would leave town once Ford had the opportunity to beat his dad in a fair fight. Starr and Langston stood nearby. The young women were not looking forward to the fight but Starr was happy to see Cristian walk in. "Team Ford has a secret weapon," she announced.

Starr disclosed that she had called Cristian, because he had been a professional fighter. She thought he'd be able to help Ford out and give him some tips. Cristian agreed that after he had seen what Eddie had done to James, he was more than willing to show Ford how to fight. Cristian was dismayed to learn that he didn't have much time.

Starr couldn't look as the stripped-down men began to box, but her girlfriend had a different opinion. "I can't stop," Langston said. James thought that he should be the one to learn, since he was the one Eddie had been after. James had also gotten some good punches in when he had boxed with his father before. Cristian believed that Ford would be better at it since he had more weight, and Ford probably didn't care if he hurt anyone. After learning that Eddie had belonged to a fight club, Cristian assumed that Eddie would be a dirty fighter.

Ford refused to accept James's offer and began to fight in earnest with Cristian. Ford fell to the floor as Cristian got an early punch to connect. "This is never gonna work," James muttered. Langston was feeling hot again, and she decided that she needed some air.

Brody banged on the door at the Minute Man Motel where Eddie was holding Nora hostage. Finally, Eddie emerged just as Brody threatened to break down the door. Brody asked why the room was registered to Elmer Fulton, and he made it known that the manager had complained about the extremely loud television. Eddie maintained that he just wanted to be alone, although Brody demanded to know who else was inside. A bound and gagged Nora did her best to call out, but it was to no avail.

Eddie tried to get rid of Brody quickly, and he alluded to the fact that he had a woman inside who liked to make noise. That was the reason for the loud television. Eddie smirked. He reminded Brody that they were all consenting adults, and Brody finally agreed to leave after advising Eddie to keep it down. After Brody left, Eddie hightailed it back inside. "You are gonna pay for that stunt," he snarled at Nora. He removed Nora's gag and told her to go ahead and scream. "What are you going to do with me, Eddie?" she asked.

Nate was happy that Dani was visiting with him, especially after her encounter with his father. Dani assured him that she knew all about having a "tough dad," although Nate was certain that Eddie was worse. He promised that he was not like his father at all, but Dani informed him that she was already well aware of that. Eddie would never understand the "dumb virgin" that she was. Nate hurriedly declared that he was in no rush, and he really cared about her. They decided to study, but when Dani opened her biology book, the chapter she had to work on was entitled "Human Sexuality."

Bo showed up looking for Inez or Eddie, but Nate didn't know where either of them were. Bo disclosed that he was worried about the fight that Ford intended to have with Eddie, figuring that Eddie would leave town after losing. "No he won't," Nate spoke out. "That's what I said," Bo agreed. Bo's phone rang, and it was Brody, who let Bo know that he'd located Eddie. Brody was certain that Eddie was up to something, but he wasn't sure what it was. He thought it might be drugs. Bo ordered Brody to go to the gym and keep an "unofficial eye" on Eddie when he arrived.

Inez returned home with her filled prescription, and Bo advised her that Eddie was at the motel. Dani and Nate headed to the library. Bo explained that he'd sent Brody to the gym. He turned to leave, but Inez stopped him. She offered to make coffee and asked him to stay. Bo opted for a beer, and he revealed that things had been tough. He'd had his issue with Nora, and then Matthew had been giving him attitude. Suddenly, Inez piped up, "I can't do this."

Brody arrived at the gym in street clothes and revealed that he'd seen Eddie. He was there to make sure the fight didn't get out of hand. He looked on as Cristian and Ford continued to fight. Ford was definitely getting the raw end of the deal. James held himself responsible for the fix that everyone was in, but Starr assured him that if Eddie had been a "real father," none of it would have happened at all.

Ford's lesson continued, and Brody jumped in to help. He fought with Cristian so that Ford could watch. Langston had returned and watched all of the men. "This six month thing is not getting easier," she murmured to herself. Dani and Nate showed up, but James was against his younger brother being there. Starr thought it was a good idea, to show Ford support. James vowed to take care of his father if Ford lost the fight.

Eddie decided it was time for him and Nora to have some fun. He sent Bo another text message and pretended to be Nora. He informed Nora that he'd told Bo that Bo was free to enjoy Inez. Nora was certain that Bo wouldn't sleep with Inez, but Eddie believed that Bo would if he hadn't already done so. He stooped down to a seated Nora and suggested that they have some fun too. "Let's give the neighbors something to talk about," he said.

Bo wondered what Inez was talking about, and she claimed she had been talking about the fight. She couldn't just sit there while the fight was going on. Bo thought it might push Eddie over the edge if he were to see Inez there. Inez went to the kitchen to retrieve the drinks, and just then, Bo received a text message that read, "Did you sleep with her yet?" Inez was giving herself a pep talk. She grabbed her new prescription medicine and shook out a pill. She read the label that noted the pill could cause disorientation or drowsiness if taken with alcohol.

Friday, December 10, 2010

At the Minute Man hotel, as Eddie began to unbutton Nora's shirt, he indicated that he and Nora could find a way to pass the time. When Nora asked if Eddie would add rape to his list of charges, Eddie claimed that women wanted to pay him for sex, but that he would "do" Nora for free. As he continued to undo Nora's buttons, Nora begged Eddie not to touch her and then spat in his face.

In Clint's office at Buchanan Enterprises, Clint told Matthew that Bo was having an affair with Inez, but Matthew refused to believe him. When Clint insisted that Matthew forget about all of it, Matthew wondered how Clint could expect him to forget that his dad was having an affair. Matthew insisted that Bo would never cheat on his mother. Clint told Matthew that Bo might cheat if he had a good reason. Matthew cried, "Are you saying that my mom cheated on my dad?"

Clint wondered why Nora would cheat on Bo, after everything they had been through together. Matthew realized that Bo and Nora had fought some, but he believed that it was all part of being married. When Matthew desired to know if Inez was even sleeping with Bo, Clint told Matthew to call his mother.

Back at the hotel, Nora's phone beeped, which indicated an incoming text message. Eddie yelled, as he picked it up. Eddie declared to Nora that Inez would convince Bo to sleep with her. Eddie again started to unbutton Nora's shirt, when Nora's phone rang. Eddie screamed and placed the gag back on Nora. He then answered the phone.

When Matthew demanded that the man put his mom on the phone, Eddie claimed, "She's tied up right now." After Eddie hung up the phone, he announced to Nora that he had to leave for a boxing match, so that he could pommel "the little punk." Eddie then insisted that he would take care of Nora "to the max" upon his return. As he walked out of the door, Eddie exclaimed, "Sometimes it bites being a dad."

Back in his office, Clint asked, "Well?" Matthew revealed that "some guy" had answered the phone. Clint insisted that Nora had made Bo "ripe for the picking" and said that he would not be surprised if Inez was with Bo at that moment. When Matthew declared that he had to leave, Clint claimed that he would always be there for his nephew.

In Inez's living room, Bo looked at the text message supposedly from Nora, "Did you sleep with her yet?" Inez checked the label on the pill bottle in her kitchen and then poured a beer in a glass. After Inez remembered that Clint had promised to make Eddie disappear if she slept with Bo, she put the pill contents in the glass.

As he held up his beer to her wine, Bo toasted Inez, "Bottom's up." Shortly after, Bo yawned and loosened his tie. He slurred that he "never should have shot his mouth off about Sam," and that Nora had only wanted to give Bo a baby, after Drew had died. Bo exclaimed that he loved Nora, and that their fighting was not them; he fell asleep on the sofa.

At the gym, as Cristian and Brody boxed, Bobby insisted that he owed the fight against Eddie to James. However, James was concerned that Eddie would not play by the rules. James feared that Eddie would not leave town, as he had promised, if Bobby won. James voiced, "He's not leaving town until he's ready."

Ford sparred with Brody to prepare for the fight, and Brody knocked Bobby down. After Ford got back up, Brody then punched Bobby. Cristian felt that they should "take five." James and Nate discussed Bobby's chances of winning, and Nate declared that they could even the odds and cheat.

Langston ran to Ford and asked if he was okay. When Langston admitted that she was scared that Bobby would get hurt, Ford laughed and stated that he was afraid of that also. Langston begged Ford to "walk away right now, and I will have sex with you." Ford claimed that he would not be able to sleep with Langston for that reason, even though it was something that he really wanted to do.

Eddie pranced into the gym and cheered, "Hello, Llanview. Are you ready to rumble? That's what I'm talking about." Nate again explained to James that they should drug Eddie or use brass knuckles or mess with Eddie's gloves. However, James was worried that they would "go to jail for assault." In another part of the gym, Eddie sent another text message to Bo's phone.

In her apartment, Inez read the message, "Well, I don't want you either. Not until you get Inez out of your system. Just sleep with her already. I don't want to hear from you until you do." When Clint called Inez and asked her if she had "gotten it done," Inez informed Clint that Bo was resting. Inez asked if the messages to Bo had really been from Nora, but Clint denied knowing about the messages.

After Inez hung up the phone and glanced at Bo still asleep on her couch, she cried out loud, "I can't do this." However, after she remembered Clint's threats, Inez woke Bo. When Inez asked Bo to make love to her, he could only see Nora with his blurred vision. Bo kissed Inez. Matthew walked into Inez's apartment and found them kissing.

Back in the gym, Eddie egged Ford on to start the fight. As Eddie and Ford argued, James slipped a gun into his shorts pocket. Eddie continued to boast and brag that he could handle all of them. When Bobby asked Langston if she still wanted him to call off the fight, Langston screamed, "If you don't put him in the ground, I will."

After Nate insisted again that they mess with Eddie's gloves, James told him no. Nate then declared that he would take care of it himself and stormed off. James looked again at the gun that he had hidden in his pocket.

Clint called Eddie, and Eddie revealed that he had left Nora "resting comfortably" in the hotel room. Clint demanded that Eddie return to the room and take Nora to Inez's apartment. Clint explained, "Something's going to happen, and it's crucial that she sees it." Clint then declared that Eddie would not get "paid one red cent until the job was done."

Eddie announced to the group at the gym that he would have to give Bobby a rain check, so Cristian left. When Eddie insisted that he had someplace he needed to be, Ford called Eddie a coward, and James cried out that Eddie was all talk. Eddie insisted that he and Bobby would fight "tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m." When James called Eddie "a chicken," Eddie pushed James away. Bobby hit Eddie, and Eddie grabbed Bobby around the waist, as they scuffled.

Still in his office, Clint poured a drink and looked at a framed photograph of himself and Bo. Clint turned the picture facedown and walked away.

At Llanfair, Rex ran in and found John, who greeted him. When John asked if Rex had seen Natalie, Rex revealed that he had been with Natalie. Rex then evaded John's questions about where Natalie was. When Rex declared that John almost looked happy, John agreed that he was. Rex reminded John that Natalie was not perfect, and that she would make mistakes. However, Rex also insisted that Natalie was afraid of failing John.

John assured Rex that nothing Natalie did could ever change his feelings for her. Rex announced that he had to track down Eddie Ford for a client, and John indicated that he could point Rex "in the right direction." John informed Rex that Eddie was "holed up at the Minute Man hotel," and that Brody had checked it out and was on watch over Eddie.

John recollected that Eddie had left his room and then commented that "if a capable picklock was to come along and find his way inside, who knows what he might find." John assured Rex that the security of the Minute Man was "thin" and asked Rex to be careful. Rex thanked John and left.

At Marty's house, Natalie yelled at Marty and slapped her. When Marty attempted to slap her back, Natalie grabbed her hand and yelled, "Don't. You slap me once, shame on you. You slap me twice, I will kick your ass, Marty."

Marty believed that Natalie only wanted an excuse to take her frustration out on Marty and insisted that Natalie would lose John. Marty cried that she only wanted her son back, and that she did not want to hurt John. However, Marty added that John deserved more than Natalie, and that Natalie deserved to lose everything -- just like Marty had. Natalie threatened to have Marty fired and believed that Marty would be sent to prison. Natalie exclaimed, "If I go down, Marty, you're going down with me."

Marty recognized that Natalie had the power to take away Marty's career but revealed that she no longer cared about her career, only her son. Marty cried that she had seen Cole's hope turn to despair in the prison, and that everything she had loved about her son was gone. Natalie said that she was sorry, but that Cole had murdered a man.

Natalie claimed that her lie to John was not a crime, and that she did not deserve to be punished by Marty. However, Marty speculated that she could wait to tell John the truth -- until the child was in kindergarten, or in a little league ballgame, or until Cole was released from prison, or never at all. "See, the whole good part is that you will never know."

Natalie told Marty that she should have been a better mother to Cole, so that Marty would not have to get revenge. Natalie claimed that Marty did not care if she hurt John, however, Marty reminded Natalie that it was Natalie who had hurt John. Natalie wondered what would happen if Natalie revealed the truth to John, and then told him that Marty had been torturing her. When Marty snapped, "You don't have the guts," Natalie replied, "We'll see." Natalie grabbed her coat, and ran out the door.

Marty looked at the picture of Cole and stated, "I mean, honey, if I'm going to use this, I've...I've gotta do it when it's right. You know, I want to destroy Natalie. You know, I've got to do what's the best for me and the worst for her."

Natalie walked through the Llanfair front door and spotted John's coat on the staircase. After she thought again about Marty's threat, Natalie picked up the coat, held it to her face, and said, "You deserve to know the truth, John. About everything. About Brody, the baby, and you, Marty."

As John poked the roaring fire in the fireplace, Natalie entered the living room. John remarked, "Hey, I didn't hear you come in." When Natalie said, "I need to talk to you," John insisted, "I need to talk to you." Natalie claimed, "Me first," but John pleaded, "No, you always go first. Let me go first this time." Natalie relented. "Okay, what's up?" John lowered himself to one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?"

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