One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on OLTL

Todd was not happy that Blair had consented to Cole and Starr's marriage. Rex slept with Stacy. Gigi revealed that the bone marrow cells donated to Shane did not belong to Stacy. Rex was horrified to find out that Gigi had broken up with Rex in order to get the stem cells from Stacy. Destiny's brother Greg arrived in Llanview and promised to get Matthew walking again.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Prisoners of Love

As Cole proposed marriage to Starr on bended knee, Todd interrupted and demanded answers. Starr pleaded with her father to maintain control, but surprisingly Todd remained calm. Cole stated that he had received a two-year jail sentence and was adamant that he wanted to marry Starr before he was scheduled to report to jail. Insisting that he wanted Hope to have his name, Cole said that he wanted his daughter to know that he was committed to both her and her mother. Relating that his jail term was scheduled to begin in two days, Cole insisted on marrying Starr the very next day. Todd shook his head in disbelief.

Todd told Starr and Cole that they needed parental consent to get married in the state of Pennsylvania. Certain that Todd would never support their marriage, Cole said that they would seek Blair's permission to marry. Todd startled the teens when he announced that he would give his consent. Commending Cole for wanting to do the right thing, Todd said that he wouldn't do anything to stand in Cole and Starr's way. When Starr questioned what her father had up his sleeve, Todd reminded her of the events that had transpired the last time he interfered in her relationship with Cole. Declaring that he was tired of being the bad guy, Todd told the teens that they would discuss the wedding plans the following day, and he left them alone.

Although uncertain of Todd's motives, Cole proposed and Starr accepted. Starr told Cole that she loved him and couldn't wait to marry him.

At Rodi's, Schuyler told Gigi that he believed that Roxy was withholding information regarding Stacy's scheme. Gigi had a difficult time believing that Roxy would keep silent, but Gigi remembered a past conversation in which Roxy mentioned that Stacy wasn't a match for Shane. Although Roxy had given an excuse for her comments, Gigi realized that Roxy knew more than she cared to admit. Observing a drunken Roxy sitting at a nearby table, Gigi wondered why Roxy would go along with Stacy's scam. Schuyler was certain that Stacy had blackmailed Roxy into keeping her secret.

Gigi approached Roxy and stated that she wanted to discuss Rex and Stacy. Gigi reminded Roxy of her past admission that Stacy wasn't a match for Shane. Gigi asked Roxy if Stacy had blackmailed her into keeping silent. Stating that Roxy was Gigi's only hope of reuniting with Rex again, Gigi pleaded with Roxy to join forces with her in exposing Stacy's misdeeds. Gigi's heart sank when Roxy denied having any information regarding Stacy.

Afterward, Gigi told Schuyler that Roxy refused to divulge any information, but Gigi was certain that Roxy truly wanted to reveal everything, but was afraid. Schuyler was convinced that Stacy was holding something big over Roxy's head. Gigi was desperate to learn the identity of Shane's donor. Schuyler promised to continue to help Gigi. Thanking Schuyler for his support, Gigi insisted that he had given her hope. Noting that her replacement had showed up for the night shift, Schuyler suggested that they attend Shane's concert together.

Inside an empty room at the country club, Rex and Stacy shared a passionate kiss. Rex had second thoughts about his actions and tried to pull away, but Stacy grabbed him and drew him into an embrace. Unable to resist Stacy's charms, Rex tossed her on the couch and removed her bikini top. As Rex and Stacy prepared to have sex, the general manager interrupted their rendezvous. Referring to them as frauds, the manager instructed security to place both Rex and Stacy under arrest.

Bo was shocked when a half-dressed Rex and Stacy were hauled into the police station. Advising Bo of the crime that they had committed, the manger announced that he wanted to press charges against Rex and Stacy. After ordering his officers to take Stacy to the locker room to get dressed, Bo promised that Rex would pay the bill in full, and asked the manager to refrain from filing formal charges. The manager had no sympathy for Rex, but promised to think about dropping the charges.

Bo tossed Rex into his office and demanded to know what was going on. Bo advised Rex that he would face grand larceny charges if the manager decided to press charges. A disappointed Bo wondered if Rex had sex with Stacy at the country club. Rex admitted that the manager interrupted before anything had actually happened. Informing Rex that he was behaving irresponsibly, Bo reminded Rex that he was a father and encouraged him to think about Shane. When Bo questioned if Rex wanted a relationship with Stacy, Rex acknowledged that he didn't, and admitted that a part of him would always love Gigi. Bo warned Rex not to get involved with Stacy, the sister of the woman he loved.

As Rex left Bo's office, he ran into Stacy. Excited that Bo had asked the manager to drop the charges against them, Stacy wanted to celebrate with Rex. To Stacy's surprise, Rex avoided eye contact with Stacy and advised her to head home without him. A rejected Stacy watched as Rex rushed off.

At Todd's house, Téa accused Blair of wanting to remain in Todd's life. Téa demanded to know if Blair was prepared to go after Todd or if she had chosen to remain with John. A look of sadness crossed Blair's face as she remarked, "Thanks to Marty, John and I are done!" Blair insisted that she had no desire to renew a relationship with Todd and was convinced that Téa had strong feelings for him. Ignoring Blair's accusations, Téa asked if Blair wanted to compete with her for Todd's affection or if Blair wanted John. Blair was adamant that she didn't desire either, Todd or John.

Blair admitted that she and John would be together had Marty not interfered. Taunting Téa about wanting Todd, Blair asked Téa to reveal the secret that she was withholding that concerned Todd. Blair was convinced that the secret had something to do with the reason why Téa couldn't seem to let go of Todd. Before Téa could respond, Todd returned and interrupted the discussion.

Téa wanted to discuss the living arrangements. Arguing that she couldn't live under the same roof as Téa, Blair demanded that Todd move into La Boulaie. Téa was stunned when Todd readily agreed to accommodate Blair. Relating that it would be best for the family to reside at La Boulaie, Todd advised Téa that he would provide her with a full-time nurse to care for her. Although Téa declined his offer, Todd insisted that he wanted to help her. Before walking away, Todd stunned Blair and Téa when he announced that Cole was going to prison on drug possession charges and that Todd had given his permission for Cole to marry Starr.

Marty paid Viki a visit at Llanfair. Marty told Viki that Marcie had returned Hope to Starr and that Cole was going to prison. Viki felt terrible about Cole's misfortune. Marty wondered if Starr would reject Cole once she learned about his prison sentence. Viki was certain that Starr wanted Cole to be in Hope's life. Marty feared that Cole would return from prison a damaged young man. Viki promised to do all she could to help Marty and Cole through their difficult time. Viki assured Marty that things would work out fine.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)

Moe overheard Viki and Charlie talking about their honeymoon, and he congratulated them for setting a wedding date. Moe broke the news that Dorian fired him.

Langston told Dorian to apologize to Moe for throwing him out of La Boulaie. She also asked Dorian if she had called Markko's parents yet, because Markko's father wouldn't let the teens speak to each other. Langston told Dorian that Markko's father called Langston a tramp. Dorian was furious and wanted to confront him. Dorian felt that Markko was old enough to make his own decisions.

Langston begged her to talk to Markko's father, but Dorian didn't think it would be easy to get Markko's father to change his mind. Dorian suggested that Langston dress more conservatively. Langston thought Dorian wanted her to change who she was so that Markko's parents would like her. Dorian thought that Langston needed to tell Markko's mother how much Langston loved him.

Markko's father was camped out at the counter of the diner, while Markko was working. Markko told his father to go home, because nothing was going to happen, but his father didn't trust Markko. He told Markko that the last time Markko was at work at the country club, Mr. Rivera caught Markko with Langston after his parents forbade him to see her again. Markko insisted that he loved Langston, and Mr. Rivera said Markko had to abide by his rules.

Markko reminded his father that Mr. Rivera used to like Langston. Markko's father liked Langston before he met Dorian. Langston was nothing like her mother, Markko said, and he tried to explain that Langston was adopted just a year before. Markko tried to defend Dorian.

Viki was surprised that Dorian had fired Moe, because she thought that he and Dorian got along. Moe said that once Ray Montez left town to take care of his daughter, Dorian took it out on everyone else. He explained that Dorian gave them La Boulaie to get her hooks into David Vickers, but because she wasn't with David anymore, she did not hesitate to throw Moe and his wife out.

Markko's father asked Moe about his firing, and Moe filled Mr. Rivera in on the details. Charlie chimed in with details of what Dorian did to him. Charlie's story made Markko's opinion of Dorian even worse.

Clint invited Bo, Nora, and Matthew to the country club to celebrate Nora and Clint's upcoming nuptials. Clint gave Nora her engagement ring. Destiny brought some drinks to their table and explained that she worked at the country club for the summer. Matthew excused himself and went to talk to Destiny. Clint told Bo and Nora that he had found a doctor who could help Matthew walk again.

Clint explained that the doctor was in high demand and was one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the world. Bo wanted to know how much he owed Clint for the consultation fee the doctor charged, but Clint wouldn't hear of it because Matthew was family. Nora felt that the neurosurgeon couldn't do much, because she and Bo had already consulted other specialists, and they all gave Matthew little hope to walk again. Clint said the neurosurgeon was probably too busy to talk to Bo and Nora. He said he sent the doctor Matthew's medical file and the doctor thought there was a good chance that Matthew could walk again.

Matthew thanked Destiny for tutoring him, because he had passed his math final. Matthew noticed that Destiny was distracted. She said it was because she wanted to do a good job. Two of their classmates-Justin and Becca-were lounging by the pool, and Justin ridiculed her and demanded to be served. Matthew tried to stick up for Destiny, but she wanted to handle it herself.

Destiny's boss asked why Destiny ignored the guests, and she said it was because he'd told her not to wait on anyone-just bus tables. He said they were short-staffed, so she had to wait on her classmates. Justin asked for two margaritas. She started to get them virgin margaritas, and he asked if she could sneak them alcohol, but she refused since they were underage.

Bo told Matthew about the specialist that Clint hired. Matthew realized they were hoping the specialist would be able to help him walk again. Clint explained that Matthew's spinal cord was just damaged, not severed, so there was still hope. Clint told Matthew that the specialist wouldn't travel to Llanview if he didn't think he could help. Matthew was upset that no one asked him how he felt about seeing a specialist.

Destiny brought Justin and Becca two virgin margaritas, and Justin threw some change at her. She argued with him and said her brother could buy the country club and everyone in it. Justin thought she was referring to her brother, Shaun, who was a bodyguard, but she said she meant her other brother, the doctor. Becca laughed and called Destiny a liar. Destiny said she didn't lie. Becca asked, "So your date at prom wasn't your cousin?" Justin said only a cousin could love Destiny. Destiny grabbed a pitcher of water and threw it at Justin.

Rex took Shane to the doctor for his checkup, and the doctor asked how Shane was doing. Shane said he was feeling fine except that he was upset that he had to live with his mother. Rex explained that there were some changes in their living arrangement, and Shane told the doctor that Gigi cheated on Rex. Rex scolded Shane and asked to speak to the doctor alone. The doctor said stress wasn't good for Shane's recovery. Rex wanted to know if Shane was still in remission.

The doctor told Rex what to look out for in case Shane's cancer came back. He said that Shane was in remission, but if the cancer returned, he would need another transplant. The doctor asked if Rex was still in touch with the original donor, and Shane interrupted, saying that Rex lived with the donor. Stacy tried to reach Rex on his phone, but he didn't pick up.

Shane noticed and asked if he and Stacy had a fight. He was fine with Rex and Stacy dating, since Gigi appeared to have moved on. Rex asked if Schuyler visited Gigi a lot, and Shane said he only made him dinner once and that Gigi didn't want Schuyler to think she was a "slut." Rex told Shane not to use the word "slut," especially about his mother. Rex said that Gigi was still Shane's mother and would do anything for him.

Gigi asked Natalie and Jared to meet her at Rodi's to ask them to drop the charges against Kyle. Natalie couldn't believe what Gigi asked them to do. Jared wanted to know why Gigi wanted the charges against Kyle dropped, and Natalie assumed it was because Gigi was sleeping with Kyle. Natalie insulted Gigi and said that Rex was lucky that he wasn't with Gigi anymore.

Natalie berated Gigi for breaking Rex's heart. Jared asked who Kyle was to Gigi, and Gigi said she barely knew Kyle. Jared and Natalie detailed all of Kyle's transgressions to Gigi, who was well aware of them. Natalie demanded to know why she wanted to set Kyle free. Jared was willing to consider dropping the charges against Kyle if Gigi explained why she wanted the charges dropped. Gigi couldn't tell them, so they started to walk out. Then Gigi said it was for Shane.

At the gym, Kyle asked for someone to spot him while he was on the bench press. Schuyler pushed down on the bar, choking Kyle, and demanded that Kyle tell the truth. Kyle told Schuyler that he would tell Schuyler who the donor was if Schuyler convinced Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against him. Kyle said if Shane relapsed, he would think about giving up the real donor. Schuyler accused Kyle of not caring about anyone but himself, because Kyle refused to help.

At Layla's apartment, Cristian asked Layla where Fish was. Layla told him that Fish was asleep in his room. She told Cristian to get his mind out of the gutter. Cristian wanted to know how their date went. Fish walked in and wanted to know, too. Layla told Fish that she had a good time at the concert and she loved the roses he gave her. After Layla went to her room to get dressed, Cristian asked if Fish had fun. Fish said he did, and Cristian asked if he planned to ask Layla out again. Cristian wanted to know if Fish was serious about Layla. Fish wondered if Cristian was into Layla.

Cristian explained that he and Layla were just friends and that Layla put her guard up to keep from getting hurt. Fish realized that Cristian didn't want Layla to get hurt. Layla walked in on their conversation and told them not to talk about her behind her back. Cristian lied about what they were talking about. Layla was looking for a job, and Cristian suggested she work at Capricorn, but she wasn't interested, because she wanted a career. Fish suggested she consider law enforcement.

Cristian was skeptical of a law enforcement career for Layla, and he explained that he thought it would be a stretch to go from fashion designer to police work. Layla thought it might be the challenge she needed. Fish was referring to an administrative assistant for John. She asked if Cristian thought she could make it as an officer. Cristian knew she could pass the physical test. Layla asked Fish to get her an application. After Fish left for the gym, Layla punched Cristian playfully.

Rachel helped Shaun look for a job. Shaun told Markko's father that Dorian fired him. Mr. Rivera said he heard that anything was better than working for Dorian. Markko tried to do damage control after Mr. Rivera heard the horror stories about Dorian, but Mr. Rivera said he'd heard enough to know that Dorian was a monster.

Shaun saw a job in the paper as a personal trainer. Rachel thought it was perfect for him, because he worked out. Shaun thought she felt it was perfect for him because he didn't have a degree and that was all he could do. Rachel said if Shaun wanted to get a college degree to further his career, he would find a way, but she said he didn't have to compete with his brother.

Shaun said he and Destiny didn't seem to matter to his brother anymore. He explained that Greg was out of touch with Destiny and probably wouldn't recognize her if he saw her. Rachel considered Shaun lucky that Destiny had Shaun as a brother. Shaun asked Rachel out, and she agreed.

Dorian invited Mrs. Rivera over and apologized for the way she behaved at Langston's party. She explained that she was drunk because she was upset. Mrs. Rivera had heard that Dorian was heartbroken over a man. Langston walked in dressed ultra-conservatively and offered to pour Markko's mother some tea.

Mrs. Rivera talked about how much she loved to cook. Dorian noted that Mr. Rivera believed in old-fashioned values, which Dorian said were in short supply. Mrs. Rivera said she raised Markko to respect their values, but she remembered what it felt like to fall in love. She explained that she met her husband at the age of 18, but they waited until they were married, and she wanted the same for Markko.

Dorian said she understood that Mrs. Rivera thought her beliefs would work for Markko, but Dorian thought it was important to respect children's beliefs and to trust them. Mrs. Rivera was not willing to condone sin. Dorian said she respected Mrs. Rivera's beliefs, and Markko's mother said her husband was also upset, because he felt disrespected by Markko lying to him.

Langston explained that Markko didn't mean to hurt his mother, but Langston and Markko loved each other. Mrs. Rivera said her husband believed premarital sex was a mortal sin. Dorian asked if Mrs. Rivera was willing to look the other way, but Mrs. Rivera didn't think that would work. Langston asked if she and Markko could see each other if they promised to wait to have sex. Mrs. Rivera understood, but she felt her husband needed to be convinced, and she promised to talk to her husband.

Natalie asked what dropping the charges against Kyle had to do with Shane. Gigi asked Natalie to trust her. Gigi told Natalie that she still loved Rex, and Natalie thought Gigi had a funny way of showing it. Jared told Gigi to call them when she was ready to explain. Schuyler walked in as they were leaving and urged Gigi to tell Natalie and Jared the truth.

Justin demanded that Destiny be fired, but her boss thought it was an accident until Becca said Destiny poured water on them on purpose. Destiny's boss asked if Justin and Becca were telling the truth. Destiny admitted she did it on purpose, and her boss fired her. Justin mocked Destiny. Destiny told her boss that she needed her job, but her boss wouldn't change his mind, so she ran off, almost knocking down Rachel in the process. Rachel accidentally bumped into a man standing nearby. Rachel said, "Sorry," and the man said, "I'm not."

Dorian wondered if Langston forgave her. Langston hoped that Mrs. Rivera could convince Mr. Rivera to let her see Markko again. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rivera told her husband that they might have misjudged Dorian, because she expressed remorse about the way she behaved, but Mr. Rivera was more convinced than ever that Markko should stay away from Langston and her family.

Destiny ran to the diner to tell Shaun that she got fired.

Rachel apologized again, and the man asked for her help locating Clint. Rachel explained that she knew Clint. Nora told Matthew that the doctor might be able to help him, but he didn't see how he could help if no other specialist could. Rachel brought the man to the table, and he introduced himself as Dr. Gregory Evans.

Kyle apologized to Fish for embarrassing him at the park. Fish explained that Layla was his roommate and they dated. Kyle said Fish was lucky, because Layla was beautiful. At Layla's apartment, Cristian asked for Layla's help with his sit-ups. He told her that he knew she could do anything she wanted, but he wondered if she would feel comfortable working with a man she was living with and dating. Layla told him not to worry, because Fish was a gentleman, and everything would work out fine.

Natalie assumed that Schuyler was Gigi's boyfriend. Schuyler set her straight and said Gigi wasn't sleeping with him or Kyle-and she never slept with Brody.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dance, Little Sister, Dance

At the country club, Dr. Evans seated himself at the Buchanan table while introductions were made. While Matthew thought it was "cool" that Greg was Destiny's brother, Rachel was not impressed. "So you're the hotshot who left town and never looked back," she proclaimed. Insisting that there was another side to the story, Greg refused to discuss his private life any further. A very confident Greg advised Matthew that he felt sure he'd be able to help the boy to walk again.

OLTL Recap Photo 090624 An unhappy Clint looked on as Nora and Bo clasped hands in anticipation. An openly hostile Rachel challenged the doctor and wondered why he was so sure he'd be able to help when other doctors indicated that nothing could be done for her brother. Greg responded that all of the other doctors were wrong. Rachel wondered if the doctor's optimism was due to the check that Clint had just handed him. She added that she was trying to protect her family when Greg sarcastically asked if she were a doctor.

Rex and Brody had a hostile encounter in the steam room at Serenity Springs. Rex initiated the conversation and asked Brody how it felt to be the latest man to be used by Gigi. Sarcastically, he suggested that perhaps they would be able to bond over their shared experience. Brody, quick to jump to Gigi's defense, found it difficult to believe that Rex actually thought that Gigi had slept around. Reminding Brody that he had seen her with his own eyes, Rex refused to listen to anything that Brody had to say. He announced that Stacy was the only person he was listening to and trusting. Brody was astonished.

Rex threatened bodily harm to Brody as the man insisted that while there was more for Rex to know, he was unable to tell him anything. He was only able to advise Rex that if he hooked up with Stacy, he would ruin things.

As the little tutu-clad girls waited at Ultraviolet for Stacy to start the dance class, Jessica arrived with Bree. The little girl mentioned that she missed Chloe. Hand in hand, Jessica walked her young daughter into the club, dismayed to learn that Stacy was the teacher. The two women had words as they each pointed out the offenses of the other.

Jessica declared that at least she had been mentally ill when she had committed her crimes. She wondered what Stacy's excuse was. Jessica assured Stacy that she had paid the price for her deeds. She was also positive that Rex and Gigi would get back together. She grabbed Bree's hand and stormed out, suggesting that they head to the community center.

Stacy lectured the little girls on working hard, and talked about how they might think they'd be dancing to the Nutcracker one day, but would end up stripping instead. As the girls complained about Stacy not starting the class, she talked on, as if they weren't even there. She spoke about working hard and how wonderful it was when "he" had applied the suntan lotion to her back. She was about to get what she wanted. She told the girls to never give up and they would attain their dreams. As she ended, Rex was standing in the doorway.

Once the girls left, he expressed how nice her thoughts had been about the girls following their dreams. He admitted that he had been avoiding her and was listening to voices in his head telling him what he should want. "I want you, Stacy," he confessed.

At Rodi's, Schuyler explained to Natalie and Jared that Gigi never slept with all of the men she had been accused of sleeping with. A fuming Natalie found it difficult to believe as she and her husband headed out the door. "Tell them," Schuyler urged Gigi. Running after them, Gigi shouted, "Wait!" She told them that dropping the charges against Kyle was a matter of life and death. She further explained that her motives all revolved around her wanting to save her son's life.

She added that she always loved Rex and always would. She proceeded to tell Jared and Natalie that the entire sordid tale revolved around Stacy and her reluctance to donate her stem cells to Shane unless Gigi broke everything off with Rex. Responding to questioning from the couple, she explained that she had been unable to fake the breakup, since Stacy was too smart for that. Speechless, Natalie and Jared apologized profusely, admitting how bad they felt after hearing the truth.

When Schuyler chimed in, Jared had his own question. "Who exactly are you?" he wondered. Schuyler filled him in quickly and took up where Gigi had left off. He clarified that Stacy was not even the donor of the stem cells. "Blow that psycho sister of yours out of the water," Natalie insisted.

Gigi explained that she couldn't, still fearful that Shane might need help again down the road. She advised Natalie and Jared that Kyle knew the identity of the actual donor. While they knew that Kyle was scum and had done awful things, Gigi and Schuyler needed the charges against him to be dropped in order to obtain the information they were seeking.

The fact that Stacy was probably blackmailing Roxy was added to the mix but Natalie was sure she wouldn't be able to get any information out of her. Jared thought that speaking to Rex was another option. Gigi felt that while Rex might kick Stacy out, her sister would still be "holding all the cards." Jared couldn't believe that Stacy had made such an evil plan. "Who thinks like this?" he asked. Natalie indicated that while she and Jared wanted to help, they couldn't bear to keep another secret. They had gotten into trouble and caused too much pain to others by keeping secrets in the past. She would drop the charges against Kyle if Gigi confessed all to Rex, Natalie exclaimed.

Langston and Dorian were in high spirits after the meeting with Markko's mother. Mrs. Rivera had accepted the case they had made and was on their side. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Rivera would allow Langston and Markko to be together again. It was obvious to them that Mrs. Rivera was prepared to battle her husband for the teens. Dorian suggested that Langston get in touch with Markko and share the news, but Langston reminded her that Markko no longer had his cell phone. An amused Dorian wondered what people did before cell phones were invented.

At the café, Destiny told Shaun about her run-in with Justin and Becca at the country club and why she had been fired. She admitted that she hadn't stopped to collect her pay or tips. She told her brother that she was a loser. Shaun offered to accompany Destiny back to the country club in order to obtain her money. Mr. Rivera sat at the counter and told his recently arrived wife how he had heard about all of the lives that Dorian had destroyed in their town, including their son's. Overhearing, Markko insisted that Dorian and Langston were two separate people, but his father would not listen.

When Markko was asked to take a phone call for a food order, he was pleased to find Langston on the other end. "We have a problem," he told her, his smile disappearing, as she enthusiastically told him of the meeting with his mother. Speaking in code, he was able to acknowledge that his father was within hearing distance. Hanging up the phone, he indicated that he needed to make deliveries. He wondered if his father would follow, but Mrs. Rivera advised her husband to back off.

Destiny was thrilled to find her brother Greg sitting with Matthew and his family at the country club. Shaun looked on disdainfully as his sister and brother hugged. As Destiny thanked Greg for heeding her plea and coming to Llanview, Shaun eyed the check sitting on the table. He wondered if that was the real reason for Greg's visit and challenged him on it. Greg assured his sister that while Clint had asked him for help, she was the reason he had agreed to it. He wanted to help her boyfriend. Destiny whispered that Matthew was not her boyfriend.

An excited Bo and Nora hugged each other while a dejected Clint looked on again. Rachel was not so easily impressed. She warned Greg that he'd be in trouble if he played her family. Destiny admitted that she knew her brother was playing her and that he hadn't come to Llanview because of her. She shrugged and thought it didn't matter if he was able to help Matthew.

Markko arrived at La Boulaie with a food order and Dorian promptly apologized for the agony and pain she had caused. She assured him that she wanted to repair the damage and was happy that things had worked out after a meeting with his mother. Markko advised her that his father had heard about Dorian through the Llanview grapevine and things were not good. An irritated Dorian pointed out all of the things that she could say about the Buchanan family, indicating that she had her own side of the story.

Langston pointed out that all of the wrongs Dorian had committed were true and there was no other side of the story. Standing up for herself, Dorian stressed that she had done lots of good things, too, and she felt that a meeting with Markko's dad was in order. Suddenly, she had a plan. She would have a wonderful meal at her house and invite everyone she had wronged, along with Markko's parents. She would "charm the pants off your father," she told Markko.

With Langston wondering why any of the wronged individuals would go to La Boulaie, Dorian felt certain they would want to throw their support behind Langston and Markko. Markko kissed Langston and regretfully told her that he had to head back to work before his father searched for him.

Jessica and Bree met with Brody at the café. She told him how they had walked out on the dance class when she learned that Stacy was the teacher. She explained that she and Stacy had turned on each other before she left. Brody assured her that Stacy wasn't "playing with a full deck." Brody told her about his confrontation with Rex. Mr. Rivera looked at his watch.

Shaun ignored the call from Dorian.

Her calls going unanswered, Dorian left messages for her proposed guests. She promised a worried Langston that she would do anything to fix things for Langston and Markko.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Téa was surprised to learn that Todd had hired a staff for her to use during her stay at his house. He pointed out the nurse, lawyer, chef, and all-around helper and bodyguard. She was equally astonished to see Moe and Shaun in the group. Her response came quickly and to the point. "Take your staff and shove it," she snarled at Todd. Instead, Todd gave instructions to each of the staff, reminding Téa that he wouldn't be around because he had to move in with Blair. Téa sarcastically apologized for not being able to help him since she was no longer a lawyer. He admitted that he enjoyed having Téa at his house.

Mocking Todd and calling him a poet, Téa refused to believe that he didn't really want to leave. Suddenly, Todd lost it and began to yell. He assured Téa that there was no way that a loser and drug addict like Cole would get anywhere near his daughter. Furthermore, he added, he would kill Cole if the boy thought he was actually going to get close enough to marry Starr. Téa was shocked at Todd's violent outburst, but he made it clear that he wouldn't use violence and that he had learned a lesson from Téa. He planned on using the law, he swore.

Téa figured out Todd's plan quickly. She realized that Starr would need the consent of both parents, and Todd assumed that Blair would not give hers. He would come off looking like the good guy. An impressed Todd agreed with Téa's summation. He wanted to keep his renewed relationship with Starr intact and he wanted Blair appear as the bad guy. Téa decided that she would keep the house staff because she was uninsured and unemployed. Todd kissed her goodbye, reminding her that he was the "love of her life." Annoyed, Téa told him to leave.

Blair wondered if Starr had something to tell her, but admitted that Todd had filled her in with the news first. She wanted to hear for herself that Starr was thinking about marrying Cole. Starr agreed it was true and was sorry that Todd had found out about it first. He had walked in on them as Cole was proposing, she explained to her mom. Blair did not have the reaction that Starr had expected, as she urged her daughter to reconsider such a drastic step. Blair found it difficult to believe that Todd had actually given his consent. She explained that Starr would need her consent as well as Todd's.

Starr insisted that Cole needed her because he was going to prison. A reluctant Blair continued to point out the awful things about Starr's decision. She felt that Starr should enjoy life and was too young to get married. Starr pointed out that her parents had been older, but they had certainly not had a good marriage. Blair questioned what Starr would do if Hope found herself in the same situation when she was older. No matter what, Starr wished for her daughter and herself to be as close as Starr was to her own mother, she said.

Blair stressed that she supported Starr, but added that support didn't necessarily mean that she would go along with everything that Starr wanted. She thought that things could very easily change in the future, much like Starr's changing her mind about putting Hope up for adoption. Adamantly, Starr insisted that she knew what she wanted and she was ready for marriage. She was crestfallen that Blair didn't understand. Blair promised that she did but still wanted Starr to wait until she was 18. She advised Starr that if something was worth having, it was worth waiting for it.

Cole and Marty strolled around the park with Hope in the stroller. Cole divulged that he planned on marrying Starr in order to get through his prison time. Marty was not happy to hear of Cole's plan and did her best to talk her son out of it. She thought that it was a huge step and impulsive, but Cole assured her that he and Starr were ready. He added that Todd had already given his okay and that Starr was talking to Blair.

Cole declared that while he was in prison and would be ordered around during the day, he would have the nights free to think about his wife and baby. He would know they were waiting for him, he added. He realized that Starr would have a lot to do in taking care of Hope but knew that Blair would be there to help out. Marty assured him that she would be around, too. She wanted to let him know that Starr would go through changes while he was away and she had some important years ahead of her. Starr would be in college and would have a whole new world with new friends and a career, in addition to the baby. Cole asked Marty if she was suggesting that it was unfair to burden Starr with a husband, also.

He merely wanted to be responsible, he told his mother. Both he and Starr wanted that. Marty recommended that waiting to get married would be better. Confessing to doing some research, Cole told his mother that married couples could have more visitations at the prison, though babies weren't allowed. As he played with his daughter, Marty assured her son that she would always talk to Hope about him and vowed to show her pictures. She took a picture of Cole and Hope together.

Roxy was surprised when Kyle paid her a visit at Foxy Roxy's. He wanted a favor from her, he stated. He wanted her to have Natalie and Jared drop the charges against him or he would begin telling people about the real donor. Tired of being blackmailed, Roxy refused to go along, citing that Natalie would be suspicious, even with a far-fetched story. As he picked up his phone and started dialing, Roxy stopped him.

Sitting in a booth at Rodi's, Natalie, Jared, and Schuyler all agreed that Gigi should tell Rex the truth about Stacy, the stem cells, and the blackmail. Gigi was afraid that Rex wouldn't believe her after all that had happened, but Jared assured her that Rex loved her. Gigi was full of different scenarios and results that might come from those scenarios if Stacy were exposed. The others told her to stop playing the "what if" game and come clean with Rex. Natalie thought that her brother would play along and handle things properly, without sending Stacy on the run.

Natalie admitted that she wasn't thrilled about dropping the charges against Kyle, but wanted Gigi and Rex back together. On that note, she and Jared decided to head for the police station to make it official. Natalie was relieved to give Gigi a hug, giggling that she didn't like hating her. As Natalie and Jared headed for the door, Natalie received a phone call from Roxy, who demanded that they needed to stop by and see her immediately. Everyone was curious as to her timing with all that had been going on with Kyle.

Gigi was worried that Rex had become too involved with Stacy to care about her any longer, but Schuyler was quick to reassure her that Rex loved her, not Stacy. Gigi wondered if Schuyler might get back together again with Stacy if the opportunity arose. Jokingly, he told her to shoot him in the face if it happened and to call him a fool. Gigi phoned Rex but was unable to reach him.

As Rex told Stacy that he wanted her, she was ecstatic to hear the words she had longed for. The couple began to embrace and landed on the floor of Ultraviolet, where they made love, much to Stacy's elation. When it was over, she murmured that it had been more amazing than she would ever have imagined.

Once dressed, Stacy poured some glasses of champagne and made a toast "to us." Rex stood by uneasily after having no luck in locating his missing phone. Stacy began to ramble about how they had known each other since she was 13, though she was unmemorable at the time. She talked about accidentally bumping into Rex in Las Vegas. As she recounted past history, Rex began to remember many of the same words from the night that Stacy had drugged him. Startled when she brought him out of his reverie, Rex wondered aloud how it was possible to have heard the same conversation previously. He shrugged it off and wondered how long Stacy had thought about the two of them being together.

Stacy thought a moment and told him it had only been since the pair had gotten together at the country club. Needing to clean up Ultraviolet, Rex suggested that Stacy head for home. She smiled and told him that a new world was opening up for them and gave him a kiss. After she left, Rex wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, found his phone, and noted that he had missed a call from Gigi.

Reaching the beauty salon, Jared and Natalie rushed in. Annoyed that they had taken so long, Roxy demanded that they drop the charges against Kyle. Mystified, the young couple wondered why Roxy would even suggest such a thing. Pointing out the poor economy, she stuttered and tripped over her words, as she declared that she couldn't afford to lose a tenant, she enjoyed having a doctor around, and everyone made mistakes. "Cut the crap," Natalie yelled as she ordered Roxy to tell the truth. It didn't take more than a few seconds for Natalie to realize that Roxy was in cahoots with Stacy in some way and was responsible for hiding the identity of the donor along with breaking up Gigi and Rex.

Roxy continued to deny it and tried to act surprised when Natalie mentioned that Stacy wasn't a match for Shane. Jared wanted to know why Roxy was intent on breaking up Gigi and Rex. When a customer arrived, Natalie ordered Roxy to reschedule her, much to Roxy's chagrin. Roxy fell into Natalie's trap when she announced that Kyle was going to reveal the true identity of the donor. "No!" was all that Roxy could muster, though it was loud and clear. Natalie told her that the truth would come out and she wanted to know it.

Gigi decided to find Rex at Ultraviolet and declined Schuyler's offer to accompany her. He observed her excitement and quietly but sadly wished her luck.

Marty made a phone call and asked someone for help.

Cole arrived at La Boulaie at the same time as Todd. Blair expressed her doubt at Todd giving his blessing for a wedding but he grinned. He gave his consent and they were all waiting for her, he beamed.

At Todd's place, Téa was proud and happy to replay her recorded conversation with Todd. She especially enjoyed the part where Todd vowed to put his hands around Cole's neck.

Stacy arrived at Rodi's looking for Gigi. She had good news to share, she told Schuyler. She and Rex had made love.

As Rex drank straight from a bottle, Gigi walked in. He was glad to see her because he had something to tell her, he uttered.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thicker Than Blood

At Rodi's, Marty approached John and asked for his help. Insisting that she needed to protect her son, Marty asked John if he could help her and Cole disappear. In an attempt to change her mind, John told Marty that Cole would never want to leave Starr and Hope. Reminding John that Cole was headed to prison, Marty stated that Cole would be out of contact with Starr and Hope for quite some time.

Marty informed John that Cole and Starr wanted to get married in order to prove that they were committed to one another. Marty questioned why Asher had been given probation for selling drugs, while Cole was sentenced to prison for trying to rid himself of the drugs that Asher had placed on him. John agreed that Asher was the cause of Cole's troubles. Before rushing off, John told Marty that he believed that he could help Cole, and asked her to keep the faith.

At La Boulaie, as Starr and Cole looked on, Todd told Blair that he had given the teens his permission to marry. Blair questioned why Todd had chosen to allow Starr to marry Cole, but Todd swore that he had decided that he wouldn't interfere in Starr's life. Convinced that Todd had an ulterior motive, Blair turned the tables on Todd and stated that she would sign the consent form. Blair signed the consent form as Todd watched in horror.

At Todd's home, Téa smiled as she listened to the tape in which Todd confessed that he would kill Cole if he ever married Starr. Shaun entered the room and informed Téa that he had overheard the tape. Pointing out Todd's vindictive nature, Shaun questioned if Téa was certain that she wanted to cross Todd. Téa made it clear that she knew how to handle Todd better than anyone. Shaun unnerved Téa when he commented on Blair's beauty and insisted that Blair and Todd were meant to be together. Announcing that she needed to run an errand, Téa abruptly interrupted Shaun's praise of Blair and instructed him to give her a ride.

Back at La Boulaie, Todd was shocked when Blair presented him with the consent form and instructed him to sign it. Noticing Todd's hesitation, Starr questioned why her father wouldn't sign the form. To everyone's surprise, Téa entered the room and remarked that she had the answer to Starr's question. Realizing that Téa was up to something, Todd suggested that she leave, but Téa refused. Instead, Téa gave Todd a devilish smile as she played the tape of Todd's confession.

Starr, Blair, and Cole were stunned to hear Todd threatened to kill Cole if he married Starr. As Todd's angry voice echoed throughout the room, Starr and Blair gave Todd a look of disgust. When Todd demanded to know why Téa had betrayed him, Téa insisted that Todd deserved to be exposed. Blair and Starr lashed out at Todd. Todd tried to explain that he was only looking out for Starr, but she refused to listen and stormed out of the room. Before walking away, an angry Todd told Téa that she had no idea of the trouble that she had caused.

Out on the patio, Starr confronted Todd and demanded him to take responsibility for his actions. Proclaiming his love for Starr, Todd told Starr that he didn't want to lose her or Hope. Presenting him with the consent form, Starr instructed her father to prove his love-by signing the consent form and allowing her to marry Cole.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Natalie and Jared pleaded with Roxy to tell them the identity of Shane's donor. An angered Natalie informed Roxy that Gigi was going to tell Rex the truth about Stacy's blackmail. Roxy panicked when Natalie related that Rex would hate Roxy once he learned that she had lied to him. Fed up with Roxy's denial, Natalie stormed out of the salon. Afterward, Jared was appalled when Roxy begged him to convince Natalie to drop the charges against Kyle.

At Rodi's, Stacy happily related to Schuyler that she and Rex had made love. Schuyler was disgusted to learn that Stacy had slept with Rex and questioned why she was looking for Gigi. When Stacy hinted that she wanted to tell Gigi about her relationship with Rex, Schuyler urged her not hurt Gigi, and suggested that Stacy leave. Schuyler's concern for Gigi made Stacy wonder if Schuyler had developed feelings for Gigi. Confessing that she couldn't wait to tell Gigi the news, Stacy refused to leave until she spoke with Gigi. Schuyler told Stacy that Gigi had taken the night off.

Stacy became enraged when Schuyler stated that he was aware of Stacy's motives. Reminding Stacy that Rex was in love with Gigi and would never have feelings for Stacy, Schuyler said that Stacy was afraid and wanted to stop Gigi from wanting to rebuild her relationship with Rex. Stacy declared, "Gigi needs to know that I won!" Unable to listen to Stacy's ranting, Schuyler warned Stacy that Rex would eventually learn the truth about her. A suspicious Stacy questioned if Schuyler was aware of Gigi's whereabouts, but Schuyler refused to give her any information. Encouraging Schuyler to pursue Gigi, a smug Stacy informed him that he could never have her again.

At Ultraviolet, referring to Stacy as evil, Gigi told Rex that Stacy had used Shane to cause the breakup of Gigi and Rex's relationship. Defending Stacy, Rex reminded Gigi that Stacy had saved Shane's life. Rex was stunned when Gigi blurted out that Stacy wasn't Shane's donor. Unwilling to believe that Stacy had pretended to be a match for Shane, Rex demanded answers from Gigi.

Explaining that Stacy had been obsessed with Rex for years, Gigi revealed that Stacy had threatened to allow Shane to die unless Gigi broke up with Rex. When Rex questioned why she hadn't revealed the truth earlier, Gigi related that Stacy had threatened to leave town and Gigi feared that Shane would die without Stacy's help. Gigi had to convince Rex that she had ended their relationship and tricked him into believing that she slept with Brody.

As Gigi proclaimed her love for him, Rex had a flashback of his rendezvous with Stacy. Rex was stunned when Gigi further related that Schuyler had helped her retain proof that Stacy's DNA wasn't a match for Shane. Rex wondered who the real donor could possibly be, but Gigi had no idea. Insisting that she had lied in order to protect Shane, Gigi cried out, "I love you and you now know the truth. Shane is going to be fine and all I want is you!" As Gigi pleaded with Rex to believe her, Stacy entered the club and asked what was going on.

At Rodi's, Schuyler thought about Stacy's question concerning his feelings for Gigi.

At the police station, Bo appeared bothered when Nora informed him that Matthew was excited about Dr. Evans' treatment that would help him walk again. Bo was skeptical about Dr. Evans' claims. Nora questioned if Bo was jealous because Clint had located Dr. Evans and convinced him to help Matthew. Denying that he was jealous of Clint, Bo contended that he wished that Clint had discussed the matter with Bo and Nora before making the arrangements.

As Bo defended himself to Nora, Natalie and Jared rushed into the station and announced that they wanted to drop the criminal charges against Kyle. Natalie argued that pressing charges against Kyle would only prevent Jessica from moving on. Nora and Bo understood Natalie's concern. Agreeing to drop the charges, Nora said that she would contact Kyle's lawyer and inform him of Natalie and Jared's decision. Alone, Jared told Natalie that Kyle would be happy to learn of the news. With a knowing look, Natalie remarked, "Oh, we'll make certain of that!"

Kyle entered Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven and inquired whether or not Roxy had convinced Natalie to drop the charges against him. A nervous Roxy claimed that she was working on it. Kyle's attorney phoned, interrupting the conversation, and informed him that the charges had been dropped. After hanging up with his lawyer, Kyle told a surprised Roxy that she had managed to convince Natalie to do his bidding. Covering her tracks, Roxy convinced Kyle that she had worked hard to change Natalie's mind. Citing that she had lived up to her part of the deal, Roxy asked Kyle if he would keep his promise and keep quiet about Shane's donor. Giving Roxy a hug, Kyle promised that he would never reveal the true identity of Shane's donor.

Back at the police station, Kyle thanked Nora and Bo for dropping the charges. Pointing in the direction of Natalie and Jared, Bo informed Kyle that he owed his thanks to them. Natalie and Jared confronted Kyle and demanded to know the identity of Shane's donor.

John entered Bo's office and asked for his old job back. Bo stated that he was delighted to have John back on the force. John agreed to return on one condition.

Marty smiled as she stared at a photo of Cole and Hope.

Back at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy removed a plastic bag that contained the blood of Shane's donor. As Roxy expressed her relief at having a backup sample for Shane, someone entered the salon and grabbed Roxy's hand.

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