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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 29, 2009 on GL
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Monday, June 29, 2009

At Company, Natalia exited the bathroom, still looking peaked. Olivia suggested that stress might be affecting Natalia. Olivia shared that her stomach was in knots as she worried about talking to Emma. Blake gave Natalia some water, and asked if Natalia would be well enough to work later. Natalia agreed, saying that she'd be available after she went home to wrap up cookies and brownies for Father Ray.

Later, at the farmhouse, Father Ray picked up a box of goodies, and noticed that Natalia didn't seem well. Natalia said she was run-down, and shared that a conflicted Rafe had moved in with Frank. "Maybe that's why you're not feeling well," Father Ray said. "Your lifestyle choices are in conflict, not only with the church, but with your son. If you're feeling sick, maybe it's the weight of those choices, finally starting to get to you."

Natalia proclaimed that God wasn't punishing her for loving someone. She said she couldn't pretend not to love Olivia just to make life easier. She cited that she could have given up Rafe at birth to make her life easier, but she hadn't because she loved him. Natalia didn't believe that the choices in her life had made her ill.

At Frank's house, Frank said he was proud of Rafe for making an effort with Natalia. Rafe wondered how Frank could be so calm about matters, and asked if Frank blamed Olivia or Natalia for ruining the wedding. A good-natured Frank replied that no one was to blame. Rafe wouldn't accept Frank's passiveness about the situation, and wondered if Frank would still want Natalia if Olivia weren't in the picture.

As Blake left Company, Frank entered. Blake hugged him, saying that he was a good man. A puzzled Frank thanked her for her sentiments. Blake met Natalia in a Beacon room to work, but Blake seemed more focused on Natalia and Olivia. Blake went to take a phone call. Natalia felt ill again, and braced herself. Blake returned, and asked Natalia what her symptoms were. After hearing of Natalia's nausea and exhaustion, Blake replied, "If I didn't know that you were together with Olivia, I'd probably say that you were pregnant."

Olivia went to Towers, where she approached Doris' table in time to see Ashlee storming off, upset with Doris's criticism of her. Olivia sat down. Doris sighed, saying that Ashlee wanted to know why Doris always criticized her. Doris stated that she couldn't tell Ashlee that it was because Doris had been living a lie, afraid to be herself around her own daughter.

Olivia said it was one thing to reveal one's sexuality publicly, but Doris could tell her daughter. Doris had attempted to tell Ashlee ten years prior, but had been unable to say the words. Doris felt that keeping silent had compounded the problem, because Doris would have to also explain why she'd lied about her sexuality for years. Olivia said that was why she planned to tell Emma right away. Doris hoped that Olivia would handle it better than Doris had.

At Company later, Ashlee apologized to Doris for their tiff earlier. Doris hugged Ashlee, and said she needed to tell Ashlee something. Ashlee smiled, saying that Doris didn't have to do the "emotional stuff." Ashlee thanked her for the talk, and left. Doris wearily creased her brow.

Rafe huffed when he encountered Olivia at the mini-mart. She tried to make small talk, but Rafe said they weren't friends and he didn't like her. Olivia advised Rafe to grow up, and put his mother first. Rafe retorted that everything he'd ever done had been for his mother. He said that his mother had instilled Catholic values into him, because they had been important to Natalia. Rafe persisted that people couldn't change the church to suit their own needs, and wondered what would happen to his mother when she had to answer to God.

Olivia said that Natalia had stood by Rafe while he'd been in legal trouble, and so he ought to find a way to stand by Natalia. Olivia noted that Rafe's reaction had almost split Natalia and her up, but in the end, Olivia had to thank Rafe for making them stronger. Rafe walked off angry. Olivia called Phillip, and left him a message that they needed to talk about their family.

Mallet broke up Marina and Shayne's intense conversation by warning Shayne not to leave town. Mallet and Shayne bickered with each other, and Mallet said he couldn't believe that Shayne had let Dinah go with Jeffrey to Bosnia. Shayne said he didn't let Dinah go anywhere, but she'd probably done it because she believed in Jeffrey's innocence.

After Mallet took a phone call, he informed Marina and Shayne that shots had been fired in a Bosnian area where Dinah and Jeffrey might have been spotted. Mallet accused Shayne of being an unaware boyfriend, who didn't even know what was going on with Dinah. "Dude, you want to talk to me about being aware?" Shayne retorted. "You don't even know what going on with your own family!"

Marina pleaded with Shayne to be her friend, and walk away. Shayne said that Mallet was lucky that Shayne really was Marina's friend. After Shayne left, Mallet confronted Marina about saying "our son," to Shayne earlier. Marina claimed that she'd been thinking about Reva, and had meant to say "our kids," Henry and Colin.

Mallet seemed dismayed by her lies, and suggested they focus on their family. Marina prattled on about how Henry had missed his father, and a frustrated Mallet asked, "Which daddy are you talking about? Are you talking about me, or are you talking about Shayne?" Mallet revealed that he knew that Shayne was Henry's biological father.

Marina tried to make more excuses, but then she sobbed that she was sorry. Mallet said he'd put together the clues: the Bosnian connection, Shayne's attitude, and the mysterious blood donor. Marina explained how she'd found out, and stated that only Shayne and Dinah also knew the truth. She claimed that she hadn't told Mallet because Shayne had sworn that he didn't want to be Henry's father. Marina said that because Lara had died, Marina had no competition as Henry's mother; however, telling Mallet would have forced him to contend with not being Henry's only father. Marina cried that she was trying to protect Mallet.

Mallet told Marina that he understood. She asked if he could handle the truth. Mallet said he couldn't change the facts, but if Shayne wanted them to raise Henry, that made Henry Mallet's son. The couple hugged, but Mallet looked troubled.

Annoyed by Josh's surveillance of Cross Creek, Reva scribbled, "Where's my husband, Jackass?" in a note, and placed it, along with a coffee cup, in the driveway. After Josh retrieved the coffee and note, he went to the house to explain to Reva that it was all Jeffrey's idea. Josh didn't know where Jeffrey was, and said, "As a matter of fact, Jeffrey made me promise-you're going to have to trust your husband on this one."

Later, Buzz and Lillian arrived at Cross Creek to take Reva to lunch. They commented about Josh parked outside, and Reva expressed her irritation with it. While getting into Buzz's car, Reva yelled to Josh, "We're going to Towers!"

During lunch, Reva grew even more agitated to see Josh on Towers' overlook, staring at her. Lillian recounted a story of finding some interns naked together in a hospital closet. Reva said she liked naked stories, but Buzz and Lillian didn't have to avoid talking about Jeffrey. Buzz asked if they could talk about Josh stalking her, but Reva stubbornly said, "No." Lillian wanted to invite Josh over to the bar, but Reva again said, "No," citing that Josh was just using Jeffrey's absence to get closer to her.

Shayne found Josh outside Towers, and asked why Josh hadn't revealed that Dinah had left with Jeffrey. Josh hadn't known that detail, but Shayne didn't believe him. Shayne accused Josh and Jeffrey of worsening matters with their lies. Shayne wondered when and how it would all stop, but Josh said he didn't know. "That answer sucks!" Shayne raged, stomping away.

At Company, Lillian informed Buzz that Reva's calm demeanor had just been an act. Josh entered, and as Buzz filled Josh's thermos, Josh proclaimed that he wasn't just hanging outside Cross Creek for no good reason. Josh said Edmund could be alive, and the last time Edmund had been in town, he'd kidnapped Colin. Josh left, and Frank told Lillian and Buzz that if half the town told the truth, they wouldn't be in their messes.

Once Colin and Reva returned home, she noticed that Josh wasn't lurking outside. She answered her door, and Shayne stormed in. He asked her if she knew that Dinah and Jeffrey were together, getting shot at. Reva hadn't known, but she claimed that Jeffrey was an expert. Shayne hoped so, because Dinah's life was in Jeffrey's hands.

Reva saw Josh pull up outside the house, and told Shayne that Josh's surveillance was driving her nuts. Shayne marched outside to Josh's car to say that Josh was making Reva uncomfortable. Josh wasn't concerned with her comfort, just her safety. He said that Shayne would understand that when he had his own family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At Cedars, Ed called Lillian to brief her on his terminal patient. When Phillip arrived, she said she expected a patient who only had three months to live. "Yeah, I know. It's me," Phillip uttered. Phillip apprised Lillian of his condition. She gravely stated that an airborne infection was attacking Phillip's entire body. "This just can't be, Phillip. This just can't be," Lillian said.

Phillip deemed it unfair to ask Lillian to help him, but she valiantly vowed to stand by him. She said she'd help him tell the family at the right time. Lillian cried, and hugged him. She composed herself to retrieve Phillip's injection, and promised to keep the news quiet.

Buzz closed Company for the day so that Lizzie could practice baking her wedding cake. "Can you cook? Because I'm pretty sure you can't," Buzz said. Christina and Ashlee strolled in, and asked if they could participate. "So measurements don't have to be exact, do they?" Ashlee asked, as the three ladies stirred their concoctions.

When Lizzie saw Phillip enter, she trotted over to hug him, glad that he'd gotten her message. She explained that Bill was missing in action on the DIY wedding. "Do it yourself," Lizzie explained to her confused father. Lizzie shoved an apron at him, but he objected that he didn't know how to cook. "Good. We'll learn together," she said, handing him a bowl.

Phillip stirred some batter, but insisted that Lizzie really needed Cook's help. Lizzie called him a slacker, and threatened him with flour. Ashlee slung flour at Buzz, and a flour war ensued. When they noticed Lizzie conspicuously off to the side, Phillip held her down while everyone else caked her in flour. Phillip hugged Lizzie, saying he'd really needed that.

Lizzie jubilantly agreed that they were having fun. Lizzie said that she was excited about the future. Lillian entered, and kissed Buzz, who shuffled Lizzie off to clean up the mess. Phillip told Lillian that he was spending his last days exactly as he wanted, with the people he loved.

After Phillip left, Lillian delightfully smiled, watching Lizzie frost the only cake layer that turned out well. Lizzie regaled Christina and Ashlee with Bill's proposal story. Christina bashfully retold Remy's naked proposal story. Buzz served Lillian the edible dessert he'd secretly cooked, and they discussed how life passed too quickly. Lillian grew tearful, saying that she didn't want it to end. Buzz promised her that it wouldn't. They toasted with their cup cakes.

In the park, Frank reluctantly accepted Olivia's offer to sit with him. Olivia thanked him for being there for Rafe. Olivia said no one would blame Frank for hating Natalia and her. Frank admittedly had a tough time with the situation, but he didn't want Rafe to hate his mother. Frank didn't encourage Rafe to hate Olivia, either. He hoped that Rafe wouldn't be bitter about the past. Olivia added that Rafe shouldn't be bitter about the future, either.

Frank had had enough of Olivia's "victory lap" around him, and attempted to leave. Olivia said she hadn't meant to hurt him, but Frank said she'd done it before. Frank decided that, as long as they were being honest, he'd tell Olivia that he'd accepted her and Natalia's relationship, but that didn't mean he felt that Olivia was the right person for Natalia. "Not because you're a woman. Just because of who you are," Frank clarified.

Emma approached, and asked if Frank were attending the barbecue. Frank said he had to work. Olivia stated that it wouldn't be the same without him. Emma asked if Olivia and Natalia could make red, white, and blue crispy treats for the event.

Frank took off. He called Rick to see if Rick had a date for the barbeque. Frank said that because Natalia was going, he didn't want to be the only single guy in attendance.

When Natalia arrived at work, she told Blake that she'd been vomiting that morning. Blake dismissed pregnancy, but then wondered, "Could I be right, though? Is there a possibility that you're pregnant?" Natalia coughed, incredulously replying that it would be amazing.

Blake reasoned that it hadn't been that long ago that Natalia had dated Frank. Even though Natalia had a strict moral code, Blake had assumed that Natalia had slept with her fiancÚ, Frank. "I mean, who gets married without sleeping with someone?" Blake chuckled. Natalia tensed, and Blake embarrassingly added, "Right, you do." Blake understood that people with moral standards existed; she'd just thought they were all over 90.

Blake said she didn't think she could date someone without having sex. Natalia gave an inferring shrug, and Blake deduced that Natalia and Olivia hadn't had sex. "How would you know that it's right for you?" Blake asked. Natalia suddenly decided that she felt better, and she was ready to work instead of talk.

As they worked, Olivia entered with the crispy treats project. Blake said that Olivia could borrow, but not steal, Blake's new employee for a while. In the hall, Olivia announced that she'd left Phillip a message regarding talking to Emma. Natalia worried about Phillip's reaction, but Olivia said that not everyone would react kindly to them, specifically not when they surprised them at the barbecue. The ladies held hands, saying, "Tomorrow..."

As the couple shopped for ingredients at the mini-mart, Natalia spotted an OPT pregnancy test. Olivia checked out, and went outside to call Phillip again. Natalia said she'd forgotten something. She reentered the store, and picked up the pregnancy test.

When Olivia and Natalia arrived at the farmhouse, Phillip awaited them on the porch. Natalia entered the house, and Olivia berated Phillip for not calling her back. To her surprise, he apologized. Olivia said that they had to get their parenting act together, because she expected Phillip to be there for everything, including Emma's prom and graduation.

As Natalia took the pregnancy test to the bathroom, Olivia talked to Phillip about her and Natalia's coming-out strategy for Emma and the barbecue. Phillip's only request was that he be around to see the look on Rick's face when Rick figured it out. After they laughed, Phillip assured Olivia that he was fine with things as long as Olivia and Emma were happy.

Phillip warned that she and Natalia would definitely turn heads. Olivia said that she'd probably make a joke if Reva showed up with a woman, but Olivia didn't want Emma, Frank, or Rafe to suffer the snickers about her and Natalia. Phillip said he'd help shield them if possible.

Later, Phillip visited his gravesite. He said that it couldn't be over, because he wasn't ready. He wasn't finished. He fought back tears, deciding that he'd take the three months, if that was all that he had. However, he asked God to give him every moment of that three months to figure out what he should leave behind.

At the mansion, Alan switched off James's video game, and said he hadn't relieved James from trash duty so that he could play games. Alan wanted James to reach the third level in life by helping Alan network with company shareholders. James said he preferred picking up trash to being with Spaulding shareholders. A confused Alan thought that James would jump at the opportunity to exert his talent and show up Phillip at the same time.

At Towers later, James introduced himself to Joe, Larry, and Clay as the grandson who'd run the Ponzi scheme. James claimed that he'd use his skills to make money for them. "Legally, of course," James added. When he asked a server for some wine, Daisy turned, dressed in a Towers uniform. Daisy said Towers had asked Buzz to provide staff for an event downstairs.

James flirted with a blushing Daisy until her co-worker slid up to ask if she were ready to go to the beach. She said she had to close out her tables, and the co-worker trotted off. Daisy explained to James that her co-workers liked to hang out. She hoped his business with the older gentlemen worked out for him, but said she had to get going. James sighed.

During James's luncheon, the stockholders reviewed portfolios. James stood, and said that everybody already knew that their stocks would outperform any other stock. He said that they loved Spaulding and Spaulding loved them. Knighting the three stockholders with a butter knife, James deemed each one, "Special, Specialer, and Specialist." He then grabbed some beer off the Towers bar. "Rock on," he said, and left the shareholders speechless at the table.

Blake took her wedding location ideas to the mansion as Bill had requested, but Bill wasn't available. Alan told her to toss them in the trash, and Blake wondered why he couldn't let people be happy. Alan replied that people didn't know what was good for them. Blake thought Alan should let his family live their own lives. She plopped her research on the desk, and left. Alan gathered her stack, and tossed it in the trash.

Alan went to Towers to meet the shareholders. Alan said he hoped James had been briefing them. Clay raised a glass of expensive champagne, and said that James had told them to "rock on" at Alan's expense.

Meanwhile, sirens blazed behind James as a police officer pursued him down a country road. The cop pulled James over, and approached James's car. James took a swig from a beer bottle, and asked why he was being detained.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alan peeked into Company's kitchen to see why Buzz was yelling at his broken oven. Buzz said he was responsible for catering half the food for the barbecue. Alan thought Buzz ought to forget about the nauseatingly nostalgic barbecue. Buzz figured that Alan was teaching his "crappy attitude" to James. Buzz said Alan should teach James about happiness, if Alan had ever known any.

Alan thought Buzz loved to dole out advice, even though he didn't really know Alan. Alan said he had bigger plans and goals than running a diner that couldn't even meet its bills. Buzz figured he didn't have to tell Alan about himself, because Alan already knew the sad truth.

Reva entered to drop off a green bean salad for the barbecue, because she couldn't attend the event. After Reva left, Josh entered, and heard Buzz ranting about his oven. Josh immediately identified Reva's salad, which sat on the bar. Buzz said Reva wouldn't attend the barbecue, and wondered why. Josh believed it might have something to do with avoiding questions about Jeffrey. Before Josh left, he asked Buzz to keep an eye on Reva.

A deliveryman strode into Company, and asked Buzz to sign for his new oven. Buzz gasped, asking how he'd gotten a new one. The deliveryman said it was simple: he'd ordered it. Buzz stared at the delivery form, and thanked God for whoever had ordered the appliance.

Frank arrived, and told Buzz that he had a guardian angel. Frank went to call the oven manufacturer to get the orderer's name, and Buzz pulled Coop's smaller package off the mantle. Buzz stared at it, and then his eyes widened with wonderment.

Outside Shayne's place, Josh encountered Reva and Colin. He said that Jeffrey would want Reva to attend the barbecue, and continue living her life. Reva blamed Josh for Jeffrey's disappearance. She said she didn't feel like lying to her friends about where her husband was. Reva added that Hawk was going to visit her for the Fourth, if that was okay with Josh.

Josh apologized for butting into Reva's life. He said that she was right. Spending the holiday with her father and her son was a great idea. Reva told him to get a hobby. Josh said that Rick had sent him to convince Reva to go to the barbecue, because Rick wanted Reva, the three-legged-race champion, on his team. Reva laughed, saying she always won, every year.

Reva returned home with Colin. She said she didn't want to go to the barbecue, anyway. She promised Colin that hanging out with Hawk would be fun, though they'd miss Jeffrey.

As Natalia took a pregnancy test in the bathroom, Olivia gathered the ingredients for their crispy treats. Emma burst with excitement about the barbecue, but noted that Olivia usually complained about attending such events. Olivia said she couldn't help but be excited about the holiday, because she'd be with her two favorite girls.

Concerned about Natalia in the bathroom, Emma trotted upstairs, and banged on the door. Natalia yelled that she'd be out in a minute. Natalia hid her pregnancy test in her bag, and followed Emma and Olivia to the kitchen to make the treats. Emma decided to team with Natalia in the three-legged race, while Olivia partnered with Rafe. Olivia said that was fine, because she wanted to work with Rafe. Olivia hoped that all four of them would be a team one day.

After they made the treats, Emma wanted to go for ice cream. Natalia opted to stay at the house. Emma took the treats to the car, and Olivia said that Olivia was having her first bona fide experience being a family. Olivia was certain that Emma would accept them as a couple, because Emma loved Natalia so much. Olivia proclaimed that the Fourth would be a great day.

Later, at Company, Olivia marveled at the huge box in the middle of the restaurant. Buzz said someone had anonymously gifted him an oven. "Are you okay?" Buzz jokingly asked her. "You look happy." Olivia chuckled that they should call a doctor.

Doris entered, and noted the twinkle in Olivia's eye. Olivia told Doris that she and Natalia would attend the barbecue "together." Olivia explained that Natalia and she would talk to Emma that evening, and then get on with spending their lives together. The ladies had drinks, and discussed the town's possible reactions to Natalia and Olivia. Doris wondered how Ashlee would react, and Olivia said Ashlee might be the first to congratulate the couple.

Meanwhile, Natalia pulled out the pregnancy test, and stared at it. She left the house, and encountered Blake outside. Natalia blurted that Blake had been right about the pregnancy. Blake confirmed with Natalia that it was Frank's baby, and then promised not to tell anyone. Blake reasoned that the home test could be inaccurate, and advised Natalia to take a real test at Cedars.

Later, Blake held Natalia's hand as a Cedars' nurse drew Natalia's blood. The test confirmed that Natalia was several months pregnant. Natalia wondered how she could not have known she was pregnant. She figured that perhaps she'd been in denial about it.

Blake went to the car, and Olivia called Natalia to schedule their dinner and a talk with Emma. Natalia said that something had come up, and she couldn't do it that night. Olivia figured they'd talk to Emma before the barbecue. Olivia looked forward to attending it as a family. Tears sprang to Natalia's eyes as they said, "I love you," to each other.

At the police station, Frank asked James to whom he wanted to make his one phone call. James said Daisy, but Frank replied that it wasn't going to happen. Frank called Phillip, as he stood by his gravesite, to say that James had been arrested for a DUI and an open container.

When Phillip arrived at the holding cells, he told James that they could fix things. James replied that things had never worked in the first place. James started a tirade about Phillip not caring about James, but Phillip said that James had it all wrong. Phillip might have made mistakes, but he loved James. Phillip only wanted happiness for his children.

Phillip asked if the drinking had been a bid for attention, but James said he'd been bored with the job Alan had given him. Phillip recalled spending years hating Alan, but also wishing that Alan would notice him. "I'm telling you. In this moment, I notice you. I notice," Phillip said.

Phillip had spoken to his attorneys about getting James released, and James wondered what the catch was. Phillip said that he'd never wanted James in jail. Phillip suggested that they go to the Bauer barbecue together. James scoffed at the idea, saying it wouldn't fix their family. Phillip reasoned that it might fix them, as father and son. James seemed to warm up to the idea of competing as a team in a tug-of-war against other fathers and sons.

Just then, Alan arrived in the holding cells. "You can thank me later," Alan said. Alan announced that he'd made the arrest go away. After the police released James, Phillip said Alan wasn't sending the right message to James, who'd been arrested twice in one month. As Phillip and Alan bickered with each other, an alienated James wandered off.

Phillip claimed that he'd made headway with James before Alan's arrival. "Oh, blame me, Phillip," Alan said, rolling his eyes, and continued, "Not the father who left him for years, and expects him to forgive him for that." Alan followed James out of the police station.

When Phillip exited the station, Beth approached, wondering where James was. Phillip assumed James was having a cigar with Alan. A morose Phillip said he'd almost gotten through to James before Alan had intervened. Phillip had hoped they could attend the barbecue as father and son just once. Beth said that there was always next year. "Next year's not good enough," Phillip said, intent upon preventing James and him from winding up like Alan and he had.

At the mansion, James figured that Alan loved the father-son wars, but Alan said it was sometimes necessary. Alan mentioned the holiday, and James guessed that Alan wanted a partner for touch football. "Do I look like a person who wants to be touched at a barbecue?" Alan asked. Alan suggested that they forget the barbecue, and fly to his friend's private island.

After Alan scheduled the jet to depart the next morning, Beth called James to talk about the arrest. James said they could talk when he returned from his trip with Alan. He hung up on Beth. She turned to Phillip to find out if he had known about the trip. "Why does my father want everything that I have?" Phillip sighed.

Phillip said he needed to spend time with his son, but couldn't if Alan sucked James in. Beth reasoned that Phillip would have plenty of time to spend with James after the summer. Phillip replied that the summer might be all he had.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Frank, Daisy, and Rafe hoisted the American Flag, signifying the start of Independence Day. Rafe wondered if his mother would show up at the Bauer Barbecue. He told Frank that even if she did, it'd be weird because she'd be with Olivia.

Rick's guests began arriving at the barbecue, complaining about Rick's smoky grill. Rick claimed he never burned his Bauer Burgers. When Bill and Lizzie started smooching, Blake commented that she remembered the feeling. "I'm feeling it right now," Rick said, trying to kiss Blake. Blake called for Frank to save her, but wound up saving herself as Frank laughed.

Billy arrived with Mindy. While they had drinks, Mindy wondered if Billy might make Vanessa his wife again. Billy said that if he ever did remarry, Mindy would still always be his best girl; on the day Mindy had been born, Billy had known he'd never be alone.

Michelle, Robby, Hope, and Danny arrived from California, and Rick tried to put them to work. Michelle claimed she was just a guest, but Danny offered to do anything except wear the chef hat. Later, Rick found Blake and Frank, and asked if they could pick up a few things that he'd forgotten: ice, buns, napkins, forks, tin foil, hamburgers, hot dogs, and mustard. "That's the whole list!" Blake complained. Rick replied, "It said potluck on the invitation."

At the hospital, Phillip received his shot from Lillian. He said that Alan was taking James to the Caribbean, so it'd just be Phillip and his girls at the barbecue. Lillian felt that Phillip should tell his family about his condition, and stop Alan and James from taking off. Phillip really wanted to have his family around him at the event, but he didn't want to start a fight with Alan.

Lillian called Beth to say that Phillip needed his family at the cookout. Beth put James on the phone, and Lillian tried to convince him to go to the barbecue. James refused to pass up a chance to go to the Caribbean. After the call, Lillian dialed the airport, pretending to be Alan's employee, Janet. She told them that Alan had changed his mind about his trip, and advised them to give his pilot and backup pilots the day off.

At the mansion, Phillip approached James about the cookout. Alan stormed into the room, complaining, "Idiot pilot...Who the hell takes a vacation in July?" While Alan called Janet to find his backup pilot, Phillip asked if James and Alan were still flying off. "Not today," Alan replied. Phillip asked James to go to the barbecue, but James declined. Alan added that he wouldn't be going, either. "I didn't invite you," Phillip murmured, and exited.

Phillip went to Company, where Rafe and Daisy were getting more picnic supplies. Daisy cracked open a beer as Phillip asked her if she could convince James to attend the barbecue. Daisy didn't want to get in the middle of things, but Phillip said that James could use a friend after getting arrested. Daisy said she'd do her best. Phillip thanked her, and took her beer.

When Phillip arrived at the party, Blake stuck her hand out for some money, saying Rick had forgotten a few things-including his wallet. Phillip gave Blake some money, and Rick promised to pay Phillip back. Rick said that he wasn't so organized that year, but Phillip could help him plan the barbecue for the next year. Phillip sullenly replied that it would be fun.

Phillip strode over to Lillian to warn that her dire expression would ruin the party. "We just got you back," she said, choking back tears. Phillip encouraged her to celebrate the fact that they were all together. When Beth arrived, Billy took a picture of the Four Musketeers.

Phillip found Bill admiring Lizzie as she played with Emma. Bill said that Lizzie was beautiful, and everything she did was beautiful. Phillip was happy that Lizzie had someone who loved her so much. Lizzie approached, wondering if she should worry about their serious faces. Phillip kissed her forehead, and said she never had to worry again.

Phillip greeted Danny, and Michelle trotted off to talk to Bill. Phillip admitted that he'd been unsure of Michelle and Danny's marriage, but it had fared well. Danny said he'd learned to connect with people he loved. Danny ran off to chase Hope, who had gotten into the sparklers.

Natalia sat at home, looking at pregnancy brochures. When Olivia called her to express her and Emma's excitement about the cookout, Natalia said she was running late, and would meet them at the Bauers'. A disappointed Olivia had really wanted to talk to Emma before the barbecue, but agreed to meet Natalia at the event.

When Olivia and Emma arrived in the Bauer kitchen, Emma ran into Phillip's arms. He said that Emma had a great mother. He whispered that he never told Olivia that enough. Emma handed him a monster-sized crispy treat, and headed out. Phillip wondered if Olivia had told Emma about Natalia yet. Olivia said they were going to do it when Natalia arrived.

While running errands for Rick, Blake saw Natalia outside the mini-mart, looking peaked. Natalia insisted that she was okay, and wandered into the store. She grabbed a ginger ale bottle, and halted when she saw items in the baby aisle. "Natalia, are you okay?" Frank asked. Natalia looked up to see Frank in the next aisle, looking concerned.

Natalia claimed that she was fine. Stumbling for conversation, Frank said he thought Rafe was looking forward to seeing Natalia at the cookout. Frank offered her a ride, but she said she wasn't ready to go yet. Natalia thanked him for being a good man.

At the church, Father Ray was psyched that he was going to see his cousin, Danny, with his wife, Michelle, and their kids at the barbecue. Natalia sat alone in his pews. She shocked him, asking if it were a greater sin to love a woman or to have unmarried sex with a man. "I'm pregnant," Natalia said. She didn't know if God was punishing her, telling her that she should have married Frank, or both.

Father Ray's mouth fell open. He sat down, looking stunned. After he recovered, he said God wasn't punishing her. She said she didn't know how to tell Frank or Olivia the news. Father Ray suggested that she go away for a while to figure things out. Natalia thought that sounded like running away, but he disagreed, saying it was running toward something. Once she took some time to find a little peace, she'd know how to handle matters.

As a giddy Olivia served drinks later, partygoers noticed how elated she seemed. Rafe asked her if his mother would be there. Olivia said that she expected Natalia to arrive soon, and Rafe wandered off. Frank approached for some lemonade, and mentioned that he'd seen Natalia, who had said she was on her way. Frank wondered if there was an extra kick in the drink. Olivia replied that she was just happy to celebrate the holiday.

Later, Phillip and Olivia watched the festivities. Phillip said that he could stand there forever, watching everyone being happy. He asked if Natalia really made Olivia happy. Olivia said that for the first time, she couldn't wait for the next day to arrive.

At Company, Blake had just packed up the hot dogs when Alan strolled in for coffee. She said they were closed for the barbecue, but he insisted upon getting his drink. She poured coffee into a to-go cup, and shooed him out of the restaurant.

Daisy infiltrated the mansion, and found James playing video games. She invited him to the barbecue, but he said he liked to be alone, where he could be himself. He felt that he had to be someone different to every person in town. Daisy wondered if he were himself with her, because she liked that version of him. He said it was pretty close to the real him. Daisy replied that the James she knew was fun, and that was the James she wanted at the barbecue.

Daisy beat James's high score on the video game, and left the house. James tracked her to the patio, looking for a rematch. She advised him to compete against her at the cookout games, and left. Alan arrived home, and tossed a Frisbee with James. When Alan said Frisbees were a waste of time, James replied that some things were supposed to be a waste of time.

Daisy returned to the barbecue. Phillip asked her if she'd spoken to James. Daisy replied that she had tried, but she didn't know if James would show up.

Rick announced that it was time for the egg toss. "You're either grabbing a dog or you're grabbing an egg!" Rick said. As Daisy gathered her eggs, James wondered whom they were egging. Daisy looked up, surprised by his presence. Phillip noticed, and walked over with Emma to say that he was glad James was there. Phillip and Emma gathered eggs, and walked off.

Friday, July 3, 2009

As Natalia lit a candle in the church, Father Ray said that it would take more than lighting a candle to solve her problem. When Natalia said that she did not know what to do, Ray again suggested that she go away to a religious retreat. Father Ray pointed out that Natalia discovered she was pregnant on the same day that she and Olivia were planning to go public with their relationship.

Natalia said that leaving town felt like running away and she could not do that to Olivia. Ray asked Natalia if she was hesitant because she feared that her feelings for Olivia would go away if they were not together.

On the way to the store, Blake saw a dejected Natalia sitting on the steps of the church. Natalia told Blake that she was pregnant with Frank's baby and that she was going to leave town for a while. Blake told Natalia not to rush into anything. Blake told Natalia to tell Frank and Olivia the news. Natalia said that she was too ashamed to tell Frank and did not know what to tell Olivia.

At that point, Olivia, who had been trying to call Natalia, called Blake and asked if Blake had Natalia working on an assignment. Without letting on that Natalia was right there, Blake told Olivia that she gave Natalia the day off and did not know where she was.

Natalia went home and was surprised to see Rafe, who had left the barbecue. Rafe said that he left because he figured Natalia and Olivia would probably end up holding hands and he did not think he could handle that. Rafe told his mother that he just did not understand her and Olivia. When he stated that he was confused by it, Natalia said that she was, too.

Later, Natalia went downstairs with her luggage. Rafe did not seem to notice and announced that he was leaving. Rafe told his mother that what made this situation so hard was that, while he was growing up, Natalia tried to guide Rafe by her standards. He said that even though he did not like those standards, he needed them.

Mallet got Henry ready for his first Bauer barbecue. Marina looked on and assured Mallet that even though Henry had Shayne's DNA, Mallet was his daddy. Marina told Mallet that whoever Henry became when he got older would be because of Mallet.

Reva told Shayne that she was not going to the barbecue because she did not want to answer a lot of questions about Jeffrey. Shayne told his mother that he'd stay with her. Reva insisted that Shayne go to the Bauer barbecue for his own good. When Shayne refused to budge, even after Reva told him that Hawk would be visiting her, Reva threw him out.

Alone, an upset Reva threw her and Jeffrey's picture out the door and tore down the flags that she had outside. Hawk arrived as she was putting them back up. Hawk asked when Jeffrey was returning home. Reva told her father that she was not attending the Bauer barbecue because she did not want to answer questions about Jeffrey and asked him not to mention Jeffrey.

Matt and Josh arrived at the barbecue and spoke with Rick. As Matt talked about finding a woman for Josh, Rick began checking out Olivia, who was playing Frisbee. Josh informed Rick that he and Olivia would not work out. Rick decided to try anyway and sauntered over to Olivia, only to be struck by a Frisbee. Olivia walked by Matt and Josh and noted that the guys were always on the lookout. Matt said, "And you aren't?" to which Olivia said, "No."

Phillip told James that he was glad that the boy went to the barbecue. A cold James stated that he did not attend because of Phillip and walked off. Lillian walked over to Phillip and told him to tell James. Phillip said that he wanted to bond with James, but not like that. Phillip said that he wanted James to know that Phillip loved him because of him. Phillip pointed out that it was the last Bauer barbecue he would ever attend and he wanted to remember everyone happy.

Later, Phillip and Beth watched his children play together. Beth briefly noticed that Lillian seemed upset, but Lillian quickly put on a smile.

Alan arrived at the barbecue and was almost doused by a squirt gun. Buzz told Alan that he was surprised that Alan was there. Alan pointed out that he went every year.

After Rick was crowned king of the barbecue, he saw Mel, who had arrived with Remy, Christina, Leah, and Cyrus. Cyrus, who had given the Boudreaux a lift to the barbecue, heard Mel mutter, "Don't kiss me, Rick," and quickly put his arm around Mel-implying that they were a couple. When he and Mel walked off, Rick complained to Remy that Cyrus was a jewel thief. Remy played along and said that Cyrus was reformed and that he was getting to know the family.

When it was time for the three-legged race, Billy told Josh that it was a shame that Reva was not there, because she and Josh always won the race. Josh stated that Reva did not feel up to attending the barbecue. When Billy suggested a visit to Reva's, Josh stated that Reva did not want company.

Later, Josh went by Reva's. Though they made eye contact, Josh simply drove past. Afterwards, Reva and her father watched a baseball game and quietly sang the national anthem together.

Phillip prepared to run the three-legged race with Rick. Rick whispered that he would get James to run the race with Phillip. Phillip doubted that James would do it. Suddenly, Rick faked a back injury and asked James to take his place. James agreed and seemed to have a good time running the race with his father. When Alan saw that the pair had fallen before they got to the finish line, he noted to Beth that they lost. However, Beth had seen the pair laughing and said Alan obviously did not see anything.

Phillip thanked Daisy for getting James to go to the barbecue. Daisy made it clear that James did not do anything that he did not really want to do. Daisy knew that Phillip wanted James to be close to him, and pointed out that she could not make James do that. When she walked off, James blasted Phillip for being friends with Daisy. James said that at one point, Phillip wanted Daisy to stay away from James, but Phillip thought she was a great kid once she had something that Phillip wanted.

Remy asked Shayne if he had heard from Dinah. When Shayne asked if he was asking as a friend or a cop, Remy pointed out that he was off-duty. Shayne admitted that it did not make a difference, since he had not heard from her.

A depressed Emma was upset that Natalia was not there for the games. Later, Josh approached Olivia, who was furiously folding a blanket. Olivia complained that the day has not been as good as she wanted. Josh pointed out that the day was not over yet and asked what she wanted the day to be. Olivia said that she wanted it to be perfect, but it was not because Natalia was not there.

Blake returned to the barbecue and gave Olivia a message from Natalia-she was not attending and did not want to see Olivia. When Olivia asked if something happened, Blake stated that she could not say anything and walked away. Afterwards, Olivia ran off in tears. Blake went to Natalia's to take her out of town.

Marina caught up with Danny and asked if he missed Springfield. Danny told her that he needed to get away and start over. Danny asked if Marina was happy and she noted that she was.

Mallet told Shayne that he knew about Henry. Mallet said that he loved Henry and felt blessed to be his dad. Mallet told Shayne that he hoped things would not get weird between them. Shayne made it clear that they would not and wished Mallet a happy Fourth of July.

Later, Shayne watched Marina and Mallet with Henry. Remy went over and confessed to Shayne that he helped Dinah run the DNA test that proved that Henry was Shayne's kid. Shayne quietly said that Henry was not his kid and that everyone was where they were supposed to be.

Michelle went inside the house to find Rick, Robbie, Hope, and Leah eating the apple pie that she brought for the barbecue. Rick reminded her that sneaking a piece of pie was a tradition that stretched back to when he was a kid. Michelle told Rick how nice it was that they were in their father's house with their children. Rick noted that the children were the next generation of Bauers to host the Bauer barbecue.

Outside, Michelle told Rick that it was time for the speech. On behalf of generations of Bauers, Michelle thanked everyone for attending. Rick mentioned his Grandma Bert came up with the idea of celebrating Independence Day with their friends and family every year. Rick said that he missed his Grandma and noted that she left them a wonderful legacy.

Phillip spoke up and said that he felt lucky to have spent time with everyone and wished that it could go on forever. Beth stated that she wished everyone could live in a town like Springfield where people looked out for one another. Mindy chimed in and said that no matter where life might take them, Springfield was home. Phillip said that no matter where they might go, they were bound by friendship and would continue to be a part of each other's lives.

Rick declared, "God bless Springfield and that God bless America."

Lillian asked Phillip if he got what he wanted. Phillip said that, while it was not nearly enough, he did get what he wanted. As he looked at all the faces of people enjoying themselves, Phillip said that he wanted to pretend that it would never end.

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