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June 29, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

In Henry's hotel room, Henry tried to persuade Randi to leave her husband, so that they could run away together. Randi tried to let Henry down gently, but Henry refused to accept Randi's decision. When Henry tried to seduce her, Randi reminded him of their deal. She had agreed to meet him in Washington, DC, in exchange for Henry's promise to pull back on Kendall and Jesse. Henry laughed at Randi's naiveté. He wondered what she had thought would happen in his hotel room.

AMC Recap Photo 090706 Henry grew angry as Randi continued to rebuff his advances. She told him that a relationship between them would have never worked. Randi was certain that she would have ruined Henry's career if she had tried to build a life with him. Henry didn't care about his career; he just wanted to be with Randi. Randi felt terrible that Henry was miserable in his marriage, but she insisted that Frankie was whom she wanted to be with. Henry was offended that Randi had picked a "cripple" over him. Randi was outraged by Henry's cruel comment; she reminded Henry that Frankie was a hero who had valiantly served his country.

Henry was determined to believe that Randi was stuck in a marriage that she did not want, despite Randi's claims to the contrary. Desperate, Henry tried another tactic. He threatened to tell everyone that they were having an affair if Randi didn't agree to sleep with Henry. Randi tried to buy some time by suggesting that they go out for dinner. However, Henry saw through her ploy.

He became aggressive when he grabbed her by the arms and tried to force himself on her. Randi reached out for something to defend herself with. When her hand latched onto a statue, Randi picked it up and bashed Henry on the head with it. Henry staggered back and then collapsed to the ground. Randi panicked and ran out of the room.

At the hospital, Jesse asked Angie to run an additional DNA test on some evidence against Kendall. Jesse hoped to exonerate Kendall of Stuart's murder. Angie reluctantly agreed. After Angie left Frankie's room with the evidence bag, Jesse admitted to his son that D.A. North was not his favorite person. Jesse believed that Henry was focused on winning a conviction against Kendall regardless whether she was guilty of murdering Stuart or not.

Later, Angie sought Jesse out to tell him that the results on the evidence were unchanged. Jesse was disappointed. He announced that he would go to Washington, DC, to turn in his resignation to Henry North. Angie was surprised by Jesse's decision. Jesse explained that he couldn't work for someone who was willing to convict an innocent person on circumstantial evidence. Jesse was determined to make his resignation count for something. He revealed that he would use the opportunity to make a statement about Kendall, so that Henry wouldn't force Jesse to testify against her during the trial.

At the Chandler mansion, Erica demanded that Annie confess to killing Stuart. Annie snapped and began choking Erica. Adam pounded on the living room door when he heard the commotion. Annie quickly released Erica then ran to open the door for Adam.

Surprisingly, when Erica accused of Annie of trying to kill her, Adam chose to believe Annie's claims of innocence. Annie contended that Erica had strangled herself in an attempt to make it appear as if Annie had attacked her. Adam's security guards stormed into the living room seconds later. Erica was furious when Adam ordered them to escort Erica off of the premises. JR strolled into the living room moments later.

While JR spoke privately to Adam, Annie gloated to Erica that Adam had believed her version of events, not Erica's. Unconcerned about the guards standing nearby, Annie took the opportunity to push Erica's buttons until Adam returned to dismiss the guards. After Erica left, JR asked Adam why he defended Annie when she might have been responsible for Stuart's murder. Adam insisted that Kendall's "posse" was simply trying to find someone, other than Kendall, to blame for the murder.

Adam reminded JR that Annie had saved Adam's life on the night that Stuart had died. JR realized that it was pointless trying to reason with his father, so he decided to leave. After JR's departure, Adam told Annie to fess up with the truth; he had seen the marks on Erica's neck and knew that they weren't self-inflicted. Annie claimed that Erica had provoked her by threatening her with never seeing Emma again. Before Adam could question Annie further, she made an excuse and fled the room.

JR cornered Annie in the foyer and told her that he didn't believe anything Annie had said. He even doubted that she had saved Adam's life. JR pointed out that Adam had been too drugged up, so his memories of that night were not reliable. When JR warned Annie that he was on to her, Annie pulled away from him and ran.

AMC Recap Photo 090706 Zach was at Ryan's penthouse, discussing Kendall's disappearance, when Kendall called. Zach begged Kendall to return home, to no avail. Kendall asked Zach to trust her and then ended the call. Zach, determined to have his security team track Kendall down, left the penthouse moments later. Ryan was startled when he turned around and saw Kendall enter his home from the balcony. Kendall explained that she had climbed up the fire escape and had waited until Zach left. Kendall had a plan and wanted Ryan's help. Before she could share the details of her plan with Ryan, the doorbell rang.

Kendall hid while Ryan answered the door. It was Erica. Erica was upset after her encounter with Annie. While Erica told Ryan the details about her encounter with Annie, Kendall listened. When Ryan comforted Erica with a hug, Kendall seemed a bit surprised. Meanwhile, Ryan warned Erica that Kendall was missing. Erica was adamant that her daughter was innocent of killing Stuart. Erica was certain that the killer was Annie.

As soon as Erica left, Ryan called out to Kendall. Kendall did not respond; she had gone to the Chandler mansion to talk to Adam. Kendall reminded Adam that Erica was his closest friend. Kendall asked Adam to honor that friendship by giving Erica what she needed. According to Kendall, Erica needed to know that her best friend believed in Erica's daughter's innocence. Adam revealed that he was as certain of Annie's innocence as he was of Kendall's guilt. Kendall was confident that she could change Adam's mind.

While Kendall eavesdropped from the tunnels, Adam announced that he had recalled something from the night of Stuart's murder. Adam claimed that he knew who had killed Stuart. Annie looked like a deer caught in the headlights; she insisted that it was impossible for Adam to have seen the killer. In the tunnel, someone grabbed Kendall from behind and covered her mouth before she could make a sound.

At the casino, Madison wanted to know whom her husband was with. Zach told Madison that it didn't matter because she deserved better than to have a cheating husband. Zach tried to goad Madison into revealing Henry's secrets. Madison admitted that she was unsatisfied with her life. Zach urged Madison to take control and show her husband that she wasn't powerless.

Erica arrived at the casino a short time later. She wanted to know if Zach had heard any news about Kendall. As Zach pulled Erica into a quiet corner, he reminded Erica that they did not want to alert the police to Kendall's disappearance. Erica believed in Kendall's innocence and was determined to help her daughter out of her legal troubles.

AMC Recap Photo 090706 Madison found Henry unconscious on the floor when she walked into his hotel room. She picked up the statue just as Henry began moving. Henry was relieved when he turned and saw his wife leaning over him. He asked Madison to help him up, but she ignored his outstretched hand. Madison wondered if one of Henry's hookers, which he had paid for using her money, had attacked him. Henry responded by asking her for help again. Madison told Henry, "I wish I could, but you are making it hard to love you." Madison raised the statue above her head, and then began to lower it with force.

Randi called to check on Frankie. Frankie sensed that Randi was troubled. Randi claimed that she had a long day and had missed her flight. A short time later, Angie walked into Frankie's room. She realized that Frankie was preoccupied. When she questioned him about it, Frankie confided to his mother that Randi had sounded "scared" when he had spoken to her.

After Randi ended her call with Frankie, she realized that she was missing an earring. Randi decided to return to Henry's room. She knocked on the door, but no one responded, so Randi let herself in. Henry was on the floor where she had last seen him. When Henry failed to respond to her attempt to rouse him, Randi checked to see if he was breathing. She became distraught when she realized that Henry was dead. Moments later, Jesse appeared in the doorway. With little prompting, Randi told Jesse everything, including her past with Henry.

At the casino, Madison ordered a bottle of champagne. Her spirits seemed high. When Zach joined Madison, she revealed that she had taken Zach's advice and shown Henry that she had power over her husband.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Due to ABC News coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial, All My Children did not air today. The show was preempted nationwide, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the special news coverage.

Regular programming will resume on July 8, and picked up where the July 6 episode concluded.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Madison happily told Zach that his pep talk worked; she showed Henry that she had power. Zach asked how she did that, but she would not say. Instead, she assured Zach that Henry would no longer bother Kendall. Zach pressed her for details, but she said nothing. Madison then played a hand of blackjack and won. She announced that her luck was changing already.

AMC Recap Photo 090708 Madison recalled seeing Henry in his hotel room. Henry was on the floor in pain. She asked if one of his hookers had hurt him. He begged her for help. She stated, "You're making it hard for me to love you." Then, she hit Henry over the head with a bookend and killed him. After Madison replayed the gruesome scene in her head, she called the hotel and pretended to be inside the room.

Randi looked at Henry's lifeless body on the hotel floor and asked Jesse if the D.A. was dead. Jesse checked Henry's pulse and confirmed that he was dead. Randi began to freak out. Jesse assured her that everything would be fine as he grabbed his cell phone to call the police. She begged him not to call the police, but he stated it was necessary.

Randi feared that the police would not believe that Henry attacked her, since there was no sign of a struggle in the room. Jesse said that he believed her story, but he needed to call the authorities. Randi announced, "I'm pregnant!" Jesse wondered if his son knew. She said no, because she just found out.

Jesse rethought his original stance and decided not to call the police. Randi was frantic and worried that Frankie would find out and leave her. She cried as she stated that Frankie treated her like a normal person, even though she was a prostitute. She was grateful that Frankie took a chance on her. Jesse affirmed that Frankie was right to take a chance on her. He reminded her that she was about to give Frankie the greatest gift, a baby. Jesse noted that his son would be excited to learn the news. He further noted that Angie would be elated, just like he was.

Jesse asked if anyone knew Randi went to see Henry in his hotel room. Randi said that no one saw her enter the hotel. Then, she remembered a recent encounter she had with Zach. She explained to Jesse that Zach followed Henry to her apartment. Zach had questioned Randi about her relationship with Henry and she admitted that they shared a romantic history. She also divulged to Zach that Henry wanted to meet her in his hotel room.

Jesse was furious with Zach. Jesse assumed that Zach encouraged Randi to visit with Henry in order to help Kendall's cause. Randi said that Zach actually warned her to stay away from Henry. She explained that she met with Henry because she thought that she could talk him out of hurting Kendall and Jesse. Jesse wondered why she felt the need to protect him. She revealed that Henry threatened to make Jesse's life a "living hell" if she did not meet him. Then, Zach called Jesse, but he ignored the call. Zach proceeded to call Henry's phone, but there was no answer there, either.

Jesse was certain that they needed to cover up the crime, but he was not sure how. There was a knock at the door and room service announced that they had food for Henry. Jesse pretended to be Henry and told the waiter to leave the food outside the door. Jesse slipped a generous tip under the door and the waiter left. Jesse brought the large food cart into the room. He stated, "It's time for damage control."

Jesse cleaned up the hotel room, so there was no sign of foul play. Jesse placed Henry underneath the cart, so his body was covered completely by a tablecloth. Randi and Jesse then wheeled Henry out of the hotel.

Zach went to Henry's hotel room and knocked on the door. When Henry did not answer, Zach paid an employee to open the room. Zach wondered where Henry was.

Jesse placed Henry's body in the front seat of a car. Jesse ran the car off of the road, so it looked like an accident had killed Henry.

Kendall and Ryan were in the tunnels of the Chandler mansion eavesdropping on Adam, Annie, and JR. Adam claimed that he remembered the entire night of Stuart's murder. He further declared that he saw Annie shoot Stuart. JR was outraged and told Annie to confess. She refused to admit to the crime and affirmed her innocence.

Annie found it odd that Adam suddenly accused her of the crime, after defending her for weeks. She asked Adam if anyone coerced him to turn on her. Adam admitted that he did not see Annie kill his brother. He explained that he was testing Annie to be completely sure she was innocent. She felt betrayed and stormed out of the room.

JR did not understand why Adam was playing games. Adam assured JR that he believed Annie was not the killer. JR was frustrated and left.

Kendall and Ryan emerged from the tunnels and admonished Adam for being too easy on Annie. Ryan stated that, if Adam pressed Annie harder for information, she would have cracked and confessed. Adam was annoyed that Kendall convinced him to test Annie. Adam called his security guards and told them to arrest Kendall and Ryan for breaking and entering. Kendall immediately called Jack.

Before Kendall and Ryan could be carted off to jail, Jack met them at the mansion. Jack questioned everyone about the night. Jack said that Kendall and Ryan could not have trespassed, because Adam was in cahoots with them. Jack quipped that Adam should be arrested for wasting everyone's time. Kendall and Ryan were released.

Jack, Kendall, and Ryan went to Kendall's home. Jack scolded Kendall for taking matters into her own hands and concocting a scheme that involved Adam. Jack stated that he was disgusted with them, and left the house. Kendall and Ryan exchanged sheepish glances.

AMC Recap Photo 090708 Annie cried alone in her bedroom as she removed her ankle bracelet. Adam entered the room and saw the bracelet on the floor and the window open. He assumed that Annie escaped. Then, Annie revealed herself. She explained that she wanted to leave, but she had nowhere to go.

Annie was sad because she thought that she could count on Adam. He swore that she could still trust him. He stated that he wanted to be the man that made her laugh and smile. He pleaded with her to give him a second chance and she agreed. He put the ankle bracelet back on her and they kissed.

Marissa entered JR's office. She blurted out that they need to talk about their kiss. Then, Scott turned his chair around, so Marissa could see that she was not talking to JR. She was mortified. He asked if she wanted to talk about it. She explained that she and JR kissed; however, JR admitted that he was thinking about Babe during the kiss. She further divulged that JR's admission hurt her feelings and she ran away from JR.

Scott tried to cheer her up and she thanked him. He noted that he was a "planner" and a nice guy, but women usually preferred dark and mysterious men. She stated that there was some mystery in his eyes. He grabbed her hand and told he was done planning for the night.

Scott took Marissa to the casino. They played the slot machines and lost all of their money. She suggested that they pool their remaining funds and try their luck at the blackjack tables. He was nervous to lose more money, but agreed.

Scott went on a winning streak at the table. He was very excited and wanted to play more, but Marissa urged him to stop while he was ahead. He said that, if he won big, he would take her out to a big, expensive meal. Then, he noticed JR enter the casino and decided to stop playing.

JR approached Marissa and Scott at the table. JR said that he had a rough day. Scott urged JR to tell Marissa about it, and left.

Marissa and JR discussed the kiss they shared. JR apologized for thinking about Babe while he kissed Marissa. He explained that he really did like Marissa, but he needed to take things slowly, especially for Little Adam's sake. Marissa understood and said they could be friends. He admitted that he wanted to be more than friends. He asked if she wanted to go on a casual, low-key date with him. She accepted, and requested that Little Adam accompany them. JR smiled and agreed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amanda was nervous about seeing a therapist. She worried that the therapist would figure out she was lying about the baby's death. Jake said that it might help Amanda to talk to a therapist about her feelings. He said the baby might have died, but Amanda was still going through a painful experience. The therapist called Amanda into her office.

Joe asked Jake how he was handling his new life. Jake said he was worried that something would come between him and Amanda. Jake wondered if he was giving Amanda enough love and support. Joe suggested that Jake keep a tight hold on Amanda, but give her enough space to breathe, too.

Erica met Jackson for lunch. Jackson said Kendall's behavior was not helping her criminal case. Jackson told Erica about Kendall breaking into Adam's house and trying to get Annie to admit she killed Stuart. Erica said Kendall was only fighting for her freedom. Liza walked by, with the baby in a stroller, and said Adam and Annie were tired of Kendall harassing them. Erica reminded Liza that Annie attacked Erica at Adam's home.

Not far away, Krystal met David at the restaurant. David thanked Krystal for meeting him. He asked her if they could try to fix the problems in their marriage. Krystal said they ended up wallowing in each other's sadness as a couple. David asked Krystal if she still loved him.

David heard Liza's baby crying and went to see if anything was wrong. Jackson noticed that the baby's face was red. David touched the baby's forehead. Liza slapped his hand away and told him to leave her baby alone. David said the baby was running a fever. Liza walked off with the crying baby.

David apologized to Jackson and Erica for interrupting their lunch. He assumed that Erica and Jackson were discussing Kendall's case. David said he hoped that they were not plotting to make him look like Stuart's killer. Erica said that since David was testifying for the prosecution, he was fair game. David told Erica that he had nothing against Kendall.

David went back to Krystal. He said it was strange that Liza did not want him touching the sick baby. David decided to go see if Liza took the baby to the hospital, leaving Krystal alone at the table.

Zach went home and told Ryan said that Kendall was safe. Zach demanded to know where Kendall had been hiding. Kendall emerged, said it did not matter where she was, and wanted to know where Zach had been. Zach said he went to Washington, DC, to follow Henry. Kendall said she went to Adam to discuss a plan that would get Annie to admit she killed Stuart. Adam pretended to get his memory back and remembered Annie killing Stuart. Kendall said Annie did not fall for Adam's act. Zach said Henry never returned to his hotel room.

Kendall went to take care of one of her crying babies. Zach was not happy that Ryan lied to him about Kendall's whereabouts. Ryan said Zach had gone to Washington before Kendall even asked him for help. Ryan said Kendall would have gone through with her plan with or without Ryan's help. Zach said that he and Ryan were not a team, even if it meant clearing Kendall's name faster.

Zach got a call from an employee at the hotel where Henry was staying before his death. The employee said that Henry's rental car was missing, but he had not returned to the hotel. The employee said he would call the police in 24 hours if Henry did not show up.

Kendall returned to talk with Ryan. She was surprised that Zach had left. Ryan said that Kendall could have gotten herself in trouble by tricking Annie. He suggested that Kendall keep a low profile until the trial. Kendall said she would not lose her children and Zach. Ryan looked surprised that Kendall mentioned Zach. Kendall said she meant Zach as just a member of her family. Ryan said he understood, but needed to find a way to protect his children without interfering in Kendall's marriage.

Zach spotted Madison at the casino. Zach offered to buy her a cup of coffee. He asked her if she had spoken to Henry. Madison said there was no point in speaking to Henry, because their marriage was over. Zach said he went to Henry's room, but no one was there. Madison remembered Henry waking up after being hit by Randi and begging her to help him. Instead, Madison took a statue and hit Henry, sending him to his death. Madison said Zach might have had the wrong room or maybe Henry had run off with some other woman.

Jesse remembered helping Randi cover up Henry's murder. Angie noticed that Jesse seemed to be distracted. She went to check on him. Angie figured that Jesse was upset about Henry. Jesse said he never found Henry, but thought Kendall would get a fair trial. Also, Jesse said he had no plans to step down as police chief. Angie said Frankie was released from the hospital and sent home. Angie brought up the trial, but Jesse did not want to discuss it.

Randi had a nightmare about her fight with Henry. Frankie woke Randi up and she was glad to see Frankie home from the hospital. Frankie asked Randi why she was not on her business trip. Randi said the flight was canceled and the business not important enough to reschedule. Frankie touched Randi's face, but she pulled away.

Randi said she did not go on the business trip because she was pregnant. Frankie was thrilled with the news. Randi wanted to keep the pregnancy quiet for a while, but agreed to let Jesse and Angie in on the big announcement.

Zach stopped at Frankie and Randi's apartment. While Randi was in the shower, Frankie answered the door. Frankie asked Zach why he stopped by. As Randi showered, she remembered Henry kissing her. After Randi got dressed, she left the bathroom and heard Zach tell Frankie that he was there to pick up a folder for Kendall. Randi asked Frankie to get her the folder. While Frankie was gone, Zach asked Randi if she was with Henry in Washington. Randi said she did not see Henry.

Frankie did not find the folder. Randi claimed she must have left the folder at work. Frankie still seemed confused about Zach's reasons for visiting Randi. Before Frankie could ask Zach anything, Randi spat out that she was pregnant. Zach congratulated the couple, and left. Frankie asked Randi why she blurted out the pregnancy if it was supposed to be a secret. Randi said she just got excited and wanted to tell somebody.

Amanda left the therapy session smiling. She said it helped to speak to the therapist.

Liza took the baby to the hospital to see Jake. They took the baby to an examining room.

David found Amanda at the hospital. Amanda said Jake was with Liza and the baby. David suggested that Jake was trying to replace the loss of Amanda's baby with Liza's baby. He thought it was just strange that Liza and Jake spent so much time together. Amanda said David's theory made no sense, and walked off.

Liza and Jake went to the waiting room with the baby. They told David that the baby would be fine. David asked Liza if the baby was examined at the hospital after birth. Jake said the baby was examined properly. Liza told Jake to stop interfering in her life and walked off.

Amanda, who had been hiding, followed Liza inside the elevator. Amanda bent down to touch the baby and Liza pushed her hand away. Amanda asked Liza if she was trying to keep Amanda from the baby. David questioned Jake about his relationship with Liza. Jake said Liza felt close to him because he delivered her baby.

Erica and Ryan met at a pier for a walk. Ryan said it was obvious that Kendall still loved Zach. Ryan thought it was best for him to stay away from Kendall. Erica thought Ryan was making the right decision by leaving Kendall alone. Erica said she was proud of Ryan.

Frankie and Randi went to Jesse and Angie's home. They announced the pregnancy. Angie and Jesse were happy to hear the news. Jesse hugged Randi and told her that everything would be fine. Jesse, Angie, Frankie, and Randi toasted to the couple on their pregnancy. Jesse got a phone call from his coworkers telling him to turn on the news. The family listened to a reporter announce that Henry's rental car, and possible body, were found.

Zach went back to Henry's hotel room, where he found authorities. The hotel employee said a car with a badly burned body inside was found at the bottom of a cliff. The employee said authorities believed Henry was the victim.

Natalia and another police officer went to the casino to speak with Madison.

Zach went home and told Kendall that Henry was dead.

Friday, July 10, 2009

At the hospital, David questioned Jake's interest in Liza's son. Jake reminded David that he and Liza were friends; naturally, Jake was concerned about her sick child.

Nearby, Amanda asked if Liza was trying to keep her away from Stuart. Liza admitted that she feared it would be difficult for Amanda to see a baby so soon after losing her son. Amanda didn't deny it; however, she asked Liza if she could hold Stuart. Liza gently passed the baby to Amanda. Amanda was only able to hold Stuart for a few moments before she was overcome with emotion. Amanda returned Stuart to Liza then quickly walked away. Amanda was in tears by the time she caught up with Jake and told him how much she missed her baby.

At the Martin residence, Tad was collecting items for a yard sale when Krystal walked into the living room looking for one of Jenny's things. Krystal offered to move out of the overcrowded house. Tad appreciated Krystal's concern, but he made it clear that he wanted her to stay. As Krystal walked out of the room, she mumbled that David had become fixated on Liza's baby. Tad found the comment curious and asked her what had happened. Krystal told Tad about the incident at the restaurant and David's decision to follow Liza to the hospital. Tad muttered an excuse, then rushed out the door.

Tad found Liza at the Yacht Club enjoying the fresh air with her son. He warned Liza about David's suspicions. Liza was confident that her secret was safe, but Tad disagreed. Tad was certain that eventually the truth would come out.

David showed up at the Martin residence moments after Tad had left. David told Krystal that he suspected that Jake and Amanda had lied about his son's death. David went on to reveal that he believed Liza was passing his son off as her own. Krystal thought that David was wrong. She didn't have any doubt that Amanda's grief was genuine.

When Jake returned home, Krystal told him about David's suspicions. Jake thought that the accusations were insane, but Krystal noticed that Jake had not denied the allegations. As Jake made his way to the front door, Krystal reminded Jake that she knew how easy it was to tamper with blood tests. When Jake opened the door, Krystal asked Jake if Liza's baby belonged to David. Liza stood in the doorway with a surprised expression on her face.

AMC Recap Photo 090710 Marissa, JR, and Little A were enjoying a carpet picnic, complete with s'mores, when they heard a knock at the door. Little A went to answer it and was delighted when he saw David. Little A eagerly told his grandfather about his afternoon. JR quickly gathered up his son and they left.

Alone with David, Marissa warned her father that she was too old to be told whom she could date. David revealed that the purpose of his visit was to inform her that her little brother might be alive. Marissa was stunned by the news. David explained that he needed her help to prove his theory, because she was the only person he could trust.

The Hubbards were gathered at Angie and Jesse's apartment when they learned from a television news report of Henry North's death. Jesse insisted that he needed to get to the police station and left. Randi also came up with an excuse and followed Jesse out of the apartment. Angie confided to Frankie that she was worried. Angie told Frankie about Jesse's trip to Washington, DC, as well as cryptic comments Jesse had made about Henry. Frankie realized that Angie suspected that Jesse might have had a hand in Henry's death. Frankie assured his mother that Jesse wasn't involved.

In the hallway, Jesse urged Randi to relax. He reminded her that Henry's head injury would be consistent with a car accident. Jesse advised Randi to focus on shoring up her alibi by making sure that Kendall was apprised of the business trip that Randi had supposedly scheduled.

At the Slater home, Zach told Kendall that Henry North had been killed in a car crash. Kendall found the timing of the accident questionable; she asked Zach what had really happened. Zach denied having anything to do with Henry's death. However, Zach was curious what Kendall knew about Randi's business trip. Kendall had no idea what Zach was talking about.

Later, Jackson and Kendall went to court to ask the judge for a continuance because of Henry death. The judge granted the request. After court was adjourned, Kendall wondered why Jack seemed down. Jack admitted that the timing of the D.A.'s demise was questionable. Kendall took offense and asked if Jack suspected her of driving Henry off the road simply because she had been driving on the night that Greenlee had died.

Jack was stunned by the revelation. Kendall began apologizing when she realized what she had said, but it was too late. Jack felt betrayed because he had unknowingly shared the pain of losing his daughter with the person who had been responsible for her death. Jack washed his hands of Kendall. Before he stormed out of the courtroom, he advised her to hire a new attorney.

Randi met up with Kendall moments later. Randi made a point of mentioning the business trip and the missed flight. Kendall was distracted and didn't ask too many questions. Randi confided to Kendall that she had hated the way that Henry had treated Kendall.

AMC Recap Photo 090710 At the casino, Natalia, accompanied by another police officer, notified Madison of Henry's death. Madison appeared distraught by the news. Later, Madison was taken to Henry's hotel room. She asked why she had been shown her husband's room when he had died in a car accident. Madison was surprised when she was told that they had found something in Henry's room.

Later, Jesse, followed by Zach, walked into Henry's hotel room. Zach was there to make certain that everyone knew that Kendall had an alibi for the time of Henry's accident. Jesse, who had managed to persuade the police to allow Jesse to lead the investigation, was informed that an earring had been found in Henry's room. When Zach quietly asked if it had belonged to Randi, Jesse subtly reminded Zach that Randi also had an alibi. Zach backed off. Meanwhile, Madison requested that her husband's liaison not be made public. Madison insisted that it wasn't necessary, since her husband had died in an accident. After Zach and Madison left, Jesse learned that the hotel's security tapes were missing.

Randi was waiting for Jesse when he returned home. Randi became anxious when Jesse revealed that her earring had been found in Henry's room. Jesse didn't think the earring would be an issue because the surveillance tapes were missing.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan and Erica strolled along the boardwalk. Erica confided that she greatly admired Ryan. Erica seemed embarrassed after she made the confession. Ryan decided to surprise Erica. He took her hand and pulled her along with him. When they reached a grassy area, Ryan asked Erica to hand over all of her forms of communication. Reluctantly, Erica complied. A short time later, Ryan and Erica were sailing.

AMC Recap Photo 090710 It was evident to Ryan that Erica was enjoying herself. He told her that she needed to have more fun in her life. He asked Erica if she was happy. Erica admitted that she would enjoy her life more if she had someone special to share it with. According to Erica, she hadn't met that person yet. After they returned to shore, Erica thanked Ryan for an enjoyable afternoon. Before they were able to retrieve Erica's cell phone, the club's sprinklers popped up. Erica and Ryan were drenched by the time they had rescued Erica's things, so Ryan invited Erica back to his place.

Ryan had a towel wrapped around his hips when Kendall rang the doorbell. Kendall told Ryan about Henry's death, but stopped short when Erica entered the room. Erica wore one of Ryan's shirts and was in the process of drying her hair.

Madison watched a video of Randi entering Henry's room on July 06, 2009. When she heard a knock at her door, Madison stopped the tape and then opened the door to Zach. Zach had stopped by at Madison's request. Madison explained that she had something for Zach. Moments later, she held up Henry's briefcase as she told Zach that it contained all of Henry's files on Kendall's case. Madison wanted Zach to have it. The offer made Zach realize that Madison had murdered her husband.



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