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Jack refused to represent Kendall when he learned that Kendall had been driving the car on the night that Greenlee had died. Zach blackmailed Liza to represent Kendall. Madison was certain that she had destroyed incriminating surveillance tapes.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, July 13, 2009

The new D.A. went to Jesse's office to ask if Jesse knew where Henry had kept the case files for Kendall's murder trial. According to D.A. Willis, they could not proceed to trial without the files. Jesse suggested that Willis investigate Annie as a possible suspect. As if on cue, Natalia popped her head into Jesse's office to notify him that Annie's ankle monitor had gone on the move.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie comforted Adam after he learned that Kendall's trial had been delayed. Annie continued to work her wiles on Adam by opening her slinky robe to reveal a sexy bikini underneath. Annie innocently announced that she had decided to go for a swim and invited Adam to join her.

Adam was outraged when Jesse and Natalia showed up at the mansion to check Annie's ankle monitor. Annie explained that she had merely gone for a swim in the pool. When Jesse mentioned that he had a few questions for Annie, Adam's temper flared. Annie assured Adam that she welcomed the opportunity to clear her name. She urged Adam to visit Little A while she talked to Jesse.

Alone with Jesse, Annie blamed Erica for Jesse's visit. Jesse confessed that Erica had left five messages for him, but he had no idea why. Annie accused Erica of being desperate to clear Kendall's name and jealous because Adam had dumped Erica for her. Jesse reminded Annie that she wasn't exactly innocent; she had killed "one or two" people. Annie fired back that she had been insane at the time. Annie then bragged that she would soon be Mrs. Adam Chandler. Annie was confident that, once she and Adam were married, no one would be able to touch her.

In Madison's room, Zach became suspicious when Madison offered Zach the briefcase containing Henry's files on Kendall. Madison denied that she had slain her husband. She explained that she wanted Zach to have the files because, unlike Henry, he loved his wife. Madison also revealed that she knew who had killed Henry. Madison pointed the finger of guilt at Henry's "dirty little hooker," whom Madison claimed she had seen entering Henry's room. According to Madison, Pine Valley's police chief had helped to cover up the crime. When Zach asked to see the surveillance tape, Madison confessed that she had destroyed it.

At the Martin residence, Krystal asked Jake if Liza's baby was David's son. Liza, who stood in the doorway, demanded to know why Krystal had asked the question. Krystal revealed that David had put the idea in her head. Liza threatened to get a restraining order against David if he tried to pursue his theory. When Krystal wondered why Liza would go to such lengths, Liza replied that she would do whatever was necessary to protect her son from David. Jake surprised everyone by suggesting that Liza have a DNA test to confirm that David was Stuart's father.

Naturally, Liza refused to consider subjecting her child to a DNA test. Krystal appeared to have second thoughts about David's claims and decided to track David down to talk to him. After Krystal left, Liza demanded to know if Jake was insane. Jake defended his idea about the paternity test. He told Liza that if they took a DNA test, then Jake could arrange for the results to reveal that someone other than David had fathered Stuart. Liza refused to risk the possibility that David would discover that the results had been tampered with.

In Marissa's room, David reminded his daughter of the losses he had suffered as a parent. David wanted Marissa to understand how important it was for him to know whether or not Liza's son was his child. Marissa admitted that David's belief-that Jake had given David's son to Liza to raise-wasn't far-fetched. David was grateful for Marissa's trust and support. Marissa urged David to back off, otherwise Liza and Jake would remain hyper-vigilant. Marissa promised David that she would do some digging to help determine, once and for all, if Liza was raising David's son.

When Liza returned home with a fussy and hungry Stuart, Colby apologized because she had sent all of Stuart's bottles out to be cleaned and sterilized. Colby went to the door with the intention of tracking down the bottles. She didn't have to go far because Marissa stood on the doorstep with bottles in hand. Marissa explained that she had passed someone from room service in the hallway. As Stuart continued to fuss, Marissa asked if she could hold him because she had a way with children. As promised, Marissa quickly quieted Stuart down. When Zach arrived and asked to speak to Liza privately, Colby and Marissa took Stuart for a walk.

As soon as they were alone, Zach handed Henry's briefcase to Liza. Zach informed Liza that he wanted her to represent Kendall, but Liza wasn't keen on the idea. Zach made it clear that if Liza refused to cooperate, he would make sure everyone learned that Stuart was not her biological son.

While Colby and Marissa walked, Marissa managed to glean interesting information about Stuart's birth, including that Jake had sent Colby out of the basement because of delivery complications. Colby also noted how different Stuart had looked, moments after birth, than Jenny had.

When the girls returned to Liza's room, Colby was surprised when her mother announced that she had agreed to defend Kendall. Colby worried caring for an infant and defending a murder case might be too much for Liza to handle. When Marissa offered to work for Liza as a law clerk, Colby endorsed the idea. Liza agreed that she would think about it. After Marissa left, Liza asked if Colby thought Marissa could be trusted. Colby confessed that she didn't judge Marissa based on David's behavior, because Colby knew what it was like to have a "crazy" father.

Outside the Yacht Club, Krystal joined David at his table. Krystal was surprised when David admitted that he had been wrong to suggest that Liza's baby could be his son. David attributed the erroneous conclusion to his profound grief over losing another child. Krystal seemed relieved that David had returned to his senses.

However, the good will soured when David asked Krystal if she loved him. When she responded that she did, David assumed that they would reconcile. Krystal was forced to explain to David that she couldn't be with him because they brought out the worst in each other. David vowed not to give up on Krystal and begged her to tell him what she wanted. Krystal's answer was to walk way.

When David returned to Marissa's room, she told him about her visit with Liza and Colby. David became excited when he realized that Stuart had spit-up all over Marissa's dress. David realized that he had DNA evidence that he could use.

At home, Krystal told Jake that David had a change of heart about Liza's baby. Jake hoped that it meant that David would stay out of Liza's life. After Krystal left the room, Jake received a phone call. It appeared that someone gave Jake an update of some sort. Before he ended the call, Jake told the mystery person to give the "little guy" a kiss for him.

At Ryan's penthouse, Kendall revealed that Henry North had died and that she'd been granted a continuance in court. Kendall was taken aback when Erica walked into the room wearing Ryan's shirt and sporting wet hair. Given Ryan's state of undress, Kendall asked what was going on. However, she didn't stick around for any answers.

After Kendall left, Ryan told Erica that Kendall's trial had been postponed. Erica was delighted and decided to follow her daughter. To Ryan's amusement, Erica rushed out the door. Erica returned when she realized that she wasn't dressed for dashing across town. After Erica changed into her own clothes, Ryan told her that he had put her cell phone in a plastic bag with rice. Ryan promised that it would help dry out the phone. Erica didn't think the trick would work, but thanked Ryan for his consideration by kissing him gently on the cheek before she left.

A short time later, Aidan stopped by to talk to Ryan about Annie. Aidan was surprised when Ryan announced his decision to stay out of Kendall's legal troubles. Ryan was confident that Jesse would solve Stuart's murder. Aidan agreed that it was time that they stopped trying to save women who were never really theirs to begin with. After Aidan's departure, Ryan checked Erica's cell phone. He smiled when it turned on.

Kendall went to Fusion. When she saw a picture of her mother, perched on an easel, Kendall recalled seeing Erica in Ryan's shirt. Angry, Kendall stormed over to Erica's picture, pulled it off the easel, and threw it to the ground. When Erica walked in, she immediately spotted the poster on the floor. Erica ignored it to focus on Kendall.

Erica tried to assure Kendall that there was nothing going on between her and Ryan, but Kendall didn't seem to believe her. Erica wondered why it mattered to Kendall when Kendall had Zach to love her. Kendall insisted that Zach didn't want her. Erica pointed out that Zach wouldn't continue to help Kendall if he didn't love her. Erica then reminded Kendall of all of the people who were trying to help her, including Erica. Erica went on to tell Kendall about her encounter with Annie.

Kendall remained hostile until Erica showed her daughter the marks that Annie had left on her neck. Kendall was horrified when she realized that she could have lost her mother. Kendall's mood shifted and, by the time she left to meet Zach, Kendall jokingly warned Erica not to get caught in any sprinklers again.

Alone, Erica picked up a mirror to look at the bruises on her neck. Her troubled thoughts were quickly replaced by happy memories of her and Ryan running through the sprinklers. Adam's arrival brought Erica's musings to an abrupt end. Adam accused Erica of targeting Annie because of jealousy. Erica denied the accusation; she feared that Adam would meet the same fate as Stuart if he stayed with Annie.

Kendall was furious when Zach revealed that he had hired Liza to represent her. Kendall warned, "I'll plead guilty before I let that bitch defend me!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brot was working at the hospital when Taylor returned the pager that he had left in her purse. He thanked her and commented that she looked very nice. She stated that she had a lunch meeting at the Yacht Club with Tad. Brot assumed that she was going on a date, but she refused to call it that. He told her to have fun. She said, "I'm sorry." He replied, "There's nothing to be sorry about."

Tad found Jake to tell him that David ordered a secret DNA test on Liza's baby. Tad was nervous that David would discover that the baby was truly his son. Tad warned Jake that Amanda would leave him, if she found out that he gave Liza her baby. Jake promised Tad that he had everything under control.

Marissa and David discussed baby Stuart. Marissa hoped that the baby was not David's, because that would mean that Jake, Liza, and Amanda faked a baby's death.

David noticed Amanda at the hospital. He commended her for seeing a therapist. He wished that he had the strength to deal with his problems like Amanda. She admitted that she was having a hard time getting over the loss of their child. He proceeded to tell her that he felt a strong connection to Liza's baby. She confessed that she felt the same connection. David wondered if Stuart was their child. David then accused Liza and Jake of stealing their baby. Amanda said that David was crazy and ran away crying.

Brot mopped the hospital floor as David bumped into him. Water spilled and David ordered Brot to clean the mess. Brot said it was David's fault, so he should clean it. David told Brot to do his job. Brot handed David the mop and exclaimed, "I quit!"

Jake witnessed the interaction between David and Brot and sneered at David. David told Jake that Amanda left the hospital in tears. Jake assumed that David informed Amanda of his theories on Liza's baby. David claimed that he no longer thought the baby was his. David knew that Amanda would never willingly let Liza have her baby. David further noted that Jake would not give the baby to Liza because that would break his wife's heart. David stormed off and Jake was left with a sheepish look on his face.

Colby asked Liza if she could take Stuart outside. Liza said yes, but she warned Colby to keep the baby away from David. Colby inquired why and Liza revealed that David claimed the baby was his. Colby called David evil and noted that he was crazy to think that Liza would steal a baby.

After Liza left, Colby tried to take care of Stuart, but the baby cried uncontrollably. Marissa showed up and offered to help Colby. Colby curtly declined the offer, so Marissa wondered if something was wrong. Colby stated that she wanted to keep Stuart away from David. Marissa affirmed that she was not like her father, so Colby agreed to let Marissa help. Marissa held Stuart and he stopped crying.

Amanda went to see Stuart. Amanda asked to hold the baby and Colby reluctantly said yes. Marissa keenly watched Amanda's interaction with the baby. Amanda rocked the baby in her arms and did not want to let him go.

Marissa went to see David at the hospital. She reported that she watched Amanda "zero in on Stuart." David held up an envelope and announced that the DNA results were in. David opened the envelope and eagerly read the results.

Amanda confronted Jake about Stuart. She demanded to know if the baby was hers. He told her that Stuart was Liza's baby, but Amanda was skeptical. Amanda asked him to swear on his love for her that he did not give her baby to Liza.

Taylor showed up at Tad's house to inform him that he missed their lunch date. He apologized profusely for standing her up. He explained that he was very busy and their date slipped his mind. She turned to leave, but he begged her to stay. He changed into a suit and asked her to accompany him to the club. She was uninterested and confessed that she was not into yacht clubs. Tad stated that he was not into swanky places, either. He asked her to hang out at his home and she agreed.

Tad and Taylor swapped stories about their stressful situations. Taylor explained that she did not know what to do with her life since she was out of the military and no longer with Brot. Tad stated that he was tired of dealing with "garbage," especially since his near-death experience made him appreciate life more. He then suggested that they go on a mission to "blow out the garbage" in their lives. She laughed and agreed.

Angie visited Frankie and Randi at their apartment. Angie said that she wanted to watch the press conference with them. Randi asked what the conference was about. Frankie explained that his father had to announce the results of Henry's autopsy to the press. Randi looked nervous and fainted.

Randi regained consciousness and assured Frankie and Angie that she was fine. They all watched the press conference. Jesse announced on television that the cause of Henry's death was a car accident. Jesse reported that the coroner suspected Henry fell asleep at the wheel and crashed.

Randi recalled the night that she and Jesse staged Henry's car accident. She said that she did not feel well and ran to the bathroom. Angie then mentioned to Frankie that Jesse seemed extremely tense during the conference. She wondered if Jesse was hiding something about the case. Frankie assured her that Jesse had nothing to do with Henry's death.

After Angie left, Frankie had a heart-to-heart talk with Randi. Frankie assumed that Randi's sick spells were due to more than morning sickness. He thought that Randi felt anxious about the pregnancy, especially because her mother was not around. He reminded Randi that her mother would be proud of the adversity she overcame. He further noted that Randi's mother would be pleased with the life Randi built for herself. He affirmed that Randi would be a great mother and she smiled. He told her that he wanted to take her somewhere special, so they left the apartment.

AMC Recap Photo 090714 Zach met with Jesse at the police station. Zach inquired if the investigation of Henry's accident was finished. Jesse assured Zach that it was a closed case. Then, Madison arrived. She revealed that she had the security footage from Henry's hotel. She knew that Jesse and Randi covered up Henry's murder. Madison wondered why Jesse helped a hooker like Randi.

Zach left the station, so Jesse and Madison could speak privately. Jesse explained that Randi and Henry shared a romantic history. He stated that Henry wanted to rekindle the flame, but Randi refused. He further noted that Henry tried to rape Randi, but she fought him off. Jesse urged Madison not to implicate Randi. Madison agreed to keep quiet about Randi, if Jesse helped her file an insurance claim. Madison explained that Henry spent a lot of her money and she wanted to recover it through his life insurance plan, which was worth ten million dollars. She told Jesse to make sure that she got her money.

Frankie took Randi to the Yacht Club. She felt better after sitting outside in the sun. They happily talked about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Brot was at the club and overheard the news. Brot congratulated the couple. Brot stated that he was happy they worked out their issues, even though he regretted not being abIe to do so with Taylor.

Frankie and Brot left the table and Randi sat peacefully on her own. Madison, wearing all black, approached Randi and introduced herself as Henry's widow. Randi looked uneasy.

Angie asked Jake for help. Angie wanted to see Henry's autopsy, so Jake got it for her. Angie immediately met with Jesse after reading the coroner's notes. She found it odd that Henry's neck was not broken, since he supposedly hit his head very hard against the car's windshield. Also, she wondered why the coroner did not conduct a more thorough examination. Jesse urged her to "let it go." She asked him if he was involved in Henry's death. He affirmed that he was not a killer. She apologized for accusing him of misdeeds. She was certain that Jesse would never lie to her. As she hugged him, he displayed a guilty look on his face.

Zach and Kendall were at their home. Kendall did not want Liza to represent her. He stated that Kendall did not have a choice, and left.

Liza arrived at Kendall's home to discuss the case. The nanny claimed that Kendall was not home, but Liza knew otherwise. Kendall revealed herself and told Liza to leave. Liza reminded Kendall that she needed a brilliant lawyer. Kendall noted that she hated Liza and did not want to work with her. Liza said that the feeling was mutual, but they had to cooperate. Kendall wondered why Liza wanted the case. Liza admitted that, if she won the case, it would be great publicity for her.

Kendall agreed to give Liza a chance. Liza planned to put Kendall on the stand, so Liza prepped Kendall for court. Liza asked Kendall questions about the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall became more and more emotional as Liza interrogated her. Then, Zach arrived at home and saw Kendall crying. Kendall ran out of the room.

Liza explained to Zach that Kendall needed to get emotional on the stand, so when Kendall cried, the jury would cry with her. Liza assured him that she would win the case, especially since he was blackmailing her.

After Liza left, Kendall admitted to Zach that Liza was a suitable lawyer. Nevertheless, Kendall asked Zach why he hired Liza. He replied that Liza was good and available. Kendall felt that he was hiding something. Zach was annoyed that Kendall did not trust him.

Kendall wished that they would stop hurting each other. Zach reminded her that he slept with Liza once, while he was single. Zach further reminded Kendall that she had a love affair with Ryan, while she was married to him. Zach affirmed that Kendall betrayed him.

Kendall stated that her affair with Ryan was over because she wanted to be with Zach. She told Zach that she was trying to make amends, but he was not receptive to her attempts. She admitted that she still loved him. He grabbed her and they kissed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Madison approached Randi at the Yacht Club and introduced herself as Henry's widow. Madison then accused Randi of killing Henry. Madison proceeded to insult Randi for being a hooker. Randi looked nervous, but admitted nothing. Madison asked if Randi's baby was Henry's. Randi affirmed that she never cheated on Frankie.

Frankie saw Madison and Randi talking. Madison introduced herself to Frankie and congratulated him on the pregnancy. Frankie wondered how Madison knew. Madison explained that Jesse told her when she met with him at the police station. Madison then told Randi that she hoped to see her again, and left.

Frankie and Randi went home and started kissing. Randi flashed back to the night that Henry almost raped her. Randi pulled away from Frankie, so he noted that it was safe to make love while she was pregnant. She claimed that she felt nauseous and asked for soda water. They were out of soda water, so he left to buy some.

Jesse got a text message from Randi, so he rushed to her apartment. Randi was freaking out because Madison confronted her about Henry's death. Jesse said that he would handle Madison.

Frankie returned home with soda water. He told Randi that he wished to indulge all of her whims. She felt lucky to have such a great husband.

Jesse found Madison gambling at the casino. He asked her why she sought out Randi. Madison explained that she wanted to meet the woman that stole her husband's heart. Jesse warned her to stay away from his family. He stated that, if she continued to meddle with his family, he would make her regret it. She was appalled that he threatened her. She reminded him that he had covered up a murder and that she could expose him.

Frankie got a text message from an unknown caller. The message read, "Are you sure the baby is yours?"

Kendall admitted to Zach that she still loved him, and they kissed. He then pushed her away and stated that they had to stop. She wondered why they could not go back to the ways things used to be between them, especially because they were married and living together. He noted that they were living together, but they were strangers under the same roof. He did not want to make love as though they were strangers, as well.

Zach felt that they could not recover what they had shared in the past. She was sad that he did not reciprocate her feelings. She asked why he would not allow himself to love her again. He replied, "I can't." Kendall walked out of the house as tears rolled down her face.

The new prosecutor, Mr. Willis, went to Ryan's penthouse to question Ryan about the night of Stuart's murder. Ryan declared that he already told Henry everything. Willis wanted to go over the facts again, especially because Ryan lied the first time he recounted the night's details. Ryan assured Willis that his most recent statement was true. Just then, Liza entered the penthouse and told Ryan not to answer any more questions.

Ryan was annoyed to see Liza and noted that he did not have to listen to her. She announced that she was Kendall's attorney. She then told Willis that he should drop the case against Kendall because it was flawed. Willis stated that Henry felt the case was a slam-dunk for the prosecution. She retorted that Henry was not interested in the truth; instead, he was interested in unrightfully condemning Kendall for his personal gain. She asked Willis what his motives were. He affirmed that he wanted justice, and left.

Ryan thought that Kendall and Zach were crazy for hiring Liza because she was also representing Annie. Liza assured Ryan that there was no conflict of interest. He asked her if she would be willing to prove that Annie killed Stuart. Liza said that she did not have to prove Annie was a killer; instead, she needed to make the jury doubt that Kendall was a killer. Nevertheless, Ryan was convinced that Annie was the murderer. To prove it, he gave Liza the picture that Emma drew of Annie holding a gun. The picture intrigued Liza. Liza opened the door to leave and found Kendall outside.

Kendall entered the penthouse. She wished that Ryan had not seen her on the doorstep because she regretted going to his place. He agreed that she should not have visited him. She apologized for falling back into her bad habits. He believed that Kendall and Zach belonged together. Ryan urged her to rely on Zach, not him. She knew Ryan was right, but it hurt her feelings to hear him say that.

Kendall confessed that she was scared. Ryan assured her that she would not go to jail. She felt that she needed a life jacket to save her. He thought that her comment made her sound guilty. She explained that she was starting to feel guilty, after being accused many times. He urged her to stay strong, and she left.

Ryan did not know that Emma was eavesdropping on all of his conversations. Emma told her father that she heard him talking. He asked what she heard. The little girl adamantly stated that her mother did not kill Stuart. He asked Emma if she saw the real killer. Emma retorted, "I saw Kendall shoot Stuart!"

Zach met with Liza to get an update on Kendall's case. Liza had been looking through all of Henry's notes. She found the notes frustrating because they were hard to decipher. Henry scribbled all over ransom sheets of paper. Liza then showed Zach a particular piece of paper that was interesting. The paper read, "The Kid." Liza deduced that Henry planned to put Emma on the stand. Zach agreed that Emma was Henry's "ace in the hole."

Kendall told Zach that she went to see Ryan. Zach was annoyed and stated that he had more important things to worry about than her visits with Ryan. Zach revealed that Henry wanted to put Emma on the stand. Zach asked Kendall if the girl saw her at the mansion. Kendall looked worried.

Amanda asked Jake to swear on his love for her that he did not give the baby to Liza. Jake swore that he did not give Amanda's baby to Liza. Amanda hugged him and apologized for making the accusation.

David was shocked to read the DNA results, because they confirmed that the baby Stuart was not his son. David immediately assumed that Jake rigged the results. Marissa felt that David was being ridiculous. Marissa told David that it was time to accept his son's death. She further noted that David was obsessed. She then gave him an ultimatum. She told David that he had to choose between his baby obsession and her. David chose Marissa.

David told Amanda and Jake that he ordered a secret DNA test on baby Stuart. David admitted that his actions were wrong and he apologized. Jake inquired about the DNA results. David revealed that the baby was not his and promised to leave Jake and Amanda alone.

Marissa met Krystal at ConFusion. Marissa revealed to Krystal that she helped David conduct a secret DNA test. Krystal was aggravated with David, especially because he involved Marissa in his scheme. Marissa assured Krystal that David was over his obsession, but Krystal was skeptical. Amanda and Jake then approached Krystal and reaffirmed Marissa's position. Amanda and Jake truly felt that David was going to leave them alone.

David arrived at ConFusion and Krystal walked over to him. He assumed that she knew about the secret DNA test. He asked for her forgiveness and she said that she would try. He promised her that he was done obsessing over Stuart and she was glad. He then announced that he had to finish what he started and left the bar.

David went to see Liza. He apologized for conducting the DNA test. He swore that he would not bother her anymore. They then shook hands and she forgave him.

Liza called Jake and commended him for tricking David. She asked Jake how he did it. Jake said that he fooled David by switching the DNA samples. Meanwhile, Jake did not realize that Amanda was listening to his conversation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Annie ordered soft shell crabs as she prepared her romantic evening with Adam. Scott found Annie fixing a dinner table in front of the fireplace. He asked Annie if she was celebrating a special occasion. Annie said preparing a dinner was the least she could do to thank Adam for his hospitality.

Scott said he thought Adam was supposed to be grateful to Annie for saving his life. Annie said she wished she could have saved Stuart, too. Also, Annie told Scott that people in town had gotten the wrong impression of her. They all thought she was out to steal Adam's money. Annie said she just wanted her freedom and enjoyed Adam's company.

JR went into the Chandler home and immediately told Scott not to believe anything Annie said. JR said Annie was just trying to make as many friends as possible before conning Adam into marrying her. JR pulled out all of Adam's wedding albums, but could not find the album with Dixie and Adam. JR joked that Adam probably got rid of the albums after he murdered the wives. Annie was shocked at JR's accusation. JR said Alexander Cambias admitted that he did not poison Dixie. JR said Tad was convinced Adam killed Dixie before getting shot.

Liza asked Jake how he convinced David that her baby did not belong him. Amanda walked up behind Jake and overheard him tell Liza that it did not matter what he said to David. All that mattered was that Jake had made "the switch," Jake said. Liza told Jake he was a miracle worker, and hung up.

Amanda accused Jake of lying to her about Liza's baby being her child. She started hitting Jake on the chest and crying. Amanda wanted to go to the baby, but Jake held her back. He told Amanda it was time he explained everything to her.

Jake said he hired Liza to find a family for Amanda's baby, and Liza showed up in Pine Valley faking a pregnancy and claiming she was going to keep Amanda's baby. Jake said he knew Liza's plan would not work because she would stay in Pine Valley with the baby. Jake said that Liza threatened to tell David the truth about the baby if she was not able to keep him. Jake reminded Amanda that she did not want to know anything about the adoptive family. Amanda asked Jake if Liza had her son. Jake said Liza did not have Amanda's baby.

Jake said he needed Liza to believe she had Amanda's baby. Jake said he found another mother willing to give up her baby boy without any questions. Jake said Liza thought he switched the DNA samples to mislead David, but Jake never had to do that because Liza did not have Amanda's baby. Amanda demanded to know where her baby was being kept. Jake said her child was with a safe family in the country. Amanda did not believe Jake and wanted her own DNA test. Jake said he would take Amanda to her baby.

Jake and Amanda went to the country house Jake described. Amanda saw a woman put a baby in a crib through the window. "That's my baby," Amanda said.

Marissa visited Liza. Marissa wondered why Liza wanted to hire her to help with the case, especially since Marissa thought Liza did not trust her. Liza said a conversation with David changed her mind quickly. Liza realized that Marissa was a positive influence on David. Liza showed Marissa a list of suspects in Stuart's death. She told Marissa to add Little Adam and Emma to the list as possible witnesses.

The new district attorney, Andrew Willis, introduced himself to Erica at ConFusion. Andrew said he was speaking with all of the parties involved in the case again. Erica told Andrew he needed to start his research by speaking with Annie. Andrew planned to speak with Annie, but first, he said he wanted to clear Kendall's name. Erica eagerly offered to help Andrew if it meant keeping Kendall out of prison. To prove Annie's insanity, Erica explained the many crimes Annie had committed in the past. Andrew said that despite Annie's past, he was not sure she had motivation for killing Stuart. Erica was not sure either, but said that insane people never had rational reasons for doing anything.

Erica saw Adam enter ConFusion. She called out his name loudly, adding that he was harboring the woman who killed his brother. Erica and Andrew went over to Adam at the bar. Adam said Andrew should not listen to Erica's lies. Adam told Erica that Jackson was no longer Kendall's lawyer. Instead, Liza would be representing Kendall at the trial. Andrew said he needed to speak with Adam further. Adam said they could talk at his house.

Zach told Kendall that he thought Emma saw the person who killed Stuart. After all, Annie was alone when she found Adam, leaving Zach to believe Emma was hiding in the mansion. Zach said Emma told police she did not see anything, but Henry, the former district attorney, wanted a professional therapist to evaluate Emma. Kendall said Emma would never tell the police her own mother shot Stuart, even if it was true.

Emma told Ryan she remembered seeing Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma remembered going downstairs, seeing Zach holding something in his hand, possibly a gun, and Kendall shooting a gun. Emma asked Ryan if he believed her story. Ryan said that the mind could play tricks on people sometimes. Ryan asked Emma if she was lying about Kendall to protect Annie. Emma said Ryan loved Kendall instead of Annie. Ryan said he and Kendall were just friends.

Andrew and Adam arrived at the Chandler home. JR and Scott left to allow Andrew to interview Adam and Annie. Andrew asked Annie to recall what happened the night of Stuart's murder. Annie said she went to get Emma in the nursery and saw Adam enter the room. Adam ran off and Annie said she went after him, but bumped into a drunken JR in the hall.

Annie said she found an ill Adam, heard a gunshot, and took Adam and Emma to the attic. Andrew asked Annie why she did not leave with Emma if her intent was to kidnap the child. Annie said she could not leave Adam in his time of need. Adam and Annie said they loved each other. Andrew left so Adam and Annie could have their romantic dinner.

Annie asked Adam if he really loved her. Adam said he meant every word, and kissed her. Adam suggested they hold off on dinner, but perhaps enjoy some champagne in his bedroom.

Erica went to see Kendall at her home. She was not pleased that Liza was Kendall's new attorney. Kendall said Liza wanted to win the case to further her career and make a fresh start in Pine Valley. Erica said Liza was going to put Kendall in jail so she could try to shack up with Zach. Kendall was not Liza's fan, but thought she was a good lawyer.

Liza got a call from the therapist who was supposed to examine Emma. The therapist said Henry had asked him to examine a possible suspect in a murder case. The therapist said he specialized in treating people who repressed memories from traumatic experiences. Liza asked the therapist if Henry had any other requests. The therapist said Henry wanted to know if a child could inherit his or her parent's insanity. Liza wanted to know the therapist's answer. He said that it was possible for children to inherit their parents' mental illnesses depending on the reasons that led to the parents' insanity.

Zach told Ryan he got Henry's notes outlining how he would prosecute Kendall at the trial, which was mostly on circumstantial evidence. Zach said he gave the information, along with a scrap of paper that said "the kid," to Liza. Zach said he and Liza thought "the kid" was referring to Emma. Zach asked Ryan if Emma remembered anything more from the night of Stuart's murder. Ryan said Emma claimed she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Zach thought Emma was covering up for Annie, but Ryan was confident that Emma really believed she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Zach told Ryan to get Emma out of town.

AMC Recap Photo 090716 Emma slept upstairs. She dreamt of hearing a gunshot and woke up. Emma placed a call to Annie. She started to say that Ryan did not believe her story about Kendall shooting Stuart. But before Emma could say anything, Ryan walked in. Ryan asked Emma if she was talking to her mother.

Marissa saw JR and Scott at ConFusion. She told them that Liza had hired her to help with Kendall's case. Marissa asked JR and Scott for more details about Stuart's murder. JR said he and Annie struggled for her gun, but she got away. Marissa thought it was odd that Annie did not leave with Emma when she had the chance. JR said he would be glad to help Liza with Kendall's case, and left.

Marissa asked Scott for his thoughts on the case. Scott seemed upset that Stuart was being forgotten in the whole incident. Scott felt that people were more concerned about the killer.

Liza held her baby and promised to be a good mother. Erica stopped in to have a chat with Liza. Erica said Liza was trying to sabotage Kendall's case to get in the sheets with Zach.

Zach went back home to Kendall. He told her that Emma claimed she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Kendall asked Zach if he believed Emma. Zach said Ryan believed Emma. Kendall thought Zach did not believe she was innocent.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Amanda was shocked to see her son in a house in the country just as Jake promised. She said that she needed to go inside and tell her son how much she loved him. After initially trying to stop her, Jake opened the door and told her to go in. They slowly entered the darkened nursery and Amanda cried as she picked up the baby she'd given birth to. She told her son all the things she'd been holding in her heart and was pleased when her son gurgled as if he understood.

AMC Recap Photo 090717 Then, the lights came on, and the woman who had placed Amanda's son in his crib appeared on the stairs. Amanda backed up, fearful of what would happen next, but Jake told her not to be afraid. He informed her that there had never been another set of parents, and that he'd hired the woman, Margaret, to take care of Amanda's son. He asked Margaret to give them a moment, and then explained to Amanda that although they'd had a plan, things got complicated when Liza started to blackmail him. Amanda wanted to know why Jake lied to her. He told her that he thought he was protecting her and asked her to understand.

Jake knew that if he'd told Amanda his plans from the beginning, she would have come to see her son every chance she got, and that David would have followed her. Amanda told her husband that there was nothing to forgive, as he'd given her everything she ever wanted. She then asked what the future held, and if they were going to live their lives out on a deserted island. Jake told her that they would return to Pine Valley, but Amanda thought that taking the baby back there would ruin everything. Jake told her that the baby would stay with Margaret, but Amada refused to give up her baby again.

Jake told her that she didn't have any other choice, but said that they would see him again. Amanda was hopeful that Jake meant they could visit Trevor – whom she named after her father – regularly, but Jake told her that he had plans to utilize a webcam. Amanda demanded to know Jake's timeline, and how long it would be until she could hold her son again. He couldn't provide a concrete answer so Amanda bid a teary farewell to her son. Jake led her out of the house, but as her tears flowed faster, Amanda told Jake that she couldn't leave her son.

Erica ran into JR at Confusion and they reconnected over their shared sobriety. She then asked JR what was on his mind and JR told her that if Annie had her way, she and Adam would be married soon. JR thought that the idea of the marriage would bother Erica more, but Erica asserted that the man she knew and cared about was very different than the person who was involved with Annie. She briefly rehashed all the things that she'd done for Adam and expressed dismay over the fact that Adam had lost his ability to be a shrewd judge of character. JR thought that Erica would be the perfect person to help him change Adam's mind but when he broached the subject, Erica refused.

Annie got a phone call from Emma but was unable to find out what she needed before Ryan came into the room. The line went dead just as Adam returned to the living room to find out why Annie hadn't come upstairs. He found Annie in a state of panic and determined to see Emma. Adam warned her that the police would come after her but Annie didn't care. Adam tried to convince Annie that Emma was fine but Annie was afraid that Emma hadn't stayed in the nursery and actually saw something the night of the murder. She demanded that Adam help her get the ankle bracelet off so that she could track down her daughter.

Adam told Annie that he wanted to keep her safe with him instead of risking a run in with the authorities. Annie told him that not going was not an option, and reminded Adam of the jamming device Aidan had given her. Adam asked what would happen if things didn't work out the way she hoped. Annie thought for a moment, and then told him that it would have been worth it because she would have seen her daughter.

AMC Recap Photo 090717 Emma ran downstairs and demanded to see her mother. Ryan sat her down and explained that they hadn't gotten the okay from the judge to do that. Emma said that she needed to tell Annie that Kendall shot Stuart, but Ryan tried to convince her that her eyes had played tricks on her. Emma insisted that she knew what she'd seen, and when the doorbell rang, she thought her mother had come to see her. She ran to the door but was saddened when she found Liza on the other side.

Ryan sent his daughter upstairs so that he could talk to Liza alone. Ryan quickly revealed that he'd heard Liza had possession of North's trial notes. Liza asked if Emma was the kid that North had mentioned, and whether or not Emma could implicate Kendall in any way. Ryan told Liza that Emma believed she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Liza told Ryan about the trip that North made to see a child psychologist that specialized in suppressed memories. She said that if the new prosecutor found out that Emma might have seen something, the little girl could be the prosecution's star witness. Just then, Emma came back downstairs and told the adults that a man had been waiting for her after school one day and had already asked her questions.

Ryan and Liza asked Emma a few questions and found out that it was Henry that had approached the little girl. Emma told them that she hadn't given Henry any information and that she'd run away from him as soon as she saw her school bus. She asked Ryan if she'd done anything wrong, and Ryan assured the little girl that she'd done exactly what she was supposed to do. They asked if she'd ever seen Henry again, and she told them she hadn't. Ryan then took his daughter back up to bed.

When Ryan came back down, Liza asked when Emma had last spoken to her mother. Ryan related the tale of how he'd caught Emma on the phone with her mother earlier that night but had stopped Emma before she said anything. Liza found the account interesting and posited that Emma has seen her mother shoot Stuart, but substituted Kendall for her mother after her talk with North. Liza told Ryan that she had an idea, but Ryan insisted that his daughter needed to be kept out of the legal fray. Liza said that her idea didn't involve the little girl but said that if her hunch was right, Annie was the key.

Kendall told Zach that Emma most likely said that Kendall killed Stuart to keep her mother out of trouble, and said that Annie probably put the thoughts in Emma's head the night of the murder. Zach noted that both Emma and Ryan believed what Emma said she'd seen. Kendall looked at her husband and accused him of believing Emma as well. She started ranting about taking a child's word over her own, and Zach told her that Emma was making more sense than Kendall. Furious, Kendall slapped him.

Zach tried to shake it off and told Kendall that she needed to formulate a game plan. Kendall told him that she needed to be certain of Zach's take on the situation, because if he didn't believe in her innocence, she had no shot of winning over the jury. She said that if Zach felt she was guilty, she would ask the police to lock her up right away.

Zach asked how Kendall could ever believe that he doubted her innocence, and when she realized that he was being truthful, she calmed down. She told him that she thought she saw doubt in his eyes, but he told her that it was actually fear. He admitted to being afraid that he wasn't doing enough to keep the mother of his children out of jail. Just as Erica walked in the door, Zach told Kendall that they needed to neutralize the threat.

Erica thought that Liza was the threat that they had referred to but was shocked when Zach revealed Emma's claim. Erica was certain that either the little girl was mistaken, or that Annie had fed the information to her daughter. Zach believed both options to be valid and told Erica that he wanted Ryan to take Emma out of town. Erica agreed, but was dismayed to learn that Ryan had refused. She offered to talk some sense into Ryan and Zach encouraged Erica to give it her best shot.

Annie managed to get her anklet off, and after a few words of caution from Adam, she took off into the night to find her daughter. Moments later, the doorbell rang, and after he hid the anklet, Adam opened the door to find Liza. She barged in and demanded to speak to Annie. Adam fended off the lawyer like an old pro, and Liza was slightly shocked when Adam threw her out almost as quickly as she walked in.

Erica arrived at Ryan's penthouse, determined to convince him to take Emma out of town. Erica was aghast when Ryan refused, and said that if Emma was forced to take the stand and told a lie, Kendall's fate would be sealed. Ryan noted that Emma had only spoken of what she believed to be true, and Erica wondered if Ryan now believed his daughter's tale. Ryan denied that, but said that he would do anything to keep his daughter safe.

Kendall sat with her sons and recalled times when they laughed a lot together. She told them to remember those times when they got sad, and reminded them how much she loved them. A short time later, she went back downstairs and told Zach that she would turn herself in. She thought it was the best scenario for everyone but Zach said that he and the boys wouldn't benefit and refused to accept her plan.

JR stormed into the Chandler house and demanded that Adam rid himself of Annie. Adam insisted that he and Annie were in love, but JR proved not to be a believer. Adam noted that Annie had sacrificed a life of freedom with her daughter to save Adam, which was a truer example of love than he'd seen in a long time.

Erica tried to convince Ryan that he needed to change his mind, as the thought of her daughter being sent to jail was unbearable. Ryan told Erica that in this case, his daughter had to come before Erica's. The phone rang, and when Ryan answered, he found out from Liza that she didn't think Annie was still at the Chandler mansion. She indicated that if Annie had indeed left the estate, she was headed toward one of two people: Kendall or Emma. At that moment, Annie made her way into Emma's room and had a joyful reunion with her daughter.

Annie locked the bedroom door and then asked Emma what she had wanted to say earlier, and Emma said that she saw who shot Stuart. Unnerved, Annie tried to make her daughter promise not to tell anyone, but was shocked when Emma said she'd already told Ryan. Relief flooded in quickly when the little girl said she'd blamed the murder on Kendall. Just then, Ryan arrived at Emma's door and demanded to be let in.

Zach told Kendall that she needed to convince Ryan to take Emma and leave for a while, but she refused. She asked Zach to continue to question Annie until he got a confession out of her but Zach refused to entertain any of Kendall's requests, and told her not to confess. There was a knock at the door, and Kendall stated that she'd already put her plan into action. She opened the door and revealed Liza on the other side.



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