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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on GL
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Monday, July 13, 2009

As Bill and Lizzie kissed inside a circle of their family and friends, Phillip entered the field, hoping that he hadn't missed the chance to walk his little girl down the aisle. Phillip had brought a surprise for Lizzie. Alan strolled from behind a tree, and the tennis shoe-clad bride said that she was glad that Alan had made it.

Doris Wolfe arrived to conduct the wedding ceremony, and Dinah and Mindy instructed the guests to set up the wedding chairs and decorations. Frank, Remy, Matt, Cyrus, Rick, and Buzz snuck away to decorate the couple's car. When getting supplies from Rick's car, they all were grossed out at the stench from a sandwich and a salmon bagel rotting in Rick's trunk.

Lizzie thanked Dinah for her hard work. Dinah said she'd just pulled some strings and, "Poof! A wedding." As Dinah checked on wedding details, Shayne snagged her waist, and lassoed her in for a kiss. He said she'd made many people in Springfield very happy. Dinah stated that she wanted to pay for her mistakes. "Babe, I think you're all paid up," Shayne replied.

Michelle Bauer said Danny was with their sick kids, while she attended her best friend Bill's wedding. Blake noticed Frank's wedding blues, but he pretended it wasn't a big deal.

Bill approached Michelle to say it was her last chance, because Bill was about to be taken off the market. Michelle dared him to go in the bushes with her. "Are you serious?" Bill asked. Michelle hit him, replying, "No, you moron! I'm more happily married that you'll ever be." Bill said that was impossible, and then Dinah pulled Bill away to get him ready for the ceremony.

Upon arrival, Rafe asked Olivia if she planned to ruin another wedding. "You've already had the groom. Maybe this time you can get the bride, too?" he asked, strolling off.

Marina and Mallet teased Daisy because James was staring at her. The three spotted Lillian and Buzz making out beside a shed, and groaned. James approached, and Marina and Mallet slipped off. Daisy had thought Lizzie had uninvited James to the wedding, but James replied that his father had reinvited him. He said he couldn't understand his family.

Mel asked Cyrus to help her watch Christina and Remy, who had a habit of getting married at other people's weddings. Cyrus gathered that the plan was to keep the couple sober. Mel considered getting drunk, and doing something crazy herself.

Matt and Rick strolled by Billy and Mindy to compliment Mindy. Billy made her promise to save a dance for him. Meanwhile, by a tree, Alan told Alex that he didn't want the wedding to happen; however, he'd chosen to take the path of least regret by attending the wedding.

Beth told Lizzie that she'd grown into a wonderful woman. When Lizzie accredited it to Beth, Beth replied that Lizzie had always been stronger than Beth. Phillip approached as Beth fixed Lizzie's veil, and Beth left to escort guests to their seats.

Phillip joked that Lizzie didn't have to go through with the wedding if she didn't want to. He grew misty, saying that when Lizzie had been sick, he'd feared that she wouldn't make it to that moment. Lizzie replied that there had been times when she'd worried that he wouldn't make it to that moment, either, and that sometimes she didn't want him to be there. However, Lizzie had come to realize that there was no one else she'd rather have walk her down the aisle.

Dinah and Shayne played the wedding march, but Lizzie suddenly decided that she wasn't ready to get married. She scurried over to Dinah, and said that she didn't have a maid of honor. Dinah looked around, sure she could find someone for Lizzie. "No, you," Lizzie said, pointing at Dinah. Lizzie asked Dinah to stand up for her, and Dinah happily agreed.

Alan walked Alex and Lillian down the aisle, followed by Billy and Vanessa, and James and Beth. Emma and Maureen strode down as the flower girls, and Shayne whistled when Dinah walked after them. Lizzie and Phillip said that they loved each other. Phillip pulled the veil over Lizzie's head, and guided her down the aisle to Bill. Phillip unveiled her, and she joined Bill and Doris at the altar.

Doris asked the guests to vow to stand by Lizzie and Bill. Afterward, the couple exchanged their own vows. Lizzie said that she hadn't believed that love was in the cards for her until Bill miraculously entered her life. She proclaimed that their love was greater than her wildest dreams, and she thanked him for choosing her.

Bill stated that Lizzie had turned his solitary world upside down. Lizzie made him crazier and happier than he ever thought he could be, and he realized that he'd known nothing until he'd found Lizzie, his best friend and the love of his life. He thanked her for choosing him.

After the couple said the "I dos," and exchanged rings, Doris pronounced them husband and wife. Bill and Lizzie kissed. "Our little girl is married," Beth cooed to Phillip. He replied that he was glad to be there to see it.

Phillip strolled over to Olivia, and she asked if Phillip could take Emma home for her. Phillip agreed, and Olivia left. Billy said that he wished Vanessa had been walking down the aisle toward him. Vanessa tried to reply, but Billy kissed her before she could.

Ashlee announced that it was time for the first dance. After a few moments, Ashlee asked Lizzie and Bill to dance with their father and mother. Ashlee then directed everyone to dance. Blake grabbed Frank by his tie, dragging him to the dance floor. Alex threatened to tell everyone that Alan had flunked dance class if he didn't dance with her. Alan grabbed Alex's hand, and tangoed her onto the dance floor. Bill and Lizzie partnered again, and Phillip asked Beth to dance.

"So this is what you call getting into trouble?" Cyrus asked as he and Mel sat on the sidelines. Mel admitted that she wasn't good at getting into trouble. Cyrus took her hand, and offered to teach her. The two hit the dance floor.

Remy found Christina drinking champagne by a tree, and insisted on filling her glass. He led a tipsy Christina onto the dance floor. A sickened Daisy watched Buzz and Lillian flirt, and Vanessa and Billy kiss. James rescued her from the nauseating scenes by taking her for a dance.

Bill interrupted the fun to call for a toast, joking that no one else had offered to toast his bride and him yet. Lizzie joined him, and he toasted to his family and friends for giving the woman he loved the wedding she deserved. Bill asked everyone to go back to dancing.

Phillip sneaked Beth away on a private walk. Along a path, Phillip said that every moment was precious. They laughed about Alex and Alan dancing. Phillip took her hand, recalling the first time he'd ever held it. "It felt just like this," he uttered. "God, you're still so beautiful, just like you were then."

Phillip leaned in, and kissed her. Beth turned to mush, as Phillip nuzzled his nose into her hair. Ashlee yelled that it was time to cut the cake. Phillip and Beth recomposed themselves, and headed back to the party.

After Bill and Lizzie fed each other cake, Bill decided that it was time for his bride and him to be alone. Lizzie tossed her wildflower bouquet, and loose stems showered over the crowd of women. It appeared that every woman caught a piece. The guests cheered as the newlyweds strutted across the field.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinah awakened Shayne to announce that it was moving day. "No, it's not. It's one suitcase and a box of CDs. It's 15 minutes," he groggily replied.

While Shayne showered, Dinah called Josh for an update on Jeffrey. Josh said Reva and he were reviewing search grids with the Coast Guard. Josh didn't hold out much hope, but he couldn't say that to Reva. Dinah decided to initiate her own search for Edmund, but Josh said Jeffrey had sent her back to Springfield to avoid danger. "He probably saved my life," Dinah replied. She insisted that Josh needn't worry, because she knew what she needed to do.

After the call, Josh returned to Reva and the Coast Guard captain, who said it seemed as if Jeffrey had vanished. The captain thought Jeffrey might have landed in the water, which lessened his chances of survival. Reva insisted that she wouldn't go home until she found Jeffrey.

At Company, Buzz grumbled that he was tired from his night with Lillian. Daisy didn't want to hear anymore about her grandparents' love life. She'd seen enough of it the previous day. Buzz replied that weddings were romantic. Daisy said she'd merely danced with James.

Daisy called Josh to ask about Reva. Josh said that Reva was okay, but there was no news about Jeffrey. Daisy ended the call, and worried to Buzz that Jeffrey might be dead. "Jeffrey probably is dead," Buzz decided. "That's the harsh reality." Buzz rationalized that one could choose to fall apart as Buzz had over Coop, or one could continue grasping onto life.

Back in Florida, Josh attempted to get Reva to accept that Jeffrey could have crashed in the water, but she refused to hear it. Josh offered her a protein bar to help her keep her strength up. She lashed out that Josh didn't know what she was going through. "How could you possibly know what it feels like to have the person you love just fall off the face of the earth?" she asked.

An offended Josh couldn't believe she'd just asked him that. Reva looked apologetic, as if recalling that she'd once driven herself off a bridge and into the ocean, leaving Josh alone to raise their children. Josh retorted that he was one of the few people on the planet who understood exactly what Reva was going through. Reva apologized, saying she hadn't been thinking.

Josh replied that he'd been in her position, looking for a missing spouse after everyone had given up hope. "I felt you, Reva. I felt you inside of me. I knew you were out there somewhere, and you'd find your way back to me eventually, and you did," Josh said. He stated that if Reva felt the same about Jeffrey, then Josh would stand by her side. "Not because I don't understand, but because I do!" he concluded.

Reva took the protein bar, and ate it. Josh said he'd chartered a helicopter to take them on their own aerial search. As they waited for the helicopter, Reva said that she could hear Jeffrey calling her, and she believed that he was out there. Josh told her to let that belief keep her going.

At the Beacon, Mel awakened with a hangover to find a shirtless Cyrus brushing his teeth in her room. He said that after she'd gotten drunk at the wedding reception, he'd driven her to her home. He'd stayed on the couch just to make sure she was okay.

A relieved Mel wondered how she'd gotten undressed. Cyrus said he'd helped her, but he swore he hadn't looked. Mel asked him to wait outside while she changed clothes. "Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it?" Cyrus joked, and agreed to drive her to her car.

Christina and Remy woke up in his truck, which was parked in a field. They chuckled, realizing they'd been too drunk to drive home from Bill and Lizzie's wedding. Remy heard a rumbling noise when he started the truck engine. The couple hopped out of the truck, and saw a "Just Married" sign and beer cans hanging from the bumper. Remy concluded that the guys had decorated the wrong car the other day while attempting to decorate Bill and Lizzie's car.

Back at Dinah's place, Dinah told Shayne that she needed to take care of Edmund. Shayne didn't want her leaving town to chase Edmund. Shayne feared she'd wind up like Jeffrey. Dinah promised not to leave town. He left, asking her to meet him at his house later with boxes. Once alone, Dinah made a phone call. "Hi, it's me. I need a gun," she said.

When Remy's truck pulled up at Company later, Buzz gave Shayne, Marina, Daisy, Cyrus, and Mel bowls of rice. The couple entered, and everyone cheered, tossing the rice. They congratulated Christina and Remy on getting married the previous night.

Cyrus slipped outside Company to meet Dinah. He invited her to join the celebration inside. She reiterated that she needed a gun. "Yeah, I thought you were kidding about that," Cyrus replied. Cyrus wrote down a name for her, and Dinah took off.

Cyrus returned inside, where Christina and Remy didn't recall getting remarried. Buzz played a recording of it on his laptop. On the recording, the guests debated who'd really caught the bouquet. A slurring Remy said Christina deserved the bouquet, because she was a good person. He handed her some flowers, and grasped her hands. As an inebriated Doris Wolfe administered the vows, Buzz stopped the recording. "We did it again!" Christina shrieked.

Marina said they were obviously meant to be if they kept getting married. The couple's friends agreed, but Mel said that if they really didn't remember it, they could get it annulled. Remy and Christina mumbled that they'd been drunk, and Mel left for the courthouse.

In private, Christina asked Buzz if Remy had looked happy to get remarried. Buzz said he had, but alcohol would do that to a person. Buzz stated that Christina had been drunk, too. Christina confided in Buzz that she'd only had one glass of champagne, and she'd known what she'd been doing when she'd married Remy.

Outside, Cyrus accused Remy of conning Christina into thinking that he was drunk. Remy admitted that he hadn't been drunk. Cyrus wondered why Remy had pretended to be drunk while marrying Christina. "She wouldn't have married me otherwise," Remy said.

Meanwhile, Dinah went to Shayne's place. She called Cyrus's contact, and left a message for someone to call her back about a gun. Shayne overheard her as he entered. He implored her to let the authorities handle Edmund. Shayne said that he didn't want everyone turning into vigilantes and murderers over Edmund.

After a loving morning with Henry and Marina, Mallet called the police station. He canceled the comparison tests he'd ordered on the baby stroller plastic and the plastic found in their victim's skull. He told the officer that he already had all the answers he needed.

When Mallet arrived at work later, an officer handed him the test results, saying that since they'd already been done, Mallet might as well take a look at them. Mallet threw the file in the trash, but then he quickly retrieved it. Upon reading the results, he discovered that the two plastics were an exact match.

Mallet went to Company, and found Marina outside sweeping. She said she had to clean up the rice from their celebration before birds ate it. Mallet cupped her face, saying that was what he loved about her; she protected those who couldn't protect themselves.

Marina asked about Reva, and Mallet said he hadn't heard from her. He assumed that Edmund had sabotaged Jeffrey's plane. A furious Marina said that if she saw Edmund, she wouldn't think twice about running over him with her car.

Mallet visited Shayne to talk about Reva's story that Jeffrey had set himself up. Mallet said that Reva would tell him anything to keep Jeffrey out of jail. Shayne replied that everyone had a motive to kill Edmund. Shayne thought that Mallet should be asking who had the most reasons to want Edmund dead.

Dinah stood outside the police station, when a man called her name. "You meet me at a police station to sell a gun?" she asked. The guy said it was the last place the cops would suspect. Dinah asked if the man took credit cards. "Kidding," she said as they made the deal.

After the guy left, Dinah called Mallet to ask him to meet her to discuss information that Jeffrey and she had uncovered about Edmund. When Dinah met Mallet, she claimed that Jeffrey and she had gotten a lead on Edmund's whereabouts. She suggested that Mallet and she check it out. Mallet agreed, and the two took off.

Later, Daisy saw her Uncle Shayne at the mini-mart buying women's antiperspirant. He said that Dinah and he were moving in together. Daisy thought that was a big step. Shayne said that Dinah and he trusted each other.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reva bickered with Josh because the helicopter was taking too long to prepare for takeoff. When the pilot approached, he recognized Reva. He said that Jeffrey had shown him their family photos before taking his flight. The pilot added that Jeffrey had taken out a flight insurance policy. He handed Reva an envelope, and walked off.

Reva opened it to find a diagram of Cross Creek's fuse box. Reva sobbed, saying that Jeffrey had drawn it because she didn't know how to work the fuse box. She took the diagram as proof that Jeffrey knew something bad might happen.

An emotional Reva said she needed to take a walk. Josh found her later in her hotel room, talking to Rachel and Colin. When her call ended, Josh said she'd taken quite a walk. He offered to postpone the helicopter trip while Reva rested, but she said she'd rest when Jeffrey was found.

Reva and Josh returned to the helicopter, and Shayne called to check on Reva. After Reva briefly talked to Shayne, she told Josh that Shayne was a good son, and she wanted Colin to know Jeffrey. Just before Josh and Reva boarded the helicopter, the Coast Guard captain rushed up to say that they'd located the wreckage of a small jet.

At the courthouse, Mel encountered Beth, who planned to use the courtroom as a quiet place to study. Mel mentioned that she was filing an annulment of Remy and Christina's marriage. Beth thought that was a shame, and recalled that the surprise double wedding had been so romantic. Beth cooed that not a single person had gone untouched by the romance of that day.

Phillip invited Lillian to the mansion because he worried that he'd gotten carried away when he'd kissed Beth at Lizzie's wedding. He wanted to lean on Beth during his final days, but he couldn't leave Beth with nothing. Phillip wished things could be simple for Beth and him, but he felt that it was wrong to develop things with Beth, only to die on her later.

Phillip decided not to tell his family about his illness. He wished Lillian didn't even know. Lillian felt that he was robbing them, but Phillip insisted that his last months wouldn't be about his death. He assured her that he'd find a way to say goodbye to everyone.

Later, Phillip found Beth at the courthouse, and asked her to help him pick out a wedding gift for Bill and Lizzie. They drove to a house, and Beth exited the car, surprised that Phillip wanted to buy the newlyweds a home. As they talked about memories, Phillip said that it was too hard to rebuild them after they'd been shattered. He apologized to Beth for overstepping at the wedding. He told her that a relationship between them wouldn't happen; it was just too late.

Beth and Phillip drove to a dilapidated farmhouse, similar to the one Cyrus had wanted to buy. An ecstatic Phillip imagined a renovation project might unite the family. He envisioned picnics and holidays there. Suddenly, he remembered a horseshoe that had hung above the door of their Arizona house, and asked Beth to help him find it. He thought Lizzie would love to have it over her own threshold. Beth poignantly said she was glad to see Phillip happy.

Shayne returned home from shopping to discover a bill, which contained phone calls to Buenos Aires. "Damn it, Dinah!" he cursed, dialing her number. He left her a message to call him immediately, and then rushed out of their hotel room.

At the Cooper house, Frank bailed on helping Marina figure out how to work the new stroller that Mallet had bought. Marina took the stroller outside, where Shayne arrived, looking for Mallet's help in locating Dinah. Shayne said that Dinah had a gun, and planned to take out Edmund. "Wow. Would that really be so bad?" Marina asked.

Shayne didn't think Marina wanted Springfield to turn into the Wild West. Marina said she only cared that Henry was safe. Shayne wanted Henry safe, but he intended to assure that Dinah was safe, as well.

Dinah and Mallet pulled up at a hotel. Dinah said that after she and Jeffrey had analyzed Edmund's Internet activity in Buenos Aires, they'd discovered that he'd been making payments on a room there. When Mallet and Dinah went to Edmund's hotel room, Mallet drew his gun, and opened the door. He turned to Dinah, and was shocked to see that she had a gun, too.

Dinah said she was protecting herself, just like Mallet was. He replied that his gun was legal. Dinah wondered how he knew hers wasn't. "Because you're a felon. Felons aren't allowed to purchase a gun!" Mallet exclaimed. Dinah rolled her eyes, saying, "Fine. I'll put it away."

After searching the room, they realized that it hadn't been lived in. Dinah said Edmund had paid for it with credit cards from untraceable, offshore bank accounts. Dinah thanked Mallet for not arresting her over the gun. Mallet replied that Dinah's illegal gun wasn't nearly as bad as Marina killing someone because they'd looked like Edmund.

Mallet told a flabbergasted Dinah about the plastic from the stroller, and reasoned that Edmund must have confronted Marina about Henry's paternity. Mallet said that either Reva had murdered the stranger, or Marina had done it. "My heart wants it to be Reva, but my gut tells me it's probably Marina," Mallet admitted.

Dinah told Mallet to let it go, because he couldn't risk losing his family. Mallet said that Dinah wasn't letting it go; she was chasing Edmund instead of enjoying a life with Shayne. Dinah realized that Mallet and she both had happiness in front of them, but couldn't leave well enough alone. She vowed to stop stirring the pot if Mallet would. They shook on it, and Dinah asked if she could keep her gun. Mallet replied that he was no longer stirring the pot.

At the pond, Dinah made Mallet promise that he'd really drop the investigation. He said he would if Dinah wouldn't chase Edmund with her "girl gun." Shayne and Marina strolled up with Henry, and Dinah said that happiness was right in front of them, if they didn't screw it up.

Outside Company, Remy told Cyrus that he knew it was wrong to remarry Christina while pretending to be drunk, but he believed that Christina was the girl for him. "She just doesn't know it yet," Remy said.

Inside Company, Christina told Buzz that Remy and she were meant to be married. She'd hoped that they'd wake up in the morning, realizing that they'd done the right thing despite being drunk. Buzz wondered why the couple couldn't just talk to each other, and Christina replied that when they talked about marriage, they always seemed to talk each other out of it.

Frank entered, and joined Buzz and Christina's conversation. Christina lied to Frank that she hadn't been in her right mind. Remy entered, saying that he hadn't been either. "I thought you were going to tell her?" Cyrus asked. Remy elaborated that he was going to tell Christina that she could back out of the marriage if she wanted to, because it was no big deal.

Christina agreed that it wasn't, and she walked away miffed. Lynn, Frank, Buzz, and Cyrus huddled at the bar, discussing the stubborn couple. Buzz and Cyrus relayed that Christina and Remy hadn't really been drunk, but neither would admit it to the other. Buzz added that the couple wanted to hear the truth from each other, not their friends.

Mel called Remy to ask Christina and him to meet her at the courthouse to sign the annulment papers. Remy attempted to stall Christina with lunch, but she said she wasn't hungry. When he said he had to gas up the car, she asked Frank to give her a ride to the courthouse.

After Christina left, Buzz, Cyrus, Lynn, and Frank stared at Remy, dumbfounded. They all urged him to tell Christina how he felt. He said he'd done that the previous night, and Cyrus replied that Remy needed to do it while he was sober. "You've gotta at least give it a try," Buzz implored him. Remy called Mel to say he was on the way, and stomped out of the restaurant. Buzz rushed out behind him, saying, "I'm not missing this."

Cyrus, Buzz, and Frank slipped into the courtroom as Christina signed the annulment papers. Cyrus decided that they should lock Remy out of the courtroom to keep him from signing the papers. The men locked all the courtroom doors, but forgot about the balcony. Remy rushed into the balcony, and yelled, "Christina, don't sign those papers!"

Remy leaped over the railing, and scaled down to the main floor. A shocked Christina asked what he thought he was doing. "Staying married to you," Remy replied. "You're my wife, and I will not allow you to sign those papers."

Remy told Christina that he loved her, and he wanted to be married to her. Christina said she loved him, and she was ready to be his wife. Mel pushed them to exchange vows with each other, because their friends deserved to witness it after helping them. The couple vowed to begin a real marriage, and Remy carried Christina out of the courthouse.

Later, Remy carried Christina over the threshold at his apartment. He promised they'd do it right that time. She said they'd done it right the first time, but they'd just done it too quickly. Kissing each other, they promised that they were stuck with each other no matter what happened.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marina and Mallet went home after dropping Daisy and Colin off at the airport. Reva had asked Daisy to take Colin to North Carolina, where the Coast Guard had located the wreckage of Jeffrey's jet. Marina wished that whoever had gone after Edmund would finish the job.

At Company, Buzz told James that Daisy had left town to take Colin to Jeffrey's crash site. James called Daisy later to check on her. She said that she was about to meet Josh and Reva. With a trembling voice, Daisy uttered that Colin might grow up without his father. "Yeah, it's tough," James nonchalantly said.

Reva and Josh met the Coast Guard, who conducted sonar scans of the plane wreckage. Reva theorized that Jeffrey could have surfaced from the plane, gone ashore, and collapsed in the woods somewhere. The captain thought it was possible, but he couldn't confirm it until his divers emerged. "Jeffrey's not in that plane," Reva insisted.

Aside, Josh asked the captain if there were hope for Jeffrey. The captain looked grim. Reva walked up, saying that Daisy and Colin had landed. Josh wondered if the crash site was the right place for a baby. "It's the right place for this baby!" Reva snapped, adding that Colin missed his father. Once they were reunited, Reva planned to take a picture of them.

An eyewitness named Ryan approached to say that he'd seen a man, wearing street clothes, emerge from the ocean on the day of the crash. Ryan described the man as having had dark hair and a beard. Reva asked Josh to drive to the spot where Ryan had seen the man. Josh hesitated, but agreed to take her.

The Coast Guard captain approached to say that the plane was definitely Jeffrey's, and the divers had seen a body inside. He said that Jeffrey had been alone in on his flight. "No! You're wrong!" Reva replied, insisting that the body in the plane didn't belong to Jeffrey.

Reva insisted that Ryan had seen Jeffrey. The captain said they'd already scoured the area for Jeffrey, and a diver had seen a leg in the plane. Ryan wavered, saying the man he'd seen could have been wearing a diving suit. Reva hysterically screamed, "I want that plane brought up!" The captain said they'd do their best.

Reva tried to take off in the car, but Josh took her keys from her. "Jeffrey's gone," Josh said. "He's gone." Reva reasoned that the plane was in the ocean, and they couldn't make a positive I.D. Josh said Jeffrey had called her to say goodbye, and Jeffrey wanted Reva and Colin to go on with their lives. Just then, Reva saw Daisy and Colin arrive, and Reva hugged them.

Outside, Dinah thanked Alan for the flowers he'd sent. "I sent you flowers?" Alan asked. Dinah said he hadn't, but he should have after she'd saved Lizzie's wedding day. Alan felt Dinah owed Lizzie that after kidnapping her. Dinah decided that they were even, and had become one big, happy family. Dinah dragged Alan off to buy her brunch to celebrate their new family.

Later, Dinah encountered Mallet at the mini-mart. He filled her in about Daisy and Colin's trip. Dinah noticed that he was tense, and he admitted that he couldn't shake the thought of Marina whacking someone over the head with their baby stroller.

A worried Dinah went to the police station for information about Jeffrey. Frank said she'd know something before they would, since Shayne's family was in North Carolina. Dinah went to work at WSPR, where she received a news bulletin that a body had been discovered in the North Carolina plane wreckage.

At Company, Marina flipped out on Buzz and Frank for leaving Henry alone in his stroller. Buzz said it'd been a few seconds, but she raged that anything could have happened to Henry. Marina recomposed, and apologized, saying that Jeffrey's plane crash had her on edge.

Mallet entered as Buzz and Frank brooded about Marina's outburst. Buzz said they all needed to be happy, like they'd been at the wedding. "And the bride didn't leave the groom at the altar," Frank quipped. The topic turned to Henry's new stroller, and Marina said she didn't even know how the old one had broken.

Mallet received a call from the Coast Guard, saying that a body had been found in the plane. Marina hoped that would be the end of people dying. Mallet said that someone had been found murdered in the river, and their friend might be dead in the ocean. Mallet stared at Marina, wondering how the person who'd set it all into motion could live with it.

Marina and Mallet returned home, still arguing about Edmund. Marina urged Mallet to drop the John Doe case, because the distraction would help Edmund win. Henry said, "Da-da," and the couple stopped arguing. Marina stated that moments like that one let them know they'd made the right choices. Mallet added that his family was the most important thing to him.

At the mansion, Beth dropped off the paperwork for Lizzie's new house, and Alex offered to tell Phillip that Beth had stopped by to see him. Beth told Alex not to give Phillip the wrong impression of the visit, because Beth had only wanted to drop off the paperwork.

At Towers later, Alan asked Beth to sit with him. When Beth said she hadn't heard from the honeymooners, Alan took it as a dire sign that Lizzie was slipping away from them. Beth asked Alan to find something "Spaulding" to do. "It's good to see you," Alan said, departing.

At Cedars, Phillip told Lillian that he'd tried to let Beth down easily. Lillian wished he'd tell his family the truth about his illness. Later, Beth arrived to take Lillian to lunch. Lillian asked what had happened with Phillip. Beth said Phillip had just shut her down with a lame excuse about memories. Lillian advised Beth to not be upset, and to try to enjoy every moment with Phillip. Lillian said Phillip loved Beth, and that might be all that there ever was.

In the mansion attic, Phillip found James thumbing through art books that Beth had given him. Phillip looked through his old yearbook, and remembered that he'd planned to write his way out of the Spaulding family. Phillip had thought he'd had all his bases covered. "Well, not really. You're still here," James said, and walked out.

Phillip noticed a box of old camping equipment. He transported it to the parlor. Alan entered, wondering what it was doing there. Phillip excitedly prattled on about how Alan had promised to take him camping when he was a kid. He remembered going to the sporting goods store, and picking the stuff out. Phillip said that Alan had told him that they'd live off the land like pioneers. "If you say so," Alan dubiously responded.

Phillip continued that Alan had been excited about the trip, but had canceled it because of a business deal. Phillip handed Alan a fishing pole. "You looked at 50 of these before you picked this one out. You were driving the guy nuts. You have to remember that," Phillip persisted.

Alan wondered why he'd remember something like that, and said if he'd canceled the trip, then it couldn't have been that important. Alan strode off. Alex entered the room, and told Phillip not to believe Alan for a moment.

Alex remembered their trip plans, and she said that Brandon Spaulding had sabotaged the trip, once he'd found out how important it had been to Alan. Alex assumed Brandon had wanted to teach Alan to suck it up. "Round and round we go in this house, and where it stops, nobody knows," Alex said. Phillip grabbed some sleeping bags, and said, "It stops here."

Phillip barged into the dining room and piled camping gear on the table. Alan said Phillip could make a bed under the stars, but Alan had a business to run. "You owe me a camping trip," Phillip replied. Phillip insisted that Alan wanted to take the trip, too. Phillip proposed that they just hop in the car and do it, without over thinking it.

Alan considered that he could rearrange his schedule, if it meant that much to Phillip. Alan exited the dining room, and went to the attic. Alan donned a fishing cap, and grinned in the mirror. Alex smiled, watching him from the doorway.

James entered the dining room, and Phillip asked him to go camping. "Outside?" James asked. "What's in it for me?" Phillip wondered what it would take. James asked for a convertible with gas money stuffed in the glove box. Phillip shook on it, and James wondered if he could have gotten more in the bargain. Phillip replied that James would never know.

James went to Company to order raw hamburgers from Buzz for the Indian Creek camping trip. Buzz said he'd never gotten an order like that before. Meanwhile, Phillip rushed to Cedars to ask Lillian to give him another shot. Lillian said it wasn't a good idea, because his body was building a tolerance to the serum. Phillip insisted that he needed it for the camping trip, and Lillian took him back to administer it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lillian tried to talk Phillip out of going on the camping trip because she was worried about his health. Lillian was worried that Phillip would be under undue stress, and proclaimed that she did not want to lose him sooner than she had to. Phillip stated that he needed the trip.

Phillip packed the supplies that were supposed to be used for Alan and Phillip's cancelled camping trip. A surprised Alan remarked that it was thirty years before. Alan was also surprised to learn that James was joining them on the trip. Later, while James was inside the gas station minimart, Alan asked Phillip how he got James to go. Phillip responded that James wanted to go, but then admitted that he was going to buy James a new car.

While driving to the campsite, Phillip told a sour-faced Alan to stop acting like he hated the trip, because he knew that was not true. Phillip said that Alexandra told him the story about Alan's cancelled trip with Brandon. When Phillip noted that Alan must have been disappointed, Alan stated that life was filled with disappointment. Alan said that one had to accept that and move on. Phillip replied that maybe one shouldn't accept it.

Apparently tired, Phillip casually invited Alan to drive the rest of the way and suggested that James ride shotgun. While Phillip sprawled out in the back seat, Alan told James that Phillip probably did not want to drive the windy roads to the camp. When Alan skeptically said that Phillip thought that the trip would make everything all right, Phillip said that he hoped so.

After arguing about where to set up camp, Phillip and Alan argued about the condition of the tent once it was finally up. James had enough of the bickering and stated that they never should have gone on the trip if they were going to have the same argument that they always did. A frustrated James suggested that they both just shoot each other and be done with it.

While getting Emma ready to go to summer camp, Olivia snapped at Emma for forgetting to tell her that she needed a packed lunch. Olivia quickly apologized and told Emma that she was dealing with a lot. Emma understood and said that she missed Natalia, too.

Josh called Shayne to inform him about the body found in Jeffrey's plane. Josh was certain that it was Jeffrey's and asked Shayne to call members of the family.

After the call, Josh spoke to the Coast Guard captain about continuing the search. The captain explained that the currents in the area were too rough and he could not risk the lives of his men. Josh said that if there was any way for the victim's wife to get closure, money was no object.

Josh called Olivia and told her about Jeffrey's death. Josh offered to call Ava, but Olivia stated that she would do it.

Daisy handed Colin to Reva and stated that she was there for Reva if she needed her. A tearful Reva said that Jeffrey was gone. Daisy asked Reva if she should call Buzz, because Daisy did not know what she was supposed to say. Reva said that there was nothing for anyone to say.

Later, Reva talked to Colin about his father. She mentioned making videos for Colin in the event of her death and regretted having none of Jeffrey. Reva told Colin about what a wonderful man his father was. Afterwards, Reva noticed that Daisy made a marker for Jeffrey and asked Josh to say a prayer.

Dinah visited Mallet and Marina, and informed them of news that had come over the Associated News wire about a body that was discovered in Jeffrey's plane. However, Mallet and Marina had already heard the news from Frank. Though Marina admitted that it was awful, she declared that since Jeffrey killed the man they all thought was Edmund, the case was closed.

Dinah stated that they all had to protect themselves from Edmund. Though Mallet was saddened about the situation, Marina nonchalantly stated that they all needed to move on, and said that they were the lucky ones.

After Dinah left, Mallet told Marina that he had taken the day off and suggested that they take Henry to the beach. Marina said that she already had plans-she was taking Henry to visit her friend, Debbie. Mallet got upset that Marina never told him about the trip. When an angry Mallet accused her of taking off without telling him, an equally upset Marina made it clear that she was only going away for one day.

In the course of the heated argument, a furious Mallet yelled that he wished the person who started everything by committing murder would just speak up. Angry beyond belief, Marina agreed to stay home, after all.

Dinah told Shayne that she was to blame for Jeffrey's death because she should have stopped him from going after Edmund. Shayne stated that, from what he'd heard about Jeffrey, once his mind was set, there was no changing it. When Dinah continued to blame herself, Shayne said that she was brave for helping Jeffrey go after Edmund. Shayne said that he was grateful that Dinah was alive.

Dinah and Olivia saw each other at the park and discussed Jeffrey's death. When Dinah asked about Ava, Olivia stated that she had not spoken to her yet. Olivia talked about how devastated Ava would be and said that Ava did not have her father in her life for very long. Dinah said that she had a similar experience with her father.

At that point, Shayne arrived. Olivia told Shayne that Reva made Jeffrey happy and said that she was glad that he found new love. Shayne suggested to Dinah that they go to Company to toast Jeffrey.

Later, at home, Olivia finally got ahold of Ava and told her about Jeffrey.

Mallet and Marina took Henry to Company. There, they discussed Jeffrey with a depressed Lillian, who spoke about how unfair Jeffrey's death was. Marina stated that they would take care of Reva and Colin. When asked how Buzz had taken the news, Lillian said that he was angry that another good man died needlessly.

Lillian blamed Jeffrey's death on whoever had killed the man everyone thought was Edmund. Marina made it clear that there was a silver lining in all of this---if Edmund was responsible for Jeffrey's plane going down, then he would never show his face in Springfield again. After Marina walked away, Mallet tried to excuse Marina's cavalier attitude. Lillian said that it just might be too much for Marina to process.

Dinah followed Mallet when he went outside to be alone. Mallet told Dinah that he was finding it hard to be around Marina because of all of the lies. He pointed out that if she could lie about Henry, then Marina could certainly lie about killing someone. Dinah assured Mallet that if Marina did kill Edmund, it was probably to protect Henry. Mallet said that he could not live with the fact that Marina could continuously lie right to his face. Dinah informed him that he had to because too many bad things have come out of the situation. Later, Mallet went inside and made a moving toast to Jeffrey.

Afterwards, at home, Mallet was shocked by Marina's suggestion that they go to the beach. When Mallet exclaimed that their friend had just died. Marina simply commented that Jeffrey was gone and Reva had her own family to take care of her.

Back at the campsite, as James yelled at his father and grandfather to stop bickering, Alan got a text message from Lillian about Jeffrey. Later, he and Phillip discussed Jeffrey's death. When Phillip said that things would be tough for Reva, Alan responded that life was tough. At that point James walked past looking miserable but Phillip had his doubts. Alan warned him not to get carried away, since they were who they were and it was just a camping trip. Phillip said that it was more than that. He and Alan ended their conversation by agreeing that life was too short.

Reva and Josh returned to Springfield and found Shayne and Dinah waiting for them at the cabin. When everyone tried to go inside with Reva, she made it clear that she wanted to be alone with Colin. Afterwards, Shayne and Josh discussed Reva. Josh said that they needed to keep their distance but stay close. Josh assured Shayne that he'd look after Reva by being a lurker.

Inside the house, Reva broke down in tears.

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