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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 6, 2009 on GL
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June 29, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

At the Beacon, Emma plied Olivia with questions about why Natalia hadn't attended the barbecue, but Olivia had no answers. Jane arrived to babysit, and Olivia exited. Outside, she left a message for Natalia, imploring Natalia to return her call. When Olivia traveled to the farmhouse, she found it empty. "Where are you?" Olivia wondered.

After leaving Natalia another worried message, Olivia went to the police station to report Natalia as a missing person. An officer questioned Olivia until Frank took over the report. Olivia explained that Natalia and she had planned to attend the barbecue as a couple, but Natalia had never shown up. Frank assumed that Natalia had gotten cold feet. Olivia insisted that Natalia would have admitted that to her, because Natalia was always honest with her.

Upon seeing Frank's telltale expression, Olivia asked him to speak his mind. Frank responded that he'd thought Natalia had always been honest with him, too, all the way to the altar. "But I'm sure it's not the same thing," Frank replied.

Olivia agreed that it wasn't, because Natalia had told Frank the truth, instead of completely vanishing. Olivia hadn't heard from Natalia in almost 24 hours, and the farmhouse was empty. She insisted that it wasn't like Natalia. Frank agreed to look into it.

Later, Olivia checked the church for Natalia. Father Ray saw Olivia on the steps outside. He revealed that an upset Natalia had been there the previous day. Olivia asked a barrage of questions, but Father Ray said he couldn't break Natalia's confidence. Father Ray did, however, elaborate that Natalia had gone to a retreat to deal with her afflictions. Natalia would remain there until she got answers, and the retreat didn't allow visitors. He apologized for not passing the message to Olivia sooner, but something had come up.

At Cross Creek, Ashlee wondered if Reva knew Jeffrey and Dinah's whereabouts. Ashlee needed Dinah to make some decisions at WSPR. Reva curtly shooed Ashlee out, assuring Ashlee that she could handle whatever had come up at the station.

After a walk with Colin, Reva saw Shayne on her doorstep. He asked for information about Dinah and Jeffrey. Shayne worried that Dinah wouldn't return in time for Bill's wedding, if she returned at all. Reva adamantly replied that Jeffrey and Dinah would return. She suggested that Shayne find something meaningful to focus on, as she was doing with Colin.

At the mansion, Alex asked Beth what kind of games they'd play at Lizzie's surprise bridal luncheon. James entered, and Beth canceled her tennis date with him to attend the luncheon. Alex joked that he could go with them, but James declined a girls' day out.

At Company, the Lewis men planned Bill's surprise afternoon out. Billy disliked Josh's suggestion that they invite the Spaulding men. Josh said the Spauldings would soon be family. Josh chuckled, adding, "What could possibly happen?"

At the hospital, Lillian confided in Phillip that she'd canceled Alan's Caribbean trip. Phillip received a call from Billy, who invited the Spaulding men to play pool at Farley's. After the call, Phillip told Lillian that it wasn't the right time to tell his family he was dying. Lillian said that he had to find the right time. Phillip didn't think there would ever be a right time.

At the mansion later, Phillip wondered where Alan was. A cynical James said he didn't have to answer that question. Alan appeared on the overlook, and Phillip invited him to Farley's. James readily agreed to go, but Alan retorted that he'd rather sling hash with Buzz. Phillip ordered Alan to shower, and then he told James that it wasn't a good idea for James to attend the event. He pointed out that James would be the only minor there, and James had gotten Bill thrown in jail. James quipped that getting someone thrown in jail was hard to forget.

At Bill's place, Lizzie and Bill celebrated planning the wedding on their own. Bill sensed that Lizzie worried about something. She reluctantly admitted her fear that her family would somehow ruin the event. Bill said they'd keep everyone happy enough to share the couple's joy.

As the couple kissed, Beth showed up to invite Lizzie shopping. Billy arrived next to ask Lizzie if he could borrow Bill for the day. Lizzie decided that she'd have Bill the rest of her life, so there was no harm in separating for a day.

Beth took Lizzie to Company instead of the mall. When they walked in, Lizzie slyly smiled to see Alex, Vanessa, and Lillian amid the bridal shower decor. Alex handed out champagne. Beth toasted Lizzie, and expressed pride in the woman that Lizzie had become.

Ashlee and Reva arrived at the party in time to see Lizzie wearing a bridal tiara and sash. Alex was eager to play a game. "Pin the..." she said, holding up a huge banana sticker, "On the..." Alex then revealed a life-sized picture of a muscle-bound man with Bill's face superimposed on it. Alex blindfolded and twirled Ashlee first. The women joked about Ashlee's performance, and about the muscle man, who Alex claimed was a friend of hers.

At Farley's, Billy and Bill met Shayne and Josh to play pool. Shayne thought Bill was braver than Shayne to get married. Bill said Shayne just hadn't found the right woman. "I'm dating your sister, Bill," Shayne replied, and all the men laughed. Phillip arrived with Alan. The mood among the men sobered when Alan worried if he could get a drink in a clean glass.

The men grabbed beers, and toasted to Bill. Bill joked that his nose had gotten stuck in Blake's navel after she'd jumped out of Ross's bachelor party cake. "He's your son-in-law," Alan murmured to Phillip. Josh stopped smiling, and decided to leave for cigars. Shayne begged Josh not to leave him alone with the others. Josh said someone had to get the party started.

Later, Alan complained that Josh must have flown to Cuba for the cigars. Billy ordered Alan to quit yapping, and pick up a pool cue. "It couldn't be fair to the rest of you," Alan gloated. The men bet $10 against Alan's pool skills. "Make it $20," Alan replied, grabbing a cue.

As they racked the pool balls, Phillip received a distressed call from Olivia, who said she was too upset to drive. Phillip left Farley's to meet Olivia outside the church. Olivia explained that Natalia had taken off on a church retreat without telling Olivia. She sobbed that she just needed Phillip to take her home, because she couldn't drive.

James went to visit Daisy at the Cooper house, but she'd gone to work at Towers. Later, he sat in a booth at the mini-mart. Josh entered, wondering why James hadn't joined them at Farley's. James claimed that Phillip hadn't wanted him around. Josh suggested that James prove to his father that he really was mature enough to mend fences by going to Farley's.

Back at Farley's, Bill called Lizzie, and they talked about their surprise parties. Bill said he'd rather be at the beach with Lizzie. She agreed to meet him in fifteen minutes.

When James entered, Billy pulled Bill aside, and offered to eject James from the party. "No, let him stay," Bill decided. "He's arrogant. He's driving Lizzie crazy, but out of respect for Lizzie, I'm trying to make nice. He's done a lot of stupid things, but he's a kid. Let him stay." James overheard Bill, and socked him to the ground.

Josh called Phillip. He said Phillip might want to return to Farley's because James had just punched Bill. Phillip got in the car with Olivia, and told Josh that he was on the way.

Alan ranted that he didn't know what Lizzie saw in the Lewises, and claimed he was there to protest the wedding. Billy wished he'd listened to the little guy in his gut. "What did the little guy in your fat gut tell you?" Alan asked. Billy replied, "Let's ask him," and punched Alan.

Phillip returned to Farley's, and saw James outside with an ice pack on his hand. When Phillip questioned what had happened, James quipped that Phillip had been right about James. James said he shouldn't have gone there, and Phillip knew everything better than he did. James snidely proclaimed that Phillip had won, and stormed off.

Phillip rolled his eyes, and entered the bar to see the Lewis men trying to calm Billy, who wished Alan would stick his cigar "you know where," and leave. Frank arrived, annoyed to be called to their brawl. Alan hollered that he wanted to press charges, but Phillip told Alan to go to the car. "I won't forget this Billy," Alan warned. As Alan passed by, Billy mocked him.

Outside, Lizzie strode up, and Bill explained the blow-by-blows to her. Alan rounded the corner, and told Lizzie that it wasn't too late to escape those "yammering yahoos." Lizzie said she didn't want to escape them; she was marrying one of them. Alan decided that he wasn't going to the wedding anymore. Lizzie seemed hurt that he wouldn't be there on her big day, but said his temper tantrum wouldn't change her plans. Alan claimed he wasn't throwing a tantrum, and said he could no longer lend her his support.

At the farmhouse, Olivia tried to write a note for Natalia. She sank to the sidewalk, and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Reva left the bridal luncheon. She received a phone call from Jeffrey as she crossed the street. "Reva, listen. I don't have much time..." Jeffrey said.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At the Cooper house, Ashlee sat with Daisy as she opened her mail. Daisy was shocked to find a letter containing a check for $30,000 for Berkeley College. Ashlee wondered why Daisy hadn't mentioned applying to the school. Ashlee had thought that she and Daisy were supposed to move back in together. Daisy had applied to the school, but had doubted she could afford it. Daisy hadn't applied for scholarships, and had no idea where the check had come from.

Outside Company, Daisy asked Ashlee to use her investigative skills to find out if either of Daisy's grandfathers had paid the tuition, without rousing any suspicions about Daisy's college plans. Inside, Ashlee asked not so covert questions about Billy and Buzz's finances. Buzz divulged that someone had anonymously donated him a $20,000 oven.

Daisy and Ashlee went to the police station to question Frank as the next suspect in their tuition check investigation. When they saw Cyrus inside, Ashlee blabbed about Daisy's college check. Daisy reminded her that they were keeping it a secret. Cyrus promised not to tell anyone. Ashlee said that Daisy would go to college, even if Ashlee had to drag her there.

At the Cooper house later, Ashlee sobbed that she was furious at Daisy for not revealing that she wanted to go away to school. Ashlee cried that it had been their dream to go to college together. She rambled on that she was happy for Daisy. When Daisy could finally get a word in, she said that Berkeley had given away her spot, so she couldn't go there, even if she wanted.

The best friends hugged. Christina joined them, and saw how upset Daisy was that she'd lost her spot at Berkeley. Daisy said that she probably just had to accept that she was never meant to leave that town. It didn't matter who'd sent the check, because it wouldn't be cashed.

Reva stopped on a street corner to take a strange, staticky phone call from Jeffrey. He said he didn't have much time, because his plane was losing altitude. He'd gotten on a small plane to follow Edmund, and they'd experienced mechanical trouble. The radio had also gone out. Jeffrey said that he was calling to hear Reva's voice one last time.

Jeffrey asked if Colin still slept with his toy rabbit, and a terrified Reva couldn't believe Jeffrey wanted to discuss that. Jeffrey said he just wanted to hear something about Colin before Jeffrey died. "You're not going to die, do you hear me? You're not going to die!" Reva yelled.

Jeffrey asked that Reva not mourn him, so that Colin could always feel her happiness. He said that he loved Reva more than he ever possibly thought he could. The phone cut out as Reva sobbed that Jeffrey couldn't leave her. Though she couldn't hear him, the line was still connected. She continued to cry, telling him how much he meant to her. Jeffrey cut back in, saying, "-Love you so much-" before the line went dead.

At Company, Billy told Buzz that he was happy to be sharing in Bill's joy. Billy then felt bad because Buzz's son had died. Buzz pointed to the unopened package, and said he couldn't bring himself to open it. Buzz decided that it would wait there for Coop, just as Buzz was waiting. Buzz said that Billy should tell him the next time he planned to punch Alan. As they laughed about it, Josh entered, and placed his cell phone on the bar.

Shayne hurried to the police station to congratulate Remy. Frank had told Shayne that Remy would receive an award for his work on the diamonds case. Christina entered, and Cyrus strolled in behind her, saying that Frank had said that Cyrus was also getting an award. Frank stated that it was a big day for "Springfield's Dream Team 2009."

Frank presented Remy and Cyrus with certificates, and said that their partnership had impressed Doris Wolf, who insisted that it continue. Frank offered to make Cyrus a criminal consultant to the police department, working closely with Remy. Remy and Cyrus thought it was a bad idea. Frank agreed, but said none of them had any say in the matter. Doris had said that if Cyrus refused, he'd be arrested. Frank left to get the paperwork for Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Reva sobbed, striding through the streets, hysterically screaming for someone to help her. Josh grasped her arms, and calmed her down enough to tell him what she'd heard from Jeffrey. When Josh failed to reach Jeffrey by phone, he called Frank to report Jeffrey's distressed plane. Frank said that he'd meet them to get more information.

Before leaving the station, Frank told Remy, Cyrus, and Christina about Jeffrey. He asked Remy to show Cyrus to his locker, and then left. When Frank met Reva and Josh, he said the FAA needed some leads. Frank questioned Reva to glean any information about Jeffrey's flight plan. Reva screamed that she didn't know. Josh implored Reva to try to work with Frank.

Remy took Cyrus back to the lockers, and thanked him for his help on the case. Cyrus said they were even, since Remy had saved Cyrus' life. Remy told Cyrus that it had felt good to use the diamonds to help others.

At Company later, Cyrus saw Buzz pondering the package from Coop. Cyrus said that he'd coveted a tape from an answering machine with his mother's voice on it. He'd carried it around in his pocket until it had been accidentally laundered. Once it was gone, Cyrus had felt like he'd lost his mother again.

Buzz confided that his memories of Coop were already fading, and he couldn't bear to lose any more. Buzz took the package to the back, and tore it open. Inside, he found books entitled, "How to Catch a Thief," "The Big Heist," and "Diamonds on the Run."

Remy met Cyrus in the parking lot to say that the report on the diamonds case stated that some diamonds were missing. "Why are you looking at me?" Cyrus asked. Remy nodded, noting that Cyrus was still driving the same clunker of a car.

After he and Remy parted ways, Cyrus reached into the car for his diamond stash. After he looked at them, he pulled out a list. First on his list was a new stove for Buzz, and second was money for Daisy's college. Cyrus checked the items off, and smiled.

A representative from Edmund Winslow's estate arrived at the Cooper house with a box. He told Mallet and Marina that Edmund had added Henry to Edmund's will. The agent handed Mallet the box, and said it was Henry's property. "This can't be good," Marina murmured.

After the agent left, Mallet wondered how anyone had known that Henry was Edmund's grandson. Marina assumed that Jeffrey was right, and Edmund was alive. Mallet figured that Jeffrey and Dinah were their best hope in finding Edmund. They decided to take Henry to Shayne's place to find out if Shayne had been holding out on Dinah and Jeffrey's whereabouts.

When the family arrived at Shayne's hotel, they explained the visit from Edmund's executor, and presented the ominous box. Mallet wondered if Shayne had spoken to Edmund, but Shayne said he would have never let Reva go to jail if he'd known that Edmund was alive. Marina said that if Edmund really were alive, then Henry was in danger. Marina, Mallet, and Shayne agreed that they would all protect Henry.

Marina left the fathers to sort out the details. Mallet thanked Shayne for stepping up, and Shayne thanked Mallet for including him. Shayne agreed to watch Colin whenever they needed him to. Just then, Josh called Shayne with the vague and horrible news about Jeffrey. Shayne said that he and Mallet were on their way to meet Josh, Reva, and Frank. Once the call ended, Shayne relayed to Mallet what he'd heard. "Oh, my God, Dinah..." Shayne suddenly realized.

Billy, Mallet, and Shayne met Frank, Josh, and Reva outside Company. Shayne asked about Dinah, and Reva suddenly whimpered, apologetically saying that Jeffrey hadn't mentioned Dinah. Reva began sobbing, and Billy took her into Company.

Inside Company, Reva reasoned that Jeffrey knew how to fly a plane. She ordered Billy to look her in the eye, and tell her that Jeffrey would be okay. "Who wouldn't want to come home to you?" Billy gently replied.

When Reva and Billy returned outside, Mallet had just received information from his contacts. It was a couple days old, but it placed Dinah and Jeffrey somewhere in South America. Frank said that Dinah and Jeffrey might be dead. Reva told all of them to never say that about her husband. "Jeffrey's not dead. I won't let him be," she declared.

Marina took Henry to the park, where she hoped she wouldn't unleash a plague by opening Edmund's box. The box contained pictures of the Winslows. Marina said that Henry didn't need those, because real family wasn't always related. She dug further into the box and found a letter addressed to Henry.

In the letter, Edmund said that the people of Springfield were liars. They'd called Edmund evil, but they'd lied about Henry. Edmund said that Henry's mother had been an angel. Lara and Henry were the best things that Edmund had ever done.

Marina ripped up the letter, and said they didn't need it, either. She told Henry that everyone would be better off if he really were dead. She hoped Henry would understand that one day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Outside Company, Reva proclaimed to Mallet, Frank, and Josh that Jeffrey couldn't be dead. Mallet said the Feds were working on it. Reva hopped in her car, and left. When she arrived home later, she saw Josh parked in her driveway. He said he was surprised he'd beaten her there.

Reva told Josh that she couldn't accept that Jeffrey was dead, or tell Colin such a thing. She pointed to the lantern in the window, saying she'd keep it lit until Jeffrey's return. Josh offered to go inside with her, but Reva didn't want anyone in the house who wouldn't believe that Jeffrey was alive. Reva rushed inside to light her lantern, and Josh grimaced.

Phillip regaled Lillian with tales from the bar brawl the other day. Lillian implored Phillip to tell his family the truth about his health, especially James. She thought James would suffer the most from Phillip's passing. After talking to Phillip, Lillian encountered James at a basketball court. She suggested that the whole family get together for a ball game.

Later, Lillian arrived at Cross Creek, and indicated that Josh had sent her there. Reva said Josh needed to shut his big mouth. Reva didn't want anyone in the house who didn't have hope for Jeffrey. Lillian said she'd hope if Reva would.

Outside the police station, Bill asked Josh to review Bill's wedding vows. Josh explained what had happened to Jeffrey, and Bill wondered if they should postpone the wedding. Josh said they all needed something to celebrate, so the wedding should go on as planned.

Josh rushed inside the station to see Frank, who was trying to find Jeffrey's flight plans. Josh wondered if they should tell Bill and Vanessa about the plane crash, but Frank refused to upset them without concrete information. Josh returned to Reva's house. In the driveway, Lillian asked him to leave. Reva went outside, and asked them both to leave, because she didn't need her friends trying to figure out how to handle her. Lillian departed, but Josh stayed behind.

When Mallet dropped Shayne off at home, Mallet suggested that Dinah had left with Jeffrey to cover Shayne's butt. Shayne replied that Dinah had done it for everyone, just as she'd taken a bullet in the head for Mallet at the docks. Shayne suggested that Mallet go home and protect Marina and Henry better than he'd protected Dinah from that bullet.

After Marina burned the contents of Edmund's box in a trash bin at the park, she sat with Remy near the baseball field for a while. Later, she took Henry to Company, where a distraught Mallet entered to tell her what had befallen Jeffrey, and possibly Dinah. Mallet figured that Edmund caused the plane crash. Mallet assured Marina that Edmund wouldn't hurt her or Henry.

Shayne worriedly sat in his hotel room until he heard, "You know there's a game on." Shayne looked up to see Dinah entering the room. He grabbed her, and held her tightly. Dinah said she'd gone there straight from the airport. Jeffrey had sent her to tell everyone that Edmund was alive. She said Jeffrey wouldn't let her continue the pursuit, but he'd chartered a plane to go after Edmund on his own. Shayne regrettably said that Jeffrey's plane had crashed.

Later, Mallet called Frank for an update on Jeffrey's situation. Just then, Dinah and Shayne entered Company. Marina and Mallet rushed to hug her. Dinah said she'd last seen Jeffrey the previous day in Buenos Aires, and she believed that Jeffrey had headed to Cuba, or at least somewhere in the Caribbean. They all decided go to Reva's house with the information.

Dinah went to Cross Creek with Shayne, Mallet, and Marina. Josh called Reva out of the house. Reva gasped to see Dinah, and asked, "Is Jeffrey...?" The group went inside, so that Dinah could tell Reva everything she knew. Dinah explained that Jeffrey was intent on finding Edmund and returning home. Dinah said Jeffrey knew what he was doing, and he'd asked Dinah to return to Springfield because things had become too dangerous.

As Dinah spoke, Frank entered to say that Dinah's information had led the Feds to discover that a small plane had left the Key West airport without filing a flight plan. Frank figured that with more checking, they'd know something soon. Reva grew hopeful, and proclaimed that Jeffrey was returning home to them.

An irate Lizzie found James on the basketball court. When James was belligerent and unapologetic for punching Bill, Lizzie uninvited James to the wedding. Bill asked her to reconsider, but Lizzie stubbornly stomped off.

Lizzie went to the mini-mart, where she saw Christina reading medical books. Lizzie ranted about her family. Christina said that Lizzie was lucky to have something so great with Bill that everyone wanted to take part in it, or have an opinion about it.

At the police station later, Lizzie asked Frank to sign a parking permit for her wedding. She also asked him to prevent anyone from filing charges over the brawl at Farley's the other day. She suspected Alan would press charges against Billy just to make Billy miss the wedding. Frank said if someone pressed charges, he'd lose the paperwork for 24 hours.

Lizzie bumped into Remy outside the station. She worried that her family wouldn't go to her wedding. Remy said that if they didn't go, then the whole town would probably attend.

Bill encountered Phillip on the mansion grounds, and Phillip thanked him for not hitting James back. Bill expressed his concerns about Lizzie being happy on her wedding day. Bill asked Phillip to keep the Spaulding family under control, and to make sure Lizzie was surrounded by her family on her wedding day. Phillip nodded, and Bill departed.

Phillip found James on the basketball court. Phillip ordered James to apologize to Lizzie and Bill, and then attend the wedding like a good brother. James retorted that he'd become the solution instead of the problem. James thought that was confusing, and he needed someone to explain the Spaulding rules to him again.

Phillip wondered why they couldn't all love each other. He said the family needed that, but James quipped that he didn't. "Okay, I need it!" Phillip yelled. Phillip stated that he needed James and himself to love each other like father and son. James said that it hadn't worked between Alan and Phillip, and it wouldn't work between Phillip and James.

At the mini-mart, Bill ordered Lizzie a slushy. Christina said Lizzie had just been there to buy one for herself. Bill commented that he couldn't wait to get the wedding drama over with before something terrible happened. Christina reminisced about Bill's Sinbad Show, and said Ashlee had taken a bunch of pictures for a wedding album gift.

Bill went back to the police station, looking for Lizzie. Remy said she'd already left. Remy noted that Lizzie looked happy. "Make sure she stays that way," Remy warned. Remy reminded Bill that he'd broken Ava's heart. Bill replied that it had been a completely different situation. "If you say so, Bill. If you say so," Remy quipped.

Lizzie found her father on the bridge over the creek, and she asked if he was going to her wedding. She needed at least one family member there. Phillip replied that he'd ordered James to show up. Phillip said he wanted everyone there, doing their best to make it a beautiful day. "Everyone but Granddad," Lizzie replied.

"You uninvited him, too?" Phillip asked. Lizzie explained that Alan had uninvited himself after Billy had punched him in the face. Phillip wondered if Lizzie really wanted Alan there. "I don't not want him there," Lizzie said. Phillip replied that he'd see what he could do.

After Phillip left, Bill approached Lizzie on the bridge. She said Bill had been right about James, and Phillip had ordered James to attend their wedding. Lizzie cooed that they were getting married the next day, and the couple kissed.

At Company, Phillip saw Lillian. She explained to him what had happened to Jeffrey. She said that Reva refused to consider the possibility that Jeffrey hadn't survived the plane crash.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Olivia and Doris met at the police station for their trip to find Natalia's retreat. Olivia was anxious to find Natalia before she became a nun, and got shipped off to Africa. In the car, Doris suggested they stop by a diner in Oakdale. Doris considered becoming mayor of Oakdale.

Olivia said she didn't know how to make Natalia understand that they weren't running from their problems anymore. Olivia felt that her daughters and Natalia were the most important people in her life. Doris wondered if Natalia felt the same way about religion as Doris and Olivia felt about their children. Doris said that God could be very powerful. "Well, no offense, but so can I," Olivia replied.

Olivia and Doris struck out at a series of retreats. When they arrived at Saint Andrews, Olivia begged a nun to tell her if Natalia was there, but the nun wouldn't say either way. Olivia claimed that God had sent her there with a word for Natalia. "I have seen many angels. The Lord is telling me you are not one of them," the nun replied.

Olivia rushed back to the car, and Doris asked if they were going on to the next place. Olivia figured she'd be barred from there just as she'd been from every place they'd stopped thus far. Doris asked what Olivia wanted to do. "Watch me!" Olivia said, bolting from the car.

Doris pursued Olivia, who ran into the courtyard, screaming, "Natalia! I know you can hear me. Even if you're not here, I know you can!" Olivia sobbed that they shouldn't be apart because they loved each other. Olivia said they'd face things together, and ordered Natalia to get down there, so that Olivia could make her understand. "Natalia!" she screamed.

When the ladies returned to the car, a downtrodden Olivia wanted to go home. Doris didn't think they should give up. "She doesn't want to be found...I don't want to be pathetic!" Olivia replied. Olivia said Natalia had pushed her away, and they were going home.

At the lake, Billy told Lizzie and Bill about Jeffrey. Bill said he already knew, and then filled Lizzie in. Billy added that Dinah might have been on the plane. Bill and Lizzie grew upset. Billy thought that he and Bill should tell Vanessa together, after Bill processed the news.

Billy left, and Lizzie and Bill considered postponing the wedding. Bill didn't want to do that for his mother's sake. Lizzie said it was okay to be concerned for Dinah, despite the past.

At Cross Creek, Reva wouldn't accept that Edmund had sabotaged Jeffrey's plane. She assumed Jeffrey had parachuted out, or made an emergency landing. Reva advised Shayne and Dinah to go home. She assured them that Jeffrey was okay. "It's Jeffrey!" Reva added.

Later, Lizzie entered Company, and saw Shayne. She hugged him, and expressed her sympathies. She said she'd be lost without Bill. Shayne replied that Dinah hadn't been on the plane; she was at his house, taking a shower. Lizzie darted off, saying that she had to tell Bill.

Bill met Billy at their office. Bill thought of the problems between Dinah and him. He said he hadn't planned to stay mad at Dinah forever. Billy recalled that Vanessa and Dinah had had tensions in their relationship, too.

As they talked, Lizzie rushed in to say that Dinah was alive and showering at Shayne's house. Billy was thankful that they hadn't spoken to Vanessa yet. A relieved Bill wanted to refocus on the wedding. Lizzie insisted that Bill see Dinah, and invite her to the wedding.

When Dinah opened the door at Shayne's house, Lizzie hugged her. Bill and Dinah were awkward with each other, and Lizzie prompted him to "ask her." Dinah couldn't believe it when Bill invited Dinah to the wedding. Lizzie said that she and Bill wanted a new beginning with James and Dinah. Dinah asked if Bill agreed with that. He said he wanted his sister at his wedding. Dinah replied that there was no other place she'd rather be. They all hugged.

At Bill's place later, Bill decided to rest up for the wedding. Lizzie insisted that they couldn't spend the night before their wedding together. She gave him a blanket, and told him to find somewhere else to sleep that night.

At the Cooper house, Mallet theorized that Edmund had framed Reva and sabotaged Jeffrey's plane. Marina wished someone really had crushed Edmund's skull. Marina asked if they should tell her family about Edmund. Mallet said telling them about Edmund's danger to Henry meant telling them about Henry's paternity. Mallet wasn't sure Shayne was ready for that.

Mallet figured that Marina, Dinah, and Shayne would protect Henry. Meanwhile, Mallet would investigate the identity of the dead body from the creek. Mallet asked Marina to take Henry to visit Frank while he studied the case files. She agreed to go, but said that working on the murder case was a waste of time. She wished Mallet would just let it go.

At Cross Creek, Josh took a call from the FAA, and showed Reva a map of the area around Key West where the Feds planned to search for Jeffrey. Reva decided that she needed to get down to Key West. Josh said she couldn't be serious, and reminded her that she'd just gotten out of the hospital and had a baby.

Reva insisted that she was taking the next plane out of there. "You know, I can't just drop everything in my life-" Josh started to say. Reva cut in, retorting that she didn't ask him to go, because she'd be fine. Josh didn't think she would be. Reva asked if that meant he was going. "Keep us posted," a frustrated Josh said, and left.

Reva pulled out her suitcase. Mallet called to ask her to go to the police station for questioning about the murder case. She said she'd give him ten minutes. When Reva arrived at the station, she and Mallet bickered about him wasting her time. Mallet wondered if Jeffrey had said anything about the body that had been floating in the river. Reva ranted that Jeffrey had nothing to do with the body. She said Jeffrey had set himself up to take the heat off Reva.

Reva tried to leave, but Mallet said they weren't done. Reva said that Mallet was a good enough cop to know that Jeffrey, Reva, and Josh were innocent. She claimed that the John Doe was killed because he looked like Edmund. She insisted anyone could have done it, even Mallet. Mallet wished Reva luck in finding Jeffrey, and she exited the station.

In Shayne's room, Shayne told Dinah that Mallet and Edmund had figured out Henry's paternity, and Edmund had included Henry in a will. Dinah wondered how Shayne had handled Mallet. Shayne said it'd be easier if Mallet hadn't been such a "hard-ass" about the case. Shayne reasoned that Mallet's misguided persistence had caused Jeffrey to take off to find Edmund.

After Dinah showered later, a frantic Marina arrived to find out what Shayne planned to do about Henry's grandfather, Edmund. Dinah explained that Jeffrey and she had used Lara's grave to smoke Edmund out, and then they'd gotten a lead on him in Buenos Aires. At that point, Dinah and Jeffrey had split up, and Jeffrey headed for the Florida Keys to catch Edmund.

Marina wondered what they'd do next, and Shayne said Mallet was the best person to ask. Shayne left to get ice, and Dinah warned Marina that she was forcing Shayne to become involved with Henry, which might make Shayne develop more feelings for his son. "I'm just telling you to be careful," Dinah said.

Shayne encountered Josh in the stairwell. Josh said that Reva had the insane idea searching for Jeffrey herself. Josh asked Shayne to go with her, and Shayne asked if Reva really wanted him there. Josh reasoned that he couldn't go himself, because he'd promised Jeffrey that he'd keep his distance from Reva. "I think things have changed, Dad," Shayne responded.

Shayne suspected that Jeffrey's plane had disintegrated. Josh thought that as long as there was hope for Jeffrey, then Josh had to uphold the promise he'd made Jeffrey. Though Shayne thought that was admirable, he pointed out that Josh had known Reva a lot longer than he had known Jeffrey. "So I'm trying to figure out-who do you owe more?" Shayne asked Josh.

Shayne returned to his room, and told Dinah what was happening with his parents. He said he'd chosen to stay in Springfield in case Dinah needed protection. "In case you need to protect your son," Dinah concluded. She felt that it was okay if Shayne wanted to protect Henry.

At Cross Creek, Reva packed Colin up to take to Rachel's house. When she wheeled her things outside later, she found Josh waiting in her driveway. He said that they'd better get a move on, and he hoped the weather was better in Florida.

When Marina returned home, Mallet was looking for the box from Edmund. He hoped it might contain some clues to the case. Marina said that she'd burned it. She stated that she didn't like the fact that Edmund had power over them through his relation to Henry. She hadn't wanted Henry to ever find the box, but she hadn't considered that it could be evidence. She said she wanted Edmund to go away; she'd do anything to make Edmund go away.

Later, Mallet put Henry's stroller in a closet. He noted that the left side of the handle was cracked. He checked his evidence photos, and then touched the crack on the stroller. He stared upstairs, as Marina called him to help with Henry's bath.

Friday, July 10, 2009

As Mallet read the police report on Edmund's death, he fingered Henry's broken baby stroller. As if he realized something, Mallet muttered "God. Marina." At that point, Marina came downstairs. When Mallet asked if Marina knew that the stroller was broken, she replied that she did not and wondered how it happened.

Mallet said that it looked like the stroller took quite a blow. Marina suggested that it must have fallen outside and asked Mallet to get it fixed. Later, Mallet went to work and asked an officer to see if the plastic on the baby stroller handle matched the plastic found in Edmund's skull.

Dinah woke up to find Shayne gone. Later, Dinah took hot dogs to Shayne, who was parked outside Marina's. Shayne told Dinah that he was worried about Henry's safety since Edmund was on the loose. Dinah suggested that they could watch the house in shifts.

Marina went to Company with Henry and saw Frank. When Frank noted that he missed her, Marina told him that he could always move back home. Marina admitted to Frank she was worried that she could not protect Henry. Frank assured Marina that she was a good mother. Marina told her father that she would do anything to protect Henry.

Shayne continued to watch the house after everyone had left because he was worried that Edmund would sneak in. Dinah doubted that Edmund would return. She stated that Edmund knew that everyone had his number and that he would lose his freedom as soon as he returned to town.

Later, Dinah saw Mallet at the store buying aspirin. Dinah instantly recognized that Mallet had a stress headache and relieved it by pressing a pressure point on his hand. Mallet told Dinah that he was stressed out about the Edmund case. Dinah speculated that he was stressed about everything. After Dinah relieved his headache, Mallet happily called her a miracle worker, and left.

Shayne and Remy passed each other on the stairwell. Shayne filled Remy in on the news that Dinah was back in town but there was no word on Jeffrey or Edmund. Shayne told Remy that Edmund sent some mementos to Henry-which proved that Edmund knew Henry was his grandson.

Lizzie woke up on her wedding day and called Bill. Lizzie jokingly asked him what he had planned for the day and he remarked that he was going to play golf. After some more teasing, Bill admitted that it was the greatest day of his life because he was getting married.

Later, at breakfast, Bill asked if Lizzie was happy. She stated that she had never been happier, even though she wished her grandfather were less of a jerk. Bill offered to postpone the wedding but Lizzie declined.

Bill called Josh and asked if he had gotten a chance to look at the vows. It was obvious that Josh had completely forgotten about the wedding, and he told Bill that he could not officiate because he was in Florida with Reva.

Josh offered to call another minister, but Bill told him not to worry about it. When Bill relayed the news to Lizzie, he assured her that they would simply have the pastor of the church officiate.

Lizzie went to the florist and discovered that the flowers she ordered were not fully bloomed-they were only bulbs. At the same time, Bill learned that the band slated to play at the wedding was sick. Lizzie ended up buying the only flowers the florist had left-carnations, while Bill ended up with a boom box and some CDs.

Later, all of the food that Bill was transporting somehow fell out of the van and ended up in the parking lot. Lizzie was devastated and explained that the wedding cake was the only thing that she had ever made in her entire life. Bill assured Lizzie that everything would work out and made it clear that all that mattered was them getting married in front of everyone they loved.

Bill and Lizzie went to the store to get some quick and easy refreshments. They bought 200 Twinkies, some whipped cream, and chips and dip. Later, they went to the church, where they created a beautiful wedding cake using the Twinkies and whipped cream.

The pair peeked out to see how many guests had arrived and were shocked to find the church completely empty. They checked outside and, sure enough, the parking lot was empty, as well.

Lizzie checked the invitation and was mortified that they put down the wrong date. Bill stated that they could still get married, since the minister was there and they were there. An upset Lizzie said that she wanted their family and friends to be with them.

As Bill and Lizzie tried to figure out what to do, Dinah quietly walked in and overheard everything.

At the police station, Mallet continued to wait for the results of the forensic tests. When Remy arrived, the pair began talking, and Remy admitted to Mallet that he had known the truth about Henry being Shayne's son. Remy said that Mallet could count on him if Mallet needed help to protect Henry from Edmund. Suddenly, Remy's phone rang. After getting some surprising news, Remy rushed off.

As Bill and Lizzie accepted the fact that they were not getting married that day, Bill got a call from Dinah asking them to meet with her. Though Bill asked for more information, a cryptic Dinah made it clear that it was urgent and told them to meet her at Miller's Field. Dinah insisted that it was a matter of life and... Dinah hung up her phone at that point.

Bill and Lizzie arrived at Miller's Field, which was completely empty. Suddenly, Dinah revealed herself. After Dinah noticed that Bill and Lizzie were all dressed up, it occurred to her that they were supposed to get married. Bill filled Dinah in on their disastrous day and stated that they decided to wait until they could be surrounded by friends and family. Dinah agreed that was best.

Suddenly, Bill and Lizzie's friends and family all stepped out of hiding, dressed up and ready for a wedding. Dinah informed the pair that she overheard them at the church, made some phone calls, and Mindy did the rest. Beth wished Lizzie a happy wedding day. After Lizzie noted that it was perfect, Bill got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

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