One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on OLTL

Shane was thrilled that his parents were back together. Rex denied sleeping with Stacy. Markko stood up to his father. Téa found Todd and Blair making love, and Téa decided that she was finished with Todd. Brody was accepted at the police academy. Matthew was angry when his parents opted not to allow Matthew to have spinal surgery. Rachel was wary about Cole going undercover. Stacy wanted to sleep with Rex one more time.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Aunt Misbehavin'

At La Boulaie, Markko told his father that he would never give Langston up. As the entire dinner party watched in utter surprise, Markko grabbed Langston's hand and proceeded to march upstairs. As they walked off, Markko advised his father that they were headed to Langston's bedroom and challenged Mr. Rivera to stop them. Turning his attention to Dorian, Mr. Rivera blamed her for his son's irrational behavior. Shaun defended Dorian, but Mr. Rivera was certain that the teens were going to have sex in Langston's bedroom.

Upstairs in Langston's bedroom, the teens contemplated their next move. After toying with the idea of having sex, Markko expressed his regret over disrespecting his father, but Markko related that he would never allow his father to interfere in his relationship with Langston. Realizing that he needed his parents' financial support, Markko decided to attempt to make amends with his father.

Back downstairs, Mr. Rivera threatened to head upstairs and drag Markko out of the house, but Shaun, Charlie, and Moe blocked the stairwell and advised Mr. Rivera that they wouldn't allow him to cause a scene. The men cautioned Mr. Rivera to work on his relationship with Markko and to avoid threatening his son's relationship with Langston. Meanwhile, Dorian, Viki, and Noelle tried to convince Mrs. Rivera to trust Markko. Mrs. Rivera was willing to give Markko a chance, but she was certain that her husband would stand in the way. As the dinner guests tried to reason with the Riveras, Markko and Langston returned downstairs, hand in hand. Viki urged Mr. Rivera to patch things up with his son.

After proclaiming his love for Langston, Markko asked his father to respect his decision to continue his relationship with Langston. Placing a hand on Markko shoulder, Mr. Rivera said that he was certain that something could be worked out. To everyone's surprise, Mr. Rivera ordered Markko to stop dating Langston. He stated that Markko wouldn't be allowed to return home if he continued to date Langston. An infuriated Markko refused to end his relationship with Langston. Reminding Markko that he no longer resided at the Rivera residence, Mr. Rivera grabbed his wife's hand and announced that they were leaving.

After the Riveras had left, Langston tried to reassure Markko that his father would eventually have a change of heart. When Markko mentioned that he was homeless, Langston suggested that he move into La Boulaie. Dorian appeared bothered by Langston's suggestion. Citing that La Boulaie was overcrowded, Dorian stated that Markko needed to find another place to live. Appalled that Dorian would refuse to allow Markko to stay at La Boulaie, Langston blamed Dorian for creating the entire mess. When Langston asked Dorian where she expected Markko to live, Viki intervened and stated that Markko was welcome to stay at Llanfair. Dorian glared at Viki.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cris, questioned Kyle about Oliver's past. Unwilling to reveal the explicit details of Oliver's life, Kyle simply warned Cris that Oliver wasn't the person that he appeared to be. Concerned about Layla's welfare, Cris urged Kyle to provide him with any information that could prevent Layla from getting hurt by Oliver. After a long hesitation, Kyle remarked, "I'd warn any woman I was friends with not to get involved with Fish!" As he opened his wallet to pay his tab, Kyle noticed a picture that he had taken with Oliver during their college days. In the photo, the two men were smiling and Oliver had his arm around Kyle's shoulders. Kyle appeared to be bothered by the memories he once shared with Oliver.

After their date, Layla and Oliver returned to the apartment. Stating that Cris would arrive home late, Layla pulled Oliver close to her and the two shared a kiss. As the situation intensified, Oliver pulled away and told Layla that he respected her too much to continue. Layla assured him that she was ready to move forward, and the two continued to kiss passionately.

Cris returned home and interrupted a near sexual encounter between Layla and Oliver. After a nervous Layla left the room, Cris informed Oliver that he had spoken with Kyle, who had warned Cris that Oliver shouldn't be trusted. Insisting that Kyle was a con artist, Oliver suggested that Kyle was jealous of Oliver's relationship with Layla and wanted a chance with her.

Before Cris could question Oliver any further, Layla interrupted the discussion. Disgusted with Layla's poor judgment, an angry Cris walked away. Layla apologized for Cris's behavior. Layla implied that they should continue their date in the bedroom, but a nervous Oliver quickly reminded her that she started work at the police station in the morning. As he extended his hand to say goodnight, Layla kissed him. Cris entered the room and observed the exchange between his roommates.

At Rex's loft, Stacy strategically placed her underwear throughout the apartment. To Stacy's displeasure, Roxy knocked on the door and entered the loft. Upon noticing Stacy's bra, Roxy referred to Stacy as desperate. Pleased to update Roxy on the change of events, Stacy remarked to a startled Roxy that she and Rex were lovers. After observing Roxy's strange behavior, Stacy realized that Roxy had gone to the loft in search of the missing bag of blood. Roxy was certain that Stacy was in cahoots with the crazy nurse who had stuck her with a hypodermic needle and had run off with the bag of blood.

Stacy denied having any involvement with the mysterious nurse, and suggested that Roxy had told someone during a drunken stupor. Roxy's reaction caused Stacy to wonder if anyone had discovered that Stacy's stem cells never saved Shane. Demanding answers from Roxy, Stacy inquired about the real donor's whereabouts. Roxy informed Stacy that the unconscious patient had died, and reminded Stacy that the missing blood needed to be recovered immediately. Unconcerned, Stacy continued to brag about her relationship with Rex. Before leaving, Roxy told Stacy that she would never have a place in Rex's heart.

At an unknown location, the wacky nurse who had encountered Roxy, worked on crossword puzzles and spoke to the blood donor, who was covered with a sheet. As he began to move from under the sheet, the nurse remarked, "You've been asleep for a long time. I've gotten your stem cells away from Roxanne and gave the bag to Stacy. Everything is just as you wanted it to be!" The nurse told the unknown patient that Roxy was convinced that she had murdered him. As the donor continued to move restlessly, the nurse arranged his bed sheets and stated that she had no idea why he wanted Stacy Morasco to receive the credit for saving his grandson.

Back at the Buenos Dias Café, while Kyle continued to study the photograph of him and Oliver, Roxy stormed into the café and confronted him. Roxy accused Kyle of sending the crazy nurse to steal the blood. Kyle denied any involvement and assured Roxy that he had his own problems and no longer had any interest in Roxy's dilemma.

Convinced that Kyle was innocent, Roxy was certain that Kyle's bad mood involved a special woman. Upon noticing the photo of Kyle and Oliver, Roxy realized that Kyle's problem was complicated. After Kyle left, Roxy mumbled to herself, "I need to figure out who is playing with the devils blood!"

Back at the unknown location, the nurse administered medication to the patient and commented on his remarkable recovery. Smiling down at her covered patient, the nurse stated, "We were lucky to find this spot where no one can find us! Soon you'll meet that family of yours. Won't they be surprised?" As she exited the room, photos of Rex and Shane sat on the patient's nightstand.

At the cottage, Gigi asked Rex if Stacy's claims about having sex with him were true. As Rex attempted to answer her, Gigi stated that she knew that Stacy had lied about her encounter with Rex. Wracked with guilt, Rex told Gigi that he owed her the truth. Before Rex could give Gigi and answer, Shane entered the room and interrupted the conversation. When Shane questioned what was going on, Rex and Gigi decided that the time had come to tell their son the truth.

Gigi told Shane that she had never cheated on his father, but Shane refused to believe his mother. When Shane continued to hurl insults at his mother, Rex ordered his son to allow Gigi to explain. Gigi told a stunned Shane about Stacy's blackmail. Rex informed his son that his Aunt Stacy had refused to save his life unless Gigi ended her relationship with Rex. Shocked to learn of Stacy's scheme, Shane apologized for the rude behavior that he had displayed toward his mother. Rex watched as mother and son shared a loving embrace.

Insisting that they could be a family again, Shane declared that Rex should move back into the cottage at once. Rex told Shane that he couldn't move into the cottage until he had tricked Stacy into revealing the true donor's identity. Rex said that Shane's help was needed to trick Stacy. Shane listened intently as Rex explained that Shane would need to fake a relapse. Gigi expressed concern over involving Shane in the scheme, but Shane was eager to help set a trap for Stacy. Advising Shane that it was necessary for Rex to pretend that he was interested in Stacy, Gigi warned her son that no one could ever learn that she and Rex had reunited. Before heading upstairs, Shane hugged his mother and told her that he loved her.

Alone at the loft, Stacy, who was dressed in sexy lingerie, studied herself in the mirror and waited for Rex to return home.

Back at the loft, Rex phoned Stacy and told her that he was staying overnight at Gigi's cottage because Shane wasn't feeling well. Relating that he would sleep on the couch, Rex assured Stacy that Gigi wanted nothing to do with him. Stacy volunteered to go over and help, but Rex convinced her to stay at the loft. A disappointed Stacy told Rex that she would miss him. After hanging up, Rex told Gigi that he couldn't go back to the loft and face Stacy.

Gigi asked Rex to continue what he was saying before Shane had interrupted their conversation. Rex told Gigi that Stacy had attempted to seduce him, but he lied and assured her that he had resisted her advances. Gigi let out a sigh of relief. Shane returned downstairs with a pint of ice cream, and the Balsom clan enjoyed their night together as a family.

At the loft, a lonely Stacy poured herself a glass of wine and pondered the situation.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Deep End

Blair walked into La Boulaie's kitchen to find Starr fussing over Hope while Todd prepared breakfast for the family. As everyone gathered around the table, Téa stood outside and watched the Mannings bond. Téa could only take a few minutes of it before she burst through the kitchen door.

Téa explained that she needed Todd to sign some hospital forms, so that she could go to physical therapy. To Blair's annoyance, Todd offered to drive Téa to her first session. Blair reminded Todd that he had promised to teach Sam how to swim. Téa assured Todd that she didn't need him to accompany her to physical therapy. Blair urged Todd to help his sons change into their bathing suits. Téa staked her claim on Todd by giving him a lingering kiss. Blair cringed as she watched them.

As soon as Todd left the kitchen, Blair set some ground rules for Téa. Blair didn't want Téa showing up at La Boulaie unannounced or to engage in inappropriate behavior in front of the children. Téa agreed to Blair's demands, but suggested that Blair's main concern was not for the children. Téa accused Blair of being jealous. When Todd returned to the kitchen, Téa decided to leave. Before Téa walked out, she announced that Blair's annulment had been added to the court docket. Téa offered to represent Blair in court, but Blair wasn't interested.

Blair told Todd the same thing that she had told Téa: keep his affair with Téa out of La Boulaie. Todd growled that he had limits and told Blair not to push him. Blair didn't heed Todd's warning. A short time later, Blair met Todd and the boys by the pool. Chad Driscoll, a handsome young lifeguard, accompanied her. Blair insisted that she had hired Chad to properly teach Sam how to swim.

Todd's resentment toward Chad grew as Blair flirted with the young hunk during Sam's lesson. After the children left the pool area, Chad asked Blair if she was married to Todd. Blair made it clear that she was unattached and interested in Chad. As Blair led Chad into the house, she turned to Todd. Blair boldly told Todd that three was a crowd, and suggested that Todd find something-away from La Boulaie-to occupy himself.

In Brody's room, Jessica awoke from a nightmare. Jessica confided that she had dreamed of Chloe crying while Jessica had been unable to reach her daughter. Brody held Jessica until a knock on the door interrupted them. It was Gigi. Gigi explained that she wanted to talk to Brody about Shane.

Gigi told Brody and Jessica that Rex had learned the truth about Stacy. Gigi went on to reveal the details of Rex's plan to get their hands on the cache of blood that Stacy had hidden away. Gigi didn't want Brody to worry about Shane when they put their plan into motion.

After Gigi departed, Brody told Jessica that he had received a letter from the police academy. Brody feared that he had been rejected because of his past transgressions. Jessica was more optimistic than Brody. She urged him to open the letter. To Brody's delight, he discovered that he had been accepted into the police academy. Brody asked Jessica if she had anything to do with it. Jessica promised that she had not pulled any strings with her Uncle Bo. Relieved, Brody celebrated his good fortune.

Jessica confessed that it was time that she moved forward, as well. Brody worried that Jessica intended to end their relationship, but Jessica quickly eased his concerns. She explained that she needed to face Starr and Cole. Brody sensed that Jessica was apprehensive about Starr and Cole's reaction to the encounter. Jessica admitted that she was terrified that Starr and Cole would not forgive her.

In John's office, John handed a bugged cell phone to Cole and explained that he should never use it to contact John. John didn't want to risk Cole's cover being blown because someone had checked the phone's call log. Moments later, Rachel was shown into John's office. Rachel was livid because she had been dragged to the police station without an explanation.

John apologized for the secrecy before he revealed that Cole was going undercover to bust a drug ring. Rachel was stunned. She worried that Cole was in over his head. Cole assured Rachel that he preferred to work undercover rather than serve his sentence out in jail. Rachel fretted about Asher's reaction; she reminded Cole that Asher had set him up. Cole was certain that he could regain Asher's trust. Rachel continued to have doubts because of the temptation that Cole would face. Cole assured Rachel that he would not turn to drugs.

Despite her misgivings, Rachel eventually agreed to help Cole in any way that she could. After Rachel left, Cole told John that he intended to tell Starr about his undercover work. Cole refused to allow anything to hurt his relationship with Starr again. John wasn't thrilled with the idea, but he realized that he had little choice in the matter.

At La Boulaie, Cole told Starr that John had arranged for Cole to go undercover. Starr was anxious about the danger that Cole would face. Cole promised Starr that everything would work out and vowed to remain drug-free. Cole held his teething daughter for a few minutes. As he prepared to leave, Cole opened the door, only to discover that Jessica blocked his way.

John went to Marty's apartment. Marty had been in the middle of studying for tests, so that her medical license could be reinstated. John apologized for the interruption. He explained that, because of Cole, he had realized that he didn't want to miss his chance with Marty. Marty was moved by the admission and kissed John.

Schuyler had a vivid dream of Gigi confessing that she had learned the truth about Rex and Stacy. In the dream, Gigi had turned to Schuyler for comfort. As they kissed, Schuyler was jolted awake.

A short time later, Gigi knocked on Schuyler's door. Gigi warned Schuyler that she and Rex were about to spring a trap on Stacy. Gigi wanted Schuyler to be prepared in case Stacy went to him with questions. Schuyler thanked Gigi for the heads-up and promised to do what he could to help Gigi. As Gigi prepared to leave, Schuyler asked her about her relationship with Rex. Gigi told him that Stacy had claimed to have slept with Rex. Schuyler assumed that Gigi had forgiven Rex for the indiscretion.

Gigi clarified that there had been nothing for her to forgive because she had not believed Stacy's lie. Schuyler seemed startled that Gigi remained in the dark about Rex and Stacy. After Gigi left, Schuyler went to the community center, where he bumped into Rachel. Schuyler shared the latest developments in the saga of Gigi's relationship with Rex. Rachel asked Schuyler what he planned to do about Rex's lie. Schuyler confided that he had decided to keep the truth to himself. Schuyler wanted to focus on being a supportive friend to Gigi.

At the carriage house, Rex and Shane were playing indoor football when Stacy let herself in. Stacy commented that it had appeared that Shane had recovered from his illness. Shane pretended to feel under the weather while Rex told Stacy that he had given Shane some medicine to combat the fever. Stacy was surprised when Rex went on to reveal that Gigi had gone on some errands.

Determined to be of help, Stacy produced a digital thermometer to take Shane's temperature. Stacy claimed that Gigi was too cheap to spring for the top-of-the-line medical device, so Stacy had taken it upon herself to buy it for Shane. Stacy stuck the thermometer into Shane's mouth and quickly discovered that his temperature was normal. Shane faked a bout of nausea and ran upstairs. Rex followed his son.

When Rex returned to the living room, Stacy insisted on taking Shane to see a doctor. When Stacy questioned Rex's reluctance, Rex was forced to comply with Stacy's demand. As Rex, Shane, and Stacy prepared to leave, Gigi walked in. Michael McBain was with Gigi.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heating Up Fast

Starr and Cole were surprised by Jessica's arrival at La Boulaie, but Starr asked her to enter the kitchen and sit down. Jessica told the teens that she was there to apologize to them for what she'd done with Hope. She explained that she'd suffered a mental breakdown after Nash's death, and was in therapy. Starr was surprisingly sympathetic. She told Jessica that she'd been angry with Jessica when she'd learned the truth, but that she'd come to understand Jessica's pain and desperation. Jessica wasn't willing to let go of her guilt so easily as she recounted what Hope's "death" had done to Starr and Cole as individuals, including Cole's drug addiction and the car accident.

Speaking up for the first time, Cole told Jessica that he'd had many reasons to turn to drugs, but no one was to blame for his choices but himself. Jessica thanked Starr and Cole for their kindness and understanding. When Starr asked Jess if she wanted to hold Hope, however, Jessica balked and said it wasn't a good idea. She told them she would be all right, with time and the help of her family and friends. She said goodbye to the new family and quickly left, holding back her tears.

After accompanying Carlotta to a routine checkup, Cristian ran into Téa at Llanview Hospital. Téa explained she was there for physical therapy, and the extended family members compared notes. Téa was relieved to learn Cristian had forgiven her for her role in the Montez debacle, and Cris said he'd let bygones be bygones after the crisis with Powell and Rebecca. As the Lewis family was invoked, the topic quickly turned to Cristian's new favorite subject, as he briefed Téa on Kyle's warning about Fish and Layla. He couldn't understand why Kyle would tell him Fish would break Layla's heart.

Téa asked Cristian why he was so concerned about his roommates' romance, and found herself in rare agreement with Blair as she suggested to Cris that his feelings for Layla went beyond the platonic. As usual, Cristian vehemently denied having a romantic interest in Layla. He told Téa how glad he was she'd broken off her own ill-advised relationship with Todd, and was dismayed to realize Téa and Todd were still an item. Cristian said she could do far better than Todd, and Layla could do better than Fish.

Poolside at La Boulaie, Todd knocked on the door of the cabana, only to be greeted by silence. Losing his temper, Todd flung the door open and discovered Blair making out with Chad, the swimming instructor. "Are you paying him extra for this?" Todd snapped, incensed. Blair told Todd to get out, but as Todd continued to make a scene, Chad took his leave.

Todd and Blair began their bickering anew as Todd accused Blair of trying to make him jealous. Blair played dumb, asking Todd how she could make him jealous if he was so over her. Todd lamely complained that the children could've walked in on her and Chad, but Blair said her dalliance with the lifeguard was nothing compared to Todd and Téa's public displays of affection. She asked Todd how he really felt about Téa, but he couldn't give her a straight answer.

Todd turned the tables on Blair by claiming she was the jealous one, but Blair denied it. Neither of them could believe the other's claims of having moved on, so Blair decided to put Todd to the test and began undressing. She told Todd that if they didn't have residual feelings for each other, then changing clothes in front of him wouldn't be a problem. As Todd watched Blair disrobe, his attention became fixed on her. Blair taunted Todd about their old feelings, and Todd finally leapt to his feet, grabbed Blair, and kissed her.

At the Palace Hotel, John and Marty succumbed to their own passions as they began to make love. Suddenly, Marty was seized by anxiety and pulled away. John asked her what was wrong, and Marty said there were a lot of things in their way, such as Cole's problems and his marriage to Blair. John reminded Marty that he and Blair were getting a divorce, which lifted Marty's spirits. She feared they seemed to attract disaster to themselves, but John didn't believe in superstitions. He told her they couldn't run away from their problems, and had to face the future together. They kissed again, and Marty suggested they finish what they'd started.

As they headed for the bedroom, John and Marty undressed and resumed making love, but Marty began to flash back to the night in November when she and Todd had sex. Repulsed by the sensation, Marty pulled back from John again, apologizing. She told him that the last person she'd been with was Todd, and she couldn't deal with her physical or psychological reactions to sexual intimacy. John told her that she hadn't known any better when she was Todd's captive, and that the new Marty, with all her memories, was the real one. "I'm not ready," Marty told John sadly. John comforted her by telling her he could wait, that she was worth waiting for. He kissed her goodbye and headed for the police station.

At the police station, Fish escorted Layla to John's empty office to begin her first day as his assistant. Layla was anxious about Fish's cuddly demeanor, and told him they needed to talk about the previous evening. She told him she didn't want their co-workers thinking she used him to get her job. She admitted she was intimidated by the kind of work she was going to have to do with the police department.

As Layla told him that no one at the LPD could know about their relationship, Fish misinterpreted her, thinking she was suggesting they break up. Layla corrected him and said they merely had to be discreet at the office. Fish agreed to play it cool, but as John hadn't yet arrived for work, Layla decided to make an exception, planting a big kiss on Fish. Unbeknownst to the lovebirds, Cristian had walked into the corridor just in time to witness their intimate moment. Upset, he walked away without a word.

Téa returned to La Boulaie, tottering towards the pool area on her cane as she called out for Todd. Hearing strange noises coming from the cabana, she entered, and was shocked and horrified to find Todd and Blair stark naked, in the throes of passion.

At the carriage house, Gigi re-introduced Michael, fresh from Seattle, to the Morasco family. Rex was surprised to see Michael, realizing he was in on the family's scheme. As the conspirators exchanged shifty glances, they kept up their act, pretending that Shane was sick and needed to be examined by his former doctor. Michael took Shane into the other room for a "checkup," while Gigi and Rex faked another argument in front of Stacy for her benefit.

Stacy quickly stepped in as Rex's rabid defender, accusing Gigi of flying Michael in from across the country to one-up Rex over Shane's medical care. Michael and Shane returned, and Michael lied that Shane's "symptoms" were worrisome and needed to be checked out at Llanview Hospital. As Rex hustled Stacy off to the hospital, promising to meet the others there, Gigi, Shane, and Michael called "cut" on their acting debut. Gigi told Shane and Michael that they had to convince Stacy that Shane was dying. "Piece of cake!" Shane gleefully replied.

At the hospital, Michael quickly took Shane away for "tests" while Gigi, Rex, and Stacy waited in an exam room. After sending Stacy for coffee, Rex and Gigi stole a moment for a kiss, and Rex told Gigi he couldn't wait until they could stop pretending. Having forgotten her purse, Stacy reentered the room just in time to hear Rex's words, and asked what he was pretending about. Rex covered by saying that he could no longer hide his new relationship with Stacy from Shane and the rest of the world. Stacy beamed as Rex told her he wanted his son to see how happy he was with his second chance at love. Disgusted, Gigi beat a hasty retreat into the hallway. Stacy was touched by Rex's devotion to her, and told him he could expect a lifetime of love. In turn, Rex promised her "surprises."

In the hall, Gigi held a whispered conference with Michael. Michael explained that Shane was playing video games nearby. Gigi asked about other potential donors, but Michael said there were none available. He told Gigi that despite the deceit, he understood the subterfuge necessary to secure more stem cells from Stacy and her mysterious "Patient X." Gigi asked him about the McBains' new life in Seattle, and Michael told her Marcie was great, busily building a crib for the "miracle" baby they were expecting. Gigi asked Michael to tell Marcie the good news about her and Rex.

Michael, Shane, and Gigi reentered the exam room to find Stacy giving a mortified Rex a deep massage. As the conspirators got back into character, Michael told Rex and Gigi he had bad news about Shane, and the entire family needed to hear it. He explained that Shane was out of remission and his leukemia had returned. Shane and Gigi feigned tears and sorrow, while Rex turned to Stacy, thankful for "her" bone marrow. "Thank God we have you!" he cried, embracing her. From behind Stacy's back, he flashed the others a thumbs-up, while Gigi and Shane smiled at their triumph.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Unable to locate Todd at La Boualie, Téa walked into the cabana by the pool when she heard loud noises coming from inside. She was shocked and horrified to find Todd and Blair making love. The couple separated quickly as Blair unsuccessfully hid her smile. A screaming Téa informed Todd that she was finished with him, and refused to listen to his explanation. She stormed out with a quickly dressed Todd in pursuit.

Todd pleaded to be heard, insisting that he had an explanation. Téa preferred that he not touch her and asked him to stay away from her. He requested five minutes of her time. Stammering and stuttering, he turned and ordered Blair to leave them alone, as Blair knelt to tidy up the pool area. Blair assured him she wasn't listening and continued to pick up the toys. Describing the events of the afternoon, Todd attempted to justify his romp in the hay with Blair. He explained how he had found her making a fool of herself with a pool boy and how she took off her clothes in front of Todd. That all led to them having sex, he explained to Téa.

A puzzled Téa, thinking that she had missed something of the explanation, reacted bitterly to Todd's rationalization that it was all just an accident and that it meant nothing to either himself or Blair. Upon questioning, Blair agreed with him, though her face said otherwise. She assured Téa that it was just "hot, dirty sex" and that they couldn't stop. Mockingly, she explained that was what happened when you had a history with someone. Téa chuckled sarcastically as Todd jumped in and ordered her not to listen to Blair, who was only a "spiteful, hurtful bitch."

Expressing her appreciation at Blair's candor, Téa acknowledged that she needed to cut ties with Todd forever. Both laughing and crying at the same time, she insisted that she never wanted to see him again. She said she was mistakenly under the impression that they had a new understanding since the night before Starr's wedding when he had visited her. She realized she was wrong, she continued, as she berated herself. Claiming that he only wanted her, Téa disagreed with Todd and pointed out that he wanted whoever was convenient. She understood that there had never been anything between them.

Téa knew that if she took Todd back, the same things would keep on happening, even as he denied they would. She pointed out how Todd wouldn't have accepted it if the tables were turned and he had found her having sex with someone else, someone like Kevin Buchanan or R.J. Todd would have destroyed her. She told Blair that Todd was all hers. When he tried to grab Téa, she pushed him into the pool.

Climbing out of the pool, Todd informed Blair that he intended to find Téa, because she was worth it.

At the Palace Hotel, Greg was surprised to find his sister, Destiny, knocking at his hotel room door. Though the teenager was there to seek his advice on boy problems, their talk quickly turned to Matthew's surgery. Destiny was disappointed to learn that Matthew's parents had decided against the surgery, and she wanted to inform them that they were morons.

Greg explained that Bo and Nora were merely doing what they thought was best and he pleaded with Destiny to not run to Matthew's house to tell his parents off. He agreed that the operation would be risky and that he was the best doctor to perform that surgery. He informed her that he was moving on, certain that he could do good for other patients elsewhere. Destiny wanted him to stay with her, but he promised to return at Christmas.

Feeling like she had been slapped in the face, Destiny understood that he already had his money. She realized that Shaun's assessment of Greg had been correct and that he couldn't be counted on. She should have listened to her other brother from the beginning, she realized as she tossed Greg the phone he had bought for her. She wanted what money couldn't buy.

Matthew continued to argue with his parents over their decision to refuse to allow Dr. Evans to operate on him. They were staggered at his insistence that his choice would be to have no life at all rather than to remain in a wheelchair forever. Believing that Matthew was the one not thinking clearly, Bo pointed out that they had been "sold a bill of goods" from Dr. Evans, and Bo and Nora considered the doctor to be nothing more than a show-off.

When Clint walked in, Matthew left after thanking his uncle for obtaining the doctor for him. He was sorry that it had been a waste of time. A confused Clint was informed that the surgery was risky and Bo and Nora wanted to be sure of its success. Clint disagreed with their decision, and felt strongly that Matthew should be allowed to make his case in favor of the surgery. He thought the family should discuss it further. Bo was opposed to that, and both he and Nora pointed out that all of the other doctors they had spoken to had assured them that surgery was not an option. Bo felt that Greg was nothing more than an "arrogant jerk."

Clint was certain that they would lose Matthew if he weren't seriously listened to. Angrily, Bo reminded Clint that he was not Matthew's father and never would be. Clint felt that Bo was resentful because of Nora being with him, though Bo denied it. Disgusted, Nora jumped in and stressed that the problems they were having with Matthew had nothing to do with any of the adults. Clint assured her she was blind, and pointed out how he had tried to keep his distance in the entire situation with Matthew. He stalked out, announcing that he would be looking for a new best man for his wedding. Nora figured that Clint would cool off eventually. Bo reiterated that he only wanted Matthew to be safe.

At the hospital, Michael disclosed that Shane was having a recurrence of his cancer and things were not looking good. Sadly, he advised the boy that he would not be able to play baseball during the summer and would possibly face more chemotherapy. The doctor felt that the best treatment would be to have another stem cell transplant as soon as possible. Rex pointed out that thankfully, their "angel," Stacy, was there. After hearing that Michael was ready to start the procedure, Stacy put her hand to her mouth and ran to the bathroom, gagging.

Rex, Gigi, Shane, and Michael grinned and congratulated each other on their performances. When Stacy returned, she wondered what would happen if she refused to donate more stem cells, noting that things were moving much too quickly. As Rex gave her a hug and reassured her, the smiles and funny faces continued behind her back.

When they were alone, Stacy told Rex that he had been acting differently. He admitted that moving beyond his last relationship was difficult. He declared that he loved her. Stacy confessed that she never wanted any harm to come to Shane. When she left the hospital, Rex followed her.

Shane let Gigi in on the secret of his new comic book character named Scabby Stacy. Michael advised Gigi that Shane's test results were actually really good. She thanked him for returning, and he assured her that after he and Marcie had heard the story involving Stacy, there was no question as to whether or not he would return to Llanview to help. He urged her to keep her eyes open for any change in Shane's health.

Arriving at a fur storage facility, Stacy showed her identification and was admitted. Rex stopped at the door when the guard refused to let him in and, to make matters worse, the guard believed that he recognized Rex from a previous scam. He wanted to have him detained, and scoffed at Rex's suggestion to call the police commissioner. Inside, ticket in hand, Stacy searched for the proper fur coat to match her receipt.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she finally located it and pulled the bag of blood from a pocket. "Chilled to perfection," she noted. She needed to hustle to the "brat at the hospital," she muttered. Turning around, she was shocked to see Rex standing near.

Destiny found Matthew sitting at the piano at the rec center. She expressed her sorrow that he wouldn't be getting the operation. They tossed around some ideas on how to get Matthew's parents to agree to the surgery. Destiny blamed herself for the turn of events, and apologized for getting Matthew's hopes up. She cried and told him that if they didn't build people up then they couldn't let you down.

As Greg packed his things, he looked at a picture of himself and Destiny.

Friday, July 17, 2009

In Cold Blood

As Blair stood in the doorway of the cabana and agonized over her sexual encounter with Todd, Dorian approached and questioned what had taken place. After confessing that she had slept with Todd in the cabana, Blair admitted that she had taken great pleasure in the fact that Téa had caught them in the act. Appalled by Blair's confession, Dorian was convinced that Blair had an undying love for Todd.

Although Blair was adamant that she wasn't in love with Todd, Blair related that she was fed up with Téa's constant interference in her life. Dorian listened as Blair ranted about Todd spending his nights with Téa. Dorian surmised that Blair didn't want Todd in her life, but that she didn't want anyone else to have him either.

Todd returned home and searched the house for Téa. Refusing to give Todd any information regarding Téa's location, Shaun read Todd a note that Téa had left behind. In her note, Téa stated that meeting Todd was the biggest mistake of her life. As Todd questioned Téa's declaration, Marty entered the house and stated that she shared Téa's sentiments. Shaun excused himself and left Todd and Marty alone.

Marty pushed Todd to the floor and demanded that he give her back her freedom. When a confused Todd wondered what had caused her sudden outburst, Marty related that she was unable to develop a relationship with John because she couldn't get the thought of Todd out of her mind. Stunned, Todd asked Marty if she loved him. Laughing hysterically at Todd's inquiry, Marty told Todd that his past actions and claims of love had caused her to doubt her true feelings for John. Marty insisted that she wanted to pursue a relationship with John, but that Todd's actions had left her mind in a state of ruins.

Stating that he couldn't change the past, Todd admitted that he could never apologize for falling in love with her. An infuriated Marty told Todd that he wasn't capable of loving anyone. Marty was certain that Todd only possessed the ability to damage the lives of others. Marty insisted that she could never be with John because of Todd. Appearing troubled by Marty's revelation, Todd stated that he would do anything possible to fix her situation.

Consumed with guilt, Todd blurted out that he had also hurt Téa by sleeping with Blair. Marty was disgusted to learn of Todd and Blair's encounter and chastised Todd for causing more pain. Marty suggested that Todd seek professional help. In a serious tone, Todd asked Marty to evaluate his psychological state. Referring to Todd as a narcissist, Marty reminded him that he would be forced to explain his past actions to their granddaughter one day.

John was surprised to discover Téa at the gun range, firing shots at a target that displayed a photo of Todd's face. Acknowledging that she was "mad as hell," Téa insisted that she had gone to the range to blow off steam. When John questioned what was bothering her, Téa inquired about John's relationship with Marty. Téa wondered if John and Marty had experienced any difficulties as a result of Todd's interference in their lives. Unable to obtain any information from John, Téa took pleasure in informing him that Todd and Blair had slept together. John responded by firing several rounds at the target. Staring at the bullet holes in the photo of Todd's face, John asked Téa if she felt better. With great sadness, Téa stated that she didn't. In a grim tone, John admitted that he didn't, either.

Back on the patio at La Boulaie, Dorian advised Blair to never sleep with Todd again. As she comforted her niece, Dorian remarked that she regretted that Blair and John were unable to salvage their marriage. Filled with self-pity, Blair reminded Dorian that John was in love with Marty. Later, Blair stood alone on the patio and stared down at the pair of shorts that Todd had left behind. Turning around, Blair was startled to discover John watching her.

Inside the gym of Llanview High School, Matthew attempted to console Destiny about her brother, Greg, leaving town. In an unconvincing tone, Destiny insisted that she didn't care about Greg leaving, because he didn't care about her. Matthew reminded Destiny that Greg would have never considered leaving town had Matthew's parents agreed to allow Greg to perform the operation.

Destiny stated that Shaun's accusations concerning their brother had been correct. Near tears, Destiny admitted that Greg arrived in town only to perform Matthews surgery-Greg didn't care about his family. Matthew pointed out that Greg appeared to love her, but Destiny disagreed. Destiny apologized for unloading her problems on Matthew. Acknowledging the many acts of kindness that Destiny had displayed toward him, Matthew told her that she was the best friend that he ever had. Wanting to cheer Destiny up, Matthew offered to treat her to a burger at the Buenos Dias Café.

At the Buenos Dias Café, while Rachel waited for Shaun to join her, Greg appeared and took a seat. Greg announced that he was leaving town because Matthew's parents had decided against Greg performing surgery on their son. Agreeing with Nora and Bo's decision, Rachel cited that she wasn't willing to risk Matthew's life. Greg tried to convince Rachel that he was capable of helping Matthew walk again, but Rachel insisted that Matthew wasn't Greg's priority-Greg's ego was.

Remarking that Destiny idolized him, Rachel questioned why Greg would leave town in such a hurry. Rachel was certain that Greg wasn't concerned about his family, and only cared about his image. Insisting that he had patients who depended on him, Greg claimed that he truly loved his brother and sister. When Rachel continued to state that family wasn't important to him, Greg became agitated and blurted out that Destiny shared Rachel's views of him. As Shaun, Destiny, and Matthew approached the table, Greg exclaimed, "I love my family, and that's why I'm remaining in town!"

Pleased by her brother's decision, Destiny was delighted and began making plans for the family. Noticing that Matthew had quietly exited the café, Destiny ran after him. Outside of the Buenos Dias, Matthew mentioned that if he were of legal age, he would allow Greg to perform the surgery. Téa approached the café and greeted the teens. Handing Téa a roll of bills, Destiny informed Téa that Matthew wanted to hire her to represent him.

Back inside the Buenos Dias Café, Rachel praised Greg for placing his family first. When Shaun reminded his brother that they should take things slowly, Greg insisted on treating his family to dinner at the Palace Hotel. Rachel thought the Evans family could benefit from an evening together. Shaun reminded Rachel that they had plans for the evening. Shaun appeared agitated when Greg asked Rachel to join them.

Inside a room at the storage facility, Rex grabbed the bag of blood from Stacy and informed her that he was aware of her evil plot against his family. A shocked Stacy lied and tried to convince Rex that the bag contained her blood, but Rex continued to lash out at her. Revealing that Shane hadn't relapsed, Rex admitted that he had pretended to care for Stacy in order to locate where she had hidden the bag of blood. Insisting that Rex loved her, Stacy couldn't believe his claim that he had set a trap for her.

Attacking Stacy's character, Rex referred to her as evil and shouted, "I've never hated anyone as much as I hate you right now!" As Stacy continued to proclaim her love for him, Rex demanded to know why she had calculated such a devious scheme. To Rex's horror, Stacy babbled that she loved Rex more than Gigi and Shane ever could. Stacy announced that they were meant to be together. Once Stacy began citing specific incidents that had taken place during their high school years, Rex realized that Stacy was mentally unstable.

Fed up with Stacy's antics, Rex reminded Stacy that she had placed his son's life in jeopardy. As Stacy cried, a frustrated Rex declared, "I have zero love for you. Gigi is the only woman I love!" When Rex stated that he wanted nothing from her, Stacy went into a tailspin and snatched the bag of blood from Rex. Glaring at Rex, Stacy replied, "I guess you don't want this, either!" Fearing for Shane's life, Rex pleaded with Stacy to relinquish the bag. With a crazed look, Stacy stated, "Make love to me again!"

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