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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 20, 2009 on GL
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Alan, Phillip, and James chuckled when they wound up back at their campsite, after walking in circles through the woods. James joked that they'd be the first voted off Survivor. An unperturbed Alan said there was nothing that the Spaulding men couldn't accomplish, once they put their minds to it.

As Alan grilled hamburgers, James commented that Alan had been pretty cool out in the woods. Alan replied that it had been something he'd wanted to do since Phillip had been young. Phillip wondered why Alan hadn't just told Brandon that Phillip and Alan were taking the camping trip. Alan stated that no one had refused Brandon. James asked if Alan had hated Brandon. Alan remembered that Brandon had been a cold-hearted, angry man who'd crush the confidence right out of a person. Alan guessed he had hated Brandon.

When Alan claimed that he wasn't like Brandon, Phillip replied that their relationship was exactly like Alan and Brandon's had been. A defensive Alan thought they'd gone camping to bond, not to talk about what a terrible father he was. Phillip challenged Alan to look him in the eye, have a meaningful conversation, and learn from each other for once in their lives.

Alan resentfully said that not all of their memories were bad. Phillip listed many bad things that Alan had done to Phillip, and Alan retaliated with listing the bad things Phillip had done to him. As Alan decided to lay claim to the good and the bad within Phillip, James started up their SUV. The two looked up to see James taking off. "Well, there goes your son," Alan said.

"Boy, your big plan to fix things really failed, didn't it?" Alan continued, and tried in vain to get cell service to call Hilda. Phillip replied that his plan had been for them to be together. "And here we are," Phillip stated, handing Alan a marshmallow on a stick.

As they ate s'mores, Alan and Phillip doubted James would return. Phillip admitted that he worried about what kind of father James would be without the proper role models. Phillip didn't want one more Spaulding son to suffer like Phillip and Alan had. Alan knew that Alan wouldn't win the father of the year award; however, he was proud of Phillip, and he loved Phillip in his own way. Alan confided that he'd gone through great lengths to make Phillip his son. "I knew the first time that I saw you that you were the son I was meant to have," Alan stated.

At Cross Creek, Josh stood outside, practicing talking to Reva. She suddenly rushed outside, yelling that she couldn't be in the house. She'd never been the one left behind before, and she didn't know how to handle it. Josh calmed her down, assuring her that Colin would help her make it through. Josh took Colin inside while Reva pulled herself together in the driveway.

When Reva reentered the house, she overheard Josh promising to be there for Colin, even though Josh wasn't a superman like Colin's father. Reva sobbed that everything had been going so well with the cancer remission and the birth of Colin. She couldn't believe that Jeffrey and she didn't make it to their first anniversary. Reva didn't know how she'd make it through.

Later, an antsy Reva paced the house, and decided she needed to go for a walk. Josh took care of Colin until she returned. He asked if she were okay. "If I tell you I'm great, will you go home and not look at me like you think I going to drive off a bridge?" she replied. Josh didn't fear she'd drive off a bridge, because she knew that Colin needed her.

Reva started cleaning the house. She instructed Josh to leave, because she had to be alone at home eventually. Dr. Colin McAbe arrived, and gave Reva a hug. Reva wondered if Josh had arranged the visit. Josh admitted that he had, and left Reva and Colin alone to talk.

Reva introduced Colin to the baby, and talked about how much he looked like Jeffrey. Colin encouraged her to rest and retain her strength. He handed her a bottle of sleeping pills, and Reva replied, "So this is a house call, not just a visit from a friend?" Colin stated that he was her friend and her doctor. Upset, Reva said she'd see him at the hospital, and threw him out.

Josh returned to find Reva juggling the pill bottle. "Hey, I was just wondering-" Josh started to say. Reva threw the pill bottle at him, retorting, "I'm still wide awake!"

Reva refused to take the sleeping pills. She accused Josh of using Jeffrey's death to take over her life again. Josh said he wasn't trying to replace Jeffrey. Reva replied that Josh couldn't replace Jeffrey, and she didn't want to be "handled." She ordered Josh out of the house.

Later, Reva cuddled with Colin, listening to a song that Jeffrey had written for her. She explained that Colin had been conceived around that time. She wished she had time to say all the things to Jeffrey that she needed to say. Reva strode to the window, and lit the lantern.

On the farmhouse porch, Olivia finished off a bottle of wine with a toast to Jeffrey. Christina called Olivia to pick up Emma. Olivia stumbled, breaking the wine bottle as she left.

Later, Olivia met Christina and Emma at camp. Christina noticed that Olivia didn't seem herself, and offered to take Emma for ice cream. Christina wondered what was wrong. Olivia said Ava had lost her father, and the only person that Olivia could count upon had disappeared.

At Farley's, Olivia saw Josh, and said she was glad she wasn't the only person drinking in the middle of the day. Josh decided that something kept throwing them together for consolation. Olivia replied that she couldn't do that. "Don't flatter yourself," Josh responded. Josh hoped that she had a lot of money, because he planned to whip her butt at the pool table. Olivia thought it was a great idea to play pool, and turn their brains off for a while.

Josh and Olivia discussed how Ava was handling the loss of her father. They agreed that Jeffrey's death was surreal, and Jeffrey had seemed invincible. Olivia commented that Reva should feel lucky to have Josh around. Josh said his presence reminded Reva that Jeffrey had died. Josh felt he needed to learn when to be there for Reva, and when to back off.

Olivia wished she could learn that, but she feared she'd lose everything if she backed off. Josh became concerned about Olivia and Emma. Olivia responded that Emma was with Christina, because Christina hadn't wanted Olivia driving around with Emma, considering Olivia's state of mind. She stated that she'd never shown up drunk to pick up her child before. Olivia broke down, saying that everything went wrong when the person that one loved disappeared. Josh told Olivia that everything would be all right.

Remy yanked Cyrus aside at Company to say that the Feds wanted to know what had happened to the missing diamonds. Cyrus claimed that he didn't know. When Buzz mentioned how much he loved his new oven, Remy concluded that it had been sent from someone with a lot of disposable cash. Cyrus stated that he didn't know anyone like that.

Daisy said that the stove had arrived at the same time she'd received her college tuition check. She thought that the gifts were linked, and she wanted to thank the donor. Remy looked at Cyrus, and said he had a feeling that the person knew he'd done something good.

Daisy explained that the check for Berkeley was useless, since the college had given her spot away. She wished her benefactor had given her a blank check. Cyrus doubted that she'd use a blank check for college, and Daisy said it sucked having a smart guardian angel. After she left, Remy looked at Cyrus, saying, "I'm just checking for wings."

Cyrus went to the cemetery, and found Buzz smoking in the drizzly weather. Buzz said Olivia had been there earlier, looking like she'd lost her best friend. Buzz couldn't make sense of Jeffrey's death, and said nothing would ever make sense without Coop.

Cyrus thought he could help Buzz be closer to Coop. Cyrus explained that Coop had been writing Jenna Bradshaw's life story as a Christmas gift for Buzz. That had been the reason that the books about thieves had arrived for Coop a few days before. Coop had also interviewed Cyrus to gain some insight into the jewel thief business. Cyrus said that Coop had hoped to give a piece of Jenna back to Buzz.

At the police station, Remy received a call from Frank to say that the Feds had put a warrant out for Cyrus' arrest. They believed that Cyrus had stolen some of the recovered diamonds. Remy told Frank that he couldn't just stand by and let that happen, because Cyrus was his partner.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At the mini-mart, James discussed the camping trip with Daisy. Lillian arrived, and James revealed that he'd stranded Alan and Phillip in the woods. "How could you be so stupid?" Lillian raged. Lillian hoped that a terrible tragedy wouldn't cause James to understand that they all needed to take care of each other. "You depress me," Lillian stated, and left.

Lillian rushed to the Beacon to tell Beth what James had done. Beth worried about James, commenting that Phillip and Alan were big boys, capable of caring for themselves. Lillian suggested they find the campsite, but Beth doubted that Phillip wanted her help.

Lillian hoped that Beth's feelings for Phillip didn't hinge upon his rejection of her. Beth said she still cared about Phillip, but he wasn't being honest with her. Lillian replied that honesty was relative. "You're coming with me," Lillian said, dragging Beth out of the hotel room.

Phillip decided that Alan and he should figure out where they were. Alan replied that they knew where they were; they just didn't know how to get back. Phillip chuckled at the irony, adding that they didn't know how to get back or go forward. Alan felt that Phillip was blowing a simple camping trip out of proportion.

Alan decided that Phillip had spent too much time harping on fixing the family while he'd been away. Phillip said he hadn't been thinking about that while he'd been away, because he'd been too afraid to ever face the family. Phillip revealed that he'd returned home because of Alan. "You raised me to never be a coward," Phillip said.

Phillip recalled that Alan had given him a book about Winston Churchill, and Alan had written in it, "Son, make sure all your choices are braves ones." When Phillip had found another book about Churchill in his cabin, it had reminded him of Alan's inscription, and Phillip had decided to return home. Phillip said it'd been a note in a book that Alan had forgotten he'd given him. "A father trying to teach his son about courage," Phillip said. Alan slowly admitted, "I don't know anything about courage, Phillip."

Alan stated that Phillip hadn't learned about bravery from Alan, who owed his existence to an act of cowardice. Alan confided that his father had owned a gas station with an employee, Gerald Pierce, who'd been about the same age as Alan. Gerald had had a wife and son, and he'd worried about the Vietnam draft. When Alan had received a draft notice, he told Brandon to get him out of it at all costs. Brandon arranged for his expendable employee, Gerald Pierce, to take Alan's place. Alan blamed himself when Gerald never returned from the war.

Phillip blamed it on Brandon. Phillip believed that Alan would've stopped Brandon, had Alan known Brandon's plan. Alan fearfully shook his head, saying that he'd been too scared of the war. Alan said the words he'd written in Phillip's book were lies. Phillip felt it took courage to admit one's mistakes and to live with them. Alan said he'd ever done anything courageous.

Phillip started to encourage Alan to confide in Phillip more, but a car horn interrupted him. Lillian and Beth hopped out of their car, ready to save Alan and Phillip from the woods. Phillip said he and Alan could get a car in the morning, but Alan saw no reason to delay when Beth and Lillian could help them pack up their gear right then. Beth rolled her eyes, and Alan led Lillian into camp. Beth asked Phillip what had transpired, and he replied, "I don't know."

At the mansion, Beth dropped off Alan and Phillip, and then worried about James. "Well, James should be worried about us now that we're back," Alan warned. Beth left to find James. Phillip wanted to continue the conversation that Alan and he had been having in the woods, but Alan claimed that he didn't know what Phillip was talking about.

Phillip couldn't believe that Alan wanted to pretend they hadn't just had the most honest conversation of their lives. Alan dismissed it as a mere campfire story, and insisted that the Gerald Pierce story had never happened. Alan strode out, and James arrived on the overlook, saying it looked like he hadn't missed much. Phillip said that James had missed a lot.

At Company, the Coopers, Cyrus, and Blake closed the restaurant because their mysterious benefactor had sent a crew to install a new roof. Cyrus slipped outside to receive a call from Remy, who accused Cyrus of taking the missing diamonds. Remy urged Cyrus to dump them. Remy hung up on Cyrus, because Frank had entered the room. Cyrus whipped out his gift list, saying to himself that he couldn't toss the diamonds until he'd helped the Coopers.

At the police station, Frank locked Remy in a cell to prevent him from tipping Cyrus off about the Feds. Frank promised to release Remy once they arrested Cyrus. Frank took the Feds to Company, where they handcuffed Cyrus. Blake left, and Daisy entered. Cyrus confessed that the diamonds were in his pocket, and an agent removed them. The agent found Cyrus' list, too, and read, "Stove, Daisy's school, roof." The Coopers figured out that Cyrus was their benefactor.

The federal agent announced that he'd confiscate all the gifts bought with the stolen diamonds. "How are you going to confiscate the roof?" Buzz complained. Daisy produced the tuition check from Cyrus. The agent additionally confiscated the jewel thief books that Coop had ordered, even though Buzz and Frank insisted that the books didn't belong to Cyrus. Daisy couldn't believe Cyrus would do that to them. "I can. He's an ass," Marina quipped.

Later, Lillian entered Company, and gasped. Buzz explained what had happened with Cyrus and the Feds. Buzz said he was an idiot to believe in Cyrus and second chances. Lillian said that there was no point in living if a person didn't believe in something.

At the police station later, Remy told a jailed Cyrus that he'd tried to tip Cyrus off, but Frank had temporarily incarcerated him to prevent it. Cyrus said he'd only been trying to help the people he cared about. Remy figured that Cyrus was in big trouble.

Daisy arrived later to ask Cyrus why he hated the Coopers. She said Buzz had been good to Cyrus after the whole town had turned on him. Cyrus said he'd wanted to repay Buzz and the Coopers, and he'd never gotten caught before. Daisy complained that they had no stove and half the roof was missing from Company. She ordered Cyrus to stay away from her family.

Daisy rushed into the courtroom, where she encountered Remy. He explained that Cyrus had had the best of intentions. Remy reasoned that it wasn't really wrong if Cyrus hadn't planned on hurting anyone. Daisy retorted that she'd remember that the next time she was in trouble.

Buzz approached Cyrus' cell to say that Cyrus' actions had made Buzz feel undeserving of the second chance his family had given him. The Coopers had told Buzz not to trust Cyrus, but Buzz had done it anyway. Cyrus said he was sorry that they'd been right. Buzz patted Cyrus' head, saying, "So am I."

Outside Farley's, Olivia felt terrible for drinking and playing pool when she should have been sobering up for Emma. Josh said he was a bad influence, but Olivia replied that he was great at keeping her out of trouble. Josh escorted Olivia home, and flirted with her when she said she needed to take a shower. Olivia closed the door on him as he offered to scrub her back.

Blake arrived at Olivia's, and heard shower water running. She opened the bathroom door to find Olivia on the floor, fully dressed, eating potato chips. Olivia briefly explained that she was too much of a mess to handle Emma. She gently pressed Blake for information about Natalia. Blake started undressing Olivia, insisting that Olivia shower. Blake said that Natalia was gone for the time being, and Olivia needed to figure out how to live with it.

Later, Olivia went to the police station, and told Remy that Natalia had gone missing. She gave him Natalia's social security number, and Remy agreed to check Natalia's tax records for her old addresses. When Olivia returned to the Beacon, she asked Christina to drop Emma off at Olivia's office. Olivia said she and Emma were taking a trip to Chicago.

Blake stopped by the police station for an update on Cyrus and the restaurant. Frank blamed himself for Cyrus' crime, saying that he felt as if he'd set Cyrus up for failure by involving him with the diamonds case. Frank didn't know what would become of Company. Blake decided to take Frank to Farley's. "We're going to play pool, and we're going to eat pizza. I'm going to make you laugh. This is not your fault, okay? Come on," Blake said.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An anxious Reva visited Marina and Henry in order to escape the memories at Cross Creek. Reva told Marina that she wanted whoever started the drama to suffer. After discussing motherhood with Reva, Marina gave "Timmy the Tiger" to Henry. Reva teared up, recognizing it as the toy Jeffrey had selected for Henry.

As Reva helped Marina fold laundry, Marina suggested that Reva eat or rest, but Reva said she couldn't. Marina became insistent, and Reva decided that she needed to go home. After Reva departed, Marina called Mallet and left him a message, asking him to take a walk with Henry and her. She rolled her eyes, hopelessly tossing the phone onto the coffee table.

Marina took Henry to Company, where they were serving cold dishes. Ashlee talked to her about working on WSPR's video memorial to Jeffrey. She said a shorter segment would air yearly, because Dinah wanted to honor Jeffrey's heroism. Marina agreed that Jeffrey had been a hero, but she wished everyone would just move on.

At the mini-mart, Mallet approached as Dinah picked out frozen dinners for Reva. Dinah doubted Reva would notice the gesture, but Dinah wanted to do something to help. A distracted Mallet still harbored his doubts about Marina being a murderer, and Dinah reminded him of their agreement to let things go, and be happy.

Mallet noncommittally agreed, and then wandered over to Company, where Ashlee mentioned the memorial video she and Dinah were making. Ashlee said Jeffrey's death was the tragic byproduct of Edmund's supposed murder, and the perpetrator deserved to be punished.

Dinah and Ashlee met at WSPR to work on their poignant and glowing segment about Jeffrey O'Neill's life in Springfield. Dinah sobbed as she read a speech about the love Jeffrey and Reva had shared. Dinah walked out of the room, leaving Ashlee to finish the piece.

At the police station later, an officer wanted to return the stroller to its family, but Mallet instructed him to throw it away. The officer thought it was a good stroller. Mallet snapped that the officer could keep it or donate it, but Mallet didn't want to see it again.

At the baseball field, Mallet listened to Marina's message, and then furiously whacked baseballs. Dinah watched from the dugout. She urged him to vent his frustrations about Marina, and then just move on. Dinah said she'd moved on after making Jeffrey a video.

Later, at Cross Creek, Shayne found Reva putting away the groceries Dinah had bought. She said Dinah had dropped them off with no questioning and no hovering. Reva thought Dinah had really known what Reva had needed, and she said that Shayne needed to hold onto Dinah. Shayne told Reva about Dinah's video memorial to Jeffrey. Reva said that having Dinah around really helped, because she'd been the last person to see Jeffrey.

After Shayne left, Dinah visited Reva, who thanked Dinah for the meals. Reva said that she and Shayne were lucky to have Dinah. Reva cried, saying that she felt close to Dinah, because Dinah was her last link to Jeffrey. Dinah promised to do all she could to help Reva.

Once Reva was alone, she pulled a frozen dinner out of the freezer, looked at it, and put it back. She sat in a chair, and breathed deeply to keep herself from crying. She noticed Jeffrey's guitar in the corner, and hugged it, sobbing.

Shayne visited WSPR, looking for Dinah, but she wasn't there. He stole Ashlee's sandwich, and Ashlee let him view Jeffrey's video. He watched Dinah on the screen, saying that it'd been wonderful to watch a loner like Jeffrey fall in love and have a family. She said they all could all have that same thing, if they wanted it.

Later, Dinah met Shayne in Olivia's gazebo. She laughed to see that he'd filled it with blue foil balloons. He asked Dinah what her favorite color was, and she said red. Shayne couldn't believe he'd bought all blue balloons, but then he remembered that he'd gotten a red one, too. Dinah located the red one, and gasped to see an engagement ring hanging from it. "Dinah Marler, will you marry me?" Shayne asked.

Back at home, Marina threw Henry's tiger in the trash. Mallet entered, and noticed that she'd thrown it away. He insisted that Henry loved the toy. Marina replied that she couldn't take the constant reminders of dead people in her house. Mallet replied that keeping secrets didn't help. He said she could tell him anything. Marina replied that he could tell her anything.

Mallet and she hugged, and cuddled on the couch. Marina said that Mallet could always tell her what was on his mind. Mallet uttered, "I know what you did. I know you killed the man you thought was Edmund."

In the attic at the mansion, Alan pulled out an old news clipping that announced the death of a solider from their community. He looked at his Vietnam draft order and the article for a few moments. Alan then tucked them away in a cigar box.

In the parlor, Phillip mentioned Alan's Vietnam story to Alex. She didn't think Alan would tell Phillip about that. "No, he wouldn't, but he did. I can see from your reaction that it's true, isn't it?" Phillip asked. Alex called it the defining moment in Alan's life, the moment she'd lost the brother that she'd adored.

Alex showed Phillip a canceled check from an offshore account, and indicated that Alan had been sending money to Gerald's widow, Joanne Pierce, ever since Gerald had perished. Phillip reasoned that Gerald's son was around Phillip's age. Phillip realized the magnitude of guilt that Alan harbored, and said, "I'm not sure I've ever known who my father was until this moment."

Alan entered, and saw the canceled check. He figured he could always leave it to them to cause drama, and he warned Alex against drinking mimosas first thing in the morning. Phillip figured that Alan had sent money to Joanne Pierce because Gerald Pierce had meant something to Alan. Alan claimed he'd sent the money for publicity, but Phillip replied that the check was anonymous. Alan ripped up the check, insisting that the gifts had created a tax shelter for him.

Later, Phillip got on the phone, trying to track down Joanne Pierce. Alan reentered the parlor, and Phillip claimed that he was planning a trip to tour some minor league baseball fields before they were demolished. Alan surprisingly offered to travel with Phillip.

Phillip said he'd planned to start in St. Paul and head for New Jersey. He thought that after a few days of driving back roads and staying in dive hotels, Alan would bail on him as James had on the camping. Alan wondered if that were a challenge or if Phillip feared that Alan would catch the first foul ball. Phillip said he'd let Alan know when they'd leave. Phillip exited, and Alan said to himself, "Baseball, huh? I don't think so. What are you planning, son?"

Emma wasn't happy to miss camp for a road trip with Olivia. In the car, Emma wondered why they couldn't just call Natalia. Olivia's anxiety about the trip frightened Emma, who said she just wanted to go to camp. Olivia called Jane to pick Emma up and take her to camp.

Later, in Chicago, Olivia visited the diner that Natalia and Gus had hung out in as kids. Jonesy greeted her, excited to hear that she knew Natalia and Nicky. Olivia announced that Nicky had died, and an upset Natalia had taken off. Olivia hoped that Jonesy had seen Natalia. Jonesy had no idea where Natalia was, but Olivia didn't believe him. She pressed him for information. When he couldn't provide it, Olivia handcuffed herself to a railing.

As Josh checked out of the mini-mart, Olivia called him. He asked if she wanted to play another round of pool. Olivia agreed to play if he'd pick her up. She said she had her car, but she needed him to bring bail money to Chicago.

After Josh bailed Olivia out of jail, she wanted to know the cost. Josh wouldn't tell her, and she wondered how she'd pay him back. Josh assured her that she would indeed pay him back. She offered to at least explain her arrest, but Josh preferred to stick to the fantasies that he'd conjured in his head about it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Billy accompanied Reva to a funeral home to prepare a service for Jeffrey. A distraught Reva had no idea what Jeffrey would want in a funeral. As the director discussed possible arrangements, Reva said, "We had hot dogs at our wedding." Billy explained that Reva wanted something unconventional. Reva suddenly left, asking Billy to call Shayne to finish the meeting.

In the gazebo, Shayne proposed to Dinah on one knee. It wasn't enough for Shayne to share Dinah's bed. Shayne wanted the ring, the license, and everything. "Marry me, baby," he said. Dinah grew teary, replying, "You're everything I've ever wanted, but the answer's no."

Shayne said he understood that Dinah didn't think she deserved a happy life. He wished she could see herself the way Shayne did. Dinah insisted that Shayne was picking the wrong woman, and he didn't really know her. Shayne said he wasn't a dummy; he knew a good thing when he'd found it. Shayne asked her to keep the ring and think about things.

Just then, Billy called Shayne to say that Reva and he were overwhelmed at the funeral home. Reva had left, and Billy needed Shayne's help. Dinah said Shayne and she could talk later.

Meanwhile, Reva strolled through the park by the lake. She remembered the picnic she'd had with Jeffrey before he'd taken off to find Edmund. She suddenly smiled, and called Billy. She said she'd finally figured out what Jeffrey would want.

Billy met Reva in the park. She said she and Jeffrey had the best times of their lives in the park by the lake. Reva wanted everyone to gather there, and remember Jeffrey. Later, Reva found Doris outside the courthouse to ask her to officiate at Jeffrey's memorial service.

Shayne visited Reva at home later. Reva said she'd figured out the details of Jeffrey's memorial. She promised to stop distracting Shayne from Dinah. Reva wanted the couple to get on with their lives, because that would give Reva hope for the future.

On the baseball field, Rafe accused Olivia of driving Natalia away. Olivia retorted that Rafe and the church had driven Natalia away, because they'd shamed her for falling in love. Rafe said that Natalia and Olivia weren't in love; instead, Olivia had manipulated a weak Natalia, after Olivia couldn't find anyone else to love her.

Rafe left, and Olivia lobbed baseballs until she cried. She went to her office, and called Ava about Jeffrey's memorial service. Ava said that she was attending. Olivia replied that she was glad because everyone deserved a chance to say goodbye.

Olivia invited Remy to her office to let him know that Ava would be in town. Remy thought that was good. He said that he and Ava hadn't kept in contact, but he'd be happy to see her.

At Company, Ashlee asked Rafe how Natalia was doing. Rafe said Natalia had a lot on her mind. Ashlee assumed it was the breakup with Frank. Rafe replied that he didn't know why he was keeping his mother's secret. "My mother thinks she's in love with a woman," Rafe said. A shocked Ashlee asked if Natalia were gay, and if she'd had other girlfriends. An embarrassed Rafe said he didn't know his mother, and he wished he hadn't said anything.

Doris entered Company for coffee, and informed Ashlee about Jeffrey's memorial. Ashlee was proud of Doris for being dependable. Ashlee said Rafe had just discovered that his mother was gay. "Is he upset that she's gay?" Doris asked. Ashlee thought Rafe was upset that Natalia had hidden it from him. Ashlee felt it was a huge secret to keep from one's child.

At the Cooper house, Marina couldn't believe that Mallet assumed she'd murdered the Edmund look-alike. She stormed out of the house with Henry. Mallet pursued her outside to say that the plastics in the stroller and the victim's head matched. "You'd think I'd remember if I bashed someone in the head with it!" Marina yelled.

Marina swore that she wasn't a murderer, but Mallet insisted upon getting to the truth. "Do I need a lawyer?" Marina wondered, and walked away. Mallet asked her where she was going, and she retorted that she'd really bash his head in if he told her not to leave the state.

At Company later, Marina and Henry encountered Danny Santos, who'd returned to town to reconnect with old business contacts. He assured Marina that his contacts weren't mobsters. Danny stated that Michelle and he had left town to sort out their lives. He said that relationships hit rough patches, but it was worth it to fix them. Marina dubiously agreed.

When Billy entered Company, he told Marina about Jeffrey's memorial. He said Reva was having a hard time coping without her husband, and Marina was lucky that she still had Mallet. Marina thanked Billy for reminding her of that. Marina asked Ashlee to babysit Henry while Marina spent time with Mallet.

Dinah found Mallet shooting hoops at the gym. She told him about Shayne's proposal, but she said she hadn't agreed to marry him because of the situation with Jeffrey. Mallet confided that he'd confronted Marina about murdering the John Doe. "I killed someone, and you still love me," Dinah reasoned. Mallet wanted Marina to tell him the truth, but Dinah concluded that Mallet wanted too much from people.

Mallet left the gym, and Frank entered as Dinah shot hoops. She told Frank that she hoped Jeffrey's funeral would help everyone to move on. Frank replied that Mallet still had a John Doe murder on his hands. Frank said they didn't know whether the victim was really Edmund, and they still needed to solve the case.

Mallet flipped out when he saw Remy pushing the stroller evidence through the police parking lot. Remy said he'd recognized it as Henry's old stroller, and offered to put it in Mallet's car. Mallet insisted that he didn't want the thing. When Remy couldn't understand why not, Mallet snatched the stroller, and said he'd take care of it.

Mallet banged the stroller against the side of a dumpster until he broke it. "So I guess you didn't want the stroller, huh?" Remy asked. Mallet confided his suspicions that Marina had killed the John Doe by striking him with the baby stroller. Remy realized that Marina had been protecting Henry from Edmund. Remy said protecting one's child was the purest form of self-defense. Mallet couldn't figure out why Marina hadn't trusted him enough to tell him the truth.

When Mallet returned home, he found Marina awaiting him. He asked her for the truth, and she repeated that she hadn't committed the crime. Mallet grew frustrated, and Marina wondered what they would do. "We hope for the truth," Mallet replied.

Outside Company, Ashlee asked Dinah to watch Henry for a moment. Dinah showed Henry the engagement ring, but said she didn't deserve it. Dinah stated that she never wanted Marina, or anyone else, to be blamed for the murder. "But I had to protect you from Edmund when he tried to grab you that day. I had to keep you safe, because he was going to take you away," Dinah said as Matt approached. "I didn't have any other choice than to kill Edmund or whoever that man was that was coming after you."

Dinah noticed Matt, and from the look on his face, she realized that he'd heard her. Ashlee returned outside, and asked Dinah to view the memorial video. Dinah said she'd do it later, and strode away upset.

Matt chased Dinah across the street. She cried that she'd killed someone again. Matt replied that she'd done it for Henry, and that was different. Matt reasoned that the police thought Jeffrey had done it. Dinah replied that she couldn't do that to Reva.

Matt said no one could change Jeffrey's fate. Matt knew that Shayne wanted to marry Dinah. Matt urged Dinah to accept the proposal. "You protected a little baby. Who knows who else you saved?" Matt said. "Everyone has skeletons in their closets, Dinah. Bury it. You've got to bury it."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Remy told Mel that Ava was heading to town for Jeffrey's memorial. Remy stated that it would be awkward because even though they had kept in touch, they had always avoided talking about Max. However, a year after his death, they would see each other again at a funeral. Mel wondered if he wanted to skip the funeral, but Remy made it clear that he was going. When Remy declared that he was at a happy point in his life and felt guilty about it, Mel said that he did not have to feel guilty about that because he deserved it.

Mallet informed Marina that Daisy took Henry to Christina's and was going to do the same with Colin. Eyeing her suspiciously, Mallet asked Marina if she changed her mind about attending the funeral. Marina said that she had to go because Jeffrey was a friend; they had worked many cases together and Jeffrey was one of the best district attorneys the town ever had. Mallet cautioned Marina against going because she could become shaky and emotional.

A frustrated Marina said that she could not live with Mallet watching her. When Mallet said that it was his job to watch people because he was a cop, Marina declared that she was his wife and told him again that she did not kill the John Doe. Later, Mallet cautioned Marina again about attending the service because it could be upsetting. Marina stated that she was not a murderer and accused Mallet of watching her like she was a perpetrator who might break at any moment. Mallet told Marina that Jeffrey's memorial service might be too much for the murderer to take. An upset Marina told Mallet that she was going to the service alone-she did not want to sit next to him.

Dinah woke up and found a wedding ring on the nightstand with a note that read, "I still want to marry you." Dinah told herself that she could not because she was a murderer. Later, Dinah went to Company. When Matt saw her, he reminded her about Jeffrey's memorial service. Dinah declared that she was not going. Matt told Dinah that she had to attend because Jeffrey was her boyfriend's stepfather. Dinah argued that Shayne would have enough family there to comfort him.

Matt warned Dinah that it would look suspicious if she did not attend. Dinah believed her absence could be explained away because some people just did not like funerals. Dinah said that it would be inappropriate to attend because Jeffrey's death was her fault. When Matt said that Dinah did not cause Jeffrey's plane to go down, Dinah stated that she was indirectly responsible because she killed the man Reva had been accused of murdering. An adamant Matt insisted that Dinah needed to go to the funeral.

Hawk, Rafe and the Lewises set up the chairs in the park for Jeffrey's memorial. As Hawk and Josh discussed their concern for Reva, Reva arrived with Billy. Shayne told his mother that she did not have to be brave, but she replied that she did. When Hawk asked if she needed anything, Reva said that she did but Jeffrey was not there. When Reva walked over to Jeffrey's picture, Shayne asked Josh if he should stand next to her. Josh told Shayne that Reva needed some time alone.

Olivia arrived at the memorial service with Ava. Olivia introduced Ava to Shayne. Shayne told Ava that her father was a great man. Ava walked over to see Reva. Reva told Ava that Jeffrey loved her, and Ava told Reva that Jeffrey loved her, as well. Ava said that Jeffrey was at his happiest when he was with Reva. Reva introduced Ava to her baby brother, Colin, and let Ava hold him. Ava told Colin about how wonderful their father was.

Olivia sat next to Reva and thanked her for being good to her daughter. Reva called Ava her daughter, too. When Olivia asked Reva what she could do for her, Reva told her to take care of Ava, because that was what Jeffrey would want.

Remy and Mel arrived at the service and said hello to Ava. After Mel walked off, Remy and Ava discussed what was happening in each other's lives. Ava told Remy that she was happy in San Francisco, and admitted that Springfield never felt like home to her. Both Remy and Ava told each other that they were happy. Ava told Remy that she was happy for him.

Phillip arrived and offered Reva his condolences. Reva said that she was lucky to have had Jeffrey as long as she did. Reva mentioned that she and Jeffrey were not even married one year and said that if anyone was supposed to have died, it should have been her. Phillip said that everyone needed more time than that what they got.

Mallet arrived and asked Remy if he had seen Marina. Remy sarcastically asked if Marina had attended with Mallet, and Mallet answered that she did not want to sit with him. That was no surprise to Remy, who knew that Mallet thought Marina was a murderer. Mallet said that he thought it would be a good day for Marina to see the full consequences of her actions. Suddenly, Remy pointed out the perpetrator-Marina-to Mallet. Marina arrived and sat next to Ashlee. When Ashlee asked why Marina was not sitting next to Mallet, Marina said that Mallet needed to sit with the cops.

A reluctant Dinah arrived at the memorial with Matt. Dinah believed that everyone would be able to see the guilt on her face. At that point, Shayne saw her and invited her to sit next to him.

Doris got up to speak. She mentioned that Jeffrey had a secret love of music-not so secret since there were times when he would close his office door at work and play the guitar. At Reva's request, Doris played a tape of one of Jeffrey's songs. After the song, Doris gave a moving eulogy. Doris explained that Reva wanted everyone to know Jeffrey through each other's eyes. Everyone had taken something to the memorial service that reminded them of Jeffrey and would place it in a box. Doris stared off by putting a gavel in the box.

After everyone filled the box, Dinah suddenly got up and declared that she had something. Dinah told everyone that Jeffrey plucked her out of a prison and saved her life. Dinah said that she owed everything to Jeffrey and was sorry that she could never pay that back. Dinah spoke of the adventures that she and Jeffrey shared, and she placed her Princess Cassie tiara in the box. Reva told Dinah that she should be proud that Jeffrey shared his last adventure with Dinah, because it proved that he trusted her.

Weeping, Marina got up to get some water. Remy noticed that Marina was upset and told Mallet to give her some space. Mallet went against Remy's advice and followed Marina. When Mallet tried to comfort Marina, she pulled away and said that she would not give him the satisfaction of falling apart and giving him some kind of statement. Mallet stated that he was there because Marina was his wife and she was crying. Marina talked about Coop's death. Mallet offered to sit with Marina but she refused.

Doris talked about Jeffrey's years of service to the town and to the country, and told everyone that the governor had awarded him the Medal of Valor. Afterwards, Ava eulogized Jeffrey and said that she was grateful that he was not alone-he was loved. Later, Billy announced that the Lewis family was building a community playground in Jeffrey's name on Fifth Street.

Josh admitted to everyone that he never really got to know Jeffrey until Reva's cancer returned. Josh stated that he saw Jeffrey as a devoted husband and father. Josh mentioned that Jeffrey would do anything to protect his family. Josh ended by saying that Jeffrey made a point to say goodbye to Reva before he left.

Reva got upset that while Jeffrey got to say goodbye--she never did-- and she angrily yelled at Jeffrey's picture. After calling Jeffrey a bastard and knocking his picture down, Reva ran off. Josh asked that everyone wait so that Reva could collect herself. He then told Doris that Billy had followed Reva and would tell them what they were supposed to do.

An upset Dinah muttered to Shayne that it was all of her fault. Shayne assured Dinah that she said nothing to upset Reva. Dinah mentioned that it was something that she didn't say, but Matt interrupted before she could elaborate.

Mallet muttered to Remy that Marina started everything. When Remy asked Mallet what he wanted, Mallet said that he wanted Marina to be honest with him.

Frank comforted a very agitated Marina. When he asked why she was not sitting with her husband, Marina said that Mallet had to sit with the cops.

Phillip talked to Olivia about his concern for Reva. Olivia said that it was unfair when the person one loved left without saying goodbye. Olivia told Phillip that everyone deserved a farewell.

Billy followed an upset Reva into the church. Reva yelled at Billy to go away. Billy offered to stand off to the side, but an irate Reva insisted that she did not want him there. She proclaimed that she did not want anyone-she wanted Jeffrey.

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