One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on OLTL

Stacy announced her pregnancy. Nora and Bo kissed the night before Nora's wedding to Clint. Matthew tried to blackmail his parents into giving him consent for the spinal surgery. Cole met with Asher, the local drug dealer. Jessica was certain that she'd seen Nash, and even more so after Bree mentioned receiving a gift from 'Daddy.'
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ghost of a Chance

Natalie, Jared, Jessica, and Brody decorated the Buchanan Lodge in preparation for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Natalie panicked when she observed the banner and discovered that the printer had made a terrible mistake. The banner read, "Congratulations, Viki & Clint and Nora & Bo!" Once Viki, Charlie, Clint, and Nora arrived at the lodge, they appeared uncomfortable after viewing the banner. While Viki, Nora, and Charlie quickly dismissed the error, the fallacy left Clint in a miserable state.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Renee asked Madame Delphina to help her contact Asa's spirit. The psychic immediately made contact with Asa's spirit, who stated that he was too busy to talk because he was setting things straight. Although Madame Delphina tried to converse with him on Renee's behalf, Asa's spirit refused to speak to Renee directly -- instead, he continued to make references that Clint should marry Viki and Bo should marry Nora. Neither Renee nor Madame Delphina was able to make any sense of Asa's rambling.

In the parking garage of Llanview Hospital, Bo pleaded with Rex to tell Gigi that he had slept with Stacy. Refusing to accept the blame, Rex faulted Gigi for not telling him the truth about Stacy's blackmail. Bo told Rex that Gigi was frightened and did what she thought was best. Bo believed that Rex and Gigi could start over if Rex told her the truth. Bo warned Rex that it would be disastrous if Gigi learned the truth from someone else.

After doing his best to counsel Rex, Bo announced that he was late for Clint and Nora's wedding rehearsal dinner. Noticing that Bo appeared confused by the upcoming wedding, Rex questioned how Bo felt about his brother marrying his ex-wife. Realizing that Bo had strong feelings for Nora, Rex advised Bo to tell Nora how he felt. Rex suggested that Bo confess his feelings to Nora before she married Clint. Bo shook his head in denial and exclaimed, "It's too late! I'm the best man! I couldn't do anything about it now if I wanted to!"

Back at the lodge, Clint, Viki, and Nora agreed that they felt the presence of Asa's spirit. While Clint couldn't forget the mistake on the banner, Viki and Nora tried to convince him that the wedding would take place. Later, Clint informed Viki about Matthew's decision to sue his parents. Clint expressed guilt over locating Dr. Evans, who might have given Matthew false hope.

Viki apologized to Charlie for the banner mishap. Embracing Viki, Charlie remarked, "I know you and Clint are history!" A loud crash interrupted Viki and Charlie's passionate kiss. A picture of Asa fell to the ground and landed at their feet.

In the hall of the Buchanan Lodge, Natalie admitted to Jared that she felt uncomfortable at the family cabin. Natalie reminded Jared that he had announced that he was her uncle at the lodge. Assuring her that better days were ahead, Jared suggested that they join the family. Before exiting the hall, Natalie noticed a picture of Jessica and Nash. Moments later, someone entered the hall and picked up the picture.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Brody cuddled in another room. Aware that Jessica was deep in thought, Brody wondered what was wrong. Jessica related that it was the second year anniversary of her marriage to Nash. Jessica acknowledged that Nash was a part of her past, while Brody represented her future. Declaring her love for Brody, Jessica stated that Nash would be happy for her. Brody responded by giving Jessica a passionate kiss.

Matthew, Rachel, Shaun, and Destiny arrived at the lodge. While Nora smiled lovingly at her son, Matthew gave his mother a blank stare. When Matthew mentioned the lawsuit, Nora tried to change the subject, but Matthew continued to boast that he would be victorious in court. As Matthew and Nora argued, Rachel intervened and reminded her brother that the family had gathered to celebrate Nora's upcoming wedding. When Rachel suggested that the family toast the happy couples, Nora quickly interrupted and commented that they should wait for Bo to arrive. Bothered by Nora's request, Clint told Nora that Bo's presence wasn't necessary.

Back at the Buchanan Mansion, Madame Delphina suddenly lost all contact with Asa's spirit. The psychic announced, "Everything went black!"

The Buchanan clan gathered together and Natalie made a toast to her parents and their fiancés. As Natalie declared that their lives would be filled with light, darkness struck the entire cabin. While Charlie and Jared checked the circuit breaker, everyone else searched for candles.

Jessica entered the hall and felt a presence. She called out, "Who's there?" There was no answer. Jessica was suspicious when she noticed the photo of her and Nash facedown on the table.

As Viki and Clint wandered around the house looking for candles, Clint told Viki that the strange activities at the lodge caused him to question if his marriage to Nora was jinxed. At that moment, Viki discovered a note addressed to her and Clint. The note read, "To Viki and Clint on their wedding day, Love Asa." Searching for Matthew, Nora spotted a picture of her and Bo on their wedding day. Nora stared thoughtfully at the picture.

In an attempt to elude Nora, Matthew sought refuge in a bedroom. Holding a photo of Asa, Matthew spoke to his grandfather. Matthew was certain that Asa would understand his decision to sue his parents. Although he was convinced that he was doing the right thing, Matthew admitted that he didn't like the tension that it caused between him and his parents. Consumed with guilt, Matthew asked his grandfather for a sign. Matthew turned around and noticed Destiny in the doorway.

Madame Delphina made contact with Asa's spirit again. The psychic told Renee that Asa wanted her to know that seven was his lucky number. Madame Delphina's revelation brought a smile to Renee's face. Stating that she was his seventh wife, Renee was convinced that Asa was making a reference to a wedding. Thrilled to hear from her husband, Renee wondered if Asa had managed to "set things right." Madame Delphina was certain that Asa had set things in motion.

Meanwhile, Nora walked around the grounds and searched for Matthew. Unable to locate her son, Nora placed a call to Bo and received his voicemail. After warning Bo about her confrontation with Matthew, Nora blurted out, "Where are you Bo? I wish you were here right now!" Instantly, Bo appeared before her.

Madame Delphina felt the presence of a spirit. An excited Renee wondered if Asa had returned. With a look of uncertainty, Madame Delphina replied, "It's not Asa! It's someone else!"

Back inside the lodge, Brody picked up the photo of Jessica and Nash. Outside, Jessica saw a figure and called out to Nash.

At Rex's loft, Gigi urged Stacy to accept her deal to leave town. Staring down at the medical report that documented her pregnancy, Stacy gave Gigi a devilish look and threatened, "I can make your life miserable!" Ignoring Gigi's pleas to leave town, Stacy announced her plans to file charges against Gigi for attempted murder. When Gigi warned Stacy that Bo intended to send her to prison for a long time, Stacy showed no fear, and continued to hint about her pregnancy. Appalled by Stacy's delusional behavior, Gigi told Stacy that Rex would never love her. Waving the medical report in her hand, Stacy remarked, "When I tell Rex what I found out, he's never going to leave me!"

After placing a call to Gigi, Rex panicked when he learned that Gigi was at the loft with Stacy. In a frenzy, Rex raced to the loft.

Rex arrived at the loft and told Stacy that he was pressing criminal charges against her. When Stacy began to babble about Rex being the love of her life, Rex threatened to call the police. With an evil smirk, Stacy announced to a stunned Gigi and Rex that she was pregnant with Rex's child.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming Out of the Dark

In the loft, Stacy proudly announced that she was pregnant with Rex's baby. Gigi refused to believe Stacy, but Rex was stunned. While Gigi and Stacy argued about whether or not Stacy was even pregnant, Rex took a moment to absorb the news. When Stacy finally convinced Gigi that she was pregnant, Gigi countered that the baby couldn't be Rex's, and then turned to Rex for confirmation.

Denial turned to disbelief and then anger as Gigi realized the implication of Rex's ominous silence. Stacy smiled victoriously as Gigi, devastated, turned away from Rex. Rex immediately sprang to Gigi's aid when she began hyperventilating. Stacy refused to be ignored.

While Rex tried to explain his state of mind when he had slept with Stacy, Stacy did her best to capitalize on the rift between the lovers. Eventually, Gigi fled the apartment. Rex gave chase while Stacy trailed behind him. When Gigi managed to elude Rex, he took his frustration out on Stacy. He confessed that he wished that she had died when she had fallen down the steps.

Stacy was undeterred by Rex's vehemence. She continued to follow Rex until he gave up his search for Gigi. Rex turned his wrath on Stacy. He ordered her to move out of his loft immediately. Stacy reminded Rex that she was pregnant, but he didn't believe her. As Rex stormed off, Stacy smiled with confidence. She was certain that Rex would have a change of heart when he realized that she carried his child.

Schuyler was out for a run when he stumbled into Gigi. Gigi was too distraught to effectively hide it from Schuyler. It took little encouragement from Schuyler for Gigi to share the ugly details of Stacy's latest bombshell. Gigi quickly realized that Schuyler had already known about the encounter. Furious, Gigi demanded to know why Schuyler hadn't told her about the tryst.

Schuyler admitted that it had not been his place to tell her about Rex's liaison. Gigi quickly calmed down when she realized that Schuyler had a point. However, she wondered why Rex had remained silent. Schuyler suggested that perhaps Rex hadn't wanted to break Gigi's heart. Gigi was frustrated by the unfairness of it all. She knew that they would never be rid of Stacy if the baby turned out to be Rex's.

At the Buchanan lodge, Natalie tried to persuade the power company to fix their power outage. According to the power company, no one else on their grid had reported an outage. Frustrated, Natalie abruptly ended the call. Brody walked up moments later to ask where Jessica was.

In the woods, Jessica spotted someone she presumed was Nash. Jessica called out as she tried to follow the man, but he did not respond. Within moments she lost track of the person. When Brody approached, Jessica told him what she had seen. Brody reminded Jessica that Nash was dead. Jessica assured Brody that she was aware of her husband's demise.

Brody decided to take a look around the woods to see if he could unravel the mystery. Unfortunately for Brody, he didn't find anything to suggest that Nash, or anyone else, had recently been through the woods.

Nora stood outside of the lodge as she left a voicemail message for Bo. Before she ended the call, Nora confessed that she wished she could see Bo. As she prepared to return to the lodge, the headlights of a car temporarily blinded her. It was Bo.

As they stood outside, Nora told Bo about Matthew's arrival. She confessed that she had seen the resentment in Matthew's eyes when Shaun had to carry him into the lodge. Bo realized that the lodge wasn't equipped with a wheelchair ramp; there had never been a need for one. Nora also revealed that it had been Destiny, not Téa, who had talked Matthew into the lawsuit.

Nora wondered if they had made the right decision to deny Matthew the corrective surgery. Nora briefly gave in to her fears, prompting Bo to hold her while she cried. Nora managed to pull herself together when Bo promised her that they wouldn't lose their son. After the moment passed, Nora mentioned the wedding banner snafu.

When Bo suggested that it might be a sign, Nora joked that it meant she needed a new printer. Bo wouldn't let it drop; he asked her if she really thought that had been the message behind the misprint. Nora confessed that she didn't know what to think about the mistake. Bo urged Nora not to think as he slowly leaned in to kiss her.

In the bedroom, Matthew looked at a picture of Asa while he begged his grandfather for a sign. Matthew wanted to know how he should proceed with his parents. Moments later, Destiny poked her head into the room. She asked Matthew whom he had been speaking to. Matthew admitted that he had been talking to his grandfather.

Destiny sat down on the bed while Matthew explained his dilemma. Destiny advised Matthew to follow his heart; if he believed Greg could help him, then Matthew should trust that. Matthew appreciated Destiny's support and guidance. As the two talked, Destiny mentioned Nora's reaction to learning that Destiny had been instrumental in Matthew's decision to sue his parents. She admitted that she didn't want Nora to dislike her.

Destiny beamed when Matthew assured Destiny that he liked her, so Nora's opinion didn't affect his. Destiny changed the subject to ask Matthew about his grandfather. Matthew was certain that Asa would have liked Destiny. When Matthew glanced out the window, he was stunned by what he saw: his parents kissing. Destiny and Matthew watched the passionate embrace for a few moments until Matthew turned away to ask Destiny a favor. Matthew didn't want Destiny to tell anyone about the kiss.

Outside, Nora pulled away from the kiss. She was horrified by her behavior because she intended to marry Clint the following day. Nora tried to brush the kiss off as unimportant, but Bo didn't make it easy for Nora. He confessed that he thought about Nora constantly. According to Bo, he would have regretted not kissing Nora when he had the opportunity.

Before Nora could respond, Jessica and Brody approached. Brody explained that they suspected a prowler had been in the woods. Brody declined Bo's offer to investigate, since Brody hadn't found anything during his search. Bo suggested that perhaps it had been the caretaker. Everyone decided to return to the lodge when they noticed that the lights were on.

Viki and Clint found a gift-wrapped wedding present in one of the bedrooms of the lodge. Asa had purchased the gift for one of Viki and Clint's weddings. Viki and Clint were puzzled because the wrapping looked new, not old. However, the distinctive handwriting on the card confirmed that it had been from Asa.

Viki and Clint decided to open the gift. They realized that the present had been intended for their 1982 wedding. It was a photo album that Asa wanted them to fill with memories of their life together. It was also Asa's way of welcoming Viki into the Buchanan family. They discussed the possible reasons that Asa had not given them the gift, but neither found a suitable explanation.

As Charlie approached the room, Clint asked Viki if she was happy with Charlie. Viki assured Clint that she dearly loved Charlie and looked forward to their life together. Clint gave Viki his blessing and then the two hugged. Charlie stepped away from the doorway before he was seen, and called out a warning to alert Viki and Clint of his arrival.

Viki showed Asa's gift to Charlie. When the lights turned on, Viki and Clint headed downstairs. Charlie lagged behind; he seemed troubled. Later, Viki pulled Charlie aside to thank him for putting up with her unusual blended family. Charlie admitted that he thought it reflected well on her that she had a good relationship with her ex-husband.

Bo, Nora, Jessica, and Brody joined the rest of the wedding guests in the lodge. As the family gathered to toast to the wedding couples, Nora and Bo seemed distracted. Meanwhile, Matthew studied his parents closely.

An unknown person stood outside of the lodge, watching as everyone hugged, kissed, and toasted to the happy couples.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The Family Way

Marty and John helped Cole to move into his new apartment. Marty expressed her concern but John assured her he would look out for her son. Cole felt that it was his obligation to work undercover to rid his school of drug sellers. John gave him some marked money and a phone that would enable him to track Cole. They assured Marty that Cole was also wired. Cole promised he would stay clean and that all he had to do was look at those selling drugs to see what he would have been like if he had not stopped using. He assured his mom that he would call Rachel if he needed her and that he would not put himself in danger.

John asked Marty to trust them. She admitted that she had gone to see Todd, feeling stuck after a year. She was hoping he'd set her free but she only got to vent instead, she explained. Todd even wanted her to psycho-analyze him but she was the one who needed help, she continued. John admitted that he and Blair had signed their divorce papers and he was free. Marty was happy and was ready to move on.

At the Buchanan mansion, Téa promised Matthew that she was putting together a list of expert witnesses for the surgery as well as character witnesses to testify about Matthew's maturity. Matthew revealed that he had his own plan to settle out of court. A quizzical Téa learned that Matthew had leverage. He found something more effective than the law, he told her. Téa advised him that she was not ready to cancel his court date, in case things didn't work out.

Bo arrived to help Clint get ready for the wedding and bumped into Nora. She thought they should talk about their kiss. Bo thought it was inevitable while Nora thought it was wrong. They both agreed it was crazy. Nora advised Bo that she loved Clint and was getting ready to marry him. As she started to explain further, Téa walked by on her way out. The attorney told them that their son had something to share with them.

Nora and Bo were thrilled to learn that Matthew was dropping his lawsuit against them. Nora felt it made for a great wedding gift and Bo was proud that Matthew had realized the surgery was too risky. Their happiness was short lived when Matthew handed them a consent form to sign. They refused to grant their permission for the surgery and were confused. Matthew sprung his ultimatum then and advised them that he saw them "making out" and was prepared to tell Clint about it.

A stuttering Bo and Nora attempted to justify their kiss, that it was merely a congratulatory kiss and it meant nothing. Matthew felt otherwise and wondered if Clint would believe it. He once thought it would be great for his parents to get back together, he admitted, but now only cared about his surgery. His parents refused to bow to blackmail. Matthew shrugged and told them he thought of it as business, not blackmail. As he went off to look for Clint, Nora could only sigh that it was out of their hands.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Blair had a chat in the backyard. Starr explained how worried she was about Cole. Blair stressed that she was extremely proud of Cole and of how Starr had conducted herself during the ups and downs of her relationship with Cole. They agreed that life was difficult when love was involved. Starr quickly divulged that she had heard about Blair and Todd in the cabana, much to Blair's horror. When Blair tried to deny it, Starr held up the baby monitor, admitting she had heard Dorian and Todd talking about it.

Blair refused to discuss it at first but Starr urged her mother on, reminding her that she was an adult. Blair admitted that she had been upset when Téa was all over Todd and she had also been upset about herself and John. She had hoped their marriage would work out and it was her own fault that "one thing had led to another," she told her daughter. Starr assured her mother that she was behind her 100 percent, the same as Blair was with her. Starr wondered if Blair wanted to be with Todd.

Inside, Dorian wondered where Téa could be and was hopeful that she was moving in. Todd assured her that Téa was thinking it over. Dorian admitted that she desperately wanted Blair's feelings for Todd to be destroyed. Todd suggested that Dorian needed "some action" herself. She was not amused. As Blair prepared to answer Starr's question, Starr spotted Todd lingering nearby. Blair spat that she wanted nothing to do with Todd, even if he was the last man on earth. Dorian exclaimed how happy she was to hear that and Dorian suggested that Blair find a new man.

Suddenly, Téa walked in, using the key that Todd had provided for her. Starr fled with a hasty excuse to check on her baby. Todd assumed that Téa was moving in but she had other news for him. She did not want to be a pawn between Todd and Blair or someone who was just a willing sex partner, she told Todd. She wanted to be romanced, wanted flowers, dinners, champagne and dates. Her man had to have eyes for only her, she added.

Arriving at Rex's loft, Schuyler was surprised to see that Stacy was still there. He made it known that he didn't believe she was pregnant. Stacy assured him she was, pointing out the baby research she was doing on the computer. She explained how it was good for all of them if she was pregnant, since Schuyler would end up with Gigi when Rex left her for Stacy. She insisted that she and Rex were "real." She volunteered to take another pregnancy test and suggested that Schuyler speak up on his feelings for Gigi.

Rex and Gigi decided it was time for a talk. Rex admitted that he didn't tell her about sleeping with Stacy because he didn't want to hurt her. Gigi explained that he had his chance and she was humiliated when she had to hear about it from Stacy. Rex confessed that he blamed it all on Gigi since she destroyed their family and pushed him into Stacy's arms. He felt she should have trusted him but she broke his heart instead. He added that she should have spoken to a priest or a "shrink" instead of taking the action that she did. He revealed that Stacy felt his relationship with Gigi must not have been very solid if they had broken apart so easily. Gigi had put a knife in his heart.

A crying Gigi admitted that she didn't blame Rex for sleeping with Stacy, but only herself. They agreed to forgive each other and to start over. They promised to not let anything come between them again, including a baby. Rex was not buying Stacy's pregnancy story yet, especially since they had only had sex once. Gigi reminded him that the same thing had happened with her. They shared a kiss and agreed they were solid.

Starr called Cole and told him of the latest with her crazy parents. She told him she was proud of him and loved him. John wanted to get started and Marty had to leave. Once she was gone, John ordered Cole to stick to the script and not to "go all maverick." Cole called Asher and advised him that he needed to see him. He sent a text to Starr to tell her it was starting and hoped it would all be over soon.

Arriving at the hospital, Rex and Gigi attempted to get information from the doctor who saw Stacy in the emergency room. The doctor refused to disclose anything, but Stacy and Schuyler arrived shortly after. Stacy requested a new blood test and Schuyler offered to go with her, to make sure things were done correctly. Stacy asked that Rex accompany her instead. Rex pulled away from her quickly when she tried to grab his arm and ordered her to not speak to him. Schuyler learned that Gigi and Rex were stronger than ever. "That's really great," he said without much enthusiasm.

Rex assured Gigi that he had watched every step of the blood test. When the doctor arrived with the results, Stacy assured her it was okay to announce them in front of everyone. The results were positive, the doctor told them. As an elated Stacy asked Rex to escort her to her future sonogram, the others were quiet and troubled.

Getting down on his knee, Todd made Téa another proposal. He asked her out on a date to his sister's wedding and she accepted. Blair threw Téa a death look as the attorney chuckled on her way out.

Asher appeared at Cole's place and wondered who was paying for the great apartment. Cole advised him he was doing community service but wanted to talk to him. Asher laid a variety of drugs in plastic bags on the table. Cole advised him that he wasn't interested in using but in selling.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elephant in the Room

John summoned Brody into his office at the police station, telling him, "You're out of the academy." Holding a thick file on Brody, John announced that he wanted Brody to work undercover for him, and wanted his trust. He explained that Brody would not be able to divulge any information to anyone. Brody truthfully explained that he would have to tell Jessica, but would not tell anyone else about the case. He was honored to be chosen, and trusted John. He wondered what to tell everyone about the academy.

John wanted Brody to inform everyone that he was rejected from the police academy and to keep working at Rodi's. Brody was to tell Jessica only, John continued, and John would be in touch with him. "Consider this orientation," John concluded.

In his new apartment, Cole asked Asher to give some thought to making him a drug seller because he needed to pay for his apartment and support his family. A confused Asher wondered if Cole had to take care of his mother. He was surprised to learn that Cole's baby was alive and that Cole wanted Starr and Hope to move in when Starr turned 18. Cole added that with all he had been going through, it was tough to find a good job and he didn't have time to finish his high school education.

Asher really didn't care to hear Cole's sob story but wanted to know how Cole was paying for the apartment. Cole lied that his mother had lent him rent for a couple of months but he needed cash. Asher was afraid that Cole would land him in jail, since Cole always had bad luck. Asher pointed out that a cop was always hanging around. Quickly covering, Cole declared that John was merely after his mother and didn't care about Cole at all. Asher wanted proof and handed Cole a pill to take.

Thinking hastily, Cole pointed out that if he started taking pills, it would eat their profits. He would find someone else to take him on and help him get started, he threatened. He knew plenty of people from "rehab" and would be able to have a good business. All of those people would be back on drugs or would want to be, and all they needed was a push. He would have lots of profits, he continued. Suddenly, Asher was ready to talk.

Pointing out that he was Cole's supplier, Asher suggested that Cole keep things moving. He expected to see plenty of cash or it wouldn't be good for either of them, he stated as he walked out the door. He ordered Cole not to speak to anyone but him for more drugs.

At La Boulaie, Langston scanned the classifieds in her attempt to find an apartment for Markko. She explained to Starr that life was too awkward for Markko at Llanfair and he was uncomfortable there. Starr couldn't believe that Markko's dad had disowned his son over something as simple as sex, especially safe sex. A suspicious Langston couldn't believe that Starr and Cole had slept together again one evening, unbeknownst to the rest of the family. Starr started to explain that she didn't know when she would see Cole again, but she promptly stopped talking.

She apologized for not being able to give out any information but stressed that someone might get hurt. She asked Langston not to say anything to Markko, as well. Langston offered to listen at any time if Starr wanted to talk. She was worried about her friend. Starr received a text message from Cole stating, "won't be long now." She was worried too.

At Llanfair, Natalie asked Markko to choose a lipstick for her. The uneasy teen gratefully offered to cart dresses for Viki's wedding out to the car for Jessica, and made his quick escape. Bree rolled a ball out through the library door and followed it. An unseen man picked it up and also handed her a stuffed animal, an elephant. Showing her mom, she told Jessica that her daddy had given her the toy. Jessica peered out the door warily, but was annoyed and yelled at Bree to tell the truth. Natalie stopped Jessica and agreed to take the little girl to the church with her. She admitted that the toy did not look familiar to her. Jessica placed a phone call to Brody.

Noelle paid Viki a visit and regretfully told her that she and Moe would not be able to attend the wedding. They were flying back to Texas to see Moe's ailing father. Mrs. Rivera showed up with a care package for Markko, including some money for her son and his expenses. She indicated that she felt her husband was wrong, but told her son to mind his manners. She expressed her gratitude for her son having a place to live. A disappointed Markko thought his mother was there to take him home. She promised to work on her husband.

Viki admitted that she hated being the center of attention and she was perfectly fine with sharing her wedding with an ex-husband. Noelle was eager to hear about Viki's past marriages and Viki obliged, though she advised Noelle that the stories were long and she only had time for a brief explanation. She showed pictures of all of her husbands: Joe Riley, twice; Steve Burke; Clint Buchanan, twice; Roger Gordon; Sloan Carpenter; and Ben Davidson. She had something nice to say about all of them. Noelle handed her a gift box that contained a framed photo of Viki and Charlie.

Brody arrived to find a frantic Jessica exclaiming that Nash had been there. He was the one who always gave his daughter elephants and Bree had just received another one from him. Brody searched the grounds but came up empty. He figured that perhaps someone had given Bree the toy previously. He felt that Jessica was still upset from the incident at the lodge and had much in her life to cause her to feel stressed. He suggested that she speak to Dr. Levin at St. Ann's. As they spoke, someone was watching from outside.

Citing the need to get to the church, Jessica and Brody were poised to leave. Suddenly, Jessica spotted a bouncing ball outside and a glimpse of a stranger.

At the church, Rachel tried to calm down a very stressed-out Nora. Advising her daughter that Matthew was part of her stress, Nora informed Rachel about Matthew wanting to tell Clint that he saw Bo and Nora kissing. Rachel felt that no one would believe such a lie, but meekly, Nora told her it was true. Rachel was shocked and wanted to know how it happened. Nora was unable to tell her, since she didn't know herself. She admitted to kissing him back when he kissed her.

Rachel figured out that rather than Nora tell Clint the truth, she was happy that Matthew was going to tell him. That way, the wedding would be cancelled for her. An unhappy Nora told Rachel to back off because she loved Clint and really didn't understand what had happened. Rachel insisted that it was best to postpone the wedding so that Nora would be able to deal with what happened, but Nora insisted it only happened once and it didn't mean she didn't love Clint.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo caught Matthew as the boy searched for Clint to tell him about Bo and Nora's kiss. Bo urged his son to do what he thought he had to do but warned him that other people would be hurt. He accused Matthew of only caring about himself. When Clint stepped from his room, he encountered Bo and Matthew outside of it. Bo announced that Matthew had something important to tell Clint. Startled, Matthew told Clint that he knew his uncle loved his mom, she loved him, and Matthew only wanted to make sure Clint would take care of her. Clint promised that he would and thanked Matthew for his blessing.

Clint went off to look for his cufflinks and Bo said how proud he was of Matthew. Matthew assured his dad that he didn't do it for him and that Bo was lucky. He planned on beating him in court, Matthew added. He didn't want to hurt Clint. Bo hurriedly called Nora and gave her the good news; Matthew never said anything to Clint about their kiss. Clint returned and admitted that he loved everything about Nora, including the things that drove him crazy, like still loving Bo. He admitted that he couldn't marry anyone who didn't love his brother. He wondered whom Bo was speaking to on the phone and why he had a funny expression on his face. Bo mentioned a problem at the station.

Matthew placed a call to Téa, ordering her not to cancel their court date.

Nigel approached with a bottle and three glasses, stating that it was something special from Asa. Bo wondered why they didn't use the bottle when he was engaged to Lindsay. Clint toasted Bo, citing the finest brother a man could have. After Bo was gone, Clint trapped Nigel and forced him to admit that the toast was all his idea, not Asa's. Nigel admitted that he only wanted to ease the tension between the brothers.

Nora seemed disappointed that Clint hadn't been told the truth. Her daughter asked her if she still wanted to call off the wedding. She refused to discuss it further, but Rachel wanted to know if her mother loved Bo.

Markko headed to La Boulaie for some cheering up from Langston. He told her that his mother was not going to fight his dad on his choice to disown his son.

Bo visited Lindsay in jail and asked for her help.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Bo Blues

At La Boulaie, Blair teased Todd as he prepared for his date with Téa. A confident Blair told Todd that his relationship with Téa was doomed because he would never get over Blair. Amused, Todd related that Blair would never move on because she was in love with him. While Blair stewed, Todd left to escort Téa to Viki's wedding ceremony.

In the living room, Dorian studied the article in the society page of the Banner that announced the double wedding ceremony of Viki and Charlie, and Clint and Nora. Dorian was enraged that her enemies had found happiness. Dorian cursed Viki and ranted about her own failed attempts at love.

Depressed and lonely, Blair phoned Jack's swimming instructor and suggested that they share a romantic evening together. Before the instructor could respond to Blair's request, Dorian intervened and disconnected the call. Dorian urged Blair not to allow her jealousy over Todd's relationship with Téa to get the best of her. As two masseurs entered the house, Dorian announced that she had a surprise that would cheer Blair up. After enjoying relaxing massages, the two women drank cocktails and drowned their sorrows.

At St. James Church, Matthew asked God to guide him in his decision to have the surgery. As Destiny approached, Matthew pondered the idea of dying on the operating table. Filled with emotion, Destiny hugged Matthew and related that she would never encourage her brother to perform the surgery if she believed that her friend would die as a result. Matthew gave Destiny an update on his lawsuit against his parents. Admitting that he attempted to blackmail his parents, Matthew stated that he couldn't bear to hurt Clint with the news that Nora and Bo had shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, Clint stood inside the church and noticed that Bo hadn't arrived.

At the Buchanan Mansion, as Nora prepared for the ceremony, Rachel questioned whether her mother wanted to marry Clint. Certain that Nora loved Bo, Rachel pleaded with her mother to think twice before marching down the aisle with Clint. Nora denied that she was in love with Bo. Frustrated, Nora commented that she was marrying Clint within the hour, and did her best to end the discussion, but Rachel persisted. Rachel begged her mother not to marry Clint if she had doubts about her love for Bo. As Nora struggled with her decision, Clint entered the room and asked to speak to his fiancée.

Alone with Clint, Nora appeared to have second thoughts about marrying him. Noticing that Nora was troubled, Clint admitted that he was aware that she had never stopped loving his brother. Nora was startled to learn that Clint had made his revelation known to Bo, as well. Instantly, Nora decided to continue with her wedding plans. Nora proclaimed her love for Clint, and assured him that she would meet him at the altar. A nervous Clint headed back to the church to wait for his best man to appear.

Rachel returned and asked Nora if she had made a decision. An emotional Nora related the news that Clint had informed Bo that she had never stopped loving him. Furious that Bo hadn't confessed that he loved her, Nora announced that she could never pursue a relationship with Bo, because he was unwilling to forgive her for the past. Rachel pleaded with her mother to consider exploring her feelings for Bo.

Bo paid Lindsay a surprise visit at Statesville Prison. Lindsay was surprised to hear Bo's request of her. Admitting that he had strong feelings for Nora, Bo asked Lindsay to talk him out of stopping the wedding. Bo was stunned when Lindsay informed Bo that the entire town of Llanview was aware that Bo and Nora had never stopped loving one another. Lindsay related that Bo and Nora would have remained married had he been able to forgive Nora for her past relationship with Sam.

Recalling the day that Nora disrupted Lindsay and Bo's wedding ceremony, Lindsay admitted that Nora had done the right thing. Insisting that Nora's decision to marry Clint was based on a lie, Lindsay shocked Bo when she encouraged him to tell Clint the truth. Lindsay wondered if Bo would be able to live with himself after hurting Clint. Lindsay suggested that Bo speak with Clint before the ceremony.

At the church, Viki and Charlie enjoyed a few moments alone before the ceremony. Nearby, Jared wondered why Jessica hadn't arrived. Admitting that she was concerned about Jessica, Natalie commented that her sister was behaving strangely.

At Llanfair, Jessica noticed a figure standing on the lawn and called out, "Please don't go!" Stay and talk to me, Nash! What do you want?" As Jessica begged the image to answer her, Brody emerged and questioned what was going on. When Jessica related that she saw Nash, Brody became concerned. Realizing that Brody didn't see the figure, Jessica became convinced that she was hallucinating. Brody offered to call Dr. Levin, but Natalie phoned and interrupted the conversation. After hanging up with Natalie, Jessica told Brody that she had to meet her mother and sister at the Buchanan Mansion.

As Rachel tried to convince her mother to stop the wedding, Viki, Natalie, and Jessica arrived to help Nora prepare for the ceremony. Dressed in her wedding gown, Nora studied her reflection in the mirror. Nora appeared troubled as the women discussed her upcoming wedding to Clint.

Back at the church, Todd romanced Téa. Meanwhile, Matthew complimented Destiny's appearance. As Matthew leaned down to kiss Destiny, Téa interrupted with questions about the lawsuit. Informing Téa that he had been unable to convince his parents to reconsider, Matthew told Téa to carry on with the hearing. Later, Matthew commented to Destiny that his father was late for the ceremony. Matthew related that he believed that his parents actually wanted him to tell Clint about the kiss.

Standing at the altar, Clint wondered what was keeping his brother. As Bo approached, Clint exclaimed, "Where have you been? I was beginning to think I'd lost my best man!"

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