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Téa agreed to help Matthew to fight his parents' decision. Stacy gave Rex the bag of blood. Stacy learned that she was pregnant after a fight with Gigi that resulted in Stacy tumbling down a flight of stairs. Bo suggested that Rex keep his family away from Stacy. Blair protested Todd's desire to have Téa move into La Boulaie. Starr and Cole made love. Rex figured out that the stem cell donor was his father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 20, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fur Flies

While Bo sat in his office and watched old videotapes of Matthew playing basketball, Nora entered and interrupted Bo's thoughts. Bo and Nora discussed their decision not to allow Greg to perform surgery on Matthew. Matthew's parents hoped their son would one day understand that they weren't willing to jeopardize his life based on Greg's claims that he could make it possible for Matthew to walk again. When Bo apologized for interfering in Nora and Clint's relationship, Nora admitted that Clint was experiencing difficulties understanding that she and Bo had to decide what was best for Matthew. Smiling affectionately at Nora, Bo stated, "I don't know how I would get through all this if I wasn't going through it with you." Noticing the paused video of Matthew, Nora asked Bo to play the tape for her.

Téa listened as Matthew and Destiny pleaded their case to her. The teens related how Matthew's parents had decided against Matthew having surgery because they feared he might not survive. Matthew argued that he wanted the right to make his own decision regarding the surgery. Matthew was adamant that he wanted to seek emancipation from his parents. Informing Matthew that emancipation involved severing all ties with his parents, Téa questioned if Matthew wanted to go through with it. Matthew admitted that he didn't want to hurt his parents, but he argued that the emancipation would allow him the opportunity to authorize his own surgery.

Téa appeared touched when Matthew related that he wanted to walk again more than anything else. After citing reasons why she shouldn't take his case, Téa surprised Matthew when she agreed to represent him. After Téa placed a phone call, Matthew and Destiny questioned her next move. Téa exclaimed, "Sit tight! Everything is in motion!"

Holding hands, Bo and Nora smiled affectionately at each other as they watched the video of Matthew. A knock on the door disrupted the happy moment. Bo and Nora were startled when a server handed them both summons. Bo and Nora were stunned to learn that Matthew was suing them.

Inside the Buenos Dias Café, Shaun was hesitant to accept Greg's invitation to dinner. While Greg urged Shaun and Rachel to join him at the Palace Hotel, Rachel was surprised when one of the teens from the drug rehabilitation center entered the café in a questionable state. Rachel thought Brenden might be under the influence of drugs, but when the teen mentioned that he had bumped his head after falling off his skateboard, Greg realized that Brenden was in serious trouble. Once Brenden began complaining that he had a terrible headache, Greg advised Rachel that the teen needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

Greg and Rachel arrived at Llanview Hospital with Brenden. When a nurse questioned Greg's presence in the emergency room, Greg ordered her to provide him with an empty examination room. The nurse refused, but Greg barged into a room and began examining Brenden further. As the nurse rushed off to contact security, Greg reacted quickly when Brenden suddenly had no recollection of Rachel and then lost consciousness.

Once the nurse returned, Greg related that Brenden was suffering from "Walking Die Syndrome" and demanded that she provide him with a high-speed neurosurgical drill. When the nurse refused to assist Greg in performing the procedure, Greg demanded that Rachel help him. A nervous Rachel insisted that she couldn't help him.

Greg warned Rachel that Brenden would die if they didn't act quickly. Greg informed Rachel that pressure had begun to build up in a particular area of the teen's brain. Greg insisted that it was necessary to drill a hole inside Brenden's skull in order to release the pressure. While Greg prepared to perform the procedure, a security guard barged in and ordered Greg to leave. Shaun entered the room and removed the guard, allowing Greg and Rachel time to save Brenden's life.

After Greg had successfully performed the procedure, Rachel was amazed by his skill. While Rachel praised Greg for saving Brenden, Shaun acknowledged that his brother was a hero.

At La Boulaie, Blair learned that Téa had told John about Blair's indiscretion with Todd. Acknowledging that she had displayed terrible judgment, Blair was convinced that John had a few choice words for her. To Blair's surprise, John stated that he was concerned and wanted to check on her. While Blair continued to condemn herself, John spoke positively about her.

Certain that John had reunited with Marty, Blair wondered why John was concerned about her. John didn't verbalize that he was involved with Marty again, but Blair determined that he was. Stating that she wanted John to be happy, Blair agreed to grant him an annulment. She was surprised when John presented her with a divorce decree from his attorney.

Citing that she wanted John to have a fresh start, Blair thought it was best to seek the annulment. Blair was touched when John informed her that he didn't want to pretend that their marriage never existed. Blair and John reminisced about the special times they shared. Blair signed the divorce decree and the two parted as friends.

At the hospital, Schuyler ran into Gigi. Schuyler was surprised when Gigi informed him that Rex had tricked Stacy into leading him to the place where she had hidden the bag of blood. Gigi beamed as she related that Stacy's hold over her life was over. Appearing worried, Schuyler reminded Gigi that Stacy never surrendered easily. Schuyler was convinced that Stacy would never give Rex up without a fight. Admitting that he felt compassion for Stacy, Schuyler didn't know how she would react once she realized that Rex didn't want her.

Inside the room at the fur storage facility, Stacy stripped down to her underwear and asked Rex to make love to her. With the heel of her shoe hovering over the bag of blood, Stacy warned that she would puncture the bag if Rex didn't comply with her demands. A disgusted Rex agreed to have sex with Stacy. Referring to her as pathetic, Rex told Stacy that he would have sex with her only to save his son's life. Stacy cringed when Rex stated that the thought of having sex with her made him sick. As Rex continued to berate Stacy and proclaim his love for Gigi, Stacy began to cry. Humiliated, Stacy handed the bag of blood to Rex and ordered him to leave. After Rex left with the bag of stem cells, Stacy lay on the floor and cried.

Back at the hospital, hoping to share a few moments alone with Gigi, Schuyler offered to treat her to a cup of coffee. Before Gigi could accept, Rex arrived with the stem cells in a cooler. Schuyler watched as an elated Gigi questioned how Stacy had reacted to the news that her plot had been uncovered. Unwilling to divulge the explicit details, Rex simply related that things didn't go well. Upon learning that Rex had left Stacy at the storage facility, Schuyler rushed off to find her.

At the storage facility, Schuyler discovered a troubled Stacy sprawled out on the floor in tears. As Schuyler embraced Stacy, she cried in his arms and insisted that she loved Rex. While Schuyler tried to comfort her, Stacy pulled away and lashed out at him. Blaming Schuyler for her problems with Rex, Stacy taunted Schuyler about losing Gigi to Rex. Stacy ordered Schuyler to leave her alone, and he obliged.

Back at the hospital, Gigi hugged Rex and reminded him that their ordeal with Stacy was over. Gigi exclaimed that she, Rex, and Shane were finally a family.

After composing herself, Stacy wrapped her body in a fur. Before exiting the facility, Stacy grabbed a tire iron and exclaimed, "This isn't over! Nobody is ever going to hurt Stacy Morasco again! You messed with the wrong girl!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head Over Heels

At La Boulaie, Langston told Starr that Markko had moved into Llanfair after Markko's father had kicked him out of the house. Langston was worried about Markko. She feared that he would not be able to settle into Llanfair. A few minutes later, Cole stopped by to see Starr and Hope. Langston quietly excused herself, so that the family could be alone.

After Starr put Hope down for a nap, Cole told Starr about his new apartment. Starr was excited over the idea of moving in with Cole. Cole reminded Starr of the reality of his situation. He didn't want Starr or Hope to be anywhere near his apartment while he worked undercover. Starr respected Cole's decision, but admitted that she was disappointed. Cole reminded Starr that she needed to focus on graduating from high school while he completed his undercover assignment; afterwards they would be free to plan a future. Cole promised to call Starr, but he made it clear that he didn't want her to show up at his apartment until his assignment was over.

At Llanfair, Markko sat at the kitchen table with Viki, Charlie, and Jessica. As they finished breakfast, Markko offered to clear the dishes away as a show of appreciation for Viki's hospitality. Viki refused to allow Markko to do all the work alone. While Jessica dashed off, Viki and Charlie helped Markko clean up. Viki impressed upon Markko that he was welcome in her home and free to stay for as long as he needed to. Markko thanked Viki for her generosity. However, he was hopeful that he would be able to return home soon. Markko explained that his mother had asked Father Diaz, a progressive young priest, to talk to Mr. Rivera.

A short time later, Langston stopped by to visit Markko. After Viki and Charlie excused themselves, Markko confessed that he was eager to move out. He felt as if he were intruding on Viki. Langston suggested that Markko move into La Boulaie, but Markko rejected the idea. He didn't think he'd get any rest living under the same roof with Langston.

As Markko and Langston kissed, Viki popped into the kitchen to fetch Charlie's glasses. Markko appeared embarrassed to have been caught kissing Langston. After Viki returned to Charlie, Markko walked Langston to the door. As they kissed goodbye, Mr. Rivera approached them.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Cris was in the process of picking up the envelope that had been slipped under Kyle's door, when Brody approached. Cris quickly realized that Brody wasn't going to make a fuss about finding Cris loitering in the hallway, so he opened up to Brody about why he was looking for Kyle. Cris explained that Kyle had suggested that Fish, one of Cris's roommates, was using Layla, another of his roommates. Brody warned Cris that Kyle was bad news and not to be trusted. Cris appreciated Brody's advice, but he was determined to find out what Kyle knew about Fish.

When Brody mentioned that he had recently been accepted by the police academy, Cris asked if Brody could look into Fish's personnel records. Brody reminded Cris that the files were confidential. Cris realized he had asked too much of someone he had just met. He apologized to Brody for the inappropriate request. Brody suggested that perhaps Cris's feelings for Layla went beyond friendship.

After Brody walked away, Cris gave in to temptation. He picked up the envelope and read the letter inside. The letter stated: "Kyle, I know you talked to Cristian Vega. That you told him I was using Layla, but I'm not. I care about her. She's a great girl and I want to be with her, so please back off. Whatever you think you know about me, it was a long time ago. I'm not that guy anymore. For both our sakes, get on with your life and stop messing with mine. Oliver."

At the apartment, Layla was furious because Fish had told everyone at the police station that they were dating. Layla felt hurt and betrayed because Fish had gone back on their agreement. Fish apologized for the slip; he had given in to peer pressure. Layla appreciated Fish's honesty. However, she was disappointed because Fish had put her in an awkward position. Layla didn't want anyone to think that she had been hired because of her relationship with Fish.

Fish eventually managed to smooth things over. When Layla kissed him, Fish pulled away. He made the excuse that he needed something to drink and ran to the kitchen. Layla followed him, sensing that he was uncomfortable. Fish assured Layla that everything was fine, and then kissed her to prove his point.

Layla realized that Fish wasn't into the kiss and asked him if the idea of sex with her had bothered him. Fish denied it, but she didn't believe him. Layla suspected that she had hit a nerve. She recalled other incidents in their past and came to a surprising conclusion. She asked Fish if he was gay.

Brody was pleasantly surprised when he returned to his room to discover Jessica lounging on his bed. Brody asked Jessica how her visit with Starr and Cole had gone. Jessica revealed that the teens had been understanding and forgiving. Jessica confided that she had declined Starr's offer for Jessica to hold Hope because she'd been overwhelmed with the urge to snatch up Hope and run off with her.

Brody wondered why Jessica hadn't called him to discuss it. Jessica revealed that she hadn't wanted to bother him when he was busy. Brody made it clear that Jessica came first in his life. Jessica was touched by Brody's passionate declaration. The two kissed and then began to make love.

At the hospital, Rex showed Gigi the cooler, containing the life-saving stem cells that Stacy had been hiding, and announced that they were free of Stacy. Gigi was delighted by the news and kissed Rex. They were busy making plans when Gigi suddenly remembered that she had been scheduled to work. Rex assured Gigi that he would take care of everything at the hospital, and promised to meet her later.

Shortly after Gigi left, Roxy arrived at the hospital. She was upset because no one had called her about Shane. Rex was furious; he asked Roxy why anyone should have called her when she had been in cahoots with Stacy. Roxy was stunned by the accusation and tried to disavow any involvement with Stacy. Rex informed Roxy that the truth had been revealed. He demanded to know who had donated the stem cells to Shane.

Roxy did her best to keep Rex from finding out who the donor was, but Rex refused to let Roxy off the hook. Eventually Rex figured out that the donor was his father. Roxy told Rex that his father would never have willingly donated his stem cells to help Shane; she took full credit for saving Shane's life. Roxy angrily admitted that after she had taken the stem cells from Rex's biological father, she had killed the man.

In the hospital's parking garage, Stacy approached Gigi's car with a determined expression and a crowbar in her hand. Stacy stepped out of her stilettos before she proceeded to smash in the windows of Gigi's car. Afterwards, Stacy took out her lipstick and wrote, "bitch" all over the damaged vehicle. Once she had completed with her task, Stacy promised that Gigi would be next.

Gigi was aghast when she saw her car. When Stacy suddenly appeared, Gigi realized who was responsible for the vandalism. Gigi refused to be intimidated by Stacy. Gigi threatened to press charges against her sister if Stacy didn't immediately return to Las Vegas. Stacy laughed at Gigi's threat and promised not to give up Rex without a fight.

Stacy proceeded to gloat about her sexual encounter with Rex. Gigi refused to believe Stacy; she insisted that Stacy was completely delusional. Stacy didn't back down. To prove her point, Stacy asked Gigi when was the last time that Rex and Gigi had sex. Gigi reached her breaking point and punched Stacy. Stacy was knocked back on her rear end.

Gigi was convinced that Stacy lacked a soul. She hauled Stacy to her feet and threatened to kill Stacy if she ever came near Gigi's family again. Stacy didn't take the threat seriously. Instead, Stacy opened her coat to reveal her undergarments. According to Stacy, Rex had ripped her clothes off in his eagerness to have sex with her. Stacy offered to give Gigi a "blow by blow" description of the encounter. Gigi ignored her sister until Stacy suggested that they find Rex to question him personally.

As Stacy walked off, Gigi gave chase. In the stairwell, Gigi grabbed Stacy's arm and spun her around. Gigi reminded Stacy that she had been warned to stay away from Rex and Shane. A brief struggle ensued, during which Stacy took a nasty fall down a flight of stairs. Gigi stared down at Stacy's still body with an expression of utter horror.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

At La Boulaie, Starr and Cole cherished their time together. Starr told Cole she didn't just want them to spend the evening talking, and asked him to make love to her again. She suggested they erase the heartache of their first time and begin anew. Cole agreed, and secured permission from Rachel and the rehabilitation center to stay over. But just as the young lovers seemed to have nothing standing in their way, Hope began to cry in her crib.

Undaunted, Cole picked up his daughter and began to recite Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" to soothe her. After Hope calmed down, Starr put her to bed in the nursery, only for their plans to hit another snag as Cole realized he hadn't brought protection. Starr proclaimed that she wasn't ready to give Hope a sibling, and dashed off to Langston's room to retrieve a condom from her cousin's secret stash. With everything taken care of, Starr and Cole embraced and began to make love, sinking to the bedroom floor.

At Llanview Hospital, Gigi was horrified as Stacy plunged down the staircase. She rushed to her sister's side and attempted to rouse her, fearing she was dead. As Gigi called out for help, Stacy's eyes opened and she regained consciousness. Gigi told Stacy not to move, and hurried off to find a doctor.

In a nearby corridor, Rex was shocked as Roxy revealed that his unknown father had been the bone marrow donor for Shane. She admitted that the mystery man hadn't been dead as she'd told him, but rather a comatose vegetable. She explained that she'd taken enough blood to save Shane, then killed the man by deactivating the equipment keeping him alive. Rex couldn't believe that Roxy had killed his father in cold blood, but Roxy cried that she'd had no choice. She said that as long as his father was alive, Rex and the entire Balsom clan were in grave danger. Rex said that if the man was dead, there was no reason to keep his name secret, and demanded that Roxy tell him his father's name.

Before Roxy could name names, however, Gigi rushed into the corridor screaming for help. Rex was at her side as Gigi explained Stacy's fall to the doctors and nurses. As Stacy was wheeled in on a gurney, the desperate Roxy saw an opportunity and slipped away through a nearby exit. Her disappearance went unnoticed as Gigi and Rex followed Stacy to an exam room.

While Stacy was being examined, Gigi told Rex about her showdown with her twisted sister in the parking lot. She said she hadn't meant for Stacy to fall, and didn't want her little sister dead, in spite of everything. Rex was unsettled as Gigi told him that Stacy had continued to claim that she'd had sex with him not once, but twice. A doctor emerged from the exam room and told Gigi and Rex that Stacy was stable and conscious, and said she could receive visitors.

Gigi and Rex entered Stacy's exam room, and Gigi told her sister that she was sorry for Stacy's injuries, but urged her to get psychiatric help. Stacy shrugged off Gigi's advice. "I know what I need," she mumbled, staring at Rex. She told them they had what they'd wanted from her, the donor blood, and assured the couple that they were done.

Leaving Stacy's room, Gigi continued to fear for her sister's mental and physical health. Rex reminded her that she owed Stacy nothing, and told her that all they needed was to store the donor blood, get Shane, and go home as a family. Gigi agreed.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Cristian was replacing Fish's letter to Kyle in its envelope just as Kyle walked up and caught him red-handed. Kyle demanded to know what Cristian was doing opening his mail, and Cristian took the opportunity to press him again on Fish's secret. After reading Fish's note, Kyle asked Cris to leave it alone, and told him that his past was "between me and Fish." Cristian noticed the nuance, and asked Kyle what he and Fish had gotten into in college that was their shared secret.

"Fish was involved with somebody and he made a mess of it," Kyle murmured, lost in his thoughts. Growing melancholy, he told Cristian that Fish and his ex had been crazy about each other, and had made plans for a future together, but Fish had made promises he was unable to keep. "He didn't have the guts to go the distance," Kyle said bitterly, and claimed that Fish had cared more about other people's opinions than his own happiness. Cristian was confused by Kyle's story, and Kyle grew emotional, lashing out at Cris and telling him that if he had a problem with Fish dating Layla, he should go do something about it himself. Cris agreed to do just that, and left Kyle alone in the hallway. Kyle struggled with his emotions and fumbled for his room key, only to realize he didn't have it on him and was locked out.

At Layla's apartment, Fish freaked out when Layla asked him if he was gay. "I'm totally, a thousand percent into women!" he exclaimed, and swore he would prove it to her, attempting to draw her into another kiss. Layla rebuffed him, probing about why he was so reticent to go to bed with her. "I'm not gay," Fish repeated sullenly, and told her he was merely tired and nervous, and wanted their first time together to be perfect. He said that if Layla needed proof of his sexual orientation, she needed to look no further than his one-night stand with Stacy.

Layla apologized for being insensitive, and said that while sexuality wasn't a big deal in the entertainment industry she'd come from, she realized it was different in the world of law enforcement. Oliver told Layla that he had to be seen as a "real man" in the eyes of the other men on the force. Layla admitted she'd been worried that he was using her to appear straight.

Just then, Cristian returned home. He told his roommates about his conversation with Kyle, and confronted Fish about his mysterious past. He accused Fish and Kyle of hiding something from him, and said he knew Fish was trying to keep Kyle quiet. Fish denied any wrongdoing. Layla pointedly told Cris that any drama in Kyle and Fish's college days was none of their business. Dejected, Cristian headed for his room.

Layla asked Oliver if he was still mad, and if she'd screwed their relationship up permanently. The frazzled Fish replied that he had to think, and headed to bed, pounding the wall with his fist as he walked.

At Llanfair, Langston and Markko talked about his family situation. Markko had high hopes that his mother would talk some sense into his father, Ernesto, and allow Markko to go home. No sooner had he said it, than Ernesto arrived at the kitchen door. Markko was delighted, believing his father was there to declare a truce, but Ernesto corrected him as he began piling Markko's belongings onto the kitchen counter. Ernesto scoffed at the lavish Llanfair, commenting, "You like families who name their own houses?" Ernesto said that he rejected Markko's new trappings and his unacceptable girlfriend, and said he would leave him to it. "You can never come home again," Ernesto told him. "You are no longer my son."

After Ernesto left, Langston comforted her boyfriend, assuring Markko that his parents would come around. Markko was stunned by Ernesto's coldness to him, and began to rifle through old family mementos. Langston suggested he move on campus in the fall, and attempted to bolster his spirits by talking about how she had adjusted to life with the Cramers. Yet she admitted that she still missed her biological family, just like Markko. Markko said it would be hard to lose his family, but she was worth it. "Wherever you are, that's home," he told her.

Back at the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle slumped against the wall outside his room, clutching Fish's note. An inebriated Roxy swaggered up holding a bottle of booze wrapped in a brown paper bag, and Kyle explained that he'd been locked out. After Roxy called a locksmith, she sat down on the floor beside Kyle and asked him what was wrong. She asked him if he was still sad about the guy she'd seen in the old photograph at the Buenos Dias Café, and Kyle admitted he was. "He's a coward who's afraid of telling the truth," Kyle said softly. "Yeah, I know the feeling," Roxy mumbled, taking another slug of booze.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Rex sat in their bedroom and talked about Stacy. Gigi couldn't believe that Stacy was persisting in the "delusion" that she had slept with Rex, and continued beating herself up about putting her sister in the hospital. Rex quieted her doubts by hugging her and telling her everything would be all right, but his guilt was etched across his face.

At the hospital, Stacy's doctor returned to her exam room and informed her that she would be fine, along with her baby. Stacy sat up, shocked: "My baby?" The doctor informed Stacy that she was pregnant, and that it was only in a very early stage. Stacy was overjoyed as she touched her stomach.

A musical montage played out across Llanview as Starr and Cole went to bed together at La Boulaie, interrupted only by Hope crying over the baby monitor. Langston and Markko continued to unpack his things at Llanfair, while Markko stared at the reminders of what he'd left behind. Cristian drank a beer in his kitchen, but met face-to-face with Layla, who glared at him before grabbing her bag and heading for her bedroom. At the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle crumpled Fish's note in his hand and took a swig from Roxy's bottle, while at the carriage house, Rex and Gigi lay in each other's arms. And at the hospital, Stacy clutched her belly and smiled. "My baby," she breathed. "Rex's baby."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How To Handle A Woman

Inside her bedroom, Starr and Cole sat in bed and discussed their enjoyable night together. Reminding Starr that his undercover work began that day, Cole told her that he didn't want to risk anyone observing him leaving Starr's home. As Cole prepared to leave La Boulaie unnoticed, Starr and Cole overheard Todd talking to Hope over the baby monitor. The teens nearly panicked when Todd announced to his granddaughter that he was taking her to visit Téa, but first they would wake Starr.

As Todd prepared to exit Hope's bedroom, Dorian entered and lashed out at Todd for having sex with Blair in the cabana. Horrified to learn of her parent's indiscretion, Starr stormed into Hope's bedroom and confronted Todd. Removing Hope from Todd's arms, Starr scolded him about discussing sex in front of the baby. Starr also chastised her father about having sex with Blair. When Starr blurted out that her sex life was none of Todd's business, Todd became suspicious and questioned Starr's statement. Changing the subject, Starr advised Todd that she wouldn't allow him to use Hope to impress Téa.

After Starr left, Dorian continued to criticize Todd for taking advantage of Blair. To Dorian's surprise, Todd admitted that he wanted to repair his relationship with Téa. Dorian related that she could help Todd win Téa back. Insisting that Téa would never feel comfortable with Todd and Blair living under the same roof together, Dorian suggested that Todd and Téa move in together. With a smirk, Todd listened to Dorian's plan.

Starr returned to the bedroom with Hope. Pleased to see his daughter, Cole gave her a hug and stated how proud he was of Hope. When Starr suggested that they share some family time together, Cole announced that he had to meet John. Cole stated that John was ready to discuss the undercover case with him. Starr asked Cole when they would be able to spend more time together.

In a grim tone, Cole told Starr that for her own safety, it might be best if they pretended to have ended their relationship. Cole advised Starr that the case would be concluded within the next thirty days. Hoping to cheer her up, Cole stated that they would be a family after the drug case was solved. As Hope cried, Cole said an emotional goodbye to Starr and his daughter.

At the Buchanan Mansion, while Nora worried about the lawsuit that Matthew had filed against them, Bo was convinced that the case would never go to trial. As Bo and Nora discussed the possible outcome, Matthew entered the room. In Matthew's presence, Bo and Nora avoided any discussion of the legal matter, but a confident Matthew boasted that he would be victorious. When his parents continued to comment that he had an uphill battle ahead, Matthew stunned them when he announced that Téa was his attorney. Bo immediately placed a call to the ethics review board regarding Téa, and Nora raced out the door.

Destiny arrived at the Buchanan Mansion and observed Bo and Nora's reaction to Matthew's news. Destiny expressed her concern for Matthew's problem. Far from upset, a smiling, Matthew blurted out, "This is the happiest I've been since the accident. I'm so happy, I could kiss you!" His remark, left both him and Destiny slightly embarrassed.

At Todd's residence, after receiving a call from Todd, Téa demanded that he leave her alone and hung up on him. When Shaun questioned why Téa and Todd were feuding once again, Téa related that Todd had slept with another woman. Before Téa could give Shaun any further details, Blair knocked on the door and demanded to speak with Téa.

After Shaun left the room, Blair admitted that she had made a terrible mistake by sleeping with Todd. Unimpressed with Blair's halfhearted apology, Téa teased Blair about her inability to maintain a relationship. Citing Blair's failed marriage to John, Téa insisted that Blair couldn't wait for the opportunity to throw herself at Todd. Hoping to upset her nemesis, Blair insisted that Todd would never get over her. A provoked Téa slapped Blair.

As the women engaged in a violent brawl, Shaun intervened and separated the two. At the urging of the two women, a frustrated Shaun left them alone to continue their discussion. Unable to resolve their differences, Blair and Téa continued to battle. After trashing Todd's home, Blair walked towards the door and stood face-to-face with Nora. Exiting the house, Blair looked at Nora and exclaimed, "She's all yours!"

Criticizing Téa's decision to represent Matthew, Nora accused Téa of using Matthew's problem to cause Nora pain. Realizing that Téa was adamant about pursuing Matthew's case, Nora pleaded with her to reconsider. A sympathetic Téa suggested that Nora take the time to listen to her son's argument. In tears, Nora cried, "You'll have a child of your own one day and then you'll understand how I feel!" Opening the door to leave, Nora stood face-to-face with Todd.

Téa refused to speak with Todd and instructed him to leave. On bended knee, a nervous Todd opened a ring box and gazed up at Téa.

Blair returned home and encountered Dorian, who was less than pleased to learn that Blair had paid a visit to Téa at Todd's home. Dorian listened as Blair ranted about Téa's constant interference in her life. Blair commented that she didn't have to worry about ever seeing Téa in her home again. Dorian warned her niece, "I have something to tell you. You better sit down!"

When Rachel knocked on Greg's door at the Palace Hotel, she was surprised to find him in his underwear, and his colleague, Dr. Wright, in his bed. After Dr. Wright dressed and excused herself, Greg invited Rachel to join him for breakfast in his room. Rachel declined his offer, but Greg pointed out that the breakfast had been ordered. During breakfast, Rachel thanked Greg for saving Brenden's life and praised Greg's medical skills. Greg suggested that Rachel attempt to convince Bo and Nora to allow him to operate on Matthew. Refusing to get involved, Rachel commented that Greg should talk to Matthew's parents himself. Although Rachel was convinced that Bo and Nora would never agree to the surgery, Greg believed that Destiny was capable of changing their minds.

Greg accidentally spilled a glass of water on Rachel's blouse. When Rachel stepped into the bathroom to tend to the stain, Shaun knocked on the door. Noticing that the table was set for two, Shaun realized that Greg had company, but insisted on speaking with his brother for a few moments. Shaun expressed that he was pleased with Greg's decision to remain in Llanview. Shaun was startled when Rachel entered the room while tucking her blouse in her skirt. Enraged, Shaun placed his hands around Greg's neck and began choking him. Pleading with Shaun to release his grip on Greg, Rachel informed Shaun that nothing had happen between her and Greg.

After Rachel explained what had taken place, Shaun apologized to Rachel and his brother for his behavior. An angry Greg screamed, "Do you think I would make a move on your woman?" Interrupting the confusion inside Greg's hotel room, Matthew and Destiny arrived and announced that they had good news. Rachel was surprised when Matthew informed Greg that he would be performing Matthew's surgery.

Clint paid Viki a visit at Llanfair. Citing his recent problems with Nora and Bo, Clint told Viki that she and Charlie might be walking down the aisle without him and Nora. Viki told Clint that he needed to realize that Nora hadn't chosen Bo over him. Viki urged Clint to apologize to his wife and brother-or risk not getting married.

Back at the Buchanan Mansion, Nora returned home and told Bo about her encounter with Téa. Nora admitted that her conversation with Téa had left her with several questions. A tearful Nora didn't understand the intense anger that had consumed Matthew. Nora couldn't believe that her son would rather be dead than confined to a wheelchair. Embracing Nora, Bo reminded her that they hadn't lost Matthew. As Bo consoled Nora, Clint entered the room and apologized for his behavior. After Bo accepted his apology, Clint asked his brother to be his best man. To Clint's surprise, Nora announced, "I can't marry you tomorrow!"

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Last (Belly) Laugh

Matthew and Destiny arrived at Greg's room at the Palace Hotel. Matthew told Greg to reserve a spot for him on Greg's surgical schedule, as he was suing his parents in order to be able to make his own decision regarding his life and surgery. A perturbed Rachel accused Greg of being behind Matthew's move, but Destiny admitted that it was all her idea. Shaun was mortified, while Rachel berated her brother for taking such a drastic action. Bitterly, Matthew defended his position and his right to the surgery that would enable him to walk again. He wondered if Greg would perform the surgery if Matthew won.

Greg emphasized how important it was not to alienate his parents, as he would need them in his life for the long and difficult rehabilitation after the surgery. Rachel assured him that Matthew would not lose his family. Matthew quickly chimed in that he was losing muscle and the longer he had to wait for the surgery, the more difficult it would be to recover. Destiny agreed with him and asked the same question that Matthew had. Greg felt that the teen would have to choose whatever was more important: walking again or his family.

Rachel noted the time and announced that she had to leave for her mother's party. When Matthew indicated that he would not be attending, Rachel angrily urged him to sue Nora after her wedding, but to act like her son for the time being. Shaun was disheartened hearing about the party, because he had obtained tickets to a concert for himself and Rachel. She suggested he get rid of the tickets and accompany her to the party instead, and Shaun happily consented. Greg accepted the tickets and in turn asked Destiny to attend the concert with him. A happy Destiny said yes until Matthew expressed his own dismay. He wanted Destiny to attend the party with him. Destiny quickly told Greg she had plans.

In the hospital garage, Gigi showed Rex the damage that Stacy had caused to Gigi's car. They agreed that Stacy was probably not finished and they were concerned over what her next move would be. A nervous Gigi was anxious to leave, but Rex wanted to call the police and remain behind until they showed up.

Stacy let herself into Rex's apartment, still wearing the coat from the fur vault but atop a hospital gown instead of her underwear. Looking at herself in the full-length mirror, Stacy envisioned her belly in a later stage of pregnancy. She daydreamed about what would happen when Rex returned to his place and saw her standing there. She smiled as she pictured him asking for forgiveness and declaring his love for her. As he promised that he wasn't concerned about Shane and Gigi, Stacy returned to reality when Gigi walked in.

Nora advised Clint that she would be unable to marry him as scheduled because Matthew was suing her and Bo for his right to have surgery. She was too involved with the lawsuit to think about the wedding, she explained. It was possible that her son wouldn't even show up at the wedding, she added. Bo remained silent nearby as his conflicting emotions played across his face. A confused Clint didn't understand since the court date had not been set yet. He asked Bo to speak with his son and to convince him to "hold off" for a day. Bo was sure that he would be successful and that Matthew would appear at the wedding.

Nora felt that her wedding would be overshadowed by the lawsuit, that she didn't have the time to properly shop and put things together for her honeymoon, and that people would not be happy at the ceremony, given the situation. When Bo had to leave after receiving a phone call from Rex, Clint demanded that Nora tell him the truth. He felt that she was using the lawsuit as an excuse to postpone their nuptials.

Nora insisted that she was unable to multi-task, especially when she was too worried about the lawsuit and what would happen if the surgery were performed. Clint offered to start making phone calls, though Nora was upset about disappointing Viki and Charlie. Clint suggested they reschedule the ceremony unless she wasn't really ready at all. Nora cried and repeated that she was just too concerned and upset about the lawsuit. Clint offered to pay the doctor double his fee in order to prevent him from performing the surgery.

Nora, taken aback, suggested that would be unethical and could backfire for many reasons. When Clint offered an alternative of buying off the judge, Nora didn't laugh. Clint assured her it was a joke. He promised that he just wanted to take care of her and be good to her.

Down on bended knee with box in hand, Téa prevented Todd from speaking. Misunderstanding, she emphatically proclaimed that they weren't ready to walk down the aisle. Tossing her the box, Todd ordered her to open it. Téa was perplexed when she saw a key, which turned out to be for the front door of La Boulaie. Todd wanted her to move into La Boulaie with him. Téa suggested he look around at the destruction that Blair had caused in his house, and she vowed to fight with Blair the next time she saw her. Téa told Todd how much she hated him for having sex with Blair.

Todd admitted that he was asking her to move in with him because he wanted her as much as she wanted him. He made it clear that he needed to stay at La Boulaie for his kids, but the judge's order didn't state that he had to be devoted to Blair. He felt that Blair should see that he and Téa were together. He even suggested that Téa could hit Blair if Blair came on to him. He had missed Téa, he stressed. Téa wondered if he was actually missing her or wanting to "stick it to Blair."

Todd insisted that he and Dorian were on the same page and that they all wanted the same thing. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," he murmured. Gently kissing her, he urged her to think about it. Staring at the key and mulling it over, Téa finally removed the key from the box and dropped it into her bra.

At La Boulaie, Dorian attempted to pin Blair down for a conversation when the only thing Blair wanted to do was to take a hot bath. Dorian got her niece's attention finally, when she announced that Todd was going to make Téa an offer. Once she had Blair focused and listening, she took her time in divulging the rest of the information. When Blair heard that Todd was inviting Téa to live with them, she was furious. She was in for a surprise when she attempted to enlist Dorian's help to hurt Téa and Todd when they showed up. Dorian gingerly informed Blair that the idea had been hers.

Explaining that she felt that Blair still had feelings for Todd, Dorian thought it would be a good idea if Blair saw Téa and Todd together. She felt that it would help Blair to get over Todd. Furiously, Blair denied that she had feelings for Todd and that the sex they had in the cabana was purely for the sex. Blair promised to kill Téa instead, and Todd would be a dead man if Téa showed up. Dorian felt sure that Téa would be there.

Bo surveyed the damage to Gigi's car as Rex explained everything that had led up to Stacy's act of violence. Bo promised that Stacy would be behind bars as soon as they were able to locate her. He was annoyed that Rex hadn't called him about the car sooner, especially since Rex was unable to tell him where Stacy might be found. He stated that a restraining order was needed to keep Stacy away from Rex and his family.

Rex criticized himself for the Stacy incident but was relieved that he didn't have to touch Stacy again. Intrigued by the slip, Bo pressed for more information. Learning that Rex had sex with Stacy once, he wanted to know what Gigi's reaction had been when Rex told her. Rex confided that he had not told Gigi and never would if he didn't have to.

Wondering who Stacy was talking to, Gigi asked what Stacy meant by "the three of us will be so happy." Not letting her sister speak, Gigi informed her that Rex was talking with Bo at that very moment and that Stacy would be going to prison. Stacy smiled as Gigi continued, adding that Stacy would be facing multiple charges and should stop living in her fantasy world. Gigi suddenly offered to make a deal with Stacy, indicating that she would drop all of the charges if Stacy would disappear.

Acknowledging that she was unable to do that, Stacy advised Gigi that she was wrong when she stated that Stacy had no claims on Rex. Informed that Rex would never be hers, Stacy replied that she still had "one card left to play".

Rachel spoke with Nora when she returned home. She assured her mother that Matthew would be at the party. Nora revealed that while she was angry at her son, she still loved him. Rachel thought they should not talk about the lawsuit any longer but should celebrate instead. When Nora indicated that she hadn't been sleeping well, Rachel assured her mother that she did not have to marry Clint.

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