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Monday, July 20, 2009

In Emma's bedroom, Emma revealed that she had witnessed Stuart's murder. Annie appeared nervous as she carefully cautioned Emma not to tell anyone. Emma admitted that she had told Ryan. Annie's horrified expression turned to relief when Emma confessed that she had seen Kendall shoot Stuart.

Emma and Annie jumped when Ryan knocked on the door. Annie pulled out a cell phone and explained that it was to be used in case of an emergency. After Annie hid the phone in Emma's toy box, she asked Emma to keep their visit a secret. As Ryan called out to Emma, Annie disappeared through the window.

AMC Recap Photo 090720 Emma opened the door to Ryan and Erica. Ryan wanted to know why Emma had locked the door. Emma claimed she had a frightening dream. As Ryan tucked Emma into bed, he instructed her not to lock the door again. After Ryan checked the window, he led Erica out of the room. As soon as she was alone, Emma pulled a picture from under her pillow. It was of Annie, Ryan, and Emma during happier times. While she stared at the picture, Emma recalled her mother promising that everything would work out.

In the living room, Ryan confided that he was worried about Emma. He realized that recent events were affecting his daughter. Erica urged Ryan to spirit Emma out of town before things got worse.

At the Slater residence, Kendall told Zach that she had decided to accept the plea deal that Henry North had offered her. A knock at the door heralded Liza's arrival. Liza wanted the Slaters to know that she had been at the Chandler mansion. Liza revealed that she had the distinct impression that Annie had not been in residence. According to Liza, Adam's behavior suggested that he had been covering for Annie. Kendall had greater concerns than Annie's disappearance.

Liza was stunned when Kendall announced her decision to plead guilty to Stuart's murder. Liza tried to dissuade Kendall from confessing. Liza was confident that Emma had lied to protect her mother. Kendall refused to put Emma through the ordeal of being a key witness in a murder trial. Kendall viewed the plea deal as the only way that she could have a future with her children.

D.A. Willis arrived a short time later. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of extending a plea deal to Kendall, but Liza managed to sway him. After Willis left, Kendall asked Liza what would happen next. Liza explained that they would go to Willis' office in the morning to sign the papers. Kendall realized that it was her last night at home, and took a moment to absorb the gravity of her situation. Shortly after Liza left, Erica and Ryan walked in.

Erica was upset when Kendall told them about her decision to confess to Stuart's murder. Erica insisted that it was a mistake. Kendall refused to discuss it, and left the room to spend time with her sons. Erica trailed after her daughter while Ryan stayed behind to reason with Zach. Zach explained that he had opposed Kendall's decision. Ryan didn't think Zach had done enough to change Kendall's mind.

In the boys' bedroom, Kendall admitted to her mother that she couldn't risk the possibility of the death penalty. At least with the plea deal, Kendall would have an opportunity to be a part of her children's lives. After Erica and Ryan left, Kendall returned to the living room to spend time with Zach. She broke down in tears as Zach held her.

At Ryan's apartment, Erica wondered what Ryan intended to do about Emma's situation. Erica was certain that Annie had manipulated Emma. Ryan admitted that he was worried about his daughter. Ryan suggested that Annie was doing the same thing to Emma that Richie had done to Annie. Ryan refused to stand by while his daughter followed in her mother's footsteps. Erica was confident in Ryan's ability to protect Emma. She reminded Ryan that, unlike Annie, Emma had a father who loved her deeply.

Marissa and David enjoyed a celebratory dinner at ConFusion. After they toasted to Marissa's new job with Liza, David promised to put all of his energy into making things work for his family. Marissa handed him a cell phone as she urged David to call Krystal. David was confused because Marissa had seemed opposed to the idea of reconciliation between David and Krystal. Marissa admitted that, like most children, she wanted her parents to work things out. She also believed that Krystal was in love with David.

David appreciated Marissa's support; however, he respected Krystal's decision to move forward with her life and he wished her well. Marissa was disappointed, because she wanted her father to have someone special in his life. She begged David not to give up on love. David happened to spot Liza across the room and replied that he had learned never to say, "never."

When Liza joined them at their table, David excused himself. David claimed that he was needed at the hospital. As Liza sat down, she told Marissa about Kendall's decision to accept a plea bargain. Marissa was shocked that Kendall had given up. Liza admitted that she was frustrated, but it had not been Liza's call to make. Liza explained that a good attorney respected their client's decisions.

Shortly after Marissa left, David returned to ConFusion. When he saw Liza seated alone at the table, he walked up to ask if he could join her. Liza reluctantly agreed. While they sipped wine, Liza and David talked about their chosen career paths. When David confessed that he had become a doctor in the hopes of one day being able to help himself, Liza took the opportunity to thank David for saving her life during Colby's delivery.

David appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. He suddenly checked his phone and claimed to have been paged by the hospital. David left, but didn't go far. He ducked behind a corner and watched as Liza continued to sip her wine.

At the Chandler mansion, JR questioned Adam and Annie's newfound love. Adam didn't expect JR to understand his relationship with Annie. JR admitted that he was concerned about his father's involvement with a woman capable of murder. Adam and JR continued to bicker back and forth until Adam turned on some music and began dancing around the living room. JR was speechless as he stared at his father.

Outside, Annie peeked through the patio doors. When she saw JR, Annie swore. She realized that she couldn't walk in without her ankle monitor. Luckily for Annie, Scott happened along. Annie threw herself into Scott's arms and begged him to help her. She confessed that she had disabled and removed her ankle monitor, but she promised that she had never had any intention of leaving the property. She pointed to her continued presence on the estate as proof.

After Adam managed to chase JR out the door, he returned to the living room. When Adam found Scott huddled over Annie's ankle, he demanded to know what was going on. Scott told Adam that Annie had twisted her ankle, so he had helped her into the living room. As soon as Scott departed, Adam asked Annie for the truth. Annie confessed that she had tested Scott and that Scott had passed with flying colors. According to Annie, Scott could be trusted.

Annie then changed the subject to inform Adam that Emma had witnessed Kendall shoot Stuart. Annie panicked when Adam reached for the phone to call the police. However, she changed her mind when she realized that she could use the new information to her advantage. Rather than call the police, Annie decided to get D.A. Willis' attention by cutting off the ankle monitor.

When D.A. Willis arrived at the Chandler mansion, Annie made a daring proposal. In exchange for Willis dropping the charges against Annie, Annie would deliver Kendall to him on a silver platter. Willis told Annie that murder charges were not easy to drop. Annie insisted that she had killed Richie in self-defense. Willis suggested that a good attorney could successfully argue her case. Annie insisted that she could never get a fair trial because of the extensive, and unflattering, news coverage the case had received.

Willis demanded to know what kind of evidence Annie had. Annie revealed that Emma had witnessed the crime and had named Kendall as the shooter. Willis agreed to Annie's terms, but with one stipulation: Annie would continue to wear an ankle monitor and face charges until Kendall was convicted of Stuart's murder.

Scott found JR working at Chandler Enterprises. JR explained that he was determined to take steps to protect the family's interests from Adam's new paramour. Scott couldn't understand why JR had such a harsh view of Annie. JR was equally baffled why Scott couldn't see through Annie's act; he accused Scott of wearing rose-colored glasses. Scott defended Annie, claiming that she'd had a difficult childhood. JR wasn't impressed with Scott's defense of Annie. JR likened Annie to a siren on the rocks and Adam to a drunken sailor.

Marissa tracked the cousins down a short time later. She told them about Kendall's decision to plead guilty to Stuart's murder. Scott was delighted by the news. JR, on the other hand, was livid. He couldn't believe that Kendall would admit to a crime that she had not committed. Scott was furious because JR continued to insist that Annie had killed Stuart. Marissa was forced to step between the cousins before their argument turned violent. Disgusted with JR, Scott stormed off.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Erica arrived at Ryan's penthouse to check on Emma. Ryan explained that he was keeping Emma home from camp, so the girl did not have a chance to tell anyone her secret about Kendall. Emma overheard that and became upset because she wanted to go to camp. She promised to keep quiet about Kendall, if Ryan let her go. He told Emma that she needed to stay home.

Ryan asked Emma if she'd spoken with her mother recently. Emma admitted that Annie had visited her. Emma further noted that she told Annie she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma wondered if she was in trouble. Ryan assured Emma that he was not mad at her, but he stated that, in the future, she had to tell him if Annie contacted her again.

Marian was disgusted with Liza for representing Kendall. Liza assured Marian that Kendall was innocent and that she could prove it in court. Liza added that, if she won the case, her career would be "golden." Marian was appalled because she felt that Liza cared more about her career than her family. Marian threatened to disown Liza if she continued to represent Kendall.

Scott overheard Marian and Liza's argument. Scott urged Marian to reconsider her position. He told her that she should enjoy the time she had with Liza, instead of making threats, especially since that would not bring back Stuart. He then reminded her that Stuart wanted some of his belongings donated to charity. Marian could not bring herself to pack up Stuart's things, but she welcomed Scott to tackle the task. She said that Stuart's stuff was in Adam's attic.

Kendall and Zach woke up on the couch together. Kendall gave Zach a sad look and noted that she would spend the next night in a cell. She explained that she spent the entire night thinking about how much time she'd wasted. She regretted feuding with Zach. She said that she pushed him away because their relationship was extremely intense, which made it hard to handle, at times. She vowed that when she finished her sentence, she would return to Zach and love him the best way she could. When she leaned in to kiss him, he tried to turn away, but she would not let him. She grabbed his face and gave him a soft, slow kiss.

Liza arrived at the Slaters' home and asked if they were ready for their meeting with Willis. Kendall was too distraught to say goodbye to her sons. Liza tried to convince Kendall not to cop a plea, but Kendall refused. Liza was certain that she could break Emma on the stand, so the girl would admit she saw Annie kill Stuart, not Kendall. Kendall was resolute on taking the plea because she did not want Emma to endure more pain.

JR arrived at the mansion to tell his father that Kendall was taking a plea bargain and admitting to murder. Adam was pleased, but JR felt that Annie should be confessing, not Kendall. Meanwhile, Annie overheard JR's news and looked shocked. JR warned his father that he would be Annie's next victim, and JR left.

Annie was irate over Kendall's plea bargain. Annie was worried because, if Kendall copped a plea for a lesser crime and a lesser sentence, Willis might not drop the charges against her. Adam stated that Willis would hold up his end of the bargain, since Annie gave him more evidence against Kendall. Adam planned to meet with Willis to ensure that the charges against Annie would be dropped.

Annie thanked Adam for being her support system. She noted that she had no faith before her relationship with Adam. She affirmed that Adam made her believe that she could be good. He smiled and stated, "You're radiant." She replied, "I'm in love!"

After Adam left the mansion, Annie looked at a calendar. She hoped to secure her freedom and a proposal from Adam in the near future. She also hoped to have a Thanksgiving wedding. She then imagined her wedding ceremony. She dreamed of Adam saying, "I pledge my love, power, and millions to you." She then imagined Kendall interrupting the wedding and declaring that Annie murdered Stuart. Annie picked up a fireplace poker as if to hit Kendall. Scott entered the room and asked why Annie had the poker in her hand. She looked shocked and claimed that she was spooked by a noise.

Scott informed Annie that he was packing up Stuart's belongings from the attic. She looked nervous and tried to talk Scott out of it. She told him that the task might be too hard for him, but he was determined to do it. She offered to help, so they headed to the attic together.

While Annie and Scott boxed Stuart's stuff, Annie flashed back to the night of the murder. She saw a handkerchief on the floor and remembered Adam crying into it. She recalled giving Adam more pills. Then, Emma entered the room and stated, "I saw." Annie told Emma that, if she loved her mother, she would forget what she saw.

Kendall, Zach, and Liza went to Willis' office. Liza said that Kendall was ready to take the plea bargain, but Willis was not interested. Willis said that, due to new information, he was confident that he could charge Kendall with murder in the first degree. Zach went crazy and grabbed Willis. Liza and Kendall stopped Zach from hurting Willis. Liza urged Willis not to rely on Emma's testimony, but he was certain that Emma was a reliable witness.

Kendall, Zach, and Liza stood outside of Willis' office. They were all stunned by the D.A.'s news. Erica arrived and told Kendall not to worry. Erica whispered in her daughter's ear, "Ryan and I are taking care of Emma." After Erica left, Marian appeared. Marian slapped Kendall across the face and cried, "Murderer!"

Adam met with Willis. Willis explained that he was taking Kendall to trial for murder in the first degree. Willis affirmed that, if he won the case, all charges against Annie would be dropped. However, Willis thought that Adam should be cautious with Annie, due to her violent past. Willis handed Adam a large file that contained Annie's psychiatric reports and the journal she composed during her tenure at Oak Haven. Willis urged Adam to read everything.

Adam returned home from Willis' office. Scott showed Stuart's fishing pole to Adam. Scott mentioned that Stuart had wanted to go fishing before he died. Adam offered to take Scott fishing and they hugged.

Adam told Annie that Willis was upholding his end of the bargain. Adam explained that Willis rejected Kendall's attempt at a plea bargain because he wanted to charge her with first degree murder. Annie was very happy.

Kendall feared that she would be found guilty and get the death penalty. Zach promised her that he would not let that happen. Kendall could not understand how Annie was able to use Emma for protection. Kendall thought it was wrong that Annie manipulated her daughter.

Ryan and Erica took Emma to a secret location, so Willis could not question the girl. Kendall arrived at the house where Ryan and Erica hid Emma. Kendall told Emma that she had to tell the truth and admit that Annie shot Stuart.

Adam looked through Annie's file. He read an excerpt in her journal that said she would do anything to keep Emma. Just then, Zach entered the mansion. Adam noted that Kendall would soon be strung up for Stuart's murder. Zach retorted that Annie would be the one strung up.

Marissa met JR at the Yacht Club. JR discussed his frustrations with Adam. JR feared that Adam would propose to Annie and she would run his life. Marissa quipped that Annie took over JR's job of controlling Adam. JR laughed. Marissa then noted that Adam and JR's relationship was much different from Stuart and Scott's relationship. JR admitted that he always envied the bond that Stuart and Scott shared. Marissa felt that JR and Adam also shared a special bond.

Tad entered his home and found Jake in his living room. Tad asked Jake where he'd disappeared to. Jake ambiguously stated that he had to take care of some things. Tad was not satisfied and wanted more details, especially because David was suspicious of Jake and Amanda. Jake stated that David stopped his search for the baby, but Tad was skeptical. Jake explained that Liza unknowingly had a stranger's baby, not Amanda's baby. Tad was upset because Jake's plan was getting more complicated.

Jake announced that he wanted to introduce Tad to someone. Amanda entered the room with baby Trevor in her arms. Tad looked shocked to see the baby in Pine Valley. Just then, Taylor arrived at the house because she and Tad had a brunch date. Jake was surprised that Tad and Taylor had a date. Taylor stated that she'd broken up with Brot, but added that she was not formally dating Tad.

AMC Recap Photo 090721 Taylor asked who the baby was, so Jake explained everything to her. Jake proceeded to inform Tad and Taylor that he had a new plan for Trevor; Jake wanted to hide the baby in Pine Valley. Tad thought the plan was too risky, but Jake disagreed. Taylor offered to baby-sit Trevor at her place. Jake, Tad, and Amanda agreed that David would not look for the baby at Taylor's house.

Taylor stated that she needed to learn how to change a diaper. Amanda seemed nervous about Taylor watching Trevor because she was very inexperienced. Jake said that Taylor needed "baby boot camp." Tad gave Taylor a doll, so she could practice holding and feeding it. Then, they handed Trevor to Taylor and she was fine.

There was a knock at Tad's door. Jake, Amanda, and Taylor scrambled to hide Trevor and his toys. Tad answered the door and looked nervous to see Liza standing there. Liza needed to question Tad for Kendall's case. Meanwhile, Trevor started to cry and Liza asked if there was a baby in Tad's house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There was a knock at Tad's door. Jake, Amanda, and Taylor scrambled to hide Trevor and his toys. Tad answered the door and looked nervous to see Liza standing there. Liza needed to question Tad for Kendall's case. Meanwhile, Trevor started to cry and Liza asked if there was a baby in Tad's house. Tad reminded Liza that he had a young daughter. Liza knew that Jenny was not home, because she ran into Opal and Jenny before she went to Tad's house. Tad looked nervous, so he tried to change the topic.

AMC Recap Photo 090722 Tad grabbed his head and proclaimed that he remembered more from the night that Stuart was murdered. Tad concocted a conspiracy theory to keep Liza busy, while Jake searched for Trevor's pacifier. Once Jake found the pacifier and the baby was quiet, Jake, Amanda, and Taylor tried to sneak out of the house. Tad distracted Liza from seeing them by planting a big kiss on her lips. Liza was shocked and asked Tad if he was feeling okay.

Jake, Amanda, and Taylor took Trevor to Taylor's home. Amanda was worried because the house was not baby-proofed. Jake assured his wife that he would make all of the proper adjustments. Then, Tad delivered a lot of baby supplies, including a ton of Jenny's hand-me-downs. Taylor could not believe that a small baby required a lot of stuff. Tad noted that babies were high maintenance, but Amanda corrected him and stated that babies had a lot of needs.

Jake, Amanda, and Tad went through all of the baby stuff and explained to Taylor what she needed to do. Jake found one of Jenny's pink sweaters and laughed. Jake urged Taylor not to put pink on Trevor. Amanda said that she did not care what Trevor wore, as long as he was safe. Taylor said that her neighbors were quiet and kept to themselves. Amanda asked Taylor what she would say if anyone inquired about Trevor. Taylor suggested that she call Trevor her nephew, but then she suggested that she call Trevor her niece. Tad thought that was a good plan, since David was on the lookout for a baby boy. They all agreed that, in public, they would refer to Trevor as Tracy and pretend he was a girl.

Amanda asked Taylor if she would take good care of her baby. Taylor swore to protect Trevor with her life. Amanda was grateful, and handed Trevor to Taylor. Tad suggested that he spend the night with Taylor to get her acquainted with the baby.

AMC Recap Photo 090722 Tad played with Trevor as he fed the baby a bottle. Taylor commented that Tad looked confident and happy with the baby. He quipped that he and Trevor shared the same level of maturity, so they got along well. He then began to sing to the baby. She did not want to sing, but he insisted it was required when watching a baby. Taylor shrieked a tune and Tad laughed.

Amanda and Jake cuddled in bed together. Amanda could not stop thinking about Trevor. She wondered how much she would miss Trevor when he left for college. Jake told her they had a long way to go before college. She appreciated that he made sure Trevor remained in her life. She thanked him for making the right decisions for her and her baby. They kissed.

Willis went to Ryan's penthouse, but Ryan was not there. Willis contacted Jesse, and Jesse rushed to the penthouse. Willis explained that he had a subpoena to question Emma. Willis further noted that Emma implicated Kendall in the murder. Jesse asked how Willis discovered that Emma was a witness. Willis noted that Annie revealed the information. Jesse warned Willis not to trust Annie. Willis agreed that Annie was untrustworthy, but he still needed to question Emma.

Adam ordered Zach to get out of his house, but Zach demanded to see Annie. Annie emerged and told Zach that she was not scared of him. Annie informed Zach that she called the police to remove him. Zach asked Annie if she cared about being a good mother. Annie claimed that she cared about Emma more than anything else. Zach asked why Annie made Emma her puppet. Annie affirmed that Emma saw Kendall commit murder. Zach swore that he would not let Kendall take the fall for Annie's crime. Annie replied that, thanks to Emma's testimony, Kendall would get what she deserved.

Jesse arrived at the mansion and Adam told him to arrest Zach for trespassing and harassment. Jesse reminded Zach that he was not allowed at the mansion. Jesse ordered the officer with him to cuff Zach.

Jesse took Zach to the police station, but did not process him. Jesse said that he did not want to arrest Zach; instead, Jesse wanted to help Zach vindicate Kendall. Jesse thought that Annie was guilty. Still, Jesse said that it was in Zach's best interest to divulge Emma's whereabouts. Zach said that he did not know where Emma was.

Willis wanted to question Zach, but Jesse urged the prosecutor to let him do it. Jesse assured Willis that Zach had no part in Emma's disappearance. Liza arrived at the police station and Willis informed her that Emma had disappeared. Liza seemed surprised. He told her that hiding Emma made Kendall look guilty.

Jesse went to the mansion to see Annie. Annie assumed that Jesse set Zach free. She ranted about how Zach, Ryan, Erica, Aidan, and Kendall were never held accountable for their actions. Jesse claimed to agree with Annie and she looked stunned. He explained that he was tired of the rich and powerful getting away with crimes. He commented that it made his life difficult as the police chief. He further noted that he believed Emma was telling the truth about seeing Kendall shoot Stuart.

After Jesse left, Adam told Annie that he wanted to learn more about her. He asked, "What makes you tick?" Annie wondered why Adam was questioning her. He revealed that he had her file from Oak Haven. She saw her journal and asked if Adam read it. He said yes and she looked concerned.

Kendall burst into the house where Ryan and Erica hid Emma. Kendall told Emma that she had to tell the truth. Kendall insisted that Emma admit Annie killed Stuart, not her. Emma looked scared and stated that she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Ryan told Kendall to stop because she was upsetting Emma.

Erica consoled Emma and took her into a bedroom, so they could speak privately. Erica told Emma that she did nothing wrong. Emma said that she missed her mother. Erica understood, but reminded the girl that she could always rely on her father. Erica affirmed that Emma was lucky to have a caring, devoted father. Erica encouraged Emma to listen to Ryan.

Erica asked Emma if she wanted to read a story. Emma said yes, so Erica walked across the room to get a book. When Erica turned her back, Emma stole Erica's cell phone from her purse.

Ryan told Kendall that she was too hard on Emma. Kendall asked Ryan what he was doing to make Emma change her story. Ryan said that he needed to take things slowly with Emma, since she was traumatized enough. Kendall reminded Ryan that they shared a son, Spike. Kendall wondered if Ryan wanted Spike to lose his mother. Ryan swore that he would not let Kendall go to jail. Nevertheless, he refused to press Emma because he feared the girl would snap and become crazy like Annie.

Erica told Kendall to leave. Erica promised Kendall that they would do everything possible to help Emma remember who really shot Stuart. Erica noted that she trusted Ryan to do the right thing by Emma and Kendall.

Emma asked Ryan if he was mad at her and he said no. He told her that he loved her very much. She asked him if Kendall was going to shoot her. Ryan assured Emma that she was safe. He wondered if Emma was confused about the night of Stuart's murder, but the girl insisted that Kendall was guilty.

Kendall arrived home and Zach inquired where she'd been. She admitted that she visited Emma and tried to get the truth out of the girl. Zach assumed that Kendall made things worse with Emma. He urged Kendall to be patient and leave Emma alone. Kendall was frustrated because she felt everyone was being too easy on Emma. Kendall reminded him that, due to Emma's lies, she might be sent to death row.

Liza arrived at the Slater residence. Liza agreed with Kendall that they needed to get the truth out of Emma quickly. Liza was certain that Annie manipulated Emma into thinking she saw Kendall kill Stuart. Liza suggested that they also try to manipulate Emma and make her implicate Annie, instead of Kendall. Zach was leery of the idea, because he did not want to harm Emma, but Kendall thought it was a good idea.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Randi asked Frankie if he was enjoying his book about fatherhood. Frankie said he had not gotten to the book yet. Randi told Frankie he would be an amazing father, regardless of whether or not he read the book. Randi opened a package she received, but did not know who sent it to her. Randi found the statue she used at the hotel to hit Henry over the head. Startled, Randi dropped the statue on the floor. She told Frankie the statue slipped out of her hand.

Frankie asked Randi if something was on her mind. He said she seemed distracted, moody, and unhappy. Randi said her mood swings were just a result of the pregnancy. Brot stopped by with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate Randi and Frankie on the baby. Randi told Frankie she was going to the grocery store. Once she got outside, she called Jesse and asked him to meet her.

Frankie asked Brot how he was handling the breakup with Taylor. Brot said he missed Taylor, but knew their relationship was over. Brot asked Frankie how he felt about becoming a father. Frankie said he was excited, but Brot could tell something was wrong. Frankie showed Brot a text message on his phone, which questioned if Frankie was the baby's father. Brot said Randi would never cheat on Frank. Brot said some jerk was just trying to play a mean joke on Frankie.

Liza told Kendall and Zach that Ryan needed to try to find out what Emma saw the night of Stuart's murder. After Liza left, Zach said they needed to get the truth out of Annie instead of prying into Emma's brain.

Erica told Ryan that he needed to protect Emma. Ryan said he was not sure how Emma was emotionally handling all of the drama between him and Annie. Ryan went to check on Emma and found Erica's cell phone under a pillow. Ryan saw that Annie's number was the last one dialed on the phone. Erica said she did not call Annie. Ryan asked Emma if she called her mother. Emma was silent.

Jesse told Annie that he appreciated her efforts to obey the law, and said he was on her side. Annie's phone rang, but she ignored it. Adam entered the room and asked Annie who was calling her. Annie picked up the phone and was surprised to see Erica's name on the caller ID. Annie answered the phone and heard Emma's voice on the other end. Annie was silent until Emma asked if she could hear her.

Annie hastily said that she could not talk, but would call "Erica" back. Jesse told Annie he would try to get Erica, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan to stop harassing her, because she was not the person on trial for Stuart's murder. After Jesse left, Adam and Annie wondered if he was up to something that would help Kendall's case.

Erica called Annie and quickly told her not to hang up the phone. Annie told Erica to stay away from Emma. Erica asked Annie what she did to brainwash Emma into believing that Kendall had shot Stuart. Ryan got on the phone and told Annie he was concerned about how Emma would handle being questioned on the stand. Annie said Ryan only cared about clearing Kendall's name. Annie asked Ryan if she could speak to him, but he refused.

Ryan asked Erica if she had dropped her phone or left it in Emma's room. Erica told him the phone was in her purse. Ryan said Emma must have stolen the phone, which showed how desperate she was to speak with Annie. Ryan told Erica he still found it hard to believe that Annie would put Emma through so much pain just to save herself. Erica said Annie was playing mind games with Emma. Ryan believed that Annie planted the idea in Emma's head that Emma saw Kendall kill Stuart.

After Annie's conversation with Ryan, Adam found her crying. Annie told Adam about her conversation with Erica. Adam said that if Kendall was acquitted, he could use Emma as an eyewitness in Stuart's murder. But Annie said she was worried about the court proceedings taking an emotional toll on Emma. Annie wondered if she was being a bad mother. Adam said Annie was a great mother who just wanted justice in Stuart's murder.

Adam asked Annie if she planted any ideas in Emma's head, but Annie 7enied it. Adam said he was remembering a few things from the night of the murder, such as Annie whispering something in Emma's ear while they were stuck in the attic. Annie said that she did not even know Stuart was dead or Kendall was in the house at the time.

At the police station, Jesse told Randi that Madison was playing games with her. Jesse said he would handle Madison. Randi was worried that Madison would not stop harassing her until she was behind bars for Henry's murder. Randi thought about confessing everything to Frankie, but Jesse advised Randi to keep quiet. Randi started having stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital.

Frankie went to the hospital to check on Randi. Jesse said that Randi started having pains at the police station. Frankie said that he thought Randi was going to the grocery store. Jesse told Frankie that Randi was upset and went to see him at the station first. Frankie found Randi resting in a room. Frankie blamed himself for putting so much stress on Randi, but Randi said that he did nothing wrong.

Liza went to see Ryan, but Erica said he was not there. Erica said Ryan went to the Chandler estate to try to talk some sense into Annie. Liza said that Ryan would never get Annie to confess to Stuart's murder. She said the only hope to save Kendall was to get the real truth from Emma. Liza wanted to talk to Emma, but Erica said it would be against the law for Liza to speak with Emma, a child, without parental consent. Liza reminded Erica that she was trying to save Kendall's life.

Ryan went to the Chandler home. Adam wanted him gone, but Annie said she was willing to listen to Ryan. Ryan said he wanted them to work together to keep Emma from being questioned by the district attorney. Annie asked Ryan what she could to do to help Emma. Ryan said that Annie could admit she brainwashed Emma into believing Kendall killed Stuart. Annie said Emma was telling the truth, and told Ryan to leave.

Erica let Liza speak to Emma. She tried to call Ryan to tell him, but he would not answer. Erica called Zach next, told him Liza was with Emma, and asked him to get there quickly. Zach told Erica he was on his way and left Kendall. Emma stuck to her same story with Liza. Erica could see Emma was getting upset at Liza's constant questioning. Liza kept pushing Emma until Zach showed up. Zach took Liza out of the room and scolded Liza for not letting Ryan question Emma. Liza said she could get Emma to admit the truth.

Ryan was not pleased to see Liza when he got home. Erica immediately told Ryan that Liza gave Emma the third degree. Liza asked Ryan to let Zach question Emma. Instead, Ryan busted in on Zach and Emma's conversation and demanded Zach get away from Emma. Zach was not able to get Emma to speak with him.

Kendall was restless at home alone. She felt a strong breeze blow through a door. She shut the door and then tripped over a lamp. The power went out and suddenly Stuart, with a gunshot wound in his chest, entered through the front door. Stuart told Kendall he wanted to help her.

Adam went to check on Annie, who was visibly upset after the encounter with Ryan. Annie said she would not let Ryan make her cry. Adam remembered hearing Annie tell Emma not to the cry in the attic. He also remembered Annie telling Emma to not tell anyone what she saw. Annie asked Adam if something was bothering him. Adam said he remembered Annie telling Emma to forget what she saw. He told Annie it was evident she killed Stuart. Adam pulled a gun out of a drawer and turned towards Annie.

Friday, July 24, 2009

At Pine Valley Hospital, as Jesse looked on, Frankie apologized to Randi for what he'd done to make life difficult for them lately. Randi told him that the discomfort he'd perceived was due to something she had done. Then, out in the hall, Angie showed up and asked what had happened. Jesse told her there was a possibility that Randi might have miscarried their grandchild. Angie asserted that there was no way Frankie could be spared in Iraq, only to suffer the pain of losing a child.

Back in the room, Frankie refused to let Randi blame herself for anything, but Randi insisted that she didn't deserve any measure of happiness. Angie walked into the room and asked Frankie to give her some time with his wife. Once alone, Angie made Randi happy when she said that she felt like Randi's mother. Angie then said that Randi was one of the strongest women she'd ever met, and Angie was certain that Randi would get through whatever hard times were ahead.

Natalia arrived at the hospital and asked about Randi's prognosis. Frankie didn't have any answers, but did ask his sister if she'd noticed anything wrong with Randi recently.

After Krystal and Marissa dropped Angie off, Marissa told her mother that she needed to pick up a forensics report for Liza. Krystal didn't believe her, and instead thought that Marissa was making an attempt to reconnect her parents. As if beckoned, David appeared and asked why they were at the hospital. Marissa kept up her story and asked her father for directions to the lab. Once she headed off in that direction, both David and Krystal agreed that Marissa wasn't very good at being a matchmaker.

David thought it was logical that Marissa wanted him back together with Krystal, but Krystal said that it would only make sense if a reunion were what they both wanted. David admitted that it would take a while for people to trust him again. Krystal told him that she would take the longest of anyone to reach that milestone.

Ryan returned to the safe house and immediately asked after Emma's whereabouts. Liza and Erica told him that Zach was in the bedroom with Emma, and asked Ryan to let the two of them talk. At that moment, Zach told Emma that she could trust him, if she wanted to talk. Ryan burst in, demanded that Zach get away from Emma, and then comforted his scared little girl.

Zach, Liza, and Erica went out into the living room, and Zach lamented that he'd almost gotten Emma to talk, but ultimately failed. Ryan rejoined them and blasted Zach for his lack of boundaries when it came to keeping Kendall out of jail. Zach insisted that both he and Liza wanted to keep Emma safe, but Ryan pointed out that Emma was scared and curled up in a ball as evidence that they were unsuccessful. He then ordered them out of the house, and went back into the bedroom to comfort Emma.

Before leaving, Zach told Erica that if Emma were keeping a secret from her father, for her mother, she wouldn't talk to either one of them. In addition, because of the events of the night, Emma would no longer talk to either Zach or Liza. He urged Erica to be the one person that Emma could turn to.

After Zach and Liza left, Erica went back into the bedroom and asked Ryan to let her talk to Emma alone. Ryan granted the request, and when he left the room, Erica tried to convince Emma that she knew how the little girl was feeling. They connected for a while, and then Erica helped Emma get ready for bed. Erica tucked Emma in, and assured her that both Erica and Ryan would be in the next room.

Erica went out into the living room, and told Ryan that he might need to seek professional help for his daughter. Ryan didn't think that Emma needed strangers trying to make her talk. Erica recalled her attack when she was younger and said that she would have found it helpful to talk to someone. She assured Ryan that she wasn't trying to force him into a decision, but instead wanted him to consider all of his options.

At the Slater residence, Kendall closed up the house against an approaching storm. She then headed back towards the couch and tripped over a lamp's cord. It fell and the light bulb shattered. She crossed the room to turn on another light, but stopped in her tracks when the front door flew open and she spied Stuart in the doorway. Kendall felt she'd had too much to drink, and said the specter would disappear once she turned around.

Kendall turned, and was relieved when she was alone again. She closed the front door, and tried to illuminate the room again. When she did, she saw "Stuart" seated in the living room. She demanded to know what he wanted, and he insisted that he only wanted to help her. Kendall was skeptical, as she thought the vision of Stuart had emerged from her drunken and stressed-out mind. She backtracked, and thought that perhaps her vision was her subconscious way of trying to remember who really had killed Stuart.

In the living room at the Chandler Estate, Adam took a gun out of a drawer and pointed it at Annie. He said he remembered what happened in the attic the night Stuart was shot. He recalled her urgent pleas that her daughter forget what she saw, and surmised that Emma has witnessed her mother shooting Stuart. Stunned at the accusation, Annie admitted to her guilt. She recreated the scene as it would have played out had she been the guilty party, and then systematically disproved Adam's theory.

Adam realized the validity of Annie's words and apologized. He asked for Annie's forgiveness, but she hesitated. Adam told her that he still experienced confusion as he flushed the last of David's drugs out of his system. He then told her that the more he thought about his theory, the less sense it made. Annie added that she was the only person who had been in the house that didn't have a reason to kill him. She then said that Adam also lacked closure because the person who killed Stuart was still on the loose.

"Stuart" talked Kendall through what happened the night of the murder, and made her go over things several times to ensure that she remembered everything. She finally recalled that she saw Emma, and was horrified at the possibility that the little girl had told the truth about Kendall being the shooter. She asked "Stuart" if he was really a manifestation of her guilty conscience, but when she turned around, the vision was gone again.

The nanny entered the living room, and found Kendall standing in the dark. She turned on the light and shook Kendall out of her reverie. Kendall said that she needed to take a walk, and although the nanny protested, she failed to stop Kendall from heading out into the storm.

Angie went to the waiting room and said she needed to go to the lab to check on some of Randi's test results. She urged her son to go back into Randi's room and sit with her in the interim. Once they took off, Natalia asked her father why he had been so distant. Jesse blamed his demeanor on being wrapped up in the Henry North and Stuart Chandler cases, and then asked when Natalia had started using her investigative skills on people she knew. Natalia told him that she'd picked up the skill from him, and the desire to speak her mind from her mother.

Jesse stopped the conversation when he spotted Madison, and excused himself briefly. He grabbed Madison's arm, dragged her to a more secluded spot and asked why she was at the hospital. Madison explained that she had just needed to pick up a prescription. Jesse then asked what her motivation had been for the present she'd sent to Randi.

Madison feigned innocence, but took the opportunity to loudly state that the bookend Jesse referred to was the one she'd seen him with as he moved Henry's body. Jesse demanded that she lower her voice and then asked how she could show no remorse over the fact that Randi could lose her baby due to Madison's prank. Madison noted that everyone experienced loss, and then, as Angie walked up, warned Jesse to maintain his temper so that he didn't lash out like Randi had.

Angie approached the duo, and Madison introduced herself, then noted that she'd heard only good things about Angie. She gushed somewhat over how helpful Jesse had been, and then excused herself. Angie asked what had really gone on between Jesse and Madison, given that Jesse hated Henry. Jesse tried to convince his wife that Madison was grateful for all he'd done after the accident, and Angie revealed that she didn't believe Henry had died where they found him.

Back in her hospital room, Randi asked Frankie to create a positive view of their future for them to focus on. She then told him that she loved him, and that regardless of what happened in the future, that love would never change. Frankie told his wife that he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her, and said that their child would be as strong as its mother. Just then, Randi felt a sharp pain in her stomach and she cried out that something was wrong with the baby.

In the car, Zach revealed his frustration over his failure to get Emma to talk to him. Liza suggested that perhaps what Emma had seen was the truth, but Zach was convinced of Kendall's innocence. Zach then said that he would call Jesse and tell the chief Emma's location. Zach felt that Jesse might know a doctor who would be better at getting the truth out of Emma.

Angie confronted Jesse about the findings of North's autopsy and forensic evidence from the accident site, and said that something wasn't right. She questioned why Jesse hadn't followed those leads, and wordlessly wondered if Jesse was more complicit than she'd thought. Jesse realized where Angie's train of thought had taken her, and swore that he had not killed the district attorney. Jesse's phone rang, and he pulled himself away from Angie to take the call. Zach told him where Ryan had hidden Emma and abruptly ended the call. Jesse quickly found his daughter, instructed her to get her uniform, and told her that he needed her on a case.

David showed up at Liza's place and found Colby out of sorts and Liza's baby crying. He instinctively knew that there was something wrong with the baby, and sprung into action. A short time later, Marissa arrived and was surprised to find David there. Colby emerged from the other room and explained that David had been able to stop the baby from crying. Colby then told David that he should leave, as Liza would be home soon and wouldn't be happy to see him. Much to both Marissa and Colby's chagrin, David insisted on staying so as to be available, should the baby need to go to the hospital.

Zach and Liza got back to the Slater house and found the living room in disarray. The nanny quickly informed them that Kendall had been drinking and then left the house. Liza offered to stay until Zach found his wife, but Zach insisted he could handle things alone. He urged Liza to go home and insisted that he would call her when he knew more.

Kendall showed up at the Chandler estate and, without forethought, opened the patio door and walked into the living room. The alarms went off and soon Adam, Annie, and a member of the security team joined her. Kendall called Adam by his brother's name, and, slightly taken aback, Adam told the security guard that he would handle things. Annie was irate that Adam wouldn't call the police. Kendall apologized for what happened, and then ran out as quickly as she had arrived.

Annie ran after Kendall but was unable to catch her. Adam placed a call to Zach to tell him of Kendall's whereabouts and her state of mind. Zach listened until Adam suggested that Kendall's performance was an attempt at providing evidence for an insanity plea, and then hung up. Adam then ordered Annie to call Willis, the prosecutor in Kendall's case, and tell him that Adam had something to help with his case.

Willis arrived, and Adam revealed that he'd added hidden cameras when he updated his security system. Annie was stunned to find out that piece of information, but Adam plowed ahead with the footage from Kendall's break-in. They viewed it, and then Adam handed over an extra copy for the prosecutor's use. Willis took possession of the disc and then left the house. Annie then nervously asked what other things Adam had seen, and Adam coyly asked her how long she had been planning their wedding.

Liza got home and was disturbed to find David in her living room. He told her that he wanted to see her, but Liza made it clear that she didn't care what he wanted and didn't need any more friends. David noted that unlike other people he knew, he'd never seen fear from Liza, and said that he wanted to investigate that faction of their relationship. Liza told him that she wasn't certain she wanted anything to do with him.

Jesse arrived at the address that Zach had given him, but only found an empty house. At the same time, back at the hospital, Ryan arrived with Emma and told Angie that his daughter needed her help.

Zach tracked Kendall down at the chapel on the Chandler estate. Tears streamed down her face as Kendall turned to look at her husband. She quickly told him that she was the one who killed Stuart.



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