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Monday, July 27, 2009

Amanda dreamed of a baby crying, which woke her up.

At Taylor's, Tad tried to rock Trevor to sleep, to no avail. Eventually, the infant's crying woke Taylor up. Tad confessed that he didn't have what Trevor needed: breasts. Taylor was taken aback by Tad's statement. Tad explained that he believed that Trevor needed the comfort of a woman's arms because he had been used to a woman caregiver.

Taylor took the fussy baby into her arms and within minutes he had calmed down. As Taylor rocked and fed the baby, she realized how badly she wanted a child of her own. Tad joked that her comment had sounded more like a proposition than a confession. Taylor was embarrassed. She confided that the desire had struck while she held the baby and the words had just slipped out.

A loud crash in Taylor's bedroom startled them. Taylor dashed off to investigate while Tad remained in the living room with the baby. Moments later, Taylor emerged from the bedroom with Amanda in tow. Amanda admitted that she had been desperate to see her baby. Amanda hadn't wanted to wake Taylor because of the late hour, so she had opted to climb through an open window. Amanda offered to buy Taylor a replacement flat screen television for the one that she had broken.

Taylor invited Amanda to stay for Trevor's next feeding. While Amanda settled on the sofa with Trevor, Tad followed Taylor into the kitchen. As Taylor warmed a bottle for Trevor, Tad asked Taylor not to tell anyone that he had hidden in the living room while she had confronted a potential burglar. Taylor laughed as she agreed to Tad's request.

When Tad and Taylor returned to the living room, Amanda was fast asleep with Trevor resting peacefully in her arms. Tad offered to call Jake to let him know where Amanda was. While he dialed the phone, he noticed tears in Taylor's eyes. Taylor tried to suggest that they were a result of allergies, but Tad didn't believe her. He told her that she shouldn't be ashamed because she was touched by the obvious contentment between Amanda and Trevor.

At the hospital, Randi cried out as agonizing cramps seized her. Angie and another doctor raced into the room. Angie pulled Frankie aside while Randi was examined. In the hallway, Frankie admitted that he feared the worst. He was also filled with regret. Angie reminded Frankie that the baby's fate was in God's hands, but Frankie was too angry to take comfort from his mother's words. When the doctor stepped out of Randi's room, she confirmed that Randi had miscarried.

Angie helped Ryan settle Emma into an examination room. Emma remained unresponsive, so Angie decided to consult with a psychiatrist. In the hallway, Erica updated Jake on Emma's condition. When Ryan joined them, he asked Jake to talk to Emma. Ryan hoped that Jake could get through to Emma because she trusted Jake.

Jake softly talked to Emma. He managed to elicit a reaction from her when he playfully threatened to hold his breath. As Emma turned to look at Jake, she spotted Ryan and Erica hovering near the doorway, smiling at her encouragingly. The moment she saw them, Emma shut down then turned her back on Jake.

While a psychiatrist examined Emma, Ryan and Erica talked in the hallway. Ryan blamed Annie for Emma's fragile state. He was worried that his daughter was beyond his reach because of Annie's manipulations. Erica assured Ryan that Emma was not Annie; Emma could be helped.

As Ryan and Erica spoke, Assistant District Attorney Willis approached them. Willis announced that he intended to question Emma. Ryan refused to allow Willis near his daughter. Willis held up a subpoena as he explained that Ryan didn't have a choice in the matter. Jake was forced to hold Ryan back while Erica tried to forbid Willis from talking to Ryan's daughter.

Jake told Ryan that Ryan wouldn't be in any position to help Emma if he was locked up in jail. Meanwhile, Jesse walked up while Willis and Erica argued about the subpoena. Before Willis walked away, he instructed Jesse to explain the law to Erica. Moments later, Ryan joined Erica and Jesse.

Ryan wanted to know why Jesse was at the hospital. Jesse revealed that Zach had called to advise him that Emma was ready to be questioned. Ryan's temper flared as he accused Zach of pushing Emma into a near catatonic state. When Jesse noticed Angie nearby, he wrapped things up with Ryan and Erica.

As soon as they were alone, Angie told Jesse about Randi's miscarriage. Jesse was devastated. In his grief, he mentioned that everything he had done had been for the baby. Angie demanded to know what Jesse had done. Jesse remained tight-lipped, which only served to alarm Angie further. Jesse begged Angie to trust him, and then reminded her that they needed to focus on Frankie.

Later, Jesse went to check on Randi. Randi blamed herself for the miscarriage. Randi believed that God had punished her for killing Henry North. Angie quietly watched from the doorway.

AMC Recap Photo 090727 Outside of Emma's room, Dr. Meyer, Emma's psychiatrist, explained to Ryan that Emma's silence was a coping mechanism. Willis walked up and announced his intention to talk to Emma. Dr. Meyer advised against it, but Willis wouldn't be denied. When he showed her the court order, the doctor insisted on being present during the questioning.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie was shocked when Adam revealed that he had been secretly recording the activities in the living room. Annie managed to recover quickly when Adam asked how long she had been planning their wedding. Annie freely admitted that she had fantasized about it. According to Annie, she loved Adam and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Annie unexpectedly reached for the remote to turn off the cameras.

It was Adam's turn to be caught off-guard when Annie suddenly proposed marriage to him. Adam didn't take the proposal seriously, which infuriated Annie. She blamed the journals that A.D.A. Willis had given to Adam. Annie was certain that they had made Adam doubt her innocence.

Adam insisted that he loved her and suggested that they would eventually get married. Annie wondered if Adam intended for her to sign a prenuptial agreement. Adam explained that he had children and grandchildren to protect, so naturally he did want a prenuptial agreement. Annie claimed that if he trusted her, then there wouldn't be a need to protect anyone from her. The fact that he didn't trust her indicated that Adam's feelings for Annie weren't genuine.

Annie threatened to call the judge; she insisted that she'd rather be in jail than spend another moment in a home where she wasn't trusted. Adam argued that the gesture wasn't necessary. He apologized and invited Annie upstairs for a nightcap. He promised that he would remind her of all the ways that he loved her. Annie declined the invitation. Adam decided to wait upstairs for Annie until she had calmed down.

After Adam left, Annie smiled with satisfaction as she vowed that Adam would marry her.

Zach tracked Kendall down at the chapel on the Chandler estate. Zach was stunned when his tearful wife confessed to murdering Stuart. Zach didn't understand why Kendall would confess to a crime that she had not commit. Kendall explained that she'd had a vision of Stuart. Kendall suspected that the vision was a result of a guilty conscience and that she had suppressed the memory of killing an innocent man in cold blood. Zach was confident that the killer was Annie. He suspected that Annie had planted the seeds of doubt in Kendall's mind.

At home, Zach urged Kendall not to tell anyone that she had shot Stuart. He wanted Kendall to focus on her children. He reminded her that they were what were important. Kendall promised Zach that she wouldn't confess. After Kendall went upstairs to be with her sons, Zach walked over to the safe and pulled out a gun.

Erica arrived moments later. She demanded to know why Zach had sent Jesse to the hospital. Zach was unrepentant; he believed that Emma was the key to finding the real killer. When Erica told him about Emma's emotional state, Zach attributed the condition to Annie. According to Zach, Annie had planted lies in everyone's heads, including Emma and Kendall's. Erica had no idea what Zach was referring to. However, before she could question Zach, he walked out the front door.

Kendall was surprised when she found Erica sitting in the living room. Erica wanted to know what Zach had meant when he had claimed that Annie had gotten to Kendall. Kendall denied that Annie had done anything; Kendall took full responsibility for killing Stuart. Erica refused to believe her daughter had murdered anyone.

Kendall begged her mother to take care of Zach and the boys. Kendall then announced her decision to turn herself in to the authorities that very evening; she was determined to put an end to everything before Zach did something "stupid." Erica refused to let her daughter leave the house.

AMC Recap Photo 090727 Annie was reviewing wedding plans when she heard a noise on the patio. She investigated, but didn't find anything. As Annie resumed scanning her wedding list, something crashed outside. Annie returned to the patio where she found a broken potted plant on the ground. When Annie bent down to pick it up, Zach stepped from behind a corner and fired a shot. At the same moment, Adam stepped into the living room; he was shocked when he saw a bullet hole in the patio door.

At the hospital, Willis questioned Emma while Dr. Meyer, Ryan, and Jake looked on. Emma didn't respond until Willis suggested that Emma draw the answers. Willis asked, "Emma can you show me who scared you that night?" Emma recalled being in the attic with Annie as Annie begged her daughter to forget everything that she had seen.

Emma jumped up, grabbed a piece of chalk, and wrote "MOMMY" in big bold letters on a chalkboard.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kendall told Erica that she wanted to turn herself in, but Erica would not let Kendall do that. Kendall was certain that she killed Stuart. Erica asked Kendall if she remembered pulling the trigger. Kendall did not remember shooting the gun, but she did remember seeing Emma. Kendall assumed that her mind blocked out the event because it was too traumatic for her to handle. Kendall reminded Erica that she, too, blocked out a traumatic event-her rape.

Erica felt that Kendall's mind was playing tricks on her. Erica wholeheartedly believed that Kendall was innocent, but Kendall disagreed. Erica recalled the night that Kendall helped her deal with her rape. Kendall told her mother that the rape was not her fault. Erica thought that the same applied to Kendall's situation. Erica stated that, no matter what happened on the night of Stuart's murder, Kendall was not to blame.

Liza went to the hospital because baby Stuart would not stop crying. The nurse offered to page a pediatrician, but Liza demanded to see Jake. Jake saw Liza and told her that she needed a pediatrician. Liza wanted Jake to take care of Stuart because the baby knew Jake. She begged Jake for help, because the baby's unending crying was preventing her from sleeping. He offered to help her after his shift was over.

AMC Recap Photo 090728 Liza waited in the lobby for Jake. She shut her eyes and fell asleep while sitting up. David noticed Liza and commented that anyone could take her baby while she slept. She awoke and yelled at him to get away from Stuart. David told her to relax and assured her that he did not want to steal the baby. David then offered to help with Stuart. She was desperate, so she said yes. David gently cradled Stuart in his arms and the baby stopped fussing. Meanwhile, Jake walked by and looked stunned to see David holding the baby.

Willis asked Emma what scared her on the night that Stuart was killed. Emma took a piece of chalk and wrote, "Mommy." Willis asked Emma to elaborate. Emma requested that she see her mommy. Willis continued to question Emma about the murder. Emma curled into a ball, so Ryan told Willis to stop.

Willis wanted to take Annie to the hospital to see Emma. Ryan thought that was a terrible idea. Willis thought that Emma might open up for her mother. Ryan disagreed and noted that Annie manipulated Emma. Ryan stated that he would not let Annie see Emma. Willis retorted that he would arrest Ryan if he tried to obstruct justice.

Jake told Ryan to calm down. Jake reminded Ryan that he was no good to Emma if he was behind bars. Ryan refused to let Annie near Emma. Jake noted that, if Annie spoke to Emma, the conversation would be monitored. Jake thought that it might help Emma to see her mother, but Ryan refused to allow it.

AMC Recap Photo 090728 Annie heard a noise on the terrace, so she went outside. She found a broken flowerpot on the ground. As Annie bent over to pick up the flowerpot, she heard a gunshot. She looked up and saw that someone shot a bullet through the door, just like on the night that Stuart was murdered. Meanwhile, Adam was inside the house and was startled by the gunshot. He noticed Annie on the terrace.

Zach was secretly on the mansion's property. Annie and Adam did not know that Zach shot the gun. After Zach fired a bullet, he dropped the gun in a bush.

A security guard at the mansion grabbed Annie from the terrace. The guard announced that he found the culprit responsible for the attempt on Adam's life. Another security guard found the gun that Zach had left.

Annie swore to Adam that she did not try to shoot him, but Adam was skeptical. Adam was upset because he let Annie into his home and his bed. He berated her for taking advantage of him on the night of the murder. He felt that she manipulated him into thinking that she was his savior.

JR and Scott arrived at the mansion. Adam announced that Annie tried to kill him. JR felt vindicated because it appeared that Annie was guilty, after all. However, Scott asked Annie to tell her side of the story. Annie proclaimed her innocence. JR was adamant that Annie was guilty, and Adam agreed with his son. Annie stated that she was set up. JR noted that Kendall said the same thing when she was accused of Stuart's murder.

Jesse entered the mansion. Adam explained that Annie had tried to shoot him. Jesse examined the bullet hole and commented that the attempt on Adam's life replicated Stuart's murder. Annie told Jesse that someone was framing her. Annie then pleaded with Adam to believe her, but he would not hear it. Jesse arrested Annie and led her out of the mansion in handcuffs.

Willis called Jesse. Willis asked Jesse to take Annie to the hospital. Jesse explained that Annie was arrested for shooting at Adam. Willis told Ryan that he did not have to worry about Annie since she was arrested. Ryan was surprised by the news.

Zach arrived home and declared, "It's over!" He stated that Kendall did not have to worry, because he took care of everything. Kendall demanded to know what Zach did, but he would not say. Erica urged Kendall to trust Zach.

As Kendall continued to question Zach, Jesse entered the Slater residence. Jesse explained to the Slaters that Annie was arrested. Jesse then spoke with Zach privately. Jesse asked Zach what really happened. Zach implied that he set Annie up, but he did not fully confess. Zach noted that he was very similar to Jesse in that he would do anything to protect his family.

Kendall asked Zach if he framed Annie. Zach said that it did not matter what he did, because everything worked out. Zach was pleased because Annie was finally in jail.

Erica arrived at the hospital to check on Emma. Ryan informed Erica that Annie had been arrested. Erica was elated because she assumed that would help Kendall's case. Ryan was furious with Annie because of what she put Emma through. He blamed Annie for all of Emma's problems. He assumed that Annie manipulated both Adam and Emma on the night Stuart was killed. Erica agreed and called Annie a murderer. Meanwhile, Emma eavesdropped on the conversation. The girl looked upset by the comments she heard and sneaked out of her hospital room.

An officer put Annie in an interrogation room at the station. Annie asked for a phone call. Annie tried to call her lawyer, Liza. Liza did not answer because she had dozed off and missed the call.

Scott pretended to be Annie's lawyer, so he could speak with her. Scott felt that Annie deserved to tell her side of the story. Annie explained that she heard a noise, which led her to the terrace. Then, she said that she heard the gunshot. She reminded him that she could not have bought a gun because she was unable to leave the mansion due to house arrest. He noted that he previously witnessed her remove her ankle bracelet and leave the property. She understood why he would doubt her story. He revealed that he actually believed her. She wished that he were a real lawyer, since Liza was not responding. He affirmed that he would help her as a friend.

Ryan visited Annie at the police station. Annie swore that she was not guilty for the crimes against Adam or Stuart. Ryan revealed that Emma desperately wanted to see her mother, which made Annie happy. Ryan further stated that Emma was having nightmares. He asked Annie how he should explain to Emma that she could not see her mother because her mother was behind bars. Annie stated that she was framed. He did not believe her. He blamed Annie for Emma's emotional problems. He swore to protect Emma from Annie.

At the mansion, Adam admitted to JR that he was wrong about Annie. Adam stated that he was taken in by her charms and good looks. Adam was upset because he chose Annie over his family. Adam wondered if JR could ever forgive him. JR said that there was nothing to forgive. JR understood that Adam was conned by Annie. JR did not fault his father. Then, Adam clenched his arm in pain. JR told the security guards to call an ambulance.

Adam went to the hospital and learned that he was fine. JR was relieved and offered to fill out Adam's paperwork. Adam sat down in the lobby to wait for JR. Emma approached Adam and tugged at his shirt. Emma told Adam that Annie did not hurt Stuart. Emma also told Adam that he should know that. Adam looked shocked. Just then, Erica found Emma.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

David gently cradled Stuart in his arms and the baby stopped fussing. Meanwhile, Jake walked by and looked stunned to see David holding the baby. Jake had David paged to get him away from Stuart.

AMC Recap Photo 090729 After David was gone, Jake confronted Liza. Jake was upset that Liza let David near the baby. She explained that she needed help because Stuart would not stop crying. Jake stated that a colicky baby was not an excuse for Liza to let her guard down. He warned her to stay away from David and she agreed.

David ran into Marissa at the hospital. Marissa said that she was very busy working for Liza, but she was grateful to have the job because it was "a law student's dream." He was happy for Marissa. He then offered to help his daughter find Liza.

Natalia was at the mansion. She examined the bullet hole in the door. Jesse approached her and inquired about her findings. She informed him that the evidence seemed to show that Annie was not the shooter. Jesse tried to refute Natalia's theory, so she wondered why he was eager to pin the crime on Annie. He stated that Natalia needed to study for her police academy exam, rather than work on the case. He took her off the case and ordered her to leave. She was aggravated, but he advised her to respect her senior officers.

Ryan urged Annie to stop using Emma to protect herself. Annie denied using Emma. She also denied killing Stuart or trying to shoot Adam. She declared that she had been set up, so he called her paranoid. She asked him if he framed her and he said no. Then, her face lit up as she exclaimed, "Zach did it!" She knew that Zach would do anything to protect Kendall. Ryan was skeptical about her theory, so she begged him to ask Zach.

Marissa found Liza and told her about Annie's arrest. Liza said that she could not represent Annie on the arrest because it presented a conflict of interest with Kendall's case. Liza noted that she could still represent Annie on her previous crimes, but not on any case related to Stuart's murder. Liza then told Marissa to explain the situation to Annie. Liza also asked Marissa to find out what Annie told the police.

Marissa went to the police station and saw Scott. He informed her that he thought Annie was innocent. He asked to be kept apprised on Annie's case and Marissa agreed.

Marissa met with Annie and relayed Liza's message. Annie insisted that Zach had framed her. Annie wondered if Marissa believed her. Marissa replied that the judge's opinion mattered, not hers.

AMC Recap Photo 090729 Marissa told Liza everything that Annie had said. Marissa admitted that she was having doubts about criminal law. Marissa said that she could not overcome her gut feeling that Annie was innocent. Liza advised Marissa that criminal law was not about right and wrong; instead, it was about getting the client off. Liza then quoted Al Davis and said, "Just win, baby."

Jesse interrogated Annie. She declared that Zach framed her to save Kendall. Jesse said that he did not trust Annie's conspiracy theory because of her criminal track record. She proceeded to accuse Jesse of working with Zach. She asked Jesse if Zach was paying him off or blackmailing him. He said nothing.

Adam went to the hospital and learned that he was fine. JR was relieved, and offered to fill out Adam's paperwork. Adam sat down in the lobby to wait for JR. Emma approached Adam and tugged at his shirt. Emma told Adam that Annie did not hurt Stuart. Emma also told Adam that he should know that. Adam looked shocked. Just then, Erica found Emma. Erica asked a nurse to escort Emma back to her room.

Adam apologized to Erica for not believing her when she warned him about Annie. Erica was relieved that Adam realized Annie was bad. Erica also mentioned that she was happy Adam was unharmed. Erica then noted that Adam used to be cleverer. She closed her eyes and stated that they needed to channel the old Adam. She said that she wanted to see the Adam that was smart and unable to be deceived. She also commented that the old Adam was conceited and arrogant. He laughed.

Adam admitted to Erica that he was uneasy about what Emma had said. Erica inquired about Emma's comments, so Adam revealed what the girl told him. Erica stated that Annie had warped Emma's mind. Erica assumed that the girl was trying to garner sympathy for Annie. After Adam walked away, Erica got a nervous look on her face. Erica recalled Kendall confessing to Stuart's murder.

Adam contemplated speaking with Emma again. He asked a nurse where Emma's room was. However, Adam did not go see Emma; instead, he left the hospital with JR. Adam and JR arrived at the mansion. JR was pleased that Annie no longer resided there. JR asked if he and Little Adam could move back in and Adam answered yes. Adam and JR both stated that they missed each other.

Scott entered the mansion. He informed Adam and JR that Annie denied all of the accusations against her. JR was not surprised and called Annie a pathological liar. Scott had a feeling that Annie was telling the truth. Scott asked Adam how he felt. Adam admitted that he missed Annie.

Ryan told Erica about his conversation with Annie. Erica thought that Annie's arrest was a win-win situation for everyone. He wondered if Erica really thought Annie was guilty. Erica claimed that she was certain Annie killed Stuart and shot at Adam.

Kendall asked Zach if he framed Annie. Zach said that it did not matter what he did because everything worked out. Zach was pleased because Annie was finally in jail. Kendall was unhappy, though, and affirmed that she was the killer, not Annie. Kendall felt bad that Annie was locked up for her crime.

Zach was very frustrated and wondered why Kendall was sticking up for Annie. He urged Kendall to focus on her sons because they needed her. Kendall continued to say that she was the killer and deserved to pay the price. He ordered her to stop saying that and refused to talk about the matter any further.

Ryan visited the Slaters. Ryan told them about Annie's conspiracy theory. Kendall urged Zach to tell the truth, but he said nothing. So, Kendall blurted out that she killed Stuart, and Zach framed Annie. Zach then demanded that Ryan keep his mouth shut.

Jake asked Amanda to meet him at ConFusion because he wanted to discuss a pressing issue. She rushed to the club and looked worried. He told her to stop spending a lot of time at Taylor's home. He felt that Amanda visited Trevor too often and he feared that David would get suspicious. She stated that the baby needed her. He revealed that he had a plan in the works "for their happy ending." He begged her not to tip off David in the meantime. Just then, David entered the club.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Erica visited Kendall to encourage her to return to Fusion. Kendall said she was not up to working. Kendall said she felt bad about Annie being in jail for a crime Kendall committed. Erica told Kendall that she needed to be at home with her family, working on her marriage and keeping Fusion afloat. Erica said Annie was finally getting punished for her crimes. Kendall said she should be punished for killing Stuart. Erica told Kendall to put Annie out of her mind and start living again.

Kendall went to work, but had a hard time diving into everything like Erica did. Kendall again said that Annie should not pay for a crime Kendall committed. Erica tried to tell Kendall that Annie would be serving time in prison for the crimes she committed. Kendall wanted to go the police station, but Erica urged Kendall to keep quiet. Erica said she could not live if Kendall were in prison. They had worked too hard to establish a healthy relationship, and Erica s aid she did not want them ripped apart again.

Liza told the judge that the charges against Kendall needed to be dropped. Jesse said Annie had been charged with the attempted murder of Adam. Andrew said that Annie was charged for the attempted murder of Stuart. Liza said that Andrew's case was based on the fact that Stuart was mistaken for Adam, and it was clear that Annie had committed both crimes. Andrew said there was no evidence to prove that Annie tried to kill Stuart and Adam. Liza said that Kendall was innocent and ready to return to her normal life.

The judge said he would postpone Kendall's trial to give Jesse more time to find evidence against Annie, if there was any.

Annie was surprised to see Adam visiting her at the police station. Annie told Adam that she was not upset that he had her arrested, but wanted him to tell the police she was innocent. When Adam was silent, Annie knew that he still thought she tried to kill him. Annie claimed that the relationship she shared with Adam was real. Adam said Annie only pretended to love him. Annie said she did not want to live without his love. Annie kissed Adam before he left.

Jackson caught Adam as he left Annie's holding room. Jackson asked Adam if Annie was a guilty woman or just caught in a lover's spat. Jackson went inside the room to speak with Annie. Annie told him that Zach set her up, but did not expect Jackson to believe her. Annie said that she would never hurt Adam because she loved him. Annie said that Kendall and Zach were never punished for their crimes. She asked Jackson to take her case, and he accepted her offer.

Annie asked Jackson who he thought killed Stuart. Jackson did not say anyone specifically, but Annie knew he suspected Kendall was the killer. Jackson did not want to discuss Kendall. He said they needed to focus on Annie's case. Annie told Jackson she needed to know he believed she did not kill Stuart or try to kill Adam. Annie asked Jackson to meet with Kendall before they discussed the case further.

At the hospital, Ryan apologized to Emma for not believing that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Emma hugged Ryan, but immediately sunk back in her bed when Zach showed up. Ryan left Emma alone so he could speak with Zach. Zach told Ryan that Annie was in jail, but that did not mean Emma needed to speak with anyone. Ryan said Emma was traumatized, but knew Zach set up Annie to clear Kendall's name. Zach said he did what was necessary to keep Kendall with her family, and Annie away from Emma. Ryan said he did not want Zach near Emma again.

Ryan was astonished that Zach still believed Kendall was innocent after she admitted to killing Stuart. Zach said Kendall was confused. Ryan said he believed Emma was telling the truth, but did not understand why Zach would not accept it. Ryan said Zach's nature to control everything would only end up hurting people, including Emma. Zach said Ryan never really knew Kendall if he believed she was capable of murder.

Tad took Taylor his special breakfast of cereal with chocolate bars as special thanks for letting him and Trevor stay at her home. When someone knocked on the door, Tad and Trevor hid. Brot stopped by to talk about a baby. Taylor said she did not know what baby Brot meant. Brot said Randi had a miscarriage and it left Frankie devastated. Brot asked Taylor if she wanted to go with him to visit Frankie and Randi. Taylor said she wanted to go with Brot, but he had caught her at a bad time. Brot thought Taylor was just brushing him aside until Tad went out, in a robe, and announced he was done with the shower. Brot shook his head and left.

Tad apologized to Taylor if his appearance gave Brot the wrong idea. Tad said he could not afford to have just anyone walking into Taylor's home with Trevor around. Tad said he had to get rid of Brot before Trevor woke up. Taylor said that she and Tad had just hurt Brot. Tad said he knew how much Brot meant to Taylor, which was why he was sorry for hurting Brot. Taylor was moved as she listened to Tad tell Trevor a story. Tad stood up to make sure nothing was wrong with Taylor. Taylor said she saw Tad in another light and they kissed.

Zach met up with Jesse and Liza at the courthouse. Jesse said he would try to find evidence showing Annie killed Stuart, but worried Kendall might still have to face trial. Zach said he would make sure that never happened. Liza said that Kendall seemed mortified that Annie had been arrested. Liza accused Zach of framing Annie for the crime.

Erica tearfully asked Kendall to promise not to go to the police. Jackson interrupted their conversation before Kendall could answer her mother. Jackson said he was representing Annie and needed to speak with Kendall about the case. Erica thought Jackson was getting revenge on Kendall for running Greenlee off the road. Kendall decided to leave. Jackson said that Annie wanted him to look into Kendall's eyes and see her guilt. But instead, Jackson said he could look into Erica's eyes and see everything.

Aidan went to see Annie at her request. Annie told Aidan that she was again being accused of something she did not do. Aidan said he could not help Annie. Annie asked Aidan to help her for Emma's sake. Aidan said that Annie only used him to get what she wanted until Adam happened along. Annie told Aidan that she wanted him to investigate and prove that Zach framed her Adam's attempted murder.

Jackson told Zach and Liza that he was representing Annie. Jackson wanted to ask Zach a few questions, but Liza said Zach had no comment. Jackson said he would prove Zach framed Annie. Aidan went up and said that Zach was with him the night of Adam's attempted murder.

Adam wanted to see Emma, but Ryan refused to let him in her hospital room. Adam said he thought that the whole town was against Annie. Adam said he thought Annie was innocent. Erica was surprised to hear Adam stand up for Annie to Ryan. Adam quickly left when Erica butted into the conversation. Ryan told Erica that they had no right to play God with Annie's life. He was not sure if locking Annie up for Kendall's crime was right.

Kendall went to the police station to speak with Jesse, but he was not around. She asked an officer to call Jesse and ask him to go to the station immediately. In the meantime, Kendall sneaked into the holding room to see Annie. Annie told Kendall that they both knew Zach framed her for the attempted murder of Adam. Annie said Jackson would make sure that Kendall paid for her crime. Jesse went in and asked Kendall what she needed to tell him.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Taylor had a revelation about her feelings for Tad, and they shared a kiss. When the kiss ended, Taylor was anxious to know what it meant. Tad, ever the jokester, asked Taylor to marry him and bear his children, but she was not amused. Tad apologized and they commiserated over the similarities in their behavior in past relationships until they heard a knock at the door. Before they could find out the identity of their visitor, Amanda walked in. She apologized, but said she needed to see Trevor.

Tad shared some pointers about reading Trevor's body language, and ended with the one that meant the baby needed to be changed. Amanda realized that Tad was mimicking reality, and took her son into another room to attend to his needs. Once alone with Taylor, Tad decided to swoop in for another kiss. Amanda walked in to grab the diaper bag, and hesitated for a moment. She then retrieved the bag without making too much noise and darted back into the bedroom. The kiss paused, and Taylor admitted that she was confused. Tad told her to just live in the moment.

Tad left Taylor's place, which allowed Amanda to reveal that she'd seen the kiss. Taylor was momentarily aghast, but then took the opportunity to talk over how she felt about Tad and what it meant. Amanda told her that despite his quirks, Tad was ultimately a good guy and someone Taylor should hang on to. Taylor questioned whether it was the right time for her to pursue him, and then admitted that she wanted her life to be about more than herself. Amanda said that the arrival of Trevor in her life helped her to understand the sentiment fully.

Marissa talked about her confusion with regard to the way Kendall and Annie had behaved thus far in the investigation. Krystal and Opal agreed that the Chandler house had odd effects on people. Marissa thought that good things came out of that house, and Krystal knew immediately that the young woman was referring to JR. Marissa was somewhat embarrassed and that sentiment increased when JR walked in the door. Opal and Krystal awkwardly excused themselves to round up Little Adam.

Marissa and JR shared some small talk, which included the revelation that JR and his son would be moving back into the Chandler mansion. As Marissa praised JR for the excellent job he'd been doing as a parent and with staying sober, she noticed that JR had been rubbing a painful spot on his neck. She reminded him that she was a trained masseuse and, without a second thought, JR put himself into her capable hands.

A short time later, Krystal took Little Adam downstairs, and JR wasted no time in telling his son that they would be moving back in with Grandpa Adam. With the need to pack looming, JR and Little Adam made a quick exit. Krystal took a moment to warn her daughter about her growing infatuation with JR, but Marissa insisted that she couldn't help herself. She then revealed to Krystal that she felt similarly about Scott, and Krystal began to see more of herself in Marissa.

Security at the Chandler mansion found Natalia on the grounds and took her to the house to find out what Adam wanted. Although Natalia protested the treatment due to being a police officer, Adam was unfazed and demanded that she be thrown off the property. Natalia told Adam that she had information he would want to hear, but Adam was skeptical. Natalia blurted out that she thought someone tried to kill Annie.

Adam blew off Natalia's theories and, angry at his dismissive behavior, Natalia started to leave. Scott insisted that they listen to her, so Adam had a change of heart. Natalia revealed her belief that Annie was the target, and Adam asked for proof. She quickly gave him two reasons: evidence never lied, and bullets always traveled in a straight line.

At the police station, Kendall hesitated in her confession when she saw Jesse. Jesse asked Kendall to wait in the general area until he spoke with Annie. After Kendall left, Annie lamented that she wouldn't get to hear what Kendall had to say. She noted that if Jesse had let that happen, he would have had little recourse when he decided to conceal Kendall's truth. Annie then asserted that Zach had taken the shot at Adam to set her up.

Jack accused Zach of shooting Adam through the patio window, but Aidan showed up and disputed the claim. Aidan told Jack that he was with Zach at the casino at the time of the shooting, and said that he would recount his story on the stand. Frustrated, Jack indicated that he was far from done with Zach, and stalked off. Liza, who was taken aback by the exchange, excused herself.

Once the two men were alone, Zach asked Aidan why he would lie. Aidan confessed that Annie had gotten away with too much and Aidan would do anything to make sure she finally paid. Zach was skeptical of Aidan's motivation, but Aidan told Zach that his reasons weren't important. Zach decided that Aidan was too much of a risk, and walked away.

Jesse claimed that Annie was the culprit that shot at Adam because she was angry that Adam had rejected her marriage proposal and had stolen her last chance at freedom. Annie laughed off the assertion and said that she admired Kendall. Annie then noted that Kendall's confession was the right thing to do by Stuart, and would benefit Annie.

When Liza walked into the police station and found Kendall, she asked if Kendall had heard about the extension they got on her case. Liza said that they would have more time to prove Annie's guilt, but Kendall was irate that no one seemed to care that Annie was innocent. Liza questioned why Kendall seemed so sure of her own guilt, and Kendall admitted that she finally remembered the night of Stuart's murder clearly. Kendall suggested that Liza walk away, but Liza knew if she did, Zach would be hurt.

Liza laid out the worst-case scenario if Kendall were to confess -- both Kendall and Zach in jail, which would leave their sons without parents, and would leave Annie free to hurt people as she pleased, all from the comfort of the Chandler mansion. Kendall begged Liza to stop, but Liza refused. Liza believed in Kendall's strength, but Kendall insisted that she didn't have a choice. Liza hotly denied that claim just before Annie emerged from the interrogation room in handcuffs. Jesse indicated that he was free to talk to Kendall. Liza said that she would be there for Kendall, whatever Kendall decided.

Kendall paused and then decided not to talk to Jesse. She asked if he still believed that Annie killed Stuart, and Jesse pointed out that Annie's history with violence and lying to the authorities made the possibility realistic. Kendall apologized for wasting Jesse's time and made a hasty exit. Jesse warned Liza to help keep Kendall together. Liza promised to try, but said that at the end of the day, Zach had to shoulder that responsibility alone.

Zach returned home and was unhappy to see Ryan in his living room. Zach tried to hasten Ryan's exit, to no avail. Ryan insisted that the only way to keep Kendall safe was to get her and the boys out of town. He noted that since both he and Zach had made themselves disappear before, it was possible. Zach admitted that he'd considered the idea, but ultimately decided that it wouldn't work. Zach told Ryan that the option of Kendall being found guilty was not one that was up for consideration.

Zach refused to put Kendall in a position where she would lose everything and everyone that she loved. Ryan insisted that Kendall needed to be sent away, because without solid proof that she was not the shooter, Kendall would be found guilty. Ryan then related his talk with Adam, and how Adam no longer believed that Annie was guilty. Ryan went on to say that if they didn't take action, Kendall's sons would grow up without their mother. Kendall walked in the door and wanted to know the crux of the conversation.

Ryan told Kendall about the plan to get her and her sons out of the country. Kendall wanted to know if Zach was behind the plans. Zach told her that he didn't want her to leave, and Kendall chimed in that what they both wanted was to go back to the night when they thought Ian died, and they would choose to stay at the hospital. Ryan told them that they couldn't go back, so Kendall acquiesced and said she would pack. Liza entered and as she took in the look on all of their faces, she asked what she'd walked in on.

After Liza had been apprised of the details, she told Kendall that all she needed to get an acquittal was reasonable doubt. Kendall listened to Liza's spiel, and then said that there was still a chance she could get convicted -- which was a chance Kendall couldn't take. Liza felt defeated as she watched Kendall go off to pack her belongings.

Natalia set up the scene similarly to the night everyone presumed that Annie shot at Adam. She used Scott and Adam as markers, and with the use of her miniature flashlight, proved that there was no way Annie could have been the shooter. She took it one step further and said that if Annie hadn't ducked, the bullet would have killed her. Horrified, Adam regretted his decision to have Annie arrested. Just then, Jesse walked in and demanded to know what was going on.

Adam gleefully told Jesse what Natalia had uncovered, and suggested that Jesse had been in the wrong for jailing an innocent woman. Jesse reminded Adam that Adam had accused Annie of shooting at him, and that was what led to her arrest. Adam pointed out that his own reasoning had been flawed, and implied that there was a police cover-up. Natalia swore that she'd never intimated such a thing. Adam asked Jesse what the plans were to rectify the wrong that had been done against Annie.

Jesse refused to drop the charges, and instead went through Natalia's theory. He poked several holes in it, and said that while there was a possibility that Annie was innocent, there was an equal chance she was still complicit. Adam launched into his standard coercive mode until he persuaded Jesse into making a deal.

Tad tried to sneak back into his house, but Krystal heard the door and caught him mid-entrance. Tad started to lie about his whereabouts, but then stopped himself. He told her that he was seeing someone and asked her how she felt. Krystal thought a moment, and although she couldn't understand why, she admitted that she was upset about the knowledge. Tad told Krystal that her feelings stemmed from the fact that she still loved him, and then said that he felt the same in return.

Tad noted that all of the love they had shared during their marriage and as parents to Jenny was still there but had changed as their relationship had done the same. Then, as he read the look on her face, he announced that Krystal wanted to know who his new love interest was. Krystal denied it but Tad didn't buy it. Opal wandered in just then and plainly said that Tad had been with the Army girl.

Tad was horrified -- both at Opal's revelation but also that she knew of his interest in Taylor before he knew himself. After Opal left, Tad tried to apologize and said that he hadn't planned to get involved with Taylor. Krystal told him that he had nothing to be sorry about and then ran off before her tears spilled down her face.

Marissa caught up with JR in the foyer of the Chandler mansion, but was unable to deliver her news before it was foisted upon him. The front door opened, and JR was shocked to see Adam escort Annie back into the house. When he realized what had happened, JR grabbed his son and stalked out of the house.

Jesse stopped by the Slater residence and shared that the charges against Annie had been dropped due to a deal Jesse had to make with Adam. Because of that, the District Attorney's office stepped in, and Kendall's trial had been reactivated. Zach tried to get Jesse to leave, and said that he would pass the word along to Kendall. Jesse then told them that he had been charged with taking Kendall into protective custody, as she was viewed as a flight risk. Zach and Ryan tried to convince Jesse that Kendall wasn't home, but Kendall ended the lie when she walked into the entranceway and said that she was ready to cooperate with Jesse.



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