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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on GL
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Monday, July 27, 2009

At the park gazebo, Dinah told Shayne that everything was her fault. Matt interrupted before she explained why. Shayne left to get coffee, and Matt tried to ease Dinah's conscience by saying that she couldn't have stopped Jeffrey. Matt stated that the John Doe deserved his fate for trying to abduct Henry. "You did the right thing," Matt assured her.

Later, Shayne asked Dinah to help him give Reva hope. When Shayne took Dinah to one of their special places, she laughed to find herself on a rooftop. Shayne asked her to pull out the engagement ring. Dinah did so, but said that she wasn't sure he wanted to spend his life saving her. "Yes. Yes, I do," he said. Dinah thought Shayne was a brave man.

Shayne said he wanted a crazy, rollercoaster, bananas life with her. Dinah accepted Shayne's marriage proposal. Shayne took her home, telling anyone he saw along the way about the engagement. Once home, he tossed her on the bed to make love.

At the memorial, Mallet worried that Marina was unremorseful. Remy felt that Marina had nothing to be remorseful about, if she'd killed a man in defense of her son. Remy strolled over to talk with Marina, who said Christina was babysitting Henry. Marina commented that she loved Henry more than anything in the world, and she'd do anything for him.

Mallet and Ashlee discussed the airing of Jeffrey's memorial video. Ashlee proposed that WSPR air a segment about the John Doe murder after Mallet solved it. Mallet replied that he intended to stuff the case into the unsolved files.

Buzz and Lillian arrived at the funeral, and couldn't believe it when Ashlee said that Reva had run off after punching Jeffrey's portrait. Buzz approached Josh, who reasoned that it might take a little while for Reva to sort things out. Buzz said it would take a long while.

Lillian found Phillip, who said Reva was upset that Jeffrey hadn't given her a chance to say goodbye. Lillian stated that Jeffrey hadn't known he'd die, but Phillip knew about his own condition. Phillip said he wanted to give his relationship with Alan a chance to develop.

At the church, Billy tried to reason with Reva about her anger toward Jeffrey, but Reva seethed that her anger was all she had left. She insisted that her husband had stolen her goodbye. Billy said that Jeffrey had escaped death before. "I've escaped death, Billy! I have!" Reva raged. The last time she'd escaped, it had been for Jeffrey; however, Jeffrey had left her. Reva stated that she didn't want anyone's help, because no one could fix it.

Later, Billy told Reva that he'd asked Josh to take the party to the ball field. Reva didn't want to go there. She threatened to take out the next person who offered her condolences. Billy offered to drive Reva home. She warned that he couldn't remain at her house after they arrived.

At Cross Creek, Billy hopped from his truck to accompany Reva inside, but she insisted that he leave. After he drove away, she stared at the Cross Creek entrance. Reva thought she heard Jeffrey call her name. Inside, her head replayed her last conversation with him. "I'm going to the store...I'm going to the store..." echoed in her mind. She slumped to the ground.

Phillip arrived, and Reva remained seated on the ground. She stared at the house, recalling the details of the last time she'd seen Jeffrey. She said she hadn't watched him drive away, and didn't remember what he'd been wearing. "Why didn't I look at him?" she asked.

Phillip sat with her, reasoning that Reva hadn't known that Jeffrey wouldn't return. Reva said she hadn't been paying attention, and she wondered if she'd ever seen or heard Jeffrey at all over the previous year. She wanted to return to that final day, and watch Jeffrey walk away. Phillip replied that one might not be meant to see it all. "If you're trying too hard to see everyone around you, you're not living. You're not having those moments with those people," Phillip said. Reva decided that it sucked either way. "But, God, it's beautiful," Phillip replied.

After Phillip left, Reva entered the house. She grabbed Jeffrey's guitar as if she were going to bash it. After a few moments, she hugged it, asking Jeffrey what he'd been thinking. Meanwhile, in the woods, Jeffrey staggered and fell to the ground. Jeffrey looked at his bloody leg, tore a piece of his shirt, and tied it tightly around the wound.

At the baseball field, the Coopers set up refreshments. Buzz suggested that Marina spend time with her husband. Marina wandered to a picnic table. When she saw Mallet nearby, she fled. Mallet caught up to his sobbing wife, and tried to soothe her by saying that she was just overwhelmed. Marina retorted that she wasn't crying over guilt or secrets. She cried because they were losing their marriage and their family.

Mallet and Marina went home. Marina said Jeffrey had never given Reva a chance to understand his actions. Mallet said Jeffrey didn't trust Reva to understand. Marina huffed, wondering what she had to do to make Mallet trust her again. "Trust me," Mallet retorted.

Marina asked if Mallet still loved her. He said he'd always love her. Marina thought it meant that they could still fix things. She loved Henry and Mallet, and she'd do anything for them.

Remy and Ava sat on the swing set. Ava said she thought about Max every day. She apologized for falling apart over Max's death. Remy replied that they were finding their way. They agreed to visit Max's memorial together before Ava left the next day.

Olivia watched Remy and Ava, and Phillip said it was nice that Olivia could be there for Ava. Olivia wished someone could be there for Olivia. Phillip replied that Olivia had connections to everyone in Springfield. "Then why do I feel so alone?" Olivia wondered.

Later, Olivia sat in the dugout with Ava, and said she needed to tell Ava something that she didn't know about her mother. Olivia explained the ways that Natalia had helped Olivia survive the hardships of the last year. "We fell in love," Olivia said. Ava was surprised, and responded, "I think that's wonderful, and I'm really happy for you." Olivia said that Natalia had left town after things had gotten too hard for her. Ava thought Olivia should find Natalia, but Olivia explained that Natalia didn't want to be found.

Olivia went to Gus's gravesite, and asked him to send Natalia back to her, if he still had any influence. She promised that Natalia and she would make each other happy. Rafe approached. Olivia rolled her eyes, and strolled away.

Billy found Josh at the baseball field to say that Reva was really mad. Josh chuckled, saying that he understood it. Josh had been mad enough to burn all of Reva's clothes after she'd driven off the bridge. Josh thought Colin would help Reva just as Marah and Shayne had helped Josh. Billy thought it was interesting that Jeffrey and Josh had befriended each other at the end.

At Company, Buzz told Frank about Coop's idea to write a book about Jenna. Buzz showed Frank the research books that Coop had ordered, and Frank thought it was a great idea. Buzz said he wanted to keep Coop's idea alive, but he didn't know where to start.

After Lillian placed flowers on Maureen's grave, she found Phillip staring at headstones. He said he had a lot to do before he joined the cemetery residents. Lillian asked him to walk her to her car. "You trying to get me out of here?" Phillip jokingly asked, following her out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the Beacon, Dinah discovered three helium balloons stationed in a queue. Each one was marked, "pop me." She popped them to find short messages inside. The first message read that someone had heard that Dinah was engaged. The second one asked what her plans for the evening were. The third requested her presence in the shower. Dinah giggled, and opened the bathroom door to find Shayne inside wearing a towel. After the couple made love, Shayne thought it was time to tell their families about the engagement.

At WSPR later, Dinah and Shayne announced their news to Vanessa. Vanessa hugged Shayne, calling him a brave, but lucky man. The couple said they planned to marry within a few days. Vanessa bustled about, saying that she needed to talk to the caterers right away.

Lillian met Ed at Towers. Ed had flown to town for a doctor's appointment with Phillip. Lillian worried that Phillip hadn't shared his health problem with his family. Ed said Phillip had to tell his family in his own time. Vanessa trotted over to greet them. She wished she had time to spend with Ed, but she was already behind on Dinah's wedding plans. Lillian and Ed congratulated Vanessa on Dinah's engagement, and Vanessa scurried off.

After Shayne and Dinah told Josh about the engagement, Shayne said he didn't know how Reva would react to it. Josh felt that Reva would be happy for them. Later, Josh visited Vanessa at WSPR to say that they'd soon be in-laws. Josh teased that they could make it a double wedding, if Vanessa married Billy. Vanessa jokingly told Josh to mind his own business.

Dinah and Shayne split up to tell more people. They wound up at the police station together, because they'd both wanted to tell Remy. Since Remy wasn't there at the time, Shayne decided to visit Wanda while Dinah went to the mansion to tell Hilda and Jeremy.

Upstairs in the Cooper house, Marina wondered if Mallet would treat her as his wife, or as a suspect. He admitted that he still thought she was the John Doe killer, but since it was Mallet's day off, he opted to treat her as his wife. When they went downstairs, they treated each other so politely that a confused Buzz said that he felt as if he'd awakened inside a '50s sitcom.

Later, Buzz took pancakes to the police station for Frank, but Frank wasn't there. Buzz saw Cyrus, who apologized for the mess he'd caused. Buzz gave Cyrus the pancakes, and left.

At Company, Buzz sat with Henry, and watched Marina and Mallet continue their sugary exchanges. Buzz whispered to Henry that he hoped Marina and Mallet patched things up before Buzz and Henry went into sugar shock.

After a while, Marina told Mallet that the pleasantries weren't working. She worried that he was secretly thinking of her as his wife, the murder suspect. Mallet said it was hard not to. The evidence had mounted against Marina, and he couldn't explain it away. "That's all I need to know. I'll see you at home," Marina quipped, and walked out.

Shayne saw Marina in a parking lot, and announced his engagement. While he hurried off to tell more people, Dinah caught up to Mallet and Henry outside a store. She said that she was getting married, and a distracted Mallet wished her and Shayne happiness. Mallet left Dinah with Henry while Mallet went into the store. Dinah told Henry that everyone was happy, and no one needed to know what Dinah had done to the bad guy.

Later, Shayne took Dinah to the mini-mart, where he'd created a fancy setting at one of the booths. Shayne said she'd get her fancy lunch, and he'd get his fancy hot dog. Dinah kissed him, and decided that they didn't need a fancy table, as long as they had each other.

When Mallet returned home, Marina announced that she wanted to be partners again. She proposed that they work together to solve the John Doe murder. She said that it would help them learn to trust each other again. Mallet liked the idea. "Partners," they said, shaking hands.

At the mansion, Alan devised a plan to gain the CEO seat at Spaulding Enterprises. Alex said she'd vote for him, mainly because she'd grown tired of fighting him, but she doubted the family felt the same way. Alan asked what his family had to gain from voting against him.

Alex "tweeted" James to discover that he was with Daisy, and couldn't make the board meeting. Alan wondered when James would get his priorities straight. Alex countered that sex was a priority over business for any 18-year-old male.

At the jail later, Alex told Cyrus that she and Alan were visiting Spaulding board members. Cyrus looked confused, and asked how many of them were in jail. Alex explained that Cyrus' marriage to her had automatically made him a board member. She hoped that Cyrus would help her brother by voting for him. Cyrus stated that he'd do it, if it would help Alex.

Phillip met Lillian in the park to say that he'd tell his family about his illness, but he wanted to complete his break-through with Alan first. Lillian didn't understand why people always trusted Alan, when it only led to heartbreak. Phillip said he'd finally seen Alan's heart, and Phillip had discovered what made Alan the man he was.

Phillip explained Alan's guilt over Gerald Pierce's death, and reasoned that Alan couldn't love others because he hated himself. Lillian doubted that Alan could change, but Phillip wanted to help Alan cope with his guilt.

At the mansion, Phillip called Stan to direct him to search Alan and Brandon's personal files for information on the Pierce family. Alex entered, and said she'd do what she could to help. She wanted the Alan she'd known before the Pierce tragedy to return, because he'd been a good man. "Maybe we can find him," Phillip replied.

After Alex left, Alan entered, hoping to get Phillip's vote for CEO. Phillip quipped that he only had a board seat because Alan had used it to blackmail Phillip into undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Phillip thought that Alan should be trying to reconnect with himself and others. An annoyed Alan asked if he could count on Phillip's vote or not. Phillip told him not to worry about the board meeting, and left the room.

At WSPR, Alan congratulated Vanessa on Dinah's engagement. When he said he was counting on Vanessa's vote for CEO, Vanessa shocked him by replying, "Fine." Alan thought that had been too easy. Vanessa said she'd waited a long time for Dinah to welcome Vanessa's help with a wedding. She advised Alan to get out before she changed her mind about the vote.

Phillip met Ed at Cedars. Phillip stated that he was feeling well, and it was hard to believe that he was sick. Ed attempted to persuade Phillip to tell his family about his condition, but Phillip wasn't ready to take that step. Ed told Phillip that a new treatment had been developed for Phillip's condition. "It's a procedure that, if every single thing falls into place, could save your life," Ed elaborated.

Ed explained that Phillip must agree to the experimental test right away. Ed warned that the procedure could kill Phillip. Ed said that it was Phillips's choice to risk losing his last two months on the procedure. Phillip felt he needed to finish what he'd started with his family. "But if the odds were just a little...I need the two months," Phillip said. Ed asked Phillip to take a walk, and Ed would be there when he returned. Phillip nodded and left the building.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the Bauer kitchen, Rick offered to make Ed a meal, but the food in the refrigerator was expired. Ed apologized for his impromptu trip, and said Rick didn't have to entertain him. Ed stated that Rick would see a lot of Ed over the next couple of months.

In the mansion parlor, Alan and Phillip saw James playing video games. Alan gave James a speech about family unity, and Phillip retorted that Alan had plenty of time to sway James's vote before the board meeting. Alan announced that they needed to change the way they did things around there. Phillip readily agreed, saying that they'd all regret it if they didn't.

Alan followed Phillip to the attic to say that they needed to whip James into shape. "The less likely he'll be banished to the mailroom or shot?" Phillip asked. Alan quipped, "Thanks for the trip down memory lane." Phillip apologized for taking a cheap shot, and said he was working hard to make new memories for the family. Alan left the attic when Phillip's phone rang. Alan listened at the door as Phillip told someone that Alan couldn't know anything about their plans.

Back in the parlor, Phillip asked for James' decision about his vote, but James didn't know how he should vote. Phillip said that when Phillip was young, he would have spit in Alan's face and somehow claimed the board seat for himself. Phillip vowed that before he died, he'd find a way to break the father and son curse in their family.

At Towers, Alan saw Dinah sampling champagne for her reception. Alan noted that it had been a banner year for "those hillbillies." Dinah stated that she couldn't wait to spend family holidays with Alan. Alan said he'd had enough on his hands trying to keep his core family under control. He stated that one had to remain in control or lose everything-just like Dinah had. Dinah replied that she'd take Shayne over Spaulding-Lewis any day.

Alan looked for Rick at Company, but encountered Ed. Alan figured that Rick and Phillip were scheming to steal the company from him. Ed said that Phillip hadn't been home long enough to scheme. Alan insisted that Phillip was up to something, and Rick knew what it was.

Ed and Phillip met at the hospital. Ed commented that Alan was still Alan. Phillip said that Alan was one of the reasons that Phillip had declined Ed's risky treatment proposal. Phillip told Ed about the Vietnam issue, and theorized that it had led Alan to confuse controlling the family with keeping it safe. Phillip wanted to help the family see that they could change, grow, and forgive. Ed said it was a lot to accomplish in two months.

Alan returned to the mansion, and told James that Phillip was trying to take the company from Alan. James didn't know why Phillip wanted to, because it was a "crappy job." James mentioned that Phillip had a plan. "Break the curse, shift the balance of power in the family. Something like that," James recalled. Alan said that Phillip wanted to sit in the big chair. "Why don't you just let him? Who cares?" James responded. Alan thought Phillip was too much of a bleeding heart liberal to run the company. James said he hadn't seen that in his father.

Later, Phillip was on the phone in the parlor, making travel plans. James and Alan crept onto the overlook to eavesdrop. They entered the room at the conclusion of the call, and Phillip said that he was taking a quick trip out of town to follow up on some information that could be helpful to the whole family. Phillip left, and Alan warned James, "If he runs wild, we'll all pay."

As Phillip packed, Alan wondered if Phillip was headed on his minor league ballpark trip. Phillip said that he was, but he didn't think Alan really wanted to go. "Yeah, yeah. I'll pack right now," Alan responded, and scurried off. Phillip grinned to himself.

At Company, Frank wondered if Buzz really would have wanted his roof and stove paid for by a criminal. Buzz felt that Cyrus had paid his debt to society, and was trying to repay his debt to the Coopers. Frank replied that Cyrus shouldn't have used stolen diamonds to do it. "Come on, Frank. We use what we have," Buzz said with a shrug.

Someone called Buzz from Coop's school to ask that a relative clear out the teacher's locker that had belonged to Coop. Frank accompanied Buzz to the school, and they opened the locker together. The sight of Coop's things overwhelmed Buzz. Frank offered to empty the locker. Buzz walked away, and watched Frank sadly remove Coop's things.

At the Cooper house, Buzz sorted through Coop's box. He found pictures of his wedding to Jenna and other family photos. He grasped Coop's denim jacket, and cried. Buzz discovered an audiotape labeled "Jenna," and played it. On the tape, Jenna talked about the first time she'd seen the Crown Jewels. Buzz read a passage from Coop's notebook in which Coop wrote that he wished he could remember his mother, because what he'd learned of her had been amazing.

Buzz went to the jail to show Cyrus the things he'd found in Coop's locker. Cyrus recognized them as research for Coop's book about Jenna. Coop had started his research around Christmas, and Cyrus and Coop had conversed about Jenna at least a dozen times. Cyrus said that Coop had been starting to understand why Buzz loved Jenna. Buzz wondered why Coop had chosen Cyrus. Cyrus responded that he'd understood a part of Jenna's life that no one else had.

Buzz went to Coop's classroom, and spread Coop's pictures and articles on the desk. He thought Coop might have gotten to know Jenna better than Buzz had. He wished Coop and he could have shared those things together. He wondered why it had been so important to Coop.

Mel sashayed into the holding area at the jail to tell Cyrus that Remy had talked her into being Cyrus' lawyer. She warned him that she wasn't a mark that he could swindle diamonds from, and his charm wouldn't get him out of trouble.

Mel said Cyrus was lucky that San Cristobel hadn't extradited him. Mel thought it was strange that Buzz wanted to testify on Cyrus' behalf, but Cyrus said Buzz and he had a lot in common. Cyrus felt that he had to get out of jail because there was a reason he was in that town, and there was a reason that Buzz believed in him.

Outside the courtroom, Mel said she'd been to 23 defense arraignments, and only had four convictions. She felt she was good at her job. Cyrus said that he'd been arraigned 14 times, but only convicted once. He stated that he was good at his job, too.

After the hearing, Cyrus was arraigned on $42,000 bail, and returned to his cell. As Mel said they had a long road ahead of them, an officer entered to release Cyrus. Mel and Cyrus were confused, until Buzz rushed in after posting Cyrus' bond. "I need to hear every word you said to Coop and every word he said to you, so come on," Buzz said, striding out of the room.

Mallet found Marina hard at work when he arrived at the police station. Marina said that it was the first time she'd been an investigator and a suspect at the same time. When Marina wanted to see the stroller, Mallet led her outside to the police dumpster. When Marina held up the stroller pieces, Mallet admitted that he'd been upset at Marina when he'd broken it.

The couple went to the construction site where Josh had planted the false footprints to implicate Jeffrey. Marina challenged Mallet to find her footprints there, but Mallet replied that he wouldn't waste his time. Marina and Mallet went to the river, and Mallet told her that he understood how one could defend their child. "Right, but I didn't kill someone, and just leave them in the river," Marina replied.

Matt entered the mini-mart to find Dinah and Shayne eating dessert. They announced their engagement. Shayne took off, and Matt said he was glad that Dinah had resolved her crisis of conscience. He told her to be happy, and "try not to kill anyone before the wedding."

At the Cooper house later, Dinah discovered Marina and Mallet working on the John Doe case. Dinah said she'd thought that case had died with Jeffrey. Marina said that she and Mallet had a particular interest in solving the case. Dinah suddenly remembered she needed to meet Shayne, and left.

Shayne went to H.B. and Sons looking for Billy, but found Matt. Matt congratulated Shayne again, and they discussed Dinah's happiness. Shayne went home, and when Dinah entered, Shayne said that Dinah was a little mysterious, but he loved her. They kissed.

At the mini-mart, Marina stared at some diapers, and suddenly remembered all the errands she'd been running the day of the murder. Marina told Mallet that she had receipts for all the stores she'd been to, and she could prove that she hadn't been anywhere near the crime scene. The two rushed out of the store.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As Reva packed up Jeffrey's personal effects, she stumbled across their "What the Hell" glitter heart. Looking around her, she sobbed, "What the hell? What the hell!" Blake arrived, and said Reva couldn't end her pain by ridding herself of Jeffrey's things. Reva insisted on donating the items to the mission. Blake offered to help, and said, "Just tell me what you want to keep."

As they worked, Blake said Reva couldn't box up her pain and ship it away. As a widow, Blake attested that the pain hit her in waves, and it never ended. Blake promised that there would also be happy moments, but only time could abate the pain.

Later, Reva went to H.B. and Sons to ask Matt if she could return to work there at some point, just to keep herself busy. She didn't want to ask Billy or Josh, because they'd worry that she wasn't ready. Matt worried about that, too, but said she was welcome to return any time.

Mallet saw Reva unloading her car, and offered to help. She said she'd donated Jeffrey's things, because keeping them wouldn't bring him back. Mallet said that Jeffrey had died protecting his family. "Well, he's dead, just the same. And I'm alone," Reva replied, walking off.

When Dinah saw Matt shooting hoops at the gym, he remarked that her taking out one of Edmond's hired hands was incredible. Matt asked her to be his sensei. Dinah said she just wanted to be a bride, which was why she was working out. She wanted to look good in her dress.

Shayne entered, and suggested that Dinah and he visit Reva. Dinah didn't know if Reva was ready to hear about the engagement. Shayne reminded her that Reva needed some happiness. "That's us," Dinah said. She gave Shayne a playful high kick, and trotted off to change.

While at the mini-mart picking up a treat for Reva, Dinah and Shayne showed Dinah's engagement ring to Christina and Daisy. When the couple visited Cross Creek later, Reva immediately noticed the ring, and said they'd gotten engaged without telling her. Shayne said that it was why they'd stopped by. Reva hugged them, chuckling that she was happy for them. After they left, Dinah said she'd have Vanessa call Reva about the wedding. Shayne stated that Dinah always made everyone's life better.

From her window, Reva watched them hug, and leave. Reva placed the glitter heart on the mantle, and said, "I'm trying, Jeffrey."

Frank broke up Christina and Remy's lip lock at the police station. When Christina gave Frank a doughnut, he let them carry on. The couple resumed kissing, but heard Frank ranting from the holding area. They followed the bellowing to Cyrus' jail cell, where Frank wanted to know what idiot had bailed out Cyrus Foley.

Buzz showed up on Cyrus' doorstep first thing in the morning, ready to hear everything Coop had told Cyrus. Buzz took Cyrus to Company, threw up the "closed" sign, and huddled in a booth with Coop's things and Cyrus. Buzz looked at Jenna's picture, telling Cyrus that she was the most mysterious and fascinating woman he'd ever known. Buzz hoped that Coop would help him solve the mystery of Jenna. "Tell me everything," Buzz said to Cyrus.

Marina shouted at her credit card representative that she didn't have seven to ten business days. "I need to prove to my husband today that I'm not a murderer!" she yelled, hanging up the phone. Mallet advised her against telling people that she might have killed someone. Marina said they didn't believe her, anyway. She decided that Mallet and she had to do some legwork because she couldn't find all of her retail receipts.

Mallet and Marina set off to retrace Marina's errands on the day of the murder, and collect copies of her receipts to prove she'd been at each store. As they went from store to store, Marina learned that her credit card had been canceled due to a mortgage that had been taken out on Company. Marina left to take care of the error.

Remy approached Mallet. Remy said it was weird that Mallet and Marina were investigating Marina. Mallet hoped Marina could prove her case.

Marina banged on Company's back door. Buzz let her in, and she demanded to know why her restaurant was closed for the day. Blake and Frank trailed in behind her as she ranted that her credit card company called her a bad risk for taking out a mortgage on the restaurant. She swore she hadn't taken out any mortgage. Buzz replied that he'd remortgaged the restaurant to bail Cyrus out of jail. Cyrus groaned as Frank, Marina, and Blake looked annoyed.

Frank raged that Buzz had no right to sacrifice the family business for Cyrus, who'd caused nothing but hardships for them. Buzz replied that it was about Jenna and Coop. Marina insisted that Cyrus was scamming Buzz, just like he'd scammed everyone else. Buzz said that if Coop had trusted Cyrus, then they all could trust him.

Marina stormed out, telling Frank to get a handle on Buzz. Frank stated that he'd return Cyrus to jail, and get the bail money back. When Buzz threatened to sell his share of Company to Alan, Frank threatened to arrest Buzz on the suspicion of being crazy. Frank strode out, and Blake followed. "Okay, let's listen to some tapes," Buzz said, hopping back into the booth.

Cyrus said there was a letter in the box to Coop from Jenna. As Buzz searched for it, he found an envelope containing hair from Coop's first haircut. Cyrus thought Coop's book might put too much of a strain on Buzz and his family. Buzz felt that there was a reason for the book, and a reason that Buzz had found out about it. Buzz wanted to know what the reason was.

Marina found Mallet, and told him what her crazy grandfather had done. She wondered why everything was suddenly falling apart. Mallet said he had good news. He'd gotten a receipt for her from the drug store. Marina said that they would get the mini-mart receipt, and then develop a timeline that left no room for her to kill the John Doe.

After analyzing all of the receipts, Marina found a 47-minute time gap from 4:16 p.m. to 5:03 p.m. Mallet didn't think that was enough time to commit the crime, but Marina said that Mallet couldn't live with the gap. She suggested that they drive her route to be sure.

By the swings, Frank told Blake that he didn't know how to stop Buzz from throwing away the family legacy for Cyrus. "That book means a lot to him," Blake said. Blake continued that there was a light in Buzz's eyes that she hadn't seen in a long time. "Yeah, the light of a lunatic," Frank retorted. Blake said that Frank shouldn't take Buzz's chance to know Jenna away from him. She suggested that Frank be there for Buzz, but Frank didn't think he could.

Frank returned to Company to say that he couldn't stop Buzz, but he couldn't support him, either. When Frank started to lecture Buzz about Cyrus, Buzz asked Cyrus if they could move their meeting to Cyrus' place.

Lizzie and Bill returned from their honeymoon, and fell onto their couch, kissing. Beth arrived as Bill left for ice. The ladies giggled as they talked about the honeymoon. Beth said she wanted to show Lizzie a wedding gift, but they had to drive to it.

Beth took Lizzie to the fixer-upper house that Phillip had bought. Lizzie cooed in excitement, wondering how Phillip had even known that Bill and she were looking for a place. Lizzie wanted to thank Phillip, but Beth said that he and Alan had taken a road trip.

Later, Bill entered H.B. and Sons, and told Matt that Beth had stolen his bride for the day. Bill decided to go to the office to check on a fixer-upper project for Lizzie and him. He checked the Internet to see that the property he'd wanted had already been sold. He said the house had been in rough shape, but Bill had known that it was perfect the moment he'd seen it.

Lizzie and Bill met Dinah and Shayne in the gazebo. Dinah flashed her ring, and Lizzie and Bill ecstatically hugged them. "I guess I gotta take a shower...We're invited, right?" Bill joked. Dinah replied, "Of course you are." Dinah announced that the wedding and reception would be at Towers. The couples left the gazebo.

Lizzie took Bill to the house. Bill said that he loved the place. He'd wanted to buy it, but it'd already been sold. Lizzie replied that Phillip had bought it for them. Bill and Lizzie cheered to have a new house. When they entered, the screen was broken, and they readily noticed the stench inside. They sniffed around, and reasoned that it'd be fine after they aired it out. They decided to move in, and start renovating the next day.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A disheveled Jeffrey propped himself against bamboo shoots in the woods, and struggled to find a crumpled picture of Reva and Colin in his wallet. He said he almost had Edmund. "It doesn't look like it, but I do," Jeffrey continued. He promised to return home once it was done. Jeffrey bit down on a bamboo stick. He screamed in pain as he dug a fragment out of his leg.

At Cross Creek, Josh and Reva discussed Shayne's wedding gift. Reva said she was meeting up with Vanessa and Dinah, and Josh stated that he'd take Shayne to play pool with the guys. Reva suggested gifting Cross Creek to Shayne and Dinah. She said it had always been the Lewises' cabin, and the next generation of Lewises should use it. Reva didn't know if she wanted it anymore, and thought that Shayne and Dinah could make it a happy home again.

A frazzled Dinah tossed Shayne out of bed, chattering that she had much to accomplish before their wedding at the courthouse the next day. Shayne forced her to slow down when he pulled her onto the floor to remind her of how fun it was to tangle with someone.

Later, Shayne led her down the street with her eyes closed. When she opened them, she saw Vanessa and a driver sitting in a horse-drawn carriage. Shayne said that, because they were marrying so quickly, he wanted to give Dinah a few memorable moments. The carriage would take her on all of her wedding errands for the day. Dinah boarded the carriage, and they took off.

After Dinah had chosen a Baked Alaska for her wedding cake, Vanessa doubted that they could put a cake topper on it. Matt strolled up, and Vanessa went to talk to the baker. Dinah still felt unworthy of happiness. Matt wondered if they'd have the same talk every day. He stated that the bad guy had deserved his fate, and Dinah should concentrate on being a bride. Dinah hugged him, saying she might need to have the same talk again later.

Shayne met Josh to play catch. Josh remarked that he'd been divorced nine times, so he'd be happy to give Shayne marriage advice. Shayne said he loved Dinah more than anything, and he didn't want to live without her. Josh pronounced that Shayne was ready for marriage.

While heading out with Mallet to retrace her route the day of the murder, Marina said she'd reached her limit with the investigation and Buzz's refinance on Company. She threw herself on the hood, and told Mallet to arrest her already. Mallet ignored the melodramatics, and drove them to the drug store, where Marina had been at 4:16 p.m. on the day in question.

Mallet deduced that from there, they had to drive to the river park, take out the stroller, whack someone in the head, return the stroller to the car, drive to the mini-mart, and check out by 5:03 p.m. Reva approached to chat about the wedding on her way to meet Dinah and Vanessa at the florist. After Reva left, Marina recalled empathizing with Reva, the first murder suspect. "Then again, Jeffrey always did believe in her," Marina quipped.

As they headed for the park, they encountered Vanessa and Dinah in the carriage. They discussed the wedding, and the carriage drove away. Marina realized that the talk had screwed up their timeline. Mallet proposed that they shave a couple minutes off their total time.

Later, Marina set up the stroller in the river park parking lot. Mallet theorized that it had taken 20 minutes to get there, and it'd take 20 minutes to get back. Mallet didn't think the crime could be committed in seven minutes. Marina hysterically raged that she could do it, but she hadn't. She stormed off, certain that she couldn't prove that to Mallet.

Mallet pursued Marina to the water's edge, where she sobbed that they'd lost their family. Mallet said he'd had his doubts, but he reminded her that he'd wanted to end the investigation the other day. Mallet said he loved her and wanted their family. The couple agreed to trust each other, and start over.

Outside the florist, Vanessa and Reva told Dinah that she could have her choice of flowers for her wedding day. Dinah suggested white oleander. "They're poisonous," Reva quickly said. Dinah decided to ask the florist for lilacs instead. Aside, Vanessa asked Reva if the planning was too much for her. Reva said she liked having something good to focus on.

In Dinah's hotel room later, Dinah tried on an elegant sleeveless dress. Vanessa convinced her to try on a large, round hat. Looking in a mirror, Vanessa and Dinah wished that Ross could be there. Vanessa decided that Ross was there in spirit.

Matt, Ed, and Rick gathered at Farley's. Rick left Phillip a message about the bachelor party. "Bring some cash. I lost my wallet," Rick added. Ed said that Phillip was on a road trip with Alan. "That's funny," Rick chuckled. Ed replied that he wasn't kidding.

Rick wondered where the beautiful women were, and Reva pranced in, rearing to go after finishing her wedding duties. Shayne, Remy, Frank, and Josh strode in. "Who's buying the first round?" Reva yelled. Josh told Reva that it was okay to miss Jeffrey. Reva replied that Shayne was getting married; she'd be damned if she let anything ruin that. After a while, Reva approached Shayne to say that she really wanted him to be happy. She announced that she was leaving, and the men could bring out the strippers.

Dinah and Shayne met after the party. Shayne said he'd had fun with the guys, but Reva had gotten a little drunk. Dinah thanked him for the amazing day with her mother.

At Company later, Dinah saw Marina getting takeout. Marina said she was glad that Shayne and Dinah had found each other. Dinah replied that she was happy that Mallet and Marina had a family.

When Mallet went home, he discovered a legal document hidden in the kitchen cupboard. It outlined a 1.5 million dollar trust from Edmund to Henry, payable on Henry's 25th birthday.

Reva returned home to find Shayne eating in her kitchen. He had stopped by to check on her because he knew how hard things were. Reva asked him to stop worrying, because being mother of the groom was a beautiful thing.

While Phillip gassed up the SUV, Ed called to express his concern about the road trip. Phillip said he intended to see some ballparks, and take Alan to meet the Pierce family. Phillip promised that he wouldn't die on the trip.

Alan called Alex to share his certainty that Phillip was up to something. Later, Alan complained about the dive hotel Phillip had checked them into. He asked Phillip to explain his sudden interest in America's favorite pastime. Phillip warned Alan not to turn it into something that it wasn't. "You either," Alan retorted, following him.

At the ballpark later, Phillip bought tickets, and gave Alan a spongy hand. Phillip instructed him to harass the batter with it. "Oh, I'll like doing that," Alan replied. Alan asked for a mitt to catch the foul balls, but Phillip stated that they'd use their bare hands.

During a break, Alan spit out the nasty park food. He opened his Cracker Jacks box. Phillip asked what Alan's prize was. Phillip had gotten tattoos in his box. Alan replied that the proper way to do it was to eat all the kernels, and then get the prize. "You can't be rewarded for work you didn't do," Alan reasoned. Phillip chuckled that he'd try to remember that.

After the ballgame, Alan suggested that they forgo the ratty motel stay, and head home while it was still daylight. Phillip replied that they were just getting started. Alan complained that he had a board meeting to prepare for, and asked what Phillip was really up to. Phillip said that the next day, they'd watch the Columbus Clippers and Buffalo Bison. Phillip offered to get Alan some antacid so he could eat more hot dogs.

Walking to their hotel, Alan said that he knew what Phillip was up to. Alan admitted that he'd been watching Phillip, and Alan smelled a takeover. "Yeah, me and the Iron Pigs, Dad. We're going to storm the board meeting," Phillip joked. Phillip said that Alan would just have to wait and see what Phillip was up to.

At Cedars, Olivia was cavalier about her check-up with Rick. She lied that she hadn't been drinking. As she awaited the results of her blood work, she encountered Ed in the corridor. They chatted about Emma, and Rick's need for a woman. Olivia stated that she was single, and not looking. Rick returned, and asked how much Olivia had really been drinking.

Olivia said she hadn't had a drink for three days. She swore she wasn't an alcoholic. She'd just had some difficult times in her life. Rick advised her to take care of Gus's heart. Olivia joked that they should get beers. Rick declined, and Olivia left.

After slurring over her martinis at Towers, Olivia went to the Beacon, and stumbled down the hall. Josh caught her, and smelled alcohol on her. He wondered if she needed anything. "Food, coffee, foot massage?" he asked. Olivia giggled that he was a footman. Josh said that she didn't have to answer right away, but he was there for her if she needed it.

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