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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Katie arrived home from a doctor's appointment and scolded Henry for sacking out on her couch for three days. She told him to snap out of his funk and start doing something productive. After Katie served him his favorite cookie dough ice cream, Henry admitted that he had let his fame as Geneva get to him. He was terrified that Vienna was gone for good. Katie told him to go back to the Lakeview and get dressed, and to stop wallowing in self-pity.

Brad arrived home with the bad news that Kim had fired him, as well, and it was all Henry's fault. Katie urged Henry to go apologize to Kim and to really mean it. Henry reminded her that Vienna was in Sweden, but Katie said that if Henry dangled the spotlight in front of her correctly, she would return like a moth to the flame. Henry went for it, and he dragged Brad with him to the television station.

Damian urged Meg to shut the door on her relationship with Paul. Meg wanted Paul to know that his stepping forward in court to support Dusty had been important to her. She also wanted Paul to be active in their daughter's life, so Damian reluctantly said that he would not try to stop her.

Emily and Paul were in the throes of lovemaking on the couch at Fairwinds. Paul laughed and had the poor taste to mention that with his memory loss, Emily was in the unique position to take his virginity from him twice in one lifetime. Meg walked in unexpectedly and got a rude shock. Emily got up to take a shower, but Paul appeared unfazed by the fact that Meg had discovered them. On her way out, Emily whispered to Paul that next time, he should lock the door.

Paul asked Meg what she wanted, and she said that she had wanted to talk about what had happened in court. After what she saw, however, Meg wanted to leave immediately, but Paul asked her not to. Meg got upset about Emily, but Paul asked Meg to stay while he got dressed. While Meg waited, she found a framed photo of Paul with Eliza. Emily returned first, and Meg criticized her for sleeping with Paul. She accused Emily of taking advantage of Paul's mental state, but Emily just called Meg jealous. Paul joined them, and Emily kissed him goodbye, leaving Meg flustered.

Meg got down to business and thanked Paul for testifying on Dusty's behalf at the hearing. She said that had given her a glimpse of the man she had fallen in love with. She also urged Paul to have the surgery that Damian had arranged, but Paul refused. Meg tried to convince him to attempt to restore his memories. Paul said that he had no desire to be that Paul Ryan again, but Meg got Eliza's picture and pushed him to have the operation for their baby's sake. Paul said he had no feelings for Meg and wanted nothing to do with her. He made out a blank check for child support, but Meg tore it to pieces and stormed out.

Holden and Lucinda discussed how to best help Luke get back on the college track. Lucinda mentioned that Dusty was in something of a legal quagmire and was in no position to run Worldwide Enterprises. Lucinda, therefore, was stepping back as CEO, effective immediately. If Luke wanted so badly to work for his family's business, he could work with his grandmother.

At Worldwide, Damian and Lily discussed Meg's behavior. Damian was afraid that Meg had gone running back to Paul, but Lily reminded him that Paul was Eliza's father and that was a strong bond. She suggested that Damian let Meg go, just as Holden and Lucinda entered the office at Worldwide. Lucinda asked Damian to put his ego aside and do what was best for his son. Lucinda also told Lily to convince Luke to go to work with her as the new editor of the digital Intruder, but Lily voiced her opinion that they should all allow Luke to pick the job he wanted.

Lily was not comfortable with what was happening. Lucinda and Holden decided to call for a vote on Luke's job situation, and the two of them stood together against Damian. It all depended on Lily's opinion, but it appeared that she was not yet ready to weigh in. Lucinda asked Damian bluntly why he was really back in Oakdale trying so hard to be part of Luke's life and family. Lily shouted at her mother after that rude question, and she defended her ex-husband. Holden got them back on point about the vote, when suddenly Meg ran into the office, calling for Damian.

Damian wanted to speak alone with Meg, but Lucinda yelled, "The hell you are!" Damian said that they would table their discussion, and he walked out with Meg. Lily explained to Lucinda that Meg and Damian were friends, and Holden decided to go to the farm to check on his sister. Lily accused him of trying to run Damian out of everyone's life. She went home, and Holden followed. Instead of going to the farm, he had gone home to ask what was bothering his wife.

Lily said that she had not liked what she had seen when Holden aligned himself with Lucinda. Lily accused him of using her mother's tactics on her and Luke. Holden claimed that he was only giving Luke an additional option, and then he asked Lily how she would have voted at Worldwide. Lily answered that she would always vote on Holden's side, and they kissed.

Fans of Geneva Swift mobbed Brad and Henry as they entered WOAK. The fans praised Henry for making the character "gender irrelevant." Kim threw out the visitors and reminded Henry of the rules she had made about his never going near the station again. Henry implored Kim to give Vienna another chance at fame and stardom, but Kim said "that ship" had sailed. She did admit, however, that Henry had a powerful fan base, so she offered Brad and Henry, together, the chance to co-host the show. It was difficult for Kim to say the words, but she asked Henry to just be himself. Brad flipped out and asked which "self" Kim was referring to, the "booze-swilling card shark or the cross-dressing, back-stabbing goober." Henry thought about Vienna, and he turned down Kim's offer.

Paul found Emily at the Lakeview bar drinking champagne, and he invited her back to Fairwinds for "more sex." Emily thought it amusing that he seemed to have lost his subtlety along with his memory. She nixed the idea because she said she needed to figure out what to do about a job. Paul offered to pay all her bills, and he began nuzzling her neck. They began kissing and ended up back at Fairwinds, where Paul massaged Emily's feet. He asked her about her family, and for a moment, Emily forgot that Paul had no memory. She explained that she had a son named Daniel, who was in boarding school, and a recently discovered grown son, who wanted nothing to do with her.

Paul began to understand why Emily's job was so important to her. He also realized that money was an issue, so he jumped up and grabbed his checkbook. Emily yelled that she was not interested in handouts, and if Paul thought that he could pay her to sleep with him, he was out of his mind. Paul said that he had more money than he needed and it bought him time so that he could figure out what to do. He had hoped that it could do the same for her. Emily realized that Paul was sincere, so she took the check and walked out.

Damian took Meg to his hotel room, and she told him that she had found Paul and Emily having sex on the couch. She was furious with herself for even entertaining the thought that she and Paul might find their way back to one another. Meg also said that Paul did not want his old memories restored. Damian called Paul "a damn fool," and he poured them drinks and further criticized Paul. Damian assured Meg that he saw her entirely differently from her ex-husband, and the two of them kissed. They came up for air, and Damian asked Meg if she wanted him to stop. She answered by kissing him again, and they stretched out on the couch.

Henry went back to the Lakeview and found a bouquet of flowers and a note that read, "All is forgiven. Can't wait to see you." He immediately assumed that Vienna was on her way back to him, so he straightened up the room, took a shower and then called Brad. He told Brad that he was expecting Vienna momentarily, and Brad and Katie were happy for their friends.

Brad and Katie also talked about turning down Kim's offer. Katie showed him a picture of a crib she liked, but Brad was shocked at the price. He then declared that price was no object for a child of theirs, and he told Katie not to worry about finances. They hugged and kissed.

Henry put on one of his glamorous smoking jackets in anticipation of Vienna's return. When he heard the knock on the door, he couldn't get there fast enough. He opened the door, looked at the woman standing there, and said, "Mom?"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Henry was stunned to see his mother, Audrey, at his door. She told him that she had given him a warning by sending him the large floral arrangement, and Henry realized that Vienna was not on her way home. Henry asked Audrey why she was there, and when she was leaving. She said that she had seen Henry on television-in a dress-and she asked if he had anything to tell her. Henry was suspicious of his mother's motive for her sudden appearance, especially after Audrey said that she forgave him.

Henry reminded his mother that she had walked out on their family and left him to raise all his siblings, including loveable Maddie and not-so-lovable Eve, the Oakdale Slasher. He declared that Oakdale was not big enough for both of them, and neither was his room.

Katie asked Brad if he would go into the bedroom with her for a little "recreation," but he reminded her that her pregnancy was high-risk, so their mantra was "no getting frisky when it's risky." Katie said, however, that she'd had a chat with her doctor earlier, and he had given the okay for these about-to-be-parents to have a little friskiness. Brad scooped Katie up in his arms and announced that she did not have to ask him twice. They began kissing, but the phone rang, and they heard Henry's panicked voice telling them that something terrible had happened. He begged them to call him back.

That message put a damper on the lovemaking, so Katie went to return the call. Henry was grateful to hear her voice, and he told her that his mother had sent the flowers and was actually standing in his hotel room at that very moment. He had no idea what to do with her, so Katie invited both of them for dinner, and she hung up.

Janet was cleaning the kitchen at the farm when Sage showed up looking for her dad. Janet said that Jack had gone to Carly's house to see Sage, and she offered the girl one of Emma's special chocolate chip cookies. Sage, however, was already busy with her laptop. She was hoping that she had an e-mail response from Teri, the waitress who had befriended them in Chicago. Sage was disappointed that she had no answer, and she wanted desperately to call her mom. Janet stalled and said that she didn't think that Carly could receive calls where she was staying. Sage asked if her mother was in jail, but Janet said it was more like a special hospital.

Sage asked for the number of the hospital, and when Janet refused, the girl accused her stepmother of not wanting her to talk to Carly. Sage was upset that she had not had a chance to say goodbye to her mother, so Janet sat her down and explained that Carly would have said goodbye is she could have. Sage was convinced that Carly was just as eager to talk with her, so she went in to watch television and wait for Jack to return.

Jack arrived at Carly's house, and he was not happy to find Craig ensconced there. He chewed out Craig for taking his children to Chicago without his permission, and he included Rosanna in his criticism. Rosanna said she had only gone to protect Carly's business interests, and she assured him that the children had been well supervised. She apologized for upsetting Jack, although it was clear that to Craig it was no big deal. Jack walked out, and Rosanna was irate. She accused Craig of driving her sister to drink, but he soon calmed her. Rosanna answered the door and signed for a letter from Carly addressed to Sage. Craig was sure that he would get Carly's next letter.

Rosanna took Carly's letter to the farm and showed it to Janet. Janet was hesitant about giving it to Sage right away, so Rosanna got on her soap box and lectured that Janet did not have a say in how Carly communicated with her children. Janet reminded Rosanna that she was not the bad guy, and she urged Rosanna to wait for Jack's return. Rosanna said her sister did not need a buffer, but Janet said that they had no idea what Carly's state of mind was, and Rosanna finally agreed. She handed over the letter to Janet, who put it on the counter. Rosanna left, and Janet remembered something she had to do upstairs. Sage thought she heard voices, so she entered the kitchen. No one was there, but she found her mother's letter and opened it.

Rosanna went back home and was disappointed that Craig was still there. He accused her of micro-managing Carly's business interests, and Rosanna, in turn, referred to it as "protecting her sister's interests." Craig went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, and Rosanna followed, harping at him that he did not live there and could not just make himself at home. Sage crept in the front door and quietly went upstairs.

Craig and Rosanna returned to the living room and went over some business papers. They took another stroll into the kitchen, and Sage used that opportunity to sneak out the front door. She was wearing her backpack, and she left an envelope addressed to Jack propped against a large flowerpot on the front porch. She counted her money and came up with $57.00. She thought aloud that it was enough money, and she ran off.

Jack returned to the farm, and Janet said that Sage was in the other room watching television. She told Jack that his daughter had wanted to call Carly, and Jack said he had been afraid that would happen. He was worried when Janet told him that Rosanna had delivered a letter from Carly to Sage, but he was relieved that Janet had handled it the way she had. He asked to see the letter, and Janet reached for it, but it was gone. So was Sage, they learned when they checked the television room. Jack was not angry with Janet, but he quickly called Rosanna to see if Sage had gone home.

Rosanna told Jack that she had left Carly's letter at the farm, and Jack asked her to check Sage's room. Craig found the envelope addressed to Jack on the porch, so Rosanna opened it and read it to Jack. The note said that Sage had plenty of money and that she was on her way to see her mother. She also told her dad not to worry. Jack asked Rosanna to stay at the house, and after she hung up, Rosanna blamed Craig for distracting her so that she had not seen Sage either entering or leaving the house. Craig said that he could catch the girl, but Rosanna said Jack wanted her to stay put. Craig, however, convinced her that he was under no obligation to take orders from Jack Snyder, and he left.

At the farm, Jack figured out that Sage was most likely to take a train to visit Carly, so he headed for the train station. Sage was, indeed, there, and she was surprised to run into Teri, the friendly waitress from Chicago. They hugged, and Teri asked where Sage was going. Teri grew concerned when she learned that the girl was going on the train by herself. Sage explained where Carly was, and why, and she said that her mom needed her. Teri stalled Sage by asking where she could buy some really good ice cream, so Sage told her about a place in Old Town and offered to take her there.

The two of them walked to Old Town and got ice cream cones. They sat on a bench and Sage said that no one would allow her to talk with her mother. She also confided that her dad and her stepmother had hidden her letter from Carly. Teri suggested that Sage's folks might have had good reasons for what they did, and she suggested that Sage go back and ask her dad about it. Sage was afraid that Jack would be very angry with her, so Teri offered to take the girl back to Carly's house.

Jack was searching for Sage, and he ran into Craig in town. Jack was angry that Craig had horned in again on his family's business, and just then, Jack took a call from Rosanna. She said that Sage was home with her, and she explained that the girl had bumped into a waitress they had met in Chicago, and the woman had taken Sage home. Jack hung up but continued to unload on Craig as he drove away.

At Carly's house, Jack thanked Teri for helping Sage, and then he talked with his daughter alone. He tried to explain that Carly was not herself yet and that Sage still needed protection. They had a good talk, and then they hugged. Meanwhile, Rosanna talked with Teri about the coincidence of her showing up in Oakdale. Teri admitted that she had lost her job in Chicago, and when she was cleaning out her stuff, she had discovered Craig's business card. She had come to Oakdale in hopes that Craig might help her find another job. Sage walked in and announced that she was hungry, so Teri offered to fix her the special dish she had made at the restaurant.

Rosanna saw Craig walk up to the front door, so she let him in. She told him about Teri, and laughingly suggested that they adopt the young woman because she was a good cook. "Let her be the cool auntie," said Rosanna. Suddenly, Craig had an epiphany.

Henry and Audrey went to Brad and Katie's for dinner. Henry continued to verbally slam his mother. Audrey called Henry "Hanky-Panky," which sent Katie and Brad into gales of laughter. Audrey explained that Henry used to do a routine as a child in which he tied handkerchiefs together and did a dance. Henry was mortified, but just in time, Katie announced that dinner was ready. They had gotten a rack of lamb from the Lakeview, and Katie explained to Audrey that she was under doctor's orders to take it easy.

Audrey immediately made herself useful in the kitchen, while Katie took Henry aside and called his mother "a doll." Henry compared her to the scary doll, Chuckie, and Katie said something about Vienna. Audrey asked who Vienna was, and Katie answered that she was the love of Henry's life but that the two of them had recently broken up.

After dinner, Audrey excused herself to go to the rest room, and Henry asked how he could get rid of "Audrey the Abominable." Katie told him to chill out; his mother was delightful. Henry said that every word out of his mother's mouth was like a pitchfork in his psyche. Audrey returned, and told Henry it was time for them to leave.

Back in Henry's room at the Lakeview, Audrey said she needed some rest. Henry gave the bed to his mother and offered to sleep on the couch. Audrey said that she hoped that they could patch things up a bit, but Henry declared that it was too late. Audrey thanked him for taking her to Katie and Brad's, and she gave him her room service order for eggs the next morning. Henry said he would also order a sharp knife so that he could slit his wrists.

Craig stopped at the diner and chatted with Janet, who was working the late shift. She suggested that he leave Jack and his children alone. Jack walked in, so Craig made a fast exit. Jack asked Janet if she could reconcile having Parker and Liberty under the same roof for a while, and Janet agreed that was workable.

Craig went back to see Rosanna, and he told her that she needed help with the kids. He suggested that Teri might be just the answer, but Rosanna accused him of "hiring staff." Craig wanted to help, so he called Teri into the living room and talked about a job with Rosanna.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Casey opened his mail first thing in the morning and discovered that Oakdale University had reinstated him and that he could register for fall classes. He let out a loud whoop and was very excited-until Margo and Riley showed up. Then Casey made one of his hasty exits without mentioning a word about his big news. Margo complained about Casey's moods and remarked that her son had gone from cheery to gloomy in a matter of seconds.

Riley noticed the open letter on the table, so he handed it to Margo, who read it and rejoiced. She wanted to do something special for Casey, so Riley suggested a surprise party at lunchtime. Riley offered to round up the guests, and he left to do that. Tom joined Margo and was also excited for his son. Margo clued Tom in about the surprise party, and she asked him to make sure Casey would be home at the right time without knowing why.

Hunter was working at the Intruder office when Larry McDermott surprised him. Larry seemed unaffected when Hunter calmly said he hated Larry, then Emily walked in. Larry tried to hand Hunter a package, but Emily yelled at him to get out. Larry insisted on giving Hunter a music box that had belonged to his mother, Aurora, and he explained that he had taken possession of it when he and Aurora stopped seeing one another, and she had left it in the hotel room where they used to meet. Emily told Larry to leave, and Hunter agreed, so Larry walked out. Hunter opened the music box, but reiterated that he didn't want it.

Hunter resumed work, but he was unhappy. Emily asked what was wrong, and Hunter said that he was bummed that his mother had kept so much of her life a secret from him. Emily tried to cheer him up by reminding him that he had a whole new family in Oakdale, and that she was his mother, too. Hunter declared firmly that Emily was not his mother, and she was hurt by his dismissal.

At Java, Alison entered and spotted Casey, so she turned to leave. Casey asked her to wait, and offered her a cup of coffee. They got off to a bad start that ended with another of Casey's hasty exits. Riley walked in and told Alison that Casey had been readmitted to college, and Alison felt terrible about how she had just treated him. Riley mentioned the surprise lunch party for Casey, but Alison expressed very little interest in attending. Riley asked to see her phone, and he pointed out a picture on it of Alison and Casey in happier times. He said that Casey often moped in his room listening to sad music and looking at that same picture. He urged her to join the party, and said other nice things about Casey.

Casey went to Memorial and told his grandfather that he would have to find a replacement driver for the senior van. Bob was unhappy at first, until he realized that Casey was telling him that he was going back to college. Casey accepted Bob's congratulations, and took off. Tom found his father then and told him about the party. Bob asked Tom if Riley was still living at his house, and was surprised to hear that he was.

Riley went back home and delivered the gift Margo had ordered for Casey. It was a top-of-the-line laptop computer, wrapped with a bow. Riley called her "Mom," which delighted Margo, but he had made sure that no one else was there. Riley said he felt uncomfortable around Tom, who seemed to be always watching him, but Margo insisted that they continue with the charade and keep the secret that Riley was Adam. Tom arrived home, followed shortly by Bob, Kim, and Lisa. Nancy was a bit under the weather, so she couldn't make it. Tom called Casey and, in a serious voice, asked him to be home as soon as he could.

Hunter found Alison at the hospital and asked to speak with her. She had to finish some work because she was going to Casey's party over her lunch break. Hunter scolded her for giving Casey any more attention, and he was worried that Casey would hurt Alison's feelings again. Hunter announced that he was going to the party with her.

Larry ran into Emily in the Lakeview lounge and sat down with her. She tried to chase him away, but he asked for the chance to make things right for her. Emily accused him of stealing her unborn children, but Larry interrupted and asked if she remembered his friends who worked in in vitro fertilization in Chicago. He promised Emily that, if she wished, she could move up to first priority on the waiting list, and she could give birth again. Susan passed by at that moment and heard Larry's comment, and she was outraged.

Larry told Susan to stay out of her daughter's love life, and Emily said that, for once, her mother was right. Then, however, she called Larry a liar and a fake. He argued that science was almost perfect in his field, and he guaranteed Emily another baby. Emily declared that she no longer wanted to be pregnant, and that she, Hunter, and Alison wanted nothing more to do with Larry. Larry accused Emily of throwing away the child she had always wanted to love, and he left the two women.

Emily told Susan to ask what was obviously on her mind, so her mother wanted to know why Emily had changed her mind about wanting a baby. Emily said that she had Hunter, and he needed her while he was grieving for Aurora.

The party people heard someone approaching, so they got ready to yell "Surprise!" but the visitors turned out to be Alison and Hunter. Alison introduced Hunter as her brother, and explained how that had happened. Lisa's comment was, "Oh, great, another Stewart to contend with, but at least this one's a man!" Tom explained to Hunter that Hunter also had a half-brother, Daniel, and the conversation got a bit convoluted as Hunter tried to figure out how Tom and Emily had produced a baby.

Tom spied Casey's car pull up, so everyone got a noisemaker and let Casey have it when he walked in the door. He took one look and did his signature move -- a fast getaway. Margo ran after him, however, and caught him. Casey was disappointed that he hadn't gotten to tell his folks the news about college, but he did agree to go back inside and greet his guests. Riley maneuvered Hunter away from Alison so that she and Casey could have some private time. They apologized to one another, and Casey said how glad he was that Alison had shown up.

Casey leaned over and kissed Alison, and that disturbed Hunter, who was watching the couple carefully. Hunter tried to get Alison to leave, but she was not yet ready. Hunter got very protective of his new sister, and she told him that she was capable of making her own decisions. Hunter was upset, and he walked out without Alison.

Lisa asked Margo about Riley, and Margo was defensive and suggested that everyone make him feel welcome. Tom took photos of Casey with the guests, as Alison stood off to the side next to Dr. Bob. She clearly heard him say, "Nurse, would you send in the next patient?" Alison giggled at first, but then she realized that Bob was serious and she asked if he was all right. Bob seemed surprised and asked why she had inquired. Tom called Bob then for a picture, leaving Alison quite confused. She mentioned the incident to Kim, and Bob overheard and said the comment had been an example of his lame humor.

Kim, Bob, and Lisa took off, and Casey offered to walk Alison back to the hospital. He also told Riley that the day had been awesome. Margo and Riley cleaned up, and she was pleased at Casey's reaction to the laptop and to Riley's participation in the festivities. Riley needed to do something, so he left, but promised to be back for dinner -- if Tom was cooking.

After Riley left, Tom asked Margo when the young man might be moving on. He said that Bob had questioned him about that, but he also wanted to know for himself. Margo said that she had told Riley that he could live there as long as he wanted.

Back at the office, Emily walked in on Hunter looking at Aurora's music box. They talked about grief, and Emily promised that she was not trying to replace Hunter's mother. Hunter suggested they stick strictly to business.

Lisa, Bob, and Kim had a drink at the Lakeview bar, and Lisa gave a great deal of credit to Bob for Casey's going back to school. She excused herself for a moment to take care of a problem at the desk, and Kim told Bob that he was pretty terrific. Bob returned the compliment to Kim, but he called her "Lisa." Kim caught the mistake, but Bob denied it. Kim took the champagne glass out of Bob's hands and told him that he had imbibed a bit too much drink.

Casey and Alison had a rendezvous on the hospital roof, and it went well. They kissed and made some plans. Casey approached Alison at Memorial and asked to take her to an outdoor concert. He led her away, despite her protests that she was not dressed appropriately. Casey took Alison up the stairs to the roof of the hospital where he had set up some artificial turf, beach lounges, and a cooler filled with food and drinks. The rooftop overlooked the city park where the concert was beginning, so they had music. Casey wanted to be sure that the two of them were "all the way back" to where they had been before in their relationship.

Neither one of them wanted any more yelling, screaming, or storming out to occur, so Alison asked if Casey could promise that he would never lose his temper again. He was honest and said that he could not guarantee that, but he would definitely work on his flash temper. That was enough for Alison, and they began kissing.

Tom walked in on Riley and Margo during some physical horseplay that involved towel snapping. Margo had cooked again, and she fed Riley a taste of the Middle Eastern dish he had coached her through. Tom asked Riley about his job-hunting, but Riley said that it was tough to find work. Margo suggested that he go back to school, but Riley said that took too much time and money. Margo offered to help out financially, but that statement caused Tom to frown.

Margo explained that dinner was a lamb and rice dish, with a side of a spinach thing that she could not pronounce. They sat to eat, and Riley talked about some Afghan customs that were different from what Americans did. Tom focused on one in particular in which uninvited guests, even those who had worn out their welcome, were given hospitality for as long as they wished. Tom irritated Margo with his remarks, but she went to fetch the men a couple of beers without comment.

While Margo was away from the table, Tom mentioned a colleague of his at a law firm who was looking to train a paralegal, and if the person showed some promise, the firm would probably help out with tuition at a night law school. Margo heard the last part of the job description and declared that it sounded perfect for Riley. Tom promised to call his friend, and he assured Riley that the firm was one of the top ones in Milwaukee. Margo suddenly spoke up and announced that Riley was turning the job down because it was not in Oakdale. Riley tried to soften her comments by saying that he would certainly consider the job, so Margo asked to speak to Tom privately.

They went outside, and Margo verbally attacked Tom for picking on Riley, but Tom could not understand why a visitor was running their household. Tom said that he would see to it personally that Riley left, and he informed Margo that the man was departing that night. Margo got panicky and said it was too soon for him to leave. She declared that she needed Riley there, and that really confused Tom. He sharply reminded her that Riley could not replace Adam in their lives.

Jack and Janet hugged at the diner. Jack was grateful that Janet was cooperative about having all their kids together under one roof and in a stable environment. Jack wanted to pick the kids up immediately, so Janet offered to find a replacement for her shift. Jack said that he wanted to go alone, and that hurt Janet's feelings. Jack played the stepmother card, and Janet realized that it probably was wiser to have Jack be the one to propose the new living arrangements. Jack left to get his children.

Teri, the waitress from Chicago, asked Craig what his job proposal was, so Craig said that Rosanna needed help with Parker and Sage for the summer. Teri was not thrilled at the prospect of babysitting, so Craig called the position a "nanny/chef." Teri explained that she had a degree from the Culinary Institute and wanted all of her hard work to begin paying off. She had more in mind, something like running a four-star bistro. Craig told her that Carly owned Metro, a club that also served food, and he proposed giving Teri a chance. If she spent the summer babysitting, in the fall when Carly returned, Teri could take over Metro. Rosanna was incensed and reminded Craig that Carly owned Metro, but Craig looked at the deal as a win/win proposition. Teri agreed to the offer, and Rosanna cautioned Craig to clear it with Jack before they told Sage.

Sage walked in wearing one of Teri's aprons, and Craig blurted out that Teri was going to be the girl's sitter all summer, and the two of them could cook as much as they wanted. Rosanna let Craig have it, because, once again, he had overstepped his bounds is too many ways. Craig said that he was not afraid of telling Jack Snyder that he had made some decisions for the good of the family. Rosanna said that was a good thing, because Jack was ringing the doorbell.

Craig tried to get out of the house without telling Jack the plans, but Rosanna stopped him. Jack asked what Craig had done lately, and Craig said that he and Rosanna had devised a plan to keep Sage happy until Carly returned. Jack said that didn't matter because he was taking his kids to the farm for the summer. Craig explained that he had hired a babysitter, but Jack said he didn't care if she was Mary Poppins herself, because no one Craig had hired was caring for his daughter. Teri walked in behind Jack, and he saw her. He said he was thankful to her for taking Sage home, but there was no job for her there.

Casey and Alison decided that they were ready to resume their sexual relations, but Casey's phone rang and interrupted them. Casey saw that the call was from his mother, so he decided to let it go to voicemail. Margo was persistent, however, and the phone kept ringing, so Casey took the call. His mother asked him to return home right away because something terrible had happened, and it involved Riley. She said that Tom was throwing Riley out of the house that very night, and she begged Casey to talk with his father. Casey apologized to Alison and hurried off.

Riley had seen the conflict between Tom and Margo, and he implored his mother to tell Tom that he was Adam. Margo was adamant, however; Tom was not to know. She pushed Riley out of the house to stall for time, but Tom saw him leaving. He told Riley to hurry back so he didn't miss his plane to Milwaukee. Casey appeared, and Margo tearfully begged him to find a way to let Riley stay. Tom joined them and asked Casey if he had heard the news that Riley was leaving. Margo excused herself so that Casey could speak alone with his dad.

Tom told Casey that he was sending Riley away because the young man had crossed some lines with Margo. Casey then realized that his father thought that there was something sexual between Riley and Margo. Tom was obviously embarrassed to discuss that topic, so Casey wisely took the tack that Riley's connection to Adam was what Margo was responding to. Casey suggested that Tom talk to his wife about their marriage, and then Casey stopped talking.

Casey found Margo and told her that she had to do her part if Tom was to change his mind and let Riley stay. He was honest and said that Tom thought "she had the hots for Riley." Margo was shocked, and then she got angry at Tom for putting her "through hell for nothing." Casey called his mother selfish for enjoying the knowledge that Adam was alive and safe, while Tom had lost a son and was further worried about losing his wife to a younger man. Margo realized that Casey spoke wisely, and the two of them hugged.

Casey took off, and Tom asked if Riley was back. Margo began talking to him and seducing him at the same time. She assured him that Riley's only function for her was to help her cope with the loss of Adam. She said that she only loved and wanted Tom, and they kissed and went upstairs.

Riley was killing time at Java, and he spotted Alison and sat with her. She told him how romantic Casey had been until Margo's phone call had interrupted them. Alison was worried that the call was something about her, but Riley assured her that it was not. He said that it involved a job in Milwaukee that Tom was urging him to take. Riley said that Oakdale felt like home to him, and he was loath to leave. Alison remarked that Casey had been angry with Adam when he had died, and she thought that Riley had been good for him. Casey walked in just as it appeared that Riley was going to tell Alison his real identity, and Casey yelled at him "not to blow it."

Alison was confused by Casey's comment, and the two young men spoke privately. Casey said that Tom had mistakenly believed that there was a different kind of relationship between Margo and Riley, and Riley understood and was shocked. Casey suggested that Riley get lost for a couple of hours and give their parents some alone time. Riley agreed and thanked Casey for his help. Riley left, and Alison told Casey that she knew the perfect place for them to go. They went back to the rooftop and the concert was still playing. They got comfortable and went back to their lovemaking.

Sage asked her father why Teri could not stay, and Jack said that he needed her and Parker with him at the farm for the summer. Sage shouted that Jack was not fair, and she wanted to know why everything good got taken away. She ran to her room, upset. Jack drove her to the farm, and she barely acknowledged Janet then ran to her room. Jack told Janet about the sitter named Teri, whom Craig had hired, and he said he was not sure that she wasn't a plant arranged by Craig.

Back at Carly's, Teri asked if Jack was always so cranky, and Craig answered that he was usually worse. Teri felt bad for Sage, but she decided to go back to Chicago and see what kind of work she could find. She remembered that she had not given her phone number to Sage, so she thought she would go out to the farm and give it to Sage in person. Rosanna gave her directions, and they said their goodbyes. Craig told Rosanna that hiring Teri had been a terrific idea until Jack had decided to be a jerk about it.

Rosanna declared that she was no domestic goddess; she couldn't cook and kids in her care were either miserable or ran away. She knew she was much better at running a corporation, and she was grateful to Craig for hiring Teri to help her. Craig asked if she would like to get some food with him, but Rosanna declined. Craig said that he was sorry that she still thought of him as an enemy, but Rosanna said that was not true; but he wasn't a friend, either.

At the farm, Teri found Sage sitting on the front porch, and the girl was delighted to see her new friend. They hugged, as Jack came out to call Sage for dinner. He was rude to Teri and asked if she was stalking his daughter. Teri called Jack on his attitude, and their voices rose. Janet heard the commotion and joined them. She and Teri took one look at each other and each called out the other's name, although Janet called Teri "Teresa." When Jack looked confused, an excited Janet yelled, "She's my baby sister!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jack was amazed that Teri, the waitress everyone seemed to love, was Janet's baby sister. Janet explained to Teri that "the jerk" was her husband, Jack. The sisters had not talked in 18 years, since Teri was in kindergarten, and Sage was excited that Teri would stay in Oakdale. Teri admitted that she knew that Janet had moved to Oakdale, but she had no idea that she had stayed. Jack was suspicious that Teri was perhaps part of some nefarious plot cooked up by Craig.

Janet could not believe that her sister was there, but Sage's gloomy attitude interrupted their catching up.. The girl went outside, and Jack followed. Sage asked him if Teri had only pretended to like her so that she could find Janet, but Jack was supportive and took Sage for a walk before dinner. Janet explained to Teri that Jack was a great husband, but his kids made things very complicated at home. Teri and Janet confessed that each had thought that the other wanted no contact, and they both realized that they were wrong.

Teri referred to Janet's leaving home as when she "disappeared," and that annoyed Janet. Before Janet could explain, Jack and Sage returned, and Sage took her new friend to the barn to meet a new foal. Janet was excited that her sister would finally get to meet Liberty, but she was unhappy that Jack still considered her sister a stranger. To Janet, their 18 years apart meant nothing.

Craig told Rosanna that Jack was "territorial" when it came to his children, but she answered that Jack made her feel like a failure in that department. She felt bad that she had not fulfilled Carly's wishes that Rosanna care for the kids. Parker arrived, and Rosanna told him that he could rejoice; his healthy days were over because Jack wanted the kids with him at the farm until Carly returned. She told him that Craig had hired Teri from Chicago to cook and watch Sage, but Jack had put the kibosh on that idea. Parker put his foot down and refused to go to the farm.

Parker thought the Teri plan would have been a terrific one, but he felt uneasy about living at the farm under the same roof as Liberty again. Parker was afraid to trust himself under those circumstances, but Rosanna instructed him to go upstairs to pack. Parker begged Craig to call Jack and intercede, and when Craig did not agree, the teen asked how long Craig had been letting Jack push him around. Parker thought that Craig had more influence over his life as trustee of his funds, but Craig said that he had no control over where Parker lived. Craig did not know what to do, so when Rosanna returned to the living room, he told her that Parker wanted them to take another stab at convincing Jack to let the kids stay with them.

Lily called Luke from the Lakeview and invited him and Noah to dinner. Luke agreed, but he said that Noah was working night and day on his film. After the call, Lily told Holden that Luke was going to feel cornered and that the two of them were ganging up on him. The plan was to convince Luke to work for Lucinda at Worldwide instead of with Damian at Grimaldi Shipping. Luke arrived, and Holden began his pitch for Worldwide. He explained that there was no better expert than Lucinda for managing a business, and she would be running Worldwide while Dusty took time to settle his legal problems.

Holden looked to Lily for verbal support, but she was not paying attention. She was distracted when she saw Damian and Meg embracing and kissing in the foyer. Holden finally got Lily's attention, but she suddenly declared that they should also have Damian's input for their discussion, and she dashed after him as he got into the elevator. She went to Damian's room, and one look at the rumpled bed told her exactly what had transpired between her ex-husband and Meg. She told Damian in no uncertain terms that Luke would be better off working with Lucinda because Worldwide was a better business model and had more integrity than his family enterprises.

Damian was angry, and he shouted that their discussion was not really about business management as much as it was that Holden wanted Lily away from Damian. He accused Lily of voicing her opinions because of what she had observed in the foyer. Lily denied that and claimed that she and Holden were trying to guide their son through treacherous waters. Damian called Lily jealous, and that made her even angrier.

Luke spoke with Holden and said that he did not want to hurt Damian by switching companies. Luke could not understand why Holden would not give him the freedom of choice that Damian offered. Holden said that he only wanted what was best for Luke. Luke pared down the problem by pointing out that Holden was trying to make Luke choose between him and Damian. Holden called Lily, but she did not answer, so Luke reiterated that Damian had changed over the years and appeared to be a good man.

Holden weighed that against his years of experience and evidence with Damian. Luke said that his job was his own decision, and he had already made it. Lily returned to the table with Damian, and Luke told his birth father that he still wanted to work with him and learn the shipping business. Damian said that he would see him at work the first thing in the morning. Holden told Luke that he was making a huge mistake, and Luke was surprised when Lily adamantly supported Holden's opinion.

Janet could not believe that Jack did not trust her sister. They argued about whether Rosanna had devised some evil plot to undermine Jack's influence with his children. Jack did not care if Teri stayed in Oakdale, but he did not want her in the same household as his kids. Teri and Sage returned from the barn, and Teri overheard Jack tell Janet that Teri was not welcome to stay at the farm. Janet announced that dinner was ready, but Teri said she had to leave and find a job, because she had accumulated a "pile of debt" while attending school. The sooner she had work, the better.

Terri hugged her sister and made a fast getaway. Jack said that he had to think about his family, and but a tearful Janet said that the only one he thought about was his family. She explained that when her parents found out that she was pregnant with Liberty, they had packed her on a bus to her aunt's house. She had not even been allowed to say goodbye to her sister, who was in kindergarten. Janet was upset that she had been given a shot to make up for that, but Jack has scared her sister away.

Craig walked in the farmhouse and called out. Janet joined him, wiping away tears, and told him that Jack had left, and she had no idea where he had gone. She said her husband had virtually chased away her sister, and Craig was confused until Janet clarified that "Teri" was her sister, Teresa. Craig found that incredible, but he told Janet not to worry, and he set off to find Jack.

Jack caught Teri at the train station in Oakdale and asked her not to blame Janet for his actions. Teri wished Jack good luck with the "mess" of his life, as Craig found them. Craig asked Teri to wait, but the young woman said that she had a train to catch. Craig scolded Jack for letting Teri get away, and he hollered at him to allow her to stay in Oakdale, work at Metro, and see Janet and the kids occasionally. It was what Janet and the kids wanted. He asked Jack for once in his life to admit that he was wrong.

Craig got Teri and took her back to Jack. Jack said that he didn't want to be the one who separated her from her sister. He admitted that he had no say about who got hired at Metro, but his children were staying with him at the farm. Craig understood that, so Jack looked at Teri and said, "Welcome to Oakdale," and he turned away. Teri asked Craig what had just happened, and Craig told her that it had been a once in a lifetime miracle. He next offered her the job at Metro and agreed to put her up at the hotel until she got her bearings. Teri accepted graciously.

Craig took Teri back to Carly's house, and Rosanna and Parker were thrilled. Craig said that the miracle of all miracles had occurred: Jack Snyder had changed his mind. Parker was pleased, even though he realized that he still had to live at the farm for a while. Craig mentioned Teri's sister, and Rosanna got confused, so Craig told her she would never believe who that sister was.

Jack went home and told Janet that he was sorry he had been so insensitive. He told her that Teri was going to work at Metro, and Janet was delighted. Sage walked in, and Jack gave her the good news that Teri was staying in town, but when the girl found out that she was going to remain at the farm, she screamed that she didn't like it there and wanted to go home. She ran upstairs to her room, as Janet told Jack that Sage deserved to sleep in her own bed, have her new friend, and be happy.

Janet, Jack, and Sage paid a surprise visit to Carly's house, and Sage was ecstatic to see Teri again. Jack said that he had changed his mind again, and Craig listened closely for the sound of a celestial choir. Parker was happy with the outcome, as well.

Damian rendezvoused with Meg in Old Town and said that Lily had seen them together at the hotel, and she was not happy about it. He also told her about the "summit meeting" concerning Luke's job that Lily and Holden had dragged him to. Damian asked Meg if she wanted to end their relationship because of family concerns, but she kissed him hard and said she was ready for more.

Lily and Holden went home, and Lily suggested that they back off from Luke and Damian. Holden did not understand why Lily had changed her attitude about Luke's working for her ex, but she said that she had figured out Damian's agenda. She told Holden that Damian was sleeping with Meg. She felt Damian was attempting to steal their family, and she wanted to figure out a way to beat him at his own game.

At the farm, Janet and Jack kissed, and she thanked him for changing his mind about Teri.

At Carly's house, Sage watched Teri cook something magnificent and declared that Teri was "so much cooler" than her sister, Janet. Craig was also enthralled by the smells emanating from the kitchen, and Rosanna admitted that nothing had smelled like that since Carly had been away. She could not believe that Craig had made Jack do a 180-degree turn with Teri, and about the kids staying with her. They toasted each other with wine for finally agreeing on something.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jack stopped by the diner to chat with Janet. He asked her what her sister was up to, but Janet didn't know. Jack was surprised that Janet wasn't keeping up with Teri, but Janet said she didn't want to interrupt her sister if she was busy. She pointed out that although she herself had been a teenager the last time she'd seen Teri, Teri had just been five years old. However, Janet was looking forward to having Liberty meet Teri for the first time when Liberty returned from her internship. Jack left and went to the police station to work.

At Carly's house, Rosanna found Teri washing dishes in the kitchen and suggested that Teri take a break and visit Janet at the diner. Teri said that she needed to find a supermarket so she could buy things to make a special dinner that night. Craig walked in and said that sounded great to him. Rosanna asked if Craig had a house key, and he informed her that Carly had given him one. Teri excused herself, and Craig asked Rosanna how Teri was doing. Rosanna told him that Teri was a big help.

Craig and Rosanna went into the living room, where Parker joined them. Craig told Parker and Rosanna that he had sent Carly's sketches of Parker for the vitamin water ads to Ed Lazarus, the new business partner for the vitamin water company. Mr. Lazarus had liked the sketches so much that he wanted to base the advertising campaign around Parker. Rosanna told Craig that he couldn't make decisions about either Parker or the vitamin water business without running it by her first, and she pointed out that Jack would need to approve something like that for Parker. Parker said that would never happen, because Jack's whole purpose was to say "no" to things.

Rosanna told Craig that there was no way he could convince Jack to agree to the modeling job. Craig asked Rosanna whether she was getting tired of watching him do all the things she told him he couldn't do. Craig called Jack and said that he thought they should cement their new friendship by having Janet and Jack over for dinner. Jack informed Craig that they weren't friends and that he and Janet couldn't make it. Craig explained that it would be a family dinner to welcome Teri into the fold, and he thought that Janet would want to be there. Craig said, "We'll see you at 6:00," and then hung up and told Rosanna that Jack would be there.

Parker asked how Craig planned to convince Jack to let him take the job, and Craig said it sounded like Parker was interested in the job. Parker said he was, if it meant making money without having to attend school. Craig said that he would make it work, so Parker went upstairs to play a computer game.

Teri went to the diner to see Janet. Janet told Teri that she wanted to spend her break catching up on things with Teri. Teri told Janet that she didn't have to lie. Janet asked what Teri meant by that, and Teri said she could understand why Janet wouldn't want to see the baby sister she'd never cared about. Janet was confused and didn't know what Teri was talking about, but Teri said she knew that Janet had left to have a big adventure of her own, and that Janet didn't want to feel guilty about having left a bratty little sister behind.

Janet asked if that was what their parents had told Teri had happened, and Teri said yes. Janet assured Teri that she had written to her many times and had even sent presents every Christmas and on Teri's birthday, along with money so that Teri could visit Janet. Teri said she had never gotten any of those things. Janet explained that their parents had thrown her out and told her not to return home again, ever. Teri asked why they would do that. Liberty walked into the diner, and Janet nodded towards her and said, "Because of her." When Liberty asked, "Mom, what's wrong?" Janet explained that Liberty was her daughter.

Liberty realized that Teri was her Aunt Theresa, whose friendship page they had looked up on the Internet. Liberty was excited to finally meet another member of the Ciccone family, and she asked how long Teri would be staying. Janet explained that Teri had gotten a job as a nanny for Sage and Parker, and she told Liberty about how Teri had met the kids, Craig, and Rosanna.

Janet asked Liberty what had happened to her internship, since Liberty still had two weeks left of it. Liberty said there had been a change of plans. Teri's phone rang, and it was Rosanna, who wondered whether it would be okay with Teri if two more people were at the dinner that evening. When Rosanna mentioned that it was Jack and Janet, Teri hung up and told Janet about the dinner arrangements. Teri told Liberty that she should join them. Janet said that she would make her famous meatballs, because everyone loved those, and would make them for the dinner. Teri left for the supermarket.

Henry let himself into his room at the Lakeview and found his mother going through one of his drawers. Audrey claimed to have been tidying up, but Henry accused her of looking for something to steal. Audrey acted hurt, but Henry reminded his mother that she'd been stealing money from him since he was seven. Henry decided he would move his mother out of his room and into a room of her own. He told Audrey that they would stop by the front desk on their way out, and he took her by the arm and led her out of the room.

Brad and Katie sat at home looking through baby supply catalogues. Brad was concerned about their finances, since neither of them had a job. Katie was sure something would come up for Brad soon, but Brad wasn't convinced. The doorbell rang, and it was Henry and Audrey. Henry asked Brad and Katie to keep an eye on his mother while he went to shore up his financial defenses. He left, and Brad and Katie asked what had happened. Audrey began to cry and said that Henry had found her straightening up in his room and had made nasty accusations that she was trying to steal from him.

Katie left the room to get some tissues for Audrey, and Brad went to the kitchen to get Audrey a bottle of water. While they were out of the room, Audrey's cell phone rang. She answered it and told the person that she was "ready to move" and that it was time. Brad and Katie returned to the room, and Audrey thanked them for their kindness.

After Teri left, Janet asked Liberty what had happened with the internship. Liberty told Janet that they had just run out of money. Janet said that was too bad, but it was also good, because Liberty could spend some time getting to know her Aunt Theresa. Janet then decided she should also invite Brad and Katie to dinner, so she called them to extend the invitation.

Brad answered Janet's call and told Katie about the dinner invitation, but when he mentioned that Craig would be there, Katie said no. Brad said that they should leave, because Liberty was back and would be there, as would Janet's kid sister. Katie reminded Brad that they had a guest, but Audrey told them not to change their plans because of her. Brad tried to call Henry; when Henry didn't answer, Brad left him a message and took Audrey back to the Lakeview. Audrey pointed to a room across the hall from Henry's and said, "This is my room."

Brad asked if Audrey would be okay by herself, and Audrey assured him that she would. She thanked him for his gallantry, and he left. After Brad had walked away, Audrey went to Henry's room. She let herself in, went into the bathroom, and walked out carrying a hairbrush. Her phone rang, and Audrey told the caller, "It's time."

Henry walked through Old Town talking to his broker and asking the broker to change all account numbers and passwords on Henry's accounts as soon as possible, before they could be breached. Henry returned to the hotel and asked the bartender if he'd seen Audrey, but the man said no. Henry went up to his room and found clothes all over the bed. He could hear water running in the bathroom, so he stood by the door and started talking to his mother, saying, "Nobody ever changes." Vienna walked out of the bathroom and replied, "That's right, Henry. Nobody ever changes, especially you."

Henry was shocked that Vienna was back from Sweden. She told him that she had returned the previous day but had been afraid to see him, because he had hurt her deeply. Henry apologized and said that he would spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Vienna asked Henry to promise that he would never lie or deceive her or hurt her again, and he agreed. As Henry began to kiss her, Vienna stopped him and said that if she was going to give him a second chance, then he should give his mother another chance, too. Henry asked what his mother had to do with it, and Vienna told Henry that Audrey had been the one who had convinced her to return to Oakdale.

Henry and Vienna went down to the bar, where they found Audrey having a drink. Henry thanked his mother for her generous act in getting Vienna to return. Vienna told Audrey that since Audrey had convinced her to give Henry a second chance, Henry had agreed to give his mother a second chance. Henry said that he would take things day to day and see how it went. Audrey said that was good enough for her. Vienna and Henry returned to their room. Downstairs, Audrey made a phone call and told the person on the other end, "I've got what you need. Now, I need that DNA test right away."

Teri began setting up for dinner at Carly's. Brad and Katie arrived first, followed by Jack, Janet, and Liberty. Janet was carrying a tray full of meatballs, but there was no room for them at the table. Craig asked for everyone's attention and announced that Parker was going to return to school and was going to model for the vitamin water company. Craig said that he had told Parker that if he wanted the modeling job, he had to return to school. Parker quietly told Liberty, "No, he didn't," and he told Liberty that Craig was selling him out.

Jack told Parker that he thought it was terrific that Parker had finally decided to return to school and that he would be earning money at the same time, provided that Parker thought he could handle it. Parker was surprised by Jack's reaction, but he said that he could handle both school and the modeling job. Craig smiled and said, "Excellent!" and proposed a toast to Parker, while Rosanna looked on, greatly amused by the turn of events.

Everyone made enthusiastic comments about Teri's cooking, while Janet wondered where she should put her meatballs. Finally, Janet took Liberty aside and asked her to take the meatballs into the kitchen. Parker followed Liberty, and they both ate a meatball. Parker asked why Liberty had returned early from her internship. Liberty said it had been cut short because of a lack of funding, but she didn't want to talk about it, and she went back into the living room.

Teri asked Brad what he was doing these days, and Brad told her that he and Katie were on a television show, but it was on hiatus while Katie was on maternity leave. Craig said that meant that Brad was unemployed, but Katie insisted it was just a hiatus. Teri said that was good, because it was tough in the job market. Janet remarked that Liberty's internship had been cut short due to lack of funding, and Teri asked Liberty what had happened. Liberty said it was a boring story and that she wasn't feeling well; she excused herself and walked outside to get some fresh air.

Jack asked Craig about the number of hours Parker would need to work. Craig said that since it was their company and their campaign, they could set limits on how much of Parker's time would be needed. Jack said that was good, because if the job interfered with Parker's education, Parker would have to give it up. Craig agreed and said the whole point had been to get Parker back into the classroom. Jack admitted it was a great idea, and Craig thanked him and said that they both wanted what was best for Parker.

Janet started to clean up. Teri tried to help, but Janet said that since Teri had cooked, Teri shouldn't have to clean up, too. Teri told Janet she was sorry that she hadn't gotten to try one of Janet's meatballs before everyone ate them, and Janet said Teri could try them another time. Janet went into the kitchen and saw her tray full of meatballs, basically untouched. Upset, she picked them up and slid the meatballs into the sink.

Craig approached Brad and told him that if Brad and Katie needed any financial help, he would provide it. Brad assured Craig that Craig was the last person he would ever ask for help. Jack walked up and told Craig that Brad and Katie would be fine, but after Craig left, Jack assured Brad that they could always ask him for help if they needed it. Brad thanked him, and Brad and Katie left.

Parker went out to check on Liberty and asked her what had really happened with the internship. Liberty admitted that she'd been fired. When Parker asked why, Liberty replied that she had made a few mistakes. Parker tried to make her feel better. Liberty asked if Parker wanted to see a movie or something, but he said he needed to rest because his first day on his new job was the next day. Craig opened the door and told Parker that there were a few things they needed to discuss about the next day's work. Parker asked Liberty if she would be okay. She said yes, so he went back inside.

Rosanna and Craig thanked Teri for the dinner and complimented her on her cooking. Teri went to finish cleaning up, after thanking Craig for helping her get close to her sister again. Rosanna told Craig not to look so pleased with himself. Craig thought that perhaps Rosanna was starting to remember why she had respected him in the past, and she said perhaps a little bit. He pursued it, saying maybe she remembered why she had liked him, a little bit, but she told him not to push it. When Craig told her, "We used to be a lot alike, you and I," Rosanna answered, "Until I spent a few years in a coma, thanks to you," and she left the room.

Liberty, Jack, and Janet went back to the farm. Liberty announced that she was going upstairs to read. Jack wondered what was wrong with Liberty, then wondered why Janet was so quiet. Janet said her head was spinning, thinking about how differently her parents had treated her sister. She said, "Nobody ate my meatballs!" Jack told Janet that he loved her meatballs and thought they were better than all the fancy food that Teri had prepared. Janet then said that she had often wondered what her life would have been like if she hadn't gotten pregnant, and now she knew, because it would have been like her sister's life.

Brad and Katie went home. Brad was still angry because he thought Craig had been condescending about their financial situation. Katie agreed that she and Brad could handle their own problems and bumps in the road. Brad then remarked how wonderful Teri's cooking had been, and he said he had continued to think that they should do a segment on the show about Teri, but then he had remembered that he didn't have a show anymore. Katie told Brad that he'd just had a great idea. She reminded him about when Janet had first arrived in Oakdale and had been on the set of "Oakdale Now," cooking while Brad made hilarious comments about it. Katie thought that would be a good show for Brad to pitch to Kim, with Teri as his partner.


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