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Monday, June 29, 2009

At Babe's graveside, David mourned the loss of his son. David believed that God had punished him for the way he had treated others in the past. David blamed himself for his son's death. Krystal assured David that God did not use children to punish their fathers. David wondered why, if that were true, he seemed to always be burying his children. Krystal reached out to David and the two kissed. Marissa, with flowers in hand, stopped short when she saw her parents in a passionate embrace.

David and Krystal jumped apart when Marissa angrily asked what they were doing. Sheepishly, Krystal explained that she had been comforting David after he had buried his son's ashes in Babe's grave. The tension mounted when JR approached. David immediately sensed that there was an attraction simmering between Marissa and JR. His suspicions were confirmed when Marissa admitted that she and JR had kissed. Krystal quickly intervened when it appeared that things were about to turn ugly.

After David left to take Krystal home, Marissa told JR that they had to talk. Marissa admitted that she had enjoyed the time they had spent together on the boardwalk. JR confessed that he had been thinking of Babe when he had kissed Marissa. Marissa tried to hide her hurt as JR profusely apologized for kissing her under false pretenses. He explained that he had seen something in Marissa's eyes that had reminded him of Babe. JR had wondered what it would be like to kiss Babe one last time, so on impulse, he had kissed Marissa. Marissa understood why JR might have seen something of Babe in her; after all, she and Babe were twins. However, she was disappointed that JR hadn't been attracted to her.

Marissa walked away, and JR began talking to Babe's spirit. He felt horrible because he had hurt Marissa. As he wondered how Babe would look at him at that moment, a vision of Babe appeared before his eyes. She smiled with love at JR. While JR talked about his regrets with Amanda and Marissa, Babe's expression changed to one of compassion and understanding. JR wept with sorrow as he admitted to Babe that he didn't believe he'd ever love anyone the way he had loved her. When JR asked Babe if she would let him try, Babe answered by gently stroking JR's face and then slowly fading away.

Tad was pulled over by the police as he raced home with the baby. Tad's behavior led the officer to suspect that Tad had been drinking. He asked Tad to step out of the car, so that he could administer a sobriety test, which Tad later passed. While they waited for information on any outstanding warrants Tad's cell phone rang. The police officer invited Tad to answer it, but Tad declined. Tad joked that it was probably from "the old ball and chain."

The police officer was taken aback by the crude comment and suggested that Tad not refer to the mother of his newborn with such disrespect. Rather than apologize, Tad played the insensitive jerk to the hilt. When the officer received confirmation that the police didn't want Tad, he allowed Tad to go on his way. Tad checked his voicemail after he returned to his vehicle. The call had been from Jake. Jake was concerned because he hadn't heard from Tad.

At the Martin residence, Liza pretended to be in labor while Jake scrambled to make it appear as if Liza had given birth in the basement. Meanwhile, Colby, Pete, Amanda, and the paramedics frantically pounded on the locked basement door. Moments before the door was kicked in, Tad appeared at the basement window. He slipped the baby to Jake then left before anyone had spotted him. Liza was overcome with tears as Jake handed the baby to her.

Upstairs, Colby, Pete, Amanda, and the paramedics heard the baby cry out. When Jake joined them, he assured everyone that Liza and the baby were fine. Jake tried to persuade the paramedics to leave, but they insisted on transporting Liza and the baby to the hospital. Once again, Tad saved the day. Seconds after he walked through the front door, Tad complained of a tightening in his chest and shortness of breath. Jake quickly confirmed that Tad appeared to be suffering "some kind of attack." Jake urged the paramedics to rush his brother to the hospital, so Pete decided to accompany Tad.

After Tad was whisked away to the hospital, Jake returned to Liza's side. They were worried about Amanda's reaction to the baby. Liza ordered Jake to make certain that Amanda didn't see the baby. When Colby went downstairs to check on her mother and new brother, Jake went upstairs. Colby was awed by the baby and asked to hold him. As Liza handed the baby to Colby, she revealed that she intended to name her son Stuart. Colby was touched by the gesture.

Upstairs, Amanda asked Jake if they should call for another ambulance. Jake convinced Amanda that it wasn't necessary. Amanda decided to that she wanted to see the baby, but Jake managed to discourage her. However, Jake noticed Amanda's reaction to the baby's cries. Amanda admitted that the sound was unsettling; she worried that the feeling would haunt her every time she heard a child cry. Jake tried to reassure his wife that things would improve with time, but Amanda remained uneasy.

After Jake returned to check on Liza, Krystal and David walked into the living room. When Krystal and David heard the baby's cries, Amanda explained that Liza had given birth in the basement. David observed that the sound of the infant's cries must have been difficult on Amanda. Amanda confessed that it had killed her to hear the baby. Krystal rushed to Amanda's side and swept her up into a comforting hug. When Jake joined them, he mentioned that Tad had suffered an attack and had been rushed to the hospital. Krystal sprang up, determined to go to the hospital, so David offered to drive her.

After Krystal and David left, Amanda decided to see the baby. Amanda marched downstairs before Jake could stop her. Jake and Liza held their breath while Amanda looked at the baby. Jake visibly relaxed when Amanda didn't appear to recognize her son.

At the hospital, Angie insisted on giving Tad a thorough check-up, despite Tad's insistence that he was fine. While Angie took Tad to an examination room, Taylor approached Pete. Pete explained that his brother had suffered a heart attack. Taylor appeared stunned by the news and followed Pete into the lounge to await news on Tad. Later, after Angie gave Tad a clean bill of health, Pete ran off to spread the good news.

Tad wondered why Taylor was at the hospital. Taylor explained she had accompanied Brot on an errand and had bumped into Pete as Tad had been carted off. Taylor then volunteered that she had returned her engagement ring to Brot. Tad's reaction to the news was to ask Taylor out for dinner. He realized that the timing might be inappropriate, but he was eager to spend time with her.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie found a gun in Adam's desk. Annie appeared almost mesmerized by the gun as she slowly picked it up. Annie seemed to have flashbacks, of the moment that Stuart had died, while she held the gun. In a trancelike state, Annie turned and pointed the gun at the exact spot where Stuart's body had been found. Moments later, Adam entered the room from the foyer. As Annie turned toward Adam, the gun unerringly pointed at his heart. At the same moment, Ryan and Erica burst through the patio doors.

Annie was momentarily startled. Erica accused Annie of trying to kill Adam while Ryan urged Annie to lower the gun. Annie quickly recovered and rushed to explain that it had been a misunderstanding. She insisted that she had found the gun and picked it up without thought. Ryan seemed to believe Annie, much to Erica's dismay. After Ryan hustled Erica out of the door, Annie cried out, "Oh God, it almost happened again."

Annie reiterated that she hadn't meant Adam any harm. She explained that she had been lost in the moment. Adam admitted that he had seen Annie pointing the gun at the exact spot that Stuart had been murdered. Annie appeared surprised by the information, but didn't deny it. Annie insisted that she had no idea what she had been doing. Adam appeared to have doubts, but Annie answered all of the questions to his satisfaction.

Elsewhere, Aidan listened in on the conversation between Annie and Adam.

Ryan and Erica went to Ryan's penthouse. Erica was upset because Ryan had believed Annie's claims of innocence when they had questioned her about the gun. Ryan confided that he had watched Annie closely and he believed that she had been lying. Ryan suspected that Annie might have murdered Stuart.

Later, Erica returned to the Chandler estate to talk to Adam about Annie. Adam accused Erica of being jealous. Erica asked Adam to park his ego for a moment. She stressed that she was genuinely concerned for his welfare. Erica feared that Annie would kill Adam, but he scoffed at her dire warnings. Frustrated, Erica left.

Minutes later, Annie went downstairs to check on Adam. Annie started to turn when she heard a noise on the patio. Adam assured her that it had been nothing, but he had lied. Adam had spotted Erica lurking outside. Adam waited until he was certain that Erica was watching him before he leaned down to kiss Annie.

Aidan showed up at Ryan's apartment to share the details of Annie's conversation with Adam. Aidan questioned why Ryan had not called the police when Annie had been found with the gun. Ryan explained that it wouldn't have been enough to prove Annie's guilt. Aidan admitted that he had suspected Annie of murder from the moment he had learned of Stuart's death.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ryan went to see Kendall and Zach. The Slaters informed Ryan that Henry, the D.A., moved Kendall's trial up. Ryan said that he had news that could help Kendall. He proceeded to announce that Annie killed Stuart. Zach asked how Ryan knew that. Ryan explained that he saw Annie, with a gun in her hand, staring at the spot where Stuart was shot in the mansion. Ryan could tell by the look in Annie's eye that she was guilty.

Ryan wanted to tell Henry that he suspected Annie, but Zach warned him not to. Zach felt that the only way to stop Henry from prosecuting Kendall was to find dirt on the D.A. Zach thought that Ryan would make things worse if he spoke to Henry.

Tad took a nap on his couch and dreamed of the night that Stuart died. He recalled seeing someone and then hearing a gunshot. He suddenly awoke because Liza broke a glass in the living room. She apologized for waking him up.

Liza thanked Tad for his help with the baby. She noted that she was tired after staying up all night with the newborn. She felt a lot of pressure to give the boy a good life. Tad assured her that she was a great mother. He told her that she could stay in his house as long as she needed to.

Colby visited Liza and her baby, Stuart. Colby was very excited to have a brother and offered to help her mother feed the baby. Liza asked Colby to grab a bottle for Stuart. Colby was curious why her mother was not breast-feeding the baby. Liza said she was having difficulties.

As Colby looked for the bottle, she found her mother's fake pregnancy belly. Colby inquired what the round-like pad was for. Liza looked nervous and claimed that it was a pillow that she used to help ease back pain during her pregnancy. Colby bought the lie. Colby then told Liza that she wanted to live with her and the baby. Liza was ecstatic and began to cry tears of joy.

AMC Recap Photo 090630 Amanda went to see Jake at the hospital. She was upset because she missed her baby. She admitted that seeing Liza's baby made her feel worse. Jake promised she would start to feel better eventually, but she did not believe him. She asked how he could act as if nothing happened. She wondered if he was able to move on easily because it was not his biological son. Jake affirmed that he cared for the baby. She apologized for being hard on him.

Amanda and Jake visited Liza. Amanda asked to hold the baby. As Amanda held the newborn, Liza and Jake shot each other a nervous glance. Amanda became emotional, but did not recognize that the baby was hers.

Jake took Amanda out to lunch, but she was not hungry. He asked if he could do anything to make her feel better. She replied, "Tell me who has my baby."

Kathy and Emma had a play date at Tad's house. Tad asked the girls to play in another room because he wanted to take a nap. Tad shut his eyes and once again recalled the night of Stuart's murder. Tad remembered seeing Emma on the steps in the foyer. The girl said, "I want my mommy." Tad then remembered seeing a woman running away from the terrace.

Ryan went to Tad's house to get Emma. Tad shared his recollections with Ryan. Ryan was convinced that Annie was the killer. Although Tad was not certain who the woman on the terrace was, he did think it was possible that it was Annie.

AMC Recap Photo 090630 Ryan and Tad went to see the D.A. Ryan introduced Tad to Henry. Henry said that he knew Tad as the man who survived the trigger-happy chief of police. Tad commented that he did not blame Jesse because he was merely doing his job. Ryan informed Henry that Tad had memories that could exonerate Kendall. Henry looked uneasy.

Zach went to the casino because he found out Madison was there. He approached the blackjack table she was playing at. She was annoyed to see him. He tried to give her free chips, but she refused them. She warned Zach that Kendall was going to prison and he could not stop it. Zach noted that Henry had a grudge against Kendall because she was smart, beautiful, and wealthy. Zach assumed that Henry wanted to break Kendall, just like he broke Madison. Madison slapped Zach across the face.

Madison affirmed that Henry was brilliant in the courtroom. She said that Henry could prosecute anyone. She bragged that her husband had the ability to manipulate every witness, so they would say exactly what he wanted. She was certain that Henry would send Kendall away for life. Then, Zach got a phone call and left.

Meanwhile, Henry interrogated Tad about the night of the murder. Tad recounted all of the details he could remember. Ryan chimed in that Annie was the woman on the terrace, but Henry was skeptical. Henry asked Tad if he was sure Annie was on the terrace. Tad was not completely certain.

Tad stated that he saw a woman with long brown hair. Henry asked if the woman had curly or straight hair, but Tad did not know. Henry assumed that Tad saw Kendall on the terrace, not Annie. Just then, Zach entered the room.

Annie looked in a drawer for Adam's gun. Adam noticed Annie and informed her that he removed the weapon. Annie swore to him that she was not a danger. She further asserted that she did not kill Stuart. Adam said that he believed her and they hugged. JR entered the room and quipped, "When's the wedding?"

JR and Adam fought over Annie as Scott watched. JR was dumbfounded by Adam's loyalty to Annie. Adam said that he missed JR and Little Adam, but he owed Annie for saving his life. Scott urged the two men to stop arguing, so they could discuss business.

Scott presented a new mission statement for Chandler Industries. Scott wanted to transform the company's image. Scott no longer wanted Chandler to exemplify corporate greed; instead, he wanted to help the community and the environment. Adam thought Scott's idea was preposterous because the company needed to make a profit. JR agreed that the company needed to focus on making money, not giving it away. Scott was appalled. Scott reminded Adam that he swore to be a better man after Stuart died. Scott said he could not work for the company if it remained gluttonous.

Adam commented to JR that his cousin had a good heart, even if it was soft. Adam said that JR was the real businessman in the family. Nevertheless, Adam still wanted Scott to be involved in the company. Adam urged JR to prevent Scott from quitting.

JR found Scott at a bar on the boardwalk. JR joked, "I'd have a drink with you, but I'm a drunk and that wouldn't end well." Scott stated that he was resigning and leaving Pine Valley. JR pleaded with Scott to stay, so they began to negotiate plans for the company. JR suggested that the company would make charitable donations after it got back into the black. Scott agreed. JR further noted that they would make all donations in Stuart's name. Scott was pleased, and they embraced.

Kendall went to the mansion to see Annie. Kendall told Annie that she needed her help. Annie was confused, so Kendall reminded Annie that she offered to help her while they were in prison together. Kendall suggested that they both recount the night of the murder to try to think of any new evidence that could exonerate Kendall.

Kendall told Annie that she was incapable of killing Adam, although she wanted to. Kendall stated that she dropped her gun and ran off before the murder was committed. Kendall proceeded to question Annie about her whereabouts that night. Annie sarcastically said, "I shot Stuart. Does that help you Kendall?" Annie knew that Kendall really wanted a confession from her, not friendly help. Annie adamantly stated that she was innocent.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ryan accused Henry of twisting Tad's words to make Kendall look guilty. Henry accused Ryan of maliciously using his ex-wife to try to get his ex-lover off the hook. Zach then entered Henry's office.

AMC Recap Photo 090701 Henry noted that Kendall was a force of nature because she had two men working together to save her, even though they clearly hated each other. Zach and Ryan both affirmed Kendall's innocence, but Henry was not convinced. Henry handed Ryan a summons and told Ryan he was served. Henry planned to call Ryan as a witness at Kendall's trial. Henry also revealed that he planned to use Tad as a witness.

Ryan explained to Zach that Tad thought he saw Annie on the terrace on the night of the murder. Ryan further explained that Henry got Tad to change his testimony to say that it might have been Kendall on the terrace instead. Zach was annoyed and told Ryan to stay away from Henry. Ryan snidely noted that he did not take orders from Zach. Zach felt that Ryan made things worse for Kendall.

Erica went to see Aidan. Aidan had bugged the mansion and was listening to Annie's conversations. Erica wanted Annie to implicate herself in the murder, so Kendall would be exonerated. Erica and Aidan listened to Annie and realized that she was talking to Kendall. Erica was concerned because she did not want Kendall to be alone with Annie.

AMC Recap Photo 090701 Annie was furious with Kendall because she knew Kendall suspected her of killing Stuart. Kendall admitted that she thought Annie was guilty. Annie proclaimed her innocence and accused Kendall of the crime. Annie assumed that Kendall was desperate enough for revenge after she thought Ian had died. Kendall wanted Annie behind bars because it would be best for everyone. Annie stated that she was sick of "losing." She warned Kendall to steer clear of her.

Adam arrived at home and asked what was going on between Annie and Kendall. Just then, Erica entered the mansion. Annie explained that Kendall was unrightfully accusing her of murder. Adam wanted to call the police. Erica said that she would tell the cops that Annie threatened Kendall. Adam asked how Erica knew that, since she just arrived. Erica claimed that she could hear Annie yelling from outside the mansion. Then, Kendall and Erica left. Annie thanked Adam for his support and they hugged.

Annie looked at the spot on the floor where Stuart died. She recalled Stuart's face as he was shot. She then went on the terrace and remembered seeing a gun on the floor. Meanwhile, Aidan was secretly watching Annie. He then revealed himself and asked her to confess to the murder. She professed her innocence. Aidan assumed that Annie killed Stuart and then used Adam as her alibi. Aidan commended her cleverness. She said he was wrong and screamed, so security would come. Aidan ran off.

Adam heard Annie's scream and asked what happened. She said that Aidan was on the property. She explained that Aidan accused her of murder, just like Ryan, Erica, and Kendall. Adam told her not to worry because he would make sure Annie had no more unexpected visitors. She divulged that she was having nightmares. He told her that she could rest easy because she would be sleeping with him.

Erica and Kendall went to see Ryan at his penthouse. They explained to him that Kendall had a run-in with Annie. Ryan explained to them what happened when Henry interrogated Tad. Kendall felt that her situation was hopeless, unless they found enough dirt on Henry.

Kendall left the penthouse and Erica stayed. Erica said that they could use Emma to get to Annie. Ryan was reluctant because he did not wish to get Emma involved. Erica feared that Kendall would go to jail. He promised Erica that he would not let Kendall go to prison. He held Erica's hand and asked if she trusted him. She replied, "I trust you with my daughter's life."

Kendall went to see Zach at the casino to tell him about her conversation with Annie. Zach urged Kendall to stop taking matters into her own hands because she made things worse.

Kendall asked Tad to meet her at the casino. She admonished Tad for telling Henry he saw her at the mansion. Tad reminded her that he did see her in the foyer and on the terrace. She urged Tad not to reveal that information in court. Jesse approached them and asked what they were discussing.

Henry went to the casino to see Madison. Henry snidely asked, "Did you lose the house yet?" She replied, "It's none of your business, considering I bought the house." He looked annoyed and told her to stop talking to Zach. She asked if he was worried that Zach might find dirt on him. Henry was not concerned. She warned him that Zach might find out about his upcoming trip to Washington, DC. Henry claimed that his trip was innocuous and that he was going there to "blow off some steam." She did not believe him.

Zach went to the casino. Madison saw him and brought him a drink. She was upset with her husband and revealed that he did not love her. She said that a mystery woman had broken Henry's heart. She stated that he was incapable of opening up to her because of that woman. She continued that Henry was leaving for a weekend getaway in D.C. to "blow off some steam." She insinuated that Henry would meet with prostitutes. Zach wondered if that bothered Madison. She said the hookers did not upset her, but she was desperate to know who the mystery woman was. She assumed that Zach would follow Henry. She asked Zach to tell her if he saw Henry with a woman of interest.

Randi visited Frankie in the hospital. They were making out in a hospital bed when Natalia stopped by. Natalia joked that her eyes were blinded by the sight. Natalia announced that she was going to move out of their apartment because she felt the newlyweds needed privacy. Frankie thanked his sister for the gesture.

Randi and Natalia went to their apartment. Randi helped Natalia pack her belongings up. Randi wondered if Natalia would move in with Jesse and Angie. Natalia said no because Jesse and Angie were always making out around the house. Randi hoped that she and Frankie would always be in love, like Jesse and Angie. Natalia confided in Randi that Jesse was having a hard time lately due to Henry. Natalia stated that Henry belittled Jesse every chance he could. Natalia then started to leave to get more packing supplies. Randi asked Natalia to bring Frankie chili cheese fries from BJ's.

Henry entered Randi's apartment and saw her packing a box. He was excited because he assumed that she was leaving her husband. She affirmed that she loved Frankie and had no plans to leave him. Henry asked her to go to D.C. with him, but she refused.

Randi scolded Henry for prosecuting Kendall. She explained that Kendall was her boss and that Kendall gave her a chance when no one else would. Randi then threatened to tell the press that Henry let her evade prostitution charges in exchange for sex. He warned her not to mess with him; otherwise, he would take it out on Jesse. He then noted that Randi could persuade him to ease up on Jesse and Kendall, if she went to D.C. with him.

Henry left Randi's apartment. Meanwhile, Zach had followed Henry to the apartment. Zach knocked on Randi's door. Randi was surprised to see Zach.

Amanda and Jake were at ConFusion eating lunch. Amanda told Jake, "Tell me who my baby is with." Jake looked uneasy and refused. She wondered why he would not divulge the location of her child. He reminded her that, before the baby was born, she told him never to tell her where the child was, even if she asked. Amanda changed her mind, however, and explained that she needed to know that her baby was doing well.

Jake told Amanda to close her eyes. He then described a fake life that her baby was living. He said that the baby lived in a small home, nestled in the countryside. He stated that the child's adoptive parents' were a teacher and a veterinarian. He claimed that the parents were waiting for a child and received the perfect baby, thanks to Amanda. She thanked Jake for telling her, but she was very emotional. She went to the restroom to compose herself. Meanwhile, Tad was at the restaurant eavesdropping on the conversation.

Tad revealed himself to Jake. Tad warned his brother that feeding Amanda fantasies would not fix her broken heart. Tad encouraged Jake to tell Amanda the truth. Jake assured Tad that he had everything under control. Tad feared that Jake's plan would backfire.

Amanda returned to the table and noticed Tad and Jake in a heated discussion. She asked what they were talking about. Jake pretended that Tad was telling him about Liza's baby keeping him up all night. Tad commented that the baby was very loud. Then, Tad left.

Amanda asked to hear more about the baby, even if it was a fantasy. Jake said that he wanted to discuss a different type of fantasy, one that involved whipped cream on Amanda. A waitress approached them and asked if they wanted to order. Amanda ordered a sundae, to go.

Amanda and Jake returned home. They got into bed and kissed. She thanked him for making her laugh. He said it was his job. They kissed more.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adam told Annie that Aidan would not be bothering her again. Annie said that she felt like people were always after her, which was causing her to have nightmares. Adam said that he had not slept well since Stuart died. Adam said that he only felt good near Annie because she was with him the night Stuart died. Adam suggested they sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed, to see if it would help them sleep better. Adam asked Annie to tell him again what happened the night Stuart died so the memories might come back to him.

Annie told Adam that, on the night of the murder, she found him in the mansion's downstairs corridor. He was confused, so she took him upstairs. Annie said she was with Adam when Stuart was shot. But Annie remembered dropping a gun on the floor. Annie told Adam that she was telling him the truth. Adam said he believed her. Annie told Adam he would be fine and kissed him.

Bodyguards burst through the door with Aidan in their arms. The guards said that they caught Aidan outside listening to a device that had been planted in the home. The guards found the device under a coffee table. Aidan said that, because he loved her, he defended Annie while everyone thought she was crazy. Aidan said he planted the device to find out what really happened the night Stuart was killed. Adam wanted to press charges, but Annie told the guards to let Aidan go. The guards escorted Aidan outside.

Erica said she was worried about losing Kendall to a prison sentence. Ryan promised Erica that he would keep Kendall safe. Erica thanked Ryan for looking after Kendall. Ryan told Erica that he wondered if he would fail Emma as a father. Erica said it was not Ryan's fault that Greenlee died. She said that Annie would pay for all her crimes, even if Adam were falling for Annie's act.

Ryan asked Erica more about her relationship with Adam. Erica said it could be love if she did not hate him so much. Ryan said Erica deserved to be with a good man, but Erica said she did not mind being single. Erica got up to leave. Ryan wrapped a shawl around Erica and let her out the door.

Henry went to look for Jesse at the hospital, but instead, found Frankie practicing his hand exercises. Frankie said that Jesse was out working on the Chandler case. "Finally," Henry muttered. Frankie asked Henry what he meant by his snide remark. Henry said that it seemed Jesse was preoccupied with Frankie, but Henry was glad Jesse was back at work. Henry also said he was happy Frankie was feeling better. Frankie credited his recovery to his family and wife.

Henry said Frankie was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Henry said he had been married for a few years, and quickly learned that it was impossible to know a person completely. Henry said he knew his wife was hiding secrets, but Frankie said he and Randi shared everything.

Zach asked Randi how she knew Henry. Randi said Henry went to the apartment looking for Jesse, but Zach did not believe her. Randi admitted that she knew Henry when she was a prostitute, but Henry was not a paying customer. Randi said Henry loved her, but she did not think they belonged together, so she had walked away from him.

Zach asked why Henry returned to Randi. Randi said Henry wanted them to start over. Randi thought she could help Kendall and Jesse by warming up to Henry, but Zach said Henry was dangerous. He told Randi to stay away from Henry.

Tad told Kendall he saw her twice on the night he was shot. As Jesse walked up, Kendall asked Tad to keep quiet. Jesse wanted to know what Kendall wanted Tad to hide. Kendall said that Henry was so determined to convict her that he was trying to get her friends to testify against her.

Jesse said he tried to keep the blame off Kendall, but he was going to have to testify. Kendall said Ryan saw Annie acting strange in the same place Stuart was killed, making it obvious that she killed him. Jesse said they could not arrest Annie without proof. Tad said he and Ryan tried to talk to Henry, but it only made Kendall look guiltier.

Jesse told Kendall and Tad that they should have gone to him with their suspicions about Annie. Tad visualized himself telling Henry that he saw Kendall running away from the Chandler mansion shortly after Stuart was shot. Next, Kendall imagined Jesse telling the jury that she had lied to him about the night Stuart died. Kendall told Jesse and Tad that she was going to be convicted unless they could prove otherwise.

Jesse went to check on Frankie at the hospital. He and Henry exchanged words out in the hall. Henry said it would be a pleasure to watch Kendall's friends get on the stand and make her look guilty. Jesse said Annie was also in the house the night Stuart died, but Henry reminded him that Annie was not a suspect. Jesse said Tad remembered a few details from that night. Henry said Tad's memories were sketchy and not enough to prosecute Annie.

Randi saw Jesse and Henry talking at the hospital. Henry said he was taking a few days off, and Jesse left. Henry told Randi where he would be staying if she decided to spend the weekend with him. Randi checked on Frankie, who said he felt bad for Kendall and her family. Frankie said it would take a miracle to keep Kendall out of jail. Randi told Frankie she needed to go out of town for a few days to handle a Fusion conference.

Randi went to Henry's hotel room. Randi asked Henry to leave Jesse and Kendall alone. Henry said he would grant Randi's wish if she spent the night with him.

Kendall went to see Ryan, but ran into Erica, who was leaving. Kendall envisioned her mother telling the jury that she heard Kendall admit to wanting Adam dead. Kendall hugged her mother and went inside to see Ryan. Kendall saw the subpoena paperwork at his home. Ryan said he would lie on the stand, but Kendall was against the idea.

Kendall visualized Ryan on the stand describing Kendall's strange behavior after Stuart was shot. Ryan said he still had time to prove Annie shot Stuart. Kendall said she was not guilty of murdering Stuart, but felt guilty for turning her back on Zach and the children to explore a relationship with Ryan. Ryan said he blamed Kendall for nothing. She hugged him and left.

Erica went to see Zach at the casino. She told him Kendall was upset about something. Erica said that Annie killed Stuart. Aidan went to the casino. He told Erica that security had busted him. Erica said they needed to find another way to nail Annie.

Zach went to get Kendall at Ryan's house, but Ryan said Kendall was already gone. Zach went to look for Kendall alone.

Kendall went home and looked at herself in a mirror. Kendall imagined defending herself on the stand. Rachel brought out Spike and Ian to Kendall. Kendall took them in her arms and said she had something important to tell them.

Erica snuck into Adam's house and an alarm sounded. Guards found Erica in the living room. Adam and the guards went to turn off the alarm, while Annie waited with Erica. Erica apologized for disturbing Annie's sleep.

Annie said she and Adam were not sleeping. They were looking at the gardens from his bedroom. Erica locked the door so she and Annie could speak undisturbed. Erica told Annie that she would not let her get away with framing Kendall. Annie angrily grabbed Erica's neck and started choking her.

Ryan and Zach tried to find Kendall, but she was not at home and ignored phone calls.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Due to the extended Fourth of July/Independence Day holiday, ABC aired a special rebroadcast of the big murder mystery storyline that resulted in the death of Stuart Chandler.

To read out complete recap of that episode, click here.

This programming change had been planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumes Monday, July 6, and picks up where Thursday, July 2's episode concluded.



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