One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 29, 2009 on OLTL

Clint asked Bo to be his best man. Gigi and Rex forced Kyle to reveal the truth about the donor of the bone marrow. John suggested that Cole go undercover to help in busting a drug ring. Todd and Téa made love, and Blair resented their relationship. Greg stood Destiny up for dinner.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 29, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Killing Me Softly

At Ultraviolet, as Gigi pleaded with Rex to believe her claims against her sister, Stacy entered the club and demanded to know what was going on. Ignoring Stacy's questions, Gigi continued to beg Rex to forgive her. Rex shocked Gigi when he ordered her to leave the club. Stacy was delighted when Rex looked at Gigi and declared, "It's too late. I won't take you back because I'm with Stacy now!" Rex watched as a devastated Gigi walked away.

Afterward, Stacy continued to press Rex for answers regarding Gigi's visit. Certain that Gigi had bashed her to Rex, Stacy urged Rex not to believe anything that Gigi had told him. Although he appeared toward her, Rex tried to convince Stacy that Gigi hadn't revealed any startling information. Realizing that Stacy was suspicious, Rex assured Stacy that he cared about her.

Stacy wondered if Rex could possibly love her. When Rex hesitated, Stacy covered her tracks and apologized for being so forward. Stacy announced that she also cared for Rex and was happy with their new relationship. Stacy asked Rex to escort her back to the loft, but Rex made up an excuse and promised to meet her at home later. Before leaving, Stacy tried to kiss Rex on the lips, but he turned away and accepted a kiss on the cheek instead.

At Rodi's, Schuyler sat in silence as he thought about Stacy's remark questioning whether he had developed feelings for Gigi. Schuyler was stunned when Gigi entered the bar in tears and announced that Rex didn't believe her confession and that he had kicked her out. Gigi feared that Rex might mention her accusations to Stacy, who in turn might leave Llanview without revealing the identity of Shane's donor. Schuyler was certain that Stacy had no intention of walking away from Rex, and nearly blurted out Stacy's claim that she and Rex had sex. Unwilling to hurt Gigi, Schuyler didn't reveal Stacy's admission and did his best to console Gigi. A tearful Gigi told Schuyler that she had ruined her chance of reconciling with Rex.

Later, a depressed Gigi returned home and cried as she thought about losing Rex. Gigi was shocked when Rex showed up at the cottage to see her. Certain that Rex had come to chastise her, Gigi insisted that she couldn't handle Rex's harsh criticism of her. Rex pulled Gigi into an embrace and kissed her passionately.

OLTL Recap Photo 090629 At the police station, Natalie and Jared demanded that Kyle give them the name of Shane's donor or else they would initiate blackmailing charges against him again. Kyle advised the couple that he was warned that Rex would be devastated by the revelation of the true donor. Kyle also mentioned that he had promised Roxy to keep the donor's identity a secret. Unmoved by Kyle's pleas, Natalie and Jared instructed him to give up the name of the donor or face the consequences. Cornered, Kyle announced that he didn't know the name of the donor, but stated that he would take them to the facility were the patient resided.

Later, Kyle, Natalie, and Jared arrived at the long-term care clinic. As Natalie and Kyle stood in the background, Jared pulled back the curtain that surrounded the patient. A horrified look crossed Jared's face as he looked down at the patient.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Roxy was shocked when an unknown woman entered the salon and snatched the bag of blood out of Roxy's hand. The woman announced that she was the day nurse who had been assigned to John Doe, the patient whom Roxy had stolen the sample of blood from. Referring to Roxy as a murderer, the nurse revealed that she was aware that Roxy had pulled the plug on her patient. Hoping to receive sympathy from the nurse, Roxy informed the woman of Shane's condition. Roxy stated that Shane needed the blood sample in case he relapsed, and insisted that John Doe was a horrible man. To Roxy's surprise, the nurse informed Roxy that she was aware of Shane's medical problems and had no sympathy for Roxy's predicament.

Advising Roxy that she had committed murder by removing the patient's life support, the nurse insisted that Roxy should've handled the matter in accordance with the law. Walking towards the door, the nurse placed the bag of blood in her purse and stated that Roxy should be grateful that she wasn't being charged with committing a crime. Before the nurse could exit, Roxy threatened to attack the nurse with a hot curling iron. The nurse looked amused as Roxy exclaimed, "You'll walk out of here with that bag of blood over my dead body!" Removing a hypodermic needle from her purse, the nurse remarked, "That can be arranged!"

OLTL Recap Photo 090629 Inside Bo's office, John agreed to return to work at the Llanview Police Department if Bo convinced the judge to reverse his decision on sending Cole to Statesville Prison. Expressing his belief that Cole had been set up, John was convinced that Officer Keaton was somehow involved in the recent escalation of drug activity in Llanview, and for some reason he had used Asher to target Cole in order to accomplish his goal. Acknowledging that Officer Keaton appeared to be an underachiever, Bo revealed that the officer appeared to be satisfied working as a beat cop and had expressed no desire to be promoted. John explained that he wanted to set up a special drug task force and use Cole as an informant. The task force would also include Officer Keaton, along with Officer Fish and a few other officers that John trusted. Although skeptical, Bo agreed to John's demands.

Bo called Officer Keaton into his office for a meeting. Upon being introduced to John, Officer Keaton apologized for arresting Cole, but insisted that he was only doing his job. As Bo informed Officer Keaton that he wanted to place him on the new task force, John observed his demeanor. Officer Keaton accepted the new appointment without hesitation. Alone with Bo, John voiced his suspicion over Keaton suddenly wanting to be taken off of street duty. Citing that if his suspicions concerning Officer Keaton turned out to be true, John insisted that he would do everything possible to take him down.

At La Boulaie, Blair, Téa, and Cole stood by as Starr ordered Todd to prove his love for her by signing the consent form so that she and Cole could get married. Citing that Starr would ruin her life by marrying Cole, Todd refused to sign the consent form. Reminding Todd of his promise to do anything necessary to prove his love for her, Starr suggested that he keep his word. Cole pleaded with Todd to reconsider, and professed his love for both Starr and Hope. Refusing to back down, Todd said that Cole wasn't capable of financially providing for a wife and child. Lashing out at Todd, Starr warned her father that once she turned eighteen, she would leave with Hope and he would never see either of them again.

Unwilling to lose Starr and Hope, Todd reluctantly signed the consent form. Pulling Blair to the side, Téa stated that Blair was also against Starr getting married, and urged Blair to speak up. After thanking Todd for changing his mind, Starr and Cole left to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Alone with Blair and Téa, a furious Todd blamed both women for placing him in a position in which he had to give in to Starr's demands. Insisting that Todd always fought to the end, Blair criticized Todd for backing down.

Starr and Cole celebrated with Hope at Rodi's. While Starr was thrilled that her parent's had given permission to get married, Cole was depressed about going to prison and missing out on Hope's first few years. Starr assured him that she would do everything possible to help Hope learn about her father while he served his prison term. As Starr and Cole made plans, Schuyler approached the table. Starr introduced Schuyler to Hope and informed him that she and Cole were getting married. Schuyler was pleased to meet Hope and happily congratulated Cole on his upcoming nuptials.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There Might Be Blood

Rachel and Matthew arrived at the Palace Hotel's restaurant. Rachel wondered who had inspired Matthew's phenomenal performance at the community center. Matthew credited Destiny.

OLTL Recap Photo 090630 In the restaurant, Destiny and Shaun sat at a table, waiting for Greg to arrive. When Rachel and Matthew approached the table, Rachel pulled Shaun aside for a moment. Destiny took the opportunity to apologize to Matthew for Greg's misunderstanding. She promised that she had not told Greg that Matthew was her boyfriend. Matthew assured Destiny that he had straightened everything out; Greg knew that Destiny and Matthew were not dating. Destiny quickly hid her disappointment. When Rachel and Shaun returned to the table, Shaun announced that Rachel and Matthew would join them for dinner.

A short time later, Shaun decided to call Greg to find out where he was. Greg apologized for not making it to dinner and asked Shaun to relay his regrets to Destiny. Shaun refused to be the one to disappoint his sister. He insisted that Greg do his own dirty work and then handed the phone to Destiny. Greg explained to Destiny that he was consulting with another doctor on Matthew's case. Greg insisted that he needed to focus on Matthew if he was going to help the young man to walk again. Destiny accepted Greg's excuse. Before Greg ended the call, he invited Destiny to charge her dinner to his room.

After dinner, Shaun offered to drop Destiny and Matthew off at home, so that afterwards he and Rachel could go listen to some music. Matthew and Destiny wanted dessert, so they weren't ready to leave the Palace Hotel. Rachel arranged for Nigel to pick the kids up when they were ready to go home. A short time later, Destiny and Matthew were served a disappointing gourmet banana split, so Matthew went to the kitchen to fetch a huge bowl of ice cream with the works.

At Capricorn, Bo was visibly uncomfortable when he spied Nora and Clint kissing at the bar. Eventually, Clint and Nora spotted him, so Bo was forced to join them. Moments later, they noticed Greg walk in with a beautiful woman. Greg approached the Buchanans and introduced his date, Dr. Wright. Greg explained that the lovely doctor was consulting on Matthew's case.

OLTL Recap Photo 090630 Nora and Clint asked if Greg had any new information about Matthew's condition. Greg explained that he had not received all of the test results back yet. He promised to update them as soon as possible and then led his date to a private table. Bo admitted that he had reservations about Matthew's new doctor. According to Bo, Greg seemed like a bit of a showman.

Bo mentioned Matthew's performance at the community center to Clint. When Bo and Nora bragged about how well Matthew had done, Clint suggested that Matthew perform at their wedding. Bo wondered if Clint might be a bit uncomfortable standing next to Viki during the double wedding. Clint answered by asking Bo if he would feel uncomfortable standing next to Nora. Clint chuckled at the look of confusion Bo gave him. Clint explained that he had asked the question because he wanted Bo to be his best man. Bo's smile was strained as he reluctantly agreed to stand up for his brother at Clint's wedding. Shortly afterwards, Bo tried to leave. However, when Clint and Nora started to join him, Bo offered to stay behind to pay the tab.

Shaun and Rachel walked into Capricorn. Shaun's good mood fled when he spotted his brother romancing a woman at a nearby table. Shaun approached Greg and asked him, "Is this why you dumped our little sister?"

At Roxy's salon, Roxy faced down Gayle, the nurse from the clinic where John Doe had been a patient. Gayle had a syringe, which she threatened to inject Roxy with, if she didn't turn over the bag of blood to Gayle. Roxy was uncooperative, so Gayle distracted Roxy by claiming that someone was at the front door. When Roxy turned to see who was there, Gayle injected Roxy with the needle. Moments later, Roxy collapsed to the ground. Gayle stood over Roxy's body and revealed that her employer was John Doe.

At the clinic, Jared, Natalie, and Kyle made a startling discovery. Renee was the patient in room 302. According to Renee, she had received minor cosmetic surgery. Renee claimed that she was ready to be discharged, so she climbed out of bed and got dressed. Later, Renee asked Jared and Natalie to keep her surgery a secret. Natalie was reluctant to agree, but Jared managed to change her mind.

Jared questioned a nurse about the patient who had been in room 302 prior to Renee's admission. The nurse explained that the information was confidential; however, she did volunteer that the person had died. Jared and Natalie were furious. After Renee and the nurse left, they told Kyle that their deal was off because he had failed to live up to his end of the bargain. Kyle scrambled to appease Natalie and Jared. He told them that Roxy had ordered him to get a second bag of blood from John Doe, in the event that Shane needed another stem cell donation. Natalie was livid when she realized that Roxy had lied to her.

Jared, Natalie, and Kyle went to Roxy's salon. When they found Roxy on the ground, unconscious, Kyle rushed to check Roxy for any vital signs. Kyle determined that Roxy was alive. Seconds later, Roxy began to wake up. Natalie fired questions at Roxy, but Roxy pretended that her mind was too fuzzy to recall anything with accuracy. Natalie made Roxy an offer; if Roxy turned over the bag of blood then Natalie would forgive her mother for everything. Roxy revealed that the bag of blood was gone. Frustrated, Natalie and Jared left.

OLTL Recap Photo 090630 Back at the clinic, Renee settled into a hospital bed while she thanked the nurse for her help with Natalie and Jared. Renee didn't want anyone to know why she was at the clinic. The nurse assured Renee that her secret was safe. Renee asked about the patient Natalie and Jared had asked about. The nurse told Renee that the patient was gone. Renee asked if the nurse had meant gone as in dead. The nurse replied, "According to the paperwork."

At the loft, Stacy set the table for a romantic dinner. A knock at the door heralded the arrival of a deliveryman from Chef To Go. He had the gourmet dinner that Stacy had ordered. While Stacy relieved him of the bag of food, the deliveryman asked Stacy how the Chicken Parmesan dinner had been. Stacy hustled the man out the door, claiming that she didn't want her father to see him.

Alone, Stacy reminisced about making love to Rex. Stacy smiled with confidence as she reminded herself that she had Rex. Stacy's euphoria was short-lived. Shane arrived a short time later and startled Stacy as he walked into the loft. Stacy snapped at Shane, but quickly changed her tone when Moe appeared in the doorway. Moe quickly figured out what was going on when his keen eyes took in the romantic setting and Stacy's sexy black dress. Moe suggested that Shane retrieve his rain gear for the ballgame that they were attending.

As soon as Shane was out of the room, Moe lifted the covered dishes on the table and began asking questions about how Stacy had prepared the meal. Moe's suspicions were quickly confirmed and he correctly guessed where the food had come from. He suggested that Stacy order dessert to help cover up the bitterness of her lies. Moe warned Stacy that her efforts would fail because Rex would never stop loving Gigi. As soon as Shane returned, wearing a rain poncho, Moe and Shane left. Stacy picked up the phone to order dessert for the dinner.

Later, Stacy answered the door. Seeing a woman holding a paper bag, Stacy assumed she was from Chef To Go. She wasn't; it was Gayle. Gayle stopped Stacy when she went to fetch money for the delivery. Stacy cringed when she realized that there was a bag of blood in the paper bag that Gayle held.

At the carriage house, Gigi was thrilled when Rex revealed that he believed her claims about Stacy. Rex explained that he had been harsh on Gigi earlier in an effort to keep Stacy in the dark. Rex was determined to find out the name of Shane's donor. Gigi was eager to call Shane with the good news, but Rex cautioned Gigi against moving too fast. He reminded Gigi that they needed information from Stacy first. Rex wanted Stacy to believe that she had won.

Gigi admitted that Natalie and Jared were aware of the situation. Rex confided that he wished that Gigi had told him the truth sooner than she had. Gigi confessed that she had feared that Stacy might have seduced Rex. She was greatly relieved that Rex hadn't succumbed to Stacy's machinations. Rex assured Gigi that he loved her, but it was clear he was also plagued with guilt. He made several attempts to tell Gigi that he had slept with Stacy, to no avail. Gigi continually interrupted Rex, misunderstood what he had said, or was too busy celebrating the fact that Stacy hadn't been victorious.

Rex was on the verge of making another attempt to tell Gigi about his romp with Stacy when a knock at the door sent Gigi running to answer it. It was Natalie and Jared. Gigi happily announced that Rex knew the truth about Stacy's stem cell switch. Natalie and Jared filled them in on what had happened at the clinic and then later at Roxy's salon. Rex and Gigi were determined to track the bag of life-saving blood.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Téa, Where The Devil Are My Slippers?"

At the cemetery, Jessica paid an emotional visit to Chloe's grave, unaware that Brody was looking on. As Jessica poured her heart out about her neglect of her late daughter and how she felt Bree would grow up to hate her, Brody stepped in to comfort her. He told Jessica he was there to give Chloe a gift, a stuffed teddy bear. Jessica told Brody that her pain didn't seem to subside, but Brody assured her that by facing her demons, she was growing stronger.

At the carriage house, Gigi, Rex, Jared, and Natalie reviewed what they'd learned about the missing bag of stem cells, and concluded that the only person who could have the bag was Stacy. Gigi suggested they call the cops, but Rex wasn't sure Stacy had technically broken any laws. He told Gigi the only thing they could do was allow Stacy to believe she'd won, in order to buy more time to find the stem cells.

Natalie told Rex she was pleased that he'd learned the truth before Stacy had been able to draw him further into her web of deceit. Seized by guilt, Rex instantly flashed back to his evening of passion with Stacy at Ultra Violet. After Jared and Natalie left, Rex struggled with his feelings, which Gigi misinterpreted as an inability to forgive her for her deception. Rex told her there was nothing to forgive, but he wished she'd told him the truth sooner. Rex stumbled over his words, but was unable to admit to Gigi that he'd slept with her sister. Changing the subject, he told her they needed to keep their reconciliation from Shane until they had the stem cells and were able to take down Stacy. Upset, Gigi told Rex to find the bag fast, as she couldn't take their being apart anymore.

At the loft, Stacy was horrified as Gayle gave her the missing bag of blood. Stacy played dumb while the nurse spoke of important stem cells, but as it became clear Gayle knew all about Stacy's scheme, Stacy dropped her ruse. The nurse told Stacy that she needed the cells in order to prove she was Shane's donor, and that without them, Rex would be able to see through her lies. Stacy asked her why she was helping her, and Gayle explained that her mysterious employer was "a fan" of Stacy's plan, and wanted it to succeed. Stacy agreed to take the bag, and hide the stem cells where Rex couldn't find them. Satisfied, Nurse Charles made a quick exit, refusing to tell Stacy how to get in touch with her or her employer.

At Capricorn, Blair spoke to the club's patrons onstage as she prepared for her musical performance, while Cristian tended bar. Layla arrived on the scene, ready for her second date with Fish, and made small talk with her roommate. But Layla's busy social calendar only made Cris bristle even more, and soon he and Layla were back to their usual verbal sparring.

Outside the club, a nervous Fish prepared himself for his date, only to run into Kyle. Kyle was amused to learn Fish was there on a date with Layla, and informed his fraternity brother that he was a free man thanks to Jared and Natalie dropping the charges against him. Getting on his high horse, Fish told Kyle that an absence of criminal charges didn't make him innocent. "Things aren't always what they seem," Kyle smirked, and reminded Oliver that he knew all about that. Exasperated, Fish entered the club to meet Layla.

Inside, Shaun and Rachel crashed Greg's date with Dr. Wright as Shaun raged at his brother for blowing off Destiny. As Shaun explained how Greg had lied to their little sister, Dr. Wright became disgusted and quickly exited, ditching Greg. Shaun wanted Greg to leave Llanview, but Greg insisted that he would stay and help Matthew. Shaun ordered him to stay away from Destiny, and told him not to worry about her getting in touch. Shaun and Rachel stormed off to their table, leaving Greg alone.

At the bar, Blair broke Layla and Cristian's spat up, and as Cristian busied himself around the club, Blair urged Layla to wake up and smell the coffee. She told Layla that Cris had a thing for her, and was jealous of Fish. Just then, Fish arrived and took Layla to their table before she could process everything Blair had said to her. As Cristian returned to the bar, Blair told him that his friction with Layla had to end, and pushed him to ask her out.

Fish and Layla sat down at their table, discussing Layla's application to become John's assistant at the police department. As Fish cracked jokes about the possibility of Layla joining the force, he brought up his conservative father, who he said looked down on the idea of female police officers. Just then, he spotted Kyle watching him with Layla. On an impulse, he grabbed Layla and pulled her into a kiss mid-sentence.

Nearby, Kyle watched Fish kiss Layla, and accepted a drink from Cristian on behalf of a woman in the club. Kyle said thanks but no thanks, as he had his eye on someone else.

Cris returned to the bar to fend off more inquiries from Blair about his relationship with Layla. He told Blair that he and Layla were just friends and roommates, and Blair challenged him to say that Fish and Layla's passionate kiss didn't bother him. As Cristian gawked at Fish's public display of affection, he insisted he was fine with it. He told Blair he knew that he and Layla could never work out as lovers, and that all they did was fight. Blair reminded Cris that there was a thin line between love and hate, and she was someone who'd know.

Breaking his kiss, Fish apologized to Layla for being forward. Layla told him not to be sorry, and said she hadn't known he'd had it in him. Bashfully, Fish admitted that he hadn't known either.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Jessica and Brody returned to Brody's place. Jessica thanked Brody for being there for her, and said she didn't deserve his love. Brody said she deserved even better, and they began to make out.

At Llanfair, Jared and Natalie retired to the bedroom as they worried about Gigi and Rex. Jared assured Natalie they'd done the right thing in telling Rex the truth. Looking at Gigi and Rex's situation, Natalie was reminded of how lucky she was, even without a big wedding or honeymoon. Jared suggested to "Mrs. Banks" that they attempt a belated wedding night, and Natalie agreed as they hit the sheets.

At Todd's house, Téa was preparing her argument to defend her license to the state bar association, only for Todd to flop down onto the bed beside her. Todd wanted to flirt, but Téa was disgusted with his behavior towards her as well as Starr and Cole. Todd teased Téa about being "the love of [her] life," and assured her he'd only come for his missing slippers. Téa wasn't fooled, and said she saw through Todd's ruse. "This is a booty call!" she exclaimed.

Todd told Téa that he couldn't help but think of her even as he was angry with her. He said he missed her, and couldn't live without her. He said he was trying to be nice, even though she'd ruined his relationship with Starr. Téa told Todd he'd done that on his own, and reminded him he'd destroyed her career. Todd promised her she wouldn't lose her license, but Téa wasn't convinced, and as the two hurled accusations at each other, Téa reminded him of the other factor in their complicated relationship: Blair.

As Téa began to trash Blair, Todd told her to stop, and said he wouldn't let anyone talk about the mother of his children that way. Téa felt inferior compared to Blair, and asked what she was to him, but Todd hedged, unable to give a definitive answer. After much prodding, he confessed that when he was lonely or bored, he came to her, and not Blair. Téa was touched by Todd's honesty, and retrieved his missing slippers from beneath her bed. Todd affectionately called her a bitch, and Téa called him a bastard. They kissed, and began to make love.

Passion inflamed other couples across Llanview, as well, as Natalie and Jared finally had their "wedding night," while Brody and Jessica shared his bed. However, Gigi and Rex could only part with a mournful kiss, as Rex returned home to Stacy, unable to blow his cover.

After making love, Téa assumed Todd wanted to leave, but Todd said he wanted to stay and be with her. He suggested they try a new phase of their relationship together.

Rex returned to the loft to find Stacy waiting; he was barely able to stomach her tender ministrations. As Stacy hurried off to get dessert, Rex began to ransack the kitchen and refrigerator in search of the bag of blood. Unable to find it, he gave up just in time for Stacy to return with "dessert," namely, herself in skimpy lingerie. Stacy put the moves on Rex, but Rex begged for a rain check, claiming he had a headache. Stacy was confused as Rex made a beeline for the bedroom.

Back at Capricorn, Blair began a song about being unable to shake the bonds of love, while a variety of scenes played out across town. Stacy settled into bed with a motionless Rex, who pretended to be asleep. Gigi sat alone in her living room, clutching Rex's old football jersey. Jessica and Brody stayed locked in a clinch, while at Capricorn, Greg stormed out after trading glares with Shaun and Rachel. Kyle watched Fish and Layla at their table, but he wasn't the only one, as Cristian looked at Layla with longing. And back at Todd's, Todd and Téa cuddled together, as Todd wore his no-longer-missing slippers.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jessica woke up in Brody's arms and they kissed passionately. Brody vowed to be supportive of Jessica no matter what. Jessica wanted to give something back to Brody, but Brody said he had all he needed. Later on, Jessica saw a flyer on Brody's dresser about joining the police force.

Brody admitted that he was interested in becoming a cop, but he knew that his felony record would be an obstacle. Jessica suggested that she could help Brody get into the force. Brody asked Jessica not to do anything to help him, like speaking to her Uncle Bo on his behalf. Jessica agreed to butt out, but only after Brody promised to at least fill out the application and try to get in on his own merit.

In the living room at La Boulaie, Langston was excited about Starr marrying Cole, and wondered if Starr was nervous on her wedding day. Starr admitted that she already felt married to Cole because they shared a baby and had been through so much. Starr confessed to Langston that her parents had agreed to support her decision to marry Cole because there was no way for them to object. Blair walked in and was happy to hear that Starr was excited about her wedding day. Blair asked Starr if Todd had gone downstairs because Blair had no idea where he was. Starr assumed Todd was still asleep in his room.

Todd was not at La Boulaie because he was sleeping in Téa's bed. Todd bragged about his sexual prowess and Téa agreed that when they made love the night before, Todd had put a smile on Téa's face. Todd was grumpy about sleeping late, because he had to get to Starr and Cole's wedding. Téa guessed that Todd might be oversleeping on purpose to avoid the ceremony. Todd was glad that Cole was going to jail because Todd was sure Starr would be over Cole by the time he was released.

Todd admitted that he was reluctant to go to Cole and Starr's wedding because Todd disapproved of Cole's drug use. Todd blamed Téa for playing the tape in which Todd said he wanted to kill Cole. Todd felt forced into supporting the wedding or lose Starr. Téa urged Todd to lighten up about Cole, because Cole was in recovery. Téa also reminded Todd that he had done prison time in Statesville.

Téa complained about her relationship with Todd. Téa didn't like that Todd was spending his days with Blair but returning to Téa's bed at night. Todd countered by suggesting that Téa didn't really want him not to be in her bed. Todd then asked Téa to attend the wedding with him.

Over breakfast at Llanfair, Charlie and Viki discussed their wedding. Charlie was shocked that there were so many names on the invitation list. Viki explained that she felt obliged to invite all those people because she had known them for years. Dorian knocked on the back door and walked in. Dorian said she was there for an invitation, and Viki assumed she was fishing for an invite to the wedding. Instead, Dorian hand-delivered an invitation to a dinner party that she said would be in Charlie and Viki's honor at La Boulaie. Charlie was stunned that Dorian would think they would go to Dorian's dinner considering what Dorian had done to Viki and Charlie in the past.

Dorian declared that Viki and Charlie owed it to Dorian to come because of the disparaging things they had said to Markko's parents. Viki and Charlie stood behind what they said and asserted that they would do it again. Dorian admitted that the Riveras were not allowing Markko to see Langston because of Dorian's past. Dorian asked Viki and Charlie to come to the dinner for Langston's sake. Dorian also said that Moe would be doing all the cooking, a fact that surprised Viki and Charlie since Dorian had fired Maurice.

At Todd's, Moe was bringing a tray to Téa's room when Shaun stopped him to show Moe the invitation he had received to Dorian's dinner party. Moe showed Shaun he also had received the invitation. Moe was skeptical about going, unaware that Dorian expected him to cook the dinner.

Dorian continued pressing Charlie and Viki to attend the dinner for Langston's sake. Dorian answered her cell phone. It was Moe and he told Dorian to listen. While Shaun held the phone, Moe tore her dinner invitation into little pieces. Hearing Moe's rejection -- and Shaun's, too -- Dorian didn't let on in front of Viki and Charlie that two of her guests were rejecting her invitation.

Dorian again asked Viki and Charlie to go to her dinner party. Viki wasn't interested in helping to convince Markko's family that Viki and Dorian were friends. Viki would not help Dorian perpetrate another lie. Dorian was furious and accused Viki of being judgmental. Dorian reminded Viki that she had saved her life. When Viki and Charlie refused to comply, Dorian left angrily.

Moe and Shaun walked into Téa's room with the breakfast tray. They were taken aback that Todd was there. Todd walked out to get to the wedding. Moe and Shaun asked Téa why she was fooling around with Todd when Todd was still living with Blair. Téa defended Todd to them.

Dorian burst into Téa's room with flowers for Téa, but she was really there for Moe and Shaun. Dorian apologized to Shaun and Moe, blaming her firing them on the actions of Ray's daughter. Dorian asked Moe and Shaun to attend her dinner for Langston. Shaun said he could not attend after the way Dorian disrespected him. Moe also said he would not attend even if it was the last meal he ever ate. Téa listened to Dorian's pleas, including Dorian's admission that Langston had lost too much to also lose her faith in Dorian. After Dorian left, Téa wondered if Moe and Shaun hadn't been too hard on Dorian.

Later on, Shaun knocked on Téa's door to say he was going out to do some errands. Téa was all dressed up and Shaun was dazzled. Téa asked Shaun to give her a ride.

Charlie and Viki were determined not to go to Dorian's dinner, but Viki's heart went out to Langston. Their conversation drifted back to their wedding and Dorian not getting an invitation. Charlie was surprised when Viki said she wouldn't invite Dorian because it would be hard on Clint. Charlie learned that Viki would be inviting Clint and Nora to the wedding. Viki worried that her big plans were spoiling the wedding for Charlie. Charlie said he would gladly marry Viki on a life raft in the middle of the ocean. Viki appreciated Charlie's patience and she kissed him lovingly.

Jessica walked into the kitchen and apologized for interrupting Viki and Charlie's kiss. Charlie excused himself so Viki and Jessica could talk. Jessica told her mother that she had spent the night with Brody. Viki was glad that Brody made Jessica happy. Viki added Brody to the guest list so that he could escort Jessica to Viki and Charlie's wedding.

At the Llanview Police Station, John handed Bo the papers that John had prepared to convince the judge to give Cole a chance to work for the police instead of going to prison. Bo reminded John that it was John's first day back on the job and Bo hoped John wouldn't go renegade again.

Judge Runyan entered Bo's office and was happy to hear that John was back on the force. John explained how effective the war on drugs would be if they had a teenager working with the police to get to the suppliers. John asked the judge to set aside Cole's sentence so he could work undercover for the cops. Judge Runyan believed that Cole had been rightfully convicted and had to serve his time.

Bo said it would be a revised sentence, not a commutation. John implied that the judge was punishing kids when it was the suppliers who were the real criminals. Judge Runyan suspected that John was motivated by an interest in Cole, not drug interdiction. The judge said the John wanted to save Cole the way John had run off to save Marty.

John asked to speak with Judge Runyan alone. After Bo walked out, John forcefully made his case to the judge that the suppliers had to be caught more than the users. John promised the judge that he would shut the drug operation down. John confessed that the case was personal to him. John asked the judge to trust in John.

Brody was filling out the entry application for the police academy, but he was rattled by the questions about his criminal record and being institutionalized for a mental illness. However, when Bo walked into the squad room and said hello to Brody, calling him Lieutenant Lovett and recognizing his military service, Brody shook Bo's hand with confidence.

At the diner for breakfast, Cole and Marty talked. Marty was sad that she couldn't do more for her son on his wedding day. Markko walked over and congratulated Cole on the wedding. Markko was shocked to learn that after the wedding, there would be no honeymoon because Cole had to go to Statesville Prison to begin his term.

Markko sympathized with Cole, but Cole tried to be optimistic that he might be out in a year. Markko was worried about Cole having to do time with hardened criminals, but Cole said he would sleep with one eye open because Cole had a wife and child to go home to. Cole felt that marrying Starr before going to prison was the right thing for him. Markko understood the tough times Cole and Starr had been through with Todd and Blair because, since finding out about Markko and Langston's sexual relationship, Markko's parents had ordered Markko not to see Langston. When Cole asked Markko to be his best man, Markko's parents appeared and said Markko was not allowed at La Boulaie. The Riveras said they were not going to Dorian's party, either.

Markko and his parents continued their discussion at the counter. Marty overheard Markko squabbling with his folks and asked Cole what was happening. Cole explained the situation, and Marty told Cole that being a parent was difficult, as he would learn with Hope.

The Riveras told Markko that Dr. Lord could not buy their approval with a fancy dinner. Markko explained that Dorian's invitation was her way of making amends, and that Shaun, Moe, Charlie, and Viki were all going to be at the dinner. Markko told his parents that once they got to know Dorian, they would see she was a very good person. The Riveras reconsidered their decision not to attend.

Marty told Cole that she was proud of him for committing to Starr and the baby. Marty added that Cole's father would also be proud of Cole. Marty gave Cole the wedding ring she had received from his father on the day they had married. Marty said she would be honored if Cole put it on Starr's finger. Cole and Marty left the diner to get dressed for the wedding.

Mr. Rivera saw Cole and Markko exchange a thumbs-up sign, and objected to Markko's friendship with Cole because Cole had been arrested for drugs. Mrs. Rivera urged her husband to respect Markko's choice of friends. Markko asked his parents if they would go to Dorian's party and they said they would.

Blair answered the knock at the front door expecting Todd. Instead, Blair was surprised to see Addie. Blair greeted her mother happily, accepting Addie's gift of a compost machine. Blair wondered if Addie was aware of how much had changed in Llanview since Addie had gone to the rain forest. Addie was completely up-to-date about the goings on with Starr and Todd, thanks to Jack. Blair admitted to Addie that she was perturbed that Todd had not slept in his bed and was not there for Starr's wedding.

Addie wondered why Blair was still letting Todd tick her off. Blair said that she had approved Starr's wedding only because she was calling Todd's bluff. Addie assured Blair that Starr was mature beyond her years, and Starr's love for Cole was the real thing. Addie said that Starr and Cole were meant to be together.

Back in the living room, Starr assured Langston that even though she was marrying Cole, Starr would still need Langston's support. Starr feared being separated from Cole while he was in prison. Starr hoped to get through the hard times with Langston's help. Starr and Langston walked into the foyer and Starr was thrilled to see her grandmother. Addie told Starr she had planted a tree in the rain forest for Cole and Starr, one that would grow and bear fruit just like Starr and Cole would in years to come.

A short time later, Todd arrived at Blair's and said that he was there for the wedding. Blair asked Todd where he had spent the night. Todd ducked answering that question. In the garden, Langston took a call from Markko and learned that his parents agreed to go to Dorian's party. Langston greeted Dorian and asked if the other guests had RSVPed to the dinner party. Dorian told Langston not to worry. Walking into the living room, Dorian admired how beautiful Starr looked on her wedding day and what a wonderful Cramer woman she had become. Dorian assured Starr that her family would always be proud of Starr. Blair happily concurred.

Back in the foyer, Todd answered the door and saw Marty. Cole entered a few minutes later, all dressed for the wedding. Starr and Cole took each other's hands, all set to get married.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Due to the extended Fourth of July/Independence Day holiday, ABC aired a special rebroadcast of the episode in which Cole and Matthew were involved in a car accident.

To read out complete recap of that episode, click here.

This programming change had been planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumes Monday, July 6, and picks up where Thursday, July 2's episode concluded.

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