One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on OLTL

Marcie returned Hope to Starr. Michael and Marcie decided to leave town, and Marcie learned that she was pregnant. Cole returned to jail after he was found to be in possession of drugs again. Blair and Todd were ordered to live together to raise their children. Todd manipulated Téa into moving in with them. Fish invited Layla to a concert. Todd overheard Cole's marriage proposal to Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mother and Child Reunion

At La Boulaie, Starr was surprised to discover Marcie and Hope at the front door. Marcie asked to speak to Starr in private, and the two relocated to Starr's bedroom. Placing Hope in Starr's arms, Marcie stated that there was a problem. Assuming that Marcie feared that Todd would attempt to obtain custody of Hope, Starr reminded Marcie that the adoption papers were already signed and that Hope was Marcie's baby.

Starr insisted that she thought Marcie was the best possible mother for her baby. Marcie wondered if Starr had changed her mind. Cradling Hope in her arms, Starr insisted that she was satisfied with the decision that she had made. Maintaining that Starr would one day regret her decision, Marcie assured Starr that she had matured and was ready to take on the responsibility of raising her daughter. Marcie stunned Starr by declaring that she would support Starr if Starr decided to raise Hope. Returning Hope to Marcie, Starr argued that she had made Marcie a promise and felt that reneging on that promise would make her a horrible person.

Citing all her blessings, Marcie was adamant that she had everything in her life that she needed. Marcie stated that her life would be fine regardless of whether she was ever blessed with a child. Smiling at Hope, Starr admitted the terrible void that existed in her life without the little girl. Marcie placed Hope back in Starr's arms and said, "Your mommy has been waiting a very long time for this!"

Marcie tore up the adoption papers and assured Starr that Hope was her daughter forever. After giving both Starr and Hope a loving kiss, Marcie stated that she loved them. Marcie thanked Starr for giving her back her life. Insisting that they were even, Starr cried as she held her baby girl.

Asher confronted Cole at the pier. After revealing that the drug charges against him had been dropped, Asher bragged about supplying Lola with drugs on prom night. As Asher offered to provide Cole with drugs, Marty phoned her son. Cole ignored the call and informed Asher that he no longer used drugs. Attempting to tempt Cole into accepting the drugs, Asher mentioned Cole's failure to graduate and remarked about Cole losing his daughter.

Displaying a bag of drugs, Asher insisted that he was only trying to help Cole. Slapping Asher's hand away, Cole said that he no longer relied on drugs. Cole related that he would never hurt Starr by using drugs again. Asher placed the bag of pills inside Cole's pocket and walked away.

Alone on the pier, Cole thought about the promise that he had made to Starr about turning his life around. As Cole attempted to toss the bag of drugs in the river, a policeman appeared and retrieved the plastic bag. Cole was arrested for possession of drugs.

On the patio at La Boulaie, Dorian shattered her champagne glass after observing Langston and Markko kissing. Moe and Noelle offered to help her, but Dorian shooed them away and placed several pills in her mouth. As Dorian continued to drink alcohol, Markko's parents arrived and greeted her. After mistaking the Riveras for servants, Dorian directed several insulting comments at them. The Riveras spoke highly of Langston and mentioned that they wanted to meet her Uncle Ray. Immediately, Dorian flew into a rage and began badmouthing Ray for leaving town.

Although Langston tried to prevent Dorian from airing the family's dirty laundry, Dorian continued to make negative statements about Ray and Lola. When the Riveras began asking questions about Lola, Dorian took the opportunity to enlighten the couple about Lola poking holes into the condoms that she had given Langston to use on prom night. Appalled to learn that Markko and Langston were involved in a sexual relationship, the Riveras announced that they were leaving and dragged Markko away.

Langston accused Dorian of ruining Markko's party because she was miserable over losing Ray. Reminding Dorian that the Riveras were extremely religious, Langston blamed Dorian for interfering in Langston's relationship with Markko. Refusing to admit guilt, Dorian continued to drink and argue with Langston. When Moe attempted to interfere and accused Dorian of damaging his home, Dorian proudly announced that she had legally reclaimed ownership of La Boulaie. When Shaun defended Moe, Dorian fired Shaun and ordered him to leave. Instructing Moe and Noelle to pack their bags, Dorian informed the couple that she was evicting them.

Disgusted by Dorian's behavior, Langston told Dorian that she was behaving like a monster. Langston tried to console Dorian, but Dorian refused her support. Unable to reason with Dorian, Langston lashed out at her and accused Dorian of hurting the people in her life who cared about her. As a frustrated Langston emptied the champagne bottle, Dorian tried to stop her and landed in the pool.

Meanwhile, inside, the Riveras expressed their anger over Markko ignoring their strict religious beliefs and criticized Dorian for supplying Langston with condoms. As Langston walked into the room, Mrs. Rivera forbade Markko from seeing Langston ever again. Langston begged the Riveras to reconsider, but they refused. An infuriated Langston glared at Dorian, who slowly pulled herself out of the pool.

Inside the Llanview courthouse, Todd announced that his witness had arrived. Hobbling in the courtroom on a cane, Téa couldn't believe that Todd would put her in such a position. As Todd approached her, Téa informed him that she could be disbarred if she testified on his behalf.

When Téa took the stand, Todd's lawyer asked if Téa had advised Blair and John to marry in an attempt to prevent Todd from gaining custody of the children. Téa denied any involvement and claimed attorney-client privilege, but Todd's attorney had another trick up his sleeve. After motioning for Todd's approval, his lawyer announced that he wanted to submit a tape as evidence to support Todd's claim. Everyone listened in silence as the lawyer played a tape in which Téa confessed to Todd that she was responsible for Blair and John getting married. In disbelief, Téa glared at Todd and exclaimed, "You bastard, you taped me!"

Upon hearing the confession, Blair's attorney asked Téa if she had engaged in a sexual relationship with Todd while employed as Blair's attorney. When Téa disputed the allegation, Blair blurted out that Té;a had admitted to sleeping with Todd and that Téa had also stated that he was the love of her life. The revelation brought a devilish smile upon Todd's face. Todd was further shocked when Téa announced that Blair had claimed that Todd was the love of her life, also. Todd gave both ladies a sly grin.

Téa and Blair argued openly in court. After announcing that he would report Téa's actions to the bar, the judge called a brief recess. Exiting the stand, Téa told Todd that he was responsible for causing her to be disbarred. Promising to fix the situation, Todd smiled and asked Té;a if she had really admitted that he was the love of her life. Swinging her cane at him, Téa growled, "Not anymore!" After Téa stormed out of the courtroom, Todd turned his sights on Blair.

Todd taunted Blair and told her that she had lost the case. A self-confident Todd asked Blair if she had actually stated that he was the love of her life. Before Blair could respond, the judge returned and announced that he had made a decision. Chastising both Todd and Blair, the judge stated that they were hurting their children by dragging out the custody case.

The judge announced that he was granting custody to them both. The judge ordered them to live under the same roof with their children. Ordering them to place their children's needs ahead of their own, the judge informed the Mannings that their children would be sent to foster care if Todd or Blair defied his court order. Blair wondered how they would handle the situation. Declaring that he would never live at La Boulaie with Dorian, Todd suggested that Blair pack and return to his house.

As Todd exited the courtroom, Téa clobbered him in the leg with her cane. Grabbing a head full of Todd's hair, Téa remarked, "Not so fast!"

Blair returned to La Boulaie and was shocked to find Starr holding Hope. In tears, Starr exclaimed, "She's mine, mom! Hope is home!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Blessed And The Busted

At the Buchanan mansion, Destiny helped Matthew study for a math final. Destiny noticed that Matthew was distracted. Matthew admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about what had happened with Jessica and Starr. He was also upset because Nora had agreed to marry Clint. Matthew confessed that he had hoped his parents would get back together. Destiny agreed that there was something brewing between Nora and Bo.

Matthew also revealed that he continued to struggle accepting his paralysis. When he grumbled that he would be in his chair for the rest of his life, Destiny suggested, "maybe not."

Outside, Shaun walked Rachel to her door while they talked about the party that they had attended. Rachel didn't think that Dorian had meant to terminate Shaun's employment. Shaun hoped that Rachel was correct. Shaun couldn't believe that the children had behaved better at the party than the adults.

Rachel offered to make a snack for Shaun, since he had not eaten at the party. Shaun gladly accepted the invitation. His good mood evaporated when he and Rachel walked into the living room just as Destiny began talking to Matthew about his paralysis. Shaun demanded to know what Destiny was doing.

Destiny lied; she claimed that she was helping Matthew study. When Rachel mentioned going to the kitchen for a snack, Matthew offered to help her. As soon as Shaun was alone with Destiny, he admonished her for giving Matthew false hope. Shaun thought it was wrong of Destiny to suggest that their brother, Greg, would be able to help Matthew.

Destiny agreed that she would not mention Greg until he arrived in Llanview. Shaun was satisfied with Destiny's compromise. Moments later, Rachel and Matthew returned with the food. As everyone began to eat, Destiny asked Rachel and Shaun about the party. Destiny soon realized that Shaun had been fired. Destiny advised her brother to get a job if he intended to date someone as "fine as Matthew's sister."

Shaun was embarrassed by Destiny's frank words. Meanwhile, Rachel explained that she and Shaun were merely friends. Destiny didn't believe them; she reminded them of the recent concert that they had attended together. Shaun clarified that it had not been a date; he'd just had an extra ticket. Destiny remained unconvinced, so Shaun suggested that it was time for Destiny and Shaun to leave. Destiny declared that she had one more mathematical problem to review with Matthew. Shaun decided to wait in the car while Destiny finished up with Matthew.

After Destiny reviewed the final mathematical equation, she packed up her things. Before she left, Destiny told Matthew that he shouldn't feel ashamed because he wanted his parents to reconcile. Destiny hoped that Bo and Nora would realize that they cared about each other before it was too late.

Rachel walked Shaun to the door. Shaun apologized for Destiny's presumptuous comments. Rachel smiled at Shaun. Rachel reminded him that they knew the truth that they were friends, which was all that mattered. Shaun appeared to be disappointed with the label of friends, but he kept silent. Before Shaun left, he leaned down to kiss Rachel on the cheek. Rachel appeared surprised by the gesture.

Téa waited until Todd strolled out of the courtroom before she clobbered him with her cane. Todd quickly recovered from the assault. Téa was furious; she accused Todd of jeopardizing her career. Todd apologized and offered to help Téa avoid disbarment. Téa declined Todd's help; she was certain that it would only make matters worse.

Téa confessed that she felt used by Todd. Todd insisted that he cared about her. When Todd failed to garner Téa's forgiveness, he reminded her that he was the love of her life. Téa's jaw dropped as she looked up at Todd. When Todd mentioned that he wanted Téa to go home with him, Téa informed him that she had no intention of living with him.

Téa decided that she would stay at the Palace Hotel. While Téa made her way to the elevator, Todd made a phone call. He made certain that Téa heard him reserve every vacant room in the Palace Hotel for the evening. When Todd got off of the phone, he announced that the Palace Hotel was booked for the night.

Téa refused to be manipulated. She quickly called Roxy to reserve a room at the Angel Square Hotel. Unfortunately for Téa, Roxy didn't have any rooms available. Téa eventually agreed to go home with Todd, but with the understanding that she would not speak to Todd while she was there. Téa also demanded that the security system be deactivated.

As they got into the elevator, Téa asked Todd how the custody hearing had gone. Todd told her that the children would be moving in with him. Todd also mumbled, "So will Blair." However, Téa didn't appear to hear Todd.

In Bo's office, Bo admitted to Nora that he had a difficult time accepting Nora and Clint's decision to marry within a month. Nora revealed that it had been Clint's idea. She hinted that the wedding would have been scheduled for a later date if it had been left up to her.

In the squad room, Cole told Marty and John that the drugs, which had been found on him, were not Cole's. Cole revealed that he had gone for a walk to clear his head. Asher had approached Cole on the docks and given him the drugs. Cole swore, on his child's life, that he had not succumbed to temptation; he had vowed to stay clean.

John and Marty believed Cole. When Bo stepped out of his office, Cole approached him. Bo listened while Cole explained what had happened. Bo assured the young man that he believed him. However, Bo pointed out, Nora had the final say in the decision of whether or not to file charges. Nora glared at Bo then pulled him aside.

While Bo and Nora argued about Cole's situation, her phone rang. Nora stepped away to take the call. Moments later, she informed Cole and Marty that she had bad news. When the police officer had arrested Cole, he had put Cole's information into the system. As a result, the judge who had sentenced Cole had been notified of the arrest. The judge had revoked Cole's probation and instructed Nora to file charges.

Marty was upset when she realized that Cole would spend the night in jail. John asked Nora if there was anything that they could do to help Cole. They asked if a drug test would help. Nora informed them that a prosecutor could argue that Cole had not had the time to take the drugs before the arrest. Nora didn't think there would be any harm in taking the drug test. However, Nora painted a bleak picture for Cole when she pointed out that he didn't have any witnesses to corroborate his story about Asher.

Bo made arrangements for Cole to be placed in a private cell without any contact from other prisoners. Before Cole was taken to the cell, he checked his messages. When Cole noticed that he had missed a call from Starr, he called her.

Marcie returned home without Hope. Michael was waiting for his wife with open arms. Marcie assured Michael that she had made peace with her decision. She suggested redecorating the apartment after they removed Hope's things. Michael had a better idea; he wanted them to move to Seattle. Michael revealed that he had received a job offer from a hospital in Seattle. According to Michael, the position was a step up and would pay more money than he was making at Llanview's hospital. Michael wanted to make a fresh start, in a new city, with Marcie.

Marcie asked Michael if he had proposed the move to spare Marcie the pain of seeing Sam and Hope. She promised Michael that she could handle seeing the children. Michael admitted that he had hoped that the time had come where she could go without seeing the children.

In Starr's bedroom, Blair was stunned when she learned that Marcie had returned Hope to Starr. Blair couldn't believe that Marcie had changed her mind and ripped up the adoption papers. Starr revealed that she had been thrilled by the turn of events. Starr confided that she had been heartbroken after she had given Hope up for adoption.

Blair promised to help Starr in any way that she could. Starr was relieved to know that her mother supported her decision to raise Hope. However, Starr remained concerned about Todd's reaction when he learned that Starr would raise Hope. Starr made it clear that she did not want to live with Todd.

Blair explained that the custody issue had been decided. The judge had ordered Blair and Todd to live together, so that they could raise their children. When Starr asked where they would all live, Blair confessed that she and Todd had not decided. Moments later, Blair went downstairs to fetch Cole, so that Starr could tell him about Marcie's decision.

Starr took the opportunity to talk to Hope about their future. Starr was eager to share her life with her daughter. She promised Hope that they would have a wonderful life together. When Blair returned, Starr was surprised to hear that the party had broken up and everyone had left. Starr decided to call Cole. She left a message when her call went to his voicemail.

A short time later, Cole called Starr. When Starr asked to see Cole, he explained that he couldn't get away. Cole opted not to tell her about his arrest and incarceration. Starr revealed that she had life-changing news, which she needed to tell him in person. Cole promised that he would see her the following day. After Cole ended the call, he was escorted to his jail cell.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As Close As The Beat Of My Heart

At Michael and Marcie's apartment, packing for their move to Seattle was in full swing. Michael encouraged Marcie to pack faster, but Marcie, spotting Hope's stuffed bunny rabbit, said she had something to do first.

In the cemetery, workmen removed "Hope Manning McBain's" headstone, replacing it with one reading "Chloe Victoria Brennan." As the Buchanans began to arrive for Chloe's memorial service, Viki and Clint stood over Chloe's open grave, consoling each other. Clint told Viki they'd buried too many children and grandchildren together.

As Jared, Natalie and Charlie arrived to console their loved ones, Natalie worried about Jessica. Viki assured Natalie that Jess was a survivor.

Not far away, Jessica knelt by Nash's gravesite, with Brody watching from afar. Jessica told her husband what had become of their second daughter, and said she hadn't been theirs after all. She told Nash that Chloe was dead because of her. Weeping, she told him that all she could do was think of Chloe in his arms, and begged Nash to take better care of their baby than she had. As Jessica broke down, Brody rushed to her aid, surprising her with an embrace.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Hope enjoyed a hearty breakfast of Cheerios together in the kitchen. Langston entered and was shocked to see Hope on the premises, but Starr explained that Marcie had returned her daughter. She told Langston that she and Cole would get to raise their child together, only Cole didn't know; she wanted to surprise him when he came to the house later in the day.

The girls compared notes about the custody strife with Todd and Blair, and Dorian's meltdown during Markko's party. Langston suggested they hit the mall, but Starr reminded her that she had Hope to take care of. As she cuddled with Hope, Starr told her friend she was sure Cole would be a great father.

At the courthouse, Cole, John, Marty, and Nora attended Cole's hearing for his parole violation. Marty asked Cole why Starr wasn't there, and Cole admitted that he hadn't told her about his arrest.

The judge from the original case entered, and as he reviewed the violation, he told the court he was outraged at the thought that Cole had learned nothing from the accident that had crippled Matthew. Cole told the judge it wasn't as it seemed, and explained that he had been about to throw the drugs away. The judge was unimpressed, promptly hitting Cole with his original sentence of five years in prison.

As the court reacted, Nora spoke up, not only as the prosecutor, but as the victim's parent, and pleaded for leniency on behalf of the Commonwealth. She told the judge that she had been monitoring Cole carefully, and believed his story. She suggested a new probation deal, which the judge agreed to consider after a short recess.

After the court returned to session, Marty spoke up from the gallery, and begged the judge to consider probation. The judge dismissed her request, and said he would instead shorten Cole's sentence to two years, with a possibility for parole after one year for good behavior. Nora asked the judge to give Cole a couple days to put his affairs in order before being taken into custody. The judge agreed to give Cole two days. As the court adjourned, Cole turned to his mother, crushed. He asked her how he would tell Starr of his fate.

At the Llanview Community Center, Bo and Matthew wheeled up to the entrance as Bo told his son that he'd had no choice but to arrest Cole. Matthew was sure Cole was innocent of the charges against him, and Bo told him that he and Nora were doing everything they could to help him.

Matthew's ears perked up as he asked his father if his parents would keep spending lots of time together at work after she married "Uncle Clint." Bo asked Matthew if he was okay with Nora marrying Clint, and Matthew replied by saying he liked Clint a lot. He turned the question around on his father, asking Bo if he was okay with Nora marrying Clint. "No problem," Bo muttered.

Shane and Rex walked up to Bo and Matthew, and the Buchanan boys congratulated Shane as he prepared for his first musical performance, with the community center choir, since he beat cancer. Shane was excited to finally get to showcase his drumming skills in public. Just as Bo was about to ask Rex about Gigi's whereabouts, Stacy bounced up, informing Rex that she'd bribed a kid to get them the best seats in the auditorium for Shane's show. As Shane and Rex continued to talk about the boy's musical prowess, Stacy showed little interest and quickly excused herself, promising to meet them inside.

As the adults began to migrate, Destiny sidled up to Matthew and asked him to play the piano for them during the choir concert. Matthew claimed he was inexperienced, but Destiny ignored him. "The man plays piano like Alicia Keys!" she told Shane.

Once inside, Destiny and Shane got Matthew in front of their electric keyboard. Pushy as always, Destiny told Matthew they were counting on him; their pianist had fallen ill, and if he didn't play, there would be no concert. Shane encouraged Matthew to give it a try, saying they'd both be playing music for the first time since their joint accident on the road.

In the nearby park, Stacy made a beeline for Schuyler, who wasn't happy to see her. Schuyler told Stacy to leave him alone, but Stacy harassed him about his involvement with Gigi and their attempts to blow the whistle on her scheme. Stacy told Schuyler that no one believed his claims about the bag of blood, and asked him to leave her alone. She insisted that Rex was her dream, and that they were in love. Schuyler urged her to turn herself in, but Stacy pleaded with him to let her be happy and to give her a chance at love. Schuyler told Stacy she didn't have any idea what happiness was and walked away, disgusted.

Marcie walked into Rodi's to see Gigi, who apologized for not going over sooner to see Hope. Marcie told her not to bother, and said she'd given Hope back to her rightful mother, and that she and Michael would be moving to Seattle. She told Gigi it was okay, and she realized she didn't need Hope to be happy. Gigi was overcome to learn her friend would be moving far away, but saw that Marcie was the happiest she'd been in a long time. Embracing Marcie, Gigi told her to write, text, email, and call constantly. Marcie replied that Gigi needed to let her know as soon as she and Rex got back together. Gigi told Marcie she couldn't wait to let Rex know that everything she'd done had been for Shane.

Bo and Rex walked along the path outside the community center. Bo asked Rex where Gigi was, and Rex explained that they were alternating time with Shane. Bo asked about Stacy's presence, and Rex insisted they were just friends, "for now."

Bo attempted to get to the bottom of Rex's troubles with Gigi, but Rex was stuck on the belief that Gigi was heating up the town with both Brody and Schuyler. Bo agreed it was hard to recover from seeing someone you loved turn to another. "You didn't," Rex said, invoking Nora's name.

Bo said that it had taken him a long time, but he had to come to understand why Nora had done what she did with Sam Rappaport. He told Rex he didn't trust Stacy, dismissing Rex's repeated denials of any romantic tension. Bo said that Rex's pain over Gigi's betrayal indicated a deeper love, and said he'd been able to forgive Nora when he realized everything she'd done had been for their son.

Back at Rodi's, Gigi called Schuyler, and left a voicemail asking him to get back to her with Shane and Stacy's test results as soon as possible.

At the cemetery, Jessica and Brody joined the rest of the family at Chloe's gravesite. Before the pastor began to speak, Jessica asked to say a few words to her daughter, and knelt by the grave. Growing emotional, Jessica told Viki she'd never got to see Chloe as herself, and Chloe had never gotten to see the real her, either. Speaking to Chloe, she told her that she'd been a bad mother, and Chloe deserved better. She said she'd abandoned and forgotten about her, and told Chloe she was sorry. Sobbing, she traced the outline of a heart into the tiny coffin, just as Nash had done on the day he died. "Give that to your daddy," Jessica cried. "He'll know who it's for."

As the pastor began to speak, Chloe was laid to rest, and Jessica and the rest of the family laid flowers onto her coffin.

Inside the community center, Bo and Rex entered, continuing their running debate about Gigi, but they were cut short as Bo noticed Matthew begin to play the electric piano. Bo marveled at his son playing music for the first time since he was injured.

Rex rejoined Stacy and Shane just in time for Stacy to give Shane a good luck present, a panther charm from Rex, Gigi, and Stacy's old high school football team in Michigan. Rex was shocked that Stacy had kept the memento, and Stacy said she'd taken it with her everywhere, including to all his old school games. Shane thanked Stacy for the gift.

Bo congratulated Matthew on his piano playing, and Matthew bashfully said Destiny had made him do it. Bo suggested calling Nora, and Matthew seized the opportunity to get his parents together once again.

Nora took Bo's call at the courthouse, still miserable about Cole's sentence. Bo was dismayed to learn about Cole, but asked her to go to the community center for a surprise. Nora hesitated, as she had planned to meet Clint, and Bo paused before suggesting Clint go along as well. He told Nora that Matthew had a musical breakthrough. Overjoyed, Nora told Bo she was on her way.

Hurrying out of the courtroom, Nora ran into Marty. Nora apologized for Cole's harsh sentence, and Marty told her she knew Nora had done what she could. As the women hugged, Nora told her that prison was not what Cole needed, and that it was time for them all to heal.

At the center, Bo and Rex watched the kids prepare for their performance. Bo told Rex that Nora was attending to see Matthew play, piquing Rex's curiosity. Lost in thought, Bo told Rex to not wait too long to forgive Gigi, otherwise he would be the one too late, left alone.

At Rodi's, John arrived to meet Michael. John agreed to help Michael and Marcie sell their car from Llanview, but was still perturbed by their sudden move to Seattle. He realized it was a great opportunity, and grudgingly told Mike he was happy for him. Michael asked him to visit soon. The McBain brothers embraced, and John told Michael to take care of his niece. Michael nevously told John he had something to tell him about Hope.

Cole arrived at La Boulaie, and the kitchen door opened to reveal Hope in Starr's arms. Cole was stunned to learn that Marcie had given them their daughter back. Wrestling with joy and sorrow, Cole struggled to control his emotions as Starr waxed rhapsodic about their happy future together as a family. When Starr asked him what was wrong, Cole said he was just processing his shock. At Starr's encouragement, Cole took Hope into his arms and held his child.

At the community center, Destiny and the choir began to sing, with Shane on drums and Matthew on keyboards. Nora hurried in, without Clint, to sit by Bo, taking his hand and beaming with pride as the exes watched their son. Rex was rapt as Shane played on, but Stacy looked bored and disinterested until she got the opportunity to hold Rex's hand. Meanwhile, Gigi continued to toil at Rodi's alone, Cole held his daughter, and in the cemetery, Jessica collapsed into tears by Chloe's newly filled grave, comforted by Brody.

The choir's song played on the tiny radio in Michael and Marcie's emptied apartment as Michael rushed back home. Calling out for Marcie, Michael found himself alone in the apartment, or so he thought. Michael suddenly noticed an opened pregnancy test on the dresser, and was shocked when Marcie stepped out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. Silent, Marcie held up the test, which indicated that she was, indeed, pregnant. As Michael and Marcie burst into happy laughter, Marcie leapt into her husband's arms.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hair Of The Dogged

At Rodi's, an ecstatic Schuyler had some good news for Gigi. According to the test he had scheduled, the incompatible blood types showed that Stacy did not save Shane! Just as Gigi happily wrapped her arms around Schuyler, Stacy and Rex walked in. They merely wanted to inform Gigi that Shane had gone out with Bo and Matthew and that they had an amazing time at the concert.

Stacy managed to direct a snide comment to her sister when she inquired if Gigi were taking Schuyler or maybe Brody to the second concert. Gigi quickly retorted that Stacy didn't have a clue, as she held up the DNA report. Innocently, Stacy insisted that she just wanted Gigi to have a good time, as she and Rex did, and that it was far better to have someone to go with. As Gigi flaunted the report, she announced that she had something important to tell them. When a panicked Rex asked if Shane's test results were okay, Gigi hesitated. She made the decision to keep quiet and told Rex that Shane was going to baseball camp.

After Rex and Stacy left, Gigi admitted that she would never be able to tell Rex the truth in the event that Shane had a relapse. She explained to a confused Schuyler that while Stacy must know who the real donor was, she might take off before revealing that person's identity. Schuyler realized that Kyle knew the identity of the real donor, too, and assumed that Stacy was probably blackmailing him, which meant they could, too. Gigi worried that Kyle would remain loyal to Stacy and tell her if they got to him. Schuyler agreed that Stacy had a way of getting what she wanted from men, but that caused something to click for Gigi.

Acknowledging that she and Stacy had the same DNA, Gigi decided that she would make that work in her favor. Insisting that she needed a pushup bra and a mini skirt, Gigi planned to "work it" like her sister did. She was determined to be as sexy as Stacy. Schuyler felt she was sexier, but didn't want her to get hurt. He expressed his concern at Gigi going too far, but she refused to allow him to talk her out of it.

Langston managed to find Markko working at the country club, where she learned that his parents had taken his phone away from him. Markko insisted his parents would eventually come around, while Langston blamed Ray for their predicament, since he had left Dorian. She wanted to know when she would be able to see Markko, who was unable to make any plans. He would have to keep listening to his parents, even if he was 18, he enlightened her. He was not able to afford a dormitory and would have to continue living at home. He felt certain that his parents would calm down.

As the couple shared a kiss, an angry Mr. Rivera cut it short. He reminded his son that he was forbidden to see Langston and, worse, they were kissing in public. Demanding to know if his father was spying on him, Markko lost it when the man referred to Langston as a tramp. When a country club manager approached and inquired about a problem, Mr. Rivera pointed out that the girl was bothering his working son. Markko quickly retorted that Langston was a club member, while his father was not. The manager asked Mr. Rivera to leave the club. As he departed, he advised Markko that he was breaking his mother's heart.

A horrified Langston felt that Markko had been rather harsh, having his father tossed out of the club. She felt guilty at breaking up his relationship with his parents, she added. Markko insisted that he was the one accountable for that and insisted that they would not keep him and Langston apart. He made it clear that he would figure it out and would move out, even if he had to work ten jobs. Langston felt that they would never see each other at all, and would be no better off than they were. Markko informed her that he loved her, couldn't live without her, and would make it work. Kissing her again, he pulled away when the manager came by again and ordered him back to work.

Making lots of noise at La Boulaie, Blair roused a sleeping Dorian, who was obviously suffering from a hangover. Blair shared the news of Marcie bringing Hope back for good, just as the baby's cries reached the bedroom. An overjoyed Dorian began to cry but quickly stopped when she realized she would have to stop Todd from ruining Hope's life. Blair admitted that Todd didn't know yet, but would find out soon. As Dorian made plans to have Shaun prevent Todd from going near the baby, she remembered that she had fired him. Blair shared the results of her custody hearing and the fact that neither she nor Todd had won.

Blair informed Dorian that she had done her best, but had no luck in getting the judge to change his mind. She would have to move in with Todd. As her mind began to clear even more, Dorian recalled that she had kicked Moe and Noelle out of the house and did not want to live alone. Blair reminded her that she had Langston. A regretful Dorian admitted that she had too much to drink and then had an argument with Langston. The last thing she remembered was Langston pushing her into the pool.

Dorian suggested that it would be best if Todd moved into La Boulaie. Calling it a strategy, she explained that it would be better for Starr, who would have to fight with Todd at his house every time Cole visited.

Downstairs, Starr informed Cole that she was going to teach him how to change Hope's diaper. After he was finished, Cole admitted that it hadn't been too bad. He thought that Hope looked just like Starr, who radiantly reminded Cole that the baby was theirs to keep forever, just as they had dreamed of during her pregnancy. As Cole began to explain that he wouldn't be around to help raise Hope for a while, Dorian, who was wearing her sunglasses indoors and whose hair was awry, interrupted them.

Dorian, fussing over the baby briefly, confessed to being under the weather. She promised to shower the baby with attention as soon as she felt better. "She really tied one on," Cole remarked after Dorian left the room. As Starr agreed, Cole finally had the chance to confess that he had been arrested and was going to prison.

Todd did his best to show Téa that he was trying to take care of her when he delivered her some breakfast. The attorney wanted to know what he was going to do to save her career, and wondered whether he might scrounge up a magician to save her from being disbarred. She pointed out that Todd didn't even care that her career was in shambles.

Throwing that fact that he was the "love of her life" into her face once again, Todd informed Téa that he had made her an appointment with a lawyer. Threatening to beat him if he used the term again, Téa made a move to jump out of bed but she was physically unable to. Todd insisted that she needed him and he wanted to help her shower and get ready to meet with the lawyer.

As Todd helped Téa dry off after her shower, he began to kiss her neck. A disgusted Blair expressed her disbelief. She had rung the doorbell but noted that Todd was busy settling Téa into the Marty Saybrooke suite, she proclaimed. Téa insisted that she wasn't talking to Todd, who told his ex-wife that Téa was merely staying with him until she was better. Blair confided that she had seen how cozy they were previously, when they had been watching television with her sons.

As Todd accused her of spying on them, Blair insisted that she was there to see her sons and didn't much care what happened between Todd and Téa. She told Téa that she would have to find a new nursemaid, though, as Todd would be moving to Dorian's. A perplexed Téa waited as Todd explained what had happened at the child custody hearing after she left.

As Layla played with her dog at the park, Fish walked up and jokingly ordered her to leash the dog because it was the law. Thinking he was serious, Layla listened as Fish plopped down next to her and insisted he was kidding. Layla failed to see the humor and wanted to know if Fish had problems with her or the apartment. He assured her he didn't. Suddenly, Kyle jogged by and came to a stop next to their blanket. As Layla wandered off, Fish jumped up. As a sarcastic Fish indicated that he hoped Kyle wasn't running out on his bail, Kyle informed his former frat brother that he was out for a jog.

Kyle insisted that Schuyler had really been harassing him, but he appreciated Fish saving him. He insisted that there was a big misunderstanding. Fish retorted that he always heard that from people accused of committing a crime. Kyle maintained that he was out for a run and not breaking any laws. He was getting his life back together. A skeptical Fish presumed that was temporary. As Kyle took off, Layla wandered back with the dog.

Wondering why Fish didn't introduce them, Fish informed her that Kyle was in trouble with the law and wasn't someone she would want to know. She speculated that there was something else that Fish wasn't telling her.

Fish explained that he and Kyle had been frat brothers in college. Layla wondered if it bothered Fish to see his old friend in trouble. She confirmed that she and Cris were just friends, in answer to Fish's questioning. Cris had been great to her after Talia was killed.

Fish asked for a second chance with Layla, and mentioned an extra concert ticket that he had. At first, Layla declined, thinking it would be weird if things didn't work out, considering they were roommates. After a moment, she decided a little weirdness wouldn't be so bad and agreed to accompany Fish to the concert. After he left for patrol, she confessed to her dog that Fish was cute, but she wondered what had really happened between him and Kyle.

Nearby, Rex and Stacy walked through the park. Rex mentioned how Gigi always seemed to be up against a different guy when they saw her, but he explained that according to Bo, Gigi was upset. When Stacy exclaimed that being upset shouldn't turn a woman into a tramp, Rex took exception and became angry. Stacy began to tick off all of the incidents involving her sister and a man but suggested that Rex just forget about Gigi and be happy and to think about their fun time at the concert.

Stacy admitted that she'd had fun and felt like she belonged to a real family. She didn't want Gigi to wreck it for her. Wondering what they could do for fun, Stacy asked about swimming. Rex admitted that in the old days he used to sign in at the country club under other names and charge those people's accounts.

Gigi called Kyle and asked to meet with him alone.

Rex signed himself and Stacy in at the club and informed her that they were going to be known as the Underhills for the day. As they planted themselves by the pool, Stacy asked Rex to apply suntan lotion to her back.

Langston returned home, but as Dorian attempted to apologize for her actions at the graduation party, Langston told her to forget it. It was Dorian's fault that Langston and Markko were in their situation of not being able to see each other, and she wanted Dorian to fix it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Where the Kisses Are HERS and HERS and HIS

Layla was appalled when she entered the apartment and witnessed a bare-chested Cris painting a portrait in the living room. Layla directed several negative remarks at Cris, but he stood his ground and questioned why his style of dress bothered her. Unable to offer a valid reason, Layla responded with a frown.

Cris was upset when Layla informed him that she had a date with Oliver. After reminding Layla that Oliver had broken her heart before, Cris warned Layla that it was a terrible idea to date a roommate. Thrilled that her upcoming date was causing Cris grief, Layla continued to antagonize Cris by reminding him that he had married Vanessa, his former roommate.

When Layla left the room to prepare for her date, Cris approached Oliver and warned him not to cause Layla any pain. After threatening to physically harm Fish if he hurt Layla, Cris suggested that Oliver surprise Layla with flowers. As she eavesdropped on her roommates' conversation, Layla smiled and was touched by Cris's show of concern for her.

OLTL Recap Photo 090619 After using false names to gain entry into the Llanview Country Club, Rex and Stacy sipped wine and enjoyed the good life. Stacy laughed as Rex explained how to pull off the perfect con job. Upon thorough investigation, the headwaiter informed Rex and Stacy that he was aware that they were frauds and called for security to escort them off the premises. After fleeing security personnel, Rex and Stacy sought refuge in an unoccupied room, where they shared a passionate kiss.

At Rodi's, Schuyler worried as Gigi prepared to pay Kyle a visit. Removing her coat, Gigi displayed a revealing dress and asked Schuyler if her attire was sexy enough to get a reaction out of Kyle. Convinced that her scheme would never work, Schuyler urged Gigi to reconsider her plan to seduce Kyle. Determined to learn the true identity of Shane's donor, Gigi insisted that Kyle was the only person who could provide her answers. After agreeing to watch the bar while Gigi ran her errand, Schuyler wondered if Gigi would consider having sex with Kyle in return for the truth. With a look of disgust, Gigi stated that she hoped that she would never be faced with that dilemma.

While Kyle was getting dressed, Roxy barged into his apartment at the Angel Square Hotel and demanded that he move out at once. After threatening to reveal the identity of Shane's donor if Roxy caused him any trouble, Kyle related that he had no intention of moving out until his legal matters were resolved. Kyle informed Roxy that he was expecting company and asked her to leave.

Upset over her failure to rid herself of Kyle, Roxy wandered into Rodi's in search of a drink. Upon discovering Schuyler tending bar, Roxy asked for a drink and began inquiring about his relationship with Stacy. Unsatisfied with Schuyler's bartending skills, Roxy mixed her own drink as she encouraged him to pursue Stacy.

Consuming a large amount of alcohol, Roxy spoke negatively of Stacy and blamed her for Rex and Gigi's breakup. Roxy continued to drink and comment about Stacy's interference in Rex and Gigi's relationship. Schuyler realized that Roxy was withholding information concerning the donor and attempted to manipulate Roxy into revealing what she knew. Despite her drunken stupor, Roxy refused to spill the beans and retreated to a nearby table. Roxy sat in the corner and continued to drown her sorrows.

Gigi showed up at Kyle's apartment and began to flirt with him. Insisting that she could be as enticing as her sister, Gigi wrapped her arms around Kyle and stated that they both possessed something that the other needed. Although a shocked Kyle maintained that he had no interest in whatever Gigi was offering, Gigi persisted and planted a kiss on Kyle.

After Kyle failed to react to her advances, a confused Gigi pulled away and questioned what she had gotten herself into. Embarrassed by her behavior, Gigi admitted that she knew the truth about the bone marrow switch and begged Kyle to reveal the true identity of Shane's donor. Kyle initially denied any involvement, but had a change of heart when Gigi maintained that she needed to know the truth in case Shane suffered a relapse. Lashing out at Kyle, Gigi screamed, "How can you live with yourself?"

Kyle offered to make a deal with Gigi. Relating that Natalie had plans to have him tossed in jail, Kyle stated that he would tell Gigi every detail concerning Shane's transplant if Gigi agreed to convince Natalie to drop the criminal charges against him. In tears, Gigi told Kyle that Natalie hated her and would never do her any favors. Unmoved by Gigi's tears, Kyle remarked, "Save me and I'll tell you everything!"

Gigi returned to Rodi's and informed Schuyler of Kyle's request. Gigi told Schuyler that she would never learn the truth without Kyle's help. Staring at a drunken Roxy, Schuyler smiled and insisted, "We might have another option!"

At Todd's home, Blair took great pleasure in informing Téa that the judge had ordered the Manning family to reside under one roof. Stating that she had no intention on losing her children to the foster system, Blair announced that she was moving into Todd's home and suggested that Téa pack her bags. As Téa and Blair argued, Todd was the voice of reason. Reminding Blair that Téa had suffered a serious injury, Todd told Blair that he intended to care for Téa at his home. When Blair refused to live under the same roof with Téa, Todd suggested that Blair make herself at home in the garage.

Agreeing that she and Blair could never reside in the same home, Téa declared that she would leave. Refusing to allow Téa to leave, Todd insisted that he wanted her to stay so that he could care for her properly. Blair announced that Téa could stay at Todd's home, but Todd would move into La Boulaie. Laughing at Blair's proposal, Todd refused to leave his home. Fed up with Todd's lack of cooperation, Blair blurted out that Starr was raising Hope. Upon learning that Marcie had returned Hope to Starr, Todd bolted out of the house. As Blair attempted to prevent Todd from leaving, Téa blocked Blair's path. Téa declared, "We need to clear up who is living where and with whom."

At La Boulaie, Cole informed a devastated Starr that he had been arrested for possession of drugs and sentenced to two years in prison. Cole detailed his reunion with Asher and assured Starr that he never intended to use the drugs that Asher had placed in his pocket. To Cole's surprise, Starr said that she believed him. In tears, Starr told Cole that she loved him and couldn't bear to lose him. Cole blamed himself for losing both Starr and Hope again. Continuing to proclaim her love for Cole, Starr reassured him that everything would turn out fine. As Todd rushed into the house, Cole professed his love for Starr and asked her to be his wife.

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