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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, June 15, 2009

At the hospital, Annie confided that her guardian angel would bring Annie home to Emma. Ryan walked into the room moments later. He gave Emma some money and sent her out of the room. When they were alone, Ryan asked Annie what she and Emma had talked about. Annie tried to make light of the question, but Ryan wasn't in a mood to joke around.

Annie turned the tables on Ryan by revealing that their daughter had faked her illness. Ryan shot back that Emma had learned to lie from her mother. The two glared at each other for a long moment until Ryan switched tactics. He reassured Annie that he wanted her to get better. Annie insisted that she had recovered from her breakdown.

Aidan stopped Emma in the hospital corridor to ask her if she had played the "secret game" with her mother. Emma revealed that she and Annie had played the game; however, Emma couldn't reveal Annie's secret. According to Emma, it wouldn't remain a secret if she told Aidan. Aidan suggested playing another game. Aidan explained that he would try to guess Annie's secret. He instructed Emma to tell him "cold" if he guessed wrong or "hot" if he guessed correctly. Emma agreed to play the new game.

Aidan's first few guesses were way off the mark. When Aidan asked if Annie's secret was about Emma, she responded, "warm." Before Aidan could question Emma further, Ryan walked up and swept his daughter away.

Aidan went to Annie's room to check on her. Annie thanked Aidan for letting her know that Emma had been in the hospital. In the next breath, Annie confronted Aidan about the secret game. Aidan seemed surprised that Annie had figured out that he had been behind it. Aidan tried to reassure Annie that he was on her side, but Annie didn't believe him.

Annie made it clear that she no longer trusted Aidan. She accused him of wanting her locked up in Oak Haven. When Annie mentioned "the people" who believed in her recovery, Aidan asked Annie where Adam was. Annie claimed that Adam had gone home to get some rest. Annie then turned her back on Aidan, in an attempt to shut him out.

At home, Ryan talked to Emma about why she had lied. Emma said that she had wanted to see her mother. Ryan asked how Emma had known that Annie was in the hospital. Emma admitted that she had overheard Ryan discussing it. Ryan explained that it was important that she not lie to him. Emma promised that she would tell him the truth.

After they hugged, Ryan asked Emma what Annie had told her. Emma was initially reluctant to tell him because she didn't want to lose the game to Aidan. Ryan filed the information away, as he reassured Emma that he was on Annie's side. Emma admitted that she suspected Ryan was Annie's guardian angel, so Emma decided it was safe to reveal Annie's secret to Ryan.

Later, while Emma colored pictures, the doorbell rang. Ryan answered the door then stepped into the hallway with Aidan. Ryan was furious and made it clear that he would not allow Aidan to use Emma again. Aidan defended the game he had asked Emma to play. Aidan insisted that Annie had a secret.

Ryan told Aidan that the secret was that Annie had a guardian angel who intended to help her. Ryan suspected that person was Aidan. Aidan informed Ryan that he didn't have any intention of helping Annie. According to Aidan, the person Ryan needed to be concerned about was Annie's guardian angel.

Marissa met Krystal at the yacht club. Krystal immediately realized that things had not gone well between Marissa and David. Marissa admitted that she had failed to get through to David. He had left as soon as he had received word on Jake and Amanda's whereabouts. Marissa was heartbroken because she had hoped that her presence in David's life would have been enough.

After Krystal called to update Tad about David's travel plans, she focused on Marissa. Marissa suspected that David wanted the children that he couldn't have. Krystal urged Marissa to give David time to open up to her. Marissa felt pathetic because she tried to fill a void in David's life left by Babe. Krystal explained that Babe and Leora's deaths were not responsible for the black hole in David's soul.

Krystal cautioned Marissa that if she kept trying to fill that hole for David, Marissa would eventually end up broken like Krystal. Marissa told Krystal that she was already there; she had been since the death of her parents. Krystal reached out and hugged Marissa.

At the Martin residence, Liza rushed to check on Tad after he had passed out. When Tad came to, he was distraught because he believed that he had hurt Liza's baby when his stray dart had struck her stomach. Liza was forced to show the padding around her waist in order to prove that Tad had not harmed her child. Tad was stunned when realized that Liza had faked her pregnancy.

Tad asked why Liza had pretended to be pregnant. Liza claimed that she had been lonely after Colby had left her. Liza also explained that Colby had desperately wanted a family. Tad pointed out that Liza's plan had a huge flaw; she wouldn't have a baby at the end of nine months. Liza tried to lie by suggesting that she had not thought the entire scheme through. Tad spotted the fabrication immediately. Within moments he realized that Amanda's baby was at the center of Liza's plans.

Liza confirmed Tad's suspicions. She told Tad that she and Jake had reached an agreement about the baby. Liza also revealed that Amanda did not know about Liza's intentions to raise the baby as her own. Tad thought it was wrong to tell David that his son had died. Tad also believed that it was a mistake to keep Amanda in the dark about her child. A phone call from Krystal iinterrupted them.

Krystal warned Tad that David had discovered where Jake and Amanda had gone for their honeymoon. Tad ended the call and turned to Liza. He explained the situation then demanded to know where Jake and Amanda had flown. Liza gave Tad the information. Tad called Jake to urge him to drop his plans and alert him about David. The call was disconnected before Tad heard Jake's response.

After the call, Tad and Liza resumed their conversation. Tad told Liza that Dixie had regretted lying about Kathy until the day Dixie had died. Tad reminded Liza that she was asking Jake to lie to Amanda for the rest of their lives. Tad warned Liza that the secret would eat at Jake whenever he saw Liza with the baby. Tad was certain that the plan was doomed to failure because David would stop at nothing to get to the truth. When the truth eventually prevailed, the baby would suffer the most.

Liza pointed out that sometimes it was necessary to lie. She justified her decision by pointing out that David had ruined many lives. Liza asked Tad if he had wanted David near Jenny. Tad admitted that he didn't want David around his child; however, Liza proposed telling a man that his son had died.

Tad explained that Kathy had many issues to work through because of what had happened to her. He warned Liza that the baby she wanted to adopt would share the same fate as his daughter. Liza appreciated Tad's concern, but she believed that handing a child over to David was tantamount to child abuse. When Tad refused to help Liza, she cried that she couldn't lose her child. Tad pointed out that the baby wasn't Liza's; he was Amanda's baby.

David slipped into Jake and Amanda's hotel room in Barbados. As he crept around the vacant room, the room's phone rang. After several rings, David answered the phone. Tad assumed it was Jake on the other end, not David. He advised Jake to call off his plans then warned him that David was on their trail. David disconnected the call.

Moments later a hotel maid entered. She demanded to know what David was doing in the room. David pretended to be a friend of Jake and Amanda's from home. He explained that he had tragic news for the newlyweds, then asked the maid if she knew where they were. The maid told David that Amanda had gone into labor and she had been rushed to the hospital.

In the Barbados hospital, Amanda held her son. When Jake tried to take the baby from Amanda, she admitted that she couldn't give her son up. Jake suggested that they run away with the baby before David found them. Amanda appreciated the offer, but she did not want to live her life in fear of David finding them. Jake was determined to support whatever decision Amanda made. Amanda was determined to do what was best for her son. She asked Jake to give her a few minutes alone to say goodbye to her baby boy.

After Jake stepped out of the room, Amanda gently stroked her son's face and told him how much she loved him. She confessed that she had not allowed herself to think of a future with her baby because it would have been impossible for her to let go of him. As Jake walked in, Amanda begged her son not to hate her for what she was about to do. Jake quietly asked for the baby. Amanda hesitated briefly then handed him to Jake. Jake promised that the baby would have a good life. As Jake left the room, Amanda dissolved into tears.

Moments later, someone entered the room and put their hand on Amanda's shoulder. Amanda didn't look up as she cried, "I want my baby." David responded, "I do too. Now where's my son?" Amanda looked up at David, then yelled out, "Get out of here."

Jake ran into the room when he heard the commotion. David turned to Jake and demanded to know where his son was. Jake told David that the baby had died because David had pressured Amanda until the stress had brought on premature labor. Jake then claimed that the baby had died because the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck.

David launched himself at Jake. A scuffle ensued until the attending physician raced into the room and pulled David off of Jake. David stormed out of the room; in the hallway, David appeared shattered by the devastating news of his son's death.

In the hospital room, Amanda suggested that they call the police. Jake advised against it because they had told David that the baby had died. However, Jake believed that David's arrival in Barbados could work to their advantage. When Jake stepped into the hallway, David was demanding to be taken to his son.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adam visited Annie at the hospital. She was upset because she was being discharged from the hospital, which meant she was going back to prison. Joe then came to check on Annie. Adam asked Joe to keep Annie in the hospital, but Joe refused.

Ryan went to the hospital and demanded to know why Adam was helping Annie. Adam explained that he knew what it felt like to have everyone hate him. Adam empathized with Annie and wanted to help her. Ryan told Adam that Annie needed psychiatric treatment, but Adam did not want to hear it.

Adam promised Annie that he would get her out of prison and reunite her with Emma. Annie was delighted and kissed Adam on the lips.

The doctor informed Kendall and Zach that Ian was doing very well and could go home the next day. Kendall and Zach were relieved, and embraced. Kendall announced that she wanted to go home with Zach, Spike, and Ian. Zach looked surprised, and she explained that she wanted to move back in because it was best for her sons. Zach then got an urgent call from the casino and had to leave. Before he left, Kendall told him that she could not wait to go home. He smiled and said the feeling was mutual.

Ryan arrived home and found a present waiting for him. Jack found the gift in Greenlee's penthouse. It was meant to be a Christmas gift for Ryan. Ryan opened the box and found two champagne flutes. One said, "Marry Me?" The other said, "I will." There was a card from Greenlee as well. In the card, she apologized for not saying yes to Ryan's proposal immediately.

Kendall went to Ryan's penthouse. She relayed the good news about Ian, and Ryan was happy. She revealed that she was moving back in with Zach, so she could be with her sons. Ryan said he understood. She apologized to Ryan for complicating his life. She regretted "jumping into bed" with him right after Greenlee's death. He tried to comfort her, but she told him not to because she did not deserve it.

Ryan got a phone call, but the person on the other end said nothing. Meanwhile, Gail took a cell phone away from an unidentified patient and scolded them for calling Ryan.

Tad said that he could not keep Liza's secret. Liza pleaded with Tad to pretend Amanda's baby was hers. He felt that she would never be able to fool David. She protested that her plan was the perfect solution for both her and Amanda. He stated that her plan was anything but perfect. He urged her to find another way to have a child.

Liza admitted that she had trouble conceiving when she tried insemination and that adoption was too long of a process. She wanted to start a family immediately, especially for Colby's sake. Liza then adamantly stated that she already considered Amanda's baby to be her own. Tad was doubtful that Liza's plan would work.

Liza heard Colby drive up to Tad's house. Liza begged Tad not to say anything to Colby. Tad said, "I'll keep your secret, for now."

Colby and Pete entered Tad's home and could tell that tensions were high. Tad said that he made too many jokes about Liza's weight. Colby ran to her mother and asked to feel her stomach. Liza looked nervous and yelled at Colby not to touch her. Liza then stormed out of the house.

Colby called her mother a psycho. Colby did not understand why Liza pulled away from her, because she claimed that she wanted them to grow closer. Tad told Colby that she should not feel responsible for Liza's moodiness because he was the one that upset her, not Colby. Pete wondered why Liza was upset at all, since babies made everyone happy. Pete then went on and on about how he wanted a big family. Colby snapped at him and stated that she would never have kids with him.

After Colby left, Tad urged Pete to give up on Colby. Pete was determined to make Colby love him. Tad noted that Pete could not force someone to love him.

David asked a nurse to see his child. The nurse explained that only family could see the baby. He revealed that he was the child's father. Jake overheard David's request and told the nurse that he would handle David.

David accused Jake of killing his son. David said that Amanda should not have traveled while she was in the last stage of her pregnancy. Jake replied that David caused Amanda to lose the baby because he stressed her out. David cried as he mourned the loss of his son. David could not believe that another one of his children had passed away. David stated that he just wanted to hear his son call him dad. Meanwhile, Amanda listened to David's sad statements and cried, as well.

As David searched the hospital for his child, Amanda told Jake that she wanted to speak with David. Amanda found David right before he was about to enter the morgue. She announced that the baby was not in the morgue. David wondered if Amanda lied about the child dying. So, he asked a doctor what happened to the Martin baby. The doctor replied, "I'm sorry, we did all we could."

Jake called Liza to warn her about David. Jake divulged that David was at the hospital and demanded to see the baby. Jake was worried that David would discover that the baby was alive. Liza was distraught.

Amanda claimed that she did not want David to see the baby because it would be too difficult to deal with. She then fabricated a story about the baby's supposed death. She explained that, after she gave birth, she waited for her baby to cry, but she heard nothing. She said that she was overwrought with pain after she learned the child died.

Amanda stated that she held the baby in her arms, but the baby was still. She wanted to say goodbye to the child, but she never had a chance because the baby was already in heaven. She urged David not to hold his dead child because the memory would haunt him. Instead, she encouraged him to think about his son laughing and gurgling in heaven with Leora and Babe.

David told Amanda and Jake that Tad called Jake's phone earlier that day. David explained that he answered the phone and pretended to be Jake. David noted that Tad made it seem that Amanda and Jake's honeymoon was a way to get the baby away from him. David swore to find out what Amanda and Jake were up to.

Jake told Amanda that she handled David amazingly well. Amanda inquired about the baby. He told her that the baby was safe and with his adoptive parents.

A nurse handed Amanda's baby to Jake. Jake rocked the baby in his arms as he told the infant that he would see him soon.

Liza went to see Zach in his office. She immediately made herself a drink and he sarcastically asked if she should be drinking while pregnant. She said, "Turns out, I'm barren." She then explained her entire plan to adopt Amanda's baby. He assured her that she would have a chance to be a mother again. She assumed that he was being nice to her because he did not want her to implicate Kendall in Stuart's murder. He stated that Kendall was innocent. Liza laughed and admitted that she believed him because, for some reason, she always believed everything he said.

Jake called Liza and told her that David believed the baby was dead. He said that the baby would soon be hers.

Liza was ecstatic and told Zach her good news. She hugged Zach and smiled. Just then, Kendall entered Zach's office and grimaced when she saw them embracing.

Randi told Angie and Jesse that she could not get Frankie to return home. Randi was frustrated and blamed herself for Frankie's reluctance to return to Pine Valley. Just then, Taylor revealed that Frankie and Brot returned together. Taylor assured Randi that she was part of the reason for Frankie's return. Angie announced that she would throw a party in honor of Frankie.

Frankie and Brot went to ConFusion. Frankie ordered multiple shots of whiskey. Frankie confessed that he had second thoughts about marrying Randi. Even though he loved her, he feared he would hurt her due to his pent-up rage. Brot told him that the rage would subside. Still, Frankie did not want to see his family. Brot called Frankie a coward, and left.

Angie, Jesse, Taylor, Natalia, and Randi waited for Frankie at Angie and Jesse's apartment. Brot joined them and revealed that Frankie did not want to see anyone. Randi was upset and assumed that her marriage was over. She ran out of the apartment and, to her surprise, she bumped into Frankie in the hallway.

Frankie was very drunk and made jokes about being "crippled." His family looked concerned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Erica went to see Ryan at his penthouse. He assumed that she was there because Kendall told her about the breakup. Erica admitted that Kendall told her that she and Ryan had split. Erica wanted to make sure Ryan was holding up.

He claimed that he was already in love with another woman. She asked who and he replied, "You." Then, he grabbed her and kissed her. She laughed because she assumed he was joking. He urged Erica to focus on Kendall's murder trial. She was certain that Kendall would be found innocent.

Adam asked Liza to represent Annie. Liza refused because she felt Annie was an insane criminal that repeatedly ran from the law. Adam explained that Annie had a tough life and deserved a second chance. Liza felt that Annie needed to repay her debt to society and go to jail. Adam told Liza that Annie's child was taken away from her. Adam felt that Liza could empathize with Annie's plight. Liza agreed to represent Annie, if Adam helped her get back into Colby's good graces. Adam agreed to the terms.

JR went home and overheard Adam and Liza discussing Annie's case. JR was shocked that his father had hired Liza. JR asked Liza why she wanted to represent Annie. Liza claimed that she was interested in the emotionality of the case. Liza told Adam that she needed an office and two assistants. She also stated that she was not cheap, and she left.

JR inquired why Adam was obsessed with Annie. Adam explained that he made a promise to Stuart after he died. Adam promised to be more generous and kind, like Stuart. Adam hoped that Annie was the first of many people he helped.

Liza went to the hospital to visit Annie. Annie detailed her troubled life, including her crazy dealings with Richie and Dr. Sinclair. Nevertheless, Annie swore she was sane and that she would do anything to be reunited with Emma. Liza felt that she could help Annie and Annie was grateful. Liza said that Annie should thank Adam, because he hired her. Liza stated that she would make sure Annie was not returned to prison and remained in the hospital.

Ryan noticed Liza leave Annie's room. Liza revealed that she was Annie's lawyer, which annoyed Ryan. He said that Annie needed psychological treatment. Liza responded that Annie had a good chance of being set free.

Ryan saw Adam at the hospital and told him to stop helping Annie, but Adam refused. Ryan swore to fight Adam every step of the way.

Adam got a call from Liza about Erica. So, Adam found Erica and told her that he knew what she was up to. He knew that Erica was working behind the scenes to get Annie put back in prison. Erica reminded Adam that Annie stabbed her. Erica swore that she would do everything in her power to make sure Annie spent the rest of her life in prison. Meanwhile, Annie eavesdropped on the conversation.

Amanda and Jake arrived home. He told her that she needed to make everyone believe her baby died. She did not think that would be hard because she did lose her baby.

Krystal hugged Amanda. Krystal said that she knew words could not console Amanda. Krystal stated that losing a child was the worst pain. Amanda realized that Krystal could empathize with her because Krystal miscarried David's child.

Tad informed Jake that he knew about the secret plan. Tad explained that he accidentally hit Liza in the stomach with a dart, so she had to divulge that she was not pregnant. Tad thought that Jake's plan was foolish.

Jake held Amanda in his arms as she cried. She told him that, when she looked into her son's eyes, their souls connected. She swore that if she ever saw her son again, she would recognize him. She further stated that no other child would ever replace her first-born son. She then fell asleep. He whispered that he loved her and that he would take care of her baby.

David was drinking heavily at ConFusion when Marisa arrived. She inquired if he went to Barbados to find Jake and Amanda. David said that he went there, but it was too late, his baby had died. Marissa was horrified by the news. He stated that Jake killed the baby because he allowed Amanda to get on a plane and deliver her baby in a subpar clinic. Marissa reminded David that they were running from him because he continually threatened to steal the baby.

David took shot after shot, so Marissa suggested that he drink a cup of coffee. Her presence annoyed him. He asked if her concern was a pathetic attempt to bond with him. She looked sheepish and admitted that he was right. He said that her presence would not make up for the loss of all his other children. He turned to leave, but she grabbed his car keys. He tried to grab them back, just as Krystal and Tad entered the bar. Krystal yelled at David to get his hands off her daughter.

Krystal tried to calm David down. She understood his need to numb the pain with alcohol, but she warned him not to take his pain out on Marissa. She urged him to yell and scream at her, but not Marissa. David noted that Krystal was the only person he could be himself around. He said that he wanted to go home, so Krystal offered him a ride.

Marissa saw JR at ConFusion. She told him the news about Amanda's baby. He felt very bad for Amanda. Marissa was surprised that he cared about Amanda, since she manipulated him. He stated that no parent deserved to lose his or her child. He further noted that Amanda was a victim of David. JR felt that David deserved to feel pain and loss. Marissa warned JR to watch out, because David would probably try to get custody of Little Adam again. JR looked worried.

A police officer approached Tad and told him that there was an accident and Krystal was in the hospital.

Tad rushed to the hospital. Krystal assured him that she was fine. She explained that David snatched the keys from her and insisted on driving. She got in the car with David because she did not want him to be alone. She said that he drove like a maniac and hit a guardrail. Tad wished she had not gotten in the car with David. Then, Krystal fainted.

Liza went to the police station to speak with Jesse. She announced that she was Annie's attorney. Jesse quipped that Liza had many "A-list clients." Liza replied, "A girl's got to eat." She then told him that she got a judge to rule that Annie should remain in the hospital.

David was brought into the police station. An officer told Jesse that he caught David drunk driving and that the woman in his car was hospitalized. Jesse was shocked to learn that Krystal was in the car. David stated that Krystal would be fine. He noted that he was the person that lost everything because his baby died. Liza seemed pleased by David's comment.

Jesse asked David if Liza was still his attorney and David said no. David told Liza that she should not be around him because he was known for stealing babies. David was then locked in a cell.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tad caught Krystal as she fainted. Angie immediately came to Krystal's aide.

Jesse told a police officer to lock David in a cell until he sobered up. Jesse asked David if he needed a lawyer because Liza was in the room. David said he did not seem to get along with Liza lately. Also, he joked that he was known for stealing babies. Angie called Jesse to let him know that she would be home late. Jesse told David that Krystal collapsed at the hospital. David tried to leave, but an officer held him back. Liza told Jesse that David had already been charged with drunk driving so he had no reason to hold David at the police station. Jesse relased David to Liza's custody.

Angie told Tad that Krystal was getting a cat scan, but Angie was not sure why Krystal collapsed. Angie told Tad that Frankie was back from Germany, but had been very withdrawn from everyone.

Brot went to see Frankie. Frankie said he wanted to be left alone. Brot told him that was not going to happen. Brot said Jesse was worried about Frankie. Frankie claimed he did not care about anyone or anything. Brot told Frankie that he probably felt like a lost soul. Brot said he had those same feelings, but pushed them aside after Frankie and Taylor forced him to open up. Frankie said his future was bleak without the full use of his hands.

Randi met Taylor at ConFusion. Randi said she was frustrated because Frankie was not communicating with her. Taylor encouraged Randi not to give up on Frankie. Randi said Frankie thought he'd failed her, but Randi felt like she failed him. Randi said Frankie saw the person he used to be every time he looked at her. Randi thought she could not help him. Taylor said that she would lose too much if she walked away from Frankie.

After visiting Frankie, Brot joined Taylor for a drink at ConFusion. Taylor asked Brot if anything was wrong. Brot started talking about Frankie, but Taylor interrupted him. She wanted to know why Brot went to Germany for two weeks and never contacted her. Taylor said she felt like their relationship had changed. Brot agreed that they were different people.

Randi went to see Frankie. Jesse gave them some time alone in the apartment. Randi went on the balcony to say hello to Frankie. He did not respond. Randi said she was going to make dinner and Frankie was welcome to join her. At first, Frankie let Randi eat alone, but eventually, he decided to join her. Frankie told Randi that he could not hold the fork. Randi fed Frankie dinner.

Marissa told JR that it was strange she never got to meet Babe, her twin sister. JR said twins were supposed to have psychic connections, but Marissa said she never felt that way about Babe. Tad called Marissa to let her know that Krystal was in the hospital. After JR and Marissa got to the hospital, Tad explained Krystal's accident to them. Tad apologized for leading Marissa to believe that Krystal was dead.

Marissa, Tad, and Angie checked on Krystal. Krystal asked if David was hurt in the accident. Angie said David was fine, but Krystal had sustained a concussion. Tad saw David and Liza looking for Krystal's room. Tad told David that he could have killed Krystal. David went in to see Krystal, who was still with Marissa. David apologized to Krystal, but Marissa was not as forgiving as Krystal. Marissa scolded David and Krystal for their irresponsible actions. Marissa rushed out of the room.

Krystal wanted David to go after Marissa, but David was more concerned about Krystal. Krystal offered her sympathy to David for losing his fourth child. She felt guilty for giving Marissa up. David told Krystal that she made the right decision. Krystal said that David made it hard for her to hate him. David asked Krystal for another chance, but she turned him down. Krystal asked David to leave her alone.

Liza was curious why Tad was not his usual happy and chipper self. Tad said it was hard to be happy when Krystal was in the hospital. Liza asked Tad if he wanted to get back together with Krystal. Tad said he didn't seem to stack up to David in Krystal's eyes.

Marissa told JR that she felt guilty about Krystal's accident. Marissa said her parents were driving home from a dinner the night they died. Her parents had invited her to the dinner, but Marissa refused. Marissa's father fell asleep and ran off the road. Marissa said she could have offered to drive her parents home if she had gone with them. JR said Marissa reminded him of Babe, who often felt guilty about decisions other people made. JR said Marissa was not to blame for her parents' deaths. Marissa thanked JR for the support and gave him a hug.

Jesse stopped by the hospital to check on Krystal. Angie told him Krystal had a mild concussion, but would be fine. Jesse delivered dinner to Angie, but Angie was too worried about Frankie to eat.

Kendall and Zach took Ian home. Kendall called out for Rachel to greet them. Instead, Ryan and Emma walked through the hallway to meet Ian. Ryan told Kendall that Emma wanted to see Ian. Kendall decided to put Ian down for a nap. Emma followed her.

Ryan apologized to Zach for overstepping any bounds with him. Ryan said he and Kendall were no longer together. Zach said he did not care about Kendall and Ryan's relationship, but did not want Ryan popping in any time he wanted. Ryan said he had a right to be in Zach's home because Spike lived there. Kendall returned and scolded Ryan and Zach for raising their voices while Ian slept.

Kendall remarked that she wished Greenlee were around to set Zach and Ryan straight. Ryan did not want to talk about Greenlee. Kendall thought it was healthy to talk about Greenlee, because she was such a big part of their lives. Ryan decided to take Emma home. Zach told Kendall that Henry North was the only person standing between Kendall and her freedom. Zach said he would find a way "to get to" Henry. Zach promised not to do anything crazy or illegal to Henry.

Liza stopped by Ryan's home. She wanted to know more about Ryan's relationship with Annie. Ryan refused to help Liza, because he did not want Annie released from jail. Liza said Annie claimed everything she did was for Emma. Ryan said Annie killing people never helped Emma. Ryan told Liza to drop Annie as a client, but she refused. Ryan said he did not know why Annie went crazy. Liza reminded Ryan that he married Annie, but was in love with Greenlee. Ryan said he would not say anything more to Liza if it meant disrespecting Greenlee.

Tad joined Taylor for a drink at ConFusion. Taylor said she'd had a fight with Brot. Tad said that he realized Tad the Cad was gone. Taylor said something was missing with her and Brot's relationship, but she was not sure how to fix it. Brot walked in with a dozen roses for Taylor. He walked away when he saw Taylor and Tad throwing back drinks.

Friday, June 19, 2009

After she received a text message from JR, Marissa rushed over to the Chandler mansion with the thought that something was wrong. JR apologized for the confusion and said that ever since Little A found out that Marissa was his aunt, the little boy hadn't stopped asking his father to invite Marissa over. Then, as if beckoned, the little boy ran into the room and asked Marissa to accompany him outside to play.

Kendall joined Zach and her sons in the living room, and turned on the television. The broadcast aired footage of Jackson as he left a preliminary hearing and revealed that he hadn't had much to say to the press. Follow-up footage of District Attorney Henry North displayed a confidence that Kendall would be convicted of Stuart's murder. D.A. North said that despite the quick remarriage, Zach would still play an integral part in Kendall's prosecution.

Jack stopped by the Slater house, where the Slaters greeted him with a barrage of questions about the prosecuting D.A.'s motives. Jack confirmed that D.A. North was trying to railroad Kendall, but indicated that it would all blow up, as no judge liked a grandstanding D.A. Zach started to charge out the door, with the intent of putting a stop to North's tactics. Jack warned Zach to resist the urge, as North wanted public altercations to make Kendall look guilty. Kendall agreed, and said they needed to remain calm for the good of the case.

D.A. North placed a call to Jesse and told the police chief that he was unhappy with the investigation into Stuart's murder. North said that time had been wasted focusing energy on David when the plan was to prove Kendall guilty. Jesse stated that his ultimate goal was to uncover the truth, but the D.A. didn't want to hear it. He demanded that Jesse meet with him, but Jesse rejected the order and said he needed to visit his son. The D.A. said that Jesse needed to get his priorities straight, and abruptly ended the call.

In the courtroom, Ryan related the course of Annie's travels after she escaped from Oak Haven. Liza claimed that Ryan's account should be stricken from the record because his words were tainted with animosity from his previous relationship with Annie. The judge overruled it, so Ryan was allowed to continue. Ryan's lawyer asked him what he thought of Annie's mental state. Ryan stated that Annie remained a danger to Emma and that he wanted her to be locked away so that she could get the help she needed.

Liza somewhat dismantled Ryan's testimony when she made him reveal that he'd allowed Annie contact with Emma. She then called Adam to the stand, and he painted a completely different picture of Annie. He lauded Annie for protecting both him and Emma while there was a shooter in the Chandler mansion, and praised her for resuscitating him after he stopped breathing. As he continued to extol her virtues, Aidan moved closer to Ryan and Erica, and all three agreed that Annie needed to be locked up.

Liza made a recommendation that Annie be released on her own recognizance, as her previous stay at Oak Haven had been filled with terror at Dr. Sinclair's hands. Ryan's lawyer hotly objected and said that Annie would have to be remanded to jail. Liza noted that after Annie's recent vicious attack there, jail would not be the best place for her client. The judge said he would not release Annie without bail and a monitoring device and asked where Annie would stay if that were his ruling. Adam said that Annie could live in the Chandler mansion, and that he would post whatever bail the judge required.

The judge agreed to those conditions, and added that Little A would not be allowed to live at the mansion during Annie's evaluation period. If Adam didn't agree, bail would be revoked and Annie would be sent to Oak Haven. Adam stormed out of the courtroom, and Annie, believing that Adam would never pick her over his grandson, thanked Liza for her attempts. Erica snidely congratulated the two women for what they attempted to accomplish. She then noted, before she walked out of the courtroom, that Annie would not be able to avoid being locked up again.

In the hall, Ryan and Erica admitted their surprise at how well Liza had done in her defense of Annie. There was a moment of worry that Liza would be successful in proving Annie fit to stand trial, but Erica dismissed the thought as quickly as she'd had it. She was so certain of their impending success that she told Ryan he should buy her a celebratory drink.

Jesse joined Randi in Frankie's hospital room and was dismayed when his son gave him a less than hopeful prognosis. Randi made it better when she told Jesse that Frankie was healing as well as could be expected. Angie barged in then, and brought a world-class orthopedic surgeon with her. Angered that she hadn't asked his permission, Frankie refused to hear what the doctor had to say, and noted that Angie had wasted the doctor's time. Randi asked that everyone clear out so that she could talk to her husband alone.

Once it was down to the two of them, Randi told Frankie that he needed to stop acting like everyone was against him. Randi told him that if he only wanted a life of bandages that changed every day, she would be fine with that. When he continued to resist, Randi told him that she would never stop loving him. She then acknowledged her desire that he not to give up on finding hope that their future together would be much better.

Out in the hall, Jesse told Angie that she shouldn't pressure Frankie to do something he might not be ready for, lest she push him away for good. D.A. North showed up and demanded to speak with the police chief, interrupting his ascent to the top of his soapbox. The two men stepped away, and North again pressured Jesse into focusing on Kendall. Jesse made it clear they should stick to their respective duties and let things play out on their own. Their conversation halted when Kendall strolled in with Ian.

North couldn't resist the urge to bait Kendall with the idea that her son would grow up without his mother. Kendall shot one barb back before regaining control over her emotions. North continued to get into her face until Zach got between the two. The D.A. thought that Zach's demeanor equated a threat of harm, but Jesse pulled both Zach and Kendall out into the hall before things could escalate further.

Away from the D.A., Jesse instructed Zach and Kendall to question Jack about the discovery, and said that the D.A.'s case was not as airtight as he wanted everyone to believe. The Slaters then asked what the D.A. wanted from Jesse, but the police chief said that to share information would be unprofessional. He bid the couple farewell, and rejoined the D.A., who immediately asked about the conversation. Jesse lied and told North that he'd threatened to lock the Slaters up if they continued to harass the D.A.

Marissa settled in with Little A outside, and when JR joined them, he asked Marissa how things had gone at the hospital. Marissa relayed that Krystal's concussion was minor, and that Krystal had slept well through the night. Moments later, Adam strode out onto the patio and curtly told his son that they needed to talk.

The men went inside, and Marissa asked Little A how he liked living in such a beautiful home. He told her that it had been scary since his mother and Uncle Stuart went to heaven. He then took the shell Babe had given him out of his pocket, and told Marissa that his mother had given it to him to keep him safe. He also told her that he believed his mother lived inside the shell so that she could always be with him.

When Erica and Ryan arrived at the Yacht Club, Ryan was still unsure that the situation with Annie would work out the way they wanted. Erica said that with all Adam had done to keep Little A, there was no way that Adam would give his grandson up easily. To prove that she hadn't lost her touch, she told Ryan to watch what happened when they walked to their table. He did, and after they sat down, he revealed with a chuckle that everyone had turned to look at her. She then told him that she knew Adam better than anyone, and that she was sure Annie would be locked up again.

Ryan questioned what part he had unwittingly played in the court's decision. Erica insisted that all of Ryan's actions were to protect his daughter, and that fact would not be lost in the end. Ryan again wondered about the root of Adam's actions. Erica said that there had to be more involved than they knew. Ryan asked Erica if she would help him ferret out the truth, and offered her agreement in exchange for a dance. Jack appeared in the doorway and managed to catch Erica's eye as she swayed to the music with Ryan.

JR was outraged when his father said JR and his son needed to move out of the house. JR asked Adam what Annie had done to make him act so differently. JR alluded to the idea that something illicit had happened between Annie and Adam. Adam insisted that he was simply acting out of gratitude. JR stormed back out to the patio, and Adam called Liza. He told her what happened, and Liza was shocked that Adam had lived up to his word.

JR asked his son to gather his toys, and said that they were going on an adventure. Little Adam excitedly ran off to do as his father asked, and Marissa asked what had happened. JR reluctantly told her that he and his son had been kicked out of the house.

Annie was excited when she found out she'd been released into Adam's care. Liza warned Annie that she needed to remain calm, regardless of how tumultuous the Chandler house became. Annie noted that she'd lived there before, and added that after all Adam had done, there was no other place she'd rather be.

The orthopedic surgeon reviewed Frankie's MRI and x-rays, and said that he could do more to help. He refused to offer false hope, but said that the microsurgery he would perform would restore significant movement. Elated, Randi ran out of the room to tell Jesse. When she found Jesse, she only got a few words out before she realized she had interrupted a conversation. Recognition flickered across her face, as well as D.A. North's, but Randi backed away quickly to avoid alerting Jesse to anything amiss.

Angie and Jesse returned to their son's room and found out that Frankie had agreed to the surgery. Frankie told them that he had acquiesced for Randi's sake as much as his own. Out in the hall, Randi called the elevator. When the door opened and she went inside, D.A. North boarded the car with her. The door closed and he hit the stop button so that all others would be locked out. He noted that it had been a long time since they last saw each other, and that he hadn't stopped thinking about her - and then kissed her.

Erica waved to Jack, so the attorney approached and reluctantly interrupted the dance. He asked if either Erica or Ryan had seen Kendall, as he had papers for Kendall to sign. Erica asked Jack if Kendall would be all right and Jack said that he was sure that Kendall was innocent. Ryan then asked Jack if he wanted to join them, but Jack said he had a lot of work to do, and excused himself.

Just then, JR entered the patio area with Marissa and Little Adam while Erica and Ryan still had their eyes trained on the doorway. They were both shocked at what they saw, and more so at what it meant. Marissa excused herself and Little A, which allowed Erica to approach JR and confirm that the two Chandlers had been evicted from the mansion.

Annie took her first walk on the Chandler patio as a mostly free woman, and reveled in her ability to deeply breathe in the night air. Adam was pleased that he was able to give Annie some happiness, and she thanked him for all he had done. As Liza watched through a window, Annie placed a kiss on Adam's cheek.

Adam went inside, and Liza grilled him about his true motives with regard to Annie. He refused to tell her any more than she already knew, and said that she better not let him down. Liza told Adam that as long as he held up his end of the bargain with Colby, he would get what he wanted with Annie's case. At that moment, Colby walked in and wanted to know about the agreement between her parents. Outside, Aidan snuck on to the property, told Annie that she had played her role beautifully, and kissed her.

Back at home, Kendall continued to worry about the vitriol that D.A. North had shot in her direction. She noted that what Jesse had told her should have made her feel better, but that she couldn't rid herself of her fearful thoughts. Zach said that they could create a remedy by taking care of the DA themselves. Zach detailed what he knew of DA North's personal relationships which, by all accounts, seemed solid. Kendall said that everyone had their weaknesses, and Zach vowed to find them in the DA.



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