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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on GL
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Monday, June 15, 2009

In the judge's chamber, Phillip requested leniency for James. The judge was concerned about maintaining his own integrity while restoring judicial confidence to James's victims. Phillip alleviated those concerns by saying that he'd made arrangements to repay James's victims. Phillip had additionally deposited money into an offshore bank account. Passing the judge a piece of paper, Phillip said that he'd add a zero to the figure if the trial went his way.

In the holding cells, Beth warned James not to act cavalierly with the judge at the hearing that day. James arrogantly promised not to screw things up. Alex and Alan arrived, and James sarcastically asked them for tips on prison life.

In the courtroom later, Phillip approached Beth, desperate to talk to James. Beth said that James didn't want to talk to Phillip. The bailiff took James in, and James ignored Phillip. When the judge entered, Phillip and he exchanged glances.

The judge proceeded by saying that because all 312 victims had been compensated, James had committed no crime. James had violated the anti-fraud provision, and the judge gave James the choice between a trial and a bench ruling. The judge stated that he'd be inclined to help James, if James understood the error of his ways.

James readily replied that he understood the pain he'd caused, and given the chance to do it again, he'd choose a better path for himself. James waived his right to a trial, and the judge found him guilty of violating the anti-fraud provision. The judge sentenced James to a year of community service, and then dismissed the court.

Alex and Alan congratulated James, who smirked at his father. The court emptied, and Phillip turned to the judge, saying that it had been a well thought out verdict. Phillip was certain that James would live up to the judge's expectations. Beth overheard them, and after the judge left, she urged Phillip to tell James what Phillip had done. Phillip hung his head, and strode off.

In a private room later, Beth told James that Phillip had paid for James's lenient sentence. Beth explained that Phillip had wanted James to understand his actions, but not rot away in prison for them. James seemed angry as Beth said that his father loved him very much.

Phillip approached Alex in police headquarters. She'd figured out that Phillip had bribed the judge. She said that Alan had turned out just like Brandon, and Phillip had turned out just like Alan. She predicted that James would become just like Phillip.

Beth entered, and said that she'd told James what Phillip had done because James needed to know that Phillip loved him. Phillip wished she hadn't done that. James entered, and Beth and Alex discussed celebrating James's verdict at the mansion. "I know what you did, dad, and now I hate you even more," James said, and walked away. Beth trailed after him.

Phillip told Alex that he was a hypocrite. Alex wondered who wasn't a hypocrite. Phillip decided to forego the family celebration. Alex advised Phillip not to be too hard on himself.

Outside, Beth told James that she looked forward to spending more time with him. Phillip went outside in time to see a limo pull up with James's friends hanging out of the sunroof. They whisked James off to celebrate. Beth and Phillip exchanged glances, and Beth left.

After competing against each other in a tug-of-war at the gym, Lizzie and Bill discussed how they'd been rivals from the onset of their relationship. Lizzie said she was tired of working at the company, and Bill decided that they should just walk away from it. When Ashlee entered, they asked her to throw together an impromptu press conference for them.

Later, Alex and Alan saw Bill and Lizzie on a monitor at the police station. They listened as Bill announced that Lizzie and he were stepping down as the CEOs of the company. "What the hell are they doing?" Alex raged. Alan responded, "Being fools."

Bill wanted to also announce their wedding date. Lizzie said they hadn't picked one. Bill called Ashlee on camera, and asked her to pick the date for them. Ashlee picked July thirteenth.

"Oh, dear, I know that look," Alex drawled, staring at Alan's smug face when the press conference ended. Alan said he was back on top. It had become his time to "sit in the big chair."

At the mansion later, Lizzie caught Alan on the phone, jockeying to head the company again. He ended his call, and told Lizzie that someone had to take charge after she'd left them high and dry. Lizzie offered to sell Alan her stock in the company, so that she could concentrate on being Lizzie Lewis. "You want to buy your way out of this family?" Alan asked.

Lizzie said it wasn't that dramatic, but she'd been trying to leave the family for years. She said that being with Bill made her happy. Alan agreed that he wanted her happiness, but he said he'd hold onto her stocks until she returned to her senses. Lizzie showed Alan the briefcase he'd given her, and promised to keep it with her always.

At Company, Billy said Frank would find the right woman soon. Frank replied that he was happy settling into his own place. Frank said that Bill and Lizzie seemed to have it all.

Billy met Bill and Vanessa at Towers later. Vanessa and Billy wondered what Bill intended to do with his career. Billy invited Bill to work at the construction company, but Bill said that they'd talk about it around Christmas when his honeymoon ended. Bill asked Billy to be his best man at the wedding, and Billy happily agreed.

When Lizzie arrived, they chatted about the wedding. Vanessa wished everyone could be as happy as Bill and Lizzie. After Bill's parents left, Bill and Lizzie started kissing.

At the farmhouse, Rafe demanded to know what was happening between Olivia and Natalia. Natalia sighed, replying that she hadn't wanted Rafe to find out in that way. Olivia explained that things had developed unexpectedly. Emma approached, and Olivia decided that Emma and she should leave.

Once alone with Natalia, Rafe begged her to say that Olivia had somehow forced their relationship. "What does that say about you and Gus? Ma, what does that say about me?" Rafe asked. "Ma, please. Tell me that this is just some weird itch you need to scratch. Just tell me that, Please!" Natalia felt that if Rafe was old enough to ask the question, then he was old enough to hear the answer. "I'm in love with Olivia," Natalia said.

Rafe strode off, and Natalia pursued him to their gate. "You don't love her!" Rafe yelled. "Not that way!" He insisted that Natalia was confused because of Gus's heart. Natalia disagreed, saying she needed Olivia, and being with Olivia felt right. Natalia wanted them all to be a family.

Rafe wondered what he was supposed to do with all the beliefs she'd instilled in him as they'd prayed and lit candles in church. "What about the man that I'm supposed to be, and the world that I'm supposed to believe in?" he asked. He stated that none of that meant anything to Natalia and Olivia because all they cared about were themselves. Rafe said they could go to hell, because that was where they'd wind up, anyway.

Rafe stormed off, and Natalia went to Frank's new house, looking for Rafe. She told Frank what had happened, and Frank wondered how she could have been so careless. An upset Natalia didn't want to get into it. She left, asking Frank to call if he saw Rafe. Natalia returned home, and saw the dinner she'd set up outside. She dismally poured the champagne on the lawn.

Rafe arrived at Frank's house with a suitcase. He asked if he could stay with Frank for a while. Frank nodded, and escorted him into the house. Rafe explained that he'd left his house because Olivia and Natalia were together. Frank replied that he knew about it. Frank poured Rafe some beer, and said it was okay for Rafe to have it, "Just this once."

At the Towers bar, Billy saw Olivia sulking over a martini. He offered to listen to her troubles, but Olivia said she couldn't talk about it without betraying a loved one's trust. She left the bar, and found Doris at the courthouse listening to music. Olivia said she had no one else to talk to. "This is my alone time," Doris complained, removing her earphones.

Olivia explained that, as Doris had already known, Natalia and Olivia had been looking for the right time to talk to Rafe. Things had improved because Rafe had gotten a job. Doris replied that she'd gotten Rafe hired after her last talk with Olivia. Olivia said that Rafe was excited about the job, but he'd seen Olivia and Natalia getting close before they could tell him about their relationship. Olivia said he'd reacted badly.

Doris thought it was a tough way for Rafe to learn about it, but things had happened for the best. Doris said she was still waiting for the perfect moment to tell Ashlee. Just then, Ashlee interrupted, bubbling about her press conference with Bill and Lizzie. Olivia left them to talk.

Olivia returned to the farmhouse, where she asked Natalia if they should look for Rafe. Natalia mumbled that he'd return when he was ready. Natalia said that he was very angry and confused, and she hadn't gotten a chance to explain it well. Olivia wondered what it meant for Natalia and her. "I don't know," Natalia uttered.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeffrey visited Shayne and Dinah to find out if Shayne knew how Edmund had wound up cremated. Shayne said that Reva had taken over Edmund's funeral arrangements because Jonathan had been Edmund's closest living relative, and Reva hadn't wanted Shayne to get stressed while dealing with it. "I'll bet she didn't," Jeffrey replied, and abruptly left.

Shayne commented that he'd never seen Jeffrey that jarred before, and assumed it must have meant that Reva really needed support. Dinah said that seeing Jeffrey reminded her of some things she needed to take care of. She left, promising to see a movie with Shayne later.

At the mini-mart, Dinah overheard Christina on a call with her grandmother, talking about Remy's proposal. After the call, Dinah excitedly asked to see Christina's engagement ring. Christina said she'd declined the proposal because she and Remy weren't ready for marriage.

At police headquarters, Frank pressed Mallet and Remy to solve Edmund's murder case and find the missing jewels. Mallet left to check on surveillance at Reva's house. When Mallet arrived at Cross Creek, Reva thanked him for the protection, and asked if he could do her another favor. "Drop the charges?" she sweetly asked. Mallet said that he could do that, if her family would start telling him the truth.

Reva grew upset, and accused Mallet of calling her family a bunch of liars. An argumentative Shayne approached, and ordered Mallet to leave. Mallet replied that he'd leave after he finished his official business. Mallet walked off, and Shayne hugged Reva.

Shayne went to Company and argued with Marina about Mallet's behavior at Reva's house. When Shayne wondered if Mallet treated his own family that way, Marina refused to talk to Shayne any longer. Shayne apologized for his attitude, saying that he was just worried about Reva. Marina reminded him that Mallet was only trying to do his job.

Later, Dinah met up with Shayne to discuss going to the movies. A tense Shayne explained that he'd been blowing up at everyone lately, including the cashier at the mini-mart. He said that the whole murder situation was transforming him back into the man he'd been before. Shayne said that it was a man he never wanted to be again.

Jeffrey met Josh in a parking lot, and said that Reva might be in serious trouble. Jeffrey explained that Reva had taken it upon herself to make Edmund's final arrangements. Since the evidence was piling up against Reva, Jeffrey decided to set himself up as the new prime suspect. "That's the stupidest plan I've ever heard," Josh said.

Jeffrey didn't think it was any stupider than Josh going to jail for Cassie. Josh said it hadn't worked in Cassie's case, and it wouldn't work in Reva's. Jeffrey replied that he just needed to divert suspicion long enough to find Edmund alive. Josh insisted that it was a bad idea. Jeffrey said that Josh didn't have to help Jeffrey.

Josh reasoned that Jeffrey could actually go to jail for the crime, and that would leave Reva and Colin alone. Jeffrey said that before he got arrested, he'd go on the run, find "that bastard," and return him to town. Josh offered to be set up instead of Jeffrey, but Jeffrey replied that Josh didn't have the skills necessary to find Edmund. Josh reluctantly agreed to help Jeffrey set himself up for murder.

Sometime later, Josh met Jeffrey on a bridge, and said he'd done what Jeffrey had asked of him. Jeffrey handed Josh a bag, and said that Josh knew what to do with it. Jeffrey added that he'd set things in place on his end, and he was headed home to spend time with Reva.

Later, Jeffrey arrived home, and told Reva that they were going on a family outing. He took Reva and Colin for a picnic in the park. Jeffrey left Colin and Reva sitting on the blanket to retrieve Colin's bottle from the car. Jeffrey found the bottle, and stared worriedly at his family.

At Lara's project site, Josh took a shoe from Jeffrey's bag, and planted prints in the mud. As he wrapped the muddy shoe in newspaper and put it away, Dinah strolled up. She said she was strangely drawn to the places involving Edmund's murder. She worried about the toll the case had taken on Reva and Shayne, and hoped the police would find new information to clear Reva. Josh did, too, and he thanked Dinah for caring so much about Shayne.

On a call outside Company, Cyrus told Natasha that working with the police had garnered him some promising leads on the missing diamonds. Cyrus went inside, where he served Christina a drink, and casually inquired about her relationship with Remy. Christina readily revealed that Remy had presented her with a loose diamond when he'd proposed. Cyrus wondered where Remy had gotten the diamond, and Christina said that she didn't know.

Later, Cyrus strolled into the police station, and intercepted a file on Edmund's murder case as Frank handed it to Remy. Frank advised Remy and him to find any connections between Edmund's murder and the diamonds. Frank said that Reva would probably love it if the diamond thief had actually "whacked Eddie."

Cyrus noted from the file that Remy had found the dead body. Cyrus commented that it must have been spooky to sit there all alone with a dead man. "Gentleman, we have diamonds to find," Frank said. An uneasy Remy nodded, and left. Cyrus trailed out behind him.

Mallet stormed into the police station, angry about the exchange at Reva's house. As he ranted about the O'Neills and Lewises not being straight with him, Christina entered, looking for Remy. Frank said that Remy was working on the diamond case. Mallet commented that it would be great if the diamond case could change the direction of the murder case. Christina became pensive when Frank said it was feasible that someone had killed for the gems.

Christina returned to Company, and searched the want ads. She received a call from Doyle, who was apparently returning her call. Christina asked if Doyle remembered her.

Later, Josh approached Mallet's desk to ask if Mallet had time to talk. Mallet went on a tirade about his frustration with the people involved in the murder case. Josh apologized for not cooperating, but said he planned to change that. Josh asked Mallet to go outside to talk.

Outside, Josh said he'd discovered information that could change the course of Mallet's investigation; Josh just hoped it wouldn't implicate another one of his family members. He said that he'd found something on the ground at Lara's project site. He handed it to Mallet, who looked at it and said, "Someone was driving a rental car on that same property?"

Meanwhile, Cyrus followed Remy into Company, where Remy introduced him to Clayton. Clayton bragged that his heroic son had saved lives and bailed him out of financial trouble. Remy grew nervous as Clayton handed him a check for $34,200. Clayton said he'd gotten reimbursed on the investment scam, and he'd wanted to repay Remy for paying off the mortgage. After Clayton left, Cyrus pretended to be awed by what Remy had done for his father.

Later, Cyrus followed Remy to an apartment building, and asked if they'd really find the diamonds inside. Remy shrugged, saying that he was there to visit a past EMT patient. Cyrus stated that he'd learned impressive things about Remy that day. Cyrus said that he'd learned about the diamond for Christina, and the huge mortgage payment for Clayton. "And on top of everything, you're a hero. You pulled Edmund out of the water, and tried to save his life-all by yourself..." Cyrus said. "I have a feeling that you're going to lead us right to the diamonds."

Remy slipped away from Cyrus, and called Dinah to meet him at a bench. Remy told her that Cyrus was helping him with the diamond case, and Remy thought Cyrus had figured out that Remy had the gems. "You're screwed," she replied. Dinah figured that Cyrus had his own agenda, which could buy Remy some time. "Time to make a choice," Remy sullenly replied.

Cyrus called Natasha to say that his lead might pan out. He said that his cop friend was very close to the diamonds. After the call, Cyrus stood near an overpass, and Remy approached. Remy said that Cyrus was very perceptive, and there was no use hiding things from him. "You're already onto me, aren't you?" Remy asked. Cyrus replied that he might be. Remy murmured that he was tired of carrying it around. Cyrus asked what Remy was carrying. Remy told Cyrus to go with him.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christina visited Doyle's shop to inquire about Remy's loose diamond. Doyle said that he no longer possessed the gem, but he'd love to buy another one from her boyfriend. Christina replied that the diamond had been one-of-a-kind. Doyle disagreed, saying that rare diamonds like those were used in sets for necklaces or brooches. "Or a crown?" she asked.

Christina went to police headquarters, and pretended that Remy had asked her to pick up the police inventory sheet for the diamonds. Mallet retrieved it from Frank's desk. Christina commented that they were just a bunch of diamonds, but Mallet replied that the diamonds in question were extremely rare.

Remy led Cyrus to an unfinished basement, where a poker game had just begun. Cyrus was surprised that gambling was Remy's secret. Remy confided that his addictive habit had paid for the diamond and Clayton's mortgage. Remy wasn't proud of it, but he'd wanted to quell Cyrus' suspicions. Cyrus and Remy decided to join the poker game.

After the game, Cyrus and Remy walked away with thick stacks of cash. Remy touted that he'd beaten Cyrus. Cyrus replied that he controlled his wins by his skilled cheating, but Remy had won by luck. Remy asked Cyrus to keep quiet about Remy's gambling habit.

Remy departed, saying that he had to return inside to schedule the next game. Inside, he thanked the players for convincing Cyrus that Remy gambled weekly. He paid them some cash, and returned the money he'd "won" from them in the game.

Later, at Remy's apartment, Christina stared accusingly at Remy as he ate lunch. Remy bragged that he'd finally gotten Cyrus under control in their investigation. "I guess that means he doesn't know you have the diamonds," Christina retorted.

Remy rushed outside, trying to scramble for a good excuse. Christina pursued him, wondering if he planned to just propose again to avoid the truth. Remy admitted that he'd taken the diamonds from Edmund's coat to cure the financial troubles plaguing his loved ones. He hadn't realized that the gems could have been stolen until it was too late.

Christina forced Remy to take her to the bank, and retrieve the diamonds from a safety deposit box. They took them back to his apartment, and Remy poured them into her hands. After Christina marveled at them, she said they were very alluring, but she didn't want to make money that way. Remy agreed, saying he didn't want to be that kind of man. They took the diamonds to the bathroom. Remy said goodbye to them, and flushed the velvet pouch down the toilet.

Cyrus went to Company, where he shuffled playing cards and wondered where the diamonds were. Natasha called, and Cyrus told her that he needed more time. He claimed he needed to go, so he didn't lose customers. "Well, I don't want you to lose your life," Natasha sneered. Cyrus hung up the phone, and laid a royal flush of diamonds onto the bar.

Cyrus decided to use the money he'd won playing cards to bribe a security guard at the bank. In exchange for the money, the guard let Cyrus view security footage of the safety deposit box vault. Cyrus sat up when he saw Remy on tape, spreading diamonds out on a table. Cyrus said the security guard had just saved Cyrus' life.

While picnicking in the park, Jeffrey slipped a call to Josh for an update on their plan. Josh said he'd given Mallet the rental key tag, and planted the phony footprint. Josh planned to toss the shoes in the trash bin at Cross Creek. Josh said Jeffrey didn't have much time before Mallet figured out their clues.

After the call, Jeffrey stared at Reva rocking Colin by the lake. Jeffrey serenaded Reva with the guitar, and told her never to forget that he loved their family more than anything. Reva assumed that his words meant he believed she'd be convicted. Jeffrey said he trusted her innocence; he just wanted to savor each beautiful moment together.

When they returned home, Reva put Colin down for a nap. Downstairs, Jeffrey hastily assembled his gun. He stashed it into a bag along with some clothes, cash, and a passport. He hid the bag in a storage bench on their porch, and then pretended to get a glass of water as Reva returned to the kitchen. Jeffrey said something endearing to her, and she asked, "Are you trying to get laid?" He pulled her into his arms, and she said he'd taken a step in the right direction.

After sex, they said they'd never done it on the kitchen floor before. Reva got up to get Jeffrey some water. When he stood, she sprayed him with the kitchen sink hose. A soaked Jeffrey complained that he'd intended to go out for a while. He slung a glass of water at Reva, and ran. She yelled that he was going to get it when he returned home.

At the police station, Mallet told Marina that he had a break in the murder case. Marina observed a plastic bag with a rental car key in it. Mallet intended to check out the rental lot, and since Marina had some free time, he invited her go along as his partner, for old time's sake.

After Mallet talked to the rental shop employees, he told Marina that they didn't remember anything. Forensics was on the way to impound the car, but Marina said the car had probably been washed several times. Mallet showed her the O'Neills' rental agreement, and said, "Paid for in cash. One more big, fat, juicy piece of evidence that points to Reva."

When Mallet returned to the station, Josh called him to follow up on the rental key tag. Mallet said that he'd checked out the lead, but it hadn't changed the focus is his investigation. Mallet said he was on his way to Cross Creek. Josh casually ended the call, strode up to the trash bin at Cross Creek, and dumped the newspaper wrapped shoes inside.

Josh and Jeffrey met each other beside a white fence. Josh said he'd dumped the shoes at the house. Jeffrey had scheduled a chopper, and he asked Josh to meet him there in two hours. He gave Josh the bag he'd sneaked out of Cross Creek, and told Josh to take it with him.

Mallet went to Cross Creek undetected, and found the muddy shoes in the trash. Later, Marina and he searched Lara's project site for shoe impressions matching the dress shoes. After scouting around, Mallet found a shoe print that appeared to match.

At Company, Shayne promised Dinah that he wouldn't "go all Incredible Hulk" on her. As she fed him French fries, Josh approached to inform them of Jeffrey and his theory that Edmund hadn't really been cremated. Shayne asked where Edmund's body was. "We think it's alive, walking around, and framing Reva," Josh replied.

Dinah and Shayne were confounded by Josh's claim. Josh liked Edmund better as a harmless dead man. He left, advising Shayne not to do anything stupid. Shayne wondered if it were true, and Dinah replied that it was time for them to get out of there.

The couple encountered Marina and Henry outside. When they shared Josh's revelation with Marina, she said that, if true, it'd get Reva out of trouble. Dinah insinuated that they could lure Edmund from hiding with "the one thing he couldn't resist." Marina said they were crazy if they thought they could use her son as bait. "Our son, actually, Marina," Shayne replied.

Shayne said he'd never do anything to put Henry in danger, but Henry was also the only person who could draw Edmund out of hiding. Marina decided to take Henry inside. Dinah left, saying she needed to go to the television station.

Shayne went to Cross Creek, and found Reva in a lawn chair outside, reading. "What are you doing out here right now? I could slit your throat," Shayne said. Reva removed her glasses, replying, "Well, hello to you, too." Shayne wondered why she was taking risks if Edmund were still lurking about. He guessed that Edmund had probably spray-painted the house. Reva doubted that the former prince had taken up graffiti. Reva suggested Shayne go hover over Dinah, but Shayne replied that Dinah had taken off the moment she'd heard about Edmund.

Shayne made Reva go in the house, but Reva explained that the last time Edmund had attacked her, he'd walked right through the front door. Reva claimed that her "drama meter" was tapped out, and she refused to live in fear of anything else. Shayne assured her that the well for her drama meter ran deep. He apologized for worrying her.

Shayne returned to Company, and found his father having a beer. Shayne said Reva was laughing at their theory about Edmund. Shayne hoped Jeffrey would keep an eye on Reva. Josh said Jeffrey would do whatever he had to do to protect Reva. Shayne looked down, and noticed mud on Josh's shoes.

Dinah went to reserve a helicopter for the afternoon, but discovered that Jeffrey O'Neill had paid triple to ensure that he'd have it for the day. Dinah visited Jeffrey at his office to say that she knew he was leaving town via helicopter in two hours. Dinah assumed that he was running away with Reva and Colin. Jeffrey explained that he'd set himself up for the murder, and he planned to leave on a hunt for Edmund. Dinah announced that she was going with him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Frank's place, Rafe made a meager breakfast, and told Frank what he planned to do that day. Frank said they needed to outline some house rules. Frank didn't need a detailed schedule from Rafe, but he appreciated Rafe divulging his whereabouts.

Natalia went to Company, looking for Frank. A defensive Marina wished that Natalia wouldn't take advantage of her father's goodness. Natalia called Frank to find out if Rafe would talk to her. Rafe shook his head, and Frank lied to Natalia that Rafe wasn't there. Frank thought that Natalia's situation was too big for Rafe to readily accept.

After the call, Marina approached Natalia, and asked what part of "don't take advantage of my dad" hadn't been clear. Natalia said she hadn't planned on any of the things that had happened. Marina retorted that Natalia never planned anything; life always seemed to just happen to Natalia, and then everyone around her had to pay the price.

Natalia went to Frank's house to talk about Rafe. Frank said that Rafe was doing well, and had even cooked a meal; however, Rafe hadn't recovered from what he'd learned. Frank stated that Natalia had been carelessly caught up in her own little world with Olivia. He said Natalia hadn't been acting like herself, and that confused Rafe and her friends.

After talking to Reva at the gas station about decorating for Independence Day, Olivia shopped for flags at a sidewalk sale. When Father Ray happened by, Olivia thanked him for supporting and understanding Natalia and her. Father Ray said he didn't support their relationship. Father Ray explained that their choices belonged to them; however, he doubted that they could make clear choices amid the turmoil he'd observed in their lives over the last year.

When Olivia entered Company, Marina took her aside to talk about Natalia. Marina inferred that Natalia just reacted to whatever was in front of her, but left others to pick up the pieces. Marina said that Frank couldn't keep being pulled into Natalia's life just because Natalia couldn't stand on her own two feet. Olivia defended Natalia, but Marina insisted that Olivia at least talk to Natalia. "You're her friend. Maybe she'll listen to you," Marina said, walking away.

At the Beacon later, Olivia found Natalia waiting in her office. Olivia asked about Rafe, and Natalia said she didn't know if Rafe would come around. Natalia said she knew how she felt about Olivia, but she didn't want people to perceive that they were together due to circumstance. Olivia agreed, saying she wanted everyone to know that even without the drama, "I choose you." Natalia replied that she chose Olivia, too.

They decided to make it clear that the only force uniting them was their love for each other. To accomplish that, Natalia said she needed to quit her job. Olivia helped Natalia craft a formal letter of resignation, and volunteered to write Natalia a letter of recommendation. Natalia realized that they wouldn't see each other as much anymore. Olivia said that they'd see each other because they wanted to, not because of work or other drama.

Back at Company, Marina told Frank that she'd warned Natalia about taking advantage of her father. Marina further said that she'd advised Olivia to straighten Natalia out. "Well, I don't think Olivia will ever straighten out Natalia..." Frank replied.

Frank, Henry, and Marina went to Towers. When Olivia saw them, she strolled over, and said that she couldn't take Marina's advice about Natalia. Olivia continued that Natalia had taken control of her own life, even resigning from her position that day. Olivia returned to her martini at the bar, and Frank gave Marina a mindful stare.

At the church, Rafe encountered Father Ray sweeping the walk. They sat down on the steps to talk. Rafe said he was having problems coping with Olivia and Natalia. From Father Ray's demeanor, Rafe figured that Father Ray already knew about it. Father Ray said he couldn't break confidentiality, but he also couldn't give Natalia and Olivia his blessing.

"She's the one who told me not to have sex before marriage!" Rafe complained. Rafe didn't understand why his mother got to break the rules, stating that what she was doing wasn't even normal. Father Ray explained that it was complicated and difficult for Natalia to figure out the right thing for herself. Father Ray said that Rafe shouldn't turn his back on his mother.

When Rafe returned to Frank's house, Natalia awaited him outside. Natalia said she'd quit her job, because she needed to try something different. Rafe noted that she'd been trying a lot of different things. Natalia said that Rafe needed to show her respect as his mother. "Yeah, I know, but you're not the mother that I thought I knew," he replied, and walked away.

Jeffrey told Dinah that with his family at stake, he didn't need any extra baggage on his trip. Dinah replied that Shayne's family was also at stake. Dinah then explained that Henry was really Shayne's son and Edmund's grandson. After hearing the adoption tale, Jeffrey realized that Edmund would be more dangerous than ever, if he knew about Henry.

Dinah suggested that they lure Edmund out by giving him something he'd want more than anything: his daughter, Lara. Jeffrey said that Lara was dead. "Not if we don't want her to be," Dinah replied. Jeffrey said that if Dinah were willing to go that far, then she could help him go get Edmund.

Dinah went to Shayne's place, where she found him making the décor more appealing for a woman. He said that he wanted her to live with him until the dangerous Edmund situation had been resolved. Dinah hugged him, saying that she wanted to protect him, too. She lied that she had to attend a producer's convention in Wisconsin, but when she returned in a few days, she planned to place their toothbrushes side by side-at her place.

Dinah presented Shayne with a music box that played a tune similar to Lara's music box. She said she'd wanted to replace Lara's broken music box for him. Shayne told her that she was amazing, and they kissed. At Company later, Dinah gave Marina a similar music box as a gift for Henry.

At the police station, Mallet received a fax from Rick, which showed Jeffrey's signature on Edmund's cremation order. Mallet called Josh, and asked if Josh had seen the cremation order. Josh hadn't seen it, but said that Rick had called the cremation a clerical error. Mallet glanced at the cremation order again, and told Josh that Reva was no longer the main suspect.

Mallet called Frank to run down the new evidence he'd gotten in Edmund's murder case. After Mallet explained about the rental car key, the muddy shoes and footprint, and Jeffrey's signature on the cremation order, Frank sighed, saying, "Looks like we've been going after the wrong O'Neill." Mallet agreed, and said that the case "sucked."

Josh lurked behind a doorframe, eavesdropping on Mallet's call to Judge Stevens. Mallet asked the judge to amend Mallet's original arrest warrant for Reva O'Neill. Mallet said he needed a new warrant for Jeffrey O'Neill. Josh hung around the station until Mallet's new warrant arrived. When Mallet headed off to arrest Jeffrey, Josh called Jeffrey.

Jeffrey arrived at Cross Creek to find Reva busily decorating for Independence Day. Jeffrey stated that Reva was a good woman. Reva replied that he was a good man. Jeffrey helped Reva hang flags outside the house. Jeffrey received a phone call from Josh, who said that Mallet had seen their forged cremation order. Josh advised Jeffrey to get out of there, because Mallet was on his way to Cross Creek to arrest Jeffrey.

Jeffrey told Reva that he needed to pick up more nails from the store. Colin and Reva waved at him as he drove away. Later, Jeffrey met Josh on a roadside. Josh wondered if Jeffrey were okay. "No. Let's go," Jeffrey said, and hopped into Josh's car.

Mallet arrived at Cross Creek with a warrant for Jeffrey's arrest. Reva and Mallet began bickering, and Shayne strode up, wondering what was going on. Reva said that Mallet had grown bored with her, and so he'd decided to harass Jeffrey. Reva threatened to call Jeffrey, and tell him not to return home. Mallet said he'd find Jeffrey, and arrest him sooner or later.

Just then, Mallet received a call, tipping him off that Jeffrey was at the helipad. Reva said that Jeffrey hadn't gone on the run because he didn't know that Mallet wanted him. "He knows if he's guilty," Mallet said, and took off.

Jeffrey and Josh arrived at the helicopter. Josh told Jeffrey to bring Edmund back in handcuffs. Jeffrey warned Josh not to horn in on Reva in Jeffrey's absence. "You have my word," Josh said, and they shook hands.

Meanwhile, Dinah stopped by the bank. She then met Jeffrey at the helipad just in time for takeoff. The helicopter ascended, and flew away without any incidence.

Friday, June 19, 2009

In Bosnia, Jeffrey and Dinah met with Jeffrey's contact. Jeffrey explained that they were going to draw Edmund into the open by using Lara as bait. Jeffrey stated that they were going to dig a new grave for Lara and make it look as if she faked her death so that she could go undercover as a CIA operative. At the same time, Dinah would travel across Europe impersonating Lara.

Emma and Olivia discussed getting a birthday present for Rafe after Emma was done with camp. Olivia warned Emma that there might not be a birthday party. However, she said if there was, they needed to be extra nice to Rafe.

Natalia ran into Matt at the grocery store where she was buying ingredients for Rafe's birthday cake. After Matt invited Natalia for coffee, she confided that she was unsure if Rafe would celebrate his birthday with her.

Frank, as Rafe's court-appointed mentor, had Rafe sign some paperwork. When Frank brought up Rafe's birthday, Rafe said that he did not want to celebrate it. Frank encouraged Rafe to go to Natalia's for her sake.

Rafe took Frank's advice and visited Natalia while she was making his cake. Later, Rafe admitted that he went to the house previously but did not make it past the front porch. Natalia told Rafe that she understood how he felt, because she was confused, as well. Natalia brought up their beliefs and stated that she'd had many long talks with God.

Natalia told Rafe that she missed talking to Rafe since he was her best friend as well as her son. Rafe hugged his mother, but left abruptly when she suggested a dinner between them and Olivia.

Olivia and Frank were both at the card shop getting a birthday card for Rafe. Frank suggested that Olivia stay away from the farm so that Rafe could have some time and space. When Olivia pointed out that Natalia might need her, Frank warned Olivia to be careful.

Rafe visited Frank at the station. Rafe admitted that he went to Natalia's, but could not stay there. A bored Rafe asked if he could hang out with Frank, but Frank was too busy at work. Afterwards, Frank tried to call Rafe, but Rafe, who was on an empty baseball field, did not pick up his phone.

Emma and Olivia arrived at Natalia's. Natalia informed them that Rafe had been there, but had to leave. Emma speculated that it was because Rafe was busy. When Olivia asked what they should do, Natalia stated that they should eat. Later, Emma suggested that they put candles on Rafe's cake and blow them out. Despite Olivia's reluctance, Natalia thought that was a good idea.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Shayne that they needed to go to the police station to get some answers, because she had no idea where Jeffrey was. Shayne suggested that they call the station, but Reva was determined to go in person. As they drove off, Josh, who had been sleeping in his car across the street, followed.

Josh stopped Reva and Shayne before they were able to go into the station. Josh told Reva that he had a message from Jeffrey. Josh said that Jeffrey was convinced that Edmund was still alive, so Jeffrey made himself look guilty so that he could go looking for Edmund. An upset Reva declared that Jeffrey would never leave her. At that point, Shayne left to get some answers from Mallet.

Marina took Henry to see Mallet at the station. Mallet began talking about Jeffrey's disappearance. Marina pointed out that Edmund could still be alive. Mallet was not convinced, and stated that, even if Edmund was alive, there was still a murder to solve, since somebody's body was fished out of the river.

Suddenly, Shayne barged in and demanded to know how the investigation was going regarding Jeffrey's disappearance. Mallet grew angry at the outburst, and threatened to lock Shayne up if he impeded the investigation.

Reva declared that she had to find Jeffrey, and headed for her car. When Josh tried to stop her, an upset Reva pointed out that Jeffrey had made himself a fugitive. Concerned about the life of a fugitive, Reva asked if Jeffrey even thought about the plan at all. Josh defended Jeffrey and said that the plan made sense.

Getting increasingly upset, Reva said that there was no good reason for Jeffrey to go on the run. Josh told her that Jeffrey had two reasons-her and Colin. Reva was unconvinced and attempted to brush Josh aside so that she could get to her car. By that point, Shayne had returned and said that his father could go.

Shayne got into the car with Reva, but refused to give her the car keys because she was upset and irrational. When Reva told Shayne that Jeffrey had left her, Shayne replied that Jeffrey was trying to save her. Shayne asked Reva if she trusted Jeffrey. When she nodded that she did, Shayne stated that she had to trust that Jeffrey would make everything okay.

Matt saw an angry Josh, who was hammering nails. Matt offered to help, but Josh said that pounding nails was his idea of anger management. Matt invited Josh out for some beers but Josh said that he needed to keep a clear head.

Mallet approached the two officers assigned to hack into Jeffrey's computer and found them taking a break. Upset, Mallet informed the men that they were dismissed because he was going to assign a new unit. Afterwards, Frank discussed the case with Mallet and suggested that Mallet take a break, because he seemed worked up over the case. Later, Mallet was informed that someone broke into the DA's office and logged onto Jeffrey's computer. Mallet correctly guessed that it was Reva.

Shayne went to Marina's looking for Mallet. Shayne informed Marina that her husband was "an ass" and Shayne wanted to know why the charges weren't dropped against Reva. After Shayne commented that Henry had grown, Marina guessed that Shayne was there to see him-not Mallet. Marina got upset and said that she could not spend her days worrying about whether Shayne was going to take Henry away.

Marina told Shayne that he could not just drop by at her home unannounced. Marina demanded that Shayne tell her that it would never happen again. At that point, Mallet walked in and heard Marina say "tell me." When Mallet asked what she was talking about, Marina covered and said that she wanted Shayne to tell her where Jeffrey was. Marina apologized to Shayne for coming down hard on him.

Shayne and Mallet argued about the case against Reva not being dropped. Marina cut in and said that, because of stress, everyone was saying and doing things that they normally would not do. Marina said that they needed to take a step back. Before leaving, Shayne quietly told Marina that it might be too late for that.

Reva looked through Jeffrey's security lockbox and found a number to a European contact. She called the number and asked the man, Mr. Greico, if he had heard from Jeffrey. The man informed Reva that he had not, and told her that if Jeffrey did not want to be found, he would not be.

Reva asked Greico to give Jeffrey a message if he heard from him. Reva asked him to tell Jeffrey that she loved him and wanted him to return home. When the call ended, Reva went outside and cried. Unbeknownst to her, Josh was watching from his car.

Mr. Greico--the man who Jeffrey and Dinah had been speaking with-hung up and gave Jeffrey Reva's message.

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