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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Meg saw Dusty walking through Old Town carrying a bouquet of flowers. He went into Al's diner and presented the posies to Bonnie, as Meg watched through the window. Dusty thanked Bonnie for her professional services in regaining legal access to Johnny. He also joined her for breakfast, and the two laughed together.

Damian met a sad-looking Meg peering through the window of the diner, and he suggested that they go elsewhere for their breakfast. Meg, however, opted for Al's, so the two walked in. The reaction from Dusty and Bonnie's table was frosty, and Damian asked Meg why seeing Dusty with another woman bothered her so much. Meg only said that she was surprised that it had happened so quickly. She and Dusty continued to make eye contact, so Damian offered her advice, as a friend. He told Meg that she needed to resolve her feelings for Dusty before she could move her life forward.

Damian got up and left to return to the Lakeview. Meg approached Dusty and asked to speak with him. Bonnie took the hint and excused herself, so Meg took Bonnie's place. She told Dusty that she wondered if they had been too hasty when they had ended things between them. They discussed Paul, but they reached no agreement there. Meg did say that she missed seeing Dusty, and he confessed the same thing to her. Meg mentioned that she did not understand why Dusty resented Damian so much, and the two had words that led to Meg's jumping up and storming out.

Bonnie went to Metro, where Derek surprised her. He apologized for overreacting earlier and admitted that he was jealous of Dusty's attention to her. Bonnie said that she and Dusty had kissed-twice. Derek wanted to know what that meant to the two of them, but Bonnie had no idea. Out of the blue, Derek suggested that he and Bonnie live together, and that amused her, and she began to laugh. The laughter angered Derek, who stormed out.

Carly returned home and poured herself a cup of coffee, which she laced heavily with vodka. She went into the living room and picked up her sketchpad. Craig appeared at the door and wished her a good morning. He was eager to see what designs Carly had produced, but Carly said that she didn't feel like working on such a beautiful day. She began to flirt with Craig and suggested that, since they had the house to themselves, that there had to be some pleasurable way to pass the time. Craig took Carly into his arms, and they kissed.

After putting Eliza down for a nap, Paul found Rosanna sobbing in the living room at Fairwinds. She told him that seeing him with the baby reminded her of what she had always dreamed of having, but had never achieved. She complimented Paul on his parenting skills, and then she burst into tears again. Paul got her a cup of tea, and he suggested that the three of them "play house" at Fairwinds. Rosanna did not agree that it would be a healthy situation, and she reminded Paul that Eliza was his child with Meg, and she did not want to get in the middle of that situation. Besides, Rosanna knew that she and Meg did not get along well. Paul asked her to stay and help with the baby, and Rosanna agreed to at least think about it.

At the Lakeview, Dusty saw Damian and he told him that all Damian thought about was himself. Damian accused Dusty of suffocating Meg and said it was no wonder that Meg had left him. Dusty threatened Damian that he was going to regret returning to Oakdale, and Dusty walked out. Damian immediately called his assistant, Bernardo, and instructed him to buy as much stock in Worldwide Enterprises as he could. He ordered him to use an offshore buying company, so that no one would know who the buyer was.

Damian then went to the Snyder farm and apologized to Meg for urging her to talk with Dusty. He said that he had run into Dusty in the hotel, and Dusty had treated him like a bad guy. He said that even though he would like to be more to Meg, he realized that what she needed was a friend. Meg thanked Damian for understanding.

Carly and Craig made love in her bedroom, but Craig disliked being in "Jack Snyder's bed." He told Carly that he could not do it anymore, and he asked her to make it official and marry him. Carly was stunned and told Craig to forget it, because too much was going on in her life. Craig promised that they did not have to rush into anything and could give their critics time to get used to the idea. Carly said that she would need to get Rosanna's approval first, and then she mused that she knew she was going to regret it.

Carly and Craig drove to Fairwinds and surprised Rosanna, who immediately became suspicious of why they were there. Carly jumped right in and reminded her sister how Rosanna had asked for Carly's approval when she was contemplating marrying Craig herself. Rosanna interjected that they all knew how that had turned out, but Carly continued. She said that she and Craig were considering getting married and starting a new life with their children. Carly said that Rosanna's disapproval would be a deal breaker for her.

Rosanna was stupefied and asked Carly if she loved Craig. Carly first said that she needed him, and then she turned to Craig and told him that she loved him. Rosanna thought a bit and then stated that she would not stand in Carly's way as long as her sister loved Craig. She wished them happiness, just as Paul entered the room.

Craig told Paul to congratulate them because he and Carly were getting married, and Paul asked Carly if she was crazy. He also asked Rosanna if she was okay with that, but Rosanna said it was between her and her sister. Paul then offered to buy Carly a bomb sniffing dog as a wedding present, and he also suggested that she find someone to taste her food. Carly and Rosanna hugged, and the visitors left.

Paul could not believe that Rosanna would not do anything to stop the marriage, but Rosanna said that would not happen. Then she announced that she would be moving out of Fairwinds because it was too comfortable there and too much like her old life. Paul argued with her for a while, but Rosanna's mind was made up. Paul offered her a room at the Lakeview, which Rosanna did accept. She thanked him and went to pack.

Dusty arrived at Metro and told Bonnie that nothing had changed with Meg; the two of them were still at odds. Bonnie told him about Derek's visit, which had put her in a bad mood, as well. Dusty decided they needed to have some fun, so he asked Bonnie to go to dinner and do some dancing. Bonnie thought about that, but then she refused his invitation by declaring that she would rather stay home and clean her oven than go out with him.

Carly and Craig went back to her house, and Craig announced that they were officially engaged. He wanted to celebrate, so Carly went to get a bottle of sparkling cider from her refrigerator. First, however, she went to her cupboard and drank heavily from her pint of vodka. She took the cider into the living room and the two of them toasted their future.

Craig wanted to know if Carly had said that she loved him just to "seal the deal" with Rosanna, or if she had meant it. He told her that he had no expectations on that point, but Carly never answered directly. Craig smiled and told her that he loved her, too, and they kissed. They then went upstairs to make love again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emily met with her ex-stepfather, Larry, at the Lakeview, and she asked him for further help in locating her missing eggs. Larry still maintained that he had not signed the receipt, but Emily said that she had consulted a handwriting expert, and the signature was Larry's. Emily demanded to know "why the hell" he had taken her eggs, but Larry had no explanation other than he might have signed the receipt while it was mixed in with other papers. He explained that harvested eggs were valuable not just for implantation but also for research. Anyone could have taken them for the genetic material they contained.

Emily fiercely wanted her eggs back, but Larry cautioned that perhaps that was not the best solution. He reminded her that the eggs had been frozen for twenty years, and they could be damaged. He suggested that she try to reverse her tubal ligation, but Emily was wary of that. Larry said a sonogram would tell her right away if she was a good candidate for a reversal. He recommended a fertility specialist who had just transferred to Memorial, and who was a good friend of his. Emily agreed to the sonogram, and Larry offered to take Emily back to the hospital right away.

The two of them got up to leave as Susan walked into the Lakeview lounge. She questioned what Emily and Larry were doing there, and when she learned that Larry was "helping" her daughter, Susan loudly told Larry that he was "full of it." Emily challenged her mother, but Susan demanded to make all the arrangements that Emily would need. She made more nasty remarks about Larry, but Emily defended him. Susan told Larry to butt out of her family business and accused him of kissing up to Emily in order to get closer to Alison. Emily chose to leave with Larry, and they walked out on Susan.

At Java, Alison talked with Riley, who was reading the classified ads for an apartment to rent. She asked him why he hadn't stayed at the Hugheses' house until he found a place, but Riley said she should ask her boyfriend that question.

Casey went into the kitchen at his house and found Margo taking the day off. She said that she didn't feel too well, so Casey offered to take her out to breakfast, but his mother declined. She sent Casey off to work, and when he got to the hospital, he ran up and surprised Alison with a kiss. Alison scolded him about kicking Riley out of his house and for continuing to ask her to hide Riley's watch. She told Casey to tell his mother the truth about the watch, but Casey said that he had a good reason to swipe it. He said that Margo needed to grieve for Adam instead of recreating him in a stranger. Alison could see the point to that, but she still worried that Riley had no place to stay. She was afraid that he would leave town, and she and Casey started shouting until Casey stormed out.

Noah told Luke that the Army had refused him access to the base at Fort Leonard Wood for his film project. Luke reminded him that Lieutenant Hasbro, whom Noah had interviewed, might be in a position to help. Noah thought that was a great idea, and he placed the call. The sergeant in Hasbro's office told Noah that the only way that the Army would allow him to film on a base was if he was in the military or affiliated with military personnel. Luke thought the situation was weird, but then he thought of Riley Morgan, and wondered if perhaps Riley could help, since he was in the military.

Noah was skeptical about asking Riley because of his initial reaction to him, along with Casey's obvious dislike. The boys went to Java and talked with Riley, however. They explained their problem, and Riley told them that his tour with the military was over. Noah then suggested that Riley go talk with Hasbro and put in a good word for them. Noah took a call and walked away from the table, while Luke tried to persuade Riley to do them the favor. Noah came back, and Riley agreed to help them if for no other reason than to prove that he was a nice guy.

Margo went to the hospital and talked with Alison. She was hoping to talk to Dr. Bob, but Alison said that he was away all day at a conference. Margo was looking for a prescription for an anti-depressant, and she suddenly broke down in tears. Alison took her into a private room, and Margo began questioning Riley's story about knowing Adam, and then the part about Casey's taking his watch. She was unhappy about not supporting Casey better.

Alison tried to be helpful, and then Margo began talking about Riley's relationship with Adam and what a comfort that was to her. Alison got Riley's watch from her locker and handed it to Margo. Margo demanded to know if Casey had given it to her, and Alison attempted to defend her boyfriend.

Casey walked in and saw his mother holding Riley's watch. He told her that he had taken to watch to give her a wake-up call, but Margo thought he had done it to hurt Riley. She hoped that Riley would forgive them and "come home." Casey protested and said that he could not do as she asked and make the stranger feel at home in their house. Margo took the watch and walked out.

Casey scolded Alison for ratting him out, and he was unhappy that his mother was probably going to invite Riley back into their home. He felt that Alison, who was supposed to be his girlfriend, had betrayed him. Alison also felt let down for Casey's involving her in his lies to his mother. Casey had no idea what to tell Margo, and he was very angry with Alison. He told her that he needed to prove that Riley was a bad guy, and if that required lying to his folks or to Alison, then that was what he would do. Alison cried that they did not have much of a relationship left, and Casey shouted, "The hell with it!" and he rushed out.

Riley went to Lt. Hasbro's office and knocked. A voice summoned him inside, and Riley opened the door to find a man wearing camouflage and puffing on a big cigar. Riley challenged the man by saying that he was not Lt. Hasbro, and the man countered by saying that his visitor was not Riley Morgan. Riley asked the man to identify himself, and he said he was Colonel Winston Mayer.

Riley recognized him as Noah's father, supposedly dead. Mayer said that he would tell Noah that he was alive when the time was right. The colonel knew about Noah's film project, but when Riley stated that he would have to tell the boy that his dad was alive, May er said that Riley would not say a word on that subject. He said he knew all about Riley Morgan, and the two of them were going to keep each other's secrets, and then the colonel laughed.

Riley went back to Luke's house and reported that he had both good news and bad. The good news was that Noah had permission to visit any military base he wanted for his film. The bad news was that the invitation extended only to Noah, no one else. In other words, Luke could not accompany Noah on his visits. Noah complained that he needed Luke to do the shooting and some sound work, but Riley said that he had explained all that to Hasbro, and the rule stood. Noah was upset, but Luke told Riley to accept Hasbro's terms. Riley left, and Luke consoled Noah that he would find a way around the rules.

Margo was in Al's when Riley walked in. She called him over, but he refused a sandwich. He sat with her reluctantly, and Margo returned his watch and invited him to move back into their home. She said that because Adam was gone, she needed to make amends through Riley. She admitted that Casey was angry at Adam and had been taking it out on Riley. Both of them decided that they could deal with Casey on the home front.

At Memorial, Emily's sonogram revealed that a reversal of her tubal ligation would most likely not result in a pregnancy. Larry had other options to present to her, but Emily asked first to go to the University of Chicago to see if the doctors there could locate her missing eggs. Larry agreed to take her there, but first he asked for a chance to search the records at Memorial himself. He left Emily and promised to report back. Susan approached her daughter and referred to the departing Larry as a "scurrying rat." Emily told her mother that Larry was the only one who was giving her hope.

Casey went to Luke's and announced to him and Noah that Alison had broken up with him because of Riley. He declared that Riley was evil, and he praised Noah for seeing it, as well. Noah spoke up and said that he had changed his mind on that subject since he had gotten to know Riley better. Casey got angry and left in a hurry. Luke assured Noah that he was with him all the way.

Alison and Riley ran into each other in Old Town, and she apologized for not saying anything about his watch. She walked off, looking sad, and Riley made a call. He spoke with Colonel Mayer and reported that Noah would be traveling alone to the Army base.

Casey went home and called the Veterans Administration in Washington, DC. He wanted information on someone deployed in Afghanistan and got put on hold. He vowed to find out who Riley Morgan really was.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still reeling from Casey's dumping her, Alison wandered aimlessly around Old Town. Hunter caught up with her and told her that he had been texting her. He had decided to take her up on her offer to help him find his father. Alison was still distracted and advised him to ask Emily instead. Hunter asked if she was okay, because, he said, she looked terrible. Alison gave a sharp retort, and then admitted that she and Casey had broken up. Hunter said he was sorry to hear it, but he could barely contain his smile. He also called Casey an idiot.

Alison suggested that they start the search for Hunter's father with his mother. Perhaps she was more lucid than she had been when they had first visited. They drove to the nursing home and found Hunter's mom sitting in the garden again. Hunter approached her, and she called him "son," and she asked who his "friend" was, indicating Alison. Hunter introduced Alison and then asked about his father. His mother did not respond, so Hunter played a CD of "Tristan and Isolde" for her and asked if she had ever known a real-life Tristan.

Hunter's mother burst into tears and complained that she was tired, so Hunter gave up and told Alison that there was no real Tristan; he had to be part of his mother's imagination. Alison asked what Hunter's birth certificate said, and Hunter realized that his mother had always gotten any documentation he needed, including his passport. He hoped his father was named on his birth certificate, so he and Alison headed for city hall. The certificate listed his name as "Jeremiah Hunter," and his father's as "Tristan Wagner." Hunter thought the name was made up, as in Wagner the composer, but Alison wanted to begin looking online for someone of that name.

At Memorial, Susan saw Emily and said that she was sorry how they had ended their previous conversation. She recommended a Dr. Gardner as a fertility specialist there at the hospital, but Emily said that Larry had offered to help find the missing eggs. That set Susan off, who wanted her ex-husband to have no involvement with her family at all. She told Emily that her eggs were not in the hospital despite what her new best friend said. She obviously put no faith in Larry, and she went off in a huff.

Larry appeared carrying a cooler. He announced that he had found Emily's eggs and that they were well preserved. Hopefully, they would still be viable. Emily was very grateful, and Larry handed the cooler to a nurse and told her to put them back in the freezer. He said the first step was to test the eggs to see if they were viable, and if so, then Emily could go ahead with the in vitro process. Emily said that she owed Larry several apologies for recent and past transgressions against him, but Larry said there was nothing to forgive. He said he and a colleague had been going to the opera that evening, but that the friend had cancelled. He asked Emily if she would like the other ticket, and she accepted.

Larry arrived at the opera house first and was delighted when Emily showed up. The opera was "The Barber of Seville," but was presented in the opera buffa style of comedy. He promised Emily that she would enjoy it, and she did. At intermission, Emily asked how Larry had gotten interested in opera, and he said that someone who had been very special to him years before had introduced him to it. Emily probed a bit and learned that his friend had been a woman with whom Larry had been in love, but the relationship had not worked out. Larry said the first opera he had seen was "Tristan and Isolde."

Holden visited Meg at the farm, and she told him that she had called it quits with Dusty. Holden couldn't begin to be sorry for that, and he was equally elated to learn that Damian was out of the picture, as well. He offered to help his sister in any way he could, and he invited her to have a drink with him and Lily.

Dusty was in a shouting fest on the phone, asking his broker how someone could not know who was behind the hostile takeover of Worldwide Enterprises. Bonnie opened the door and complained that she could hear Dusty all the way to the elevator. Dusty gave his broker one hour to find out who was after his company, or the man was fired. Dusty explained to Bonnie that someone was buying up big blocks of Worldwide stock. Bonnie questioned why Dusty was so upset when he hated corporate life and even worse, being stuck in an office. She asked why he did not just cash out, but Dusty considered that "caving." He said he needed a lawyer to track down DI Madrigal & Associates, so Bonnie placed a call to "a friend in high places."

Bonnie learned that DI Madrigal & Associates was the investment arm of a European syndicate whose managing partner was no other than Damian Grimaldi. Bonnie suggested that Dusty buy up more shares than Damian, but Dusty's answer to the problem was to find Damian and stop him. Bonnie did not try to talk him out of that; in fact, she told Dusty that Damian had been in the lobby when she had entered. The two of them left for the elevator.

Damian exited the elevator in the Lakeview lobby and ran into Lily. He said he was in a good mood because of a new business venture. He gave no real details, but he did say that it was possible that the two of them might be partners again soon. Damian confided that his holding company had been buying up shares of Worldwide stock to make money. He felt the company was undervalued because of Dusty's poor management. Damian also liked the thought of putting down roots in Oakdale, because of Luciano.

Lily challenged Damian that his takeover was not as much about running Worldwide as it was about his feelings for Meg. Damian admitted to those feelings, so Lily told him that the last thing that Meg wanted was to be the prize in an "alpha dog slug fest." As they continued their discussion, Holden and Meg approached. Lily mentioned that Damian had a new business venture, and Meg was curious. Just then, Dusty and Bonnie walked up, and Dusty loudly challenged Damian. Meg was confused and asked that someone enlighten her. Dusty claimed that Damian was attempting to neutralize him as a threat, but that told Meg nothing.

Bonnie finally spoke up and said that Damian had been secretly buying up Worldwide stock with his off-shore interests. Meg lit into Damian, and Dusty issued a warning and left with Bonnie. Meg asked Damian if the stock buying was true, and he admitted it. Meg stormed out, and Holden went after her, shouting at Lily that he would see her at home. Lily told Damian that he had totally blown it with Meg, so he asked what he should do. Lily said he had to make a choice of which he wanted more, Worldwide or Meg.

Lily suggested that he apologize to Meg first and then try to fix the problem. Damian called his people and called off the takeover. He issued a sell order for all the stock he had bought, and that surprised Lily. She realized that Damian really did have strong feelings for Meg, and she agreed to speak to her sister-in-law on his behalf.

Alison and Hunter found a "T. Wagner" listed online, and they went to his house. Tristan Wagner was returning home as they knocked on the door, and he was a fairly young African-American man. Hunter immediately discounted the man as his father and began to feel hopeless. He and Alison went to Yo's for a soda, and Hunter asked for details about why Casey had dumped Alison. She explained that Casey had done something nasty to Riley, and she had told Margo about it. Casey felt betrayed and had walked out on Alison.

Hunter stated that Casey did not deserve a beautiful, intelligent woman like Alison, and he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. He apologized immediately, but then said he wanted to be more than just friends. Alison said that would never happen, and she ran out.

After the opera, Larry and Emily went to the Lakeview bar for a drink. Susan walked in and asked to speak to Emily alone. She asked Emily why she had dressed as if she was going to the prom, and Emily explained that she had been to the opera with Larry. Susan went ballistic and called it a "date," and said that it disgusted her. She could not believe that Emily's eggs had appeared at Memorial, either. She warned her daughter not to trust Larry, but Emily had heard enough, and she walked out on her mother.

Larry invited her to have a drink in his room at the hotel, but Emily hesitated. Larry assured her that it was just a drink, and, besides, he was "family." Susan watched them get into the elevator, and she was not pleased. In his room, Larry poured the two of them drinks and then reminded Emily that her eggs would eventually need company. He urged her to pick a donor whose qualities she valued. Then he dropped a bombshell and suggested himself as the donor, citing Alison as a good work product from the last time. Emily said the thought creeped her out, but she thanked him for the offer.

Emily stood up to go, but she got woozy and sat down again. Larry suggested that she spend the night, and volunteered to sleep on the couch. Emily thought that was a bad idea, and she attempted to stand again. She got very dizzy and lay on the bed and closed her eyes. Larry sat and watched her for a long while.

Dusty began buying Worldwide stock in order to save his company. His broker called and said that Damian was unloading his stock. Bonnie congratulated Dusty on winning the battle, and then she accepted the dinner date that Dusty had issued several days before.

Holden dropped off Meg at the farm, and they were surprised when Lily and Damian followed them in. Damian asked to speak with Meg, so Holden and Lily left. Lily told her husband what Damian had done for Meg.

Damian admitted that he had made a grave mistake, but he assured Meg that he had already sold back the shares he had bought. Meg then agreed to take their relationship one step at a time, and that gave Damian hope.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Craig appeared on Carly's doorstep with a beautiful spray of white roses. He wanted to verify that she had agreed to marry him. Carly took the flowers into the kitchen to put them in water, and Craig figured out that she had had not yet broken the news to Jack. Carly promised to tell Jack right away, but Craig decided that he would tell Jack himself. Carly said that she found that amusing, as she arranged the blooms in a vase. Craig suggested that she concentrate on how she would tell her children, and he would handle her ex. Craig said goodbye and walked out.

At the Snyder farm, Janet was jealous that Jack had the day off, and she had to work. Jack thought he would go see his kids and talk to them about Fourth of July plans. Janet accused him of just wanting to check up on Carly, and she warned him to get used to the fact that Craig was a big part of Carly's life. Jack took off, and Craig appeared not long afterward. Janet was surprised that Craig had not seen Jack along the way, but she invited him in.

Craig announced that he and Carly were engaged, and he noticed that Janet was not particularly overjoyed. They discussed Carly's role as a mother to Johnny, and Craig was looking forward to that. Janet said that she had been secretly hoping that Carly would get remarried, but she was counting on its being someone from Omaha who would spirit her away. She wished Craig good luck.

Carly talked with Parker and Sage, who were eager to get places they needed to go. She began the conversation by telling the kids that positive changes were good, and she was just about to break the news of her engagement, when a knock on the door interrupted her. The visitor was Jack, who wanted to know what was going on. Sage finally spoke up and said that Carly was about to tell them that she was marrying Craig.

Jack laughed and told Sage that she was quite the jokester. When Carly said that Craig was headed out to the farm to talk with Jack, Parker muttered, "Oh, my God, Sage was right!" Jack asked Carly if Sage was correct, and Carly confirmed it. Jack laughed and congratulated Carly. Everyone looked at Jack and said, "That's it?"

Sage asked Carly if she really loved Craig the way that she had loved Jack, and Carly was stumped for the right answer. Jack jumped in and said that, of course, Carly did. Sage asked to go, and Carly gave the children permission to leave, but they only went as far as the front porch. Carly thanked Jack for remaining calm, but Jack said that he was married to someone else and had no right to tell Carly how to live her life. Then Jack asked the same question about her feelings for Craig, and Carly's answer was that Craig was just what she needed. She denied that she was an alcoholic and, in fact, did not even drink at all anymore, thanks to Craig. She asked for Jack's blessing, but he stopped short of granting it.

Jack found the kids on the porch discussing the nuptials as he left. Sage said to Parker that she did not have a trust fund like his, so he could be "Mr. Suck Up" to Craig as much as he wanted, but she didn't have to. Parker asked his sister to give the marriage a chance for their mother's sake. Jack went down the steps, and Sage walked him to his car. Parker went inside and walked in on Carly downing a tumbler full of vodka. He accused her of still drinking, but Carly denied it and told her son that she had been drinking only tap water. Parker saw the empty vodka pint on the counter, however.

Brad told Katie that he hated that she was going to the doctor for a checkup without him-and in a cab. He felt guilty for abandoning Katie for an appearance on "Oakdale Now" with the horrible Geneva Swift. Katie assured Brad that Geneva was a fad who would burn out fast. Brad discussed calling Henry to ask him to take Katie to her appointment, but Katie grabbed his phone and told her husband that Henry was too busy, and he was also still mourning the loss of his baby. Brad agreed and said that he hoped that Katie would watch the show as he cut Geneva down to size.

Meanwhile, Henry, a.k.a. "Geneva Swift," hid his costume as Vienna put the finishing touches on her makeup. She was nervous because Kim wanted her to try pole dancing on the show. Henry was horrified and called pole dancing "lewd, lascivious, and licentious." Vienna said that he sounded just like Geneva Swift, and she asked Henry to stand still and play the part of the pole while she tried a few moves. She twirled around him once, and Henry grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Vienna escaped and hurried to work.

Katie opened her door to find "Geneva Swift" outside. Henry told her that he had an emergency and needed her help to get his breasts on straight. Katie said that was probably the weirdest thing a man had ever said to her. First she worked on a stuck zipper in the back of Geneva's dress, as Henry admitted that he had signed a contract to be a regular on "Oakdale Now." He assured Katie that he would not get caught until he had accomplished his mission of getting Vienna to stop making a sexual spectacle of herself on television. Katie evened up his mammaries and sent him on his way.

At WOAK, Vienna and Brad arrived at the same time, and Kim grumbled that Geneva Swift was not yet there. Vienna practiced a few moves for the pole dancing, but she had a misstep and landed hard on her backside. She moaned and cried about pain in her back, but she did not want to abandon the show. Kim called for an ambulance, which transported Vienna to Memorial.

Henry, dressed as Geneva, walked through Old Town on his way to the studio. Two women recognized him from the show and raved about his performance. They said that they watched every day that Geneva was on. Henry was extremely flattered.

Kim and Brad discussed how to handle Vienna's departure, and Geneva Swift arrived. Kim explained that she needed Geneva to play a different role and asked her what she knew about pole dancing. Geneva said she was befuddled about being asked to be a sexual gymnast, but a stern Kim reminded her to read her contract, because she had agreed to do whatever the producers requested. Kim placed Geneva and Brad in front of the pole and asked them to be themselves and act naturally. She counted down the opening, and Brad did the introduction. He turned it over to Geneva who gave a pitch for the cardio-vascular benefits of pole dancing, which set Brad off on a fit of giggles.

Henry, as Geneva, walked slowly around the pole and lifted her feet and smacked her butt on the floor. Brad made a nasty comment, as Geneva asked for help up. Geneva challenged Brad to try the pole, so he took a flying leap at it and also smacked the floor. Geneva picked up Brad's leg and began twisting it, as Kim gave the "end segment" gesture, and Brad signed off. Suddenly Geneva's admirers from Old Town swarmed the studio asking for autographs, including an older gentleman "admirer."

Katie went to the hospital for her appointment and was stunned to see Vienna in the hall on a gurney. Vienna explained about her back and asked Katie to call Henry and ask him to find her at the hospital. Katie sat with Vienna and lied about where Henry might be. Vienna wanted to watch "Oakdale Now" on the television, but Katie grabbed the remote just as the doctor entered. Katie went outside and left another message for Henry, warning him to get out of his dress and to Memorial right away.

Jack returned to the farm and found Craig and Janet talking. Janet asked if Jack had told his kids the news, and he said that Parker and Sage were okay with it. Jack and Craig began trading barbs, and Jack moaned that Carly was making the worst decision of her life. Craig left, and suddenly Parker walked in, looking stunned. He told Jack that Carly was in trouble, and he had seen his mother drinking vodka. Jack said that he would go talk with her, and Janet took Parker to the diner for their work shifts.

Craig returned to Carly's and asked her how Jack had taken the news. Craig tried to kiss her, but she wriggled out of his arms and headed to the kitchen "to make coffee." Craig looked suddenly wary. Carly poured the coffee, and Jack walked in unannounced. He lit into Craig for allowing Carly to lie and then covering for her.

Craig said that he had no idea what Jack was talking about until Jack responded that Carly was still drinking. Carly denied that, but Jack said that Parker had told him what he had witnessed. Craig put it off to Parker's being upset about the engagement, so Jack asked Carly again. Carly said that she had not been drinking, and she pled with Craig to tell her that he believed her.

At Memorial, Katie left another message for Henry. Vienna was worried that something had happened to him, but when the broadcast finished at WOAK, Henry finally checked his six messages from Katie. He dashed out as soon as he realized that Vienna was hurt.

Kim and Brad left the studio and visited Vienna. They were both surprised to see Katie there, and Brad scolded her for not being at home in bed. The doctor told Vienna that she could go home, but she had to rest her back for a while. Brad insisted on taking Katie home, so Kim offered to take Vienna back to the Lakeview. She also told Vienna that the show had worked out fine without her, thanks to Geneva Swift.

Henry went back to the Lakeview, still in drag, and marched into his room to see Vienna lying on the bed and Kim hovering over her. He had to pretend that he was Geneva Swift paying a visit to make sure that Miss Hyatt was all right. Geneva made a hasty exit, but Kim ran after her in the hall to compliment her on her performance that day. Kim invited her to be Vienna's replacement as co-host until Vienna's back had recovered.

At home, Brad complained about what a pain Geneva was, and to top it all off, the woman was ugly! Katie took a call from Henry who told her that he was replacing Vienna on the show temporarily. Katie told him that he was insane, but Henry assured her it would all work out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

At Carly's house, Carly asked Craig whether he believed her when she said she hadn't been drinking, because she needed to know that the man she was going to marry believed in her. Jack said that just because Craig was going to marry Carly didn't mean he had to lie to enable her drinking. Craig said that he didn't need any life lessons from Jack, and said that Jack had no right to make baseless accusations against Carly. Jack said that as long as his kids were living under the same roof as Carly, he had the right to be concerned about her actions.

Carly and Craig tried to convince Jack that Parker's statement that he'd seen his mom drinking was simply an act of rebellion against the idea of Carly and Craig getting engaged to be married. Jack didn't think that was the case. Carly told Jack that she wasn't drinking and that there was no alcohol in the house; she told him that if he didn't believe her, he could look for himself. Jack said he would do that, and he went into the kitchen and began looking through cabinets.

Craig followed Jack into the kitchen and told Jack that if he wanted to act like a cop, he should get a search warrant, but it wasn't Jack's place to badger Carly. Jack stressed that the fact that his kids were living there meant that he had a right to be concerned and to keep an eye on things, but he turned and left the house. Carly thanked Craig for standing up for her. He responded by saying, "I'll always have your back, Carly. I'll probably spend the rest of my life proving that." Carly said that Craig had proved it the minute he asked her to marry him, and she thought they should get married right away.

Craig didn't think they should rush the wedding, and he reminded Carly that they had agreed on a long engagement to give all the kids time to get used to the idea. Carly became extremely defensive, saying that Craig was just using that as an excuse. She accused him of being like Jack and said he probably thought she was still drinking.

Craig said he was nothing like Jack and that he did believe Carly when she said she had stopped drinking, but he thought that Carly shouldn't add a lot of stress to her life in addition to trying to give up a bad habit like drinking. Carly said that she thought that getting married was supposed to relieve her stress, not add to it, and she thought what Craig really meant was that he didn't trust her. She told him they should call off the whole thing, and she stormed out of the house.

Craig followed Carly out and stopped her from leaving. He told her that if it meant that much to her, they could get married that day at the courthouse. Craig told Carly he didn't want to argue with her, but he would like to sit down and talk about it. He told Carly that if it made her happy to move up the wedding, then he would do it. Carly asked if he meant that, and he said yes.

Craig asked if Carly wanted to get a calendar and pick a date, but Carly said they could do that later. Craig offered to find a wedding planner, to help take some of the pressure off of Carly, but Carly said that she could handle things by herself. Craig then asked Carly to reassure him that the wedding was still on, and she said it was. He kissed her and left. Carly made a beeline for the kitchen, dug out her bottle of vodka from behind the cereal box, and took a big swig.

At the diner, Parker told Janet that he was worried about his mom. Rosanna walked in and saw how sad Parker looked. She asked if he was okay, and Parker said nothing in reply, but walked up to her and hugged her. They sat down to talk, but when Rosanna asked Parker what was wrong, he didn't tell her the truth; instead, he said he didn't like his job. Rosanna asked how Parker felt about his mom marrying Craig, and Parker said he didn't know, but he figured Rosanna couldn't be too thrilled with the idea because of the things Craig had done to her in the past. Rosanna said it wasn't up to her whether Carly married Craig.

Rosanna then excused herself, explaining that she had a job interview for a managerial position at the Wagon Wheel Motel. Parker was surprised, and Rosanna admitted the place was a dump, but she said she had to take what she could get. They agreed to stay in closer touch, and Rosanna left. Janet walked up and asked Parker how things had gone with Rosanna, and Parker said he thought he had made a big mistake by not telling Rosanna what was going on with Carly. Parker thought that perhaps Rosanna could help Carly stop drinking, but Janet said the only person who could help Carly was Carly herself.

Jack arrived and told Parker that Carly had denied everything and that Craig had backed her up. Parker said that he was telling the truth, and Jack assured him that he believed him. Parker asked if Carly had said he was lying, and Jack said Carly and Craig had suggested that Parker had made up the accusation because he didn't want them to get married. Jack thought that Craig was covering for Carly, but Janet pointed out that it was possible that Craig didn't know that Carly was drinking again.

Janet told Jack the same thing she had told Parker, that the only person who could make Carly stop drinking was Carly. Parker told his dad that he was still very worried about his mom, particularly about whether she might once again drink and drive. Jack asked what Parker wanted to do, but Parker wasn't sure.

Jack told Parker that if he wasn't comfortable staying with Carly, he could always move out to the farm for a while. Parker said he couldn't leave Sage, but Jack said that, of course, Sage would also move to the farm. Jack suggested that Parker talk to Sage about it and get back to him. Parker left to ride home on his bike, and Janet told Jack that she thought he was making a big mistake.

Janet pointed out that Liberty might have a big problem having Parker living in the same house, and she wished that Jack had checked with her before telling Parker he could move in with them. Jack saw her point, but he said he was worried about his kids. Janet said that Craig and Carly would be getting married soon, and then Craig would be moving in with Carly. Janet suggested that maybe someone other than Jack could be good for Carly, and maybe Craig was that person.

Craig went to the Lakeview to meet with Rosanna. He explained that Carly wanted to move up the date of the wedding. Craig told Rosanna that Carly could really use Rosanna's help and support, both with bringing the kids on board with the idea and in dealing with Jack. Rosanna asked what Craig expected her to do, and Craig suggested that she move in with Carly and the kids. Rosanna was stunned, but Craig said, "Your sister needs you."

Craig pointed out that Rosanna couldn't afford to live at the Lakeview indefinitely. She retorted that, thanks to him, she didn't have any money anymore. Craig said it would benefit both Rosanna and Carly if Rosanna would move in with Carly and the kids. Rosanna wondered what Craig wasn't telling her, but he said it was simply a matter of offering support to Carly. Rosanna said she would certainly be willing to do that after talking to Carly first to be sure it was what Carly wanted.

Craig ran into Parker in Old Town and told him that he had convinced Rosanna to move in with Carly for a while. Parker wondered how Craig had managed that, but Craig said that Rosanna was family, so she'd been willing to help. Parker asked if that meant that Craig believed him when he had said that he had seen Carly drinking. Craig said whatever had happened was in the past, and he thought having Rosanna in the house would be a good source of support for Carly. Craig asked Parker if he wanted a ride home, and Parker said he did.

Janet told Jack that if his kids were in any real danger, they could certainly move in with her and Jack, but she didn't think they were at that point yet. As Jack wondered what they should do, Craig entered the diner. He told Jack and Janet that he and Carly had decided to move up the wedding and that in the meantime, Rosanna was going to move in with Carly and the kids. Jack asked whose idea that had been, and Craig said it was his idea. He thought it would help keep Carly centered and would help her fight any temptation she might have to drink. Craig said that he had told Parker about it, and he thought Parker felt a little better about things. Janet thanked Craig for letting them know, and he left.

Rosanna went to see Carly. She told Carly that she had moved out of Fairwinds and into the Lakeview. Carly said that was good, because she thought things had seemed tense at Fairwinds with Paul, but she wondered how Rosanna could afford the Lakeview. Rosanna said she couldn't, really. She then mentioned that she was going to get a job at the Wagon Wheel, but it wouldn't pay much, so she wondered if she could move in with Carly, since Carly had made that offer previously.

Carly hesitated long enough for Rosanna to notice, then Carly replied, "Of course!" Rosanna asked whether Carly was sure, and Carly said she was, but she thought Rosanna should know that she and Craig had moved up their wedding. Rosanna said she was aware of that, because Craig had told her. Carly asked when Rosanna had seen Craig, and Rosanna replied that she had just run into him at the Lakeview.

Rosanna asked if she could move in that evening, so she wouldn't have to spend another night at the Lakeview. Carly said of course. Parker and Craig arrived, and Carly told Craig that she hadn't been expecting to see him. Craig handed her a bouquet of flowers and said Carly probably hadn't been expecting the flowers, either, but they were there anyway. Carly took them and thanked him. Parker said that he had heard that Rosanna was moving in, and he thought it was great. He offered to drive Rosanna to the Lakeview to get her things, and she accepted.

They left, and Carly asked Craig if he had arranged to have Rosanna move in. Craig admitted that he had, and Carly asked why he had done that. Craig said he thought that Carly had wanted Rosanna to stay with her, but Rosanna hadn't wanted to originally because Carly was involved with Craig. Craig said he had taken care of that and had gotten Rosanna to agree, and he thought Carly would be happy about it. Carly said that she was, but she wondered why Craig had decided to suddenly fix that problem.

Craig said that he just wanted Carly to be happy, and he thought Rosanna could help Carly with the wedding plans. Carly said that she was sure Rosanna would be a big help, but she wanted to get started designing her wedding dress, so she needed Craig to leave. Craig kissed her and left, and Carly once again went straight to the kitchen to drink some more vodka.

Riley went to Java and heard Noah and Luke talking about Noah's proposed visit to Fort Leonard Wood. Luke wanted to accompany Noah, and Noah asked Riley to explain to Luke that the military had its own rules and that Luke would not be allowed on the base unless he had received clearance. Riley said he didn't think it was a good idea for them to film on the base, but Luke said they were going to do it anyway. Riley then told them he would try to talk to Lieutenant Hasbro about the whole thing.

Riley went to the base and told Colonel Mayer what Luke and Noah wanted. Mayer told him that was unacceptable, and he said if Riley didn't find a way to get Noah to the base alone, he would call Margo and tell her who Riley really was. Riley called Noah and told him that he had found a way to get Luke on the base, but first, Noah would have to speak to Lieutenant Hasbro alone concerning the purpose of the movie Noah was making. Noah thanked Riley and hung up, then gave Luke the good news. Luke wondered why he couldn't be present while Noah gave Hasbro the background information, and he told Noah he was starting to get a bad feeling about everything.

Margo picked up a call at home from the Veterans Administration and took a message for Casey. When Casey entered the room, Margo told him that someone from the Veterans Administration had said that they did not have any information for him. Casey admitted that he was trying to get more information about Riley. Margo was upset and told Casey to stop looking for something to use against Riley.

Casey wanted to know why his mom was so willing to believe everything Riley had told her, and he pointed out that all Margo knew about Riley was what she had learned from Riley directly, which meant there could be many things that Riley did not want her to know. Margo said she didn't think so, and she wasn't interested in trying to find out. She asked Casey to stop digging into Riley's background.

Margo left for work, and Casey picked up the mail, which included a letter from the Veterans Administration. He opened it, read it, and quickly left the house. Casey found Luke and Noah at Holden and Lily's home, and he showed them the letter he had just received. It stated that the service member Casey had inquired about, Sergeant Riley Morgan, had died in Afghanistan. A photo of the sergeant had been included with the letter, and they all looked at it and could see that it wasn't the Riley they knew. Luke asked who the person was who was staying at Casey's house and pretending to be Riley, and Casey said he was going to find out.

Riley arrived, and as he was about to knock on the door, he overheard what Casey, Noah, and Luke were discussing. He stopped and listened as Noah wondered who Riley could be and why he would be pretending to be someone else. They all agreed that Noah shouldn't go to the base or anywhere else with Riley. Casey said that he was going to take the letter to his mom at the police station, but he wanted Luke and Noah to go with him for support. They agreed, and Riley left quickly, before they could leave the house.

Casey, Luke, and Noah arrived at the police station, and they went with Margo into an interrogation room, where Casey showed her the letter about Riley. Margo read the letter and looked at the picture. She asked Casey who else knew about it, but Casey said they were the only ones he had told. Margo told the boys to stay put, saying she would handle it.

Colonel Mayer grew impatient when he couldn't reach Riley by phone. He picked up a gun and left the base. At the Hughes's house, Riley packed his things to leave. As he opened the door, the colonel met him, pointed a gun at him, and told him he wasn't going anywhere. Riley told Mayer that Noah knew that he wasn't Riley Morgan, so he would be unable to get Noah to meet with Mayer. Mayer said that meant that Riley was no good to him, and he raised his gun.

Margo arrived and drew her own gun, shouting, "Drop your weapon!" When Mayer turned around and Margo saw who it was, she was stunned. Mayer used that opportunity to turn to Riley and distract Margo; Mayer pointed his gun under his arm and fired at Margo without even looking at her. Riley wrestled with Mayer and managed to shoot Mayer with his own gun. Riley then rushed to Margo and cradled her in his arms. Mayer got up, bleeding from his wound, and staggered out of the house. Riley held Margo and pleaded, "Please don't die, Mom!"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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