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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, June 8, 2009

In Germany, Randi told Brot that she was disappointed that Angie had decided to remain home instead of flying to Germany to help Randi with Frankie. Randi apologized to Brot for not being emotionally strong for Frankie. Randi admitted that the walls that Frankie had put up frustrated her. Brot told Randi that she had two choices: she could fight for her marriage or she could fly home. Either way, Brot warned, Frankie would resent her.

Randi decided to talk to Frankie. Unfortunately Randi's attempt to get through to Frankie failed. Frankie was convinced that his life was over because he had lost the use of his hands. Randi was hurt; she felt as if their relationship had been one-sided. Randi wanted the have the same opportunity to help her husband as he'd had when Randi had battled the demons from her past. Frankie refused to look at Randi while he rejected her overtures. When she realized that Frankie would continue to shut her out, Randi left.

In the hallway, Randi told Brot that she would give Frankie until the count of ten to get out of his bed and go after her. If Frankie didn't make an attempt to save his marriage, then Randi would return home. Brot and Randi watched Frankie, through the room's window, while Randi slowly counted to ten. Images from happier times drifted through her mind as Randi counted. When Frankie failed to stir by the time Randi reached nine, Randi walked away. Brot marched into Frankie's room.

Brot asked Frankie what was wrong with him. Frankie barely reacted when Brot informed him that Randi had left. Frankie thought Randi's departure was for the best. Frankie justified his decision not to save his marriage. He told Brot that he had warned Randi that he might change in Iraq. Brot pointed out that Frankie hadn't exactly predicted the future; everyone returned home from war changed.

Brot switched tactics by telling Frankie about his own experience after the explosion that had left him with severe burns. Brot revealed that for a long time he had resented Frankie for saving him. Brot had often wondered why Frankie had done it. Brot realized that he'd been saved so that he could return the favor to Frankie one day. Brot told Frankie that life could go on without the use of his hands. However, he wondered if the same could be said about Frankie's life without Randi. Frankie was silent.

Randi stood in the airport as the boarding call for a flight to Philadelphia was announced.

At the yacht club, JR and Scott discussed Stuart's murder. Scott felt responsible for what had happened to Stuart because Kendall's motive for killing Adam had been the faulty heart valve. JR reminded Scott that the killer was to blame for what had happened to Stuart, not Scott. JR changed the topic to distract Scott. JR revealed his plans for saving Chandler Enterprises.

Marissa walked up just in time to hear JR announce that he intended to use David to save the company. Marissa bristled over the idea of JR causing trouble for David. She warned JR to leave David alone. According to Marissa, David had suffered enough. JR was outraged by Marissa's suggestion. He followed Marissa as she walked away.

When JR caught up with Marissa, he told her about David scheme to have Amanda wear Babe's clothes in an effort to derail JR's sobriety. JR told her that when that plan had failed, David arranged for JR to be drugged with a pill to make it appear as if JR had started drinking again. Marissa blamed everything on JR's decision to keep David away from Little A. JR shot back that Marissa had been lucky to have escaped being raised by a man like David. Marissa was furious. She told JR that she hadn't been lucky; she'd grown up a single child, would never meet her twin, and had recently lost the only parents she had ever known. When Marissa walked away again, JR didn't follow.

When JR returned to the table, Scott blasted JR for the cruel things that he had said to Marissa. JR was unrepentant. JR reminded Scott that David could have killed Stuart. JR suggested that Scott advise his new friend, Marissa, of that very real possibility.

At the Chandler mansion, Jesse and Jackson discussed Kendall's claim about tripping over someone in the garden after she had left the terrace. A detective confirmed that they had found a footprint, belonging to a man's size 11D dress shoe, exactly where Kendall had tripped. Moments later, JR and Scott arrived home. They were curious why the police were crawling all over the estate. Jesse told them that they were following possible leads. He asked the cousins what their shoe sizes were. Both JR and Scott were quickly eliminated as possible suspects for the footprint.

When JR and Scott went inside, JR admitted that he wasn't about to stand around waiting for the police to build a case against David. Before Scott could stop him, JR walked out the door. Scott decided to follow JR.

Ryan wondered why seeing David had reminded Annie of the night that Stuart had been murdered. Annie became agitated; she didn't want to talk about it. Ryan was determined to get answers. Adam walked in and demanded that Ryan stop questioning Annie. Adam defended Annie; he claimed that she had been the only person in the house on that fateful night who hadn't wanted Adam dead.

Ryan explained that he didn't suspect Annie of killing Stuart. Appeased, Adam remained silent while Ryan resumed his line of questioning. When Annie recounted what she had seen, Ryan realized that David had ample opportunity to kill Stuart.

After Ryan left, Annie told Adam that she was sorry for his loss. When Annie asked how Adam was doing, he admitted that he had been doing well since David's nurse no longer drugged him. Annie asked Adam how his memory had fared. Adam smiled as he realized what Annie was really asking. Adam assured Annie that he would help her out of her legal troubles and help her regain custody of Emma. Annie was delighted by the news.

Adam asked Annie if she had been at his home to take Emma away on the night of Stuart's murder. When Annie confirmed Adam's suspicions, Adam asked Annie why she had aborted her plans. Annie revealed that she had helped Adam because he had once provided a roof over her head when she had been in need. Adam confessed that he'd had ulterior motives for helping Annie at that time. Annie didn't care what his reasons were, she just remembered that Adam had been there for her when no one else was.

A short time later, while Annie slept, Aidan walked into the room. He told Adam that he had just learned of Annie's incident in jail. Adam assured Aidan that Annie couldn't be in better hands. Aidan seemed taken aback by Adam's comment.

David went into Ian's room to update Kendall on Ian's condition. When Kendall didn't respond, David asked if her upcoming arraignment was the reason that Kendall refused to talk to him. Zach walked in moments later and made it clear that he would not let Kendall take the fall for David's crime. David insisted that he had been unconscious at the time of Stuart's murder. According to David, JR had knocked David out and stolen his gun.

Kendall refuted David's claim; she insisted that she had tripped over David shortly after fleeing the terrace. David suggested that perhaps Kendall had been influenced by Jackson to "recall" something that hadn't really occurred. David decided, under the circumstances, to have a new surgeon assigned to Ian's case.

After David left, Kendall asked Zach if he believed her about seeing David on the night of the murder. Zach reassured Kendall. However, he worried that it would be Kendall's word against David's. "Not anymore", Ryan announced as he strolled into the room. Ryan explained that Annie could place David in the house at the time of the shooting. Annie's testimony would corroborate Kendall's story and point to David as the prime suspect.

Moments later, Jesse approached them. Jesse informed Zach, Kendall, and Ryan that they had found a footprint where Kendall said she had tripped. Jesse asked Zach and Ryan what their shoe sizes were. Ryan told Jesse that he was a 10-1/2 and Zach revealed he wore a size 10D shoe. Jesse was able to rule out both men as possible suspects for the footprint. Zach was eager to act on the new information, but Jesse warned Zach to stay out of the investigation.

Jesse reminded everyone that the footprint only confirmed Kendall's claim that she had tripped. The footprint wasn't sufficient proof that someone else had killed Stuart. Ryan told Jesse about what Annie had seen the night of Stuart's murder. Jesse listened patiently then pointed out that Annie hadn't seen the shooting. Annie's testimony could only establish that David, along with "the rest of the town," was in the house at the time of the murder. Jesse urged them to allow the police to investigate the crime.

Later, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan discussed what would happen if they didn't find proof that David had killed Stuart. They realized that Kendall would remain the prime suspect and would face a murder trial.

Marissa was in Wildwind's living room when David walked in. Marissa noticed the overnight bag that David had with him. David announced that he was leaving Pine Valley before the town railroaded him for a crime he had not committed. Marissa thought that David should fight to prove his innocence to everyone. David told Marissa that Jesse had planted evidence in the past; he refused to allow Jesse the opportunity to do it again.

Marissa pleaded with her father to reconsider, to no avail. David was certain that he would be falsely accused and wrongly convicted because of all of his past crimes. David confessed to some of the terrible things he had done. He suggested that she leave to join the impending mob before they gathered at his front door with pitchforks and torches. Marissa's response was to sit down.

Marissa refused to abandon David. She told him that his past transgressions had been awful; however, at no point had he murdered anyone. Marissa was determined to stand by her father. David appreciated Marissa's support, but he remained determined to flee town. David advised Marissa to call 9-1-1 once he had left, so that she couldn't be charged with being an accessory.

David didn't get very far. Once he opened the door he encountered JR. JR asked David where he was going, but didn't wait for an answer. A scuffle ensued, during which JR was knocked unconscious. As David made good on his escape, he passed Scott, who was on his way in. When Scott stepped into the foyer, Marissa was leaning over JR's body. Minutes later, Jesse arrived. JR told Jesse that he had tried to stop David from leaving, but had failed. Jesse was in the process of ordering an APB on David when David walked in.

David told Marissa that he had returned for her sake. According to David, "they" ran him out of Babe's life; he refused to let "them" do the same thing to him and Marissa.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aidan entered Annie's hospital room and found Adam at her bedside. Adam assured Aidan that he was taking good care of Annie. Aidan told Adam to leave, but Adam refused. Adam scolded Aidan for "enabling" Annie. Adam felt that Aidan did Annie a disservice when he encouraged her to escape from the mental institution and flee the country. Aidan stated that he stood by Annie when no one else did. Just then, Annie awoke and asked to speak with Aidan alone.

Aidan wondered why Annie did not have him contacted after she was stabbed. She said she did not want him to drop everything and rush to the hospital. He affirmed that he would always be there for her. She thought that was a problem. She reminded him that, no matter how much she recovered, she would have to pay for her crimes.

Annie said that it might be a long time before she was a free woman. She did not want Aidan to wait for her. So, she told him that they had to break up. He did not think that was fair. She asked the police officer that was guarding her door to escort Aidan out of her room. Aidan begged her not to end things. She simply said, "Goodbye, Aidan."

Annie was asleep and suddenly awoke due to a terrible pain. She called for a nurse, but no one answered her call. She got out of bed and walked out of her room. She noticed her police guard had fallen asleep. She stared at his gun.

At Wildwind, JR demanded that Jesse arrest David for assault. David snapped that JR attacked him. Jesse told both of the men to stop fighting, so he could do his job. Jesse said David needed to go to the police station for questioning.

Marissa was concerned for David and went to the police station with him. Marissa called Krystal and asked her for help. Krystal advised Marissa to call David's lawyer. Marissa was frantic because she could not get in contact with the lawyer.

Jesse ordered David to tell him the truth about the night Stuart died. David stated that the truth was all of Pine Valley wanted his head on a spit-and Jesse was leading the brigade. David refused to answer any questions until his lawyer was present.

Liza met Colby at the Yacht Club. Liza was thrilled that her daughter invited her for lunch. Colby said that she had news; she decided to move out of the mansion. Liza was elated and assumed that Colby wanted to move in with her. Liza imagined them having fun together, like they used to.

Colby looked sheepish and told her mother that she wanted to move in with a friend, not her mother. Colby asked Liza to pay for her security deposit for her new apartment. Liza looked disappointed, but agreed to give Colby the money. After Liza wrote the check, she urged Colby to make amends with Adam. Liza reminded Colby that her father loved her very much.

Colby went to the mansion and packed up her belongings. As she carried a suitcase down the stairs, it burst open. She picked up her clothes and found a picture that Little Adam drew. She looked sad as she got her suitcase back in order.

Adam heard a commotion and saw Colby dragging her suitcase out of the mansion. He asked where she was going and she replied that she wanted to get away from him. Just then, JR arrived at home.

Colby asked if JR wanted her to stay, for Little Adam's sake. JR encouraged her to leave. JR turned to his father and told him to let Colby go. JR noted that Adam needed to stop controlling his children with a stranglehold. Adam told Colby that he loved her, and she left.

Adam was distraught over Colby's departure. He stated that everyone he loved left him. JR reminded his father that he still lived in the mansion. Adam noted that JR did not want to live with him. Adam then had a drink and thought of Stuart. Adam blamed himself for Stuart's death. JR told his father to blame David. JR informed Adam that David had been taken to the police station for questioning.

Amanda and Jake were at the Yacht Club. Amanda read a book on the risks of childbirth. Jake told her to stop worrying. She feared that the baby might be in distress. He assured her that her unborn son was strong and perfectly healthy. Liza noticed Amanda's book and urged her to relax. Liza commented that Amanda's "sexy doctor" would make sure everything went smoothly.

Krystal found Jake and Amanda at the Yacht Club and told them that David was being questioned for Stuart's murder. Amanda was excited because, if David was convicted, she could keep her baby. Meanwhile, Liza overheard the conversation and looked nervous.

Amanda wished that David were thrown in jail, so she and Jake could raise the baby. Jake was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to raise the baby with him. He proceeded to propose and she accepted.

At the police station, Jesse told Natalia to search David's house for evidence. Marissa warned Jesse that he needed a warrant, and he revealed that he already had one. Jesse asked if David's lawyer arrived and Marissa said no. Suddenly, Liza appeared and announced that she would represent David.

Liza met with David and informed him that she wished to be his lawyer. David wondered why Liza was willing to help him. She convinced him that they had a lot in common and that getting him set free was mutually beneficial for them. As she inquired if the police would find damaging evidence against him, the D.A. and Jesse entered the room. The D.A. announced that David's shoes matched the footprint that was found outside the mansion. Jesse started to question David, but Liza urged David to say nothing. David said that he wanted to tell Jesse the truth.

Krystal went to the police station to check on Marissa. Krystal feared that Marissa was attempting to bond with David.

Kendall worried that she would go to jail for a crime she did not commit. She feared that Ian and Spike would be men by the time she was released from prison. Ryan and Zach assured her that she would not be convicted. She mentioned that she could face the death penalty. Ryan and Zach exclaimed, at the same time, "Not going to happen!" Then, Zach asked Ryan if he wanted to take a road trip.

Zach and Ryan went to see the D.A. They tried to convince the D.A. that Kendall was innocent. They encouraged the D.A. to prosecute David, not Kendall. The D.A. was confident that he had a strong case against Kendall. The D.A. sarcastically congratulated Zach on his wedding. Then, the D.A. told Zach that he would be able to get a conviction, even without Zach's testimony.

After the D.A. stormed off, Ryan and Zach discussed their predicament. They knew that the D.A. wanted to prosecute Kendall because he was up for re-election and he needed an easy win. Zach urged Ryan not to tell Kendall that their conversation with the D.A. did not go well. Zach did not want to stress out Kendall.

Angie checked on Kendall and Ian in the hospital. Angie told Kendall that David was still being questioned at the police station. Then, Angie introduced Kendall to Dr. Sloan. Angie had called in the doctor to work on Ian's case. He was a top-notch cardiothoracic surgeon and Angie thought he was capable of successfully operating on Ian.

As Dr. Sloan examined Ian, Kendall thanked Angie for all of her help. Angie wished that David would be convicted of Stuart's murder, so Kendall could stay with her sons. Kendall noted that David always got off the hook. Angie felt that karma would eventually catch up to David.

Ryan and Zach went back to the hospital to see Kendall and Ian. Dr. Sloan announced to them that Ian was strong enough for surgery. Dr. Sloan wanted to put a new heart valve in Ian.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Annie woke up and writhed in pain. No one was around, so she walked outside of her hospital room. She saw the police guard asleep outside her room. She noticed his gun and stared at it. However, she decided not to steal the gun and, instead, woke the officer. She told him that she needed help just as she collapsed.

Aidan ran to her and picked her up. He put her into bed and asked why she did not take the officer's gun and escape. Then, Angie entered the room to check on Annie. Angie determined that Annie was in shock. Angie told the officer to escort Aidan out of the room.

JR informed Adam that David was being questioned for Stuart's murder. Adam wished himself dead, not Stuart. Adam then noted that he was alive due to Annie. So, Adam planned to follow in Stuart's footsteps and help Annie. JR told his father to help someone that deserved it.

Adam reminded JR that Annie saved his life. JR asked his father if he had the "hots" for Annie, but Adam denied that. JR reminded Adam that Annie was not a saint. He noted that she tried to kidnap Emma on the night of Stuart's death. Adam commented that she did not follow through with the abduction because she decided to save his life instead. Suddenly, Adam received a call from the hospital saying that Annie was in trouble.

Adam arrived at the hospital and inquired about Annie. Angie explained that Annie had an infection due to the dirty shank she was stabbed with. Angie stated that antibiotics would cure Annie, but Adam was skeptical of Angie's prognosis. He reminded her that he was on the hospital's board of directors and demanded that every doctor in the hospital check on Annie.

Angie had multiple doctors examine Annie. They all concluded that Annie's diagnosis was correct. Angie told Adam that he wasted the hospital's time and resources. Angie also noted that Annie could be on the road to recovery, if Adam had allowed her to administer the antibiotics sooner.

Aidan informed Ryan that he was no longer Annie's partner in crime. Ryan assumed that Annie dumped Aidan. Aidan stated that Annie did not want to pay for her crimes, even though she claimed she did. Aidan said that Annie had used him and was using Adam to avoid jail time. Ryan did not trust Aidan, and asked why he suddenly turned on Annie. Aidan affirmed that Annie was crazier than ever and needed help.

Aidan sneaked into Annie's hospital room. She had a fever and called out for help. He urged her to relax, but she was certain that she was dying. She apologized to Aidan for getting him involved in her mess. Then, she rambled on and on that she was so close to doing something. Aidan asked what she was close to, but she did not answer him.

Erica noticed Adam at the hospital and assumed he was there to support Ian. Adam stated that he was there for Annie. Erica looked shocked.

JR told Erica that his father was obsessed with Annie. JR feared that Annie was taking advantage of Adam's vulnerability. Erica commented that anyone who got involved with Annie was hurt, or worse. Erica was determined to figure out why Adam was fixated on Annie.

Erica confronted Adam about his newfound bond with Annie. Adam said that he owed Annie because she saved his life. Erica reminded him that Annie was crazy. Adam thought that Erica was jealous, so she called him clueless.

Dr. Sloan announced to Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Angie that Ian was ready for a new heart valve. Dr. Sloan felt that the baby was strong enough to withstand surgery. Kendall and Zach embraced and Ryan looked concerned by their show of affection. Then, Erica entered the room and was told the good news.

The doctor proceeded to explain that a mechanical valve would be placed in Ian. He further stated that the valve would need to be replaced every few years, because Ian would require bigger valves as he grew. Kendall wished that she went with the mechanical valve, instead of the Chandler valve, from the start. As Erica urged Kendall not to blame herself, Ryan left the room without saying a word.

Kendall thanked Angie for all of her support. Kendall assured Angie that Frankie would be fine, just like Ian.

Kendall wondered where Ryan was and Erica offered to find him. Erica saw Ryan in the waiting room. She asked him how Spike was handling his parents not being around very much. Ryan told Erica that he knew what she was up to. He thought that Erica wanted him to check on Spike, so Kendall and Zach could be together and reconnect. Ryan assured Erica that Kendall did not want to be with Zach. Nevertheless, Ryan said that he would go home to be with Spike because his son needed him.

Kendall and Zach said goodbye to Ian as he was carted off to surgery. They told their son that they loved him very much.

Kendall told Zach to close his eyes and imagine Ian's next birthday party. They pictured Ian and Spike playing with their trains. Zach promised Kendall that Ian would celebrate many birthdays. She feared that she would miss them, if she were convicted of Stuart's murder. He assured her that she would not go to jail.

She asked Zach how his meeting with the D.A. went. Zach did not want to talk about it, so she assumed the meeting did not go well. He admitted that the D.A. was intent on prosecuting her because he was an ambitious man. Zach knew that the D.A. wanted the publicity that would come from convicting Erica Kane's daughter.

Kendall affirmed her innocence and asked Zach if he believed her. He said that he was sure of two things. The first was that Ian would survive his surgery and the second was that Kendall was not a killer. Still, Kendall noticed doubt in his eyes. She worried that a jury would doubt her as well.

Jesse asked David why he was at the mansion the night Stuart was shot. Liza advised David not to answer the question, but David wanted to speak. David announced that not everyone would be pleased with his side of the story. David then explained that he was in the tunnels of the mansion with the intent to kill Adam. David had a gun on him that he stashed in the tunnels previously. David pointed the gun at Stuart, thinking that he was Adam.

However, David did not pull the trigger because he thought about his children and his grandson. David said that he could not commit murder for their sake. David proceeded to exit the tunnels and ran into the backyard. There, he saw Kendall trip, as she ran away from the mansion. The D.A. asked Jesse what he thought about David's account. Jesse felt that David was lying. Jesse was certain that David shot Stuart.

David admitted that there was more to his story. David said that there was another reason he did not shoot Adam; he did not have a clear shot. David explained that he went to the backyard for a better angle, but he heard someone approaching and hid. David then heard a gunshot and, shortly after, saw Kendall running away from the mansion.

David then revealed that he saw even more that night. David stated that he saw Liza standing over Stuart's lifeless body. Liza looked nervous.

Jesse and the D.A. questioned Liza. Liza explained that she was with Stuart's body because she wanted to get her letters. Liza offered to give the letters as evidence. Jesse asked why she did not divulge that information sooner. She stated that she did not want to implicate herself as a suspect, since she was innocent.

The D.A. still wanted to prosecute Kendall, regardless of the new evidence. So, the D.A. said that he would not question Liza further-if she changed her statement and swore that she saw Kendall with a gun at the mansion.

Jake and Amanda were excited over their engagement. They both wanted to get married as soon as possible, so they obtained a marriage license. Afterwards, they went to Tad's house and asked if Tad would conduct the ceremony. Tad got on his computer and became an ordained minister via the Internet.

Opal helped Amanda get ready for the ceremony. Amanda wished that she was getting married in a big church and that her mother and father were there. Opal assured Amanda that Janet and Trevor were there in spirit. Opal then noted that it did not matter how fancy the wedding was, as long as she married the right man.

Before the ceremony, Amanda told Jake that she felt very lucky to have him in her life. She looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him. They kissed.

Tad performed the wedding ceremony. As he asked if anyone objected to the marriage, David entered the house and announced that he objected.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

David decided to crash Amanda and Jake's wedding. David said that he would never allow Jake to play daddy to his son. Jake attacked David, but Tad and Opal managed to pull them apart. Krystal wanted to know what has happening when she came home. Tad said he was trying to marry David and Amanda. Krystal asked David to leave. When David made a snide comment about Krystal, Tad punched him in the face.

David was tied up in a chair while Tad tried to finish the wedding ceremony. Opal stuffed tissue in David's mouth so he could not object to the marriage. Tad handed the bride and groom flashing toy rings. Jake read his own vows to Amanda. Amanda felt embarrassed because she did not prepare any vows for Jake. Opal told Amanda to just say what she felt in her heart. Amanda told Jake all of the many reasons she loved him. Amanda and Jake sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Tad took the tissue out of David's mouth. Krystal told David that Amanda and Jake were in love. She told David that if he really loved the baby, he should let Amanda and Jake raise the child. David said Krystal was not one to talk about the way to raise a child, considering she sold Marissa and left Jenny to be with him. Krystal said she was glad David was never around to help raise Marissa or Babe.

Erica went to see Ryan to explain that Annie was playing Adam for his money, power, and security. Erica said that she thought Annie killed Stuart, and Annie was capable of doing the same thing to anyone else. Ryan said he was more concerned about Emma being back at home safely. Erica received a call about Ian going home.

Annie asked Angie if she was going to die. Angie said that the medicine should break her fever soon. Aidan asked Annie what she meant earlier by saying, "I was so close." Annie said felt closer to getting better and healthy. She closed her eyes to sleep, and Aidan left.

Erica saw Aidan looking distressed outside Annie's room. Erica scolded Aidan for helping Annie outrun the law for so long. She wanted Annie in prison. To her surprise, Aidan said he wanted Annie there, too. Aidan said he wanted to help Annie, but learned that there was nothing more he could do for her.

Liza told Jesse she could not get anyone to match her story about the night of Stuart's murder. The lawyer said Colby needed to verify Liza's story. But the lawyer also needed to know if Liza did or did not see Kendall shoot Stuart, because she had changed her story so many times. Liza said she heard a gunshot, took the letters and left the Chandler home. She claimed that Kendall did not kill Stuart, and, if needed, would say it on the stand.

Jesse thought it was strange that Liza volunteered to be David's lawyer. Marissa asked Liza if she was going to try to frame David for Stuart's murder so Kendall could go free. Marissa said everyone in the town wanted David to burn, including Liza. Marissa threatened to take Liza down if David was arrested for Stuart's murder.

A doctor told Kendall and Zach that Ian was doing well in the hospital. Overjoyed with excitement, Kendall kissed Zach. He kissed her back. Kendall pulled back and said the kiss was weird. Zach agreed, adding that they might be married, but only on paper. Erica went to see Kendall and Zach while they waited to take Ian home. Erica knew something happened between Zach and Kendall. Zach said nothing happened, except he and Kendall were not fighting.

Jesse went to the hospital to tell Zach that David had been released from the police station. Liza walked up as Jesse told Zach that she volunteered to be David's lawyer. Zach reminded Liza that he would keep quiet about her fake pregnancy as long as Kendall stayed in the clear.

Kendall started to knock on Ryan's door, but stopped as memories of kissing Zach flooded back. Instead, Kendall went to Greenlee's old apartment. She was surprised to see Jackson packing up Greenlee's belongings. Kendall said she went there to feel closer to Greenlee. Jackson said David was brought in for questioning about Stuart's murder, but released. Kendall knew that made her the prime suspect in the murder.

Jackson left Kendall alone in the apartment. Kendall picked up a picture of Greenlee. She said that she loved Ryan, but it felt wonderful to kiss Zach again. Kendall said she wished Greenlee were alive to let her know that being with Ryan was right. Kendall asked Greenlee to give her a sign. Seconds later, Ryan walked through the door. Ryan said that he sometimes went to the apartment to feel closer to Greenlee.

Marissa was horrified to see David tied up after Jake and Amanda's wedding. After David left, Marissa demanded to know why they wanted to torture her father. Krystal said she thought that Marissa wanted Jake and Amanda to keep their baby. Marissa said she did not want David in prison for a murder he did not commit. Krystal warned her not to get sucked into David's manipulation. Marissa said that she could get through to David, even if everyone else hated him. Marissa stormed out of the house.

David found Liza at the hospital. He thanked Liza for keeping him out of jail. David said she was only helping him to put him in jail and keep him away from Amanda's baby. David took Liza's arm and said he would make sure she paid if he was blamed for Stuart's murder. When Liza pulled away, she stumbled and her stomach hit the wall. David asked Liza if the baby was hurt. Liza clutched her stomach and told him to stay away from her.

Erica went to see Annie. Annie apologized for stabbing Erica. She told Erica that she wanted to keep getting better. Erica told Annie that she should be in prison.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kendall was asleep in her bed, dreaming of Zach, when Spike woke her up. Kendall happily pulled Spike up on the bed and into her arms. While mother and son cuddled, Kendall expressed her joy.

At the hospital, Aidan told Annie that she needed to get stronger. Annie didn't have any incentive to get well. If she improved, she would be sent back to jail.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ryan arrived with Emma. Emma had complained for stomach problems, so Angie had offered to examine her. While Angie walked off with Emma, Zach approached Ryan. Ryan asked how Ian was doing. Zach revealed that Dr. Stone had confirmed that Ian was on the mend. Ryan was happy for Zach and Kendall. At the mention of Kendall's name, Zach asked Ryan if he knew where she was. Ryan admitted that he had last seen Kendall the night before. Ryan explained that he and Kendall had bumped into each other at Greenlee's apartment. Zach realized that it must have been difficult for Ryan to pack up Greenlee's things.

After Zach and Ryan parted, Jackson caught up to Zach. Jack wondered where Kendall was because he was eager to discuss Kendall's case. He explained to Zach that Kendall had been offered a plea bargain, which would require Kendall to serve only five years for an admission of guilt. Zach absolutely refused to consider the prosecutor's offer.

Moments later, Kendall approached Zach and Jack. Kendall made it clear that she wanted to fight the charges against her. Jack was pleased with Kendall's response. He confessed that he looked forward to going up against the prosecutor

Later, Kendall and Zach talked about Ian's recovery. Kendall looked forward to spending time with her children, but her legal troubles weren't far from her mind. Kendall wondered if she should reconsider taking the plea bargain. Zach thought it would be a mistake to admit to a crime that she had not committed. Zach was adamant that the boys needed their mother in their lives. He didn't think he could raise the boys by himself.

Kendall took the opportunity to broach the subject of the kiss that she and Zach had shared. Zach wanted to focus on ways to prove Kendall's innocence. Kendall was undeterred; she confessed that the kiss had felt right to her. Zach became increasingly uncomfortable. He admitted that he wasn't ready to "go there" with Kendall and then walked off.

When Aidan spotted Emma, he asked her if she wanted to play a game with Annie. Aidan suggested that Emma share a secret with Annie, so that Annie would return the favor. When Emma agreed to play, Aidan offered to take Emma to Annie. Ryan walked up and put an immediate stop to Aidan's plans. Ryan focused his attention on Emma. He told Emma that Angie had not been able to find anything wrong with Emma. Emma confessed that she had known her stomachache would improve as soon as she saw her mother.

While Ryan talked to Emma, Aidan decided to return to Annie's room. Annie was thrilled when Aidan told her that Emma was at the hospital.

Ryan gently turned down Emma's request to see Annie. Ryan explained that Emma had missed too much school and that she couldn't afford to miss any more. Emma beamed with joy when she saw Annie walking towards them. Before Ryan could stop her, Emma ran into her mother's waiting arms. Ryan decided to permit a short visit with Annie, so they all returned to Annie's room. Ryan waited in the hallway to give Annie and Emma privacy. Alone with her mother, Emma played the game that Aidan had proposed. She told Annie that she had faked her bellyache. Annie smiled and then revealed that she had found a guardian angel to help her get Emma back

David went to the hospital to confirm that Amanda had been scheduled for an ultrasound. David was surprised to discover that Amanda had cancelled the appointment.

At the Martin residence, Tad and Krystal told Liza that Jake and Amanda had left for their honeymoon. Liza was stunned by the news. She was also shocked to learn that Tad had been ordained a minister, in order to officiate the wedding, and that David had been a reluctant witness to the ceremony. All heads turned to David when he strolled into the living room. David was furious when he was told that Amanda and Jake had gone on a honeymoon and no one knew how to contact them. David vowed to track the newlyweds down, so that he could claim his son.

After David left, Krystal suggested that they find a way to warn Jake. Liza admitted that she had attempted to reach Jake numerous times, but to no avail. Tad questioned why Liza had been desperate to reach Jake. Liza claimed that it was because she had thrown David under the bus for Stuart's murder. The excuse didn't ring true to Tad.

Marissa was visiting Babe's grave when JR and Little A approached. Marissa explained that she often visited her twin sister's final resting place. JR wondered if David intended to join Marissa at the gravesite. Marissa assured JR that she hadn't made ant plans to meet with her father. JR relaxed a bit. While Little A played nearby, JR told Marissa that Babe had a habit of helping troubled people, including David. Marissa was certain that there was some goodness in David. She was confidant that she could help her father be a better person. JR wished Marissa good luck with her endeavor.

Shortly afterwards, Little A asked Marissa if she had known his mother. Marissa revealed that she and Babe had known each other when they were babies. Little A invited Marissa to his mother's graveside. JR watched as Marissa and Little A talked. He seemed genuinely touched by the natural affection between aunt and nephew. After Marissa left, Little A confessed to his father that he liked her.

Krystal went to the yacht club to talk to Marissa. Marissa realized that Krystal wanted her to persuade David to leave Amanda and Jake alone. Marissa headed to Wildwind where she found David pacing the floor while he waited for news on Amanda and Jake's whereabouts. Marissa urged her father to leave Amanda and Jake alone. David claimed that he didn't want Amanda and Jake to raise his son because they were both "morons." Marissa countered that Amanda and Jake would be able to provide the baby with a life that he deserved instead of one filled with nannies and a parent with a demanding career. Marissa's influence on David was tested when David received word that Amanda and Jake were in Barbados.

In Barbados, Jake carried Amanda into their honeymoon suite. Amanda regretted that they couldn't enjoy a real honeymoon. Jake reminded Amanda that they had a day to themselves before Amanda was scheduled to for a C-section. Amanda confided that she wished they could keep the baby; she thought Jake would make a wonderful father. Jake assured Amanda that they would have more children. Amanda reluctantly let the matter drop. While Amanda went to put on sunscreen, Jake called Liza.

Liza was concerned because Jake had not told her about his marriage to Amanda or that he had left for a honeymoon. Jake admitted that he didn't want to risk David discovering where Jake and Amanda had gone. Liza cautioned Jake that David was determined to find them. Jake assured Liza that everything had been arranged, as planned, and that he would contact Liza after the baby was born.

After Jake ended the call with Liza, Amanda walked out of the bathroom. Jake perked up when Amanda complained of Braxton Hicks contractions. She claimed that she had been having the pains since their flight. Jake realized that Amanda was in labor.

At a hospital in Barbados, the attending physician revealed that Amanda's water had broken. He told Jake that a C-section was impossible. Jake informed the doctor that Amanda didn't want to see the baby after the birth. The doctor didn't hold out hope that they would be able to hide the baby from Amanda.

After Jake made arrangements for the baby to be delivered to Liza, Jake went to help Amanda through labor. The delivery was hampered when the attending physician discovered that the umbilical cord had been wrapped about the baby's neck. Jake stepped in to save the baby. After Amanda gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she asked to hold her son. Jake reluctantly handed the baby to Amanda. When it was time for Amanda to say goodbye to her son, Amanda confessed that she didn't think she could go through with the adoption.

Liza returned to the Martin residence to talk to Tad. Liza apologized for their earlier argument. She explained that she had been concerned about what David would do in order to be a part of his unborn child's life. Tad admitted that he had done things, which he wasn't proud of, during his search for Kathy. While they were talking, Tad casually tossed darts at a dartboard. Liza inadvertently stepped into the path of one of the darts. When Tad gasped with alarm, Liza looked down and saw a dart protruding from her stomach.



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