Health concerns force Robin Strasser out of OLTL

Posted Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:24:50 PM
Health concerns force Robin Strasser out of OLTL

Daytime diva Robin Strasser will be exiting One Life to Live in advance of the show's January finale. The actress has revealed that health concerns are forcing her to step back from the rigors of taping the show.

In a stunning development, Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord) has informed fans that she will be leaving One Life to Live in July due to some health concerns.

"I'll have to leave OLTL sooner than the cancellation date, for compelling health reasons," Strasser announced on Twitter. "Unable to meet high standards I owe our great show. BUMMER! Darn right. WISDOM indicates a GRACE-full exit, before I fall on my bum. 'Always leave 'em laughin".' With Tuc [Watkins (David Vickers) and luck, hope I will!"

In subsequent messages, Strasser explained that her final appearances on One Life to Live would be taped in July.

"HONORABLE DISCHARGE JUST SIGNED AND FAXED," Strasser stated. "Mutually agreed to, I will tape my last show July 1. I look forward to my life AFTER One Life."

Strasser assumed the role of Dorian in 1979 and remained a One Life to Live cast member through 1987. She returned to the show in 1993, but exited in February 2000 amid a very public disagreement with then-executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

After leaving life in Llanview, Strasser took on the role of a 300-year-old witch on NBC's Passions.

In April 2003, with Frank Valentini in place as the show's executive producer, Strasser returned to One Life to Live.

"I have to acknowledge the extraordinary energy and support put into this by Frank Valentini, the new executive producer, and Brian Frons, the new president of daytime," Strasser said at the time, "[A]nd most of all you, the fans, who just kept writing letters and posting things on the Internet and all that good stuff. I always said I owed the fans everything and it's never more true than now."

Strasser will last air on One Life to Live on August 25 -- but the door will be left open for her to return before the series' finale.

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