One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on OLTL

Nora admitted that she still had feelings for Bo. Dorian planned to leave Llanview with Drake. Sophia told Joey about Kevin and Kelly. Nora suspected that Lindsay was pregnant. Todd returned to town. Bo and Nora kissed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, February 21, 2000

Dorian welcomes friends and family to her home. She has a big announcement to make but won't be able to do so until Viki arrives. She introduces Drake to those who haven't met him.

Viki is still at the hospital where Ben is trying to find out what life and death situation she is referring to. Viki won't divulge any information and mentions that she has to get to Dorian's house. Ben has been invited also.

Lindsay accepts a cup of water from Bo after feeling ill in his office. He admits to still caring about her and Lindsay is surprised. She wonders if he can forgive her but just then Asa walks in. He badmouths Lindsay while Bo defends her and tells Asa that he denies being his son. Asa's not happy about being Bo's father either, he retorts. Bo throws him out of his office. He tells Lindsay that he wishes he could understand but everything could be different if she hadn't changed the test results. He loved her and was going to spend his life with her so he cares about her but can't forgive her. There's nothing left to be said so Lindsay leaves.

Sam waits for Nora to agree to marriage in 15 minutes but she comes up with several petty excuses as to why she can't do that. He wonders how long he's supposed to wait but Nora only wants him to move back so that everything can be the way it was before. He tells her that things won't be settled and insists on knowing which man she'd rather be with. Nora insists she wants to be with Sam, not Bo, but Sam accuses her of being torn between both men like before. She insists she will prove her choice if he moves back because they need time but Sam says they're out of time. She'd better make up her mind now he informs her. When Nora can't decide to marry him at that minute, Sam leaves. Just then, Asa storms in to welcome Nora back to the family. He thinks she and Bo can get back together now and in fact, knows that Bo wants exactly that. He didn't say it in so many words, but he always knows what Bo really means, because what Lindsay did cancelled out what Nora did. Nora accuses him of being a manipulator and they will not be a family again because she loves Sam.

After Sam leaves Nora, he heads for Bo's office to check on the situation with Will. Bo assures him that nothing's changed and he's already advised the court of the situation so that Will can spend time at his mother's place also. Sam asks him why he can't also forgive Lindsay but Bo tells him that though he is angry with everyone she's the one who set the whole situation in motion. Bo decides that everyone needs to just move on because the four of them have had their lives twisted up together for too long. Sam informs Bo that he should have some compassion because Nora was only trying to save his life. As he leaves, he runs into Lindsay and tells her to take care of herself. He also urges her to tell Bo about the baby.

Viki finally arrives at Dorian's house(Ben has reached there first)and now Ms. Lord-Hayes is ready. She informs her guests that Drake has to do a lot of travelling for business and that he's asked her to accompany him. She will miss everyone but she's decided to accept. Everyone immediately tries to dissuade her, saying that she knows nothing about this man and they need to check up on him. Viki speaks up and tells her to go and enjoy life while she can and be happy. Forget everyone else, she says. She runs out and Ben questions Kevin on what she meant. Kevin won't tell Ben anything and suggests that he get the information from Viki. Kelly tells Kevin that she thought Viki's speech referred to him and Grace. Joey and Sophia are over to the side chatting and he stops to take a picture of his brother and fiancée.

Meanwhile, Drake approaches Kelly and tells her not to worry, he cares about her aunt. Ben has wandered over to Max and they discuss reading material. Max accuses him of burglary for taking a book from his room and he has an eyewitness in Skye. He claims to be fascinated with medical books now because of his condition. When he states that he doesn't know what he'll do next, Ben suggests he read the next chapter in the medical book. Ben does know that Blair and everyone else will be upset when they learn that Max is both cheating and faking. Max threatens Ben by telling him to stay out of his life and business. Dorian finds Viki upstairs, crying, and commends her on her speech. She knows Viki is hiding something but Viki insists that she has now set priorities though she agrees that Ben is part of the problem. The two women discuss their previous relationship. Dorian admits that she has something special with Drake though it's too soon to think about love. She doesn't know if she trusts him. Viki bolsters her confidence by again stating that Dorian stick with her choice to leave.

Downstairs, Max tells Blair that he's safeguarding their future because he thinks Ben knows too much(though she thinks it's about his not being a real Buchanan). In another corner, Sophia asks Joey whether he would want to know the truth if someone had a secret. When he says he would want to know after seeing what happened to his Uncle Bo and to Cristian, Sophia spills the beans. She tells him that Kelly and Kevin almost slept together on New Year's Eve. Dorian comes back and directs Ben to Viki's location. He finds her upstairs and puts his arms around her.

Bo heads over to Rodi's and after he orders a drink at the bar, he reaches over for a snack. As he encounters another hand, he looks over to see a woman sitting there. It's Nora.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Joey refused to believe Sophia's claim that Kelly and Kevin had nearly slept together on New Year's Eve. Kevin's lie later reinforced Joey's faith in his brother and Kelly. Kelly and Blair decided to support Dorian's decision to leave Llanview with Drake. Viki pulled away from Ben and covered about her need to cry on his shoulder. Dorian was stunned when Viki tearfully admitted that she might have breast cancer. Viki explained to Dorian that she wanted Ben to choose her over getting revenge on Asa and did not want him to return to her because she might be sick.

Lindsay urged Sam to work things out with Nora, but Sam warned her not to interfere with his life. Bo was surprised when he learned that Sam had walked out on Nora. Bo forced Nora to contemplate the consequences of her actions, and later insisted on driving her home after she had too much to drink. Bo and Nora wound up sharing a steamy kiss after he brought her home, but Bo quickly hurried out before dealing with their actions. Nora then wondered if Sam had been correct about her lingering feelings for Bo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Lindsay and Dorian have a heart to heart about their friendship and keeping each other's secrets. Lindsay tells Dorian she doesn't blame her for the cancelled nuptials, because in the end she should have told Bo the truth in the first place. Dorian tries to convince Lindsay to be honest about the pregnancy with Bo, but Lindsay flat out refuses. Later, Drake comes by to pick up Dorian and she says her last goodbyes to Llanview.

Téa tries to speak to Hank alone, but he becomes distracted by police business. Jared comes over and asks Téa not to tell Hank anything about his past. Téa gives him an ultimatum: "You tell Hank, or I will!"

Matthew has his first birthday and Sam and Nora celebrate together despite what's going on between them. Jessica shows up and asks Nora if she broke up Bo and Lindsay's wedding because she still had feelings for Bo. Jess compares it to her own situation and thinks she actually broke up Roseanne and Cristian because she still wants to be with him. The doorbell rings and Will arrives at the gathering. Later, Jess denies any connection with Will in spite of the afternoon spent together. Nora's discussion with Jess leads her to the precinct to see Bo where she tells him, "Sam was right, Bo. I do have feelings for you."

Thursday, February 24, 2000


Max's Bedroom in Asa's Mansion

Skye wakes Max as she undresses and crawls under the covers with him just as Blair bursts in with a "need to talk." Blair is hurt that Max didn't back her up with her damaging information about Skye; as his wife, Blair feels she "deserves" better: "I want the life that goes with it...I want the man." Blair's plan is to "get all the money we can and get out of town" but Max doesn't agree because he has to "think about my family" - not his kids, but Asa and Renee. Blair is "tired of feeling alone" and informs Max that "if this marriage is so wrong and it can't be fixed, maybe we should just end it." Skye is delighted by this turn of events and after Blair storms out, she encourages Max to start "looking at the alternative." Charming Max explains to Skye that although the "only thing that matters to me is your happiness," Blair would fight and argue that he was "incompetent" or she would tell Asa the truth so divorce is not an option; besides, Max doesn't "want to see anyone get hurt." Skye vows that she "won't let" Max hurt her and wants proof of his feelings for her. Max's "very simple plan" to prove his "feelings" for Skye is to meet her in Denver on her business trip under the guise of being "cured" of his "brain disorder" at a specialized clinic. Then he will return to Llanview and buy Blair off with "enough cash to keep her happy and silent." Max confides that "some risks are worth it when you're in love." Skye is thrilled to hear Max use the word "love" and declares it "better late than never."

Sauna at Serenity Springs

Kelly enters the sauna trying to be "romantic" and is shocked to remove the towel from Kevin's face instead of Joey's. Although Kevin thinks she knew it was him, Kelly declares she didn't since she's "doing all I can to get my relationship back with Joey." When Kevin wants to know "back to what?" they almost kiss, but Kelly runs out of the sauna before Joey comes in. Joey is "a little embarrassed" by what Sophia said because he admits to Kevin that "for about a split second, I believed her" which made him "feel so a jerk" because "Kelly loves're my brother...I'd never doubt you..." Before Joey leaves the sauna, he reminds Kevin that "you're still my best man."

Back at Asa's Mansion

Blair informs Kelly that she's "not in a mood to gossip" but Kelly wants Blair to help her with "my life" since "you're the only family I've got left in this town... I was hoping we'd be able to talk without judging...that's what the rest of Llanview is for." Blair apologizes and acknowledges she "used to be good at those" when Kelly explains she has a "man problem." "I can't stop thinking about him...I want to be with him all the time...when I look at him I get shivers down my's not Joey, it's Kevin...I can't help it...these feelings can't be love because I love Joey...I've always loved him." Blair informs Kelly she may have "a very serious problem" because that's "how it all started with Max and me...when two people are joined at the's beyond chemistry, beyond passion, and way beyond can fight it but you're gonna lose and that's when people start getting hurt." Blair advises Kelly to "figure out this thing with Kevin soon" by sleeping with him. "That's how to know if you're meant to be together or if it's some stupid crush..."

After Kelly leaves, Blair apologizes to Max for her earlier outburst. "I get so crazy...that I forget how special our marriage really is...can we start over? Can we make it right and trust each other completely?"

Llanview Police Department

In the squad room, John Sykes is telling Sophia ‘I told you so' about warning her not to tell Joey about Kevin and Kelly. Sophia explains that "it just slipped out" but she isn't sorry because he "had a right to know." However, she agrees that "nobody is better off" and she is mad at herself because she "messed up" her budding friendship with Joey. They had been starting to "trust" each other and she thought she was "helping him somehow." "If what I did was wrong, I'm paying for it now...Joey hates me because I was stupid enough to tell him the truth."

In Bo's office, another "truth" is being told by Nora to Bo, but he thinks it's a "joke." Nora doesn't believe her "feelings for Bo" are any joke; she allows that "it wasn't easy admitting it to myself...or you...but I'm glad I did it...I thought I should tell you." Bo is angry and wants to know "where do you get off coming in here and telling me something like this?" Although Bo doesn't feel they have a "relationship" since they are divorced, Nora admits there is "a piece of my life still in the old heart, my memories..." And although she had been denying the "feelings" for months, when they kissed she realized they were real. Bo interrupts her with his own memory from the past: "Like you told me once before, it was just a kiss;" but to Nora "it was more than that." Bo demands to know what Nora "wants" from him: "Am I supposed to do something about...these vague feelings you have for me?" Nora wants "nothing" from Bo, she just "wanted to come clean about why she stopped the wedding..." Not offering an "excuse", but an explanation for her actions, Bo wants to know exactly what kind of "feelings" Nora has for him: "You damn well should have thought it out before you tossed a hand grenade into the middle of my life...what about your feelings for Sam? that something else you don't know?" When Nora admits she loves Sam and wants "to marry him just like before," then Bo wants to know "what is the point of all this?" To Nora it's "truth...that's the point...I feel I owe you that much." But an increasingly angry Bo doesn't "give a rat's rear about your feelings about me or anyone else...don't tell me how I feel...this conversation is over..." When Bo turns to leave the office, Nora gets the last word: "I thought you would want to know...the Bo I know could take the truth and a whole lot more...I don't know this Bo...what the hell did Lindsay do to you anyway?"

The Park

Sam and Matthew are enjoying "boys day out" but missing their girl. Sam explains to Matthew that although he and Nora "love each other, we just can't be together right now...things change...people change...but you'll always be my guy." Lindsay has been eavesdropping and interrupts Sam at this point with "I'm so sorry..." When Sam wants to know what she has to be sorry about now, she explains that she is "sorry for any part" she had in his current pain. But Sam doesn't want her to be sorry because "no matter how insane it gave me Matthew...he's my one point of sanity in all this..." Lindsay thinks Sam blames her for all that has happened and tries to plead her innocence but is surprised when Sam blames himself for being "completely blinded" by his love for Nora. Now that his eyes have opened, he explains that "something just stopped." "My love for Nora didn't stop. But the kind of love that will wait another 20 years, that stopped...I've had Nora 100% for a while...I could never settle for less." Although Lindsay "learned to live with" "someone in love with someone else" Sam doesn't think that makes it "smart or right or fair" and admits that he is "starting to see the wisdom" of Lindsay not telling Bo about "the baby." When Sam gets a call to go immediately to the courthouse, Lindsay offers to take Matthew home so that Sam can "cure his mood" with "a screaming match with a prosecutor."

Nora's Home Office

Lindsay "babysits" Matthew while waiting for the nanny to come home. [She changes a diaper and leaves the dirty one on Nora's desk.] After Lindsay tells Matthew how cute he is, she pleads, "Please, please be Sam's biological child. Otherwise, I'm babysitting two of Bo's children and he doesn't know about either of you." Later, Nora enters the office and is surprised to see Lindsay cooing over Matthew.

Friday, February 25, 2000

When Nora came home, she was not happy to see Lindsay taking care of Matthew, not even after Lindsay explained that Sam had been called away to court unexpectedly. As Nora is ordering Lindsay out of the house, Matthew begins to cough, but not like any cough Nora has heard before. Nora tries to call the doctor, but Lindsay makes her put down the phone. I know what to do, Lindsay tells Nora. When we next see them, they are sitting in a steamy shower stall with Matthew sitting in his carrier, feeling much better now. Lindsay explains that he has croup and this is what the doctor told her to do when it happened to one of her kids. A relieved Nora thanks Lindsay for her help. Lindsay comments that it was no problem, she misses being a mom to a little kid.

Their peaceful moment is broken, however, when the subject of Bo comes up. Nora finally admits to Lindsay that part of the reason she broke up the wedding was that she still has feelings for Bo. Lindsay is glad that Nora finally admitted it, but it doesn't feel as good to hear as she thought it would. When Nora wonders how all this got started, she decides she can sum it up in one word - "coffee." If she hadn't spilled coffee on Lindsay at the diner and taken her to the hospital, Lindsay wouldn't have been at the hospital to intercept Bo's test results. That one insignificant little event changed the rest of their lives. Lindsay suggests that rather than blaming the "coffee", Nora should blame the fact that she slept with Sam for everything that has happened. Lindsay eventually leaves and when she's gone, Nora thinks about Lindsay's comments about missing being a mom and starts to wonder aloud to Matthew whether it could be possible that Lindsay really is pregnant.

At the police station, Viki is holding a copy of her will and quickly folds it up and hides it when she runs into Sam. She asks Sam to tell Nora that she needs her legal assistance and for Nora to call her when she gets a chance. Viki is upset when Sam breaks the news that he and Nora are separated. She's even more upset when Ben shows up and starts talking to her. He still hopes there's some way that they can come to an understanding, but Viki tells him it's not possible and quickly leaves.

Sam, who had left while they were talking, returns and Ben shows him the medical book that shows all of the case studies Max has been using to fake his condition. Sam is furious, there's no end to the lengths the Buchanans will go to to ruin his family. Their only problem is that they have no way to prove it. But we do, Ben tells him, Skye has been having an affair with Max and certainly knows the truth. The trick is how to get Skye on their side. Sam thinks Ben should try to convince Skye, but Ben refuses to go anywhere near Skye. If Viki saw him talking to Skye, it would hurt her terribly. They'll have to figure out another way to get the proof they need.

Meanwhile, Kevin runs into Skye in the park. She's sitting on a swing, holding a bunch of flowers, with a happy smile on her face. I'm in love with someone, someone who loves me back, she tells him. Kevin's a bit skeptical at first, but she assures him that it's not Ben and her happy mood convinces him it's the truth. He's glad that she's found someone who makes her happy. Skye tries to cheer him up, saying that if it happened to her, it can happen to him, too. Viki happens to come by and Skye takes the opportunity to apologize for her behavior of the past few months. Viki isn't sure what to make of Skye's new attitude and tells her that actions speak louder than words. "Fair enough", Skye replies quietly before leaving. Viki's surprised for a moment, but then her thoughts turn to more important things. She can't stop thinking about the biopsy. Kevin promises to be there to support her every step of the way.

At the Buchanan mansion, Max and Blair are repairing their own relationship. Blair apologizes for all the things she's done lately, she only did them because she thought she was all alone and needed to protect herself. Max replies that he's responsible as well, tells her he's planning to go get treatment and will be the "old Max" all the time very soon. Starr joins them and shows them a picture she drew for Todd, it's all in black, Todd's favorite color. As she settles down on the bed between Blair and Max to draw another picture, Blair tells Max this is the way it should be, all of them together as a family. Later, Max and Blair are in bed together, discussing their future. Max tells Blair he'llsend Skye out of town on assignments for Buchanan Enterprises and while she's away, he'll work to discredit her with Asa. Soon, Skye will be out of their lives for good. Max tells Blair that she's the only woman he loves as Skye listens to their conversation from the doorway.

In the parking garage, Bo is reving the engine of his motorcycle, getting ready to tear out of there when Hank stops him by taking the key. He tells Bo he needs to calm down first, before he hurts himself or someone else. Bo tells Hank about what Nora had just said, about having feelings for him. Jared walks by and says hello, and tries to make a quick exit as he sees Téa and R.J. approaching. Téa calls out for him to wait, though, and in a private conversation warns him that he has until the end of the night to tell Hank the truth or she'll do it for him.

Jared leaves and Téa goes over to talk to Hank about a case, leaving R.J. standing alone. Suddenly, a car starts it's motor and heads straight towards R.J. A shot is fired, hitting R.J. squarely in the chest, and the car speeds away. Bo fires two shots at the car and chases after it on foot, while Téa and Hank race to R.J.'s side, fearing the worst. But R.J. is only shaken up a bit, he was wearing a bullet proof vest that stopped the bullet. Bo returns with the news that they found the car a few blocks away, but it was torched. Whoever's doing this is a real professional, he tells them, and promises they will find the shooter. As they are all leaving the garage, a figure emerges from the shadows. It's Todd.

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