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Tad tricked Liza into telling him that Jake wasn't really Colby's father. Scott and Becca saw Paolo and Marian in bed together. Stuart was convinced that someone had set Marian up. Arlene Vaughan showed up at the Dillon home. Myrtle accidentally discovered that Rae was her daughter.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, February 21, 2000

"Third graders get more action on a playground," Greenlee sassed upon viewing Scott's reaction to Leo and Becca's kiss. Rather than allow Scott and Leo to come to blows, Becca stepped between the men. She asked Scott if they could leave and Scott gladly agreed. A few steps away, Scott apologized for looking like a brute, but he said that he was still upset that Marian wasn't at home celebrating her wedding anniversary with Stuart. Becca and Scott were on their way out of the restaurant. Becca cast a final glance back at Leo and Greenlee and noticed that Leo was smiling at her. Greenlee enjoyed the show and teased Leo for having "feelings for the village virgin." Leo claimed that the kiss was intended as a diversion, but that Becca's "luscious" lips made it all worthwhile. Greenlee figured out that Leo and Paolo knew each other. What she didn't know was why Leo was taking such a vested interested in Marian's comings and goings. "Paolo is a seduction artist," Leo explained. Without offering any more information, Leo took Greenlee by the hand and reminded her that she'd promised to help him in his plot. He then led her off to parts unknown.

"Do you have any idea who out of control you are?" David snarled in writing pain. Edmund looked on in shock. Eventually, Alex's calculated and methodical actions faded away. She took several steps away from David, her hands covering her mouth. David demanded to know what he'd done to provoke Alex. He stated that he wasn't so much concerned for his own safety as he was for Alex's patients. He remarked that a major malpractice suit loomed in her future. David stormed out of the bar. Alex was left to question why she'd reacted so strangely. Edmund, though, was far less concerned. He rationalized that Alex's outbursts only surfaced in particular situations --- once when the gunman held her hostage and the other around a man who pushed her buttons.

Rae and Myrtle arrived back at the boarding house. Rae thanked Myrtle for helping her out in Elsa. Myrtle now had a decidedly different opinion of Rae's search for her daughter. Where she'd once asked Rae to halt the search, she was now telling her to "just keep at it." Rae headed upstairs to get ready for bed. Myrtle, meanwhile, sat down at her desk and looked painfully at the folder that bore her name. To herself, Myrtle told Rae that she was sorry that she was unable to find her records. "But I'm not sure how I feel about mine," she said softly. The front door burst open and an angry Erica scolded Myrtle for her disappearing act. Myrtle quickly hid her folder out of site. She then explained that she'd had to run out of town on some personal matters. Erica noticed that Myrtle was acting "very strangely" and asked her if everything was okay. Myrtle said that she was sorry for having worried Erica, but insisted that her trip was necessary. Erica pressed for details of Myrtle's journey, but Myrtle asked that Erica respect her request for privacy. "You're like a mother to me," Erica smiled tenderly. She recited a familiar piece of advice that Myrtle offer spouted, "A secret loses all its power to hurt you once you open up and talk about it with a friend." Myrtle cried openly, telling Erica that it was very difficult for her to talk about it. "I thought all of this was behind me now," she sobbed. " I had a baby." Erica's eyes widened and she reached out to embrace her friend. Myrtle tearfully recalled how she'd fallen for a young man in the carnie. Every night after the public had left, she and this man used to ride to the top of the Ferris wheel and look out over the countryside. That young man left the carnie before Myrtle could share with him a very important piece of news --- she was pregnant. Naturally, Erica wanted to know what had happened to the baby. "The most beautiful baby girl" Myrtle had ever seen was given up for adoption. Erica nodded understandingly. She wondered why the issue had suddenly come to the forefront. Myrtle clued Erica in to Rae's dilemma and her search for her missing daughter. Myrtle also stated that she hadn't told Rae about her situation because she was "too ashamed." Myrtle had only briefly scanned her file. She knew that her daughter had been adopted by a couple in St. Joseph, Missouri. After hearing Myrtle toy with the idea of searching for her daughter, Erica vehemently urged Myrtle to burn the file and forget about the search. Rae wandered down the steps and asked the two women what they were planning to burn. Erica forced a smile and said that she and Myrtle were discussing housekeeping ideas. Rae took a cup of tea and headed back upstairs. Erica waited until Rae was safely back in her room before continuing the discussion. Erica told Myrtle that searching for her daughter would only cause more "pain and suffering." If the child had a horrible life, Myrtle would fell horribly --- and nothing would ever make up for the lost time. Myrtle didn't discount Erica's remarks, but she said that she'd have to make up her own mind. Erica kissed Myrtle goodnight and headed on her way home. After Erica left, Myrtle picked up the phone and placed a call to the operator. She asked for the area code to St. Joseph, Missouri. On the stairs, Rae repeated the city's name to herself.

At The Valley Inn, Marian told Paolo that she could only stay with him for a few moments because she really had to return home. Paolo secretly locked the door behind him. Once inside, Paolo admitted that he'd been "dawdling" all evening to "savor" Marian's company. Marian was flattered, but she remained focused on business. She told Paolo that she'd take his deposit and set up an escrow account for him in the morning. With love in his eyes, Paolo stepped towards Marian and asked her to "initiate [him] into the $5,000,000 club." Marian moved back to get away from the Italian's roving lips and accidentally stumbled backwards onto the bed. Marian told Paolo that at one time she'd be flattered by his advances. Now, though, she was very much in love with Stuart. Paolo convinced Marian to sip some champagne with him to toast their deal. When the cork popped, champagne spewed all over Marian's dress. She slipped into the bathroom to clean up. During her absence, Paolo plucked a vial filled with white powder from his pocket. He carefully poured some of the powder into Marian's champagne glass and smiled to himself. "It would have been so much easier if you would have slept with me, Marian," he mumbled to himself. In the hallway, Leo and Greenlee waited to spring into action. Leo asked Greenlee to take his cell phone and walk down the hallway. Once she was out of sight, she was instructed to call Stuart and come up with any reason she could to get him to the hotel.

Stuart sat alone in his house waiting for his wife to return home. He heard noise from the doorway and quickly got into position. Scott and Becca entered the house and apologized for interrupting. They looked around and realized that Marian was still unaccounted for. A few seconds later, Greenlee phoned Stuart with a concocted tale of needing to speak to Marian about a real estate transaction. Greenlee claimed that her grandmother had a tip that a new house was going to go on the market. She added a certain level of urgency to her voice and said that she'd lost track of Marian somewhere in The Valley Inn. Stuart hung up the phone and told Scott and Becca that he was going to go to the hotel and find his wife. Scott stepped in and said that he'd find Marian just in case Marian was already on her way home. Stuart again was again left alone.

Back at the hotel, Leo pressed his ear against Paolo's door. What he didn't know was that David was coming up behind him. David took great pleasure in catching his brother in the act. "My baby brother," he chuckled. "A common hotel room peeper!" Leo claimed that he'd been looking for David to invite him to breakfast in the morning. David bought the excuse and didn't make a big deal over it. After David headed on his way, Greenlee returned and told Leo that she'd placed the call. She wanted to head off and celebrate as Leo'd promised her, but Leo said that he needed to stay and watch how everything fell into place. Greenlee as terribly disappointed and made a reference that she could not be left alone --- especially not on her... she stopped before she stated exactly the nature of the special occasion. Inside the hotel room, Marian exited the bathroom and agreed to drink a champagne toast to her marriage. Moments after drinking the spiked concoction, she passed out into Paolo's arms. Paolo plopped Marian in the bed and hurriedly stripped down to his skivvies. He wrapped a towel around himself and left the door to the room ajar. A little while later, Scott and Becca arrived on the scene. They'd been directed to the room by the front desk clerk. Scott and Becca opened the door and got more than an eyeful --- Marian and Paolo in bed together.

At the hunting lodge, Alex told Edmund that she no longer wanted to be around his children. Edmund cocked his head to the side and assured Alex that he had no concern about her being near Sam and Maddie. Alex wasn't sure that Edmund knew what he was talking about. Edmund asked that Alex trust in him like she'd have trusted Dimitri. "You're not Dimitri," Alex replied. "You're a different man." Edmund nodded his head. Then, somewhat unexplainably, Edmund and Alex leaned forward and shared a kiss. They parted several moments later and Alex reached for a glass of brandy. Edmund and Alex struggled to explain what had happened. Edmund mused that he must not have upset Alex because she hadn't tossed him across the room. The phone rang and Alex excused herself to answer the call. The caller, Steve Ernst from USA This Week, wanted to ask Alex a few questions about her encounter at the mall. Alex had no comment and hung up the phone. She picked up a copy of the morning paper and flashed it at Edmund --- Prescription for Justice: Doctor Disarms Desperate Gunman at Pine Valley Mall. Edmund offered to hand around and answer the phone for Alex, but she politely asked that he leave. Edmund asked Alex to unplug the phone. After he left, however, Alex did just the opposite --- she picked up the phone and called a travel agent for a one-way ticket to London.

At BJ's, another copy of the paper had been left on one of the tables. A gloved hand reached out and crumbled the paper, tearing the front-page photograph of Alex.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

A knock sent Stuart scrambling to answer the door. Still in his royal garb, Stuart couldn't help but be disappointed when he saw his brother standing outside. "What in blazes is that get up?" Adam laughed Stuart smiled broadly and reminded Adam that he was wearing his "King of Hearts" outfit from his wedding. Just in case Adam forgot, he made it a point to state that this was his first wedding anniversary. Adam looked around and noticed that Marian was nowhere in sight. Stuart stepped aside and allowed Adam to enter the house. Stuart smiled and said that an old parable claims that "Time goes faster as you get older." He shook his head and said that times goes faster when you're happy --- a happiness he's found with Marian. The comparison was lost on Adam, who argued that Stuart was always happy. Stuart admitted that he's pretty much always in a good mood. He likened his feelings for Marian to the way Adam lights up when he's holding Colby. Adam crinkled his brow and balked at the way Stuart had compared his "daughter and Marian Colby." Stuart puckered his lips and corrected his brother. "Marian Chandler," Stuart said in a scolding tone. "We're married." Adam nodded his head and bid his brother goodnight. Stuart stopped Adam before he could leave. He suspected that Adam had dropped by to offer an apology for his behavior over the past few months. Adam, of course, was not about to admit that he'd wronged. Nevertheless, he thanked Stuart for giving him a chance to start over with a clean slate. "If you ever need me for anything, I'll be here for you," Adam smiled.

Scott and Becca were unable to say or do anything as they watched Paolo cavort around in bed with Marian. Scott turned and walked away. Becca quietly closed the door and chased after him. Scott announced that he was headed to the gatehouse to talk to his father. Becca asked him to reconsider, but Scott was determined. A few seconds later, Leo knocked on the door and poked his head inside. Marian stirred slightly, moaning out her husband's name. Paolo walked over to the door and proudly boasted that he'd accomplished his mission. Leo looked at the still groggy Marian and asked his friend what he'd done. "She was boring," Paolo chattered. "So I had to make her come around." Paolo raised and lowered his eyebrows several times to show his amusement with the situation. Leo slammed Paolo into the door and blasted his antics. "I told you to seduce her --- not rape her!" Leo screamed. Paolo insisted that he hadn't sexually assaulted Marian and that his honor was still intact. "You sleep with women for money," Leo snapped, questioning the man's so-called honor. Paolo quickly turned the finger of blame to Leo, reminding him that he'd hired him to seduce Marian. Leo ordered Paolo to leave. The wannabe Don Juan grabbed his clothing and left - but not before Leo forked over a wad of cash.

Downstairs in the bar area, Scott told Becca that he "should've expected" that Marian would revert to her old ways. "Marian is the town tramp," he grumbled. Becca shook her head and insisted that Stuart had changed Marian for the better. She recalled the way in which Marian spoke of Stuart during their chats at The Glamorama. She urged Scott to consider that things weren't as they seemed. That was a lesson she'd forgotten when she viewed the sex tape Greenlee had secretly recorded. It wasn't enough to sway Scott away from the decision to speak to Stuart. Becca, however, refused to be a part of it and remained behind.

Ryan strolled casually through the dark night towards the boathouse. As he walked closer, he notice a woman dangling her feet over the edge of the dock --- the woman was in tears. He stepped closer until he realized that the woman was Greenlee. Ryan mistakenly, but probably justifiable, assumed that he was the cause of Greenlee's sadness. She snapped that her problems had nothing to do with him. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and apologized for lashing out at him. She told Ryan that her problems were "a joke" compared to his. "Today's my birthday and no single person notice," she sobbed. Ryan wondered why Greenlee hadn't told him about her birthday. Greenlee said that even her parents hadn't remembered her birthday. Ryan reached for his cell phone and instructed Greenlee to check her voice mail. Perhaps, he offered, they hadn't been able to reach her. Greenlee sniffled and nodded in compliance. She checked her messages --- and sure enough her mother had called. A glimmer of hope flashed in her eyes as she dialed her mother's number. The conversation was short and lacking emotion. Within a minute or two, Greenlee hung up the phone. Her mother hadn't called because she'd remembered her birthday; she'd called to tell Greenlee that her credit card bill had come in the mail. Ryan shared that he was still in pain over his misguided attempt to halt Jake and Gillian's wedding. He confessed that he'd hoped his mere presence at the wedding would cause Gillian to back out. When he looked at her face, though, he knew that she really loved Jake. Ryan shook his head to clear out the cobwebs. He smiled warmly at Greenlee and stated that he'd round up some friends for a birthday party. "What friends?" Greenlee asked. Ryan wrapped his arm around Greenlee and walked her away from the boathouse.

Paolo approached Marian's location just as she was rousing herself to consciousness. Marian looked up and spotted Leo and asked where her client had gone. Leo shrugged and remarked that Paolo had taken off. Marian finally became alert enough to realize that she was unclothed and in bed. "Oh my God," she gasped. "What have I done?" Marian asked Leo to turn his back while she put on her coat. Once that was done, Leo handed Marian her clothes. "I'm no lady," she sobbed, devastation resonating her in voice. "Mrs. Chandler," Leo said softly. "I don't deserve to be called that," Marian cried. Leo promised that he'd stay mum about what he'd seen, but Marian refused to pretend that nothing had happened. A tearful Marian bowed her head and walked out of the room. Under his breath, Leo cursed Adam Chandler. Some time later, Becca returned to the room to check on Marian. Becca wanted to know why Leo was in the room. He claimed that he was there to help Marian. Becca remembered that Leo and Paolo had been talking earlier in the night at BJ's. Leo denied it, but Becca knew what she'd seen. Leo tried to convince Becca that he wasn't so bad, but Becca had had enough of him for one night. Becca left the room just as Leo's cell phone started to ring. The call was from Adam, who wanted to know what was going on between Paolo and Marian. Leo said only that the deed had been done and assured Adam that his name could not be tied to the scheme. Leo tried to ask Adam if anyone knew that he was involved, but Adam, uninterested and unconcerned, hung up the phone.

At the gatehouse, Scott was determined to tell his father of Marian's infidelity. Before he could spill the beans, Stuart told him that he knew what Marian was up to. Stuart said that he knew Marian was putting in extra hours so that she could buy him an expensive anniversary gift. He smiled and noted that he'd already gotten the best gift he could get --- one year ago when he and Marian became husband and wife. Scott backed down, realizing that he couldn't break his father's heart. Scott bowed his head and left. Stuart fell asleep before Marian returned home. Marian, still crying, entered the house and crouched on the floor next to her slumbering husband. She gently placed a blanket over him. "Happy anniversary, my dear, sweet man," Marian whispered.

Rae crept down the steps and listened in on Myrtle's conversation. Myrtle turned around and spotted Rae and abruptly hung up the phone. Myrtle claimed that she was looking for some old carnie friends. Rae wandered around the room and stumbled upon Myrtle's file folder. Myrtle quickly snatched the file off of the desk and held it close to her chest. Rae cocked her head to the side and commented that the file looked similar to those they'd found in Elsa. Rae thought that Myrtle might have found something about her daughter. Myrtle shook her head. She explained that she hadn't gone to Elsa to help Rae in her search; she'd gone there to "protect" herself. "This is your file?" Rae asked in shock. "You have a child?" Rae embraced Myrtle and the two women sat down to continue their conversation. Myrtle told Rae that, unlike her, she'd chosen to give up her child. The decision was not an easy one, but Myrtle said that she had feared that her daughter would be tormented for having been born out of wedlock. Naturally, Rae wanted to know if Myrtle had ever tried to track down her daughter. Myrtle admitted that she thought about her daughter often, but said that she was not sure that her daughter would want anything to do with her. The policy at Fannie Battle did not permit mothers to see their children. The babies were whisked away moments after birth. A nurse at the home, however, secretly slipped back into Myrtle's room and allowed her to hold her daughter. "I held that child to my heart and I told her that she was going to live with two lovely people that would give her the kind of life that I couldn't and that she'd always be in my heart," Myrtle said softly. As for Rae's inquiry, Myrtle said that she had no way of knowing where to find Raymond and Sarah Washburn. Rae's laughed slightly and asked Myrtle to repeat what she'd just said. "They're my parents," Rae commented after hearing the names a second time. Myrtle said that there must be another couple by the same name in St. Joseph, Missouri, but Rae wasn't so sure. Maybe, Myrtle offered, Rae's files has somehow gotten crossed with hers. Rae reviewed some of the information in the medical file and came across a stunning revelation. "Your baby was born on my birthday," she gasped. Rae asked Myrtle if she knew anything about the couple that had adopted her child. Myrtle stroked her chin and recalled that the woman was an attractive redhead and the man wore a uniform and walked with a limp. Rae nearly toppled over as she raced to her purse. She presented Myrtle with an old black and white photograph of her parents --- a redhead and an injured World War II veteran. Rae took to the phone and placed a call to a relative to see if her suspicions were correct. Rae was unable to get an easy answer, but after a while, Rae had heard all she needed to hear. Rae hung up the phone and wiped tears from her eyes. She sat down in a chair next to Myrtle and said nothing. Then, after a few seconds, she revealed, "My parents never wanted me to know that I was adopted." Myrtle's face fell, "Dear God, it's true!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

On the morning after he saw his ex-wife marry another man, it was back to business for Ryan. He dropped by the Dillon home to discuss some promotional ideas with Hayley. Hayley wasn't convinced that Ryan could suddenly switch to business mode. "What happened with you and Gillian?" she asked. Ryan laughed slightly and told Hayley that there wasn't much to tell --- Gillian had married Jake. In the back of his mind, however, he couldn't shake loose the memories of his passion wedding eve plea for Gillian to reconsider. "I hope she doesn't get hurt," he said softly to himself. Before Hayley could ask what that remark meant, the doorbell sounded. Hayley opened the door and greeted Mateo with a kiss. Mateo made it a point to ask what type of business they were conducting. Hayley received a phone call from Leslie Coulson requesting that Hayley meet with her. Hayley wasn't really in the mood to talk with the attorney, but she ceded fifteen minutes of her time. Hayley promised to meet up with Ryan later in the day and finish their business meeting. Ryan reached for his coat and prepared to follow Hayley out of the house. Mateo, though, stepped in front of him and asked for a moment of his time. He instructed Ryan to make sure that their meeting took place at WRCW. "I don't want [you] to make a habit of" private breakfast meetings, Mateo growled. Ryan shook his head and commented that he'd thought Mateo had made peace with their rocky past. "I don't like you," Mateo snapped. "My life and Hayley's life would be a whole lot better without you in it," he added. Mateo told Ryan that Gillian was much better off with Jake in her life. "No arguments here," Ryan replied. He let out a sigh and continued on his way.

Tad and Dixie dropped by Wildwind for a pre-trial strategy session with Jake. The chattered on as Gillian listened quietly. Tad told Jake that he'd overheard Adam and Liza discussing some type of fraud that had been committed. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was certain that it could be used to take them both down. In a perfect world, Tad smiled, Jake would get custody of Colby and Adam would be sent to jail. Jake wondered if the secret had something to do with Chandler Enterprises. Dixie shook her head and said that Liza was unlikely to get involved in Adam's business dealings. Whatever it was, Tad claimed that Adam was holding the secret over Liza's head. Gillian flashed back to the night when she learned that Adam was really Colby's biological father. Suddenly, she was unable to sit quietly any more. "Stop it!" she yelled jumping to her feet. "For Colby's sake stop it!" She explained that wanting to expose Adam's crime lowered them to Adam's level. Gillian felt that they needed to take the high road. Dixie stepped towards her new sister-in-law and explained that it isn't possible to take the high road in dealings with Adam. Adam, she explained, will do whatever had had to in order to win. Jake walked Tad and Dixie to the door, asking if Tad had asked Ryan any details of this "secret." Tad shook his head and he and Dixie left. Outside, Tad and Dixie agreed that there was probably someone else who knew the secret... someone who would tell them the truth --- Stuart.

Stuart awoke and told his wife that he was sorry he'd fallen asleep before she'd gotten home. When Marian did get home, Stuart said that she hadn't slept well. Stuart bowed his head slightly and told Marian that he knew why she was so upset. Marian wanted to know how Stuart had found out. Stuart said that he sensed that the deal she'd been working on had fallen through. Before Marian could respond, a knock sounded on the door. With a large red box in hand, Liza popped her head in to wish Marian and Stuart a happy anniversary. Stuart had to scamper out of the room to tend to breakfast. While he was gone, Liza picked up on her mother's uneasiness. "Do you think it's possible for a person to revert back to their old ways?" Marian asked tearfully. Liza's face froze in a horrified expression. "Oh, mother, you didn't!" she gasped. Marian recalled the broken memories of the night before. She remembered being at BJ's with Paolo and going back to his room, but after that it was all a blank. Liza immediately assumed that her mother had suffered another of her alcohol-induced black outs. "You should be ashamed of yourself," Liza lectured. Liza feared that Marian's slip would destroy Stuart. Stuart returned to the room with a plate of Belgian waffles. He invited Liza to join them, but Liza informed Stuart that she had a meeting scheduled with Jack. Stuart wished her well and Liza made her way back to the main house. Stuart now began to sense that there was more to Marian's sadness than merely a blown real estate transaction. "I love you so much, Stuart," Marian sniffled. She said that she wished with all her heart that she didn't have to tell Stuart her bad news. Stuart first feared that Marian was in poor health. When she swore that she was in fine physical condition. Stuart flashed his familiar smile and stated that there was nothing bad that she could possible tell him. "I think that I have been unfaithful to you," she sobbed. Stuart's face fell. Marian again recounted the events leading up to the time she found herself naked in bed. Marian admitted that she used to have similar episodes during her "party girl" period, but she swore that she'd become a different person. She looked deeply into her husband's eyes and begged for his forgiveness. Stuart said nothing. Marian took a deep breath and rose from the sofa. She walked towards the door. As she reached for the doorknob, Stuart called out her name. "I don't forgive you," he stated without emotion. It seemed like an eternity before he finished his statement. "Because there's nothing to forgive. I don't believe that you slept with that man." Marian was floored by her husband's remark. Tears welling in her eyes, she asked Stuart if he really believed that she hadn't slept with Paolo. Marian wrapped her arms around Stuart and thanked him for believing in her.

Jack arrived at Chandler Mansion before Liza so he had a few minutes to talk to Adam. It was clear in Jack's mind that the keystone to Leslie's arguments would focus on Adam's faults as a parent. He asked that Adam be "above reproach." Before the chat could finish, Leo arrived at the mansion with the intent of collecting for his services rendered. Adam tried to silence Leo for fear that Jack would hear the discussion. Adam's tone, however, changed when Leo revealed that the deed had been done; Marian had been caught in bed with another man. Adam's tune changed abruptly. He put his arm around Leo and shuffled him into the foyer. There, he promised to make good on his promise to give Leo $10,000. Leo reminded Adam that he'd promised to return the documents he'd stolen from Palmer's safe. Adam smiled wryly and told Leo that he was going to hold onto the papers as a way of ensuring that no one learned that he was involved in framing Marian. Adam scurried off to his study to cut a check for Leo. Leo, meanwhile, wandered into the parlor and told Jack that he was there to pick up a package for WRCW. He really had no need to do so and his labored explanation drew more concern than if he would've simply stayed quiet. Adam returned a few seconds later with an envelope and Leo went on his way. Jack again warned Adam to be on his best behavior. Liza returned a little while later still upset from her talk with Marian. She told Adam that her mother had done "something really stupid." Adam pretended to be concerned, but all the while he was drooling in anticipation of hearing the details of her demise. Adam took Liza in his arms and pledged to be there for her. Jack returned to the room to discuss strategy. As they opened the floor to discussion, Hayley entered the room and revealed that she knew exactly what Leslie Coulson had up her sleeve. She flashed a subpoena and announced that Leslie was going to ask about her "lousy father."

Rae walked slowly down the staircase. She looked to Myrtle and told her that she was sorry for not finishing their discussion the night before. To be quite frank, though, it was simply too much for Rae to process. "You are here to look for your daughter and your find your mother," Myrtle noted softly. Rae informed Myrtle that a messenger service would pick up her bags. She said goodbye and walked towards the door. Myrtle called out to Rae and asked that she not leave on such unpleasant terms. Rae assured Myrtle that she didn't hate her --- but that didn't mean that she had no questions. Myrtle told Rae that she'd given her up for adoption so that she could have "security, a home, two parents, Christmas mornings, and birthday parties." Unfortunately, Rae had had none of those. Her parents died when she was very young and she was raised by her cousins. "They didn't give a damn about me," Rae said bitterly. "You lived with show people. Did you really have to be ashamed of me with them [around]?" Myrtle swore that she was never ashamed of he daughter --- not even for a moment. "I was ashamed of myself," Myrtle confessed. Rae was hurt that even now Myrtle had made no attempt to find her. In fact, she stumbled upon her quite by accident. Admitting that it was sort of a happy accident, Myrtle asked that Rae stick around so that they could get to know each other a little better. "I really have to go," Rae said lowering her head. She looked down at the floor as she walked towards the door. "Let me tell you about him!" Myrtle called out. Rae turned with tears in her eyes. For a moment, she looked as though she was going to spit fire. The two women sat down and Myrtle told Rae a bit about the father she never knew. The man, Marcello Angelini was from a family of circus performers. He'd left town before he learned that he was going to be a father as part of an arranged married. Rae nervously asked Myrtle if she could meet the man some day. Myrtle blinked several times and sadly informed Rae that her father had died. While attempting an acrobatic move on the high wire, he'd fallen to his death. "There's so much that I want to tell you," Myrtle said with a slight smile. Suddenly, Opal burst into the room. She was relieved to see Myrtle, but she knew instantly that she'd showed up at a bad time. Opal suspected that she'd crashed a seance, but that was hardly the case. Opal agreed to return later. Myrtle walked her to the porch and assured Myrtle that she was okay. Myrtle returned to the living room and found that Rae had left.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

"My Marian would never be unfaithful to me," Stuart proclaimed. Stuart was convinced that someone had set up his wife --- someone who wanted to destroy their marriage. Marian thought it unlikely and begged Stuart to let the incident fade away. However, when Stuart asked Marian for more information about Paolo, Marian began to realize that something wasn't quite right. She hadn't gotten the man's address, a deposit check, or anything other than his name and cellular phone number. "He didn't want to buy a house!" Stuart hollered. Marian nodded in agreement and allowed Stuart to dig for more information.

At The Valley Inn, Leo spoke ran over a list of needs with the hotel manager. Among his requests was the removal of his polyester bed sheets; he preferred linen. The managed was concerned that Leo might not be able to foot the bill. Until, that is, Leo said that Palmer would be paying for everything. David had been listening in on the conversation. He strolled over to his brother and asked him about his requests. "Big brother is always watching," Leo chirped. A few seconds later, Palmer stormed into the bar and blasted Leo for a mistake he'd made on a business deal. "The Milan Project --- it's duck soup!" Palmer groused. Somewhere in the proposal, Leo had made a careless mathematical error. David asked Palmer to save the tirade for the office. Palmer said that ordinarily he wouldn't make such a scene in public. The problem was that Leo never seemed to show up at work. Leo's mistake could have cost Cortlandt Electronics tens of thousands of dollars. Vanessa breezed over to the men and commented that she loved to see "the three men in [her] life together." The group sat down at the table and prepared for a family brunch. Vanessa defended her son's math blunder and asked Palmer to look the other way. Palmer argued that Leo's only interest in life was "self-preservation." Leo looked at his watch and realized that he was late for a meeting. After Leo dashed off, David asked Vanessa if she was concerned about the type of man Leo had become. David grumbled that Leo was more like "a lap dog" than a man and that he had "no sense of responsibility and no initiative." Vanessa asked Palmer if he could get her a drink. Her thirst took a back seat to the discussion she wanted to have with her eldest son. Before Palmer left, he offered his thoughts on the recent crop of troubles in his life. "Next time I am going to marry an orphan," he groaned. "No children, no dogs, no animals!" Once Palmer was out of hearing range, Vanessa asked David why he'd suddenly become Leo's champion. After all, it wasn't so long ago that David said he wanted nothing to do with his family. The issue of family was of great interest to David. He'd researched Leo's past and found it odd that there was no mention to Leo's father. Vanessa had claimed that Leo's dad was an aristocrat --- but that was about it. "Who really knocked you up?" David asked bluntly. Vanessa's eyes widened and she promptly scolded her son's crassness. David leaned over and promise that the name would remain their little secret. "You are heartless!" Vanessa snapped. "[Leo's father's] identity is off limits."

At WRCW, Tad looked high and low for signs of Leo. Becca appeared by his side and offered to be his new personal assistant. Her first assignment was to retrieve a folder from Tad's offer --- and to find Leo. On her way, Becca sat down with Scott and asked him if he'd spoken to Stuart. Scott said that he'd intended to tell his father about Marian's tryst, but that he'd decided to remain quiet. In the end, he was satisfied with his decision. He thanked Becca for making him see that it was better to get all of the facts first. Becca again suggested that Scott talk to Marian. This time, he decided to take her advice. Dixie, meanwhile, asked Tad if he truly believed that Stuart would have answers to their questions. Tad and Dixie headed off to find Stuart. In the process, the literally bumped into Stuart as he rounded the corner. "I need your help," Stuart said frantically. Tad smiled and said that it was possible that they could both help each other. Stuart filled Tad and Dixie in on the details of what happened to Marian. Dixie was a bit reluctant to believe that Marian was innocent, but she agreed to give her the benefit of the doubt. The trio headed to The Valley Inn to get information. On their way out, Leo finally arrived, albeit late, at the studio. Tad blasted his assistant for not taking his duties more seriously. Leo, a bit miffed that he'd been scolded, headed over to Becca. Leo handed Becca a black jewelry box as a "peace offering." Inside the box was an expensive watch. Becca politely refused the gift, saying that Leo was trying to buy her of. Leo insisted that it was his way of making up for his spontaneous kiss. Becca cocked her head to one side and wondered if the watch might be a way to make her forget that she'd spotted Leo and Paolo talking at BJ's. Leo again denied knowing the Italian seducer. Becca didn't buy his excuse and warned Leo that she'd have nothing more to do with him as long as he continue to be dishonest.

Scott showed up at the gatehouse and found a much-relieved Marian sniffing one of the roses Stuart had given her. Marian sensed that something was troubling her stepson, but she feared sticking her nose into Scott's business. Scott took a deep breath and blurted out that he'd seen Marian with Paolo at the Valley Inn. Obviously, Marian was stunned. Marian explained that she hadn't planned to sleep with Paolo. Scott wasn't won over by her claim that she'd blacked out. "How can I tell him?" Scott yelled. Marian, sobbing slightly, told Scott that she'd already told Stuart. Marian mentioned Stuart's suspicion that she may have been set up. Scott mulled it over and agreed that it was possible, but he couldn't fathom who would want to hurt Marian and Stuart that much.

Scott returned to the television studio and told Becca that he'd spoken to Marian. He briefed her on the conspiracy theory before heading on his way to tend to some work matters. Becca tracked down Leo and told him that she needed to speak to him. She then bluntly asked him if he'd been involved in setting up Marian.

Tad, Stuart and Dixie quizzed the hotel manager at The Valley Inn for info on Paolo. They learned that Paolo had left his room and flown back to Rome. Finally everyone was in agreement: Marian had been set up. Tad placed call to Adrian and asked him to dig up as much info on Paolo as possible. There was little to find, but all of it was incriminating. Paolo was basically a professional gigolo. He was not the multi-millionaire he'd claimed to be. He had a long history of seducing wealthy and prominent women. Stuart wanted to run home and tell Marian the news. Before he could leave, Tad grabbed onto his arm and asked him to do him a little favor. "I want you to tell us your brother's secret," Tad said plainly. Stuart initially insisted that there was no secret, but he got so caught up in defending his brother that he made a few careless slips. "Adam's not bad," Stuart professed. He said that Adam had only done what he'd done because he could not bear the thought of Liza having a child with another man. Stuart's face froze. Tad and Dixie pressed for more information, but Stuart took off before saying anything else.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam seemed surprised that Hayley had been subpoenaed. Liza, though, saw it coming. She apologized for getting Hayley involved in the custody mess. Adam concocted a plan to keep Hayley from testifying. He stated that he had a friend at the hospital that could admit Hayley until after the court battle was over. Liza shook her head. She told Adam that he was only confirming the belief that he's "a sleazy, manipulative, control freak." Jack informed Adam that Hayley had to testify and she had to tell the truth --- however damning it might be. Adam pleaded with Hayley to speak highly of their relationship. Hayley bowed her head and muttered that she'd tell the truth. Hayley decided that she'd better leave before she said something that she'd regret. Jack headed to the study to make a few calls. Adam grumbled that they would not be in their current predicament if he'd been allowed to reveal that he was Colby's biological father. Liza argued that the problem had really started back at the fertility clinic. Adam stormed upstairs. Liza sat down on the chair and thought about her dilemma. Tad and Dixie arrived only minutes later and demanded to talk to her. Liza told them that it wasn't a good time --- but they weren't going anywhere.

Janet wandered downstairs and found Brooke sitting on the sofa. She informed Brooke that she was headed off to the Glamorama for a manicure. Brooke looked up briefly and asked Janet if she had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Jaffe. Janet nervously claimed that the doctor had canceled her appointment. Brooke followed it up by asking if Janet had rescheduled her appointment. Janet shook her head and said that she wouldn't "go bonkers" by missing one appointment. Janet thanked Brooke for her concern, but stated that she felt it was time for Brooke to move back to her own house. Janet turned and left the house. Shortly after she left, Brooke received a phone call from Laura. Brooke learned that her daughter had been involved in some sort of accident. Though she'd only suffered a minor back injury, Brooke wanted to be with her daughter. Brooke headed upstairs to pack her bags. Hayley returned home some time later and found Brooke and her bags by the front door. Brooke briefed Hayley on what had happened and said that she'd be flying to China in just a few hours. Hayley assured Brooke that she'd look after Janet while she was gone. Janet returned home and was rather pleased to learn that Brooke was gone --- though she was concerned for Laura's well being. Janet knew that Hayley was down and asked her if she wanted to talk about what was bothering her. Hayley told Janet of her subpoena. She wondered if it would have been better to take her father up on his offer to check into the hospital until everything blows over. "It's not like you to hide," Janet said. A knock sounded on the door and Janet grumbled that who ever had dropped by had lousy timing. Janet opened the door and froze in place. Hayley asked who was at the door. Janet stepped aside and the woman took a step into the house. "It's your mother," Arlene said with a smile.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Scott returned to the gatehouse to offer Marian an apology. He felt a bit hypocritical for the way he'd mistakenly jumped to the wrong conclusion about what had happened. Marian insisted that the apology was "not necessary," but Scott thought otherwise. He explained that it made him furious when people prejudged his father --- and he turned around and did the same thing to someone else. In the old days, Marian said that she was "a good time had by all," and understood why Scott and assumed the worst. However, she assured him that she'd become a new woman thanks to Stuart. Marian thanked Scott for understanding and asked that he pass along her thanks to Leo. Scott scrunched his eyes and asked Marian why she wanted to thank Leo. She explained that Leo had helped her after she'd awoken in Paolo's hotel room.

At The Valley Inn, Eugenia and Gillian sipped drinks as they rested from a busy day of shopping. Jake wandered in and immediately headed to the bar to get the women some refills. Eugenia smiled broadly and remarked that Gillian seemed very happy. Though she may have wanted to erase the moment from her mind, Eugenia couldn't help but reflect on Ryan's surprise appearance at the wedding. "I thought he would sweep you up and take you away," the duchess admitted. "It's over between me and Ryan," Gillian said curtly. She said she was glad to be rid of the "craziness [and] drama" that enveloped her life with Ryan. Jake returned to the table and said that he'd forgotten that he'd scheduled an appointment. Jake kissed his new wife and promised that he'd meet up with them a little later.

"What are you doing here?" Hayley asked after recovering from the shock of seeing her mother. Arlene explained that she'd heard of Trevor's arrest and subsequent flight from justice and knew that she had to be with her family. Janet bowed her head and scurried to the kitchen to make some coffee and, perhaps, to get out of the crossfire. Hayley doubted her mother's intentions. Arlene dodged the issue, instead telling her daughter that her new hair color did not become her. Hayley rolled her eyes and asked her mother to keep her beauty tips to herself. Since she didn't believe her mother's claim that she was concerned for Trevor's family, Hayley offered up a few ideas of her own as to why Arlene was back in town. Perhaps, Hayley grumbled, her mother had lost her job, gotten into some sort of legal trouble, or she just needed money. Arlene conceded that she hasn't always been the perfect sister, but this, she insisted, was her chance to make up for that. Hayley plopped down on a chair and turned her back to her mother. Janet returned to the room with some coffee and cookies. Arlene hungrily gobbled down the cookies, stopping between bites to praise Janet's cooking. Arlene mused that she was sure Janet's cooking had "kept Trevor fat and happy." Hayley urged her mother to be on her way, but Arlene wasn't about to go anywhere. Janet had heard that Arlene was employed at a carpet factory in Georgia. Arlene nodded her head and proudly announced that she was about to be named the company's new controller. Hayley unleashed several barbs about how her mother has probably slept her way up the corporate ladder. Arlene insisted that she'd gotten the promotion on her merit. As much as her job meant to her, Arlene explained that family was much more important --- and she'd arranged to take a leave of absence from work. Amanda returned home from school in the midst of the discussion. Janet quickly introduced Amanda to her aunt. Arlene knew exactly what to say and do to win over Amanda. She spotted a yo-yo in Amanda's hand and noted that Trevor had been an expert yo-yoist in his youth. Amanda complained that she hadn't been able to learn any cool tricks because neither Janet nor Hayley had any yo-yoing skills. Arlene flashed a smile and said that she'd learned quite a bit from her brother, though she might be a bit rusty. Hayley cringed as she heard her mother cozying up to Amanda. Again she tried to convince her mother that it was time for her to go, but Amanda wanted everyone to stay under the same roof. Janet looked nervously at Hayley, unsure how to extricate herself from the sticky situation. Ultimately, Janet agreed to her daughter's request and stated that Arlene could spend the night --- only the night. Janet rose from her chair and headed to the kitchen to start dinner. Hayley suggested that Amanda make one of her famous salads. Without everyone in the kitchen, Arlene had free reign in the living room. She tiptoed over the liquor cabinet and poured a splash or two of liquor into her mug. She closed her eyes and inhaled the aroma before taking several swigs of her spiked coffee. Hayley returned to the room, but the alcohol had already been safely tucked back into its home in the cabinet. She'd bitten her tongue up until now, but now Hayley decided it was time to set her mother straight. She explained that her life was very complicated and that her mother's presence was not a welcomed thing. "Our troubles are because we're too alike," Arlene stated. Arlene told Hayley that she's been sober for a full year and that part of her recovery required her to make amends with all those she'd wronged. Hayley, of course, was one of those people. "I've cleaned up my side of the street," Arlene said softly. Arlene looked down at her daughter's hand and noticed the glittering gem on her finger. Hayley confessed that she and Mateo were going to get re-married. That was just one of the things going on in her life. With the wedding, her new television show, an on-the-run uncle, and a custody battle things were just too hectic. Arlene seemed intrigued by the news of a custody battle. She gently pressed for details and Hayley brought her back into the loop. After dinner, as everyone was clearing off the table, Janet stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Mirror Janet suddenly appeared before her and cackled about the new houseguest. "That Arlene is quite a piece of work," she laughed sinisterly. With Brooke gone and Arlene in the house, Mirror Janet announced that it was time for a little fun.

"We figured it out," Dixie said solemnly as she and Tad strolled into the parlor. Liza claimed not to know what they were talking about, but Tad and Dixie sensed otherwise. Tad informed Liza that he knew all about the fraud that had been committed. "Jake couldn't imagine you deceiving him like that," Tad lectured. Liza swallowed hard and tried her best to change the subject. Adam walked down the steps and asked what was going on. Dixie stepped forward and concocted a bogus tale of needing to talk to Adam about Junior's plans for summer camp. Adam shrugged and agreed to talk things over with his ex-wife. Dixie threw her hands into the air and said that she'd forgotten the pamphlets at home. Adam offered to take Dixie to her house so that they could pick up the information. Tad knew that his wife had come up with the summer camp story as a way to get rid of Adam. "I know what he's done," Tad stated, walking towards Liza. "Stuart told me everything." Liza's heart skipped a beat. She turned to avoid eye contact with Tad and stated that being swindled out of WRCW was old news. Tad told Liza that he knew the other secret --- the one about Colby. Liza swallowed hard. She turned to look at Tad, tears forming in her eyes. She set the stage, telling Tad that she had confronted Adam about swapping Colby's stem cells. During the confrontation, Liza explained, Adam had also come clean to swapping sperm samples at the fertility clinic. Tad's jaw nearly hit the floor. "He did what?" Tad gasped. Liza's face froze. "I thought you said you knew," she said softly. Tad admitted that he lied. "This is obscene!" he squawked. Tad wondered why Liza hadn't told Jake about the switch. Moreover, he told Liza that he'd overheard her discussion at WRCW in which Adam asked her to tell Jake the truth. "You are my best friend. How could you be a part of something this malignant?" he asked in disappointment. Liza was outraged that Tad somehow put the blame on her. "[Adam] might as well have raped me!" she sobbed. Up until this point, Tad had only part of the story. He now realized that Adam hadn't just swapped Jake's sperm --- he'd replaced it with his own. Liza told Tad that she wanted Jake to remain on as Colby's father. A custody battle, though, would scrap all chances of that happening. She asked Tad to keep her secret, but Tad turned her down flatly. By not revealing the truth, Tad felt that Adam's crime would go unpunished. This was too big of a secret to keep from Jake. "I truly believe that the end justifies the means," Liza remarked. Tad shook his head. This was the type of thing that Tad would expect Adam to say. Tad had another option for Liza. If she truly wanted Jake to be Colby's father, he told her not to contest the custody battle. That way Jake would get full custody of Colby and Adam would be out of her life forever. Liza said that it wouldn't work because Adam would never let the case get to trial. Tad took a deep breath and walked towards the phone.

Becca pointedly asked Leo for the truth about his involvement in Marian's seduction. Leo pleaded innocent, but Becca didn't believe him. Becca asserted her belief that Marian had been drugged, something that caught Leo off guard. He didn't think that a Pigeon Hollow native would know anything about "the date rape drug." Becca growled that Marian's reputation could have been ruined if the wrong person had stumbled into Paolo's room. "I hear she already had a reputation," Leo smirked. The remark didn't score any points with Becca. "Do the right thing," Becca said trying to appeal to Leo's good side. "Hypothetically," Leo said softly as he tried to distance himself from what had happened to Marian. "If I did participate it's because I had no choice." Becca crossed her arms and cast an evil glare at Leo. She told him that he always has a choice in what he does. Leo shook his head and walked away. Ryan wandered over a few seconds later and chatted politely with Becca. Jake appeared behind them and greeted Becca warmly. He made no effort to acknowledge Ryan. Jake asked Becca if she'd mind leaving so that he could speak privately to Ryan. She agreed --- and Jake wasted no time in getting to the point. He told Ryan that he did not appreciate the way he'd crashed his wedding ceremony. Ryan offered to apologize, but it was too late for that. "Stay away from my wife," Jake snarled. Somewhat surprisingly, Ryan did not back down. He asked Jake if Gillian wanted him to stay away or if the orders were his own. Jake claimed that Gillian has asked him to pass the word along to Ryan, but it didn't look like Ryan believed him. Tad phoned Jake on his cellphone and asked that he head to Chandler Mansion immediately. The two men turned and headed in their own direction. Leo, meanwhile, returned to Becca's side and asked her to believe what he was saying. He gently brushed her cheek. Becca looked hypnotized for a moment of two, but she pulled away and left Leo standing alone in the center of the studio. Scott stormed up from behind and called out Leo's name. Without any kind of warning, Scott slugged Leo and sent him tumbling to the ground.

Dixie and Adam ended up at The Valley Inn. There, Adam showed little interest in the brochures Dixie had assembled. Dixie warned Adam that she and Junior could make the decision themselves. Asking Adam for his opinion, she explained, was a good will gesture. Adam offered some ideas on where Junior could go to better himself academically and further his soccer training. The talks done, Adam wanted to head back to Chandler Mansion. Dixie came up with another stall tactic, but this time it wasn't as convincing. She told Adam that she wanted to go over his work schedule so that they could make visitation arrangements while Junior was away at camp. Adam knew something was up because Dixie never wanted to spend any length of time with him. He bid her farewell and headed home. Dixie quickly gathered her things and took off after him.

Back at the mansion, Liza blasted Tad for suddenly becoming "a champion of the truth." Tad felt that Liza would come out the winner no matter what. When the truth was revealed, Liza would get Colby and Jake would get nothing. Again, Liza insisted that that did not have to be the case. If Jake dropped the custody suit, she said that she'd make sure that Jake had ample time with Colby. Tad figured that Adam would spill the beans sooner of later. Liza smiled and said that Adam couldn't say anything because she'd told him that she and Colby would vanish if he even thought of telling anything the truth. Jake arrived at the house just as Colby cried out from upstairs. Jake instantly went into daddy mode and raced to the nursery. Liza told Tad the while Adam might not go to jail, he'd definitely be punished. Seeing another man raise his child would drive him crazy --- and there was nothing Adam could do about it. Jake returned downstairs toting Colby. He looked to his brother and asked him why he'd summoned him to the house. Adam and Dixie entered the room. Dixie flashed an expression of concern, but Adam was all smiles. Adam looked to Tad and told him to continue on with the conversation. "Don't let me stop you," he smiled.



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