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Paolo planned to lure Marian into bed to end her marriage to Stuart. Janet accused Brooke of having an affair with Trevor. Hayley was forced to tell Mateo that Janet had killed Sophie. Jake and Gillian got married. Myrtle found her name on a file in an Illinois town's hall of records.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, February 14, 2000

"That was about the bravest thing I've ever seen," a security guard gasped in awe. Alex was still unsure what had come over. Becca reacted strangely to Scott's kiss, turning and taking several steps away from him. Scott apologized for his lousy timing. "I couldn't hold back," he smiled. Becca assured Scott that she wasn't upset. She looked down and realized that she'd lost the bracelet that Scott had given her. They searched high and low for the bracelet and, luckily, recovered it. They again shared a kiss and the spark from the lips caused the lights to power down. Actually, it was closing time at the mall. The parted and realized that they were being locked in the mall. They made a run for the exit, but the doors were already locked. They decided to make the most of their time together and had some pictures taken in a photo booth. Afterwards, they shared a dance courtesy of portable stereo that had been left behind in the food court. The music alerted a security guard to their presence and he quickly moved in to investigate. "I prefer dancing at SOS," the guard mused. He told the couple that they'd have to leave, but he agreed to give them a few extra minutes to finish dancing.

Adam told Liza that he didn't feel sorry for Jake or Gillian. When Jake learns that Gillian has been lying to him, Adam said that he was sure Jake would "throttle the princess with her own tiara." Liza left the room to check on Colby. While she was gone, Adam snuck into the safe room to check on Ryan. "My God, Adam," Ryan gasped. "What have you done?" To Adam is wasn't so much an issue of what he'd done, but rather what Ryan would do now that he knew the truth. Ryan quickly deduced that Adam had somehow managed to swap the sperm samples at the fertility clinic. He wasn't sure how it was done, but he knew Adam must have been involved in the trickery. Ryan started to lecture Adam on the illegalities of his actions, but Adam interrupted him and told him that he'd already been scolded enough for one lifetime. Ryan asked Adam why he'd felt the need to tell Gillian about Colby's paternity. Adam shook his head and explained that David had been the one to spill the beans. Ryan wasn't as much interested in why David was involved than he was in the disastrous aftereffects of the revelation. Ryan realized that Gillian learned the truth on the night of the car accident. Adam was uninterested in the banter and told Ryan that it was time for him to leave --- but not before he reminded him of his promise not to tell anyone how he'd found out the truth about Colby's paternity. Ryan blasted Adam for having claimed that he was telling him the truth because of his friendship with Hayley. He knew now that Adam was only looking out for his own selfish needs. "I guess that makes you more than just some man who works for my wife," Adam admitted with a smile. Adam returned to the study and learned that Liza had to head down to the station because of a water main break. Adam offered to watch after Colby, but Liza wasn't at all thrilled with that idea. Adam promised to be on his best behavior and, seeing that she had no alternative since Winifred had the night off and the babysitter had already gone home, reluctantly agreed to Adam's request.

Jake and Gillian were unable to separate. As they kissed, Eugenia wandered into the room and scolded Jake for not honoring the midnight curfew. "This is dreadful," Eugenia groaned. "I will not allow you to tempt fate." Eugenia cracked a smile to show her granddaughter that she wasn't too upset --- but that didn't mean that she was any less serious! Jake was on his way out of the room when a phone call rang through to the room. Eugenia picked up the phone and grimaced upon hearing Ryan's voice on the other end. "Any contact is out of the question," Eugenia snapped. "Concede --- let Gillian go." With that, the duchess hung up the receiver. Gillian asked Eugenia who'd called. When she learned that Ryan had been on the phone, Gillian asked her grandmother what he'd wanted. "Does it matter?" Eugenia asked. Gillian shook her head and said nothing more.

Leo instructed Paolo to "stoke Marian's fire." Leo again reminded his friend that they "never met." Paolo nodded his head and homed in on Marian's location. As Paolo walked away, Dixie wandered in and asked Leo who he'd been talking to. Leo claimed that he didn't know the man, saying that he was a tourist asking for directions. Leo flirted shamelessly with Dixie until Tad showed up. Leo smiled and said that he was alone in the bar because Pigeon Hollow's two most beautiful women were already spoken for. Tad and Dixie headed to a table and waited for Jake. Paolo approached Marian and told her that he'd heard that she was the best real estate agent in America. He poured on as much charm as he could in order to get Marian to agree to help him find a house. Jake finally showed up, still fuming over the court order that blocked him from visiting with Colby. Dixie decided that there might be a way to circumvent the court order. She offered to go to Chandler Mansion and speak to Liza. Jake was initially opposed to the idea, but Tad convinced him that there was really nothing to lose.

At the hunting lodge, Edmund tried to jog Alex's memory about where she might have learned how to pummel an attacker. Alex claimed that she'd reacted to an adrenaline rush, but Edmund believed that it more than a coincidence. Alex mused that she'd learned it at the mental hospital in Wale during a "self-defense for paranoid psychotics" class. Edmund stood behind Alex and tried to recreate the attack. He pretended to hold a gun to her. Alex, though, didn't feel the same way that she had at the mall. She nervously pulled away from Edmund and announced that she wanted to move out of the hunting lodge. The announcement came as a surprise to Edmund. Alex explained that she didn't want to be around anyone just in case she had another "episode." After all, she'd killed a man, pushed David down a flight of steps, and fended off a man with a gun. Edmund stepped closer to Alex and told her that she was family and that he wanted her to stay at the lodge. He made it be known that he wasn't being nice to her solely because of Dimitri's request for him to look after her; he genuinely cared for her and thought of Alex as family.

Adam held Colby in his arms and told her that soon she'd never have to worry about laying her eyes on another Martin. No sooner had the words come out of his mouth when Dixie strolled into the room. Dixie asked to speak to Liza, but she decided to settle on speaking to Adam. Dixie told Adam that she'd appreciate his support in convincing Liza to allow Colby to be present at Jake's wedding. Adam shook his head and grumbled that he'd do no such thing. Dixie blasted Adam for wanting to control everyone's lives. The conversation ceased when Liza returned. Dixie got straight to the point, telling Liza that she wanted her to allow Colby to attend the wedding. Adam stepped forward and apologized for his harsh words. "Colby shouldn't suffer because the adults [in her life] can't come to terms," he said softly. Liza, fighting tears, told Dixie that she'd grant her request - but only if Colby's fever broke by morning.

Back at The Valley Inn, Paolo convinced Marian to join him for a few martinis, but he was shoved to the back burner when Marian decided to call Stuart and tell him that she'd be a little late. Paolo stepped to the bar and secretly informed Leo that it might take him a day or two to crack Marian. Paolo returned to the table and arranged for a second house hunting session with Marian. He gently kissed her hand and headed on his way. Unbeknownst to Marian, Becca and Scott and wandered into the bar. Becca turned to Scott and asked her if he knew the man with his stepmother. Scott shook his head and looked on in concern. Leo overheard the discussion and, under his breath, announced that the game had begun. Dixie, meanwhile, returned to the bar and informed Jake that she'd gotten Liza to agree to let Colby attend the wedding.

Before turning in for the night, Gillian lit a candle to symbolize her relationship with Jake. "This is for us," she said softly. "The flame is our hearts." Gillian tucked herself into bed and turned out the light. A few seconds later, the door to the outside balcony swung open. A hand pulled apart the white drapes and entered the room. "Ryan," Gillian gasped. A cold wind blew through the room and extinguished the candle's flame. "How dare you!" Gillian squawked. Ryan told Gillian that he needed to speak to her. He told her that he now knew why she was marrying Jake --- because he was not Colby's father. Gillian's face fell. She told Ryan that his remark was "absurd," but Ryan pressed on. He told her that he also knew that she'd planned to tell Jake the truth the night of their car accident. "What changed?" Ryan asked Gillian. Someone, Ryan announced, had to tell Jake the truth. Gillian begged Ryan to keep the secret. Ryan shook his head and warned Gillian that Jake would hate her for keeping such a huge secret from him. Gillian disagreed. "Jake loves me," she said unconvincingly. Gillian sat down on the foot of her bed. Ryan kneeled on the floor before her and urged her to go to Jake and tell him the truth. If their love was meant to be, he said, Jake would still welcome her into his life. Ryan, though, knew that Gillian didn't truly love her fiancé. Gillian called Ryan a liar and blasted his fling with "Green Tea" or "Greensleeves." Ryan swore that he;d ended his relationship with Greenlee. Gillian, likewise, professed her love for the man she was still going to marry. "Whatever you say you feel for him cannot possibly compare to my love for you," Ryan said passionately. "It's you, Gillian. It's always been you."

Today's show featured "I Knew I Loved You," by Australian group, Savage Garden. Click on the link to purchase the album, Affirmation!

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Todays' recap was provided by Jennymc

Brooke, Janet, Hayley and Mateo came into BJ's after seeing a movie. Brooke innocently mentioned that one version of the book has the murderer not getting away with it. A touchy Janet asked, "What do you mean by that?" But the moment passed, and Brooke and Janet asked the young couple about their wedding plans. "We're going to have a party at SOS," Mateo said. No date is set yet for the ceremony, they said. Janet asked Hayley is she thought her mother had heard about Trevor. Probably not, was Hayley's guess. "Otherwise we'd have seen her on whatever trashy tabloid waved some money at her to talk about her missing brother on the lam," she said. "And if we get one whiff of her before the wedding ceremony, we're eloping!" she added.

At the Martin house, the clan was gathered to toast the groom to be. But Jake noticed that Ruth looked concerned. She pointed out what a whirlwind their romance has been and told Jake she realized how desperate he is to gain custody of Colby. But Jake reassured her that Gillian doesn't feel rushed into a quick wedding. Ruth still questioned whether perhaps Gillian was grateful to him, and had fallen in love with her doctor. "Gillian seems so fragile," she said sadly. "And not long ago she was married to Ryan." But now all she wants is to be a wife and mother, Jake confidently assured his mother. Ruth and Dixie then banished the men from the house, and off they went to Kelly's to toast the lucky groom.

Meanwhile the bride to be was facing Ryan in her bedroom at Wildwind. Ryan frantically tried to convince Gillian that he really loves her and wants to love her with all the passion and fire they had shared in the past. A confused and tearful Gillian yelled at him to get out. He desperately to convince her, but she insisted that she loves Jake and wants to make her life with him. "It's the right thing to do," she insisted. He begged her to think about what she was doing, but Greenlee's words echoed in Gillian's ears.

At the lodge, Edmund made Alex promise she will not leave, despite her fears about her violent and as yet unrevealed past. A knock on the door interrupted them. It was Eugenia, who had heard Ryan's voice in Gillian's room. She begged Edmund to come with her and make him leave. When they arrived at Gillian's room, and Gillian begged Edmund to get Ryan to leave. "This is so wrong," Ryan murmured. "She can't marry Jake when she loves me as much as I love her." His and Gillian's eyes met, but she still insisted he leave. Reluctantly, he allowed Edmund to lead him out.

Eugenia tried to sound out Gillian about her true feelings. "I'm so confused," she whispered in reply. "But all the lies ... Greenlee ... " Eugenia asked if she had confronted Ryan about the Greenlee episode, but Gillian hadn't because she would only get more lies from Ryan, she said. Gillian told Eugenia that Ryan knows the truth about Colby's parentage. "I wonder if he will tell Jake," Eugenia mused. Eugenia left to go to bed, and Edmund came and told Gillian that Ryan had been escorted from the property. He gently asked her if she was sure about the wedding. "I'll support you, no matter what your choice," he told her. "But I saw the way he looks at you and the way you look at him." With those words he left Gillian to herself.

As Janet and the others chatted at their table, Tiffany came in with two of her friends. They start to giggle and make remarks about "the crowbar killer" and "Janet from another planet" when they saw Janet at the nearby table. Janet overheard, but kept silent until she heard them bashing the "ex-cop turned psycho" - Trevor Dillon! Then Janet marched over to the table and demanded that if they have anything to say about her husband, they say it to her face. Her friends gently brought the distraught woman back to their table. Tiffany apologized for her friends and offered Janet a free manicure and massage at the Glamorama. The party broke up, leaving Hayley and Mateo at the table.

Mateo questioned Hayley about Janet, and finally Hayley told him that it was Janet who had killed Sophie. Mateo was less than sympathetic. "She killed Sophie, she almost killed you!" he ranted. "I want you to stay away from her," he demanded. But Hayley told him that Janet will be OK, she's seeing a psychiatrist. Mateo remained unconvinced. They spotted Ryan going up to the bar and Hayley told Mateo that she'd arranged for him to see Gillian in private.

At Mateo's suggestion she went up to the bar to ask how it went. He filled her in on his failure to get Gillian to call off or postpone the wedding. "You have to respect her choice," Hayley gently told him. "I can't," Ryan replied. Jake came over to talk to him. He said his piece: "I know how you feel. But I'll take care of her and let her know every day how much she is loved," and left Ryan to his thoughts.

When Janet and Brooke returned to the Dillon house, a package of mail had been delivered for Brooke. As the envelopes spilled out of the package, Janet spotted handwriting she recognized - Trevor's! She asked Brooke to make some tea, then opened the envelope addressed to Brooke. As she read the words, "I love you so much. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again," a look of horror came into her face. "How long has this been going on," she demanded of Brooke as she came in with the tray of tea. "How long have you been having an affair with my husband?" Brooke was amazed, "What do you mean?" she asked. Janet waved the letter at her. Brooke then explained that Trevor was sending letters for Janet to Brooke's office, and that letter was written for Janet. As Janet read more of the letter, she realized the truth and apologized profusely to Brooke. After Brooke went to bed, Janet locked the door and turned off the lights and turned to see Mirror Janet again. "You believed Brooke?" Mirror Janet taunted her. "The letter was for her! She is trying to steal Trevor and Amanda! You have to stop her - pronto!"

Edmund returned to the lodge and told Alex what had happened with Ryan's visit to Gillian, and told Alex how in love the two had once been. Gillian seems happy with Jake now, Alex said. "Is it possible to have two great loves?" Edmund wondered, and Alex looked thoughtful as she considered his question.

Meanwhile, Gillian couldn't sleep. She lay awake, hearing Ryan's words ringing in her ears, "I'll always love you!"

Today's episode featured the song, "Whenever You Call," by Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight. The song is featured on Carey's album, #1s. Click on the link to buy the album!

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

At the Martin house, the whole family is getting ready for the wedding. Rae stops by and Tad tells her they are not giving up on finding her daughter. Jake and Dixie leave to go pick up Colby from Liza at the TV station and Brooke arrives with some news for Rae, she's found out what "Fannie Battle" is. According to Tempo's researchers, it is the "Fannie Battle Home for Unwed Mothers", located in Elsa, Illinois. It's been closed down for some time now, though, Brook warns, and the records from the home may be hard to find. Rae decides that she has to fly to Elsa right away. Adrian tries to get her to wait a few hours until after the wedding and he'll go with her, but she's too anxious to wait. She thanks everyone for their help and heads for the airport.

Meanwhile, Myrtle has arrived in Elsa and asks to see the old records from the Fannie Battle Home. The woman in charge of the records warns her that they are all mixed up and the people that ran the home weren't exactly the best record keepers, but she agrees to help Myrtle look. After several hours of searching with no success, the woman leaves to go make them some tea. Myrtle looks into another box and finds the file she's looking for. Just then, she hears a woman's voice calling "hello" and Myrtle tries to hide. Rae, hearing someone there, searches through the rows of shelves and finds Myrtle. What are you doing here, Rae asks her.

Back in Pine Valley, a very distracted Ryan is at the TV station. He tells Hayley that a representative from a prospective sponsor will be stopping by later, but is unable to recall any of the details when she asks for them. His mind is clearly on Gillian, not his work. Liza and Adam arrive with Colby, all dressed to go to the wedding. Liza needs to talk to Hayley and Adam offers to hold Colby. Needless to say, Jake was not happy when he arrived to pick up Colby and found her in Adam's arms. Adam was shocked himself, he was sure that Ryan would have already told Jake the truth about his not being Colby's father. Adam reluctantly handed Colby over to Jake and Liza tried once again to convince Jake to drop his custody suit. But Jake is more determined than ever to go ahead with it for Colby's sake, to keep her away from Adam.

After Jake and Dixie left with Colby, Adam confronted Ryan and asked why he hadn't stopped the wedding. Ryan replied that he wouldn't be manipulated into doing Adam's dirty work for him. Desperate, Adam goaded Ryan, accusing him of "moping around like some kind of love sick schoolboy" and encouraging him to "behave like a man" and fight for the woman that he loves. Adam's words must have worked, because a little bit later Ryan rushed out of the TV station in the middle of a business meeting, leaving Liza stranded with the potential sponsor.

At Wildwind, Gillian sat in her bed and remembered her confrontation with Ryan the night before and Ryan telling her how much he loves her. Eugenia arrives and assumes that Gillian is just suffering from normal bridal jitters. She gives Gillian a locket that Gillian's mother wore on her wedding day. When the locket drops out of her hand and breaks into two on the floor, Gillian worries that fate has turned against her and that's she's read all the signs wrong. Before she can change her mind, however, Edmund, Alex, Opal and Tiffany arrive. Edmund soon departs, leaving the women to help Gillian get ready for the wedding. Alex and Gillian have a moment alone and Alex tells Gillian that if she's changed her mind about the wedding, she'll support Gillian, no matter what. Just then, Greenlee arrives to take pictures of the wedding dress for Hayley's show. While there, she makes sure to tell Gillian again what a terrible person Ryan is and how badly he treated her (Greenlee). Her words strengthen Gillian's resolve to go through with the wedding.

Suddenly, the scene shifts to the Martin house where all the wedding guests are in their seats and Jake and Tad are standing with the reverend, waiting for Gillian to appear. Alex comes down the stairs first, wearing a long, dark-colored dress and takes her place near the reverend. Then Gillian appears, looking beautiful in a long white wedding dress with a long veil. Greenlee takes pictures as Gillian descends and moves to stand by Jake. As the ceremony starts, Greenlee leaves and bumps into Ryan on the porch. She tries to stop him, but when he realizes the ceremony is not completed yet, he bursts through the door.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Liza told Adam that she hoped Ryan would not stop Jake and Gillian's wedding. Adam rolled his eyes and noted that a canceled wedding would crush Jake's custody bid. Under her breath, Liza muttered that she would have liked David to crash their wedding. Adam chuckled, unwilling to acknowledge Liza's remark. He reminded her that she had loved him --- and vowed that she would one day love him again. Liza urged him not to hold his breath. Liza thought about Adam's statement and wondered aloud "what hell" he was plotting. Adam swore that he had no evil plans in the works. Adam wanted to head over to the Martin home to congratulate the bride and groom, but Liza nixed those plans. She said that she would hold Dixie to her promise to return Colby. If, for some reason, Dixie broke her word, Liza said that she would go to the Martin house alone. Marian sashayed into the studio with Paolo by her side. Liza watched her mother curiously. In the background, Leo looked on with darted glances. Paolo thanked Marian for agreeing to help him find a home in Pine Valley. He took her hand and kissed it gently, a move that prompted some raised eyebrows. Adam caught Leo trying to sneak away. He pulled Leo aside and asked him if it was his idea to latch Paolo onto Marian. Leo nodded his head and reminded Adam that he'd been given free reign in choosing a method to destroy Marian and Stuart's marriage. Adam warned Leo that he'd better not cross him. If he did, Adam assured Leo that he'd reported his corporate espionage to Palmer. Marian, meanwhile, called Stuart to tell him that she was close to inking a deal and that she'd be late for their one-year wedding anniversary celebration. Liza asked to speak to her mother in private. There, she urged her to forget about her business dealings and go home to Stuart. Marian never once discounted Stuart's role in her life. Instead, she said that she wanted to show Stuart how much he's changed her life. To do that, she said that she'd need the commission from the sale to buy him a nice anniversary present. Leo walked over to the coffee machine and discreetly asked Paolo how he was doing. "Tonight's the night," Paolo sneered.

In the records room in Elsa, Rae looked shocked as she rounded the corner and bumped into Myrtle. Rae asked Myrtle what she was doing in Illinois. Myrtle concocted a tale of wanting to help Rae in her quest. The explanation, though very sweet, didn't gel for Rae. She asked Myrtle why she forgone Jake and Gillian's wedding in order to help her. She also found it curious that Myrtle had ended up in Else before anyone else. "Who needs Adrian, super spy, when I've got someone like you?" Rae mused. Myrtle told Rae that she was afraid her search for her daughter would end in heartbreak. Rae was ready to get to work and asked Myrtle if she'd found any leads. Myrtle shook her head and sadly noted that she'd come up empty. Rae didn't notice the corner of a file folder poking out of Myrtle's purse. The file clerk returned to the room and sadly noted that there were no other files from the Fannie Battle home. Dejected, Rae and Myrtle decided that it was time to go. The woman asked them to wait because she had some additional information for them. Fearing that she'd already say too much, the woman told Rae that it had been reported that Dr. Prendergast, the chief doctor at the home, had illegally sold some of the children born at Fannie Battle. Rae's face dropped. Dr. Prendergast was the doctor who had delivered her daughter. The look of horror on Rae's face was overwhelming. She could still recall the mole on the doctor's face and the "smell of stale cigars" that clung to his body. Myrtle thought that speaking to the doctor would tie up some loose ends. But that wouldn't be possible. The doctor had died six months earlier. Again, the two women were ready to return to Pine Valley. This time, the clerk had one final tidbit. Dr. Prendergast's widow, Elwina, was still alive and living just a short distance away.

Jake's face turned red when he saw Ryan, but he instructed the minister to continue with the ceremony. He nodded and again asked Gillian of she was willing to commit her life to Jake. To herself, Greenlee whispered, "Yes. Say yes!" Colby began crying and all eyes turned towards the doorway. Ruth smiled and nervously chattered that she and Colby shared something in common --- the both cried at weddings. "Gillian, honey," Opal chirped from her seat. "Everybody's waiting for your answer." Still, Gillian remained silent. Jake started to walk towards Ryan, who had said nothing since bursting through the door. Tad stepped in front of the groom and promised that he'd take care of everything. Outside, Tad asked Ryan what he was doing. Ryan was evasive in his response, saying that he's "just the middleman" and that the Martins would eventually have to deal with Adam. Tad's face scrunched up as he asked Ryan what Adam had to do with anything. Ryan asked Tad to keep an eye on Gillian and turned and walked away. Greenlee chased after him. Back inside, Gillian asked Jake to remain calm and assured him that nothing had changed: she still wanted to be his wife. The vows continued and Gillian and Jake were ultimately declared husband and wife. After the vows were exchanged, the Martin clan clamored to congratulate the newlyweds. In the back of their minds, though, they could not help but question why Ryan had dropped by the house. Joe toasted the couple and welcomed Gillian to the family. "You're family now," he smiled. "You're one of us." In the corner of the room, Brooke jokingly told Adrian that he'd just witnessed his first case of "wedding interruptus," a Pine Valley tradition. "It's practically come to be expected," she added with a laugh. Edmund and Alex briefly discussed Ryan's appearance and the remark he'd made about Gillian's marriage being based on a lie. Neither knew that Jake had overheard every word of their conversation. Distracted and a bit concerned, Jake returned to his wife's side and asked her if everything was okay. Gillian smiled and told Jake that she couldn't be happier. Hayley told Mateo that the Ryan and Gillian saga had finally come to an end with the saying of the words, "I do." Mateo shook his head and told Hayley that he was sure there would be more to the story. Tad told Dixie that Ryan had uttered the two most horrifying words in the language: Adam Chandler. Somehow, he said, Adam was involved in Ryan's appearance at the wedding. Tad decided that he would go with Dixie to return Colby --- and confront Adam. Jake and Gillian headed on their way to spend their first night as husband and wife.

At BJ's, Scott and Becca were sharing a tender moment when Greenlee barged in and asked them if they'd seen Ryan. Neither Becca nor Scott was particularly concerned about Ryan until, that is, Greenlee told them that he'd nearly crashed the wedding. At about the same time, Ryan entered the restaurant. Greenlee asked Scott to talk to Ryan. While Scott was off with Ryan, Becca lectured Greenlee for her shameless behavior. "You're about as subtle as a stampede of buffalo," Becca groused. Greenlee denied having any ulterior motives and insisted that she was concerned only for Ryan's well being. Ryan reluctantly agreed to sit down with the threesome. Greenlee pressured Ryan into dancing, but Ryan wanted no part of it. Scott told Ryan that it might do him some good and Ryan finally agreed. On the dance floor, Ryan looked at Greenlee and could only see Gillian. He smiled, but when the fantasy faded and he saw Greenlee standing before him, Ryan knew that it was time to go. He thanked Greenlee for trying to cheer him up and walked away. Marian and Paolo strolled into the restaurant. Marian had been unable to get her new client into the house, but Paolo was still determined to purchase the house. Marian pleaded with Paolo to push it off until the morning, but Paolo wouldn't back down. Scott and Becca looked on, with Scott wondering why his stepmother was not at home celebrating her anniversary. Things got even more questionable when Marian agreed to dance with the smooth talking, Italian man.

In Gillian's room at Wildwind, Jake and Gillian shared a tender kiss. As Jake moved to kiss Gillian's neck, Gillian drifted off into another place and time. She was no longer thinking of the man kissing her. Instead, she couldn't take her mind off of Ryan and his pledge that he could love her better than anyone else.

At WRCW, Adam took to the phone to try to locate Ryan. Tad suddenly appeared and snatched the receiver from his hand. He accused Adam of having sent Ryan to ruin Jake and Gillian's wedding. Mistakenly believing that the wedding had been called off, Adam told Tad that he'd "finally laid claim" to what was rightfully his. He apologized for disrupting the wedding but said that his daughter, Colby, comes first. Tad crinkled his forehead and asked, "What does Colby have to do with any of this?"

Friday, February 18, 2000

With a certain uneasiness still looming over what should have been a festive occasion, Alex stepped towards Joe and told him how glad she what that Ryan didn't interrupt the wedding. Joe nodded in agreement. Alex remained unsettled, bowing her head and sighing loudly. She looked back up at Joe and told him that there was something from her past --- something that David might try to use against her --- could have "serious repercussions" for both her and the hospital. "Several years ago," Alex began nervously. "A man was killed... and I was responsible."
Outside on the porch, Dixie sat on the porch with Colby in her arms. Perhaps wanting someone to talk to, Dixie asked Colby if she had any idea why Ryan had popped his head in during the ceremony. Colby, of course, said nothing. Dixie smiled and mused that Colby was wise to remain quiet on the subject. Liza appeared a short time later and happily plucked her daughter from Colby's arms. Liza asked about the wedding and was only slightly surprised to learn of Ryan's appearance. What came as more of a surprise was Dixie's mention that Ryan hinted that Adam had put him up to nearly crashing the ceremony. Liza's head snapped back. She asked Dixie what Adam would have to gain by Jake and Gillian not getting married. Dixie shrugged, but felt the need to point out that Adam was once again up to his old tricks.

Back inside, Joe gasped upon hearing Alex's announcement. Edmund, however, smiled proudly from the background. Alex explained that she hadn't been keeping this secret from Joe; she'd just learned of her role in Geoffrey's death during a recent hypnosis session. She also admitted that David's tumble down the stairs at Wildwind was not an accident. Joe believed Alex's claim that she'd killed Geoffrey in self-defense, but he found it odd that there were no court records of the ordeal. Even a case of self-defense would have some sort of records. Edmund informed Joe that all of Alex's records --- and Geoffrey's --- had been sealed by Her Majesty's Secret Service. Alex offered to leave the Andrassy Foundation or take a leave of absence, but Edmund told her that he did not think she should back out. Joe agreed, but warned her not to let her guard down because David could still pose a threat to her.

Greenlee again crashed Becca and Scott's private time. She grumbled that she was starving. Becca mused that Greenlee had worked up quite an appetite chasing after Ryan. Leo plunked himself down in between Scott and Becca. He refused to leave so Scott and Becca were forced to pick up and head to a table of their own. Greenlee was irked by Becca and Scott's relationship. "Tomorrow she'll be wearing his varsity letter jacket," she snapped. Greenlee looked across the room and noticed that Marian was chatting with a man other than her husband. She smiled broadly and informed Leo that she was determined to steal him away from Marian. Leo flashed her a serious look and asked her not to interfere. It seemed a strange remark and Greenlee wondered if Leo somehow knew Marian's beau. Paolo headed to the bar to fetch some additional martinis. Leo also made a trip to the bar and there the two men discussed Paolo's progress in seducing Marian. Scott continued watching his stepmother's antics curiously. Under Becca's orders, Scott approached the table and asked Marian why she wasn't home celebrating her anniversary. Marian explained that she wanted to ink the sale so that she could by Stuart a wonderful anniversary gift. Out of the corner of her eye, Becca noticed that Leo and Paolo were chatting, but she didn't think too much of it. Leo knew that it would be hard for Paolo to put the moves on Marian while Scott was still there. He asked Greenlee to divert Scott's attention, but she refused. Leo took matters into his own hands. He slowly approached Becca and without any kind of warning planted a kiss on her lips. Becca pulled away and slapped Leo for his unwanted advance. Scott stormed over and threatened to throw Leo out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, Paolo told Marian that he wanted to seal the deal on his new house immediately. Unfortunately, he'd left his checkbook in his hotel room. Marian told him that they could finish things in the morning, but the Italian client insisted that it be done immediately. He asked Marian to accompany him back to hotel suite --- and Marian happily agreed.

At The Valley Inn, David returned home and received a surprise in his hotel room. Erica smiled broadly and greeted her lover with a kiss. After the kiss, Erica asked David if he'd taken any steps to report Alex's wrongdoings to Joe. David shook his head and asked that Erica allow him to handle things on his own terms. Erica told David that her world revolves around him. David countered by noting that she was the first woman he'd ever said "I love you" to. The phone rang and Erica gleefully answered the phone for David. As it turned out, the call was actually for Erica. Opal phoned to alert Erica to her to Myrtle's disappearance. Erica vowed to help Opal in the search and hung up the phone. Erica briefed David on the situation and said that she'd have to end their evening prematurely. David asked if he could help, but Erica brushed him off. David was furious with Erica for not allowing him to be a part of her life. It seemed to him that she only wanted him around when it was convenient for her. Erica, on the other hand, saw David as wanting to have control over her life. "My world is not that small!" she yelled. Erica stormed out of the room.

Adam found himself in the enviable position of having to cover up his near blunder. Tad told Adam that Ryan had specifically mentioned that he was planning to unleash some sort of hell on the Martin family. Adam smiled broadly. He said that it was the Martins who'd declared war. "Colby goes to the winner," Adam said softly. Since Adam didn't seem to know exactly what Ryan had said, Tad surmised that Adam and Ryan knew something that no one else did. Tad decided that a game of "twenty questions" was needed --- and Adam offered no objection. Tad's first question was whether or not the secret had anything to do with Colby. Adam nodded affirmatively. Tad then asked if Liza was in on the secret. Again, Adam nodded. The third and final question was whether or not Ryan knew the secret and whether Adam had hoped that Ryan would spill the secret at the wedding. Adam noted that that was technically two questions, but he offered to answer anyway. Liza suddenly appeared on the scene and ordered Adam to stop talking. She turned to Tad and told him to stop pressing for answers. Tad recalled that Liza had warned him that he'd be in for a rude awakening if he pressed the issue. Tad asked to speak to Liza in private so that they could finally get to the bottom of things. He promised to have Jake drop the custody battle. In return, Tad wanted only the truth. Liza told Tad that she knew Jake would not back down --- his mind had already been made up. Tad nodded and headed in his way. "Is there anything as insufferable as a self-righteous Martin?" Adam asked. "I'm looking at him," Liza snapped. Liza blasted Adam for dropping subtle hints about Colby's paternity. Adam insisted that things could only get better. If Jake learned the truth, then the custody fight would be off. Liza explained that she did not want Jake out of her daughter's life. She put her head in her hands and said that she should have told Jake the truth the very moment she found out. Liza vowed that she would not allow Adam's chicanery to ruin her reputation. Liza noted proudly that she'd worked very hard to prove that she's changed. "If Tad learns the truth, I will never forgive you," Liza said with a slight sniffle. Adam refused to believe that Liza was serious. "I'm in your blood," he grinned. "And your soul." Adam brushed Liza's cheek gently, but Liza pulled away. She ordered him never to touch her again and stormed away. Adam took a deep breath and went in his own direction. A few seconds later, Tad emerged from behind a nearby wall.

Edmund and Alex stopped at The Valley Inn for a drink. There, Edmund praised Alex for telling Joe the truth about her past. Alex thought that Joe took the news quite well, but she wasn't sure that he'd have sided with her if he'd seen her pummel the gunman at the mall. A dejected David wandered by the table and asked the pair about Gillian and Jake's wedding. Edmund said that the wedding was very nice. He quickly changed the subject and informed David that Alex had already told Joe about Geoffrey. David denied that he'd ever leak the news to anyone. "She's already set to self-destruct," David smiled. David plopped down at the bar. Edmund and Alex decided that their pleasant evening had come to an end and filed out of the bar. David sat at the bar and badmouthed Alex to a bartender. He complained that Alex was a "nut" who'd probably killed her husband, Dimitri. Moreover, he was sure that it was only a matter of time before Alex killed Edmund, too. Suddenly, Alex appeared behind David and jammed her finger into his back. "Move an inch and I'll paralyze you for life," she said sinisterly.

In Elsa, Illinois, Rae and Myrtle walked slowly into the room of Dr. Prendergast's widow, Elwina. Rae introduced herself and Myrtle to the aged woman. She asked Elwina about her husband's work at the Fannie Battle home. Elwina smiled and boasted that her husband had delivered hundreds of illegitimate babies at the home. Rae delicately asked if the doctor had ever taken any money for helping place the babies with adoptive parents. Elwina shrugged and admitted that it was possible he'd taken money. Rae angrily asked the woman if she was aware that what she'd just described was illegal. Elwina hardly thought of it as a crime. She called the young women he husband had helped "tramps, vamps, and sluts." Myrtle, who's quietly observed from the background, stepped forward and blasted the woman for using such unkind terms. Elwina continued on. She said that most of her husband's patients were "unfit" to be mothers and that the women "should have been neutered." Rae nearly went through the roof. Tears welled in her eyes and she lashed out at the elderly woman. Elwina raised her cane in anger and asked Rae if she was a federal agent. "Get the hell out while the getting's good," Elwina snarled. Myrtle tried to restore the peace, saying that she and Rae had questions about one, specific child. Rae asked Elwina if the doctor had kept any records on his patients. The woman shook her head and denied that any such records existed. Elwina staggered out of the room leaving Myrtle and Rae to assess their latest roadblock. Elwina's caregiver returned to the room and quietly informed Rae that Elwina had lied when she'd said that no records existed. Dr. Prendergast, she said, kept records tucked away in the family Bible. Unfortunately, the Bible had been locked away in a desk that had recently been sold to an unknown third party. The woman turned and walked away. Myrtle and Rae looked at each other and shook their heads. Myrtle decided that it was time to head for the airport. Rae was determined to find the doctor's Bible, but she knew that the search would have to wait until morning. Rae breezed out of the room. Myrtle lagged behind. She reached into her purse and nervously held the file folder she'd taken from the hall of records. A white label on the folder bore the patient's name --- "Lum, Myrtle."



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