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Passions Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on PS
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Monday, February 14, 2000

The Skating Pond. Gwen and Ethan are on a bench, she is telling Ethan that she can't wait until midnight when he proposes to her again. Meanwhile, Theresa is telling Whitney that the reason that the ring won't come off her finger is that she is the one that Ethan really wants to marry. Whitney tells her that she doesn't think that Luis will agree with that. They spot Luis and Sheridan on the ice. Theresa says that how can Luis object to her feelings about Ethan when he seems to have feelings for Sheridan. She says that maybe they can have a double wedding. Hank and Beth are looking at Luis and Sheridan and wonder where things stand with them. Gwen tells Ethan that she doesn't understand why Theresa won't turn her ring around. She wants to go over to Theresa, but Ethan stops her. Gwen thinks that the reason that Ethan doesn't want her to go up to Theresa is because Theresa's ring probably can't compare to the ring that he is going to give to her. Luis and Sheridan finally join Beth and Hank. Luis apologizes for being gone so long and offers to go get Beth some hot chocolate. He runs into Theresa and Whitney. He says that he still can't believe that Theresa is wearing that fake ring. Theresa asks him about Sheridan. He says that nothing is going on between him and Sheridan. He said that Sheridan was skating on thin ice and he was making sure that she was safe. Theresa tells him to admit that the Cranes are not all bad. He tells her that she needs to get over her ideas about Ethan. Hank and Sheridan meet up with Ethan and Gwen. Sheridan tells Hank that she is too tired to go skating again at this time. Gwen offers to skate with Hank. When they leave, Ethan tells Sheridan that she would not have been to tired to skate if Luis had asked her. She tells him that there can never be anything more between them because Julian was right. Ethan can't believe that Sheridan is taking advice from Julian. She said that with her track record, she doesn't want to be hurt and she doesn't want to end up hurting Luis. He tells her that Gwen is expecting a ring , but he doesn't have it. He tells her that Theresa is wearing the ring. Sheridan asks if Gwen was right all along about his feelings for Theresa. He tells her that he asked Theresa to go along with him to pick out the ring because he wanted to see what it looked like on a woman's hand. He said that the ring just wouldn't come off. Sheridan thinks that maybe Theresa doesn't want the ring to come off. Ethan tells her that they tried everything and he doesn't know what to do. He said that Gwen had finally gotten over her insecurities about Theresa and that she was expecting him to propose at midnight. Hank and Gwen return. Gwen asks them to leave because she and Ethan needed to be alone. She tells Ethan that she loves him and that she would be the best wife. She asks him to marry her. He accepts. They kiss with Theresa looking on. Since it's Valentine's day, Hank wants to kiss Sheridan but she is looking nervously at Luis. Beth tells Luis that Hank is about to make his move. She said that if Sheridan kisses him back then they will know what her true feelings are for Hank.

The Book Cafe. Tabitha and Timmy are sitting at a table. Tabitha places a card at Eve and TC's table. She said that she couldn't wait for the fireworks to begin. Eve gets a phone call. She hopes that the police have located Orville's bird. Tabitha said that when TC saw those nasty pictures of his wife, he would hit the roof. Timmy wonders why Tabitha hates Eve. She said that not only was Eve a friend of Grace's, but she was also Charity's doctor. She said that once Eve's marriage was destroyed, she would probably leave town and there would be one less person to care about Charity. TC is about to pick up the card when a shaken Charity enters. TC asks her what is wrong. She says that someone that she knows and cares about is about to be destroyed. Eve tells her that she thinks that it is stress, and that she needs to relax. Miguel said that he thought that she was doing better, and then they went to see the movie: the Sixth Sense, and everything started all over again. Eve said that she couldn't believe that Miguel would take her to see that movie with everything that is going on. He said that it was Kay's suggestion. Kay said that she didn't know what the movie was about. She had just heard that it was a good movie. Tabitha starts to leave but Miguel wants her to stay and talk to Charity. Tabitha tries to talk to Charity, but Charity says that she knows that she has premonitions. She said that when she was at Tabitha's house and felt that someone was going to die, Tabitha had chest pains. If she and Miguel had not been there, Tabitha may have died. Eve tells Kay and Simone to take Charity home so that she could get some rest. Simone said that she wanted to go ice skating. Charity said that she was feeling better and wanted to go ice skating, also. She told Eve that if she started to feel funny, she would go home. Eve told Simone not to stay out too late. She told her that Whitney was there with Theresa so she could just go home with her sister. Simone asks Chad to join them. He said that he didn't know much about skating since they didn't really do that in L.A. Simone offered to teach him so he decided to go. Timmy tells Tabitha that he thought that she wanted to leave. She said that since Charity was gone, she wanted to stay and see the end of the Russell marriage. She couldn't wait for TC to open up the envelope and see the naughty pictures of his wife. TC and Eve dance.

The Ski Lodge. Ivy comes into Grace and Sam's room and drops her robe. Sam asks her to leave, but she says that she can't. She said that it took all the courage in the world for her to come to him. Grace is waking up and calls for Sam. Everything that she sees is fuzzy. Sam goes to her and tells her that everything is okay. He tells Ivy to put her robe back on and leave. Sam tells her that he loved Grace and he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Ivy said that Sam may have found love with Grace, but she didn't have that with Julian. She said that if she couldn't have Sam, then she didn't know if she would have a reason to live. He tells her that he cares about her, but he stopped loving her a long time ago. She kisses him and scratches his back. He picks her up and carries her to her own room. Grace wakes up and wonders if she really saw Sam carrying a naked woman, or if she was dreaming. She gets up and starts to put on her robe. She doesn't understand what is happening to her because she didn't drink that much champagne. Meanwhile in Ivy's room, Sam throws her down on the bed. She doesn't understand. He tells her that the whole setup was wrong. He tells her that he loves his wife and that his marriage was sacred to him. He told her that he was not about to cheat on his wife just because she couldn't get it through her head that they were through. He tells her to get dressed and go home. She drops her robe yet again. She tells him not to go. She said that if he ever loved her, he owed it to himself to stay. She tells him that he has been running away from his feelings for too long. She unsnaps his pants and they fall to the floor.

At the skating pond, Simone and Chad are skating and Chad seems to be a natural, Simone can't believe that he never had lessons. He said that he took plenty of lessons between his tennis and golf lessons. He tells her that she is just a great teacher. Whitney can't believe that Simone is skating with Chad. She said that their mother wouldn't like it. Theresa said that if fate intended for Simone and Chad to be together, then it would happen and that there was nothing that anyone could do about it, just like with her and Ethan. Kay and Charity are sitting on a bench, while Reese and Miguel go to for hot chocolate. Charity decides to practice before Miguel gets back before she makes a total fool of herself. She goes on the thin ice. When Miguel returns, he asks where Charity is. Kay tells him that she went skating. He goes off to find her. Kay tells Simone that Charity went the other way. Simone can't believe that Kay would let Charity skate on the thin ice. She said that she was not Charity's keeper. Charity is skating when the ice starts to crack, she then falls in and starts screaming.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Though Timmy's tender heart goes out to Eve, Tabitha eagerly awaits the revelation which will ruin Dr. Russell's romantic Valentine's Day dinner with T.C. Frantic to break up Ethan and his fiancée, Theresa decides to show Gwen the diamond ring she's sporting. Charity's cries for help bring Miguel and his friends on the run, but Luis warns his anguished brother that a rescue attempt will only cause the ice to break even further and imperil other people on the pond. At the ski resort, Ivy removes Sam's clothes but he continues to protest that he loves his wife. Meanwhile, a groggy Grace stumbles towards the adjoining door, calling for her missing husband. Ethan's reluctance to produce an engagement ring makes Gwen question the sincerity of his proposal. Miguel fears the worst when Charity disappears into the frigid water. Sam tells Ivy he won't deceive Grace any longer. As a disgusted Simone berates her for putting Charity's life in danger, Kay screams to see her cousin's face pressed up against the ice from below. Ivy admits to an appalled Sam how she drugged Grace's food. Though Luis and Hank finally pull Charity to safety, Miguel falls through the ice as a delighted Tabitha looks on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

The Skating Pond:
As everyone is pulling Charity in, Miguel steps back and falls through the ice! Tabby and Timmy talk about how Miguel will die by Charity's hand and then she can come over to the dark side. Miguel goes under the water and nobody can seem to find him. Charity is led away by Eve and Sheridan but becomes hysterical when she asks where Miguel is and realizes he's under the ice. Kay says she'll never forgive herself if anything happens to Miguel--what has she done? Simone tells her that she has to stop trying to keep Charity and Miguel apart and Kay nods her head. When Chad comments on how long Miguel has been under the ice, Luis tries to get to his brother but is held back. Timmy says his heart is breaking for poor Charity and Tabby says there'll be a lot more grieving, but it'll be better once Charity comes over to the dark side. Charity gets closer to the ice and prays for Miguel to be all right, but she is taken away from the ice. Ethan and Gwen console Theresa--Ethan takes her hand, inadvertently covering up the engagement ring. Theresa vows that if Miguel comes out all right, she'll stay out of Gwen and Ethan's way unless Ethan wants her. Luis is about to break off some ice and strand himself when Miguel pops up, coughing. Tabby says he's not out of the woods yet. Miguel calls for Charity and Charity goes to him but the ice starts to break even more and she has to go back. They decide to lower a ladder to Miguel and they need someone light to go out on the ladder. Timmy says he'll do it! He fantasizes about being a hero "Super Tim" and Charity kissing him, but Tabby says it'll never happen. Both Kay and Theresa want to go out on the ladder, but Luis says Theresa can go. Gwen notices how nervous Sheridan is about Luis and Sheridan says if she pursues a relationship with Luis it can only end in heartache. Gwen says that doesn't sound like Sheridan at all and Sheridan says she's been talking to Julian. Gwen tells Sheridan to listen to her heart, not her brother. Then Gwen says that Ethan has been acting strangely about her engagement ring and Sheridan tells her not to worry about it. Gwen says her ring seems like a small problem compared to Miguel's predicament. Everyone looks on, worried, as Theresa heads out on the ladder. Miguel tells her to go back, but she presses on. Gwen tells Ethan that he's really worried about Theresa, isn't he? She says she isn't upset about it, she's worries about Theresa too. Ethan says they both have to survive. Miguel goes under again and Kay wants to save him but he comes back to the surface and calls to Charity again. Beth comments that they have real love and Sheridan says it must be nice to have that kind of love. As Theresa reaches for Miguel's hand Gwen sees the ring on her finger! Theresa grabs Miguel's hand and they pull him in. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds hug and then Miguel and Charity share a long embrace. Timmy says he knew true love would win and Tabby is disgusted. Eve says they should go to the hospital but Charity and Miguel want to go to the Bennett house and Eve finally agrees. Miguel and Charity say what great friends Kay and Simone are and they all head for Kay's house. Tabby and Timmy head home so Tabby can keep an eye on Charity and Miguel. Luis and Theresa hug and Sheridan comments on the love of their family. Luis sends Theresa home with Whitney and says he'll stay to rope off the area. Gwen and Ethan head for the Book Cafe.

Sheridan tells Luis she's glad it's going to be okay and Luis says his family is the world to him. She says she doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to someone she cared about. Her and Luis say at the same time "There's something I need to tell..." but then Hank and Beth come to help close off the area. Beth says she's exhausted and Sheridan comments again on the love in Luis's family and the love in Harmony. Beth tells her a Crane could never really be accepted by the locals and the only match she has in Harmony would be Hank because Hank doesn't always stay in town, yet he has good family values. Meanwhile Hank and Luis are talking about the love between Charity and Miguel and how they'd like to find love like that. Hank says Luis may already have found it. Luis thinks of all his experiences with Sheridan and Hank says that Beth is the one that has always been there for Luis. He says Beth and Luis are perfect for each other and a relationship between Luis and Sheridan would never last. They finish roping off the area and Hank goes to get coffee with Beth. Luis goes by Sheridan and she says what she was going to say to him before wasn't really important. Luis says he just wanted to thank Sheridan for her support. Hank and Beth come back, and Hank and Sheridan leave to "finish their date." Luis tells Beth it's nice to have someone worrying about him and Beth says she'll always worry about him.

The Bennett House:
Kay is pacing, worried about Miguel, but Simone says he'll be fine. Simone tells Chad he did a great job out there. Chad says Miguel is one of the good guys, you know? Simone says so are you, Chad. Reese answers the doorbell and it's Tabby with some hot tea. They tell her that Eve is upstairs with Miguel and Charity and Tabby says then they're in good hands. She starts talking to Simone and asks what Eve did before she was a doctor? Simone says Eve was a debutante and she had a good upbringing. She says she wishes she could be more like her mom and Tabby says it must be nice to look at old pictures of Eve in her childhood. Simone says actually, there aren't any pictures of Eve as a child. Eve comes down and says Miguel and Charity are fine, but Miguel should stay the night. Kay offers to sleep in the chair next to Miguel's bed and she says Simone can be Charity's nurse. Charity says that's a good idea. Charity says she thought she'd lose Miguel and he says he'll never leave her. Kay tells Simone that tonight is her and Miguel's night. Eve tells the kids to get some rest and they go upstairs. Kay rushes Miguel and Charity off to their separate rooms and can hardly contain her excitement about being alone with Miguel for the whole night. Suddenly they hear Miguel calling Charity's name. Charity can hear it in her room too--he's calling her through the heating vent. He says he can't wait until he sees Charity in the morning. Simone tells Kay even walls can't come between Charity and Miguel. Kay says all right, no more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to get tough about getting Miguel. Meanwhile, Chad tells TC about Charity's premonitions and TC mentions Eve's concern about Orville's bird statue. Chad questions Eve but she says she was just checking it out for Orville. Tabby puts the envelope back inside the bird and says she'll just have to save the surprise for later.

The Book Cafe:
Gwen comments to Ethan about how heroic Theresa was and then she says she saw a huge, expensive ring on Theresa's finger when she reached out to Miguel! Ethan says her mind is playing tricks on her and it must have been the moonlight playing on a piece of ice. Gwen says it doesn't matter, but she wants Ethan to give her, her engagement ring in the morning even though it's only symbolic. She leaves to look at bridal magazines and Ethan says he has to get that ring by morning somehow.

Theresa's Room:
Whitney brings Theresa some hot tea and comments on the size of the ring. Theresa says she'll never show Gwen the ring and tells Whitney about the promise she made when Miguel was under the ice. Whitney says what, you've made a promise to stay out of Ethan and Gwen's lives and now you're going to break it? Theresa says she can't help it if the ring won't come off. Whitney goes home and Theresa is playing with the ring when it suddenly slides right off her finger! She tries to put it back on when Ethan calls. He tells her Gwen saw the ring and Theresa apologizes. He says it isn't her fault and he doesn't suppose she's gotten it off? She lies and says it's still there. He says they'll just have to wait and see how things turn out tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

The Bennett House:
Miguel is sleeping and he dreams of Charity under the ice. He wakes up calling her name. Charity wakes up from a similar dream. In her room, Kay starts to make herself look "sexy" for Miguel. Simone says she's making a fool of herself, but Kay disagrees. She goes into Miguel's room and whispers to him that she loves him much more than Charity and she wants to show him how much. She climbs into bed next to him...but he isn't there! Kay wonders if he went to check on Charity. In fact, Miguel does go into Charity's room and wakes her up. She tells him about her bad dream and he tells her he'll always be there for her. They hug and Miguel says her premonitions must have been wrong. Charity says she was obviously wrong about hearts being broken. Kay walks to the door of Charity's room and sees Charity giving Miguel a massage. She goes to her room and Simone tells her that she is getting a little too obvious about trying to keep Charity away from Miguel. Kay says Charity is always getting in stupid situations just to get Miguel closer to her. Simone disagrees and Kay says she's doing Miguel a favor and then she gets an idea. Charity comes in and says she feels much better but feels stupid for not noticing the thin ice. She asks why didn't Kay tell her? Kay says she didn't even realize Charity was going by the thin ice. Charity says she didn't want it to sound like she was blaming Kay and Kay says that's all right, at least Miguel and Charity are okay. Charity says something about her premonitions and Kay tells her that kids at school call Charity a jinx because every time she has a premonition, Miguel is put in danger. Charity leaves to think and Simone yells at Kay for lying. Kay says it wasn't really a lie, was it? She says soon she'll have Miguel all to herself. Miguel meets Charity in the hallway and Charity says maybe she shouldn't see him anymore because she's a jinx.

Snow Mountain Lodge:
Grace is dreaming of Sam and Ivy and calls out to him. He assures her he is right there and then gets up to get the paper from the hall. Ivy comes out and says she thought about him all night and he says he did too. He says he couldn't sleep thinking how Ivy tried to ruin their lives. He tells Ivy that Grace thought she saw him with a naked woman. Inside the room, Grace dreams about Sam and the other woman. Sam says he hopes Grace thinks it's a dream but Ivy says she won't when she sees the scratches she put on Sam's back last night. Sam looks in the mirror and sees that Ivy is right! He says he can't tell Grace anything because he could never hurt her. Ivy tells him to lie but he says their relationship is built on trust that Ivy has destroyed. He wants her to leave and she asks what if she refuses? Sam says he'll do anything to save his marriage and Ivy says she wants to protect Ethan just as much. She says they can still be together without anyone knowing. Sam goes back to his room and Grace says she didn't sleep well because of her dreams about Sam and another woman. She says she needs to know if it really happened. She asks was she sleepwalking? Ivy waits to see how honest Sam really is. Sam says Grace had a lot of champagne and Grace says it must have just been a nightmare. Ivy is listening and says she doesn't care what he says, Sam wants her too. Sam tells Grace not to worry about the dreams. Grace says she was banging on the adjoining door and asks Sam to go talk to the neighbors to see if they had any complaints. She goes to take a shower and Sam starts to get dressed. He turns his back to the bathroom door and Grace comes back out. Then she notices the scratch marks on his back! Sam puts on a sweater and leaves, while Grace gets teary-eyed. He meets Ivy in the hall again. He takes her into her room and tells her he wants her gone. He says if Grace sees Ivy, she'll put it all together. Meanwhile, Grace says she has to know what happened and heads to the adjoining room.

Julian and the Maid:
Julian sneaks into Ivy's room to look around. He says he knows Ivy is keeping a secret and he will find it. Suddenly someone reaches around and covers his eyes. It is the maid Julian had been having an affair with (and Ivy kicked her out). She says she thought Julian never came in Ivy's room. Julian says he was looking for a secret and she says she has something better. She strips to a skimpy maid outfit and they start to make love on Ivy's bed. Julian comes out of the covers wearing the maid hat and says he doesn't know how Ivy survived without a man. The maid says maybe Ivy does have someone. Julian says if Ivy was ever with another man she'd lose everything. She asks what if Julian found out Ivy had a secret lover? Wouldn't Ethan be angry if he threw Ivy out? Julian says Ethan would be more angry that Ivy was unfaithful and then says he can't understand why Ethan only wants to sleep with one woman Gwen, instead of having a fling with Theresa as well. The maid wants to stay the night but Julian says he doesn't want Ivy to walk in on them. She says they should go to Snow Mountain Lodge and they could play all night long. Julian says Ivy would never find them there.

Ethan calls Theresa and tells her he needs the ring. He says he doesn't know what to do. He says his future is on the line and asks if she's had luck with the ring. She pauses and pulls the ring off her finger. She says it's on her finger and Pilar walks in and tells Theresa to tell the truth. Pilar says she is ashamed and Theresa says to let her handle it. Ethan says Gwen could walk out of his life now. Theresa sounds a little too happy about it but covers for herself. Pilar keeps nagging her and Ethan says he must go and he'll have to pray for a miracle. Theresa hangs up and tells her mom she did the right thing because Gwen is not the right girl for Ethan. She vows to be Mrs. Ethan Crane. She tells Pilar about her promise to stay away from Ethan and Gwen unless Ethan wanted her. Pilar says breaking the promise is sacrilege and she knows that tomorrow will be too late to give back the ring. Theresa says she'll do anything to make Ethan happy and Pilar disagrees because Gwen makes him happy. Theresa says she's going over to see Miguel and by then her fate with Ethan will have been decided. Theresa goes to the Bennett house and says hi to Miguel. She show him the ring and he realizes that she's been able to get it off. He says she just wants Gwen to break up with Ethan, doesn't she feel bad about it? She tells him about her promise to God and he says she can never go back on a promise like that. She says she doesn't want to give Ethan up and Miguel says he was never Theresa's to give. He asks if Theresa would be happy knowing that she got Ethan because she tricked him? Theresa says why is it that something is always stopping Ethan and Gwen from getting married? She says it's because deep down Ethan loves her. Miguel says then she should put Ethan to the test, give him the ring back and see what happens. He says if she keeps going on with her fantasies, she'll get hurt the most. He says he'd never ever deceive Charity like that.

Ethan wakes Gwen up and she says she's really happy all their difficulties are past. They kiss and she asks what's wrong? He says nothing and she says she's sorry about being so annoying about Theresa. He says he's always loved her and always will. He starts to make love to her but she says she wants the ring first. She says something weird is going on and she wants to talk about it now--even better, she wants to see the ring now! She gets dressed and says if he doesn't put the ring on her finger things will be over between them forever. Meanwhile, Theresa stands in the hall, debating about the ring. Then she tells God to forgive her and slides the ring back on her finger!

Friday, February 18, 2000

Suzanne and Julian are in the Crane plane and they discuss their trip to the Snow Mountain Lodge. Julian says Ivy will never find them there and Suzanne says she doesn't know how to ski. Julian says he doesn't want to leave the room anyway. He wants Suzanne to give him a fashion show of the naughty clothes she's brought along. She puts on the maid outfit and says she's tired of playing maid. Then she holds up the nurse outfit and starts to "cure" Julian. She comments that he is much more passionate than when she worked in the mansion. He says it's because he never gets sex from Ivy, who has icicles in her veins. Then Suzanne dresses in a little Dutch girl outfit and Julian pretends to be a raging bull with horns! Finally they put on normal clothes and Julian assures Suzanne that Ivy will never be at Snow Mountain Lodge. He says if Ivy ever found him and Suzanne, she'd really kill them this time but he's not worried. They finally get to their room, and it's Sam and Grace's old room! They are registered under the name Smythe and Julian tips the bellboy heavily to make sure nobody knows otherwise. As they begin more kinky games, Ivy is in the next room ordering two glasses of champagne for her and "Sam." She toasts to what they shared and will share again. She heads to the other door and hears Suzanne laughing. She thinks it's Grace and tells her to enjoy Sam all she can. Meanwhile, Julian and Suzanne are having dinner, listening to opera, and being really disgusting.

Sam tells Ivy that Grace saw them and he refuses to lie to her. She says he doesn't want to tell Grace and he says he will if Ivy pushes him. She says she will leave right after he makes love to her and he says she's crazy. Ivy says she knows Sam wants her because she could feel it last night. She starts to kiss his cheek. Ivy asks Sam how can he be so close to her and not remember what they had? Sam pushes her away and says she should pray Grace doesn't see the scratches on his back. He says he's sorry she doesn't care about her marriage but what about her children? Ivy says she has nothing to lose and needs to feel alive again. Sam says he has a different life and Ivy begs him to make love to her--then she'll leave and never say a word to Grace. He says what if he won't? Meanwhile, Grace is in the other room saying that Sam would never cheat on her. She says she's just being silly and goes to the closet to get her clothes. She finds Sam's pajama pants and wonders why they are ripped. She wonders if Sam really was with another woman. She goes to the door of the adjoining room and opens it. Sam hears her and pulls Ivy into a kiss! As Grace pushes the door open a little (while wondering why it was unlocked) Sam moves behind the door with Ivy so Grace won't see them. Grace looks around a little and then closes the door. Sam pulls away from Ivy quickly and tells her to leave. She says he knows what it will take for her to leave and he says he will not sleep with her. He leaves to go be with Grace. He tells her he made arrangements to get a new room so Grace wouldn't have any more nightmares. Grace asks where he got the scratches on his back and why his pajama pants were torn and hidden in the closet. He makes up some lame excuses and she says the whole situation is too weird to make sense. He assures her that she is the only one he loves. They go to their new room and Sam asks about the adjoining door. The manager assures them that everyone is guaranteed privacy. Sam goes to the door and locks it. Sam says he has a really good surprise for her tonight.

Timmy &Tabitha:
Timmy is playing with the bird statue and Tabby tells him to put it down because nothing can happen to the lovely pictures of Eve inside. Timmy says they're not lovely, they're nasty! Tabby says they'll surely wreak havoc on everyone in Eve's life. She says she plans to make Charity's premonition of broken hearts come true. Timmy asks how many hearts Tabby plans to break and she says as many as she can. She has made herself a "scoreboard" of the love triangles in Harmony. She says she will put lust, greed, and jealousy into all of their lives. Timmy says they can't live without love and she says they'll wish they were dead. She says Eve's perfect life will soon be up in smoke and Charity will be closer to the dark side. They go next door and peek in the window. Tabby says Kay is already doing Tabby's job. She says if Kay gets rid of Charity, then they won't have to do it.

The Bennett House:
Chad says hi to Simone and asks how Charity and Miguel are doing. Kay says Charity is acting weird and Chad says that's natural. Kay pulls Simone aside and tells her they need to prove Charity is crazy. Charity and Miguel come down and Miguel says he's not going anywhere. Charity says he has to leave because she is a jinx to him. Eve comes in and asks what happened. She reassures Charity and Miguel agrees. Chad says if he blamed everything bad in his life on karma or something, he'd never get out of bed. Suddenly, Kay thinks of another way to put Charity over the edge. She pours Charity some tea, thinking Charity will see something in the leaves and she'll go to the loony bin. Charity looks in the cup and gets a distressed look on her face. Both Miguel and Eve say that nobody can tell the future. Kay pulls Simone aside and says they have to find the bird statue that freaked Charity out, that'll really make her crazy. Chad and Miguel offer to walk the girls out. Charity tells Eve that she was afraid of seeing Miguel's dead body in the tea leaves and Eve tells her not to let her life be run by fear. Charity asks if Eve knows this from experience? Eve says Charity just needs to relax and the past will stay in the past. Tabby tells her to dream on. She says it was a lucky day when they found the bird and soon hearts will be breaking. She can't wait to reveal Eve's secrets to everyone, especially Chad. Timmy says Eve and Chad aren't so different and Tabby says they have more in common than they think. Chad talks to Miguel about how nice it must be to have a loving family. He says his mother didn't really want him. Eve says Chad has had a rough childhood and Chad says that's why Eve wants to keep Simone away from him--so Simone can have a proper upbringing. Tabby says Eve's upbringing was hardly perfect.

Kay and Simone arrive at the Book Cafe and see Ruth. They ask her for the bird but are told it's been sold. Kay says they have to find out who bought that bird!

Gwen tells Ethan that she has given him enough chances already and she wants the ring. Ethan says she'd leave him over a ring? She says she knows Ethan must not love her anymore. She says she can't take it anymore and goes up to pack her things. Theresa thinks to herself, she knew Gwen would leave Ethan because of the ring. Ethan comes out and asks Theresa if the ring came off her finger. She says she's sorry, but no. He says Gwen is going to leave him and this time it's for good. He says Gwen could never see the ring on Theresa's finger because Gwen wanted to be the only one to wear it. He can't get a different one because Gwen has memorized the picture of the old one, and a duplicate would take months to make. He says they have to try one last time to get the ring off or he and Gwen are through. He starts to pull it off but says he doesn't want to hurt her finger and it won't come off anyway. He apologizes for putting her in this situation and she says it's okay. He says at least he hasn't ruined her life and she says maybe Gwen will come around. He says they've always been together and he can't imagine life without her. Theresa says maybe it's because he's never dated anyone else. She mentions fate and he says all he knows is he's always loved Gwen and he still does. Gwen comes down and tells Theresa her and Ethan are broken up. She says Ethan led her on but he must not have been ready for the commitment and she's sorry she ever doubted Theresa. Gwen says it was Ethan all along, not Theresa, who was keeping them apart. She leaves and Ethan follows after, saying Gwen is making a big mistake. Theresa remembers her promise to God and calls for them to wait. She offers to try again and Ethan says it's no use. She says miracles happen with true love and pulls the ring off her finger! Ethan says she's an angel, kisses her, and runs after Gwen. Theresa says this can't be the end of her and Ethan. She watches out the window as Ethan picks Gwen up and carries her back. He shows her the ring and proposes. She accepts and asks why it took so long. She says she's sick of fighting and wants to get married right away. Theresa says she is supposed to be Ethan's wife. Gwen and Ethan come into the house and notice Theresa has been crying. Gwen says it must be because of her happiness for the two lovebirds. Gwen asks Theresa to help with the wedding. Theresa starts to leave but Gwen stops her. She shows Theresa the ring and asks to see Theresa's engagement ring. Theresa says she has to go before she says something she'll regret. Gwen urges her to tell what's wrong, and Theresa says she's lost the man she loves.

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