One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on OLTL

Bo called off his wedding to Lindsay. Sam left Nora. Viki learned that she might have cancer. Max lied about his affair with Skye. Roseanne drugged Cristian's drink, but Antonio was there to rescue his brother. Ben set out to prove that Max didn't have a brain injury.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Max and Blair celebrate Valentine's Day at the Palace restaurant. Blair apologizes for speaking to Ben. Max tells her that Ben can't be trusted but the "old Max" is back and everything is all over. As they begin to kiss, Skye walks in. She tells the host that her valentine is busy so she'll be dining alone. Blair excuses herself to check on something, so Skye walks over to Max's table. He claims to have been thinking of her the entire time he was kissing Blair and he's really not happy, Blair dragged him there. Skye doesn't think Max looks "dragged." They go outside to continue their conversation and agree that they make a good team. The start to kiss until they see Ben enter the dining room. Max informs Skye that he'll take care of Ben and not to get upset over his actions with Blair, as everything he does is "for them."

Blair comes back, telling Max she was trying to get a special song played so they could dance. They begin to dance to the next song and she tells Max how happy she is. Ben walks over to Skye and asks what she's up to. She advises her ex-husband that she's working for Asa now. As Skye tells Ben that Max is having his episodes, Max enters the dining room naked and asks Blair if she wants to dance. Everyone in the restaurant begins to laugh while Blair grabs a table cloth to cover him. While Ben and Skye walk over to the table with Skye cracking jokes about the situation, Blair yells at her. Max takes off unseen.

At the diner, R.J. hands a bottle of pills to Roseanne. He doesn't like it, but she insists that she needs them in order to get Cristian back. When Antonio walks in, he wants to know why the two of them are there and orders R.J. outside to wait for Téa(which is what he claimed he was doing). He thought that Rosie had gotten the message about Cris not wanting to see her. Just then, Cris arrives and tells his wife that he started annulment proceedings. He wants his life back and will never trust anyone ever again. Antonio smirks at Roseanne, who insists she did everything that she did for love. Cris doesn't want her or need her and wants her out of his life since everything was based on lies. After the men leave, Roseanne puts a pill in Cris' bottled drink, which is sitting on the counter, and leaves. Later, after she's gone and the brothers are back in the diner, Cris starts sounding almost drunk as he speaks about Roseanne, saying none of it was her fault. She loves him in her own way. When he gets up to go back home, he stumbles and Antonio catches him. Cris says he's just tired, but Antonio insists on walking him home. Roseanne is waiting outside for Cris, but she's foiled as Antonio is with his brother and won't let her take him home instead.

At the wedding, Sam tries to stop Nora from telling Bo about Lindsay changing the fertility test results. Bo wonders why Nora is telling him and Lindsay dares her to tell the truth. Hank also tries to stop Nora. Lindsay says that Nora can't prove anything, but Nora mentions the nurse handing the original test results over to Lindsay. She's positive that Bo would have wanted the truth, but Lindsay insists the truth is that Nora really wanted to break up the wedding. Bo drags Lindsay off to talk and as Nora starts to follow, Sam tells her she's done enough damage.

He walks out and first Hank goes over to Nora to tell her that her timing stinks. She admits that she had wanted to tell Bo in private, but now she's no better than Lindsay and he's hurt. After Hank, Dorian comes over to tell her that Nora broke her record for tasteless public displays. Next, Viki and Renee tell Nora that they're still her friends. Afterwards, Nora finds Sam and tells him she did the right thing and that Lindsay destroyed her own life. She did it for the truth, she insists, not to get Bo back. Sam doesn't believe her and storms off, looking for the couple. Will wants to know why Nora ruined his mom's life, but Nora tells him that Bo is the main victim, not Lindsay. She needs to go find Sam again, but first Andrew comes up to her and gives her a hug. Will runs into Jess on his way back to his pew and they take opposing sides in the situation. Jess tells him that people need to be responsible and there's definitely a family resemblance between him and his mother. They've both hurt a lot of people. Meanwhile, Nora finds Sam again, who wants to check on Lindsay.

In the other room, Bo is questioning Lindsay on whether this whole thing is true and she'd better not lie to him. She was crazed back then, she says, and wanted to ruin Nora's life the way she ruined hers. It was only supposed to be a practical joke and she had no idea that everything would happen as it did. The whole thing brought the two of them together for a happy marriage, she insists, but Bo tells her he lost Nora because of her. Lindsay says it's because of Nora. Bo does blame Nora, but not totally. Lindsay says that Nora used the results to jump into bed with Sam, but Bo speaks up for her and why she committed her actions in the first place. While Lindsay wants to know why Bo is defending Nora, he says that Lindsay made a fool out of him. What kind of person is she, he wonders. He thought he knew her and that they were real but it was all built on lies. Sams bursts in and apologizes, but thinks they should all talk. This all won't even matter in 10 years, Sam says. Bo and Nora disagree;he finally trusted someone again and he shouldn't have. The wedding is off, he announces. Lindsay tells him they have to get married.

Dorian introduces Viki to Drake Farraday. She hands Viki the bouquet that Lindsay probably won't be throwing now since she'll be the next one getting married. Viki tells her the wedding is off and Dorian is sorry to hear it.

Téa visits R.J. with a bottle of wine and informs him that she's been working on his case, which is why she's late. A man named Randy Larson apparently must have been greatly angered by R.J. because he fits the desciptions of a man seen during the incidents involving R.J.(the bomb scare and the car in the garage). This was a man R.J. knew in Chicago in prison, but luckily he's been arrested there again.

Roseanne, looking for Cris, spots him passed out on the floor in his apartment. She takes off her clothes and climbs under the blanket with him. As she begins to kiss him, Antonio wakes up, asking her what she's looking for.

When Bo tells Lindsay that he can't marry her, she announces her pregnancy. Nora, Sam and Bo can only stare at her in disbelief.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Antonio revealed to Roseanne that he had caught on to her plan to drug Cristian. Roseanne was later devastated when Antonio told her that Cristian had already signed the annulment papers and she immediately ran to R.J. for help. Antonio promised Carlotta that he would stay in town to help Cristian for as long as he could. Max arrived at Skye's room and the two made love. A distraught Blair asked Ben to help her search for Max. Blair and Ben nearly caught Max and Skye in bed together, but Max made Skye create a diversion in the nick of time. Despite Lindsay's pleas, Bo refused to believe that she was pregnant. Lindsay refused to let Sam confirm her pregnancy and turned around and told Bo that she was indeed lying. Lindsay returned her ring to Bo and then wound up in a major confrontation with Nora. Sam later offered comfort to a distraught Lindsay, while Nora decided to pay a visit to Bo. Meanwhile, a mysterious person exited R.J.'s apartment just as he and Téa returned. R.J. realized that someone had been there, but neither he nor Téa noticed that the gas line had begun to leak.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Dorian was surprised when Drake asked her to leave town with him. R.J. and Téa were oblivious to a gas leak in his apartment, but Antonio and Carlotta burst in to warn them. Sykes later began to wonder if Téa, not R.J., was being targeted. Meanwhile, Jared decided to check into Téa's background.

Sophia learned that Kelly and Kevin had almost made love on New Year's Eve and struggled with what to do with the information. Nora attempted to explain her actions to Bo and was surprised when he was less than grateful about her exposing Lindsay's misdeeds. Later, Nora returned home and discovered Sam packing up his belongings after deciding to leave her.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

R.J.'s Apartment

With the stereo playing so loudly he doesn't hear Max knocking before he lets himself into the apartment, R.J. greets Max with gun drawn. Max asks R.J. to "'d be doing me a favor." Cutting to the chase, Max tells R.J. his problems are "not just women - it's doctors, too." With Dr. Ben closing in on Max's "head thing" scam, Max confesses that he slept with Skye as "the only way to keep her quiet" and although she's a "tasty piece of feminine flesh" she is "nuts...certifiable" and Max "needs" R.J. to "sweep her off her feet and make her forget about me." R.J. doesn't accept the job offer from Max because he is "in love with Téa" and has a "more important problem" because somebody is "trying to take" him out.

Asa's Living Room

Blair has a "surprise" for Skye: an "opportunity to walk away clean" by signing a letter of resignation from Buchanan Enterprises. Skye promptly tears it up but Blair presents her with another document which shocks Skye. Blair explains that although the information is old news in Pine Valley, Skye is in Llanview now where "everyone loves a juicy story" which Blair has missed having "the opportunity" to print. Blair's conditions to avoid the embarrassment are that Skye quit B.E., "leave my husband alone" and leave town. Skye doesn't like the conditions and the two women start a shoving match which quickly escalates into a free-for-all couch pillow fight. Nigel tries to separate the two women but is unsuccessful and it takes Asa to intervene. Skye claims that Blair is running a "bogus smear campaign" that will interfere with the job that Asa has given her while Blair claims that she is only trying to "protect the family" from "a very dangerous woman" who is a "menace" that "ruins people's lives and their reputation." Asa replies, "That makes two of us...Skye is no threat to Max...I kind of like having her around...I don't think Max hates's time you know that Max and Skye are..." but is interrupted by Max's return to the mansion. Max sends Blair upstairs while he talks to Asa alone. Max claims that what Asa saw was a "mistake" and he loves Blair and wants Skye "out of my life...I want you to sack Skye."

Max's Bedroom in the Mansion

Ben breaks into the mansion and heads to Max's room to look for evidence that Max is faking his brain injury. Avoiding Nigel, Ben checks Max's dresser drawers and finds a bookmarked text, "Case Histories of Psychological Disorders." Later, looking for Max, Skye finds Ben "doing a little research." Explaining that Max had used the book to "fake his condition" because "every nervous system lapse is described in detail" he observes that Skye is not surprised because "you already knew..." Skye claims that the book is hers, not Max's, because she works "closely" with Max and "wanted to understand his condition better...there's a lot you don't know about Max and me..." When Ben challenges Skye to "educate" him, she complies by confiding (within earshot of Blair) that "Max and I are having an affair."

Llanfair Kitchen

A distraught Viki listens to an answering machine message about her doctor's appointment. Joey and Jessica enter the kitchen having a silly argument and think their mother is "getting a little Martha Stewart" because she is determined to save several plants now infected with spider mites and asks for their help. Viki loses it when Jessica suggests she replace the plants. "You don't just give up on something because it's have to fight...and save" it. Viki breaks down in tears when she drops one of the plants but insists to Jess that nothing is wrong. She is saved from further interrogation when Kevin comes in and explains that Viki is upset about "Ben...leave her alone...Mom can handle anything." Dorian follows Joey into the kitchen with a special invitation for Viki that is "not a's about the future." Viki misinterprets and gets defensive about how well Dorian does or doesn't know her or "anything about my future." After the kitchen is cleared of people, Viki confides in Kevin, "I'm so scared..." Kevin hugs his mother and promises she is "not going through this alone."

Later, while cleaning up the potted plant mess and discussing recent revelations, Joey offers his opinion that "you were lied to...evidently it runs in that family." Although Jessica thinks that Joey is "starting to sound like Grandpa," she can't disagree with the irony as Will shows up at the back door. He wants Jessica to know that he "cashed in his savings...sold everything I could" to make a $10,000 donation in Megan's name to the children's ward at the hospital. "This is making me sick...I had to do something...I'm not trying to buy forgiveness...I would never use Megan's memory to manipulate you...I'm trying to make amends the only way I know how...I know you will never trust me again...I'm trying to put something back in place of everything I've destroyed." Jessica is not impressed, however, and emphatically tells him, "I don't want to talk to you ever again."

Llanview Police Department

When Kelly comes in looking for an arrest report for a story, Sophia takes pleasure in asking her if she and Joey have set a wedding date. Kelly advises that "it's none of your business" but Sophia thinks her "friendship" with Joey since "New Year's Eve when you didn't show up for Joey's big surprise" makes it her business. Although Kelly advises Sophia she "won't have to be there again - ever" she tells Sophia that they are planning to be married in June. Although she covers well to Kelly's face, Sophia loses it after Kelly leaves and runs to John's Rolodex to find Rae's phone number. "I have some dirt on Little Miss Perfect and I need someone to give me one good reason why I shouldn't use it." John asks if she hasn't "been paying attention lately...see what happens when people choose to reveal other people's secrets?"

Hank and Jared return from court with Jared strutting his "attitude" about knowing his "stuff" and out-working other lawyers in Llanview. Asa comes into the squad room and Hank introduces him to Jared before leaving the two men to "play nice." Asa wants to know if Jared is "ready to lock and load" on the Rappaport "blight." Asa is upset that Jared "worked for" and "admired" Sam and his "only interest is justice." Asa threatens that since he "built half this town and owns half the county...I get what I want...put the punk away." Jared is not intimidated by the cowboy, vowing, "I'll do my job...your vendettas are your business, not mine." Asa leaves Jared with the threat, "I hope you're better at making a case than you are at picking your enemies...lose this one and it will be your first and your last."

Téa, who has been listening intently to this exchange, observes that Jared talks "almost like a guy with a clean record...I worked for the Manhattan D.A. - I know what you did." When Jared asks if she is "threatening" him, she explains, "I'm on to you...I should go to Hank and then the ethics committee." Jared advises her, "I wouldn't if I were you." Téa wonders if this is a threat from Jared, but he calls it a "warning...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." R.J., who has overheard the last of this conversation, approaches Téa and inquires about Jared. Her explanation: "That guy has some heavy baggage. He made some major mistakes and I don't know whether to let it go or to deal with it." R.J., who "would usually argue for second chances" doesn't like "his tone and I don't like the way he spoke to the punk."

Later, Dorian enters the squad room and invites everyone she encounters to "be at my house tonight" for her "really big news." She invites Kelly, R.J. and even Sophia. Much later, Joey encounters Kelly on her way out of the squad and gets "romantic" which irritates Sophia. Noticing Sophia's attitude, Joey asks if there is "something on your mind" and as Sophia looks at John, she answers that "actually as a matter of fact, there is."

Llanview Hospital

As Kevin and Viki wait anxiously for the doctor's diagnosis, Viki chastises herself for putting off her check-ups but Kevin continues to support his mother and tries to raise her spirits. Later, Kevin joins his mother to wait for the "other doctor" to "discuss the pathology report and the next step." Dr. Hanson informs them "we think we know where we stand."

Friday, February 18, 2000

Blair demanded answers from Max who denied having an affair with Skye. Max later forced Skye to lie to Blair and say that they were not having an affair. Dr. Hanson broke some bad news to Viki and Kevin about the results of the mammogram and said that it might be malignant. Kevin urged Viki to come clean with Ben about her condition, but Viki refused. Sam insisted to Nora that the reason she felt compelled to tell Bo the truth about Lindsay was because she still loved Bo.

Sam then challenged Nora's feelings for him and said that she had to marry him immediately. Bo refused to be swayed by Will's pleas on Lindsay's behalf. Lindsay denounced Dorian for telling Nora her secret and warned her not to breathe a word to anyone about her pregnancy. Lindsay revealed to Dorian that Drake had once slept with her and then dumped her immediately afterwards. Lindsay returned the cameo that Bo had given to her. Bo questioned what was going on after Lindsay nearly fainted.

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