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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, February 21, 2000

John has his attorney on the phone and he is telling him what an unfit mother Denise is and the attorney informs him that he has to find a way to keep Hope in the hospital while he files an injunction against Denise.

Ben walks by a cubicle in the ER and hears Denise and Andy talking to Hope. He walks in and asks about why they are there? Denise explains that she tried to call Ben but he wasn't home and she called Andy. Ben checks out Hope while Denise fills him in on the events that had happened. Denise asks Ben to go out to the hall with her. She tells Ben that she didn't intentionally leave him out, she tried to call him but he didn't answer. He tells her that he was home and didn't take her call. Denise becomes infuriated with Ben. She informs him that he put her baby life in danger. Ben tries to explain that he thought that she wanted to talk about their problems and he knew that they needed time away from each other. He apologizes and asks if she can just get past this. She says that she doesn't think that she can. He starts to walk away and she asks him where he is going? He says that they are just going to fight and he is trying to avoid it. She says that it is too late for that and they are going to finish! Andy yells for Denise and she and Ben run into Hope's room. Andy tells them that it isn't anything horrible, Hope said dada to him. He is so happy that she knew to say dada to him. Ben is upset and he leaves the room. John and Susan walk in and John is trying to get Susan to order some test on Hope. Susan is against the test, they are useless. John tells her that he needs an excuse to keep Hope in the hospital while his lawyer gets an injunction against Denise. Ben hears them talking and goes over to John and is taking Denise side against John. He tells John that Denise is a good mother and he is just trying to make trouble for her. John walks away and Ben tells Susan that John doesn't know what he is talking about and she agrees and leaves. Ben goes over and grabs Hope's chart. He goes to Hope's room and tells Denise to get Hope dressed, he is releasing her. He tells them that John is trying to make trouble and he is going to send Hope home. Andy says that he will go talk to his father. Ben says that there is no time for that. Ben signs the papers and Denise takes Hope and she and Andy leave. As Andy is walking through the door, he turns and says "thank you" to Ben. Ben walks out of the room and almost into John. Ben asks John if he is looking for Hope, she is gone. John looks in the room and sees the baby and her mother and his son are gone. John asks Ben about how they could leave and Ben tells him that he signed the release form for Hope to go home. John is not happy and storms out of the ER.

Isaac has been delivered to Camille and he is not happy to be there. After the orderly that brought him leaves, Camille tells Isaac to get undressed. Isaac gets a sly smile on his face and says that he would be happy to. Camille tells him to stop fooling around, she just wants to check his wound. Finally, Camille gets Isaac to take off his shirt and she checks his vitals and changes the dressing on his wound. Isaac is still not happy being there and he is grumbling about it. Camille finally gives up and tells him that if he hates it so bad, he is free to leave at anytime. She walks away from him. Isaac struggles to get off the couch and then to put his shirt on. Camille tells him that it is cold out and he will need his coat which she hung up in the closet. He stands up and starts to walk to the closet and half way across the floor, he faints and falls. Camille runs over to him and turns him over. She is asking him if he is OK? Isaac jokes with her and says that if she wanted to do the horizontal mambo all she had to do was ask. She yells at him to stop joking. She says that she has to get some more gauze from the other room and for him not to move. After she leaves, Isaac mumbles, "Like I have any choice." Camille gets Isaac back to the couch and tells him that his wound doesn't look as bad as she thought. She tries to explain to him that he has just had surgery and he is going to be weak. He makes a face at her and she tells him that she could arrange for him to have a big angry male nurse. Isaac says that he will be good and he can be real good. She tells him to save it and he says that he will save it all up and when he is better, he will show her how good, good can be. There is a knock at the door and Camille answers the door. John is at the door and asks her to go to Java Underground with him. She tells him that it is not a good time. John looks past Camille and sees Isaac sitting on the couch with no shirt on. Isaac smiles real big at John. Camille explains to John that she is "nursing" him. John says, "Oh, is that what you call it?" John says that his night just gets better and better and he leaves. Camille closes the door and Isaac says that is was almost worth getting sliced up to see the look on Dr. Dixon's face. Camille scolds him and tells him that John is a decent man and he is not to make fun of him. Isaac says that he can see that there is heavier competition than what he thought, he is going to have to do something about that.

Holden is on the phone and telling the press to stop calling and to leave his family alone. Lily is holding the letters that she found at the pond and she wants to show them to Holden. Holden is worried about Abigail and says that he has to find a way to protect her. Abigail has walked into the room. She tells Holden that he won't have to protect her, she is leaving Oakdale and going to see her parents in Saudi Arabia. Lily tries to explain to Abigail that this will pass. People will have something new to talk about tomorrow. Abigail feels that it won't pass and she thinks that it will be better if she leaves. Reluctantly, Holden says that he will phone Diana. Abigail tells him that she has already done that and she will be leaving tonight. Holden says that he doesn't want her to go, but he understands and he will miss her. Holden says that he will call Diana just so she knows what the plans are. Abigail asks him to not tell her mother what happened between Molly and Chris and herself. Holden gets Diana on the phone and Diana starts to question him right away. Holden holds the phone away and tells Abigail that she is asking a lot of questions. Abigail gets on the phone and tells her mother not to worry and she has missed her and wants to come for a visit. This satisfies Diana and they hang up. Abigail tells Holden that she wants to go for a walk and then she will come back and finish packing. Abigail leaves and Lily is still clutching the letters. Holden is going to go a get something and then he remembers that Lily wanted to tell him something about the letters she found. She tells him to go on, it isn't important. Lily sits down and starts to read the letters out loud.

Chris walks into Molly's room and sit by her bed and is talking to her. Abigail walks in behind him. Chris tells Molly that Abigail will probably never forgive them, but they will always love her. Abigail starts to leave and Chris asks her to stay. She asks him if that was another lie to try to win her over. Chris denies this and tries to tell his side of the story and that she didn't even use her real name and maybe if she did, he would have known who she was. She tells him that she told one little lie and now he thinks that all the lies that he told her is the same. She tells him to just leave her alone, she doesn't want to see him anymore. Chris leaves and Abigail starts to talk to Molly. She tells Molly that Molly has been hurt by so many people and that is why she is alone. She asks Molly if she will be hurt like this and end up all alone. She stands up and says that she is not going to wake up and answer her, so she is going to leave. She tells Molly that she is going to go to Saudi Arabia to be with her parents and she will probably wake up after she is gone. She stops at the door and tells Molly that she is so sorry about everything and she leaves.

Abigail goes to the garden where she and Chris had spent a lot of time. She loosens one of the bricks by the flower bed and takes off her necklace. Chris is standing in the shadows and when he sees her taking off her necklace, he says, "No, don't do it." He has startled her and she stands up. She tells him that she is going to leave and go to Saudi Arabia. Chris says that he can send her stuff like candy bars and things she can't get there. She tells him that he can just forget about her. She hands him the necklace and says that she was going to bury it, but he paid money for it, so he can have it back. He takes the necklace. He says that he has something that belongs to her and digs the horse charm out of his pants pocket. She shakes her head that she doesn't want it. Chris puts the two items together and says that they should be buried together. He lays them down along with the air freshener from his cab and puts the brick on top of them. He says that maybe someday they can come back here and dig them up again. She says that they are not going to do that and she leaves him alone in the garden.

At the airport, Holden and Abigail are saying goodbye. Holden tells her to stay in touch, he doesn't want to lose her. She tells him that she will and she wants him to know that she doesn't have all bad memories of Oakdale. She says that there were some fun times too. They hug and they are crying. She asks him not to wait for her to get on her plane, she hates long good-byes. He gives her one more hug and tells her that he loves her and she says that she loves him too. He says that he is going to hide right over there until her plane takes off. He walks away and she is left crying.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Holden is talking on the phone and Lily enters the living room. Holden hangs up and tells her that Kim wants to see him. He is afraid that she is going to take his job as station manager away from him because of the scandal with Molly and Chris. Lily asks him if that would be all bad if he lost his job? He tells her that it would and to top it off, he has lost Abigail. Abigail calls to tell Holden that she is in Frankfort. Holden asks her to please come back to Oakdale. He tells her that he feels that he hasn't taught her much when she thinks it is OK to run away from bad things. He tells her to visit her parents for a week and then come back to Oakdale. She tells him that they have just called for her flight and she has to go. They say goodbye and hang up. She dials the phone and calls her mother in Saudi Arabia. She tells Diana that she hopes that she won't be mad at her but she has decided to stay in Oakdale. Diana is disappointed but she understands. They hang up and Abigail goes to the counter at the airport and tells the attendant that she wants to cancel her flight to Saudi Arabia. The attendant takes her tickets and then tells her that she will get a refund in two to three weeks. Abigail tells her that she paid cash for the ticket and she needs the cash back. The attendant talks to another attendant. While they are talking, a woman behind Abigail tells the attendant that she is going to miss her plane if the don't get a move on. The attendant comes back and does some work on the computer and then she gives Abigail the cash. Abigail tells them thanks and then goes over to put her money in her wallet. The lady that was behind Abigail comes over and says that she has missed her flight. Abigail apologizes for taking up time at the counter. The lady asks her if she would like to share a taxi to Manhattan. Abigail says sure but she has to warn her, she doesn't have the best of luck with cab drivers. The two leave and go to a diner to have dinner. At the end of their dinner, Abigail tells the lady that she will pick up the tab because the lady has made her first day in New York less scary. The lady tells her that she is nice for doing that and she says that she needs to call her office and will be right back. After the lady walks away, she does not go to the phone, she runs out of the diner. Abigail asks the waitress for the check and she opens her purse to get her wallet. She starts to frantically dig in her purse and the waitress asks if something is wrong? Abigail tells her that her wallet is missing. She asks the waitress where the phone is and the waitress points to it on the wall. There is no lady to be found. Abigail asks the waitress if the lady that was having dinner with her went to the restroom. The waitress has no idea where the lady went. Abigail tells the waitress that she thinks that the lady took her wallet. The waitress says, "Welcome to New York." The waitress asks Abigail if she wants to call the cops and Abigail says no and picks up her bags and runs out of the diner. Abigail is walking the dark streets of New York and asking people for money. She tells a few people that her money was stolen and she needs some money to get a hotel room. Everyone ignores her. Abigail is scared and sit down on her luggage. A man walks past and then comes back and looks at Abigail.

Kim is at home and she is scurrying around the kitchen getting ready to go somewhere. John knocks on the door and then comes in. Kim tells him that she does not have the time today, she has to be at the station. John tells her that he thought that she might be interested to know that their granddaughter was in the hospital last night. Kim gasps and looks at him. John tells her that Hope is OK, Denise had a scare, she thought that Hope had taken some pills. John goes off again about Denise being an unfit mother and Kim tells him that things happen. She tries to remind him about when Andy.....John interrupts her and says that she is not going to take Denise's side again. He has his lawyer drawing up papers and they are going to take action. Andy has walked in and asks John what he is taking action against? John goes through his whole song and dance about Denise not being a fit mother. Andy tries to defend Denise and tells John once again that he should stay out of the whole thing. Kim gets between the two men and Andy has had it. He tells his dad that he is a Dixon and he can fight as dirty as John can and he leaves the kitchen. John tells Kim that she had better decide who's side she is on, the life of their granddaughter depends on it. Kim tells him that she can't believe that with all that she has to deal with that he is asking her to take sides between him and her son. John's phone rings and it is his lawyer. After he hangs up he tells Kim that the lawyer that he has hired will be in town today. Kim asks if this is just to talk about the law suite against Denise. John tells her that they are going to file papers against Denise today. She tells him that he had better stay there and explain this to Andy, because she sure can't and she leaves. Andy comes back down to the kitchen and tells his father that he has been thinking and maybe he is right. John goes off and says that Andy is doing the right thing and he tells Andy all his plans for getting Hope. Andy listens intently and acts like he is going along with everything. John tells him about the papers being filed today against Denise. John says that he has to leave and he will talk to Andy later. Andy watches as his father leaves in his car and then Andy leaves also.

Lucinda is on the phone and Jake comes in with Matthew. Lucinda tells Matthew that Jake can stay and Matthew leaves. Lucinda is upset with whoever she is talking to on the phone. When she hangs up, she tells Jake that he daughter can't handle her child any longer and is sending him to her. Jake says that it is ironic that her daughter can run a country, but can't handle her own child. Lily comes in and Jake says that he has to go. Lily asks Lucinda if she can put an ad in her paper. Lucinda says that she doesn't need her permission. Lily tells her that it is going to be an odd ad and tells her mother about finding the letters at the Snyder Pond. Lily tells her that the letters are very old, but are in good condition. She is sure that the owner would like the letters back. Lucinda reads the letters and then looks at her daughter and says that she wants to find the writer of the letters. She tells Lily that it could be a big adventure. Lily gets a smile on her face. Lily writes the ad and then Lucinda reads it and tells her that it looks good. Lily says that she feels like she has accomplished something today. Lily tells Lucinda about Abigail moving to Saudi Arabia. Lucinda says that now that she is gone, maybe things will settle down for them. Lily turns to her mother and says that she had better not let Holden hear her say that. Lucinda tells Lily about Bryant coming to live with her and maybe she could give her a hand with his arrival? Lily asks if Bryant hasn't already been through college and graduated at 19 years old? Lucinda says that just because you are smart doesn't mean that you are mature.

At the station, Katie comes running in and Henry informs her that she is late. She tells him about her meeting with Chris and he wants to find the person that took the pictures of him and Molly. Henry tells her to settle down, nobody is going to find out who took the pictures. He tells her that he thinks that their futures look very bright from where he is standing. He turns Katie toward Holden, who is standing across the room. He tells her that Kim is having a private meeting with him today and with everything that came down between Molly and Chris, he thinks that Holden will be let go and he will be next in line to be station manager. Katie finally gets it. She tells him that he didn't help her with the pictures to help her career, he wanted to help his own career. Kim walks in and she and Holden start to chit chat. She tells Holden that with the scandal of Molly and her son, she thought that the ratings would go down and she was prepared to come back as station manager. She tells Holden that she has looked at the numbers and putting Katie in the anchor chair was a stroke of genius and she wants him to stay on as station manager. In fact, she wants his role to become permanent. Holden is surprised and accepts her offer. Kim and Holden go over to Henry and Katie and Kim tells Henry to get a memo ready to announce that Holden is going to be the station manager permanently. Henry and Katie tell Holden congratulations and Holden and Kim walk away. Katie tells Henry that Kim sure threw him a curve. He looks at Katie and says that he is in for the long haul and his time will come.

Andy comes running into the station and finds Denise. He grabs her and she asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that they are in trouble. He explains what his father is doing with the lawyer. She says that she doesn't know what else she can do. He tells her not to get upset. He has an idea. She says that with what she has been through she is game for anything. Andy looks at her says, "We could get married."

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

When Abigail's purse is stolen in New York, she yells for help. Jennifer's spirits are lifted when she learns Seventeen magazine wants her to come to New York to do a photo shoot, but Barbara is more cautious. Camille tells John he's been distant ever since he learned Isaac moved in with her.

Andy explains to a disbelieving Denise the rationale behind his suggestion that they get married--John has plenty of ammunition. Camille goads John into admitting he's furious with her. A stranger waylays the purse-snatcher and recovers Abigail's bag but she believes him to be the true thief and calls the police. Abigail falters when the cop demands to see her ID.

Hal congratulates Jennifer but Barbara refuses to let her go, telling her daughter she had a childhood friend who developed bulimia from the pressure to look perfect and had to be hospitalized. When a skeptical Jennifer believes she can handle it, Barbara stuns her by revealing the childhood friend was actually herself.

When John expresses his fears that she won't succeed in becoming a doctor because of Isaac, Camille warns him her personal life is off-limits. Andy persuades Denise to try to reconcile with Ben in hopes that he'll agree to move up their marriage. Abigail gives her name as Daisy Buchanan and when pressed by the cop for her address, she decides not to press charges.

Jennifer is moved when Barbara tells her she had to learn how to see how good she was on the inside and advises her daughter not to depend on anybody else's opinion of her for her own self-worth. Denise apologizes to Ben at the hospital and says "let's get married today."

Ben refuses to go along with Denise's scheme, explaining that they need time to decide their future. Denise is disappointed when he insists that their getting married won't solve the problems they've been having. She later collapses in Camille's arms and tells her John is out to ruin her life.

Abigail's Good Samaritan follows her into the coffee shop and irks her when he says she's too trusting. Hal convinces a still-wary Barbara to let Jennifer follow her dream. Abigail scorns her companion's compassion--how could he know the pain she's going through when he's got an ambassador's credential and designer clothes? You're right, he says and leaves.

John is distant when Camille pleads with him to be the best grandfather he can be by not taking the child away from her mother. Abigail realizes she only has a few dollars left. In the park the Good Samaritan trades clothes with someone and gives him his plane ticket to Oakdale as well as his passport.

Jennifer is overjoyed to learn she can go to New York after all. Denise is served with papers accusing her of negligence and ordering her to attend a hearing the next day. Andy reminds her he's the only option she has left, but she's not fully convinced.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Denise takes Hope to see Kim. Kim was about to leave, but when she sees that they have come for a visit, she decides to stay. Denise reminds Kim that she once told her if she ever needed Kim's help she could come to her. Denise tells her that she desperately needs her help dealing with John. Lily, Luke and Faith surprise Holden with a congratulatory party, celebrating his permanent promotion at WOAK. Holden thanks them for the polite gesture, but tells Lily that he can't stay. They are shooting new promos that morning promoting Katie as the new anchorperson, and he has to be there.

Katie is warming up for the news at the anchor desk, when Chris arrives at WOAK. He asks her if there have been any new developments in finding out who shot those photos of him and Molly. Katie shushes him quickly, and tells him that if she is going to do this for him, they have to keep things quiet. Chris tells her that he has some "friends" that are checking out who might have leaked the photos to the National Intruder, which upsets Katie even more. Henry interrupts their conversation, telling Chris that Katie needs to get back to work. After Chris leaves, Henry tells Katie that she has to find a way to get Chris off her back, and make him believe that revenge is not the answer, or they both will have big problems.

Barbara and Jen are frantically getting around for their trip to New York. Will is taking a lot of time getting ready for school, and Jen is afraid that they will be late for their flight. Barbara tells her to calm down, and lets her know how anxious she is to show her around New York. Meanwhile in New York, the waitress at the coffee shop that Abigail is holding up in wakes her up, and tells her that unless she orders something else than hot water, she is going to be kicked out of the restaurant. Back at Barbara's, Will comes downstairs and says he doesn't feel good. Jennifer thinks he is faking because he doesn't want them to go to New York. While Barbara is upstairs checking on him, Jennifer gets a collect call from "Lenny Kravitz." It's actually Abigail, who tells her the whole sortid story about how she wound up penniless in New York. Jennifer tells her that she is coming to the Big Apple to do some modeling, and agrees to meet up with Abby to get her some cash.

Lily tries her best to keep Holden home for their little party, but Holden insists on going into work. Lily is visibly dejected, but feigns for Holden that she is O.K. After he leaves, Lily gets extremely restless cooped up in the house with two rambunctious kids in the dead of winter. Luke accidentally knocks over a table with his soccer ball, and Lily announces that she has had it. She needs a big project to keep her busy.

Kim tries to explain to Denise John's reasoning for taking her to court. Denise tells her that she has worked really hard to get her life back in order and make a good home for Hope. Kim doesn't doubt her, and believes that the judge will see how Denise now has a good job, and is going to marry a well-respected doctor. Denise does not tell Kim that her and Ben have called off their engagement, but does ask her to come to court to stand up for her. Bob enters the kitchen, and Kim tells him that John is taking Denise to court that afternoon. Bob tells Denise that is must be really trying for her, considering that she has just called off her wedding to Ben. Kim is upset that Denise did not tell her that important piece of information, and doesn't know if she can trust Denise to be honest with her at all times. Denise begs Kim to go to court, but Bob says that he thinks they should stay neutral on this subject. Kim agrees, saying that she can't go to court and vouch for Denise, when Denise cannot always be honest with her. Denise realizes that the only person she can count on in Andy. Kim reluctantly agrees to go to the hearing, but Denise says that she does not want her there if she can't wholeheartedly be on her side.

Lily calls a construction firm to have someone come over to help her finish off a family room for a play area for the kids. When the firm tells them that they cannot come out for six months, Lily decides to do the project herself.

Henry and Katie discuss Chris wanting to find out more about who exposed the pictures. Henry tells her that she needs to get rid of Chris fast, because they don't know how many people Molly mouthed her suspicions to before she was injured. Katie thinks that Holden will never believe a word Chris says, but Henry is not so sure, especially if Chris finds evidence to back up his suspicions.

Barbara informs Jennifer that Will is sick with the chicken pox. She apologizes to Jennifer, but no one else is available to take care of him. Barbara agrees to re-schedule the photo shoot, but Jennifer is Upset --- especially because she agreed to meet Abigail. After Barbara goes to tend to Will, Jennifer *69's Abby's call to New York. The lady at the coffeehouse tells Jennifer that Abby has been "evicted" from the restaurant. Chris comes back with a list of everyone that works at WOAK. Katie tries desperately to discourage Chris from trying to find out who exposed the pictures, but Chris tells her that he is not going to give up. Katie wants to talk to him more later, but just then, Holden shows up and wonders what the hell Chris is doing there.

Will apologizes to Jennifer for ruining her trip to New York. Jennifer tells him that it is not his fault, and "mommies" him, as usual. Barbara overhears, and feels extreme sympathy for Jennifer for putting her life on hold for the family, again. Hal enters the house, and asks Barbara what time their flight is supposed to leave, because they may be able to figure out a way to salvage Jennifer's trip. Meanwhile, in New York, Abby desperately searches for a safe place to crash. She finds an abandoned theater open, and enters. She trips over a person sleeping on the floor, and screams in fright. Luckily for her, it turns out to be Bryant. Bryant tells her that he switched jackets with someone to "fit in better", and look for adventure. He tells her that he squatted in this building the night before, and it was a lot of fun. Abby freaks out on him, telling him that his form of fun is a big "reality nightmare" for her. Hal and Barbara talk about Jennifer's New York trip, and come to the decision for her to make a "day trip" out of it. They tell Jennifer that she can go to New York, alone. Jennifer is thrilled.

Lily has some materials for the playroom delivered to the house. When the guy drops off the invoice for Lily to sign, he asks her who her contractor is. Lily tells him that she has some "extra time" and some remodeling books, and is planning on doing the room herself. The guy begins to smirk, and hands her a business card in case her "project" does not work out. Lily tells Luke that they now have a project of their own.

Holden lays into Chris about being at WOAK, and how he is responsible for Abby leaving town. Holden tells Chris to stay as far away from him as possible. Katie tells Chris that he need to focus on his future, rather than dwelling on his lurid past. Kim shows up at the station and is unpleasantly surprised to see Chris there. When Chris tells her that he is investigating who took the pictures, Kim comes down on him for his irresponsibility. Chris's cab company phones him, and wants him to pick up a fare. Chris doesn't want to do it, until he realizes the fare is Jennifer and she is going to the airport.

Bryant and Abigail discuss the reason why she is in this mess in the first place. Abby doesn't reveal any information, but Bryant is able to figure out her story pretty closely. Abby tells him that her life is looking up, because she has a friend who is coming to help her out, and bring her some money. Bryant snaps her back to reality, by telling her that it takes a lot of money to get a place in New York, so she better be prepared to learn to live on the streets for awhile. She freaks out when she sees a big bug on the floor, but Bryant calmly picks it up, and offers it to her to eat as a good source of protein. Abby is thoroughly grossed out, tells Bryant that he is out of his mind, and runs out.

Barbara instructs Jennifer on "how to survive a day in New York." Chris arrives with his cab to pick up Jennifer, who is surprised to see him. Chris asks Jennifer if she has heard anything from Abby, but she denies hearing anything from her. Right before they leave, Abby calls back, making sure that Jennifer is still coming. Jennifer fills her on the fact that it will be easier for them to get together now that her mother is not coming with her. Chris stands at the door and listens in on Jennifer's part of the conversation.

Lily starts in on her big project, claiming it is going to be a piece of cake. Just then the ladder falls over, and knocks down several boards that she just put up. Lily grabs Luke protectively, and wonders if she should "rethink this."

Katie tries a last ditch effort to butter up Kim into helping her dissuade Chris from his revenge plan. Kim tells her that even though she appreciates Katie's concern for Chris, this is a battle he needs to fight on his own. Jennifer gets the meeting place address from Abby, and writes it down on a pad of paper. As they finish their conversation, Chris comes in and feigns that his CB is not working and he needs to use the phone to get in touch with his dispatcher. When Jennifer leaves to go out to the cab, Chris takes a pencil and rubs it over the pad of paper. The paper reveals that it was Abby that Jenn was talking to, and they are meeting in New York. Chris takes the piece of paper and heads out to the cab.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Jennifer and Abigail are reunited in New York and with the $35 Jennifer gives her Abigail orders a large breakfast as Chris watches them through the window. John's attorney Noah Beechman reveals he's found something on Denise that may destroy any chance she has of winning. Andy tries to persuade Kim to resume her support of Denise.

Denise confronts John when she overhears them talking about the evidence they've found she was a prostitute and denies it before running off. Beechman subsequently tells John the witness he found is a lap dancer and is unreliable--she could backfire if they call her to the stand.

When Lucinda offers to give her daughter a recommendation for a good contractor Lily tells her mother to butt out but later leaves her a message accepting her offer. Abigail admits she's still in love with Chris but calls it a curse. Lucinda and John console each other over their problems with their children but John is hurt when she questions if he can really raise children.

Judge Hathaway is irked when he learns Denise is not in court. Jennifer invites Abigail to stay at her dorm. Chris follows them out of the restaurant and stops to buy a bouquet of daisies. He sneaks into Jennifer's room while the two are out and then hides, dismayed to hear Abigail describe the place she's been living. A stranger with an Australian accent shows up a flustered Lily's door and wipes dirt off the tip of her nose.

The judge is ready to declare that Denise has forfeited her right to a hearing when Andy stands up and requests a postponement. When Kim has to step between Andy and John the judge agrees to delay the start of the hearing for 3 hours. Abigail avers that the best thing about New York is that there's no Chris Hughes there.

When Jennifer leaves for a photo shoot Abigail crawls into bed. Kim talks John out of calling the police--let Andy find Denise, she argues. Lily is nonplussed to learn the Australian man is actually an architect. When she hears from Lucinda that the contractor is unavailable, Lily demands to know who he is. He introduces himself as Simon and explains he saw her notice in the paper--he's there to pick up his letters.

Lily apologizes for having read them when she reveals she thought he'd be much older and asks for proof that he's the rightful owner. Simon explains the letters were written by his great-grandfather to a woman identified only as "My Beloved." Lily is intrigued when he hints it's a tragic story, that the woman was not his great-grandmother, and asks him to tell her more.

Chris hovers over Abigail as she sleeps and decides she needs her space but promises to stay around as her "guardian angel." He places a daisy on her pillow before slipping out.

Andy finally meets Denise at Bob and Kim's house after a frantic search. She explains how she was upset to hear she's being accused of being a hooker and says it made her realize the only way she's going to win is if they get married after all.


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