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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Denise answers her door and there is a man there with flowers and candy for Denise Maynard. They are from Ben and he comes out from the other room. She tells him that he shouldn't have spent so much money on her and he tells her that she is worth it. They put the flowers in a vase and then retire to the couch to make out. The doorbell rings again and when Denise answers it this time Andy is standing there with a stuff animal. Denise lets Andy in and Ben, as subtly as he can, lets Andy know that it is Valentine's Day and he is interrupting. Denise tells Andy that Hope is sleeping and maybe he could come back tomorrow when she is awake. Andy suggests that Denise and Ben go out on the town and he will stay there and babysit. Ben is reluctant, but Denise wants to go, so they do.

Camille walks into Isaac's room and he is on the phone. She turns to leave and he motions for her to come in. He hangs up the phone and she apologizes for barging into his room. He says that it is not everyday that a beautiful woman, carrying a present and candy, comes to visit him. She brings up Ben's name. He asks her why she has to bring him up in every conversation? She comes right out and asks if he was only interested in her because he wanted the inside tract on his brother. He tells her no and that is all he wants to say on that subject. He gets a cute little smile on his face and asks if she still wants to give him the present that she brought him. She lays the present and candy on the bed and sits in a chair. He says thanks and she says, "Gratitude, what a nice touch." He says that he is just full of surprises. He opens the present and it is a book titled, "The Tower Of Power." She says that the lady at the book store said that it was a good companion book for "The Art Of War." He says that she remembered. She gets up and starts toward the door. She says that she would wish him a Happy Valentine's Day, but she wouldn't want to offend him. He tells her that she hasn't admitted to why she came by to see him. She says that she doesn't know what he is talking about? He says that the present and candy was just a front, she just wanted to see him. She looks at him and then asks him what his plans are? He says he doesn't know but they bring a dish of Jell-O around about this time of day. She laughs and then says that she is talking about his future, his life plan. He says that he could never have a plan like she does about going to medical school, that would be like a jail sentence for him. He winces and says that his back is hurting and she smiles at him and says that it is the back thing again? She goes over to fluff his pillow and she kisses him this time.

Katie and Henry walk into the Java Underground and things look very meek and mild. They comment on how the place is not hopping. Henry says that the night is young. Katie goes over to the cameraman and gives him some instruction for the evening. She wants him to get couples on tape getting and giving presents and lots of kissing. Jennifer hears her and walks over and says that she knows the perfect couple. She says that Chris and Abigail are so much in love and would be great for her special on Valentine's Day. Jennifer points out that right across the room is Chris and he is waiting for Abigail. They go over to talk to him and Chris tries to tell them that he is not interested but Jennifer persist. Finally, he blurts out that he and Abigail have broken up. He leaves to go home. Katie goes over to Henry and says that she thinks it is because of the pictures that Abigail and Chris broke up. Henry could care less. Julia walks in and Katie goes over to her to tell her about the special that she is doing. Julia tells Katie that she is meeting a mystery date, someone had left her a note in her mail at work. Katie wants to get the moment on tape, but Julia doesn't want her to, until she checks the guy out. Katie agrees and walks over to Jessica. Jessica proceeds to tell Katie about a note she got from a secret admirer and she is waiting for him to show up. Katie is beginning to get suspicious. She sees Emily and her mother sitting at a table and goes over to the women. Sure enough, Emily has received a note from a secret admirer, too. Katie starts to put two and two together and sees Max, the manager of Java Underground. Katie goes over to him and confronts him about the anonymous notes. He admits to sending the notes so he would have a club full of single women. Kate gets all the women's attention and tells them about Max and his scheme. The women are not happy and start talking about leaving. Katie goes over to Henry and wonders what she should do? Henry tells her that it is her call to make and hands her the phone. She dials Holden's number. Now, Holden and Lily are trying to have a romantic evening, just the two of them, without any interruptions. The phone rings and of course it is Katie. Lily tells her that Holden is tied up, but Holden reaches for the phone. Holden caves in when he hears that Katie is in trouble with the special and says that he will be right over. He hangs up and tells Lily that he is sorry and she says that she understands. He says that he will be back in no time.

Back at Java Underground, Katie has taken over the microphone and is up on stage trying to rally the women together. Max tells her that she has to get off the stage. She tells him that if he wants his exploits to be on her special, he had better get his butt off the stage. Katie starts to sing "I'm a woman" and all the Oakdale women join in. Holden comes in as Katie starts to sing and tells the cameraman to move closer and get everything on tape. The women get through the song and it has boosted the crowd. Everyone starts to have a good time and start to dance. Holden looks at Katie and she is smiling at him.

Back at Lily's house, she is sitting on the couch drinking champagne and eating chocolates. She looks at her watch and says, "Back before I know it, huh!"

Abigail and Molly are hashing it out over Chris. Abigail tells Molly that her mother was right, Molly is nothing but a slut. Molly says that she knows that it makes her feel better to call her names and that is all right. Abigail says that nothing makes her feel better. Abigail says that Molly and Chris must have had a good time talking about how stupid she was. Molly tells her that they were over before Chris met Abigail. Abigail doesn't believe her. They keep on arguing and Abigail runs out to the balcony to leave and Molly chases after her to stop her. Abigail is trying to get away from Molly and she runs to the stairs. She turns and yells at Molly and Molly reaches out to grab her and Abigail dodges her. Molly loses her footing and falls down the stairs and lay at the bottom of the stairs and doesn't move. Abigail runs down the steps and Chris comes running up. Abigail tells him that Molly fell down the steps. Chris checks Molly and says that she is still alive. Chris takes out his cell phone and calls for an ambulance. Abigail is hysterical and Chris tries to calm her down. She says that it is her fault that Molly fell down the steps. They hear an ambulance and Chris runs to meet them. They put Molly on a gurney and check her out. Abigail is yelling at them to tell her something. They tell her that they must get her to the hospital right away or she may not make it. As they wheel Molly away, Abigail is left crying and Chris is standing behind her, he doesn't know what to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Ben and Denise arrive home after their night out on the town. Andy has been babysitting and he gives Denise a report about Hope. He tells her that Hope woke up once and he danced with her until she fell asleep. Denise teases him about dancing and then she goes to check on Hope. After Denise is gone, Ben tells Andy that maybe he is "helping out" too much. Ben says that people are uncomfortable. Andy asks who is uncomfortable? Denise walks back in and hears the conversation. She answers for Ben and she tells Andy that Ben is uncomfortable. Andy once again says that he only wants to be around to help out. Denise defends Andy to Ben. She tells Ben how great Andy was to her when she was in Peoria. Ben is getting irritated with the two. His cell phone rings and when he answers it, he finds out that there is an emergency and he has to go to the hospital. He kisses Denise and she asks if she should wait up and he says that there is no use, the night has been shot. He tells them to talk away and he walks out the door.

At the hospital, Molly is rushed into a room. Abigail and Chris are right behind, but are stopped by a nurse. She needs some information. Chris gives her the information that he can. An EMT steps out of the room and says that they need a doctor or they are going to lose her. Abigail becomes more upset. Chris tries to calm her down and asks if there is anything that he can do? She says that he can wake you up and tell her that this is all a bad dream. Kim and Bob walk into the ER. Bob has just returned from the seminar on the west coast. Jake McKinnon rushes into the ER and asks about Molly and Kim and Bob hear him. They come over to him and ask about Molly and then they see Chris and Abigail. They go over and ask Abigail what happened and Abigail tells them to ask their son. Abigail walks away and Kim asks Chris what is going on. He says that he has to go call Holden and let him know where Abigail is. Kim tries to reassure Abigail that Molly is going to be OK and when she gets better she will see that she and Chris are meant to be together. Abigail says that she will remember what Chris has done for the rest of her life. Kim asks if Chris was involved with Molly's accident? Abigail says that it was all her fault. Chris walks up and says that he contacted Holden and he and Lily are on their way. Abigail walks away. Bob comes out and tells Jake that Molly is unresponsive and they won't know much until Ben arrives. Kim asks Chris what does he know about all this? He tells his mother that he can't talk about it right now. Holden and Lily come in and run over to Abigail. Holden hugs her and then turns to Chris and says that he told him to stay away from his daughter. Kim is surprised in Holden's behavior. Abigail tells Lily and Holden what happened at Molly's apartment. She says that they got into a terrible fight and she fell down the stairs. Abigail is hysterical crying and says that she didn't mean it, but what THEY did. Bob comes out and says that they are going to take Molly for a CAT scan. Abigail asks if she is awake, she needs to talk to her, she feels like it is all her fault. Bob says that the police will be there and he doesn't think that they will think that it is her fault. Holden yells at Bob about the police and says that if it is anyone's fault, it is his son's fault. Bob and Kim look at Chris with surprise and question. They have no idea what is going on and Holden tells Abigail that he didn't want her to find out, that is why he was going to send her Saudi Arabia. Abigail blurts out to Chris that she doesn't understand why he didn't just tell her, why he didn't just say that he had slept with her mother. Ben comes in and asks about the patient and he and Bob go off to see Molly. Kim looks at Chris and says that what Abigail had just said had better not have been true. Chris admits to his mother that it is true, but it is not what she thinks. He starts to explain and Kim tells him that she doesn't want him to say another thing and she leads him away. Holden and Lily tell Abigail that they are sorry that she found out the way she did. They were just going to send her back to her parents in Saudi Arabia to save her from a broken heart. Holden says that he would rather have her hate him than to go through this. Abigail says that she feels so alone. Ben comes out and tells them that Molly has some inter-cranial bleeding and they are going to have to operate. Abigail says that she has to see her. Abigail goes into the room where Molly is and she is talking to her and telling her that she is so sorry. She asks Molly to squeeze her hand if she can hear her so she will know that everything will be all right. Molly does not squeeze her hand and Abigail runs out of the room crying and into Holden's arms. Andy comes into the ER. He has found out about Molly when Ben called home to tell Denise not to wait up for him and that the emergency was Molly. Abigail blurts out that she wished that she had never found out that Chris had slept with Molly. Andy stops dead in his tracks.

Kim takes Chris to Bob's office. She starts to rake him over the coals about Molly. She tells him that he was selfish toward his brother and he mislead his girlfriend. Chris tells her that it was over with Molly before he met Abigail and he didn't know that Abigail was Molly's daughter until they were falling in love with each other. Bob walks into the room and Kim is still yelling at Chris. Bob takes Chris' side and tells Kim that it was not all his fault. Kim can't believe that he is taking his son's side after all this time. Kim leaves the two alone. Bob tells Chris that everything is going to be all right, he just needs to let things cool off a bit. They leave and go back to the ER.

John comes over to Lucinda's house for a visit. He takes out pictures of Hope and shows Lucinda. He starts to talk about trying to get custody of the baby. Lucinda questions him on this. Why would he, at his age, want to get custody of a baby? He tells her that is where she comes in. If they were to get married it would look better to the courts. Lucinda looks at John lovingly and says that she likes his new haircut, but he is insane. She tells John that that was the most appalling proposal that she had ever heard. John tries to convince her how good they would be together and with Hope. Lucinda says that he wants to raise his son's love child and with her. John says that is exactly what he was thinking and just think where the girl will go with them as her parents. Lucinda is still not going for it and John tells her that they would only have to stay married until he got custody and then she could go. She asks him if he would give her a reference? As they are arguing the issue, Jake McKinnon comes running in and Lucinda asks him how he got in. He says that he has his ways. He looks at John and says, "Hey, what's up doc?" Lucinda says that he is having a nervous break down, but it can wait. Jake tells Lucinda about Molly taking a fall down some stairs and she is being operated on. John and Lucinda have a good laugh on that one and Jake tells Lucinda that it is more serious than that. He has some news on Molly. Jake wants to tell her more but he motions toward John. Lucinda turns to John and asks him to go to Rosa and ask her for some chamomile tea OR he is welcome to go home. John goes to see Rosa. After John is gone, Jake tells Lucinda that Molly fall appears to be than an accident. He says that Abigail and Chris Hughes are or have been seeing each other. John walk back into the room. Lucinda tells Jake to stay on top of the story. She trust his instincts, he is smart and on top of the world. Jake tells her to be careful, it almost sounds like she is complimenting him. Jake leaves. John tells Lucinda that he now knows why she turned him down, she wants to be with Jake McKinnon! She informs John that Jake is her editor. John says that he challenges her and that excites her. John asks her what she is going to do with the rest of her life? Is she just going to sit around and play solitaire? Lucinda yells, "Out! Get out of my house, out of my kingdom!" She calls him a lunatic. He picks up his jacket and tells her that he never takes no for an answer. As he is leaving, she is yelling that she would never marry him. To marry him would be like have a root canal without the Novocain. And then she yells one more time, "Lunatic!!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Isaac asks Jake to collect the $10,000 he's owed. Emily walks in as Jack is asking if it's dirty money. Incensed when he hears his brother had an affair with his ex-fiance, Andy punches Chris in the stomach. Abigail tells a questioning Hal that she blames herself for Molly's fall.

Isaac has Emily escorted out of his room. After listening to Abigail and hearing Chris vouch for her Hal decides it was an accident. Bob tries to calm Andy down but Kim sides with her son, telling him he deserves an explanation. Bob examines Chris for broken ribs and Chris expects another lecture, but is surprised when Bob compliments him for his handling of the situation.

An agitated Andy arrives at Denise's and explains that he can't get in touch with his AA sponsor. Denise urges him to talk, reminding him how he's always been there for her. Holden finds Abigail pouring out her heart in the chapel and comforts her. Andy tells Denise that he feels doubly betrayed because his brother used Andy's apartment to have sex with Molly.

After Emily pumps her for information regarding her "boyfriend the professional gambler" Camille storms into Isaac's room and demands to know exactly what he does for a living. Ben goes to the chapel and tells Abigail and Holden that Molly is out of surgery but the news isn't good.

Ben tells Abigail that Molly is on a ventilator and still in a coma. After Jake refuses to help him recover his money, a defiant Isaac confirms to Camille that he is a gambler. Chris watches Abigail as she hovers over Molly's bed. Ben walks in on Denise and Andy holding hands. Later, Denise assures Ben she was just listening to Andy. Isaac tells Camille he was only joking, he's just a businessman, but the damage has been done and Camille walks out.

Lucinda tells Lily she deserves better. Lily then catches Holden leaving the hospital and Lucinda gives her daughter a speaking look when he admits he'd forgotten she was there. Get better Mom, a teary Abigail pleads. Chris is waiting for her when she steps out of Molly's room.

Denise tucks in Ben when he falls asleep on the couch. Lily assures Holden she's proud of him for putting his family first. A bitter Abigail admits to Chris she'll always love him, but insists they are over. Chris refuses to believe her and Abigail storms off, only to succumb to tears one she's out of his sight.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Jack and Hal are at the police station. Hal asks Jack if he has been online to find out more information on an embezzlement case they are working on. Jack tells him that what he is doing is not official police business. He is trying to find out more information about the man Carly left town with. Hal starts to lay into him about it, but Jack tells him the information he found out proves that Carly did not leave town by her own free will.

Denise enters the living room in the morning with Hope. Ben is still crashed out on the couch from the night before. Denise frantically searches for a comfort toy for Hope, as she is cranky from cutting teeth. She puts Hope in her playpen to get her some juice, and winds up spilling it all over herself. Just then the doorbell rings. As Hope wails in the playpen, Denise rushes to the door. It is the new social worker from Oakdale who has been assigned to check out Hope's living arrangements. Denise looks around her messy apartment with Ben asleep half-naked on the couch, and realizes she is in trouble.

Katie rushes in to WOAK to do the noon news. Henry gets to her first to tell her the "good" news that Molly is still in a coma. Katie begins to do the "Top Story" about Molly's accident, and is visibly shaken by what she reads about the accident on the copy. Her voice falters as she reads the news about the accident being caused after an argument with Molly's daughter. Katie barely makes it through the rest of the report, and makes a heartfelt wish to Molly for her recovery. After she goes off air, Holden comes to the desk to see if Katie is all right. Katie tells him that "This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Holden hugs her supportively as Henry shakes his head. Katie immediately tries to recoup from her statement, and Holden doesn't seem to catch it. He wants to find someone to finish the newscast for her, but Katie tells him that she is just fine and will have no problem finishing the newscast. Henry gives his support, as Katie re-mikes to finish the broadcast. Katie tells Holden she will not let him down, and shakily returns to the copy.

Denise is surprised to see the social worker, and wonders why she was not notified about the visit. The social worker tells her that the visits are unannounced so that they can see the child in its natural element. Ben hears the lady enter, and tries to cover himself up. Denise nervously explains to the social worker that Ben usually does not spend the night, but fell asleep after performing a late surgery the night before. Denise frantically tries to clean up the place, explaining to the social worker about how messy babies are at Hope's age. Ben tries to help, but ends up making the situation worse.

Jack throws a lot of information about "Phillips" to Hal, about his shady dealings, his extortion charge, and his stabbing of Isaac, but Hal refuses to believe that Carly left town under duress. Jack is surprised that if that is the case, then why hasn't anyone heard from her? And why would she not leave word about her whereabouts to her own cousin, Molly? Just then Barbara enters with a package from Carly.

Jack looks dejected, but demands to know what is in the box. It is an outfit and a teddy bear for Parker. There is also a note to Barbara and Hal attached that tells them that she has been very busy, but she misses her little boy, and soon would like to arrange for Parker to visit her in France. Nothing is mentioned in the note about Jack. Jack refuses to believe that Carly is doing all this freely, and wants to scan the note and the contents of the package to see if Carly left any clues to where she is being held. Hal and Barbara try to knock some sense into him, but Jack tells them that he is not giving up on Carly.

Denise apologizes to the social worker about the craziness she walked in on, and tells her that Hope is teething which is why she is so cranky. Ben asks the social worker if she could come back a little later after they have had a chance to clean things up a bit, but Denise thinks that is a big mistake. The social worker admits that she does have another family to visit, and she will make this exception just once. After she leaves, Denise lays into Ben about shooing out the social worker. She thinks that the lady will believe that Denise has something to hide. Ben tries to calm her down, telling her that social workers are trained professionals, and they know that babies cry and mother's have bad days. Denise believes that it would be better if Ben were gone when the social worker comes back. Ben tries to tell her that not everyone is "out to get her", but Denise still believes that it would be better if she could just handle this situation on her own. Ben disgustingly leaves, and Denise hurriedly tries to clean up the place. The doorbell rings, and Denise is relieved to see Andy standing at the door.

Holden congratulates Katie for making it through the broadcast. Katie tells him that she knew that Molly had been hurt, but didn't have any of the details. She asks Holden what Abby and Molly were fighting about, but then realizes that because of the photos that surfaced, Abby found out about Molly and Chris. Holden fills her in on the lengths of Molly's injuries, and tells her that even though the surgery was deemed successful, they won't completely know how Molly fared until she comes out of the coma. Katie secretly feels horrible about what happened. After Holden leaves, Henry comes in to give Katie his kudos for the broadcast. Katie wonders how Henry can be so calm, considering it was them who caused all the problems, and Molly's accident. She tells that she cannot live with herself, and that she is going to confess everything to Holden.

Jack gets back the report from forensics about the package Carly sent, and the contents were all deemed OK. Jack is dismayed that they were not able to find anything strange. Just then, Emma enters and tells Jack that she, too, received a package in the mail from Carly. She asks to speak to Jack in private. After they leave the room, Hal and Barbara discuss the nerve Carly has to cause so much trouble from halfway around the world. Denise explains to Andy the chaos that had just happened, and Andy tries to calm her down. He says all the right things to Denise to make her feel better about the situation, and offers to help her clean up so that she can go change. Denise doesn't want to impose on him, but Andy reminds her that she was there for him last night, and he would like to return the favor. Denise agrees, and Andy tidies up the apartment. As Denise re-emerges from changing, the social worker arrives. Denise calmly apologizes for the confusion, and Andy introduces himself as Hope's father.

Henry anxiously tries to talk Katie out of telling Holden the whole story, but Katie is adamant. If it weren't for them, none of this would ever have happened. Katie goes to Holden and tells him that she has to tell him something. Henry tries to interject, but Katie starts profusely apologizing to Holden. She is about to spill the beans, when one of the production assistants interrupts with Katie's new contract. Holden tells her that he is offering her a three-year contract as the news anchor, complete with a large salary, and many perks. Katie is shocked, and when Holden asks her what she needed to tell him, Katie feigns that she was just upset at herself for faltering during the newscast. Holden begins to praise her for her honesty and loyalty to the station and his family, and tells her that she deserves everything that she is getting. Henry is relieved, and welcomes her to "the big time."

The social worker sits down with Andy and Denise, and calmly talks to them about their daughter. Mrs. Marks (social worker) tells Denise that she realizes that every family has their chaotic days, and that she has no points against her. Denise is relieved. The social worker leaves, and Denise embraces Andy. She tells him that she never could have kept her cool like that without his help. Andy tells her it was no problem, and that she should call Ben to tell him how everything went. Andy leaves, and Denise phones Ben to apologize for taking her fears out on him. She asks him to come over. The doorbell rings, and it is Ben standing at the door on his cell phone. Denise throws her arms around him, and gives him a big kiss. Emma tells Jack that she received some fancy French soaps from Carly, and a thank you message for all that she did to help her out before the ill-conceived wedding. Jack is miffed that everyone got packages from Carly except him, but Emma tells him that there was something for him in her package. She was about to throw it out to spare Jack any pain, but decided that it should be Jack who makes that call. It is a videotape. Emma offers to leave to let Jack view it in private, but Jack asks her to stay. Carly begins by apologizing to Jack for hurting him. She tells him that things are going wonderful for her in Paris, and that her designs are a huge hit. She says that she is happy, because people there genuinely like her, and respect her. It is not like Oakdale where everyone graciously forgave her, but are secretly waiting for her to fall again. She most of all just wants Jack to be happy, and to not wait around for her, because he could never enjoy the life that she wants to live. There is a knock on Carly's door, and she tells Jack that it must be room service. She ends the tape by telling Jack to not forgive her, and let her go, so that he can be happy. Jack is visibly dejected.

Ben and Denise kiss, and Denise tells him that everything turned out a lot better in the end. Ben finds the photos of Denise and Hope that Andy took, and Denise tells him that Andy dropped those off earlier. Ben's face shows disappointment about Andy's involvement, but just tells Denise that he would like copies of the photos for himself. Denise asks him how she could be so lucky, and she and Ben kiss again.

Katie excitedly looks over her new contract, and Henry tells her that she did the right thing by not telling Holden about their involvement in the whole Chris/Molly thing. Holden enters and tells them both that the viewers of the news have been calling all morning, and are voicing their opinions that they want Molly back on the air after she recovers from her injuries. Holden tells Katie not to worry, that her position as anchor is secure. After he leaves, Katie looks dejected, but Henry tells her not to worry. He has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that Molly will never return to WOAK. Katie tells Henry to leave Molly alone, that they have done enough to hurt her. Henry says that it is better to be safe than to be sorry, but Katie tells him that she will no longer be a part of any more of his schemes. Henry tells her that it is too late for that, she is already up to her eyeballs in it. Holden interrupts their intense conversation, and tells Katie that they need to go over some new copy. Katie tells Holden that her and Henry are done. After they leave, Henry gets on the phone, and tells the person on the other end that he wants plans set in motion immediately. He says that Molly will not look like the innocent martyr in the viewer's eyes when "this" all hits the fan.

Ben and Denise start to get passionate on the couch. Ben half-heartily tries to put on the breaks, but Denise tells him that she "needs" him so much. Meanwhile, in Hope's nursery, she begins fussing. Standing up in her crib, she notices her favorite comfort toy lying on the floor....

Emma apologizes to Jack for Carly, and tells him that he would be better off if he stops trying to find something redeeming in Carly's leaving. She tells him that he is only going to hurt himself worse if he keeps believing that Carly did not leave town on his own free will. She leaves, and Jack smashes the videotape against the wall. He says "Good-bye, Carly."

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Phillips enters Carly's room, and admonishes her for not eating anything. He tells her that her packages arrived in Oakdale as planned, and he is sure that everyone was convinced that she is living lavishly in Paris. He tells her not to have any false hopes, that no one will be looking for her, or cares about her anymore. Carly begs Phillips to let her talk to "him", as she is sure that she can convince "him" to let her go. Phillips tells her that is not possible, and leaves, locking her in her room. Carly says aloud "someway, somehow, I will find a way to make this up to you Jack."

Friday, February 18, 2000

An irate Holden shows Lily the copy of the National Intruder with a lurid front-page photo of Chris and Molly and worries that Abigail will never find peace from it. Jen and Abigail take a table at Al's Diner next to Katie and Henry. Isaac refuses to take his pain medication. Denise is intent on seducing Ben but Ben pulls her away and tells her it's not right. In the nursery Hope picks up a bottle of pills.

Ben reminds Denise of his belief in no premarital sex but Denise believes it's really because of her past and asks him to leave. A distressed Abigail finds a copy of the Intruder and watching her, Katie blasts Henry for going to the tabloids with the photo. Holden blames himself and believes Abigail will never trust anybody again. Bob refuses to release Isaac unless someone takes care of him.

Denise sees that Hope has escaped her crib and panics when she sees the open bottle of pills on the floor. She calls Ben but he turns his answering machine off when he hears her voice. After calling Poison Control Denise rushes Hope to the hospital. Katie takes Henry's advice and goes to Holden's house to console him and Holden takes her up on her offer to help by asking her to advise Abigail. At the diner Abigail runs off after being harassed by two guys who recognize her as being Molly's daughter.

Roy gives Isaac the $10,000 he owes him and offers to be his dealer while he's recuperating. Camille asks Ben to take in his brother until he gets better but Ben refuses. The two hear shouts from Isaac's room and rush in to find Roy and Isaac struggling. John walks in as Susan is examining Hope.

Katie sympathizes with Abigail's pain, reminding her of her own public shame when her sister had an affair and was charged with murder, but Abigail is inconsolable and wishes she'd never been born. Andy stops John from berating Denise further. Denise and Andy then team up to get Hope to drink her medicine.

Lily goes for a walk at the Snyder Pond and finds a stack of letters that begin "My dearest beloved." Isaac is anything but pleased when he realizes the rehab center he agreed to is none other than Camille's apartment.

Denise worries to Andy that the hospital will report the incident to the social worker in Peoria. John calls his lawyer and tells him it's time they interfere. Lily tries to tell Holden about her discovery but he's more concerned with checking on his daughter. A disconsolate Abigail decides she has to leave and starts packing her clothes.



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