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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, February 7, 2000

Carly is at the docks with Mr. Phillips. Phillips has escorted Isaac over to the bushes and has stabbed him. He grabs Carly and tells her that they need to go, now! Carly tells him that she won't go with him until she can go to the church and explain to Jack and say goodbye to Parker. Phillips finally agrees to let her go to the church, but she is not allowed to tell Jack the truth and nobody had better follow them. She agrees and they leave, Isaac laying in the shadows, finds his cell phone. Isaac calls Camille, she is waiting at the church with most of Oakdale for the wedding of Carly and Jack. He tells her that he is at the docks and he has been hurt. He passes out and Camille calls his name several times over the phone, but he does not answer. She hangs up and calls the EMS and tells them that someone has been hurt at the docks. She hangs up and leaves the church. Now, the tension is running high at the church because Carly is no where to be found. Hal asks Jack if wants him to speak to the group of guest. Jack won't let this day be canceled. He tells Hal that Carly was so looking forward to this day and she will be there. Emma comes out and tries to give Jack some encouragement. Jack hugs her and tells her thanks for being there for him. Carly walks in the door and Jack asks her where has she been? She says that he just won't believe what happened to her today. Lisa, Barbara and Lily come out of the sanctuary and Barbara says to Carly that she will help her get into her exquisite gown. Carly says that she has to talk to Jack first. Lisa says that they will have the rest of their lives to talk, they should go ahead with the ceremony first. Carly looks at the minister and asks if there is somewhere they can talk in private. The minister takes them into his office and closes the door. Carly starts to tell Jack a big story about the people who gave her the million dollars have given her another offer. They have offered her, her own clothing line. Jack thinks this is great and he says that they have something else to celebrate today. Carly says that he doesn't understand, she has to leave right now and go to Paris. Jack says that they will get married and forgo the reception and have their honeymoon in Paris. Carly says that she has to go do this by herself. She asks him if there would be any way that after she gets the clothing line started if she could come back and they could get married then. Jack tells her no way, they get married today or they are finished. Hal has walked into the room and hears Carly talking about walking out on Jack. Hal asks her about her son? Carly says that she thought that he and Barbara could keep him a little while longer. Hal tells her that if she leaves him now, she will never get him back. Carly tells Jack that she hopes that he won't feel bad toward her. He tells her that he doesn't feel anything at all. She starts to leave and Jack tells her that she is not going anywhere until she addresses her guest and gives them a reason for the wedding being called off. She walks out of the office and Jack and Hal follow. She walks into the sanctuary and the organist starts to play the wedding march. Emma walks up to her and asks if she needs help getting into her dress? Carly looks at Emma and says that she is sorry. She walks past Emma to the organist and asks her to stop playing. She turns and looks at everyone seated in the church. She gives them a song and a dance about grabbing the brass ring and she can't marry Jack and how sorry she is. She goes over to Hal, who is holding Parker and reaches out to hold him. Hal tells her that she has done enough damage. She tells Parker goodbye and that his mommy will be back for him. She rushes out of the sanctuary. Molly chases after her and wants to know what gives? Phillips sticks his head in the door and Carly sees him. She says to Molly, "You know, cuz, I'm the original material girl." She grabs Molly and hugs her and whispers in her to take care of her boys, then she kisses her on the cheek and rushes out the door. When she gets outside the door, she starts to sob. Phillips walks up to her, grabs her by the arm and whisks her away from the church.

Andy and Denise are in a hotel room. They are talking about the situation that they are in with Hope. Andy says that it is going to be a long day tomorrow and which bed does Denise want. She asks him why he is sleeping in her room? He gives her a look. She says that he thinks that she is going to run away again. She tries to explain to him that she is not going anywhere without her baby. They have a long talk about trusting each other and they have to work together to get Hope back. Denise starts to talk about how she was keeping the secret of Hope's paternity away from Andy and how it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Denise is a little upset and Andy tries to comfort her by hugging her. As the two are hugging, Ben opens the door and looks in. He sees Andy and Denise hugging and he steps inside and slams the door. The two look around at him. Denise asks him what he is doing there? He tells her about trying to get in touch with her for days and then when he came back to Oakdale, John filled him in on everything. Ben tells them that John told him about getting the special lawyer. Andy says that his dad is not running the show. Ben tells Andy that he had better tell him father that. Ben tells Andy that now that he is there, Andy can go to his own room. Andy informs him that this is his room. Ben wants to know why they are sharing a room. Denise says that Andy didn't trust her to stay. Ben tells Andy that he can go ahead and get another room, he is Denise's fiancé. Andy says that he is not going anywhere. The two stand staring at each other and the phone rings. It is John on the phone and Andy tells him it isn't the time. John wants to know if Ben is there, they have a medical emergency. Ben gets on the phone and John tells him about a man being stabbed and they need a good neuro surgeon. Ben at first asks if there isn't another neuro surgeon on call. John says that they need the best. Ben hangs up the phone and says that he has to go back to Oakdale, where he is needed. Denise tries to stop him, but he stomps out of the room. After Ben is gone, Andy and Denise sit calmly and have a talk about how they are going to have to work together, as friends to get Hope back. Andy asks if they could please do that? Denise agrees. They decide since tomorrow is going to be a long day, they should get some sleep. Andy goes to the other bed and lays down with his clothes on and turns out the light and say goodnight to Denise. She says goodnight back.

At the hospital, Camille is talking with John about Isaac. John questions her about why she is hanging around someone like him. She says that Isaac makes her laugh and he does not question everything she does. She tells John that she is going to see Isaac now and he is not going to stop her. She walks into Isaac's cubicle and shuts the drapes. She starts to talk to Isaac and he opens his eyes. She smiles at him and asks him if he remembers anything that happened? He tells her it was a white dude. He tells her that the blond girl from the fashion show was with him. She asks him if the girl is someone that she knows? He says, "It was Carly." Isaac loses consciousness again. Camille is trying to get him to wake up and give her some more information and Ben comes flying into the room. He takes one look at Isaac and steps back from the bed. Camille asks him what is wrong? Ben turns to her and John and says that he can't operate on this man, they will have to get another doctor.

At the church, most everyone is gone. Jack is in the sanctuary and Emma comes in tells him how sorry she is and if there is anything he needs her for. Jack tells her that he feels nothing for Carly and he will be OK. She kisses him and leaves. Molly comes in and tells Jack that there is something else, her cousin wouldn't have just walked out on their wedding, she loved him too much. Jack says that he doesn't want to talk about Carly and she is nothing to him now. Molly asks if there is anything that she can do for him. He tells her that she can leave. After Molly is gone, Jack takes out Carly's ring and reads the inscription, "Jack and Carly, forever" He walks toward the front of the church looking at the ring. He turns and throws the ring and yells, "Carly!!" He sits down and whispers, "Carly."

Carly and Phillips are on a plane and he is telling her that she was living on borrowed time. She knew this day was coming ever since she walked out on his employer. She is looking at the fake engagement ring that Jack had given her. She says to herself that she had the brass ring and she let it slip out of her hand. She says that she almost had it all. The family, Parker, Jack, being connected. She says that she let it go, but she will get it back. She will never give up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Ben tells Camille that he can't work on Isaac. Camille asks him why and Ben walks away from the bed. Isaac opens his eyes and sees Ben and asks if he is going to save his little brother. Camille asks Ben about him and Isaac being brothers. John reminds them that Isaac needs to visit an OR room immediately. He tells the orderlies to get Isaac down to the OR room and get him prepped. Ben walks out into the hall and Camille walks over to Isaac and tells him that she will be waiting for him. Isaac is either unconscious again or he is faking. Camille walks out into the hall where Ben is and asks him about Isaac being his brother. Ben explains that Isaac is his half-brother. They have the same father, but different mother. Ben goes on to explain that his father had another woman on the side in his same neighborhood where he grew up. Camille asks Ben if he is concerned about Isaac. Ben tells her that he hasn't had any contact with Isaac and he is a stranger to him. Camille asks if he isn't interested in what has happened to Isaac or how he turned out. Ben tells her no. Camille tells him that she understands that it is painful for Ben. John comes out and tells Ben and Camille that Isaac is going to be OK. John says that he had to report the stabbing and the police will be there tomorrow to ask questions. John turns and leaves and Ben puts his coat on. Camille asks him what he going to do and Ben says that he wants to go home and try to relax. Camille asks if he doesn't care about Isaac and Ben says that the man is a stranger to him. Camille tells Ben that like it or not, he is his baby brother. Ben goes to Isaac's room with Camille. Ben steps inside the room and looks at Isaac, who is still asleep. Ben picks up the chart and looks at it. He walks over to the side of Isaac's bed and Isaac opens his eyes and looks at Ben and then closes his eyes. Ben walks over to Camille and then out the door. Camille follows Ben and Ben tells her that his vitals are good and they are where they should be. Camille asks him if that is all he has to say? Ben tells her that she will have to live with that and he leaves.

Jack is sitting in the park, drinking a beer. He is thinking back on the day and how Carly had told him that they could not be married. He thinks about her talking to the guest and how she walked out of the church. Julia comes jogging by and sees Jack. She asks about Carly and where is she? Jack tells her that she is gone. Julia says that they got married today, didn't they? Jack shakes his head no. Julia wants to know what happened. Jack starts to spill his guts and then says that she doesn't want to hear about it. Julia says that she is his friend and she wants to know what happened. Jack tells her about Carly being late for the ceremony and then showing up and telling him that she had to go to Paris to start a new clothing line. Julia can't believe it, all Carly ever wanted was to marry Jack. Jack asks her about how she felt when she found out about Reid Hamilton. They discuss how stupid in love they are. Jack says that he will never trust anyone again. Julia tells him that is childish. She tells him to go home and get a good night sleep. He says that he can't go home, the suitcases that he packed to go on his honeymoon are sitting by the door and he just can't face it. She suggest that he come home with her and he can rant and rave all night and she will sit and let him and listen. They leave the park together. As they are leaving, Julia tells Jack that she thinks that Carly is a very stupid woman.

Katie and Henry are in the control booth and they are ready for Holden. Holden, Lily and Molly all come into the control booth and Molly says that she is glad that Katie and Henry are there together, she has something to show Holden. Holden asks her if she is ready to talk about the station business that she talked about earlier. Henry says that before Molly speaks, he has something that Holden should see first. He pushes a button and a picture of Molly and Chris pops up on the monitor. Holden looks at the monitor and then sends Katie and Henry out of the control booth. After they leave, Molly tries to tell Holden that the picture is a fake. Holden looks at her and he is very angry. He tells her that he wants the truth. Molly admits to an affair with Chris and that is why she didn't want Abigail to be involved with him. Holden says to her, "Our daughter is in love with a guy that you slept with!" Holden asks her why she didn't come to him with the truth about Chris and he would have handled things differently with Abigail. He asks Molly if her job was more important than their daughter. He tells Molly that she will turn in her resignation and he will get Katie to do the eleven o'clock news. As Lily and Holden are leaving the control booth, Molly asks what about Abigail? Lily tells her that they will do what is best for Abigail. They leave Molly crying in the control booth. Holden walks out and asks Katie to take care of doing the eleven o'clock news, Molly has turned in her resignation. She says that she will do it and she has a big smile on her face. Holden tells her that he will be leaning on her a lot more and she says that she will do whatever it takes. Holden and Lily leave the station to go home.

At Holden and Lily's house, Chris and Abigail have just gotten home from the wedding that didn't happen. Chris says that he should leave and Abigail begs him to stay, she doesn't want to be left alone. They start to kiss and Chris backs off and tells Abigail that they just got the privilege of seeing each other and he doesn't want Holden to come home and catch them necking on the sofa. Abigail suggests that they go up to her room. Chris asks if she is serious? She says that Holden won't be home until after the eleven o'clock news and he can escape out her window. She tells him that there is a tree outside her window that he can climb down. He tells her that she has it all planned out. He tells her that he doesn't want to push his luck and they will have many other nights to be together. He gives her a kiss and leaves. Abigail goes to her room and gets ready for bed. She is posing in front of her mirror in her nightgown and robe. Chris is outside her window watching her. He taps on the window and scares her and then she sees that it is Chris and runs to open the window and let him in. They hug each other and he tells her that she seemed so sad when he left he had to come back. She says that she is as happy as she has ever been. They lay down on the bed together and talk about their future together. As they are talking, they get tired and fall asleep. Downstairs, Holden and Lily come home and Holden is furious and yelling about Molly. Lily tells him to calm down, does he want Abigail to hear him? He says that he hopes that Abigail doesn't ever find out about the pictures. He tells Lily that he is going to go upstairs and check on her. Holden goes to Abigail's door and opens it and steps inside. He sees Chris and Abigail on the bed together, sound asleep.

Katie is walking around the studio, reading the copy for the news. Molly comes up behind her and grabs the papers from her hands. Katie acts like she is so sorry that Molly got fired. Molly tells her to save her act for the cameras. She says to Katie that she was the one who had the pictures of she and Chris, wasn't she?!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Hal orders Jennifer too change when he sees she's wearing clothes that Carly designed. A bitter Molly advises Katie to enjoy her 30 minutes of fame, as she still has the tape that will bring Katie down. When he finds Chris in Abigail's bed Holden punches him and reveals he knows the truth--he talked to Molly.

Katie dares Molly to play the tape for Holden, reminding her that she was the one who got Holden's daughter involved in a sordid mess. Over Abigail's protests, Holden announces their relationship is over and tries to throw Chris out. Isaac is upset when Camille reveals that he was talking in his sleep.

Barbara and Hal fill in Jennifer on Carly having stood up Jack at the wedding, but she refuses to believe Carly left for just "design opportunities." Lily tries to calm down Abigail while Holden takes Chris to talk to him alone.

Holden shows Chris the photos and insists he doesn't care when the affair happened--all that matters is that Chris slept with Abigail's mother. Katie declares to Molly that her only crime was being ambitious and guilt-trips Molly for what she did. Molly seeks reassurance from Katie that she didn't send a copy of the photos to Abigail and then promises the new anchor that she'll be back on top again.

A cross Camille tells Isaac that all he talked about was his dog and his mother. Chastened, Isaac admits his mother once gave him a dog named after Sojourner Truth and convinces her to go home. When Jennifer thinks to get the real story from Carly, Barbara has to tell her that Carly has left for Paris. Jennifer takes the news hard, believing that when Carly told her she was beautiful she was lying to her the way she did to everyone else. Hal confirms that Parker is going to stay with them.

When Holden throws Chris out of the house, Abigail runs out after him and Chris has to persuade her to go back inside. Abigail is unable to get an explanation from Holden and Lily--all Lily will say is that it is for her own good. Hal and Jennifer comfort Barbara when she reveals how deceived she feels by Carly after having finally learned to trust her again.

At WOAK Katie watches as Chris tells Molly he lost Abigail because of her. Holden paces at home and tells Lily it's better that Abigail hate him than know the truth about Molly and Chris. Molly assures Chris it was not her but two "snakes" at the studio who took the photos and leaked them. Chris congratulates her for having gotten her wish before storming out.

A disgusted Katie declines Henry's offer of a drink at Java to celebrate, and in parting he reminds her that she got a boost up into the anchor's chair from him and she shouldn't forget him when she's at the top.

Molly takes a last look around the studio before leaving. Separately, Chris and Abigail mourn the loss of each other.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Holden is about to leave for the station, when Lily reminds him that Abigail has a day off from school. They try to decide how they are going to deal with the information that Molly slept with Chris. They both know that there is no way they will be able to keep Abby and Chris apart unless they tell her the truth about what they know. Meanwhile, Chris is at home agonizing about what transpired at Holden's the night before. Nancy stops over with a cake for Chris. She goes into the kitchen to put water on for tea, and Abigail calls on the phone. Chris holds back, tells Abby to do what Holden tells her to do. Abby says she will fix everything, but Chris tries not to get her hopes up. When Abby tells him that she loves him, Chris does not reciprocate.

Jack goes to the hospital to talk to Camille who asked him to come over. She tells him that Isaac believes that the man who stabbed him was the same man that Carly left the country with on their wedding day. Also at the hospital, Kim stops by to see Ben. She is wondering if he has heard anything from Denise. Ben realizes that she has not heard from Andy either, and the only thing they both know is that they both are still in Peoria. Meanwhile, in Peoria, Andy gets a call from Hope's social worker to tell him that Hope's hearing has been set for that morning at 11:30 in the Judge's chambers. Andy goes to wake up Denise, but second-guesses himself. He grabs his coat and leaves. A few minutes later, Denise wakes up to a knocking at the door. It is John, wondering where Andy is so they can go to the hearing together. Denise is shocked that Andy didn't tell her anything about it. She thinks that Andy is in cohorts with John. John tells her that Hope is where she always should have been, with her father.

Jack tries to feign indifference at the information Camille just gave him, but Camille knocks some sense into his head. She knows that Carly would not purposely leave him unless something was wrong. Jack goes into see Isaac. At first, Isaac is non-committal, but with Camille's prompting, he tells Jack that Carly left with this man willingly. Carly told him that the man had made her an offer she couldn't refuse. He also told Jack that when he walked in on the two of them, they were having a heated discussion, and the man had Carly by the arm. Jack wonders if Isaac really knew this man, even though Isaac pretends that he doesn't. The conversation between the two of them becomes heated, as Jack pressures Isaac to come clean about who this guy is, and whether or not the man may have kidnapped Carly. As the yelling continues, Ben rushes into the room, and tells Jack that Isaac is in no condition to be getting so upset.

Andy comes back to the hotel room with a garment bag. Denise yells at both Andy and John for trying to deceive her. Andy tries to convince Denise that he is on her side, and that he did not know that John would be there today. Denise does not believe him, and goes to the phone to call Ben. Meanwhile, Andy berates his father for messing up the progress that he and Denise is making, and tells him to back off. When John refuses, Andy throws him out of the room, and tells him that HE is Hope's father, and HE will make the decisions, not John. John is furious and leaves. On the phone, the nurse tells Denise that Ben is in an emergency, and cannot be disturbed. Denise tells the nurse to have Ben contact her immediately.

Nancy knows that something is wrong with Chris. Chris tells her that he did something wrong, and he does not know how to fix it. Nancy tells him that maybe another perspective will help, but Chris doesn't want to tell her what he did. Nancy asks if Abby is pregnant, and Chris laughs it off, saying no. He does tell her that he did something wrong, and Abby will be greatly hurt when she finds out. Nancy tells him that nothing good ever comes of lies, and that Chris should step up and face the music, whatever it is. Meanwhile, Holden and Lily discuss how to handle the news about Chris and Molly. They debate telling her, but know that it will just tear her up, and ruin her relationship with Molly. The phone rings, and it is a tabloid reporter, asking Holden questions about why Molly was fired. Holden tells the reporter that Molly resigned her position. After they hang up, Holden tells Lily that word has leaked out to the press that Molly was fired from WOAK for sexual indiscretions. They know that now that the word is out, Abby is going to find out one way or the other. The only thing Holden can think to do to keep Abby from hearing, is to send her back to Saudi Arabia to live with her adoptive parents. As they ponder this revelation, Abby comes down the steps to talk to them.

Denise is ready to leave, when Andy tells her that the package he returned with is for her. He implores Denise to trust him, and that he is on her side. He has a plan to get Hope back, but tells Denise it is not going to work unless they are together on it.

At the hospital, Camille apologizes to Ben for letting Jack into see Isaac. She didn't realize their exchange would be so heated. Isaac sarcastically tells Ben that he appreciates Ben sticking up for him, and that he could have used his "big-bro" in the second grade when kids were picking on him. Ben disgustingly leaves, and Camille follows him. Camille tells him that he must really care for his brother for jumping into the situation when he did, but Ben tells her that he only did what he would do for any other patient. He checks his messages, and finds out that Denise called him. However, Ben is due in surgery, and does not have time to return the call. As soon as he leaves, Kim comes up to the desk looking for Ben. When she finds out he is in surgery, she leaves a note for him, telling the nurse that it is imperative that Ben get back with her as soon as he is free.

Abigail apologizes to Holden and Lily about Chris being in her room the night before. She hands them a list of possible punishments, saying that her parents always made her do that when she was in trouble. The list included giving up her horseback training, babysitting the kids for a year, and not seeing Chris for a month. Holden is touched that Abby would go through such trouble, but tells her that he thinks that she and Chris should make a clean break for good. Abby is devastated, and tries to reason with him, but Holden tells her it is for the best. Abby can clearly see that there is something else going on, and wants to know what it is. She implores Lily to be reasonable, but Lily tells Abby that she is with Holden on this one. Abby tells them that it is impossible for her to never see Chris again, because they live in the same town, and they know the same people. Holden tells her that the best way to keep them apart is to send her to Saudi Arabia to live with the Williams'. Abby can't believe that Holden would want to get rid of her, and Holden tells her that he has no other choice. Abby is furious, and tells him that Molly will never let Holden send her away. Holden tells her that Molly doesn't have any say in this decision, but Abby frantically tries to call Molly anyway.

Jack runs into Julia in the park. He thanks her for the talk they had the night before, and tells her that he owes her one. He also tells he that he has gotten new information about the man that Carly left town with, and he has to warn her about how dangerous this man is. Julia reminds him about their talk, and how Jack said that he was not going to fall for any of Carly's lies ever again.

John introduces Kim to the judge that will be presiding over Hope's hearing. John thanks Kim for showing up, and tells her by having her there, a pillar in the Oakdale community, that it will look favorable for "their side". Kim tells him that she is not there to impress anyone, but is there to look out for Andy. She does not want John interfering in any way. The social worker arrives, and the judge asks her if she is ready to proceed. She tells the judge that the main parties are not there yet, and maybe they should postpone the hearing. Just then, a very dapper Andy and Denise enter, telling the judge they have waited long enough. Andy tells the judge that they are petitioning the court to return Hope to him and Denise. The judge questions Denise on her past mistakes, and Denise makes an impassioned speech on how much she has changed since Hope was born, and that she is a good mother and provider for Hope. The judge questions her on why she felt it was necessary to flee town with the child, and Denise tells him that she did not want to leave, but the custody of her child was being threatened. John interjects, telling the judge that Denise is feeding him a bunch of rubbish.

Abby realizes that Molly will never sympathize with her because she was against Chris and her from the start. She tells Holden and Lily that she is not going away, and they cannot stop her from seeing Chris. She races out of the room crying. She goes to her room, and locks the door. She turns up her music on her stereo really loud, and escapes out her bedroom window.

Jack tries to tell Julia that Carly could be in real trouble, but Julia tries to convince him otherwise. If the guy was kidnapping her, then why was she allowed to come and see him in the church before leaving town? Jack is torn by wanting to believe that Carly didn't want to leave, and the fact that Carly really wanted fame, fortune, and success. Julia believes that Carly is smarter than to fall for some scheme, and that she left town because she wanted to. Julia tells Jack that Carly has made her decision about her life, and it is time for Jack to make his.

Camille says aloud "Who are you Isaac Jenkins?", when Isaac wakes up. Camille laughs that Isaac was not supposed to hear that, and Isaac says that he will pretend he didn't if she kisses him. Camille presses him into a conversation about Ben, but Isaac tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. He feigns a back spasm to get Camille closer to him, and then plants a kiss on her.

John tells the judge that Denise has done everything she can to keep Andy and his family away from Hope. The judge asks Kim if that information is true. Kim says yes and tries to respond, but John interrupts her, and says that Denise is just putting on an act to impress the judge. John tells him that he would like the judge to grant custody of Hope to Andy alone. The judge is about to retire to come to a decision, when Andy asks if he can be heard. Andy tells the judge that he and Denise are working together to try to decide the best way to raise Hope together. He also tells the judge that Denise is a good mother, and he does not want the ruling to be at Denise's expense. The judge leaves to consider his decision. Denise gives Andy a big smile and squeezes his hand. The judge re-enters with the social worker and Hope in tow. He tells the parties that Hope will be returned to Denise, with conditions. Her home will be visited by the social worker on a regular basis, and should Denise ever exhibit any irresponsible behavior, she will immediately be remanded back to the court. Denise is overjoyed as the social worker hands Hope to her. She thanks Andy for helping her, and standing by her. Andy tells her that he only has what is best with Hope in mind, and that means being with Denise. As the two cuddle with their child, Ben enters the chambers and sees them together.

Lily is furious at Molly and Chris for putting them into this mess. It is them that caused all the trouble, and Abby and Holden are suffering because of it. Holden wonders if he should go check on her, but Lily tells him to give her time to absorb the information, and to calm down. Meanwhile, Abby goes to Chris's apartment and tells him that Holden "lost it" and is sending her away to Saudi Arabia. She knows there is something big they are not telling her, but has no idea what it is. Chris never imagined that they would try to send her away. Abby tells him that they need to run away. Chris tells her that they can't do that, because Abby needs her family. Abby says that she hates Holden and Molly and that they never cared about her. She tells him that Holden may be packing her bags to leave that night, and Chris becomes frantic. When Abby tells him that they need to run away now, Chris hugs her and tells her OK.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Ben is irked when John tells him there was no need for him to come--Andy was the one who got Hope out of foster care. Molly returns to the station and chides Katie for thinking she would just walk away. Chris quells Abigail's plan of them moving to New York, insisting he's deceived her.

Chris admits to Abigail that he owes her an explanation. Denise is irritated when Ben wishes he'd been included and Andy steps in and suggests the two of them take Hope and go home--he'll meet up with them later. John chastises Andy for not letting Denise reveal her true colors to the judge. Henry the tape steals from Molly's purse as Holden denies Katie's suggestion that they let Molly do the news again.

When Holden reveals he's sending Abigail back to her adoptive parents, Molly blurts out that she knows who took the photos. Abigail reassures Chris he could never do anything to make her hate him. An angry Andy tells John he's not going to let him use Hope to figure out his own "paternal inferiority complex." Molly fingers Katie and insists to Holden that she has proof. Abigail is afraid of the lie that Chris has to confess to her.

Denise admits to Ben that she feels like he's always judging her, whereas with Andy she knows he isn't, because he's as messed up as she is. Holden doubts Katie could be involved and calls her in to refute the accusations. When a triumphant Molly goes to play her tape for Holden, she realizes it's gone.

Abigail intuits that Chris was with another woman before they met but insists it doesn't matter. What if it was Molly? Chris asks.

You slept with my mother? Abigail numbly asks. Katie admits to Holden she is guilty--of being ambitious--and starts to cry. Holden assures Katie he believes her and orders Molly to leave the station.

Abigail cries and tells Chris he and Molly must've been laughing at her the whole time. She shrinks away when Chris seeks to comfort her and runs out. Chris throws a copy of "The Great Gatsby" against the wall and watches as the mirror shatters. Abigail runs upstairs to Molly's apartment but finding no answer, stops to write her mother a note.

Ben voices his fears to Denise that he's losing her. Andy challenges John to fight him in court--he'll still win. Denise promises Ben she still has room in her life for him and suggests they start planning their life together.

John berates Kim and Andy for being too soft and reveals he's put Beechman, the grandparents' rights attorney, on retainer--when Denise makes another mistake, he'll be there to pounce, he vows.

Henry pockets the tape and lets Katie believe he destroyed it, shocking her when he suggests she use sex to get to the top. Chris is beset by memories of Molly and Abigail and storms out of the apartment.

Molly arrives home to find Abigail on her doorstep finishing the note. You slept with my boyfriend, Abigail accuses her mother.


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