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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on GL
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Monday, February 7, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is still in a daze telling Richard how much she loves him. She says her headaches and Richard tells her how worried about her that he was. Richard asked Cassie if she meant what she said to him earlier. She asked about it and he told her that she told him that she loved him. He started to tell her that he too, loves her but she stopped him and told him that she dreamt she was talking to Hart. Richard looked disappointed. Cassie apologized to Richard and told him that it takes a lot to make her fall in love. She talks to him about the man she loves and how she fell in love with him the first time she saw him. Buzz comes in and interrupts them with the chili. Cassie is shocked to see Buzz and asks him if he flew all that way to bring her chili. He told her that it was Richard's idea. Cassie turns to Richard and asked him if he did that for her. Richard turned on the business Prince and told him that he did because she is a royal jewel and has to be taken care of so that she can help rule the country. Buzz wondered about why Richard was acting that way and followed him out of the room. He asked Richard what was up and he told him that it is all an arrangement between he and Cassie and nothing else. Buzz told him that he liked the honest Prince that hustled him at pool much better. He told Richard that he needed to be honest and tell Cassie how he feels.
The doctor comes out from Cassie's room to talk to the Prince, Buzz leaves. The doc tells Richard that they gave Cassie a complete battery of tests and he is afraid that she may no longer be able to have children. He asks the doctor not to say anything to anyone about this.

At the LeMay's:
Susan blows Beth's secret out of the water and tells her dad that she is pregnant. Jim wasn't sure what to make of it until Beth confirmed the story. Susan went even further and told them that Beth was a liar and the baby may not even be Jim's. Jim sent her to her room and he turned to talk to Beth. She told him that she wanted to tell him but he said that the timing was all wrong. He asked when that all happened and Beth told him it happened the night he proposed in San Cristobel. They chat for a while and Beth asks him to please at least act like he is a little happy. Jim told her that he was ecstatic. He said that was the best news he has had in years. Beth was happy, Jim was happy, they hugged. Jim tells her that they will manage somehow with their finances and the house and all, but that he really wasn't worried about it. He also told her that even though he loves Susan more than his own life, having his own biological child is something that he never thought he would have. They hug some more and the phone rings. It's Phillip. Jim tells him the news and asks Phil to congratulate him. Before he could, Beth got on the phone. She asked him what was up and he told her that Susan was over there and that Lizzie also knows about the baby. He congratulates them both and hung up. Jim said that he and Beth should get married ASAP. She tells him that she doubts any justices of the peace are up at that hour. He suggests that first thing in the morning they get all the paperwork and make the arrangements to be married within the next week.

At Harley and Phillip's:
Susan bursts in and tells everyone that Beth is pregnant. She told them about her rude comments and they all looked surprised. Lizzie overheard and started asking a bunch of questions. Harley took Susan outside to talk to her while Phillip talked to Lizzie inside.
Harley got Susan to understand that the baby is a blessing and it had no effect on how her dad loves her.
Lizzie wanted to know if this would be her real brother or sister, since it was Jim's and Beth's or would it only be a half like Zack. Phillip tried to explain that this baby would be a real brother/sister to her because of the love she will share with him. Phillip told Lizzie that he is depending on her to look out for the new baby and to show him as much love as she can.
Harley and Susan came in. Susan wants to spend the night and she and Lizzie went upstairs. Harley asked Phillip what he thought about it and told him that she is glad Beth is finally going on with her life with a new man. Phillip called Jim and Beth to tell them that Susan was there and ok and that she would be spending the night with them.

At Drew's apartment:
Drew is wondering why she ever doubted Jesse's love for her. She said that she was still a bit upset thinking about Carmen and what she may do to her. Jesse tries to comfort her. He leaves to get a bottle of wine for their romantic evening. Drew goes to the door when someone knocks. It's Carmen
Carmen asks where Jesse is. She thought he would be there standing guard worried about Drew. Carmen asks her why she never told her that she had a part in killing her son. Drew told her that it was in self-defense. Carmen didn't want any excuses. She said she had questions for her, she wanted to know what her sons last words were, if he knew he was about to die and if he called out for his mother, just like so many of the Santos victims had as they lay dying. That's the picture she has of her son in her nightmares. Drew tells her that she is sorry but that wasn't enough for Carmen. She wanted to know why she never told her. Drew told her she was scared because of everything Carmen had done to Michelle. She said that she wanted to tell Carmen but they had to defend themselves. Drew says she feels bad for Carmen but can't do anything to change things. She wants to know what Carmen is going to do. "Are we going to plan my little accident? " Carmen said that before that may have been an option but since she got to know her and since she is Ben's daughter, she feels there has been too much tragedy and is going to let it go. Jesse shows up and is surprised to see Carmen. Carmen leaves. Drew believes that Carmen is going to leave it along.
Outside, Carmen makes a comment about how Drew will suffer just like Michelle.

At Company:
Michelle and Danny are arguing over leaving town. Michelle says it's illegal and her life is in Springfield, their family, and their friends. Danny asks her to think about it for a minute, he arranged for fake passports. He knows it's a huge sacrifice to leave the family and friends, but it's their life. He begs her to leave with him now. Danny doesn't think they can count on anyone but each other. He thinks they should run while they have a chance. Danny says they would have each other. Danny thinks they could travel all over the world and be anyone they wanted to be. A guy shows up with the passports. Danny tells Michelle that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of their lives together. The man tells them that they can never come back or contact anyone from their past once they have left the country.
Michelle isn't sure about all of this; she says it is all pretty intense. She doesn't want to do it, says that they should stay and fight. Danny reminds her that it is her freedom she is risking. Michelle is concerned about their family and their future kids. She thinks a life on the run would be a prison. She won't do it to Danny or to her family. She is determined to stay and fight.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

At Josh's apartment:
Josh and Olivia come in from shopping. Apparently they got a real steal of a painting and whoever sold it to them has no idea what they had. Josh checks his answering machine and makes a comment to Olivia about how Reva was supposed to call and set up a time for a family dinner. Olivia didn't realize that Reva had the number to the new apartment and Josh told her that he had given it to her the other night to set up this meeting. Olivia flashes back on the day when she knocked over the answering machine and it erased a message. She hadn't thought anything about it because she didn't think that anyone even had the number. Josh hangs the picture and Olivia tells him that maybe he should call Reva to set up the dinner himself. They talk a bit and Olivia tells Josh that she has a little surprise for him. She tells him that she was feeling bad about the government account they lost and tried to get another job that she knew was available. She told Josh that they didn't get the job, but she did find something that belonged to him while searching through some papers. He looked at it and found that it was a note from HB. He read it out loud, it was about the first job Josh had did for Lewis Construction solo, many years ago. He remembers how awful he thought he did on that job but HB told him that he took all the knocks with great poise and refinement and told Josh how he knew he could handled it, if anyone could. HB wrote that he loved Josh very much and he was so proud of him. The note got to Josh and he thanked Olivia for finding it and giving it to him. He said that meant more to him than anything else she could have gave him. Josh tells her to make her self at home while he goes out to get something from the car. Josh comes back in and Olivia has candles and wine out. She toasts to his new home and new bed. They begin to get romantic and head to the bedroom just at there is a knock at the door. Reva finds Josh with Olivia and tells him he was supposed to be having dinner with the kids but she now sees where his priorities are.

At the Lewis' house:
Reva and the kids waited for Josh to get there for their family dinner. Reva takes the time to ask Marah about what happened with the boy in the garage. Marah doesn't want to talk about it at first and then opens up and tells her mom what went on. Marah tried to downplay Olivia's part so she wouldn't hurt her mom's feelings but Reva tells her that it's okay if she likes Olivia. Marah said she would like her more if her dad liked her less. They talk and Reva assures her that it was not her fault. She says that the boy was wrong no matter how Marah was dressed. Shayne overhears what happened and wants to know who did that to her. Reva tells him that they will take care of it and Shayne asks where his dad was. Reva called Josh's and Olivia answers. She tells Reva that Josh is outside and asks for a message. Reva hangs up and says she'll deliver the message in person. She tells Marah and Shayne that Josh got stuck and wouldn't be able to make it. She gets up to leave and tells them she has to run out for a while but will be back soon. Marah thinks Josh is with Olivia and Reva is going to confront them. Shayne says that he and his sister have to look out for each other since their parents are never around anymore. Marah offers to take him to Millennium and they leave.

At the hospital:
Bill comes in to check on Vanessa and Matt tells him she's doing worse. Matt can't understand why. He tells Bill that everyday he expects her to wake up and come back to him but she doesn't and no one can tell him why. They see Ross being interviewed about the trial and learn that there were two shooters. Matt suggests Bill go see Michelle and he leaves. Matt hears Ross say they have to find out who else was there that night and he remembers Vanessa saying, "I was there." He runs into Carmen in the hall and tells her he thinks Vanessa was in Ben's room the night he was killed.

At the Courthouse:
Rick apologizes to Michelle for his testimony as the press all jump on her for something for their front page. They escape the paparazzi and go back in the courtroom. Holly reassures Michelle that Ross can win for her. Ross meets a man in the hall and goes over some documents he has. He asks the man if he is sure about what the papers said and Ross is pleased. Jesse tells Drew that he truly believes that Carmen will leave her alone and hopes that they can all move on. Carmen apologizes to Michelle for her testimony but Michelle doesn't believe her. Drew tells Michelle that Carmen has forgiven her for Mick's death because she is Ben's daughter. Michelle doesn't thing that Carmen is so forgiving. Ross asks Jesse if he is all right with testifying about his relationship with Michelle with Drew there. Jesse assures him everything is okay. Ross calls Jesse to the stand and he testifies that Michelle helped him learn to read and got him out of a bad neighborhood. The DA questions him about Michelle's mother's heart and implies that he owes Michelle his testimony. She asks him if he's still in love with Michelle. Ross asks him about Michelle's character and he says he doesn't believe Michelle would kill anyone. He says that at one time he loved her, but he's in love with Drew now. Outside, Edmund wants to talk to Carmen but she acts like she doesn't have time. He persists and asks her to do something for him. He needs her to talk to her people in San Cristobel because he needs to be discreet. He advises Carmen to stay away from Drew or else all fingers will point right at her. Carmen reassures him that she doesn't have time to mess with Drew right now and goes into the courtroom. Jesse steps down and Ross calls a doctor to the stand that surprises everyone. He questions him about the gloves and finds out that only one shot was fired while the killer wore the gloves. The doctor tells him that there had to be two shooters involved. The DA asks for recess and Ross tells Michelle and Danny that he didn't want to get their hopes up. Michelle thinks everything is going their way and notices an upset Carmen leaving. She asks Danny why Carmen didn't stick around to congratulate them. Drew can't believe that now she has to look for two people that killed her father.

Tuesday, February 9, 2000

At Josh's Apartment:
Reva comes knocking on Josh's door interrupting him and Olivia. Reva yells at Josh for missing dinner with her and the kids. Josh asked her to clarify and she told him that she called and left a message for him to come over tonight for a family meeting. Josh told her that he never received any message and Reva looks over at Olivia and insinuated that she knew why he didn't get the message. Olivia told Josh that she had accidentally erased his machine but had no idea that it was Reva on the tape. She told him that she would have told him about Reva calling before but she just wanted him alone tonight. Reva is angry and Josh told him that it was an accident and no big deal. He finally says that it is over and in the past so they should just forget it. Reva apologizes for overreacting. She tells him that the kids were looking forward to seeing their dad. She starts to leave and Josh says he is coming with her. Olivia apologizes to him and he says not to. He tells her that he is not sure how long he will be but he will be back. Josh and Reva leave.
After a long while of Olivia feeling sorry for herself, she finally gets up and says that she isn't going to do that anymore, gets her things together and leaves.

At the Hospital:
Frank is thinking of how the judge suspended him from the force. Buzz comes over to his son and asks him what was wrong. Frank tells his dad about getting suspended and proceeded to tell him why. He told his dad that he let Michelle be with Danny on Christmas night. He told him that he knew it wasn't right but he knows Michelle is innocent and when he looks at Danny he feels for him. He said their situation reminds him of the time he was away from Eleni and was not able to be with her. Buzz told him that he knew exactly what he meant and he was very proud of his son. He told him he loved him and asked him if he would like to go out for a drink with him. Frank said that he would like to check up on Vanessa before he does anything so he takes a rain check. Buzz told Frank that he knows where his priorities are and he again tells him he is proud of him.
Carmen comes over to Matt and he tells her that he thinks Vanessa may have been at Ben's the night of the murder. Matt wants to talk to Frank about it but Carmen advises him not to. She tells Matt that if he voiced his suspicions to Frank that would make Vanessa a murder suspect. Carmen thinks he should wait until Vanessa wakes up but Matt is worried that it may be too late for Michelle by then. Frank comes over and Matt pulls him aside. There is some low whispering going on and Carmen is worried. Matt tells Frank about what he thinks. Frank says he was suspended and can't touch the case. Matt asks if Frank will help him unofficially. Frank hesitates and eventually agrees to look into it. Matt tells him all he remembers about that night. Vanessa was found unconscious, near the scene with a cut on her head and a coat drenched in blood. Frank wonders how a little cut could produce that much blood, unless it wasn't all Vanessa's. Frank wants to see the coat but when Matt went to ask for it he found that it had already been sent to drycleaners. Carmen comes back in the room right as Matt tells Frank about the coat. Frank said that they might still be able to find blood in the fibers. They go to get it. Carmen says she has to get rid of that coat.

At the Courthouse:
Rick is talking to Phillip about the trial. He also tells him about Beth and Jim and how hard it was to congratulate another man about his child. Edmund walks up and overhears a bit and asks about the baby. Phillip tells him that Beth and Jim are expecting. Edmund says sarcastically to send his regards to the couple. Edmund mentions that the crew in SC needed more supervisors so he went ahead and authorized them to hire more. Phillip is livid and tells Edmund that he has no right to do that. Phillip tells Edmund that he is pushing and he is getting sick of it. They get into a very loud argument and Phillip fires Edmund. Rick breaks everything up and asks Edmund to leave. He tells Phillip he has to get his emotions under control. They walk to the elevator and Phillip says he knows he has to control his feelings about the baby. They get in the elevator and it closes. Edmund comes down the stairs with a wicked smile on his face.

Michelle and Danny are going over the testimony from the expert. Danny goes to talk to Jesse. He isn't sure Len should testify. Drew walks up and then Michelle and they want to know why. Danny and Jesse try to explain how the D.A. could turn Len's testimony around and make it look bad. Danny tells her that they have reasonable doubt already and that is all that matters. Drew says, "Finding out the truth is what matters." Drew is angry that people are making her dad's death a game. She goes to the restroom for a break and Michelle goes after her. Len arrives in the courtroom. Ross thanks Len for coming and wants to go over a few things. Danny asks to talk to Ross. He tries to convince Ross not to call Len. Ross thinks Danny is a nut for not wanting the alibi witness to be called. Ross says he would be crazy not to call him. Lens testimony will seal the deal that Michelle is not guilty. Danny and Jesse talk and Jesse said that he thinks everything will be fine, to let the man testify.
Michelle tells Drew about her suspicions concerning Carmen setting her up.
Jesse and Danny come over to the girls and Drew and Jesse invite Danny and Michelle out for lunch. They agree to go. Drew looks over and sees Len. She asks about him and Jesse tells her that he is the alibi for Michelle. Drew is sure she knows him, that she has seen him before but has no idea where.

At Company:
Jim and Beth are talking over the wedding. Jim is worried about Susan and her recent behavior. Beth said that Susan left flowers and a note apologizing on her car. Jim is glad that is okay and goes on about the wedding. Beth tells him that Alan is arranging to have the wedding at his place. Jim gets upset and tells her that he doesn't want to get married at the Spaulding Mansion. She tells him she understands and Jim changes his mind and tells her that he should have thought of her happiness first. Beth tells him that he makes her very happy and she could care less where they get married. Jim admits that the Spaulding's and their house is just a reminder of what he can't give her. She tells him the money and house means nothing to her. Beth tells him that he gave her back her faith in herself and she loves him and only him. Jim tells her that he would love to marry her at the Mansion.

At the Lewis':
Josh and Reva are back at the house but the kids are gone. Josh finds a note saying that they went to Millennium. Reva wants to talk about Olivia but josh doesn't think that is the right thing for them to discuss. Reva tells him that she is worried about him. Josh doesn't understand why she thinks badly of Olivia when she thought she was good enough to leave Jonathan with. Reva just asked him to take things slow. Josh told him that he was going to Millennium to see the kids and left.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

At the Spaulding Mansion:
It's the day of Jim and Beth's wedding and Beth is buzzing around doing last minute things. Harley arrives and congratulates Beth on her marriage and pregnancy. She mentions to Beth that she and Phillip are also trying for another baby and that they could very well be pregnant at the same time. Beth is surprised and seems a little upset by the news. Nevertheless, she tells Harley that she is happy for her and Harley tells her that she seems less like Phillip's ex-wife now that's marrying Jim and having his baby.

Phillip talks to Alan about his true parentage and how everything came down when he was younger. Alan tells him that his real father is nowhere around now and was never a real father to him. Phillip asks Alan if he would have let Justin be a part of Phillip's life and Alan says no. He tells him he would have done whatever it took to keep him away. Alan told Phillip it would be like him having to share Lizzie or Zach with another man. After a little spat, Phillip thanks him for the talk and for being there for Lizzie.

Beth asks Harley to check on Lizzie for her and Phillip arrives. Beth asks him if he's going to congratulate her and he tells her she seems to be pulling everything off. Beth meant the wedding not the baby. Phillip doesn't understand what else she needs from him. He has already given her and Jim the opportunity to raise his child and she turns around and marries Jim in the very place she and Phillip got married years ago, on the very same day she married Phillip. He is getting a bit rattles and isn't sure he can go along with this. Beth tells him she is not trying to ruin his life, but it isn't his life he's worried about. He tells her he can't be around her if he's going to make this work and tries to leave. Harley, Lizzie and Alan come down and Lizzie tells them that Beth needs someone to give her away. Alan suggests Phillip.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is trying a little small talk about the wedding when she notices that Richard is distant with her. Richard meanwhile, is thinking of what the doctor told him about Cassie may not be able to have children. Cassie apologizes for her behavior while being sick but Richard understands. Jenny arrives and Richard tells her he has some business to take care of. Cassie tells Jenny that Richard is acting strange and Jenny reminds her that she wanted this to be an arrangement. Cassie goes to see if he is okay and overhears him talking to the doctor about her condition. Cassie is devastated to hear that she may not be able to have any more children. She closes the door before she can hear Richard tell the doctor that he is going to marry Cassie even if she is barren and that all that matters to him is that she gets well. Jenny tries to comfort a sobbing Cassie by telling her she already has two beautiful children. Cassie says she wanted to have Richard's child more than anything.

Tammy talks to Richard outside and asks about her mom. He tells her that Cassie is getting better and that indeed the wedding is still going to happen. She tells him that the kids at school don't believe her and are telling her that there will be no wedding. Richard says that she can invite them to the palace for a get together. Tammy suggests a slumber party and Richard says that would be fine. Tammy wants a title like her mom will have and Richard tells her that she can be anything she wants. She settles for "Lady Tammy" and Richard agrees draw up the proclamation at once. Tammy wasn't sure what she should call him anymore, Richard, Prince Richard, or what and Richard told her that he and Cassie will very soon be married and she can call him dad if she wants to. He says that he would love to be a father for her and they hug. Richard goes back in to Cassie and begins to tell her about his talk with Tammy. She tells him that they will never be royalty because the wedding is off.

At the Police Station:
Matt and Frank bring Vanessa's coat to the police station for luminol and blood type testing. They convince David that Vanessa could have been in Ben's apartment that night. David agrees to run blood tests on it and tells Matt he could be putting Vanessa at the scene of the crime. Matt tells him that he doesn't believe Vanessa would kill Ben in cold blood but an accident could have happened. He believes Vanessa would want to help Michelle.

David comes back with the lab work on the faux coat and tells Matt and Frank that they couldn't find any traces of blood on the coat. Matt still thinks Vanessa might know who killed Ben.

At Company:
Carmen asks Edmund to help her switch the coats. Edmund agrees if she'll continue with their plan in San Cristobel. He tells her that he has arranged for an accident to happen that Phillip will be responsible for. They agree and Edmund goes to the police station with two other men. He distracts David and Frank by announcing that someone tried to kill him. The men switch the coats and Edmund walks out. Michelle tells Abby that she believes Carmen is the only one who would set her up. She wants to question Carmen but Abby doesn't think it's a good idea. Michelle does it anyway and asks Carmen why she left the court so suddenly. Carmen explains that she had to check on Pilar. Michelle tells her that she only knows one person who hates her this much and that is her. Carmen denies having anything to do with it but Michelle tells her that the truth always reveals itself in the end. Outside, Edmund makes Carmen think he couldn't get the coat but she is relieved when he shows it to her.

Friday, February 11, 2000

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Alan suggests that Phillip walk Beth down the aisle. Phillip blows up and tells him that was a terrible idea. Harley follows him over to the living room and asks him if he is really upset that Beth is remarrying. Phillip tells her that he is not upset about the wedding. Harley tries to be magnanimous about it and tells him that he can tell her if he is upset about anything. Harley tells him that walking Beth down the aisle would be the perfect symbol of closure and he should do it. Phillip says he will do it for Harley and goes back to Beth and Alan. He tells them the good news and Beth says she will make sure Jim doesn't mind. Lillian tells Beth that it isn't a good idea to get married. She tells her that 9 years ago to the day, she married Phillip in that very room and now she is going to have him give her away to another man, a man Lillian isn't convinced she truly loves. Beth gets upset and tells Lillian to either be happy for her or butt out of her life. They go up to get ready. Jim tells Susan that she has to accept Beth. She thinks that he will love this baby more than her because it will be his. He reassures her that he loves her like she is his and he always will. Lizzie and Alan decorate the room and Edmund arrives to drop off some work. Alan invites him to stay for the wedding but Phillip is opposed to that. Susan catches Lizzie coughing and Lizzie asks her to keep quiet so she won't miss the wedding. Beth mentions to Jim that Phillip is giving her away but Jim won't have it. He thinks it is wrong and Harley asks to explain it to Jim. She says that she thinks it would provide closure for Phillip and Beth. Jim reluctantly agrees. Susan tells Lillian that Lizzie is sick and Lillian says that she is making an appointment with Rick for her. The wedding begins and everyone looks for Phillip. In the hall, Edmund apologizes for their argument. Phillip thinks that they just can't get alone. Phillip offers to talk to Richard and find him another job. Edmund says that he isn't leaving Spaulding. Phillip tells him to get out and he is the one on the tape but Phillip doesn't believe him. Edmund plays the tape and Phillip is stunned.

At the Courthouse:
Ross is ready to go back to work and put Len on the stand. Danny still thinks that it will backfire and Jesse tells him that he believes everything will be okay. Len walks in and is stopped by Drew. She said she knows she has seen him before but cannot place where. Ross tells everyone that Len will be his final witness today. Abby asks Michelle if she is still worried about Carmen and tries to reassure her. Jesse interrupts Drew and Len to let Len have time to escape the inquisition. Jesse tries to take Drew's mind off of it but she won't let it go. Jesse tells Danny that he hates lying to Drew and Michelle hears them talking. They explain that they just want Drew to leave Len alone. Michelle tells Danny that they need to talk about Carmen. Carmen tells Drew that she has changed since she fell in love with Ben. She says that she is trying to support Michelle but now she thinks that Michelle has a guilty conscience. Drew realizes that Carmen thinks that Michelle is guilty now. Michelle thinks that Carmen is not on her side. Danny doesn't think that makes sense. Court resumes and Ross calls Len to the stand. He testifies to seeing Michelle and Drew realizes that she saw him in the police station talking to Danny. She thinks that Michelle whole alibi is a lie.

At Company:
Carmen is pleased that Edmund has successfully switched the faux coat with Vanessa's coat. Carmen assures Edmund that her men will take care of the SC project.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie breaks her engagement with Richard. He asked her why and she says that she has had second thoughts. She tries to cover and finally breaks down and tells him that she heard the doctor say she may no longer be able to give birth. She said she is no longer qualified to be his wife and she needs to quit so he may find someone to give him an heir. Richard is upset and tells Cassie that the heir isn't the only reason he wants to marry her. She brings so much to his life, joy and happiness. Richard tells Cassie that he wants to marry her for all the reasons a man wants to marry a woman. Cassie told him that there is no love between them. Richard asks her if he told her that he was in love with her, would she stay, or run away faster. Cassie tells him that she knows the relationship is nothing more than an arrangement. He tells her that isn't the case. He tells her that the people are in love with her and she has to be there for them. He asks her about RJ and Tammy. He tells her that she has already given him a family, the only one he has and he wants her to stay and marry him. Cassie is stunned that Richard thinks of them as his family. Cassie is touched and listens to her Prince as he explains that he feels her family is his own. Richard tells her about his conversation with Tammy. He tells her that there will be a massive slumber party and he has bestowed her the title "the most royal supreme Lady Tammy" and also told her that she could call him Dad if she wished. He asked Cassie if she minded and she hugged him. He asks her to reconsider about calling off the marriage. He asks her to be his wife again. Cassie told him that she is willing to go through with it if he is. They kiss.

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