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Passions Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on PS
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Monday, February 7, 2000

Theresa is dreaming about Ethan. They are in bed and he is telling her that he loves her. He said that when he asked her to try on the ring that he was going to buy for Gwen, he didn't realize that she was the one that he really loved. He said that he knew when it didn't come off that it was fate. Pilar is in the kitchen cooking breakfast when Luis enters. He wants to tell Pilar about his date with Sheridan, but she had already heard about it at the Crane mansion. She said that Julian and Alastair were not happy about it, and neither was she. Luis can't understand why his mother doesn't want him to date Sheridan. He thought that she liked her. She said that she wanted them to be friends, but that anything more would cause trouble. She said that Julian sees Luis as a threat to the family. She said that the Cranes would never forgive or forget how he tried to bring them down. She said that the Cranes would do whatever it took to prevent an alliance between Luis and Sheridan. He tells her that they already tried to offer him a bribe, and that he probably should have taken it. Pilar said that he did the right thing, but that the Cranes wouldn't stop at that. Theresa is still dreaming. She tells Ethan that the only thing that she always wanted was to marry him. He tells her that they must tell her family. She says that she can't tell Luis because he would never allow her to marry him. She suddenly wakes up and sees the ring on her finger. She says that Luis must never see the ring. Pilar said that she was also concerned about Hank. Luis said that he realized that he and Sheridan had a lot it common. Luis knocks on Theresa's door, but she doesn't answer so he enters. He tries to wake her up and sees the ring. He demands to know where she got the ring. Pilar comes in and wants to know what all the excitement is about. He tells Pilar that Theresa is wearing an engagement ring. Luis then decides that the ring is not real. He said that only a Crane could afford a rock like that. When Luis leaves, Pilar asks Theresa about the ring. She tells Pilar that Ethan asked her to try on the ring, and it wouldn't come off. She said that fate had kept that ring on her finger. She said that they had tried everything to get the ring off, but that it wouldn't budge. Pilar tries to get the ring off, but fails. Pilar tells her that she can't wear that ring to the mansion, because Gwen would see it and murder her and that would be her fate.

Julian and Ivy are sitting in the living room at the Crane mansion when Sheridan enters. Julian asks her how her farewell date with Luis went. She accuses Julian of offering Luis a bribe, but he didn't take it. Julian can't believe that Luis would turn down their offer. Sheridan said that Julian just wanted to get Luis out of town so that he could no longer investigate the disappearance of his father, and so that he could also stay away from her. Julian says that Luis is not being noble, he is just holding out for a better offer. Sheridan told Julian that she had finally found a man who the Cranes couldn't buy off. She tells Ivy that she has grown fond of Luis.Julian tells Sheridan that she is a fool. She said that she would have been a fool if she had ended things like they had suggested. She said that she had finally found a decent man. Sheridan finally gets Julian to admit that he tried to bribe Luis to stay away from her. Julian said that they only wanted to thank Luis for saving her life. He said that when Luis hurts her, he doesn't want her to come crawling back again. He then leaves. Ivy tells Sheridan that she thinks that Julian is wrong about Luis.She tells her that if she loves him, don't let him go. She said that she had made mistakes in the past and had lost someone precious in her life. She said that she had sold her soul to the devil. She said that she let her parents and Alastair talk her into marrying Julian. She tells Sheridan not to follow the same path that she had chosen.

Grace and Sam are packing for their ski trip. Sam gets a little frisky and wants to start their romantic vacation pronto. Charity is staring into a cup and has a flashback to when she had the premonition about Miguel's death. Hank enters and asks her what she is doing. He tells her that the gypsies say that the leaves never lie. Charity says that that can't be true. Hank asks her if she saw something in the leaves that upset her. She starts to tell him, but then Grace and Sam enter. Sam asks Hank and Eve to keep an eye on things while they are gone. Sam asks Hank about Sheridan. He said that he knew that she had gone out with Luis. He said that they always had a friendly rivalry. He said that he was going to knock Luis out of the running once and for all. Grace asks Charity if something is wrong. She tells Grace that she had been having premonitions and that they had scared her. She said that she saw Miguel dead. Grace tells her that the premonitions might just be a form of anxiety due to losing her mother. Charity says that Reese said that premonitions usually run in families. She asks Grace if she had ever had any. Grace said that she had, but she had never really understood what they meant. She said that Faith had them and always felt the presence of evil. Grace offers to cancel the ski trip, but Charity doesn't want her to. She said that she would be alright.

Tabitha has made a new leg for Timmy and she tells him that it would be better than the old one. Tabitha wants to do something to make it up to him. He tells her that the only thing that he wanted was for her to promise never to hurt Charity by giving Miguel poisoned tea. He said that Charity would be really hurt if Miguel died because she really loved him. Tabitha said that if Miguel lives, he will always protect Charity. Timmy said that that was a good thing because they loved each other. She tells Timmy that it would be a bad thing for them because once Charity comes into her full powers it would be the destruction of them. Timmy suggests that they move away to some other place and start a new life away from Fluffy and Charity. He said that maybe they could find a place without evil. He said that Tabitha may even find someone who loves her as much as Miguel loves Charity. She tells Timmy that it is either Charity or them. She said that she would not give in to her softer feelings. He tells her that deep down she is a real sweetie. She tells him that if her friends downstairs heard this, there would be hell to pay. He tells her that if they were really her friends then they would give her her powers back.She told him that he was right that they were making her earn her powers. She tells him that if it weren't for her friends down below, she would give it all up in a second. She said that for over 300 years, she had labored for her friends in the basement , but that no matter what she did, it was never enough. They come up with more impossible tasks for her to perform, and she gets nothing in return but pain. She said that they had stripped her of her powers and she had been mocked by her best friend Matilda at the cemetery. She said that in the past she had yearned for someone to love her for herself, but that she could not just walk away. She said that they owned her lock, stock, and smoking soul. She said that she had to do what they wanted or else.. Timmy tells her that the Angel told him that love could transform anyone. He told her to take love in her heart.

Gwen and Ethan are in Ethan's room. Gwen wants to know when Ethan will propose to her again. He tells her that it is a surprise. She asks him if he had gotten her a ring yet. Ethan won't say and then he goes to take a shower. The jeweler calls and leaves a message about the ring. Gwen is excited and can't wait to tell Sheridan. Gwen asks Ethan about the ring again when he gets out of the shower. She tells him that the jeweler calls. She wants to see the ring. She starts searching for it, but Ethan tells her that he doesn't have it. He tells her that he picked out a special ring for her. Gwen says that she would be the only one in the world who would wear that ring. Ethan flashes back to Theresa wearing the ring. Gwen tells Ethan that she would just die if she has to wait until Valentine's day for her ring. Theresa arrives at the house. Ethan goes downstairs and asks her if she had any luck in getting the ring off. She tells him that Pilar tried to take it off, but was unable to. Ethan is trying to take the ring off Theresa's finger when Gwen walks in .She asks Theresa if that was a ring that she saw on her finger.

Sheridan arrives at the youth center. She sees a box addressed to her. She opens it and there are roses in it, and she reads the card. The card says, " will you have dinner with me tonight." She says of course and turns around and sees Hank.She tells him that he spent a lot of money. He said that it would be worth it if he got a proper thank you. She hugs him as Luis enters.

Grace and Sam leave. Ivy is in her car and asks the pilot to make sure that the plane was ready so that she could get there before the others. Tabitha tells Timmy that love also had a dark side. She said that Ivy loved Sam and would do anything to get him, even something not so wonderful. Charity is in the kitchen reading some tea leaves, she realizes that Grace is in danger. She tries to run after them , but she is too late.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

The Bennett House:
Charity comes into the house saying she couldn't stop Grace and Sam. Miguel and Simone come in, saying they heard yelling. Charity says she senses that Sam and Grace are in danger, and Miguel reassures her. Kay comes in and says, "Mom and Dad are in danger?" Charity says they don't even know they need a warning. Kay looks for the phone number of the cell phone. Kay asks how Charity knows they're in the mountains and Miguel asks why he thinks they're in danger, but Charity is practically hysterical. Kay calls the number. Charity says she saw the danger in the tea leaves and Kay can't believe her. She tells her parents she hopes they have a good time and Sam tells her he's not worried about anything. Kay totally reams Charity out for scaring her for nothing. She says the tea leaves and premonitions aren't real and Charity apologizes. Miguel tells Kay to cut Charity some slack. He goes to comfort Charity and Simone yells at Kay for being mean. Kay says she's found a way to get Miguel. Charity tells Miguel she knows Sam and Grace are in danger. Kay apologizes to Charity and gives her some tea. Charity sees more danger in the tea leaves but doesn't want to say what. Kay says, "Here we go," and Miguel goes over to give her a hug. Kay wonders why she isn't blond and able to think of a stunt to get Miguel's comfort. Charity says her new premonition is horrible. She says she saw broken things and emotional pain--broken hearts. Kay still doesn't believe her.

Sam and Grace:
Sam and Grace are in the car and Grace says she can't believe he planned the whole time. Sam says he just wants Grace to himself and Grace says she loves him and she'll show him how much. Sam gloats about how nobody knows and nobody will disturb them. Grace says she told Charity and Sam asks who would Charity tell. They remember the first time they went up to the lodge in their junky old car. Sam says he wouldn't trade a minute of his time w/ Grace for a thousand years with anyone else. They talk about how happy Charity and Miguel are and Grace says she hopes things work out for them. She recalls the story Sam told her about the unhappy girl who lost her man. Sam has a flashback of him and Ivy and he swerves the car on the road. He gets back on track and they both exclaim about the moose in the middle of the road. Grace says something like this makes her realize how precious time is and she moves closer to Sam. He says he doesn't want to lose control on the road and she says it can wait until they get to the hotel.

Ivy's Plane/The Lodge:
Ivy is in her plane and the pilot says there is a snow delay, but Ivy says to do whatever it takes to land on time or he'll be fired. She says her plan has to work and she wonders how she could have been so stupid. She says it should have been her second honeymoon. The pilot says the runway is clear and they'll be ahead of schedule. Ivy says that Sam will realize that their life together is the right thing. Ivy walks into the hotel and asks for the room next to Sam and Grace's room. She has some trouble getting the room but her status gets her what she wants. She says Sam and Grace are not to know she is here and thinks to herself that her plan is working perfectly. When she gets to the room and tells the manager to unlock the adjoining door to the Bennett's room. She also asks him to personally escort them to their room. He leaves and she peeks into the other room, which is decorated with flowers. She asks herself why she let Sam go and lies down on the bed fantasizing about her and Sam just as Sam and Grace are opening the door to their room.

The Youth Center:
Hank says he hopes he didn't surprise Sheridan and she says no, the flowers are exquisite and must have been expensive. He asks for a proper thank you and she hugs him just as Luis walks in. Hank says hi and puts his arm around Sheridan, saying they have a date. Luis says he hopes they have a good time and he has a lot of paper work to do. He says he has to work on his presentation to ask city to renew the youth center's funding. He goes out to his car and Sheridan looks sad. Hanks asks if Sheridan knew who sent her the flowers or if she wanted them to be from Luis. She says she's really looking forward to going out w/ Hank. Beth comes in and gives Sheridan some mini horses from a garage sale. Luis comes back and Hank points out how their future wives can really get along. He says since Sheridan is going out w/ him, Luis must not have made an impression on her. Luis asks if Hank will really marry Sheridan and Hank says she'll realize she can't live w/o him, just like Beth does for Luis. The girls come in and her and Hank go to check out equipment at the garage sale. Sheridan and Luis are alone and she tells him she had a great time last night and Luis agrees. Hank bursts in and Luis comes to look at the equipment. He tells Beth she's always there when she needs him. Hank promises Sheridan a special, different time on their date. Sheridan looks on while Luis and Beth laugh together. Hank says they've always been happy together and Sheridan says they look close. Hank says everyone in town is waiting for Luis and Beth to get married and he also says Sheridan should ask Luis for the night off. She goes to the office and hears Beth asking Luis about their future. Beth says she's heard all about him and Sheridan and even though she likes Sheridan, she always thought she could have a future with Luis. She wants to know if she's just wasting her time.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan asks Theresa if she got the ring off and he tries to pull it off as Gwen walks in. Gwen says she's sure she saw a ring on Theresa's finger and asks Ethan what's going on. She says they are both hiding something from her and Ethan says Theresa hurt her finger. Gwen asks to see it and Ethan says there's nothing she can do. They suggest that Theresa make an ice pack and the kitchen and Ethan sends Gwen to his room. He tells Theresa Gwen saw the ring's picture and Theresa has to get it off. Pilar walks in and says if Theresa loved Ethan, she would put his interests first instead of causing him pain. Theresa says she does love him, she is just a better match for him than Gwen. She says fate put the ring on her finger and asks Pilar to tell Gwen she hurt her finger, but her mom refuses and tells Theresa to stop the deceit. Meanwhile, Ethan is making up a lame story about how he thinks Gwen should buy a laptop. Gwen says she knows it a cover up and she can't believe what Ethan is doing. Gwen says Theresa must be engaged and when is the wedding? Ethan insists there was no ring on her finger, and Gwen says it doesn't matter because Ethan is the best anyway. She heads downstairs to see the ring. Theresa asks if she really wants to see it while Ethan shakes his head no in the background. Theresa has turned the ring into her palm and says she doesn't want to show the stone until she "officially" receives the ring. Gwen shows Theresa the ring's picture and says Ethan will propose on Valentine's Day. Gwen says she'd like to help Theresa get the ring off. Theresa won't let her and asks Gwen not to mention the ring to Pilar. Gwen agrees and searches Ethan for the ring, but Ethan and Gwen just leave. Pilar comes in and again reprimands Theresa for the trouble she's caused. Theresa says Ethan will never break her heart.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Tabitha's House:
Timmy is busy making a valentine that says "Timmy + Charity." Tabitha walks in and he covers it up. He asks what's wrong and she says she's worried about Charity. He offers her a double martini but she says she must find out a way to get rid of Charity because the closer she gets to Miguel the stronger her powers and if her ESP keeps evolving Timmy and Tabby will be doomed. Timmy looks at his valentine and says maybe Tabby should rest until after Valentine's Day because she's been working too hard. Tabby says there's no such thing and then she gets an idea for her next plan to destroy Miguel and get Charity to the dark side. She says maybe she was just trying too hard and she'll just wait for a natural situation to get rid of them instead of forcing the issue. They head to Grace's shop to wait for an opportunity.

The Hospital:
Eve is checking up on Orville and says he'll be going home soon. He reminds her that he doesn't have a home and she apologizes for setting the fire. He says it's OK because he understands why she did it. She says she couldn't risk anyone finding out about her past. She offers to pay for Orville to stay in Harmony Hills, an assisted living home, just as Chad walks in and asks why Eve feels so guilty about Orville's apartment burning down. Eve says they've become close and Orville agrees. Chad says he wishes they could bond like that so Eve could pay for his apartment. Chad wants to talk to Orville but Eve won't let him. Chad says he's sick of Harmony and Eve says maybe he should leave. Chad asks why she wants him to leave so badly, and Eve tells him to leave or she'll call security. As he leaves, Eve reminds him to stay away from Simone.

The Bennett House:
Charity is telling Miguel about her "broken hearts" premonition and she says she doesn't want to see any more. Miguel comforts her. Kay says she's so sick of Charity's premonitions. Simone says that Charity's mom had premonitions too and it must run in the family. Kay says the only thing that runs in Charity's family is insanity and she wishes a mental doctor could hear Charity right now because they'd lock her up. Then Kay gets an idea and sends Charity and Miguel to Grace's shop. Simone can't believe Kay just sent them off alone, but Kay says she's come up with a plan to get Miguel forever. Kay says that Faith had mental problems too and she goes on the net to find a name for Charity's psychosis. Jessica comes in and can't believe Kay wants Charity locked away. Kay denies that she wants Charity committed, but Jessica doesn't believe her and threatens to tell their parents. There is a knock on the door and Chad comes in. Simone wants him to stay but he says he can't because of Eve. She asks him about Orville and tells him not to be discouraged. He thinks of how he almost got into the trunk in the apartment and says he felt like he had all the answers in his hands at that moment. Kay says by next week Charity will be in a loony bin and Miguel will be hers. Chad is about to leave just as Eve walks in and asks what he's doing. Chad goes into the kitchen and Eve yells at Simone. Kay says she invited Chad over. Then Kay tells Eve she is worried about Charity and Eve offers to check her out. Kay asks if Charity will have to be put away. She says the premonitions are really scary and Eve says she's worried too. Eve offers to go over the shop and Kay goes with her. Chad and Simone decide to go too, which really riles Eve.

Grace's Shop:
Miguel and Charity arrive at the shop and say hi to Jessica. Jessica asks if Charity is okay and she says yes, they're just taking over for Jessica. Jessica leaves and Charity says she can't shake this feeling. Miguel urges her to tell what she sees. She says she sees people with broken hearts standing in the rain. Miguel looks away and says he had a broken heart once. Charity says she doesn't know if she's ever had a broken heart because she can't remember her life before the fire, and Miguel says he knows. Charity asks Miguel if his feelings for the other girl are the same as the feelings he has for Charity and he says exactly the same. She asks what happened and he says she moved away. Charity asks Miguel if he misses the other girl. Miguel takes Charity's hands and says he doesn't miss her because the other girl is Charity. When he thought she was moving it broke his heart. Charity asks if he thinks that two people their age can develop feelings that last a lifetime and he says yes if they take it slow and savor every moment. They remember their first kiss and Miguel suggests they try a second kiss to see if it's as good as the first. They share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Ruth is walking around and she offers to sell Eve some artwork (the bird) but Eve declines and sends her to Grace's shop. Eve comments on how familiar Ruth looks. As Charity and Miguel are kissing, Tabitha and Timmy peek in the window and Tabby says they must stop this before Charity's ESP gets too strong and she figures out who Tabby really is. As she is looking over Miguel's shoulder, Charity sees Tabitha and gives her a strange look. Timmy says now Timmy and Tabby are dead for sure! Charity comes out and asks Tabitha not to say anything to Grace about what she saw because her and Miguel were supposed to be watching the shop. Tabitha goes inside to look around and Miguel comes out. Charity says their second kiss was just as wonderful as the first and Miguel agrees. Ruth comes to the shop and wants to sell the bird to Charity. Tabitha becomes interested. Charity takes the bird and suddenly has a horrible premonition. She says a family will be torn apart by the bird. She says the family is getting closer (Eve, Simone, Chad, and Kay are getting closer to the shop at the same time). Timmy asks what family will be destroyed and Tabitha says more than one.

Youth Center:
Beth repeats her question to Luis and he doesn't know what to say. She says she just wants to know what's going on with him and Sheridan; until she does, she can't go on with her life. Sheridan waits anxiously outside the door to hear Luis' answer. Luis says that actually, Sheridan has a date with Hank tonight. Beth says well, that says a lot--if Luis were really interested he wouldn't let Sheridan go out with Hank. Sheridan looks really frustrated. Just then, Hank comes up and asks Sheridan if she's talked to Luis about getting out early, and she asks Luis as he comes out of the office. He says fine, have a good time. Beth takes Luis' arm and says yeah, have a really good time. Luis says to take the rest of the day off and Sheridan leaves for the Book Cafe, but not before her and Luis give each other a longing look. Hank tells Luis that he and Beth are meant to be together. Luis says his love life is none of Hank's business but Hank says it is as long as Luis is interested in Sheridan. Hank says he will show Luis up and challenges him to a basketball game because he is feeling lucky. They start to play and they trade insults. Luis says Hank can't just buy a woman off. Hank says he is winning anyway, the score is 3-1. Luis says he will win. They tie the game and Luis triumphantly scores the winning point. He asks what if Sheridan doesn't want either of them. Hank says they are the two best guys in the world and Luis says he's a dreamer. Hank says that all is fair in love and war and he will make Sheridan his as he walks out.

The Crane Mansion/ The Book Cafe:
Julian's phone rings and of course it's Alistair. He says the SHUIS situation is intolerable but he has an idea to keep them apart. He asks Julian if he can do it without screwing up and Julian reassures him. Alistair reminds Julian that the family will be ruined otherwise. He tells Julian to contact Sheridan at the Book Cafe and gently persuade her to leave Luis by appealing to her conscience. Julian wonders how the whole "conscience" thing works and Alistair tells him if will work if he just follows instructions. Julian sits at Sheridan's table in the Book Cafe and says he is proud of her for embracing the Crane family values. She asks what he means and he says she is playing God with other people's lives. He says she has both Luis and Hank wrapped around her finger and Beth is left hanging. He says deep down she loves the Crane power, admit it. He asks how it feels to play God with someone she supposedly admired because he can't be bought off--Luis?

The Ski Lodge:
Ivy is fantasizing about her and Sam in bed as the Bennetts head inside their room. Grace tells Sam she knows he has something romantic planned and the manager tells Grace and Sam that they will be overwhelmed by what they find inside. However, the door sticks and Ivy hears them fiddling with the knob. She runs out just as Sam and Grace come in. Grace comments on how lovely and romantic everything is, and Sam wonders why the bed is unmade. The manager apologizes and straightens the sheets. Sam tips him and he leaves. Grace tries her chocolates and says Sam is the most wonderful man. Sam says she is the best person in the world and she deserves this. They kiss as Ivy listens at the adjoining door. She says it's painful to listen to them but she must gather information so she can make Sam hers. Sam asks Grace how she wants to be romanced and she says she wants to dance. She turns on the radio and it's Sam and Ivy's song. He tries to get her to put on a different song but she insists. As he dances with Grace, both Sam and Ivy have a flashback of when they danced to the song. Ivy vows to be back in Sam's arms soon. Sam notices there are no white tulips like he wanted and heads down to go get some. As he is walking down the hall, Ivy steps from around a corner, grabs him, and kisses him! He pulls away but she kisses him again. Grace notices Sam forgot his wallet and heads out of the room to give it to him while Sam and Ivy are still kissing.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

The Youth Center/Luis & Pilar:
Luis comes out of the shower and tells Hank he doesn't want any bad blood between them. Hank says he is the one who Sheridan wants and Luis says what if she doesn't want either of us? Hank says the Bennett's go back farther in Harmony than the Cranes and even if he doesn't have much money, he'd marry Sheridan right now if she was ready. Luis points out that Hank has only had two dates with Sheridan but Hank says that Luis wants the same thing. He says Luis should admit that he wants to marry Sheridan too. Luis says he's crazy and just because he went out to dinner with her, that doesn't mean he'll marry her. Hank says Luis couldn't date a member of the Crane family unless he really liked Sheridan...or even loved her. Luis says Hank is playing with his head. Hank says the Cranes will never approve of Sheridan marrying Luis and she could never be cut off from her family like that. Luis agrees and Hank says if Luis really knows that a relationship will not work, he shouldn't lead Sheridan on. Luis heads for the Book Cafe and meets Pilar, who has been talking to Julian about keeping Luis and Sheridan apart. They go for a walk and she asks Luis if he's considered going out with Sheridan again. Luis says he's starting to wonder if a relationship with her is a good idea anymore. Pilar says she loves them both and doesn't want them hurt. Luis says logically it would never work, but if two people love each other, why should anything matter? Pilar says sometimes love isn't enough and she doesn't want either of them to suffer additional pain. She says whatever he decides will be best for both him and Sheridan.

The Book Cafe:
Julian tells Sheridan she is playing a dangerous game by dating Luis because a relationship with him won't last. He says she has everyone in the palm of her hand and she'll leave nothing but destruction in her wake. Is that what she wants? He smirks to himself when she is speechless. She says she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Julian says Luis will hate her when their relationship ends in disaster. She asks what if Luis is the man she has been looking for all her life? Julian says what if they continued the relationship--would Luis really want to marry a rich woman, especially a Crane? Why lead Luis on, unless she really doesn't care? He leaves and Beth offers Sheridan more coffee and talks about how great Luis is. She says nobody takes relationships more seriously than Luis and he's really sensitive. She says she'd hate to see him hurt like he was when he and Beth broke up. Sheridan says maybe she shouldn't see him anymore. Luis comes to the Book Cafe and says hi to Sheridan. Then Hank walks in and tells Beth she must make a move on Luis tonight if she wants him. He goes to Sheridan and takes her for their date. Again, they give each other longing looks as Sheridan is leaving.

Grace's Shop:
While walking to Grace's shop, Kay informs Eve about Charity's "mental problems." Eve says maybe something is wrong, but she'll have to talk to her to find out. Kay is sure that once Eve talks to Charity, she'll lock Charity up and then Kay can have Miguel all to herself. At the shop, Charity asks why she has such terrible premonitions. Timmy asks Tabitha who'll get hurt and Tabby says the truth is about to hit the fan. She says someone is coming who has a perfect life and her life will be destroyed and she doesn't even know it. Tabby says the truth will always come out, as will the mystery person's secret. Meanwhile, Eve is thinking to herself about how glad she is the bird is destroyed. Miguel says Charity doesn't really think the bird could destroy an entire family, does she? Tabby says Charity is indeed right, and the family could be destroyed any minute. Ruth says she'll look around while they decide whether to sell the bird. Eve's party comes in and Charity tells Eve she's had another premonition. Kay says she knew something was wrong with Charity. Tabby says there's more to the bird than meets the eye. She asks Eve what could cause Charity to be so upset and Eve says it's stress. Miguel tells Chad that Charity got upset over a bird statue and Chad says it can't be the same one from Orville's apartment. Just then Ruth drops the bird statue on the floor. Kay picks it up before anyone can see and Eve and Charity go into the back room to talk. Miguel tells Ruth they don't want the bird and she says someone will buy it eventually. Meanwhile, Charity tells Eve about all her premonitions. When she mentions the bird statue, Eve wonders if it's Orville's. Charity asks what's wrong and Eve says she just thinks Charity is just suffering stress from all the pain of losing her mother, etc. Charity says her premonitions seem so real and Eve says her mind needs more time to adjust. Charity says she's lucky to have such good family and friends but she can't shake the feeling that people close to her will be hurt. Ruth leaves the shop and Tabitha follows her, saying the bird may be useful. Charity says the bad feelings left with the bird. Kay says Charity doesn't sound better and maybe she should go to a hospital. Eve says she just needs love and support. Kay says what if it becomes an obsession? Eve says she'll be fine and Kay vows to prove that Charity's crazy. Charity says from now on, she'll just think of something else whenever she gets a bad feeling. Miguel says she should just think of him and Kay is disgusted, saying Charity is flakier than a box of cereal. She calls Miguel aside and says they should go to a movie to get Charity's mind off of things. Simone asks what Kay is up to and Kay says she'll give Charity the push she needs to go off the edge. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Ruth she wants to buy the bird and after a little debate on price, Tabby makes the purchase.

The Ski Lodge:
Ivy continues to kiss Sam just as Grace heads out of the hotel room with Sam's wallet. Then Grace spots a maid and asks if she can get Sam's jacket pressed. The maid says yes and they go back into the room to get the coat. Sam pulls away from Ivy and asks is she crazy? She says don't tell her he hasn't missed her. He asks if she followed him and she says maybe he followed her. He says that's bull and he would never follow her. Ivy asks then why did you close your eyes when we were kissing? Sam says it doesn't matter, he and Grace are leaving. Ivy asks if he would really ruin the trip because of her? Her effect on him must be really powerful. Sam tells her it's over but Ivy says she never stopped loving him. She says their love lasts forever and he can't be in love with Grace the same way he's in love with her. Sam says she's crazy. Ivy says remember all the good times we had and Sam says the only thing he remembers is her leaving him for Julian. Ivy says it was a mistake and she wants him back. Sam says he's going back to Grace. Grace comes back into the hall and Sam tells Ivy to stay away from them. Ivy says to herself that she is back in Sam's life to stay. Sam says hi to Grace and she says she knows why he didn't get the tulips...he forgot his wallet. Sam says she deserves better and suggests they go to a different hotel. Grace insists on staying and they make plans to have dinner in the room and make love all night. As they go in the room, Ivy says before the night is over, Sam will be with her. In the room, Sam checks the lock on the adjoining door as Grace comes in her nightgown. They start kissing and Grace says they should order dinner before it's too late. Ivy opens the door of her room to let the bellboy in with a dinner for two. She instructs him to send it to the couple in the room next door compliments of the hotel. She comments on the lovely mango parfait and how Sam is allergic to mango. She sends the boy to get more ice and puts several drops of a liquid in each mango parfait. She says since Grace will be the only one eating mango, Ivy will be the only one getting Sam. The dinner is delivered to the Bennett's and Grace says everything looks so perfect. When Grace comments on the smell of jasmine, he has a flashback of a dinner with Ivy and he knows Ivy sent the meal. Sam asks the boy who really sent the dinner but the boy has a cover up. Ivy listens for a minute and closes her door, satisfied. Grace and Sam finish their dinner and Grace says everything was perfect except the jasmine. Sam gets a faraway look in his eyes and in the other room Ivy says she can feel Sam thinking about her. She says Sam will never be able to make love to Grace again after tonight. Ivy is pacing, saying Sam must be thinking of her. Meanwhile, Sam lays Grace down on the bed and starts to kiss her and undress her. Grace mentions the smell of jasmine and suddenly, Sam hears Ivy's voice and sees her face instead of Grace's.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Sheridan & Hank/Gwen & Ethan:
While Sheridan is on her date at the Lobster Shack with Hank, she flashes back to her dinner with Luis. She orders the same wine they ordered and Hank asks if she's thinking about Luis. Hank says he should have taken Sheridan somewhere else but she says it's ok. She says she loves the local atmosphere and her and Hank discover they like the same restaurant in Paris. Hank says Luis has hardly ever been out of Harmony but Sheridan defends him. Hank says Luis is one of a kind, but is he Sheridan's kind? Sheridan asks if Hank could be bought off by the Cranes. Hank says he wouldn't if it had to do with Sheridan. He says he rolls with the punches but Luis is really serious and can get hurt more easily. Then he suggests they go for the second part of their date. They arrive at the skating pond and they agree what a great idea is was to go there. Gwen comes over and shows Sheridan the picture of the ring and says how excited she is. She asks is Sheridan on a date with Hank? Sheridan says yes, but by mistake. She says she's never met anyone like Luis and she'll have to make sure of her feelings before going further with him. Ethan comes over and Gwen says she can't wait until midnight. She begs Ethan to give her the ring immediately. Hank sits next to Sheridan and comments on the development of their relationship. Sheridan says she doesn't want anyone hurt and Hank says he won't be hurt.

Julian and Alistair are talking and Julian is sure his conversation with Sheridan has had an effect on her. Alistair says he's proud that Julian didn't screw up. Julian says he feels sorry that Sheridan is such a loser. Alistair accuses him of sucking up and tells him to focus on the problem. He says Sheridan has a mind of her own and could become a problem. Julian says he made it clear to Pilar to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Alistair reminds Julian that the family could be destroyed if Luis finds out too much. Alistair says their current plan is foolproof but Julian says what if it doesn't work? Alistair says maybe Luis will experience his father's fate if he pries too much. Alistair says when he's done with Luis, he'll wish he never even heard the name Crane.

Luis & Beth...& Sheridan:
Luis is punching a punching bag and he flashes back to Hank taking Sheridan on a date. He hits the bag harder and Beth enters and asks why he's so upset. He says he's relieving stress. Beth says he must be really upset and asks if he's eaten. She has brought a picnic dinner for them. Beth begins to talk to Luis about how she always expected to get married to Luis and she thought they still stood a chance but now she's not so sure. She asks Luis again if he's fallen for Sheridan. Luis says he doesn't really know what's going on because they've only been on one date but Beth says they have spent a lot of time together. Luis says he doubts Sheridan is even looking for a commitment and he doesn't think he's ready for one either. He tells Beth that if he finds out the Cranes are tied to his dad's disappearance, he'll break ties with Sheridan for sure. Luis and Beth go to the skating pond and start tying their skates as Sheridan skates by. Beth leaves to get snacks, and Luis straightens up and sees Sheridan. He calls to her and skates toward her. They bump into each other and go flying into the snow. Luis tells Sheridan he had to get to her and gently touches her face.

Whitney, Ethan, & Theresa:
Whitney and Theresa arrive at the skating pond at the same time Gwen and Ethan arrive. Theresa says maybe she will show Gwen the ring. Whitney asks if Theresa has lost her mind. Theresa is sure however that Ethan will never be angry at her. Ethan comes over and asks about the ring. He says he needs it because he's giving it to Gwen at midnight. He tells Theresa to keep trying and leaves. Theresa decides if she is wearing the ring on Valentine's Day, it means she's his sweetheart. Whitney says maybe Theresa is psychologically making her finger swell and all she has to do is concentrate to get the ring off. Theresa can't get the ring off and looks up to see Gwen and Ethan kissing. Theresa insists that if she can't get the ring off, it means she's meant for Ethan. She threatens to hold her hand so Gwen will see the ring, but Whitney stops her. Ethan skates past and wonders what to do about the ring. Theresa begins to plan what wedding band will go with the engagement ring.

The Book Cafe:
Eve is deep in thought and tells TC how worried Kay is about Charity's premonitions. She denies that anything bad will happen to anyone and TC agrees. He comments on how happy Grace and Sam must be on their trip.

Tabby says there's something special about the bird but can't figure out what. She says it was a waste of money and hands it to Timmy. He tips it over and it comes apart to reveal the red envelope! Tabby opens the envelope to find very risque pictures of Eve. Timmy knows Eve is toast if TC finds the pictures and Tabby says she did warn Eve about it (when she pretended to be a gypsy). She tells Timmy she'll make the gypsy's prophecy come true and runs off with Tim-Tim in tow. She heads into the Book Cafe to talk to TC and Eve. She plays with Eve's head by asking her about birds and their secrets. Chad comes and offers Tabby tea, then leaves. Then Tabby goes into a story about a bird that dies in a fire, then brings up Orville's apartment burning down. Eve flashes back to when she set the fire and Tabby says maybe Orville has a bird that will rise above the ashes like the bird in her story. Eve gets freaked out and leaves to "go check on a patient." Tabby comments to Timmy that everything is going great. Eve calls the police to find out if anything survived the fire, especially the bird statue, and the police offer to get back to her. Timmy says he feels sorry for Eve because she's a good doctor but Tabby says Eve's life will be destroyed. TC comments to Eve about how occupied she's been with Orville and Chad comes up and expresses his wishes that Orville could remember more information. Eve promises to let Chad know anything important and Chad says, yeah, to get him out of Harmony. Tabitha, meanwhile, tells Timmy it's time for a little game of show and tell. She says she could give TC the bird or send it to the head of the hospital. What should she do? Timmy says what did Eve ever do to Tabby? She says Eve has done nothing but save Charity and it's time for Tabby to pay her back. She decides to just leave the red envelope out so TC can find it by himself. She goes over and places the envelope on TC and Eve's table.

The Ski Lodge:
Sam is kissing Grace and Ivy says by now he must be thinking of her. Suddenly Sam sees Ivy's face and hears her voice instead of Grace's! Grace asks if something is wrong and Sam says something is very wrong. Ivy says the scent of her perfume on Sam's pillow has distracted him again. She says Sam should tell Grace he doesn't love her anymore. Sam tells Grace there's no music she says he's a true romantic. He puts on a song and Ivy listens, frustrated. Sam and Grace are dancing, and Ivy is going crazy listening to them. Suddenly the room goes quiet and Ivy realizes that she needs a man to make love to her, and it has to be Sam--tonight. Sam and Grace make love and drink champagne. Grace is acting a little drunk. They start to kiss again. Ivy fixes her hair and prepares to go into Sam and Grace's room because she hasn't heard a sound for a while. She heads into the room, where Sam and Grace are asleep. She notices Grace ate both desserts so she'll be out for the night. After watching Sam for a minute, she calls for him to wake up. He looks over at her and she tells him to come to her. At first he thinks it's Grace but then Ivy steps into the light and drops her robe to the floor! Sam is really shocked as Ivy stands naked in front of him.

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