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Joey pushed Kelly to set a wedding date. Nora stopped Bo and Lindsay's wedding and told Bo the truth about Lindsay changing Bo's fertility test results. Asa offered Skye a job. Dorian kissed Drake, the new assistant district attorney.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, February 7, 2000

Blair knocks on Max's bedroom door and invites him back to "their bedroom." She tells him she believes she's lost him to someone else but she wants to let him know that she trusts him and she will prove it. She advises him that she's transferred all of his money back to him and additionally, she rips up the power of attorney. Max wonders what's really going on but Blair says she just loves him and it's her fault that they're apart, though she would kill Max if he betrayed her. He embraces her, telling his wife that he understands why she did what she did.

Cristian wants Jessica to know that he's just trying to find out the truth about everything.

Skye visits Ben at Crossroads where he lets her know that he's lost it all. She didn't intend for things to end up as they have and was unaware until now that Viki and Ben had split up. Ben tells her she can't take credit as he messed things up himself. He wonders if she'll leave Llanview now but Skye says her reasons for being there constantly change. She admits to not feeling better now that Ben is hurting and she agrees not to bother Viki any longer. Jess shows up because Crossroads has played such an important part in her life this past year. She didn't realize anyone was there, but Skye leaves so that she can have a chat with Ben. She tells him she is looking for the truth. She thinks Ben will just say it's all Asa's fault but Ben surprises her by admitting that Will lied and he's sorry. He loves Jess, but forgot his responsibility towards her. We often hurt the people we love the most, he tells her. Things can't be changed, she says, as she gets up to leave. She thanks him for the talk and says she'll see him at Llanfair. Ben informs her that he's staying at Crossroads but her mother will have to fill her in. It's his fault, he admits. Jess assures him that he and her mom belong together.

At the police station, Téa introduces Roseanne to the lawyer that she's hired for her, Mark Doyle. Will is in Bo's office at the same time where he and Rosie can glare at each other through the glass. Sam tells him that Roseanne can be charged with extortion. There will be a new bail hearing though Bo assures Will that he will see to it that everything will be ok. They go into the main office where Jared wants to know if Roseanne asked Will for any money or if she forced him into giving it to her. Hank is asking Roseanne the same questions and though Doyle advises her not to speak, she wants to. The young people continue to stare at each other and finally, Will tells the ADA that Roseanne did not ask for money. Jared does not want Will out on bail, but Sam tries to convince him that Will just pulled a stunt and didn't flee.

Several feet away, Bo tells Lindsay that the situation's bad and she tells him she will not be able to get married without Will around to give her away. Bo assures her that he will be out of jail when the time comes. Sam wanders over to his ex-wife after Bo walks off and asks how she is. Lindsay confirms her pregnancy but doesn't want anything said to Bo. Sam snidely remarks that he's the guardian of all of her secrets. In the meantime, Roseanne is permitted to leave. The others head for court.

Nora races into her house frantically looking for Sam, with Viki close behind her. She has to talk to him about what she's just learned regarding Lindsay, but remembers that Sam is occupied with Will at the station. Viki tries to calm her down but Nora won't have any parts of that. She's just realized that Lindsay's altering of Bo's test results has caused a change in everyone's life, but she won't get away with it. Nora slept with Sam because of those results and Bo felt like he lost Drew all over again when he learned of them. The whole thing makes no sense, which is why Nora knows Lindsay was capable of doing what she did. She hated for Nora to be happy and blamed her for ruining her marriage to Sam. Viki doesn't think Nora should do anything rash but Nora states that she will make Lindsay pay. Her friend suggests she think of the consequences because Bo would probably walk away from Lindsay if he learned about this. Is this what Nora really wants? She can't let Bo get married without learning the truth, Nora says, and it's all about being honest. Viki thinks it sounds more like revenge but Nora wonders what will happen if he learns later on and finds out that she already knew. She asks Viki for her opinion. Viki agrees that it's hard when people lie but in this case the stakes are too high. Everyone is happy and if she tells Bo, either everything will just blow over or it could and probably will blow apart. She knows that Nora will do the right thing for the right reason.

In the courtroom, Sam tells the judge that Will had a return ticket so he was not fleeing Llanview. He wants a re-instatement of the original bail terms. Jared takes his turn to speak. He says they wouldn't be there if Will had kept his word and that perhaps, the return ticket was just an alibi. Will knowingly violated his bail and it should be revoked. When Mr. Hall is finished, Bo stands and requests permission to speak. He tells the judge that he's appearing as both the police commissioner and a friend and they have captured many criminals and given many others second chances. He will personally promise to have Will in court for his next appearance, he will have him stay at his house and they will abide by all of the rules. He has faith in Will and will stake his job and reputation on him. Furthermore, he will hand over his badge if things fall through. The judge agrees to the terms and wants an electronic tracking device placed on Will. She turns custody of the young man over to Bo. Hank commends Bo on his speech, wondering if he's sure about the whole thing. Sam and Lindsay are both thankful and Bo tells his fiancée that he always keeps his vows. Nora peers into the courtroom.

Blair and Max end up in bed together where Blair can see that they still make good partners. Everything is looking up she says, as Max is making his recovery and now they just need to get rid of Skye. Nigel knocks on the door abruptly, to let Max know that someone is in the house to see him. He won't say who. Max goes downstairs to see Skye. He is angry because he had told her he'd see her at the Palace. Blair walks in and Skye is happy they're both there-she has decided what she wants to do with them.

TUESday, February 8, 2000

At The Palace, Dorian and Drake reminisced about Mel. Later, Drake surprised Dorian with a tender kiss and the two grew closer. Hank threw a surprise bachelor party for Bo and decided to invite Sam. Nora invited Lindsay out to dinner and was surprised when Lindsay confessed that she once had an affair with Drake. Skye told Max and Blair that she had decided to move on with her life and would leave them in peace.

Later, Skye admitted to Max that she was not being entirely truthful and then asked him to make love to her. Asa spied Max and Skye about to make love and considered telling Blair the truth when she arrived home. As Joey pressed a conflicted Kelly to set a June wedding date, Kevin questioned how Kelly could marry his brother. Kevin and Kelly both said they didn't want to hurt Joey and agreed not to tell him about New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

While Max and Skye are getting busy in his bedroom, Blair almost walks in on them. She is stopped by...Asa. Asa re-routes her to downstairs, giving Max enough time to get Skye out. When Blair sees Skye sneaking out, Asa covers again.

The guys throw Bo a big bachelor party. Bo, Sam and Hank dissucss Nora and Lindsay. Sam makes a speech for Bo and Lindsay, and thanks Bo for all his help with Will and toasts Lindsay as a wonderful woman--he wishes them happiness.

Meanwhile, Nora and Lindsay are out to dinner together and Lindsay can't understand what is bothering Nora. "I thought you asked me out to clear the air, but it doesn't seem like it now", Lindsay questions Nora. Although Nora is fumming inside, she can't bring herself to tell Lindsay the truth--she has to be sure first. She decides that Dorian is the only one who can give her answers. Nora barges in at Dorian's interupting her evening with Drake. Finally Dorian gives in and admits that Lindsay changed the test results. "But," Dorian adds, "Sam has known about it for the last three months!" Nora is determined to stop the wedding.

THURSday, February 10, 2000

Llanview Hospital

Viki meets with her doctor and is disappointed to learn that her test results are delayed yet again. When Elyse suggests that Viki "talk to Dr. Davidson" about a second opinion, Viki stiffens and explains that "I truly do not want him to know anything at all about this...I choose to believe everything is going to be OK." Meanwhile, outside at the desk, Ben drops by to "review" Max's chart and convinces the nurse to let him do this without informing Asa. Viki returns to retrieve her forgotten gloves from the room that Ben is now using and panics when she sees Ben reviewing a chart because she thinks he is looking at her records. Ben explains that he knows he is breaking the rules and perhaps breaking the law by looking at Max's CT scan but that he is "looking at them for a reason." Viki is relieved and covers by telling Ben, "I didn't want you to get into trouble." Ben is touched and tells Viki, "Frankly I'm just glad that you care." Viki wants to know "what's so important to take a risk like that" but Ben "isn't sure yet...but I think Max might be faking." Viki thinks "that's went through hell for nothing" but gets upset when Ben starts to go off about Asa being "behind this" so he stops before he says anything else he will regret. Viki wonders what Max would stand to gain by faking, but observes that "Max never does anything unless there's something in it for Max."

Bo's Place

Will enters the living room to find Sam asleep on the couch and Bo asleep in the chair amidst half-smoked stogies and empty liquor bottles. When they wake up, Sam observes that "I guess we had one too many" and offers Bo his congratulations on the wedding which is to take place in a couple of hours. Before leaving, Sam asks Bo to "take good care of my ex-wife" which Bo agrees to do and then asks Sam to "do the same." Later, Will thanks Bo for all he has done for him in "the last couple of weeks" and tells him he will "be proud to call you my stepfather." Bo replies that Will "already feels like a son to have for awhile." While Will goes to pick up his mother, Kevin, Joey and Hank come by to help Bo get ready for the "marriage thing." Hank and Bo share some "best friend" time when Hank thanks Bo for asking him to be "the best man." Hank also wants Bo to forget about any things he said about Lindsay in the past because "I was thinking about's great to see you so happy." Bo wants Hank to know that "after all we've been always made it easier because...I knew you'd be standing right beside me."

Later, Bo is struggling to write his vows to Lindsay. Explaining that it was a "mutual agreement: she suggested, I agreed," he asks for Kevin's help as a "writer." Kevin advises that "words don't honest...say what you feel...think of all the things you'd like to tell her and imagine it's the last chance she's ever going to have to hear it." Bo agrees "that will work" and later, at the church, he privately tells Kevin how "proud" he is that Kevin "turned everything around." Bo assures Kevin that "you're gonna love again...maybe it will be when you least expect it."

Dorian's Mansion

As Dorian is "desperate to get a hold of someone," Drake drops by because he "couldn't get you out of my mind." Dorian begins to explain her "complicated, convoluted story" about Lindsay's "cruel hoax on Bo and Nora" which Nora is now "threatening to tell everyone will ruin Lindsay's wedding, destroy her happiness...decimate their relationship..." when Drake correctly assumes that Dorian feels the "need to intercede." Although Dorian realizes it is "presumptuous," as she asks Drake what she should do, Lindsay arrives at the door with all her wedding paraphernalia. Dorian is conflicted about telling Lindsay what she knows, but is given a "temporary reprieve" when Drake interrupts the two women and congratulates and compliments Lindsay. Lindsay tells him he is "such a bad liar" and then goes upstairs to talk to her unborn child in private. "You're daddy's gonna be so surprised...he's the best man in the whole's the happiest day of your life and you don't even know it."

Later, Kelly comes in to help Lindsay get ready and asks whether Lindsay has "cold feet...doubts or questions" about her marriage. Lindsay answers, "Not a single one...I feel it in every part of me...if you're marrying the right man and you love him and he loves you, nothing can touch that."

Downstairs, Dorian, who "would love not to get involved," thinks that Sam could stop Nora from telling Bo and Drake offers that if Sam could save the wedding, then there is no need for Dorian to interfere. Dorian asks Drake to accompany her to the wedding so that "if a bomb did go off, you'd be there and that would make it better." He accepts the invitation and they kiss. Will enters the house and overhears Dorian as she observes, "If Lindsay only knew..." but Drake "brilliantly" covers for Dorian which causes her to question him, "Where did you come from?"

Back upstairs, Will visits his mother, bringing her a gift of a cameo necklace from Bo. He looks very handsome and dapper in his tuxedo, but he is visibly sad and somewhat nervous. Lindsay assures him that "you did what you did because you love one understands that better than me...we're all going to help you." Will lovingly tells his mother that she deserves a "wonderful life with Bo" and he is sure she's "gonna have it."

Later, Dorian is "happy to help" Lindsay "step into her gorgeous dress" but changes the subject when Lindsay asks her what "important thing" it was she had wanted to tell her earlier. Lindsay thanks Dorian for being her "only friend in Llanview" which she observes is "a pretty sad commentary" considering their history. Lindsay wants to forget the past because, after all, "I'm marrying Bo...that's all that matters."

Sam and Nora's

A nervous Nora is relieved when Sam finally comes home after his night out. He explains that he woke up on Bo's couch and it was "weird" because they had "talked like almost friends." He thinks maybe the four of them can "put the past behind us" but Nora interrupts to burst his bubble. "I know Lindsay's secret and it's huge...we have to stop the wedding...we have to stop Bo from making the worst mistake of his life." Nora recaps what she found out at the hospital about Lindsay and swears to a shocked Sam, "I did not go looking for this, this dropped in my lap...I would never intentionally break my word to you...but we can't let this go...she had to know what she was doing...I can't let Bo marry...without telling him the you understand?" A light goes on and Sam tells Nora, "I understand a lot." Without taking a breath, Nora then presses forward, "Come with me...we can do this together...his ex, her ex...we'll put an end to this ridiculous charade..." Sam flatly refuses and tells Nora that he knows what Lindsay did was wrong but, since it was in the past, Lindsay should be the one to decide whether to tell Bo. Sam asks Nora what the results were of Lindsay's deception and while Nora answers with "agony, pain, and heartache," Sam offers his version: "You and me together, and Matthew...are you telling me you wished that never happened?" Nora's response angers a hung-over Sam: "Matthew is my life, but by the mere fact that that woman had anything to do with Matthew, it makes me sick to my stomach." When Sam suggests that "paying her back is not gonna solve anything," Nora wants to know, "Why are you protecting her?" Sam denies protecting Lindsay but tells Nora, "Sometimes things are not as black and white as you might like to see them...I know she feels terrible about it." When Nora questions how Sam could "know what she feels," he is forced to admit that Dorian was right in telling her he had known the secret. "I did. I've known for months." While Sam doesn't understand what difference it makes how many months he has known, to Nora "it makes a big difference...was this before Matthew or after Matthew? How long has it been that you've been lying to me?" Nora explodes that she doesn't want "a line of lawyer bull" when Sam tries to explain that he "did not lie...I evaded but I did not outright lie." "You lied to me by omission...Every time you told me to drop it, you lied to me...every time you told me to let it go, you broke our trust...How could you do that to me?" Sam vows, "I hated not telling you...but Lindsay told me if I told'd use it to destroy her and Bo...I didn't want to believe that...I wanted to believe that you were finished with Bo...I certainly wanted to believe that you loved me enough to just put Bo and Lindsay behind you and just let it go...but now I see that Lindsay was right, that I was're doing exactly what she said you'd do."

Nora feels she has "every right to tell Bo the truth" but Sam's opinion is, "You have no rights when it comes to Bo...none...and that's what bothers you." A teary-eyed Nora demands of Sam, "How dare you? How dare you betray me day after day and turn around and try to make it my fault? How dare you? How dare you try to make me out as some sort of petty, jealous ex-wife who can't stand to see her poor ex-husband with anybody else?" Sam, having completely lost control, wants to know, "Well, isn't that what this is? Isn't that exactly what you are?" He then challenges Nora to "prove me wrong." Of course, her reply is, "You and Lindsay may think it's just fine to keep secrets. You and Lindsay may think it's just peachy to lie to the people who you supposedly love in order to get what you want. But you know what? It doesn't work for me...and it doesn't work for Bo either." Sam follows Nora to the front door and taunts her, "How many times did you lie to Bo about Matthew? And how many times have you lied to me?" At the end of her rope, Nora threatens Sam, "Don't you dare bring Matthew into this. The man that I loved once - very much, and a man I still care about - is about to pledge the rest of his life to a woman who does not deserve him because she violated him in the most despicable ways and I for one will not stand by and let him do that. So this petty, jealous ex-wife is gonna go to the church and tell Bo the truth." As Nora opens the front door, Sam slams it shut and explodes at Nora: "Like hell you go out that door, and Bo and Lindsay's relationship is not the only relationship you're gonna finish."

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FRIday, February 11, 2000


Asa offers Skye a job--to 'bust up' Blair and Max. He also offers her a job in PR at Buchanan Enterprises where she'll work closely with Max. Max arrives and Asa introduces him to the new PR director. Max is furious as Skye walks through the door. Funny to see Max's jaw drop to the floor. In another scene with Max, he and Blair wait for Dr. Ross to go over his latest scan. Blair tells Max that she has been talking to Ben about his condition. Which doesn't thrill Max, of course. Later, Ben has a small scene with Viki and he tells her that he can prove Max is faking the brain damage.

Over at the church, Kelly fixes Will's tie as Jessica walks in, and right past them, without making eye contact with Will. Hank and Bo share a moment right outside of the church; Hank wants Bo to make sure he's doing the right thing by marrying Lindsay. And just down the hall, Dorian is telling Lindsay how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress. Lindsay thanks Dorian for keeping all her secrets. Lindsay said she will never have to do anything that desperate again, because that desperate part of her is gone. Lindsay tells Dorian that her doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. Dorian is visibly nervous now, knowing that all will know the truth once Lindsay announces that she is pregnant!

Asa offers to pay Skye to keep having sex with Max. Skye said she doesn't want him to pay her so she'll feel like a hooker. She likes having sex with him and doesn't want to be paid for it.

Back at the church, Will walks Lindsay down the isle and gives her away to Bo....Andrew starts the ceremony.....

Sam tells Nora that telling Bo about Lindsay's lie is simply revenge. Nora said; "Evil should be stopped, changing medical records is wrong." Sam is clearly jealous of Nora running off to tell Bo the secret. Sam said "You are doing this just to get to Bo; to take revenge on Lindsay." Nora tells Sam that she doesn't want Bo back. Then the big question that Sam has been dying to ask Nora....."Is it just Lindsay you don't want to see with Bo, or is it any woman?" Nora was hurt by that and told him that was a very cruel thing to say. Nora tells Sam how much she loves him and Matthew, but she just could not let Lindsay get away with this lie that makes Bo look like a fool for marrying her. Sam told Nora that Bo and Lindsay have their own family now and they have theirs. "If you walk out of here and go to that church, you'll blow it all to hell", Sam tells Nora. Nora just glared at Sam, and left for the church.

Cris tells Roseanne she went too far with the situation with Will. Cris told her that he can forgive her, but he doesn't want to be married to her. Antionio tells Cris that he'll be able to pretend his marriage to Roseanne never happened if they get an anullment. Roseanne leaves the apartment in tears, vowing that she'll never give up on him. "Everything I did Cristian, I did it for us." Roseanne said.

As Andrew continues the wedding ceremony, he says that "today, Bo and Lindsay join together in a wholy union--I don't have to tell you that even a wholy union does not guarantee tranquility, there will be storms-you can count on it.".....Andrew told them to forgive and forget past mistakes. Bo and Lindsay recite their own vows, and just as Bo is finishing his, Nora walks through the door. Nora walks down the aisle to Bo and Lindsay. Nora says---"Bo, I need to talk to you." Bo said..."Not now, Nora.". And Nora said..."I'm going to tell you this in public or I can tell you in private."......Bo doesn't budge, and so Nora asked him to think back to when they wanted to have a baby.....Nora said, "Everything that you went through...everything that I went through, was becasue of Lindsay....she changed your results on the fertility test, making you think you couldn't father a child. She changed the results, Bo. You are about to marry the woman who changed all our lives."...........(No feeling sorry for Lindsay on my front. Today she is getting what she deserves. But will Bo leave her at the altar?)

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