All My Children Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on AMC

Gillian told Ryan that she loved him, but she refused to cancel her wedding to Jake. Alex learned some stunning information about Geoffrey. Scott told Becca that he loved her. Leo arranged for his friend, Paolo, to seduce Marian. A gunman held Alex hostage at the mall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 7, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, February 7, 2000

Gillian looked around for signs that Ryan had tagged along with Hayley. When Ryan revealed that he'd come alone, Gillian threw her hands into the air and started to stomp away. Ryan explained that he knew Gillian could never meet with him if he'd been the one to call. "We never finished our conversation," Ryan said softly. Gillian argued that their conversation was not important. Ryan felt otherwise, again asking Gillian if they had given up on their relationship too soon. "For months I hoped... I begged... I prayed for us to get back together," Gillian yelled. She tried to storm past Ryan, but he grabbed her arm and refused to let her leave. "Why are you doing this?" Gillian asked, her voice cracking. Ryan looked Gillian in the eyes and told her that he doesn't believe that she's truly in love with Jake. Gillian dodged the question, instead calling into question the way that Ryan had unceremoniously turned his back on their marriage. "Jake can't make you feel the way that I can make you feel," Ryan purred. He stepped closer to Gillian, gently brushing his hand through her hair. Gillian turned her head to look away from her former husband. Gillian pulled away. She accused Ryan of coming to her as a last resort; Hayley was back together with Mateo and Greenlee had presumably moved on. "You [always] want what you can't have," Gillian snapped. Ryan again asserted that marrying Jake was a mistake Gillian would regret for the rest of her life. "For the first time in my life I know exactly what I'm doing," the princess argued. Ryan peered deeply into Gillian's eyes once more and told her that he believes she's holding something back. Gillian insisted that she and Jake were very much in love and that their union would benefit Colby. "Jake deserves to be her father," Gillian chirped. Ryan cocked his head to the side and reminded Gillian that Jake is Colby's dad. A perplexed look surfaced on Gillian's face. She looked as though she wanted to spill the truth, but she knew that she couldn't. Ryan promised to back off if Gillian could look him in the eyes and honestly tell him that she loves Jake. Gillian claimed that she and Jake are in love --- but she followed it up with another reference to how her marriage will benefit Colby. Ryan found it odd that Gillian repeatedly brings up Colby. He asked Gillian why Jake felt a need to protect Colby from Adam, a man who isn't even the child's father. Gillian's eyes welled with tears. "You don't understand," she said softly. Ryan begged Gillian to explain things to him. Gillian bowed her head and raced away.

"Who did you kill?" Edmund asked softly. "Geoffrey. Geoffrey Ashford," Alex said haltingly. Erica arrived just in time to hear the declaration. She proclaimed that she was right about Alex's involvement in Geoffrey's demise. David sneered broadly, warning Alex that he could use her confession against. He blasted her for having accused him of killing Siobhan when, all the while, she was the one who'd committed murder. Edmund ordered David to contain his remarks. David breezed past Alex, flashing her a sinister glare. Edmund followed David out of the stairwell and confronted him in the hallway. For the first time, Erica looked concerned for Alex. "What did that man do to you?" she asked tenderly. Erica had seen the look of fear in Alex's eyes and knew that the mere mention of Geoffrey's name sent chills up Alex's spine. Alex initially asked Erica to leave her alone, but, perhaps after sensing Erica's concern, confessed that she wasn't sure what Geoffrey had done. "I don't know," she said in a voice just above a whisper. "I don't remember." In the hospital corridor, David and Edmund engaged in a shouting match. They broke it off only after a nurse poked her head in and informed them that they were disturbing the patients. Erica appeared and told Edmund that Alex needed him. David rolled his eyes and blabbed that his confrontation with Alex had not gone as expected. Erica looked down her nose at the doctor and asked to have a word with him. Back in the stairwell, Edmund offered to help Alex any way that he could. Alex called her recollections of Geoffrey "fragmented." She remembered that she and Geoffrey had had their final showdown, so to speak, on New Year's Eve. As David had hinted, the confrontation took place atop a flight of steps. Geoffrey was furious and his drunken condition didn't make things any better. Geoffrey had grabbed on to Alex and ordered her not to tell anyone about something, that something Alex was still unable to recall. She wrestled to get free from his grasp and in the process Geoffrey tumbled down the steps --- to his death. Alex wondered why she hadn't been charged with a crime. Perhaps she was a fugitive. Edmund suggested that Alex might have already been punished for the crime or that no charges were ever filed. Edmund asked that Alex return home and get some rest. Alex shook her head and said that she could not possibly rest now that she knew she'd killed a man. Edmund again offered to help, this time offering that Alex might have been acting in self-defense. A nurse appeared at the top of the steps and told Alex that Karen had asked for her. Alex was amazed that the girl had finally spoken. She raced off to the young girl's room. There, Karen pleaded with Alex not to send her back home to her family. "I'm afraid of him." The young girl sobbed. Alex asked Karen who was hurting her, but Karen wouldn't say. She repeated several times that "he" had told her never to tell anyone. That phrase also echoed in Alex's mind.

At the Valley Inn, Vanessa read over Palmer's will and was furious to see that Palmer's dogs were provided for better than she was. Leo explained that the will had been drawn up before she and Palmer were married, but that didn't make the new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt feel any better. Vanessa feared that Palmer's death would leave her "indigent." Leo grumbled that he didn't want his mother to have to go through that again. Vanessa announced that until Palmer revised his will, she would make sure that he took excellent care of himself. Palmer wandered in and overheard his wife talking about his well being. When asked what she was talking about, Vanessa concocted a tale about wanting Palmer to get a flu shot. Palmer sat down and watched as the dessert cart wheeled buy. He reached out and plucked a chocolate eclair from the cart. Vanessa immediately snatched the goodie away from her husband and took a bite out of it. Palmer looked on in shock. Vanessa fed some of the eclair to her son as she told Palmer that the pastry was "a heart attack on a plate." There was one mouthful left and Palmer decided that it was better than nothing. He put the eclair in his mouth and almost immediately started hacking. Vanessa screamed out for a doctor and started administering the Heimlich Maneuver. David and Erica entered and raced to Palmer's side. Palmer insisted that he was fine --- and mused that Vanessa may have broken one of his ribs. Palmer left the room and Erica and David went to their own table. David and Erica bickered playfully about how each had broken their promise not to talk to anyone about Alex and Geoffrey's involvement. They decided to settle their differences --- upstairs in David's hotel room. Palmer returned to the table and helped himself to an eclair of his own. Vanessa mentioned that she'd been thinking a lot about her about her age. She told Palmer that she wanted to accompany him to the attorney when he drew up his new will. That way, she explained, she could draw up a will of her own. She said that while she did not have much, she wanted to demonstrate in some way that Palmer was the man in her life. Palmer made no mention to his intention to redraw his will. Instead, he told Vanessa that he'd pass along his attorney's number to her.

Gillian returned to Wildwind and fell asleep on the sofa in the parlor. She had whimsical yet disturbing dream of how her life might have been in a 1950s black-and-white television series. Dressed in a checkered dress, Gillian played a homemaker who'd gladly given up all claims to her royalty. Jake, in thick black glasses, returned home with Tad, dressed as a high school jock, Joe and Dixie. They all blathered on and on about what a great thrill it was to be a Martin. Not to be outdone, Gillian professed that her life had no meaning now that she was part of the clan. In nearly everything that Gillian and Dixie said, there was a reference to being a mother. Gillian referred to herself as "Colby's mother" and Dixie downplayed all else in life except that she was "Junior and Jamie's mother." Gillian smiled broadly and told everything that she'd mastered Grandma Kate's coffeecake. She pulled out a dish, removed the towel cover, and displayed... a flat and unappealing debacle of a cake. The Martins looked on in horror. Suddenly, Ryan entered the room --- in color. Ryan told Gillian that her cake had flopped because she used a "special secret ingredient." Gillian's mouth quivered noticeably Ryan warned her that no marriage could survive built on secrets. Gillian woke from her sleep with a slight scream. Jake looked on from the foyer and asked his wife-to-be if she was okay.

In his office at Tempo, Edmund pulled up information about Geoffrey on his computer. There was nothing out of the ordinary --- his wife's name and a list of his two children. Edmund hit the print button, but as he did the screen suddenly flashed a message: Access Denied. Try as he did, Edmund was unable to get past the warning screen.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Asleep in the bed she once shared with Adam, Liza dreamt that Colby was crying. She woke from her sleep and called out to her daughter that she was on her way. Then she realized that Colby was staying with Jake. She sadly bowed her head and walked back towards the bed. Adam burst into the room and told Liza that he'd heard her cries. Liza told Adam that she missed her daughter terribly. She wanted nothing more than to race over to Myrtle's house and bring Colby home. She knew, though, that her needs could be misconstrued and Jake could somehow use it against her in the custody battle. Adam promised that no judge would ever take Colby away from Liza. Liza tilted her head to one side and jokingly asked Adam if he planned to bribe another judge. "I learned my lesson," Adam smiled. Liza thanked Adam for agreeing to postpone their divorce. However, she reminded Adam that once her custody battle was over, the divorce proceedings would be back on. Liza asked Adam how he'd heard her call out to Colby. "I was in the nursery," Adam replied. Liza found it odd because the nursery was empty. "I feel close to Colby [in the nursery]. Even if she isn't there," Adam explained somewhat bashfully. It was clear that Liza was touched. Liza admitted that she's felt badly for Adam in recent weeks because she knew that he never saw Skye and Hayley when they were babies. Adam pouted his lips slightly and commented that it was probably too late for him to ever have another chance at being a father to an infant child. Liza turned her head to avoid contact and muttered that she supposes Adam's right. Adam told Liza that he would help her anyway he could --- and do whatever he had to --- in order to help her retain custody of Colby. Liza looked at the stuffed elephant Adam was toting and smiled warmly. She told him that the animal was Colby's favorite. Adam chuckled and remarked that Colby would be in for a big surprise --- literally ---when she saw her first real elephant. Liza grinned and said that Colby would probably pull on a real elephant's trunk the same way that she plays with her stuffed animal. "Of course she will!" Adam chirped. "She's my d---." Adam and Liza both fell silence. Liza was pleased that she and Adam could have a civil conversation, but she felt compelled to remind him that she was going to seek out a divorce. Adam rose to his feet and told Liza that he was fully aware of her intentions. He bid her goodnight and went on his way.

"Don't send me back!" Karen pleaded. "You can't. I won't go!" Alex took the young girl into her arms and carefully asked her who "he" was. Karen either refused or was unwilling to part with the man's identity. Alex praised her patient for finding the strength to talk again and promised her that she'd done everything in her power to keep her in the hospital. As she told Karen that she needed to find the strength to talk more about the person who was hurting her, Alex realized that she and Karen were in nearly identical situations.

Edmund typed away on the computer, but the "Access Denied" screen flashed every time he tried to retrieve information about Geoffrey Ashford. Alex returned to her office and told Edmund that she feared Karen was being abused by her father. She also confessed that Karen's case was hitting a bit too close to home. Edmund told Alex of his investigation and the mysterious error messages he was receiving. They both agreed that there must be a connection between Alex's sealed medical records and Geoffrey's mysterious biographical information. Edmund told Alex that he only knew that Geoffrey was married, had two children, and was "declared dead." Alex repeatedly referred to herself as a murderer. Edmund, however, was nearly certain that Alex had acted in self-defense. Alex's mind continued to race a mile a minute. Edmund instructed Alex to go back to the lodge and get some rest. Alex nodded and said that she needed to check on "Cassandra" before heading home. Edmund's eyebrows rose as he asked Alex why she'd referred to Karen as Cassandra. Alex laughed and said that she must have mixed up names. It was then that Edmund told her that Geoffrey's daughter was named Cassandra. Alex's face grew concerned and she told Edmund that they needed to find Cassandra. "She's dead," Edmund replied. Alex's face turned ghostly white. She fainted into Edmund's arms and both she and Edmund tumbled to the floor.

Leo and Greenlee arrived at Sounds of Salsa. Before entering, Greenlee looked around to make sure that Ken was nowhere in sight. At the bar, Tina congratulated Hayley on her engagement. "It was always you he wanted," the waitress smiled. Mateo wandered over just as Tina was leaving. Hayley toyed with the idea of playing matchmaker for Tina and Adrian. Then she thought about how she'd lied to arrange a meeting between Ryan and Gillian and quickly stopped talking. Mateo looked over his soon-to-be wife's shoulder and noticed that Ryan was walking into the club. Adrian waited at a table near the back of the club for Rae. Rae arrived with high hopes of finding a lead to her daughter. Adrian told the talk show therapist that he'd managed to find some of Lyle Wedgewood's financial records. In those records, the attorney had a listing for a $10,000 donation from Daniel Faulkner, Rae's wayward husband. Rae was determined to learn more and hinted that breaking into Lyle's office might be her next course of action. Adrian warned her against the idea, but Rae didn't want to back down. Rae walked away from the meeting claiming to be on her way back to Myrtle's boarding house. Adrian sensed otherwise and followed after her. At their table, Greenlee told Leo that she hoped to have Ryan in her arms very soon. She figured that once Gillian and Jake were married, Ryan would have no one to turn to but her. Greenlee laughed to herself and asked Leo why he hadn't talked her out of using Ken to make Ryan jealous. Leo reminded Greenlee that while he hadn't stopped her he had stopped Ken. Greenlee thanked Leo with a peck on the cheek, a kiss Leo would later describe as "stimulating." Tina dropped off some complimentary drinks as her way of praising Leo's actions in saving "a woman" from being raped. Greenlee made Leo swear that he would never tell anyone --- especially Ryan --- that she was the woman he'd saved. Across the club, Ryan and Hayley briefly discussed Jake's plans to sue for custody of Jake. Both agreed that the decision was misguided, though Hayley suspected that Jake was trying to take Colby away from Adam rather than Liza. Greenlee and Leo wandered over to talk to Hayley about some show ideas. Leo claimed to be an expert on European nightclubs, the proposed topic for an upcoming show. He and Hayley stepped away and Greenlee got what she wanted --- time alone with Ryan. Greenlee told Ryan that getting him alone was all part of her plan. She claimed that she wanted to tell Ryan that she respected the way he didn't want to toy with her emotions and said that she wants to remain friends with him. Ryan smiled and told Greenlee that they were already friends. When Hayley finished up with Leo, she told Mateo that she wanted to help him clean up. Mateo rolled his eyes and told Hayley that she was not a worker at the club. Hayley licked her lips and said that the sooner things were cleaned up the sooner they could go back to his place. That was all Mateo needed to hear. Within seconds he was announcing that it was the last call for drinks. Ryan sat alone at the bar and fantasized that Gillian had entered the club looking for him. In his dream, Gillian told him that he was the love of her life. More than that, Gillian said that she was not going to marry Jake. In an instance, the dream faded away and Ryan was once again alone at the bar.

Adrian found Rae struggling to pick the lock to Lyle's office. After scolding her for disregarding his warnings, Adrian pushed her aside and picked the lock himself. Inside the office, the pair found very little in the way of furniture. There was a desk and chair and a few papers, but no computer and not much of anything else. Rae poked around a journal that was inside Lyle's desk. After paging through the book, Rae found a page with Daniel's name, her name, and a line drawn to another, unfamiliar name --- Fannie Battle. Before either could react, the door to the office swung open. Derek and another police officer stared them down. Derek recognized both Adrian and Rae, but that didn't stop him from telling them that they were both under arrest.

Jake sat down beside his fiancée and asked her about her dream. Gillian concocted a story that she'd dreamt that someone interrupted their wedding. Jake wondered if the person in Gillian's dream was Ryan. Gillian dodged the question. She asked Jake if he would hate her for keeping a secret from him. Jake puckered his lips and told Gillian that he knew all about her secret. In jest, he said that Gillian had probably gotten tipsy and danced around naked in a Parisian fountain. Gillian's eyes widened. "It was Monte Carlo --- how did you know?" she gasped. Jake couldn't help but laugh. When the laughter subsided, he remarked that he wished he could have been there to see the show. Colby started crying and Jake left the room to tend to his daughter. Gillian walked over to the desk and reached for a sheet of paper. On the paper she wrote a full confessional to Jake telling him the truth about Colby's paternity. Gillian mentioned that Adam knew the truth all along, that Liza found out later, and that she learned just before her automobile accident. Jake returned to the room and Gillian was forced to tell Jake that the paper contained some wedding notes. Jake fell asleep on the sofa, but Gillian was too wired to get any rest. She placed the letter on Jake's chest and gently stroked his cheek. She slowly walked towards the door, stopping once to turn around and take a final look at her slumbering lover. Gillian took a deep breath and walked away.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Sitting on the floor of the parlor, Gillian tautly poured herself a glass of orange juice. She was so nervous that she nearly spilled the juice all over the floor. She reflected on the conversation she'd had with Ryan at the boathouse as well the letter she'd written for Jake. "Please, please, please let Jake understand," Gillian said to herself. Jake appeared solemnly at the doorway and asked Gillian of she was okay. Gillian jumped, prompting a great deal of concern on Jake's part. Gillian asked Jake if he still loved her. Jake's head snapped back. He assured Gillian that there was no way he could fall out of love with her overnight. Gillian nervously reminded Jake that she'd let him spend the night on the sofa. Jake nodded with a smile. The doctor said that he'd woken up at around three in the morning and staggered upstairs to a spare bedroom. Gillian chuckled nervously. She told Jake that she was acting peculiarly because she was suffering from a case of the jitters. Jake pulled Gillian close and admitted that he, too, was beginning to get nervous. Neither one was too anxious to stand in front of a group of people, but they made a pact to get through their wedding together. "Tomorrow it will all be over," Jake smiled. Jake gave his bride-to-be a kiss and told her that he needed to go to Myrtle's to wash and change before their pre-wedding party. Gillian told him that she'd be along later. After Jake left, Gillian searched high and low for the confessional she'd written. She eventually found it behind a sofa cushion. She could hear Eugenia telling her that this was a sign that Jake was not supposed to know the truth --- or at least it was sign that Gillian wasn't meant to be the one to ell him.

Tad arrived at the police station to meet Adrian and Rae. The pair had been forced to spend the night in jail because Tad as unable to rouse a judge from bed for a late-night arraignment. Rae shrugged her shoulders and said that it "wasn't so bad." Dixie appeared with the kids a little while later. She'd received a voice mail message from Tad telling her to meet him there. Adrian was to speak to Jamie's class as part of Black History Month. The boy feared that his uncle's arrest would pre-empt the speech. Jamie was a bit overzealous and likened Adrian's arrest to the arrest endured by Dr. Martin Luther King. Adrian nodded and said that many people throughout the course of history have been arrested for the wrong reasons. Derek overheard the remark and voiced his objection to the comparison. "You're comparing a sit in to a break in?" he snapped. Rae explained her situation to both the boys and Derek. Derek was saddened by Rae's daughter's abduction, but he reminded them that it was not their job to break the law. Several members of the media swarmed inside the station to get pictures of Rae and Adrian. Rae turned her back to the flashing cameras. The men only stopped their onslaught when Lyle Wedgewood appeared with the promise of releasing a statement. The reporters vanished. Lyle returned a few seconds later and promised Rae that she did not have to worry about the news of her arrest appearing in the papers. Rae was pleased, but she still faced an arraignment. Or maybe not. Lyle told Rae and her "accomplice" that he would drop all charges --- but the offer came with one condition. Lyle made Tad promise to end his secret investigation into black market baby adoptions. Tad bowed his head and, seeing that he had no choice, agreed to bow out. Lyle started to walk away, but Rae wasn't done talking to him. In the corridor leading to the exit, Rae told Lyle that she'd found her name listed in his journal. "Who is Fannie Battle?" she asked. "Please stay out of this," Lyle said seriously. "For the last time --- back off!" Rae persisted with her questioning. "You've been warned, Dr. Cummings," Lyle replied. "You've been warned." Adrian found Rae standing by herself. Rae apologized to the former spy for getting him arrested. Adrian downplayed the inconvenience, noting that they'd found a new lead. Rae decided to take a cab back to Myrtle's rather than wait for Tad and Dixie. Tad, meanwhile, was telling Dixie that he lied when he told Lyle that he'd end his quest.

Hayley and Mateo paced nervously in the living room of Chandler Mansion. It was clear that they were having second thoughts about being there. Liza entered the room and said that she'd leave so that they could have privacy. Hayley asked Liza to stick around for "the news." Liza looked at Hayley's face and immediately knew that good news was on its way. Adam popped into the room a few seconds later and greeted his daughter and her beau. Hayley struggled to find the words to tell her father that she was re-engaged. Finally, Mateo simply blurted out those words --- we're getting married. Hayley's eyes widened as she awaited a response from her father. But there would be no explosion as Hayley had feared. "That's wonderful news," Adam replied with a broad smile. "I hope you'll both be very happy." Mateo and Hayley broke into hysterical laughter. "What's with the Stuart impression?" Hayley asked. Adam insisted that he was truly happy for them. Liza stepped forward and stated that Adam's jubilance might be a bit overstated. She told the couple that she and Adam had tabled their divorce proceedings because of Jake's custody petition. Hayley wasn't in favor of the decision. She noted that it was because of Adam that Jake was seeking sole custody of Colby. Adam spoke of his regrets for not being able to see Hayley grow up. Hayley explained that Adam could not make up for that lost time with Colby. "As far as I'm concerned, I am her father," Adam grumbled. "But she's Jake's daughter," Hayley replied. The position of father has already been filled." Adam was furious with Hayley for turning her back on him. From there, the warm family talk fell apart. Liza told Hayley that it was possible that she would be called to testify about her relationship with Adam during the custody hearing. Adam implored Hayley to tell him what she'd say about him. Hayley refused to say anything. No one wanted to part under these unhappy terms. Barry walked into the room and provided a much needed break in the discussion. Adam offered to pay for Hayley and Mateo's wedding, but they declined. Adam asked Hayley if he could at least walk her down the aisle --- provided that there was going to be an aisle. Hayley smiled and nodded her head. "You are my father, after all," she noted. Liza walked the newly-engageds to their car. Barry, meanwhile, blasted Adam for not returning his phone calls. With the custody hearing just days away, Barry wanted to plot out a strategy. Adam explained that they did not need a strategy. The harder Jake fights, the closer Adam said he would be to getting everything he wants.

Gillian paid a surprise visit to the loft and asked Ryan if they could finish their discussion from the night before. Ryan was more than willing to invite Gillian into his home. Gillian admitted that she was unsure about her future when they talked at the boathouse. That had all changed. "Now I know who I'm supposed to be with," Gillian said softly. A long, agonizing silence followed. "It's Jake. I'm supposed to be with Jake." Ryan urged Gillian to take more time in arriving at a decision. Gillian felt that she'd already given the issue too much time. She explained that she'd be given "a sign" that Jake was the man she was supposed to be with. Ryan refused to accept Gillian's decision. He looked at the pain on Gillian's face and was suddenly hit by an incredible realization. "When you look at me all you see is the man who hurt you," Ryan said softly. Gillian's eyes welled with tears. She told Ryan that thinks of both the good and bad times --- and that that was the way she wanted it. "We had passion," Ryan asserted. Gillian countered, "I want something that will last!" Gillian was going to leave, but Ryan called out to her. Without saying a word, Ryan walked towards Gillian and kissed her --- and Gillian kissed back.

Jake arrived at the boarding house and told Myrtle that he was concerned about Gillian's pre-wedding jitters. Myrtle understood why Gillian was concerned. "Gillian and Ryan had such a back and forth marriage," Myrtle said softly. Jake assured Myrtle that he'd never do anything to hurt Gillian. "I hope you'll have the world on a cloud," Myrtle smiled. "I already feel like I'm up there," Jake replied with a smile. Jake cocked his head to one side and told Myrtle that she would have made a great mother. He asked her why she'd never had any children of her own. "Timing is everything," Myrtle said. "I was a carnie girl. You can't expect a child to pull up stakes every three days. I child needs stable roots." Myrtle said that sometimes people have to make difficult decisions and hope that everything turns out for the best. Jake headed upstairs to shower and shave. Rae returned during this time and briefed Myrtle on her arrest. Myrtle mistakenly thought that Adrian had gotten Rae arrested. Rae took the blame for the incident and explained that it wasn't a totally bad experience. She smiled as she mentioned that their search had yielded a new lead --- a woman by the name of Fannie Battle. Myrtle's face fell. She warned Rae not to get her hopes up. Rae was elated, nevertheless. She headed upstairs for a hot bath and a plan to begin a search for Fannie. Myrtle waited until Rae was gone. Her face still draped in concern, Myrtle raced to the phone. She placed a call to directory assistance and asked for a listing for Elsa, Illinois. The person she was seeking was Fannie Battle.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Edmund dropped by the hunting lodge to visit Alex. Instead of finding his sister-in-law, he found Stella, one of the housekeepers, changing the linens. Stella didn't want to appear forward, but she felt compelled to tell Edmund that Alex's bed hadn't been slept in. Alex returned in her riding outfit and Stella promptly left the lodge. Alex informed Edmund that she'd been unable to sleep. So, shortly after first light, she took to one of the horses and rode to the sea. "I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin," Alex shuddered. "It's like I'm remembering someone else's life." Alex turned her attention to learning more about her broken memories. She didn't want Erica and David to find out the truth before she did. Edmund suggested that Alex try "automatic writing," a method employed by many people to recall blocked or repressed memories. Alex sat down at the desk. She reached for her glasses, but Edmund told her that she didn't need the glasses; she was simply to write whatever came into her head. Alex's hand shook violently and she was unable to write a single word. Alex decided that it might be more productive to undergo a second hypnosis session and gave Edmund the go-ahead to contact Rae Cummings. Edmund headed back to the main house. Alex slowly walked towards the fireplace and looked longingly at a photograph of Dimitri. "When you told him to take care of me, is this what you meant?" she asked.

In her office at Tempo, Brooke gathered some of her belongings together for Jake and Gillian's pre-wedding party. A distracted Jack wandered by the office in a fog. Brooke called out to him, but it took him several moments to realize that he'd been summoned. Jack straggled into the office and informed Brooke that he'd been given the unfortunate task of giving Jake some very unpleasant news. "And it's not a wedding present," he sighed. Rae entered the office with the hope of enlisting Brooke in her search for her daughter. Rae gave both Jack and Brooke a brief account of her life and how her daughter had been taken from her. Touched by the story, Brooke offered to let Rae use any of Tempo's resources --- including personnel --- in her quest. Rae said that she had a hunch that her daughter had been given the name "Fannie Battle." Brooke tapped into her computer, but her search yielded no matches. Rae wasn't about to back down, but a phone call from Edmund forced her to put her search on the back burner. After Rae left, Brooke sensed that Rae's predicament was bringing back painful memories for him. After all, he'd been denied a sister for so many years. There was something else bothering Jack. He wouldn't reveal what is was, but he offered Brooke a warning. "If you and the Martins don't hate me by the end of the day, I'll be thankful," he groaned.

The kiss continued on for several long, passionate minutes. Finally, Gillian pulled away and angrily confronted Ryan about their lip lock. "Why did you do this Ryan?" she snapped. Gillian ran her hands through her hair. Her emotions were racing and they were nearly tearing her apart. "I love you, Ryan," Gillian chirped. "I never stopped." The admission nearly sent Ryan into orbit. Even though Gillian still loved Ryan, it was not enough to make her want to leave Jake. "You told me to go on with my life," Gillian added. Now that she had, Gillian asked that Ryan respect her decision to formalize her union with Jake. Ryan still believed that there was some underlying reason for Gillian's decision to rush into marriage. Gillian assured him that she wasn't pregnant, so that wasn't the reason. Gillian admitted that one of the reasons was that she wanted to help Jake get Colby out of Adam's grasp. That made even less sense to Ryan because Adam wasn't Colby's father. Outside in the hallway, Greenlee pressed her ear to the door and listened in on the conversation. Gillian told Ryan that she had always dreamed of having a prince ride into her life --- and he had. But when that prince broke her heart, it was Jake who'd mended it. "Loving you hurt too much," Gillian said softly. Gillian burst out of the condominium. By now, Greenlee had found a hiding place around the corner and remained there undetected. Ryan called out to Gillian, but continued on her way. Ryan returned inside and closed the door behind him. Greenlee walked towards the loft, but stopped before she knocked on the door. She turned and looked over her shoulder and decided it was best to just walk away.

Gillian paced nervously around the food court in the mall. Greenlee somehow managed to get a few steps ahead of her. She parked herself at a table and pretended to sob over a failed relationship with Ryan. Gillian walked over and asked Greenlee if she was okay. Greenlee wiped tears from her eyes and said that Ryan had just ended their relationship. She claimed not to know what brought on the split. After all, she lied, she and Ryan had just spent hours and hours making love. Greenlee said that as soon as she told Ryan that she loved him, Ryan had decided to end everything. Gillian recalled that she'd told Ryan she loved him at the loft. Greenlee sniffled once or twice and told Gillian that she was fortunate to have gotten away from Ryan and found a man like Jake. Gillian nodded her head and told Greenlee to do the same for herself. Gillian rose from her chair and walked away. "Damn, I'm good," Greenlee said to herself.

As it turned out, Fannie Battle wasn't a person --- it was a "home for unwed mothers." The operator could find no listing in the local directory, but Myrtle knew that place existed. "I know the place with my eyes closed," Myrtle said under her breath. She had to cut the call short because Tad, Dixie, Adrian, Junior, Jamie and Joe arrived for the party. The party had been arranged mostly for the boys' sake; they'd be in school when Jake and Gillian tied the knot. Joe sensed that something was bothering Myrtle, but she denied it. She claimed that she was a bit preoccupied thinking about the party. The festivities continued with the typical jokes about married life. Dixie gave Jake a rolling pin as a present. He gently informed Dixie that Gillian wasn't very skilled in the kitchen. Dixie explained that the gift was not for use in the kitchen --- it was for Gillian to bop Jake with when he worked too many hours at the hospital. Myrtle slipped away to place another call to Illinois. During this conversation, she learned that Fannie Battle had been closed down. However, the records from the home had been stored at Elsa's town hall. Jake continued to look around for Gillian, but there was still no sign of his bride-to-be. Jack and Brooke were the next to arrive. Finally, Jack was forced to break his unhappy news. He handed Jake a legal document that explained that Liza had received a court order that would block him from any and all visitations with Colby. The order would remain in effect until a judge ruled on his petition for custody. Jack did, however, agree to let Colby stay with Jake until the end of the party. Back on the phone, Myrtle finalized arrangements to travel to Elsa immediately. Rae returned to the boarding house and told Myrtle that Brooke and joined in the search. Myrtle again asked Rae if it might be time to give up the hunt. Rae shook her head and said that she couldn't stop. Finally, Gillian showed up and she was given the news about Adam and Liza's latest legal maneuver. Gillian stood proudly next to her fiancé and said that they would fight together for Colby.

Edmund returned to the hunting lodge with Rae by his side. Dr. Cummings wasted no time in hypnotizing Alex. The session proved much more eerie than the first. This time Alex saw herself as a child --- and she spoke and gestured in childlike ways. Cassandra, Alex said, was her best friend. She recalled that one night she had spent the night at Cassandra's house. It was a cold night and Alex headed down the hall to get a feather quilt. While she was gone, she heard the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. She looked up and saw Cassandra's father, Geoffrey, entering the girl's room. Alex said that she didn't like Sir Geoffrey. She remembered that he reeked of whisky and tobacco. Alex hid in the closet so that he wouldn't see her, but she was lured out of hiding by the sounds of her young friend screaming. Alex raced down the hall, but sadly she was too late to help her friend. Geoffrey hovered over his daughter's lifeless body. Alex began to panic and Rae wisely brought Alex out of the trance. Rae told Alex that she'd done very well during the session. After the doctor left, Alex told Edmund that she now recalled even more of her lost memories. Alex had never told anyone about what she'd seen. She said that Geoffrey had spotted her at a New Year's Eve party many years later. He confronted her and demanded her silence. Alex, now older and slightly more brazen, informed Geoffrey that she was going to tell her story to the authorities. Geoffrey wrapped his hands around Alex's throat. She fought him off and pushed him away --- and Geoffrey tumbled down the staircase.

Back at the loft, Ryan placed an urgent call to Liza asking for her help to stop Gillian and Jake's wedding.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Now that the secrets of her past had been revealed, Alex was ready to move on with her life. Edmund, though, that that moving forward too quickly would be a mistake. "It was self-defense," Alex chattered. "The man killed his own child." Obviously, Edmund was elated to know that Alex had acted in self-defense, but in his mind there were still so many unanswered questions. He asked Alex why there were no accounts of Geoffrey's life or career anywhere. He also noted that her sealed medical records puzzled him as well. Alex chalked up Edmund's suspicions to his journalistic instinct. Alex told Edmund that she was sure that there was still more to learn, but confessed that she was still a bit intimidated by her past. For so long she'd convinced herself that she'd be better off not knowing about her past --- and now memories were rushing back. Edmund nodded understandingly and promised not to pressure Alex.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam thanked Ryan for dropping by. Ryan asked Liza why Jake had suddenly decided to change his mind about a custody agreement that had been working so well. What made it even more unsettling for Ryan was Gillian involvement and her need for "this whole pop-up family." Liza explained that Gillian wanted to be loyal to Jake. "Love is a powerful motivator," Adam added. Ryan nodded slightly. He stated that love was the reason he'd dropped by. "I'm still in love with Gillian [and] I want her back," Ryan said determinedly. Liza asked Ryan to consider the possibility that a future with Gillian was not in the cards. Adam, though, understood where Ryan was coming from. "Ryan isn't the first man to hope for a second chance," Adam noted. Liza could relate to wanting a second chance, but she also felt that there was a time to admit defeat. Ryan argued that Gillian wasn't really in love with Jake, but he didn't elaborate on how he'd come to that conclusion. Jake and Gillian strolled into the study to return Colby. Upon seeing Ryan there, Gillian panicked. "What are you telling him?" the princess squawked. Liza moved towards Gillian and told her that no one was saying anything to Ryan. Ryan asked Gillian why she'd gotten so worked up over being there with Adam and Liza. From that point forward, Ryan and Gillian said nothing. They stood transfixed, unable to take their eyes off of one another. Jake let it be known that he did not approve of the court order forcing him to give Colby back to Liza. Adam informed Jake that he'd brought it all on himself. Liza tried to explain that the situation was only temporary until they could reach an agreement. Jake doubted Liza's promise and her sincerity. Jake took off, but Ryan and Gillian remained in place. A few seconds later, Gillian realized that Jake was gone and she, too, headed on her way.

Gillian returned to Wildwind and told her grandmother, who'd just arrived from Budapest, that Ryan was driving her crazy. She mentioned that Ryan had kissed her and Eugenia was outraged by Ryan's forwardness. Gillian shamefully admitted that she'd kissed Ryan back. Gillian also confessed that she'd thought about calling off the wedding. However, when she bumped into Greenlee and learned that she and Ryan had had sex the night before, that thought vanished from her mind. Eugenia said that Dimitri must have sent Greenlee to help Gillian. Gillian seemed taken aback by the suggestion. Eugenia, though, was sure that Dimitri had used Greenlee to help prevent Gillian from making a terrible mistake. Jake showed up a little while later. Eugenia granted them some privacy, but she warned Jake that he was not to see Gillian after midnight.

At the mall, Greenlee proudly reflected on the con job she'd pulled on Gillian. Leo joined her a little while later with the hopes of roping her into his plot against Marian. Greenlee paid little mind to what Leo was saying. Instead, she boasted of the way that she'd foiled any chance of reconciliation between Ryan and Gillian. Greenlee saw nothing wrong in what she did. In fact, she claimed that she'd actually done Gillian a favor. "Don't look over your shoulder on the way down the aisle," she chirped. Leo told Ryan that a "wealthy" man had enlisted his services. Greenlee instantly knew that the man in question had to be Adam. Her rationale was that only two men in town would make a person whisper the word "wealthy." One was Palmer and the other Adam. And since Leo was already in Palmer's family... well, that left just Adam. Leo explained that he Greenlee's help in getting Marian to commit adultery. "You want me to get caught in bed with a married woman?" Greenlee squeaked. Leo rolled his eyes. The conversation ceased when Scott and "the human chastity belt," and Greenlee called her, appeared at the table. Becca spoke of the evils that could pop up anywhere at anytime. Greenlee was amused by Becca's "backwater" thought process and ribbed her incessantly. Marian strolled by and told the young adults to enjoy their youth. Leo was noticeably uncomfortable. Marian headed off to The Valley Inn to meet a client. Scott and Becca also cut short their coffeetalk with Becca and Leo. Leo placed a phone call to one of his friends after which he took off. Edmund and Alex stopped by the mall to do a little shopping. As Alex headed to try on some clothing, loud screams sounded in the distance. Suddenly, several shots rang out. Scott threw Becca to the floor and covered her with his body. A gunman raced through the crowds and grabbed hold of Alex. He held the gun to her head and warned two security guards that he'd shoot Alex if they made any sudden movements. Edmund pleaded with the gunman to unhand Alex. In what should have been the most terrifying moment of her life, Alex somehow found a burst of confidence. She grabbed the gunman's arm and twisted it behind his back. Alex then kicked the man in the groin and followed it up with a kick to the man's head. The gunman tumbled to the ground and Alex stomped his arm to hold him in place. The officers swarmed in and hauled the man off presumably to jail. A stunned Edmund walked over to Alex and asked her where she'd learned to defend herself that way. "Who were you?" he asked. "And where the hell did you learn to do that?" Alex shook her head in confusion and said that she has no idea. Becca thanked Scott for saving her life with a passionate kiss. Scott replied by giving Becca a necklace --- and telling he that he loves her.

At The Valley Inn, Leo and his pal, Paolo, watched Marian from across the room. Leo briefed Paolo on what was needed: Stuart had to find him and Marian in bed together. After being assured that Stuart was not a violent man, Paolo agreed to accept the challenge.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Ryan asked Liza if she noticed how oddly Gillian acted upon seeing him. Liza knew that she could not give Ryan a proper explanation, so she opted to leave the room while the getting was good. She took a feverish Colby up to the nursery. Ryan turned to Adam and noted that Gillian seemed troubled by the thought of them being alone together. Adam waved his hands and assured Ryan that he was reading too much into the situation. Ryan sensed otherwise and asked Adam to tell him what he knew. Adam said that he'd have "nothing to gain" by telling Ryan. Ryan correctly deduced that Adam must have something to lose. Without revealing any secrets, Adam told Ryan that he could lose Liza by spilling his guts. Ryan didn't want to be the reason why Adam and Liza split, but at the same time he really wanted to find a way to get back together with Gillian. Adam smiled deviously and announced that there might be a way that he can help Ryan without breaking his promise to Liza. Adam escorted Ryan out of the study and into the hallway. "What you're about to see has the potential of changing both our lives," Adam grinned. He opened the door to the safe room and walked Ryan inside. He gave Ryan a brief overview of the room's functionality. Ryan wondered why Adam was going out of his way to help him. Adam explained that he wanted to repay Ryan for being such a good friend to Hayley. However, he warned him not to even think about crossing him. Ryan was left to sit before the video monitors and watch... and listen. Adam returned to the study and waited for Liza to return. Believing that Ryan was gone, Liza told Adam that Jake was becoming "desperate." Gillian, on the other hand, was "in a fog," according to Adam. Liza said that she felt sorry for Gillian for having to keep a secret from Jake. Adam, who also had kept a secret of his own, said that he didn't reveal the truth to Liza because he was afraid she'd leave him. He felt that Jake and Gillian's marriage would crumble because it was being built on a foundation of lies. Liza was sure that Gillian would keep her secret from Jake. After all, she asked, how would Gillian go about telling Jake that Colby was not his daughter. In the safe room, Ryan's eyes widened and a slight gasp escaped his gaped mouth upon hearing the news.



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