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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on GL
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Monday, February 14, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Len testifies in court. Ross asks him who he initially spoke to when he realized Michelle was in jail. He said the first person was Frank Cooper. Drew realized where she had seen Len before and told Jesse that he she knew Len was lying. She remembered seeing him talking to Danny at the police station. Jesse tried to get her to be quiet but she made such a spectacle the Judge asked her to be quiet. She stood up and told the Judge that she needed to say something but before she could, Jesse stopped her and pulled her out of the courtroom. Ross continued questioning Len. He goes over the timeline of the murder and gets all he needs from Len. The DA asks for a few minutes recess while Ross tells Michelle and Danny that things look good for them.
Outside, Drew confronts Jesse and asks him if he knew that Michelle's alibi was going to lie. He finally admits that he did and tells her everything. Drew argues with Jesse about how he keeps protecting Michelle and she is tired of it. She leaves him standing there. The DA overheard the whole confession.
On cross-examination the DA asks Len if he was sure he saw Michelle that night. He tells her that he did. The DA threatened to produce a witness that would say he was lying. The DA confronts him with accusations about he and Danny manufacturing an alibi until Len gets so upset he admits everything. He tells her how he did hear Michelle at the door but never actually saw her. Michelle looked devastated. The Judge calls a recess and Michelle glared at Danny. She asked him if that was true and he told her it was. Rick told Abby that his sister was being railroaded and he was scared that Michelle was going to jail for something she did not do. Drew and Jesse fought some more. Drew said she didn't believe him anymore and gave him back the ring. Ross cuts into Danny. He tells him that all they needed the truth and he messed it all up. He told Danny that he was responsible for Michelle's verdict, which will be Guilty, of Murder.

At the Lewises':
Bill comes in and talks to Marah. They talk about Josh and Olivia and Reva and Josh. Marah complains about how she and Shayne have suffered through everything their parents have done. She admits that it feels good to talk to someone because she has really been upset lately. They talk about their love lives or lack there of. Bill thinks that he may be able to think of himself after Michelle's trial and after his mom gets better.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie continue their kiss until there is a knock at the door. A messenger brought news from the construction site. A crane had collapsed and there is millions of dollars in damages. The workers have already filled the hospital over capacity. Cassie tells the assistant to bring the other injured workers to the palace.
Richard is on the phone and tells his contact that the palace is now a makeshift hospital. He tells them to bring medical supplies. He orders a meeting to bring all the workers up to speed and he also wants to know ASAP what happened. Cassie asks if she can help, but Richard thinks she is still to weak. She assures him that she is fine and wants to help. Richard tells her that it is going to get pretty nasty, but Cassie assures him that they are a team and she is going to help him.
Cassie shows everyone where to go in the palace. Richard thinks something is up with the accident since safety reports were completed less than 24 hours ago.
The press comes in and asks if they pushed through to get the project going. Richard fumbled around but Cassie took over and set the guy straight. She told him that the monarchy is about the people and he would be able to see that if he opens his eyes and realized that Richard opened his home to help his people. She kicks the reporter out and Richard and his assistant seemed very impressed. Cassie continues helping the people out. Richard comes out and asks some people what he can do to help them. He tells Cassie how brilliant he thought she was. He wanted to talk about the kiss. They both hid their feelings again.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Edmund shows Phillip the tape of he and Beth making love. Phillip is fuming. He goes after the tape and Edmund pulls away. Harley interrupts them and tells him the wedding is waiting. Edmund started teasing Phillip by telling Harley all about his new camera. He said it makes its own copies and that Harley should check it out. Phillip stops him from handing the camera to Harley and tells her he will be in soon. Harley leaves. Edmund tells Phillip that he wants a seat on the board and complete anonymity so he will only have to answer to himself. Phillip says no. He tells Edmund that he doesn't give a damn about the tape. Edmund doesn't believe him. Phillip threatens to go in and blow Edmunds blackmail by telling everyone what happened between him and Beth. And after he was finished he would ship Edmund back to San Cristobel . Lizzie comes in and Edmund asks her if she would mind if he came to the wedding. She thinks that would be great. She tells her dad that she likes Edmund and they should all be friends. Edmund thinks he has his leverage now that Lizzie would obviously have her heart broken by the news. Phillip takes the tape but Edmund says he has nine other copies. Phillip leaves and Edmund gets a call about the SC construction fiasco.
Jim is talking to Beth. They are all waiting on Phillip. Jim apologizes to Lillian about rushing the wedding. He tells her that he loved Beth way before the baby was conceived. Beth and Lillian have a few moments alone together. Beth tells her that Jim really loves her and she is sure she is making the right decision. Lizzie and Susan talk about the baby. Lizzie is kind of excited but Susan doesn't seem to like it yet. Jim tells Beth how great everything will be with their new family.
The wedding started and Edmund taped the whole thing. Phillip gave Beth away and looked angrily at Edmund. Jim and Beth wrote their own vows and had a very tearful ceremony. They were pronounced man and wife.
Edmund leaves and Phillip follows. He punched Edmund out. He tells him that he will not blackmail him. Everyone came outside when they heard the scuffle.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Jesse tries to talk to Drew. She forces him to take the ring back. She tells him that he is supposed to be supporting her but he keeps lying about everything. She leaves.
Ross berates Danny and tells him that he and Michelle both will probably end up in jail for a long time. Danny tells him not to take things out on Michelle. He says that he can't quit on Michelle because she is innocent. Ross tells Michelle that he will do what ever he can for her and leaves. Michelle asks Danny what he was thinking lying to the court. They argue and Michelle tells him that he played God and lost her freedom. Michelle wanted to know why he lied to her. He told her that it was better if she didn't know and it was a good idea at the time. She wants Danny to stop running her life and loving her so much. Michelle tells Danny that he is the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to her. She can't imagine her life without him but knows that may be what will happen. Danny begs her not to give up on them.
Ross goes out and talks to the DA. He tells her that he and Michelle had no idea about the witness tampering. Ross asks the DA to cut Michelle a deal. She declines and then says she will go for Murder two, 25 years minimum. But the deal is only good until court starts in the morning. Ross goes in and tells Danny and Michelle about the deal. Danny says, "No", but Michelle tells him that she will make her own decision. She tells Ross that she will talk to her later about it. Ross leaves and Michelle tells Danny that she will decide what it best and she will do it alone. She goes out and asks Ross to take her home.

At Edmund's:
Carmen bribes the bellboy to let her in his room. She talks to herself and is pleased that Danny fixed it so Michelle will go down for Ben's murder. She looks for some champagne to celebrate with. While looking around she finds the copies of all the tapes Edmund made of Phillip and Beth. She is impressed at his leverage over the young Spaulding.
Edmund comes in and Carmen tells him the good news. Edmund is concerned about Carmen's plundering. Edmund can't find the tapes and Carmen plays like she has no idea where they are. She finally laughs at how Edmund is going nuts and gives him back the tape. Edmund and Carmen toast each other and talk about how they both were successful against their enemies.

At the Spaulding's:
Phillip threatens Edmund. Harley comes out and stops Phillip from beating him anymore. Phillip tells all the guests to go back inside that they were just disagreeing. Alan takes Edmund back into the house to put some ice on his bruised face. Edmund apologized to everyone for his timing but went on to explain that the fight was his fault. He made up something about how he felt he was treated badly at the office. He apologizes again and leaves. Phillip follows him and tells him that he will not give into his demands. Edmund tells him that he would and soon. He also warned him that he gave him that punch as a freebie, but next time he will fight back. Unfortunately, during the struggle the videotape of Phil and Beth fell out of his coat pocket and is out on the walk.
Phillip and Harley talk about Edmund when Beth and Jim come down to leave for their honeymoon night. Beth leaves to thank Alan and Harley asks her about Phillip and Edmund's relationship in the office. Beth tells her that there isn't anything to worry about. Phillip and Jim talk about Edmund and Jim is pretty sure that Edmund deserved it. Harley insists on knowing what is going on with Phillip. Alan comes in and tells Phillip the news about the SC accident. Alan puts the blame on Phil and asks him how he could have let that happen. Phillip says that it isn't his fault. Alan says that he cut some of the safety inspectors that Edmund had recommended. Alan thinks Phillip has a chip on his shoulder about Edmund and that indirectly caused the accident. Alan is going to do some PR to cover their losses about the accident. Phillip tells Harley what happened and tells her that they need to go to SC to look over things. Harley mentioned the wedding video and how Beth and Jim found it. He knew what it was and searched his pockets to discover the tape was gone. He rushed out of the house to find the newlyweds.
Jim and Beth find the tape and assume that Edmund taped the wedding and then dropped it while fighting with Phillip. They took it with them to watch that evening.

At Company:
Jesse follows Drew into Company and begs her to reconsider. She tells him that she can't spend the rest of her life with a liar. He wants to talk things out but she doesn't. She sends him away and he goes outside to sulk. Drew comes out and asks him not to leave. She says she will give him an opportunity to explain to her why he has been lying to her over and over again. She has no idea why he believes so devoutly in Michelle's innocence. Drew tells him that he abandons her when she needs him the most, just like everyone else. He wants to make up but she isn't sure that it isn't too late already. She tells him that he is forcing the insecurities on to her by not being honest. She asks him to admit that Michelle may be guilty. She tells him that if he will admit that it is possible she will believe that he is loyal to her. She cries that everyone is ignoring her needs and she is fighting a battle all by herself. She gives him the choice of her or Michelle but he has to admit that Michelle could have killed Ben. Jesse tells her that if he said that he would be lying and would not believe it. Drew told him that she wants him to move out that night and tells him goodbye. Drew leaves.

At the Springfield Inn:
Jim and Beth kiss and talk about how much they love each other. Jim throws his coat down with the videotape in it. Beth tells him how hopeful she is about the future and they make love.

Tuesday, February 16, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie brushes Tammy's hair as she apologizes to Tammy for having to cancel the slumber party due to the site accident and having to turn the palace into a hospital annex. Cassie promises her daughter that soon they will make it up to her but Tammy insists that it is too late, that her friends will never believe her now. Richard comes in and gives them all some news. Richard tells them that there is a group of strangers running amuck in the palace looking for Lady Tammy, about a slumber party. The girls come in and Richard goes over to Cassie who can't believe Richard orchestrated the whole thing without even a hint to her. She wondered about the injured workers but Richard said everything is okay now. Cassie is concerned that he had important matters to attend to and Richard tells him the most important thing to him is her and his family's happiness.
Tammy told everyone where they could put their sleeping bags and they all giggled and bowed to Lady Tammy. Richard and Cassie noticed that Tammy was right in her element telling people what to do and where to put things. Cassie thanked Richard again and he was happy to do it. Cassie warned Richard to sleep with earplugs in but he assures her that he will be staying up with the ladies and partying. She tells him how much he has changed since she met him. He seems so much more comfortable and relaxed not the stoic serious all businessman she first met. He said that was true but they both had changed.
Richard entertains the girls by acting in their little Cinderella play. They let him be the Prince. He goes to his room and comes back in his "Royal" suit. He finds the shoe that they threw in the floor and goes over and tries it on each of the girls. It doesn't fit until he finds Cassie. It fit, and Richard tells them that she must be his princess. Cassie and Richard kiss Tammy goodnight and she tells Richard that she loves him and her mom. Outside, Cassie cries. She sees how great of a dad he is and feels like she is taking the opportunity away from him to have his own. Richard tells her that there is still a chance that she could have kids and that they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Tammy comes out and hugs Richard, thanking him for the party and tells him that he was the best dad in the whole world. She goes back to bed and Richard tells Cassie that they wont know if she can have kids until the try.

At the Lewises':
Josh comes in with dessert. Marah is happy to see him but Shayne is still not home from hockey practice. Josh apologized for missing the other dinner but Marah said that she understands about the girlfriend taking priority. Marah tells him that everything is okay and then she leaves to go check on dinner. Reva is there with Josh and he asks her if Shayne didn't want to see him. She tells him that he is just having a hard time and everything will be fine. Reva admits that Shayne quit the hockey team and the practice was a lie. She told him that Shayne felt he had to stay at home and be the man of the house for Reva and that is why he quit. Reva runs off in the kitchen and Josh looks at a picture of his kids. He feels like he really messed everyone's lives up.
Marah wants to know what happened when Reva went to Josh's apartment the other night. Reva tells her that her father will come back when he is ready. She tells her not to get into it; just let them deal with it.
Marah tried to remember old times with her parents and got Reva reminiscing. Josh tries to keep objective but he knows what is going on. Reva tells him that they can still get back what they had. He says he isn't sure what he wants.
After dinner Josh and Reva had a heart to heart and he headed home.

At the Springfield Inn:
Beth and Jim kiss and talk about how they love each other so much. Beth starts to undress Jim and notices the video of the "wedding" in the floor. Beth thinks they should go ahead and watch it, to remind them of the love they have. Jim thinks it may be fun. He puts it in to the VCR and gets ready to watch it. They climb on the bed to get comfy and kiss some more.
Jim is still trying to get the VCR on, but puts it off to open some champagne. Phillip shows up and bribes a bellhop to get the couple out of the room and leave the door ajar for him. The guy brings the LeMay's two complimentary coupons for free massages. They accept and he leads them out of the room. Phil sneaks in, finds the tape and thinks he is in the clear, until Harley shows up. She followed him and wants to know what he is up to. He makes up an excuse about wanting to offer them the jet for their honeymoon. Harley questioned him some more since she didn't really believe him. He said that he had to apologize for fighting with Edmund at their wedding. Harley said okay and asked if he would explain why he fought with Edmund to begin with. Jim and Beth come back and find Harley and Phillip. Jim is ill and tells them that they are not what he was hoping for on his honeymoon. Harley takes Jim out in the hall and tells him about the excuse Phil gave her. She tells him about the fight and the accident in San Cristobel . Harley made more sense then Phillip. Jim understood. Inside, Phil tried to tell Beth what was up but she kept talking and he didn't have a chance. After a while he gave up and Jim and Harley came in. Jim kicks Phil and Harley out so he could be alone with Beth. Harley and Phillip leave and make up. Beth and Jim make love.

At the Courthouse:
Ross is in the courtroom when Rick comes in. He wanted to find Abigail but missed her. He tells Ross that he loves Abby more than ever but really misses her now that she is so busy with her lectures. Rick talks to Ross about parenting and Ross tells him that kids are the most important thing and will always be. Rick wants to find Ed and Ross thinks that they should find him at least for Michelle's sake. Rick is furious that Ed doesn't care enough to be with Michelle when she is fighting for her life. Rick doesn't understand why his dad has missed so many letters, phone calls and emails unless he is drinking again. Ross agrees that was the only logical conclusion he could think of also but didn't want to bring it up. Ross said that he would call his friend at the embassy and see what he can find out. Ross promises to find Ed and leaves.
Abigail shows up and cant find Rick. She waits on a bench beside Olivia and they begin to talk. Abby stood up and dropped everything in the floor. Abby seemed frustrated and Olivia told her the cure was a long, hot bubble bath. Abby thinks that just resting a moment may help a little. Olivia opens up and tells her that there is a lot of stress in her life and she had to learn to relax. She tells her about Josh without telling her his name. She makes Reva sound like an ogre and Abby thinks that everything Reva did was awful. Abby tells Olivia that 'that woman' must be awful to abandon her family and run after another man. Olivia slips and says Reva. Abby is shocked and tells Olivia that she is one of Reva's best friends and knows she has to be Olivia. Olivia walks away but Abby follows. Abby sticks up for Reva and told Olivia that she believed Reva. Abby told Olivia that Reva and Josh are meant to be. Abby believes that Olivia should pack her things and leave. A courthouse person comes out and hands her an envelope. She checked and told Abby that Josh sponsored her and got her visa extended. She told her to tell her friend if she wanted to.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

At the Reardon's:
Olivia tells Josh about talking to Abby. She explains that she badmouthed Reva before she knew who Abby was. Josh thinks she was doing it to get back at Reva. Olivia says that she would never use Josh like that. He reminds her of how angry she was with Reva when she took Richard away. She admits that making Reva jealous was part of their relationship and he admits the same. Josh tells her that it means a lot to him to have someone look at him the way she does. She tells him how special he is too. Inside, Bill is sure that Michelle is innocent and should not take the deal. He points out that even Matt thinks that Vanessa might be involved. Matt wishes he could help Michelle and Bill remembers the night he went to the Santos's when Ben was killed. Matt wants Bill to let it go but he can't. Matt says that he won't do anything that would point a finger at Vanessa. Bill says that he would never hurt Vanessa. He says that he has to know what happened that night and he leaves. Matt calls the hospital to check on Vanessa and Josh and Olivia come inside. Josh asks how Vanessa is and Matt leaves to go to the hospital. Josh tells Olivia that Matt and Vanessa had just found each other again and Olivia worries that he and Reva will do the same thing. Reva arrives and apologizes for the interruption. She tells him that there is a family problem. She gives him the message from Hawk and Josh says that he'll call him. Reva gets upset and Josh hugs her. He goes to call Hawk and Olivia accuses Reva of using this to get close to Josh.

At Church:
Carmen prays at church. She talks to Ben and tells him that she wishes he were there to see his death avenged and their victory. Danny hears her and asks what she means by that. Carmen says that she was just thinking about how well he is holding up for Michelle. He says that he spent last night in a motel room. Carmen tells him to face the chance that Michelle will be convicted. She asks him to come home so that she can take care of him. Pilar listens to their conversation. Danny asks her to make the charges against Michelle disappear with her connections. Carmen tells him that is impossible but Danny thinks that is what she does best. He begins to believe that Michelle is right and that she was involved in Ben's murder. She acts hurt and tells him that anything she did would be for him and not for Michelle. Danny tells her not to come to the court and leaves. Pilar comes out and asks Carmen to do what she promised and confess to Ben's murder. Carmen reminds her that Michelle killed Mick and this is Michelle's punishment. She asks points out that Vanessa is the one who killed Ben and that it would crush Bill to find that out. Carmen leaves and Bill arrives. He begs Pilar to stop running from the truth because he knows that she knows what really happened the night that Ben was killed.

At the Courthouse:
The DA asks Ross and Michelle for their decision about the deal. Michelle says she doesn't know yet. They give her another half-hour to make it. Drew looks on and confronts Michelle about taking her father and the man she loves. Michelle maintains that she is innocent but Drew doesn't believe her. She tells her that she wants Michelle to admit what she did. Michelle refuses and Drew starts talking about how she's reeling Jesse back in. Michelle tells her that they are only friends. Drew brings up the fact that Michelle almost cost her Max and Michelle tells her she also protected her from Mick's murder. Michelle says she's tired of defending herself to Drew and doesn't care what she believes. She finds it strange that she is fighting for her life and Drew is worried about losing her boyfriend. She reminds Drew that the real killer is still out there but Drew believes she's looking at the killer. Michelle says she can't waste anymore time with Drew and Danny arrives and pulls her in the elevator. They both apologize and Danny tells her he's behind her no matter what she decides. Michelle asks Ross what will happen if she chooses not to take the deal and he tells her their case will depend on his closing argument. Michelle asks to testify and Ross believes that's a very bad idea. Michelle says she won't take the deal and court resumes. The judge asks for Ross's next witness and Michelle begs him to let her take the stand.

At the Lewises':
Abby visits Reva and tells her about meeting Olivia. Reva finds it funny that Abby let Olivia have it. She tells her this is the most fun she's had in months. Abby says that Olivia is making a serious play for Josh and Reva knows that. She says that she hurt Josh and she needs to give him some space. In the meantime, she's looking forward to making a life for herself. Reva says that she's lost herself and the person Josh married. Abby thinks she should go get Josh back and Olivia won't know what hit her. Abby leaves for the courthouse and Reva gets a call from Hawk. She learns that he has broken his hip and is in the hospital. When Hawk wants to talk to Josh, she tells him he's not there but she will give him the message.

Friday, February 18, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Richard are talking over the recent accident when Phillip and Harley come in. They are there to check on the damages to the work site and access their next moves. Phillip and Richard believe that it had to be some sort of sabotage. Richard calls for Dax to do some investigating of who was on payroll and is no longer around to be interviewed. They take those two lists and compare them and come up with a group of men that must have some knowledge of the accident. These men, coincidentally, were from Galveston, Texas, the same location as the faulty crane.
While the men are out Cassie and Harley catch up. Cassie tells her about having the measles, Tammy's slumber party as well as her possibly be infertile. Harley thinks that is awful but at the same time thinks it proves how much Richard loves her. She thinks they need to get away together where he is less of a prince and more of a normal guy. She hatches a plan. Meanwhile, Richard asked Phillip if he thought Edmund had anything to do with the accident and Phillip didn't think he did. He explained how Edmund had been acting like the whole project was his idea and Phil didn't believe he would do that if he were going to make the project fail.
When the guys get back she tells them that Richard and Cassie should go to Texas undercover to catch these bad guys. She explains that she already has a guy working down there and has gotten them a job in a bar that the construction foreman hangs out at. They will stay in the room above the bar and have jobs as a bartender and a dishwasher. They will pose as a married couple. Harley explains that the best way not to be noticed is to be right under their eyes. Richard and Cassie agree to do it. Phillip thinks that Harley is trying to push Cassie and Richard together and Harley doesn't deny it. She tells him that it worked for them and that she thinks it will be good for them. Phillip agrees to stay in SC while Cassie and Richard go to Texas and to handle things from there.

At the Courthouse:
Edmund confronts Carmen outside. He is worried about the SC incident. He wants to know where the men are. Carmen explains that she pulled them out as soon as the job was done. Edmund thinks that will make things look suspicious and he doesn't want anything traced back to him. She finally tells him their location in Texas and goes into the courtroom. Edmund gets on his phone and makes a reservation for a flight to Texas.
Michelle wants to testify, she says she didn't do it and thinks the jury will know she isn't lying. Ross thinks it will be suicide. "Somebody has to believe me" The Judge insists that they get started. Ross asks for a brief recess. The judge gives him a few minutes and they go outside. Ross tells her that the DA will eat her alive. Michelle insists on taking the stand. Ross asks Danny to talk Michelle out of this since he is the one who put them in this situation and he leaves.
Danny talks to Michelle and she tells him that she couldn't hurt anything in testifying and he agrees. He tells Ross that Michelle should do what she thinks is best.
Selena is with Drew who says she thinks Michelle may confess if she took the stand and went under oath. Drew even tells her mom that she could almost accept that she did it if she would just tell the truth.

Ross comes back in and calls Michelle to the stand. He asks her a few simple questions like, "are these your gloves, did you kill Ben, did you see Ben the night he was killed," etc. She answered them all and then it was the DA's turn.
Doris asks her why anyone should believe you couldn't murder Ben when you killed Mick Santos? Ross objects and the judge warns the DA. She starts to pound at Michelle about all the lies and then asked if one of the men she had lying for her could have been the other shooter. She got Michelle so upset she asked her,
"You hated Ben enough to kill him" and Michelle almost said YES but she yelled no and Doris yelled back. They argued again and someone yells "STOP!" Everyone turns around and it was Pilar, who continued, "Michelle did not kill Ben and I know who did!" Carmen looks very nervous.

On the roof at the LeMay's house:
Susan on the roof with her doll, feeling lonely. Max climbs out the window and joins her. She hides her doll and starts to go back in so they can talk but Max says he likes it up there. He is sick of the rest of the world himself. They start talking and it's cold so Max gives Susan his scarf. Susan talks about her dad out in Hawaii with a pregnant woman that she does not like, Phillip and Harley in SC and she is here all by herself. Max sees her doll and takes it out and says you are not alone. Susan says she was cleaning and found it but Max says it's cool, he knew that Drew has every single doll she had as a kid. "I guess dolls stuck with her longer than most people and that's why." Susan feels better and tells him that her mom gave her the doll. Max understood. Susan says Beth doesn't feel right as a mom, and Harley gave her away. Susan says she knew it would be big to find Harley and she loves her but she is not her mom, she is Zach's mom. Max said that family things suck. Max talking about Drew and Jesse. Susan reassures him that Drew will be fine and so will he. He thanks her and says she is pretty amazing and she smiles. "For a kid?" and he says, "no, you're not a kid." He leans in to kiss her. They kiss several times and he reaches to hold her hand. She dropped her doll.

At Church:
Bill asked Pilar the truth about the night of the murder. Pilar says they have to let Ben rest in peace and bringing all this up will not do that. Bill tells her that he knows his mother was involved some how and wants her to tell him now. Pilar says she prays for Vanessa everyday. Bill asks what Pilar and Vanessa talked about the night of the murder. Pilar admitted that they talked about Ben. Pilar is going a little nutty and keeps saying all these prayers, when Bill yells at her he says all the prayers in the world won't fix this, an innocent girl is going to jail. Bill tells her that he knows her and she is a good person. Pilar tells him that she doesn't want hurt anyone especially not him and his mom. Bill says that even if it hurts his mother Vanessa would want the truth told. "She was there that night wasn't she?" Pilar keeps talking about God and Bill asks her to make a choice. She gets upset and leaves the room crying.

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