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Passions Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on PS
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Monday, February 28, 2000

At the Book Cafe, the manager of the Seascape Restaurant hires Chad to DJ the hospital benefit. He tells Chad that there will be a lot of influential people there so it might be a great benefit for him to be there. Chad tells him that it would be a golden opportunity in more ways than one, as he looks over at Whitney.

Whitney and Theresa are discussing the benefit. Whitney tells her that it may be the perfect opportunity for her to find someone new, and to get her mind off of Ethan. Theresa says that she doubts that anyone can make her forget Ethan. She says that she aches every time she thinks of him being engaged to Gwen. Whitney tells her that maybe it is fate. She tells her that maybe the guy that is escorting her will be the one that she could become interested in. Theresa says that no ordinary guy could ever compare to Ethan. Theresa said that she is glad that there is no chance that she will run into Ethan, because if she sees him she would probably just throw her arms around him and tell him how much she loves him. She says that she has loved Ethan her entire life, and she didn't want Whitney to expect miracles. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows that the only reason that she wanted to go to the dance was to help her get her mind off of Ethan. She said that she knew that Whitney's mind was focused on tennis, not guys. Whitney said that Theresa was absolutely right. Whitney said not everyone thinks that. She said that some people actually think that she needs a boyfriend or a love life to be happy. She said that once she wins her first grand slam, she will have everything that she needed. The manager of the Seascape tells Chad that there is a policy against employees fraternizing with the guests. Theresa asks Whitney if she is interested in Chad. Whitney says that that would be ridiculous. She said that Chad had tried to get her all hot and bothered by playing some love song and blowing in her ear. She told Theresa that she thought it was gross. As they leave, Chad tells Whitney that tonight could be the night that she finally falls in love.

At the wharf, Luis is thinking about Sheridan. He flashes back to their time at the pool hall. Hank joins him and asks him about his feelings for Sheridan. He says that every time he looks around they are together. Luis said that they had only been out on a few dates so he doesn't know what his feelings are yet. He said that Hank should ask Sheridan what her feelings are for him, because she is the one that continuously gives out mixed signals. Hank still feels that in the end, he will end up with Sheridan.

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan is getting off the phone when Sheridan comes in. Ethan asks her to join him and Gwen at the Seascape. Sheridan tells him that they just got engaged and that three was a crowd. He tells her that she would certainly not be intruding, that they would love for her to join them. He tells her that now that he was engaged, he was going to work at finding her someone to love. She tells him that it may not be so hard to do. She tells him about her and Luis going to the pool hall. She told him that she won at darts and drank beer. He tells her that they have nothing in common. She told him that they both liked ice skating among other things. He tells her that she and Luis were from two different worlds. He said that she was high society and Luis was common. Sheridan can't believe that Ethan is asking like such a snob. She said that she could understand this coming from Julian or Alastair, but not him. She is becoming furious. Ethan can't believe that she took him seriously. He said that he wanted her to react so that he could see what Luis really meant to her. He tells her that if you love someone, money and social standing doesn't matter.

At the Bennett House, Charity is still having visions of Eve and Julian. At one point, she sees Eve slap Julian and then he throws her down on the bed. Charity is screaming. Grace and Eve try to comfort her, but have no success. Eve asks TC to run home and get her medical bag so that she could give Charity a sedative. Eve and Grace try to get Charity to tell them what she saw. She tries to tell Eve that she saw her. Tabitha sneaks into the Bennett house after she hears Charity screaming, because she feels like something really big is going to happen. Kay is very excited about the possibility of Charity being committed. Miguel is very upset because he doesn't really know how to help Charity. Kay tells Simone that she has to help her or she won't help Simone get Chad. Eve tells Charity to close her eyes so that she can stop seeing into the mirror. Charity does close her eyes and doesn't see the visions anymore, but she immediately opens them again and gets upset about what she sees. Grace asks her to tell her what she is seeing. She said that she saw Dr. Russell with a man. Grace asks if it was TC. Charity says that it was Julian Crane. Tabitha is standing at the door eavesdropping and is very excited to hear this because she knows soon that all hell is going to break lose.

AT the Book Cafe, Hank and Luis enter. Chad gives them coffee on the house because he wants to thank Luis for recommending him for the job at the Seascape. Luis said that he didn't get him the job. He tells Chad that he had been doing such a good job that word has just gotten around. Chad asks Luis advice about getting involved with an uptown girl. Luis tells him not to worry about the money thing, and to just be himself. He tells him to show the girl that he is interested in her, not her family or her social standing. Hank tells Chad that Luis is wrong. Hank tells him that you have to show the girl that you can live her lifestyle. He tells him to wine and dine her and to borrow money if he has to. Luis tells Chad not to listen to any of that junk, and Hank tells him the same. Chad says to himself that if that is the game that he has to play then he won't even get off the bench because he doesn't have a dime. Luis has to get back to work and Hank follows him. After Ethan leaves, Sheridan phones the police dept so that she can talk with Luis, but he isn't there. They do tell her where she is. Luis tells Hank that the next time that he sees Sheridan will tell him a lot. He tells Hanks that he has to start his stake-out and Hank leaves. Luis says to himself that he wonders when he will see her again. When he turns around, he sees Sheridan. He then kisses her.

Whitney and Theresa are getting dressed for their dates when the doorbell rings. When Whitney goes to answer the door, Theresa gets the ripped up picture of Ethan from the garbage can. When Whitney calls out to her, she says that she doesn't know how she will get over him. She then puts the picture back into the garbage can.

Theresa, Whitney and their dates arrive at the Seascape. Ethan is already there, but Theresa doesn't see him. The guys tell them how beautiful and awesome they are and can't believe that they are not involved with anyone. Theresa says that she doesn't have anybody special, anymore. Whitney says that she hasn't found anyone who interests her more than tennis. She looks across the room and spots Chad. Theresa says that there was someone once, and then she spots Ethan across the room and just looks at him.

Julian is on the phone talking to his father. Alastair tells him that he has found a way to end any chance of Luis and Sheridan ever being together. Julian tells Alastair that he can count on him. Alastair says that there is a first time for everything and hangs up. Julian says that he almost feels sorry for Sheridan because he knows what their father is capable of. He says that Sheridan and Luis won't know what hit them.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Whitney and Theresa's blind dates both take note of the girls' obvious interest in two other men at the dance. Sheridan enjoys a passionate kiss from Luis. Timmy entreats Tabitha not to ruin Eve's life and destroy sweet Charity in the process. Unable to ignore the visions she's still having, a sobbing Charity tells Grace she sees Eve having sex with Julian Crane. After Luis abruptly takes off, Sheridan realizes that the policeman was only kissing her as a cover while keeping an eye on a nearby drug dealer. Ethan invites Whitney, Theresa and their dates to join him and Gwen at their table. Grace uneasily confides to a shaken Eve the nature of her niece's "hallucinations." A dejected Sheridan wonders if she was wrong about the bond she thought she'd been forming with Luis. As Tabitha and Timmy lurk nearby, Eve asks Charity to describe her visions and is horrified to learn how accurate the girl's peek into the past truly was.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Julian & Sheridan:
Julian is talking about Alistair and asks if he can talk to Sheridan before they do anything drastic. Alistair says he'll put a stop to this nonsense tonight. He goes to Sheridan's cottage and insists they have a talk. He asks why she's dating Luis and she says it's her problem. She says he's different and wouldn't take advantage of her. Julian says she's said that about all her other boyfriends. She says she's learned from her mistakes and Luis is honest and genuine. She also says she fully supports him for wanting to find out about his father. Julian asks if she is falling for him. She says he is a great guy and she won't let Julian and Alistair intervene with her life. He leaves and Sheridan thinks about Luis and her kissing. Meanwhile, Julian tells Alistair about the conversation and Alistair says well, she has been warned.

Luis tells Sheridan he wouldn't be with Beth at this point in his life. He describes his dream girl and Sheridan asks if this girl has a name. He tells her to forget it because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. She asks why he called and he said it was to tell her that he liked kissing her and he didn't just kiss her because of the stakeout! She says she enjoyed it too and he says he invites her to a party at the youth center to celebrate her finishing her hours. Luis starts filling out his report and writes Sheridan's name by accident. He thinks about kissing her. He starts talking on his phone and Sheridan walks up just as he says he will use the very rich Sheridan Crane for his own ends!

The Seascape:
Ethan tells Theresa what a good dancer she is and Whitney says she has to stop this. She asks Chad to stop the music but he won't do it. He thinks the words of the song are getting to Whitney and she denies it. Theresa says she has to tell Ethan something, but Whitney pulls the plug on the music! Chad and Whitney fight about the music and Whitney leaves. Theresa goes back to sit down and the dates come in. They're drunk and want to fight with Chad and Ethan. The girls stop them and they agree not to start something. Ethan and Chad tell the guys not to drive after they've been drinking. They send them home in cabs and it's settled that Ethan will take Theresa home and Chad will take Whitney. Ethan starts to drive Theresa home and says how great of a girl Theresa is. He says if the music hadn't stopped, he could have danced with her all night. They arrive at the house and Theresa says he shouldn't walk her to the door because Luis might be home. Ethan says Luis has gone out with Sheridan and if Ethan and Theresa started going out, Luis would have to loosen up about hating the Cranes. He goes on to say how great Theresa is and finally leans over and kisses her on the cheek! He says her boyfriend should have done that and leaves. Theresa asks God why this is happening to her when she knows she can't have Ethan.

Chad walks Whitney into her house and is trying to be nice, but Whitney won't say much to him. He asks what is so wrong with a guy being close to her? She says Chad and her have a different way of looking at things but he disagrees. She thanks him for his help and he says he will drop her date's car off at the Book Cafe.

The Bennett House:
TC asks Charity if she saw Julian and Eve in a premonition. She says yes and he says he hates Julian but doesn't want to talk about why. Eve sends him to get a prescription. She gives Charity some pills to sleep and tells her that the premonitions are just her imagination. Charity asks for Miguel and Eve tells her not to tell anyone else about what she saw. Miguel comes in and hugs Charity.

Kay and Simone talk about Charity, and Miguel comes in and says how worried he is. He can't understand what's happening and Kay says she'll do whatever she can to help him. He thanks her and leaves with Simone. Meanwhile, Timmy sneaks upstairs into Charity's room. He tells a sleeping Charity that everything will work out. He gives her a kiss on the forehead just as Kay walks in!

Tabby tells Timmy that TC will hit the roof when he finds out about Eve's past. Timmy recalls Tabby's fortune for Eve: that TC will kill someone. She keeps talking and suddenly Sam and Grace come up and ask what she's doing there. She says she heard screaming and rushed over. Sam and Grace leave and they go downstairs. Timmy doesn't want to destroy lives, and Tabby says Kay will do that. All the adults come down for tea. Tabby sets Timmy on the stairs and Sam and Eve talk about the connection between Julian and Eve and the premonitions. Grace tells Tabby about Faith's premonitions and Tabby notices that Timmy is missing. She leaves and starts looking for Timmy. Eve leaves to call Julian! She tells him they have to meet tonight. He says he doesn't want to run into TC but she says don't worry about it. He suggests they go to the Book Cafe and she agrees to meet him there at the back door.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan thinks maybe she misunderstood what Luis said about using her, but then she hears him say that he needs to remember the real reason why he's dating her. He goes on to say how helpful she will be in finding information about his father. Sheridan starts crying and runs away. Luis hears her, but she hides by the time he looks. She continues to listen and he says finally he has a chance to use a Crane the same way they used his family. He assures confidentiality with whoever he's talking to and hangs up. He leaves and Sheridan comes out, crying. She goes home and cries, remembering all the times she was taken in by him. Luis calls and talks to her answering machine, but she won't pick up the phone. He tries to be charming and reminds her of the party at the youth center, but when he hangs up Sheridan rips the answering machine out of the wall and throws it across the room, cursing Luis.

The Russell House:
Chad tries to convince Whitney she needs love, but she won't buy it. They almost kiss, but Chad pulls away at the last second. Whitney yells at him for teasing her and Simone walks in and asks what's going on. Whitney explains everything, but when Chad leaves Simone gives her a dirty look. She asks if Whitney is going after Chad and of course Whitney denies it. She asks if Whitney can really be just as perfect as Eve? Simone says Eve is wrong about Chad and vows to change him into a good guy. Kay calls and Simone tells her about Chad. Kay tells her about the doll and notices that it's gone.

The Book Cafe:
Eve and Julian make plans to meet at the Book Cafe, and Eve makes up an excuse to Grace and Sam when they come in. They agree not to mention anything to TC and Eve leaves. She arrives at the Book Cafe and tells Julian about Charity's visions. She also tells him Sam and Grace know about the visions. She blames Julian for mentioning it around Charity. He says someone else may have found out about it--has anyone been checking up on Eve? She fills him in on Orville and how her family thinks she was so perfect. She asks why TC hates Julian so much, but Chad pulls up and notices a light under the door. He knows he turned the lights off and goes in to investigate. He walks in and Eve hides. Chad sees Julian and Julian's ownership of the shop gets him a worthy alibi. However, Chad sees Eve's feet before he leaves. Sam and TC go to investigate the lights on in the Book Cafe. They arrive as Chad comes out and Chad tells them about how Julian is in there with some woman. TC wants to go in to talk to Julian. They start to go in but Sam stops TC from intervening. He says Julian is cheating on his wife with another woman and Eve is appalled that TC thinks that. TC goes home to be with his wife and Eve is practically hysterical. Eve and Julian agree that without the photos, nobody will ever find out about them. As Eve leaves, Julian hints that he wouldn't mind rekindling their relationship and is amused when Eve says she would never cheat on her husband. She goes home and says no one will ever find out about her past. Meanwhile, Chad wonders who Julian's lady friend was.

The Bennett House:
Timmy kisses Charity on the forehead just as Kay walks in and says Timmy is real, not a doll! Timmy instantly goes into doll mode and Kay thinks she's going crazy. Timmy tries to sneak away as Kay talks to herself about the bird. She picks him up and takes some jewelry and Timmy to her room. She tests her new look (combining Charity's stuff with her clothes) on Timmy. He looks just like a princess when she's done, but for some reason doesn't like the look! He starts to take off the makeup and sneezes just as Grace walks in. Grace comments on how cute Timmy looks and then asks how Kay is doing. Kay makes up something about how worried she is and they go downstairs. Timmy goes out of the room.

Tabitha arrives home and looks for Timmy, but can't find him. She tries to concentrate but is worried about Timmy. Just then, Princess Timmy comes in, saying how evil Kay is. He says Kay hid the bird statue in Charity's room. Tabby says now all she has to do is get the photos from the bird and show them to TC and use the bird to get Charity under her control.

Friday, March 3, 2000

The Russell House:
Whitney and Theresa are leaving for an interview with the Honors Society (I think Whitney is wearing the same shoes Eve wore last night) and want to go to the Book Cafe first. They leave and Eve says to herself that she can't believe she let anyone take advantage of her. TC walks in and asks what man took advantage of her. She makes up an excuse about her shoes and TC is satisfied. He leaves and she thinks about how he has such a terrible temper.

Sheridan & Ethan:
Sheridan flashes back to all the mean things Luis said and can't get the answering machine to turn off. She throws it across the room, practically hitting Ethan in the head as he walks in. She tells Ethan the whole story and he vows to teach Luis a lesson. She tells him to let it go, but he wishes he'd protected her better. She says that she too was mistaken about Luis. She starts to cry and Ethan hugs her. She says she'll be all right and tries to change the subject. Ethan still wants to talk about Sheridan and tries to reassure her. Sheridan says she feels like there is always someone barring her happiness. Ethan says he will still give Luis a piece of his mind, but Sheridan says she will confront him. He offers to take her to the Book Cafe and she agrees.

The Book Cafe:
Chad flashes back to seeing a woman's shoes when he went to check on the lights on in the Book Cafe. He wonders who was with Julian. A girl tries to flirt with him, but he turns her down. He goes to the counter, and Beth says he must have a girlfriend--who is she? Whitney and Theresa walk in and Beth says Whitney must be Chad's girlfriend. He denies it but Beth isn't convinced. Meanwhile, Theresa swears that Whitney likes Chad but Whitney changes the subject to Ethan. Theresa tells her about when he took her home and she has hope because if Sheridan and Luis get together, why can't her and Ethan? Chad tells Beth about Julian and the woman and asks why Beth doesn't own the Book Cafe? Beth explains that she couldn't get the money to keep it going herself (because of her sick mother). Chad goes over and notices that Whitney is wearing the same shoes he saw last night! He tells her about what he saw last night and she tells him they're Eve's. He asks where Eve was late last night. She says he's way off base--her mother is not having an affair with Julian Crane! TC comes up and asks what the hell they're talking about.

Ethan and Sheridan come in and Sheridan realizes she left something at the youth center. She goes to get it and Ethan sits down. Theresa says to herself that maybe fairy tales can come true. She goes up to Ethan and says she heard something about a budding romance between their two families. He says she heard wrong...that'll never happen.

The Youth Center:
Luis is using the punching bag and Hank comes in. The phone rings and it's a guy calling about redoing Luis' roof. Hank wants to know where Luis is getting that kind of money. Luis has to go to a meeting, but Hank thinks he is hiding something.

Julian is talking to Alistair, who says his plan is working perfectly and now Luis and Sheridan will never get together. Julian opens a briefcase full of money and makes plans to give it to a "new friend." He goes into a basement-type room and comments on how the person receiving the money couldn't possibly turn it down. Just then another person walks in, his head and face covered. Julian shows him the money and asks what the person will do with all this money. The person takes off his hood and it's...LUIS!!!!! He says he has big plans for the money. He starts counting it and then takes off a mask to reveal a totally different person! Gasp! He tells Julian all about his disguise, the fake conversation on the wharf, and how well he can fake Luis' voice. Julian reminds him to keep everything a secret. The impostor says the only evidence left will be Sheridan's broken heart. Julian says he'd love to be there when Sheridan and Luis next meet.

Luis (the real one) comes back to the youth center and Hank asks again where he's getting all this money. Luis tells him he made detective so he's getting a raise. He also tells him that he's making plans to buy Sheridan a car! He says he thinks she might be the one. Hank says he can't be serious. He says Sheridan is different from the rest of the Cranes and Hank says he seems like a different person. Hank says he will fight for Sheridan and leaves. Sheridan walks in and gives Luis the evil eye. She starts to leave but he stops her and asks if she got his message. She says yes and now she has a message for him. Then she hits him in the face!

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity, Eve, TC:
Tabby and Timmy are outside Charity's door and she wants Timmy to run an errand for her: He must whisper "Eve and Julian" in Charity's ear to make her even crazier. He doesn't want to do it, but she threatens him with Fluffy and he does it. He's whispering into Charity's ear when she grabs him in her sleep and starts shaking him. She is dreaming about Julian and Eve and Tabby says they can go home to plan a murder that will be Charity's fault. She calls the Russell house and tells TC to come over and look at her sink. TC and Eve say they'll both come so Eve can check on Charity. They arrive and TC goes to look at the sink while Eve and Tabby chat. Eve goes to check on Charity and Tabby gloats about how soon everyone will know about Eve's past. She goes in by TC and gives him a quilt from before the Civil War. He talks about how his father was a slave, the first colored man in the area. He says the family farm was taken away...he's pretty bitter about it. Tabby explains the quilt to him and leads TC to believe the Cranes built their mansion on his family's farm! TC leaves and Timmy and Tabby sneak back into the Bennett house. Inside, Eve is sitting with Charity and realizes Charity is dreaming about her and Julian.

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