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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on GL
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Monday, February 28, 2000

In Texas:
Gil is coming on to Cassie heavily. She keeps bring up that "Cristobel Island Place" and asking him if he can give Richard a.k.a Dwayne a job. He tells her that he could if he had good enough reason. She tells him that her hubby was right downstairs and she just met him, so he shouldn't expect much from her right then. Gil was pawing at her and trying to kiss her. He told her it was okay that his friend was right outside watching out for Dwayne and would not let him come in on them. Cassie looked nervous and tried to stall the guy. Outside Richard came up to the room and Gil's friend tried to get him to come down to the bar with him and talk about the job. A few moments later he came in the apartment just as Gil went to kiss Cassie again. Richard asked what was up and Cassie told him that Gil came up to offer him a job. Gil told him that was the reason and found away to get out of the room. Gil leaves and Cassie is pleased that she got Richard the job but Richard doesn't look very happy. He says he is just worried about what Gil will want in return for the job. Cassie says she would never have done anything with Gil and although Richard knows that, he is worried about what Gil may do to her. Cassie says she has been around tons of guys like him before and she can handle it. They get into a fight because Cassie wants to help and she is thinking that Richard doesn't think she can help, but Richard is really only wanting to protect her. She takes it the wrong way when he tells her, "no", about her part and she tells him that his Prince thing is overruling her normal person status and she doesn't like it. "Why can't you let me help you huh? You give me a whole new life. I don't want this relationship to be only me taking and taking." Richard says he will never offer her up as a sacrifice to any cause. Cassie says that, "Some guys like the way I look, what is the big deal! Why won't you leave it alone!" "Because I forbid it!" he says and she gets really angry then and they fight some more. Richard says he is trying to look out for her but she insists she can look out for herself. Richard says, "Why do you do this to drive me crazy and make me say things I don't mean!" And Cassie says they should call it a night and she leaves the room to change into her jammies. Richard is in the room getting ready for bed. He throws his coat on the floor to use as a pillow. He gets a blanket off the bed and starts to lay it out on the floor. Cassie comes back wearing a long shirt and asks what he's doing on the floor and he says he is going to bed. Cassie looks at him, at the bed and crosses her arms and stares down at him, as he is busy with a blanket. Cassie says "I guess I get the bed all to myself then!" Richard says of course she does, he would never have a woman sleep upon the floor. He even said that he used to go camping all the time when he was a kid. "Whatever, suit yourself!" Cassie says and head for the bed. Cassie turns off the light and they go to bed. Richard yells out that something scampered across the floor. Cassie gets up and eventually lies back down. She stared thinking about it and once again turned the lights on and told Richard that they were both adults and they could deal with this maturely. She thinks they should share the bed." "I can't sleep with the thought of you down there with other things down there..." He tells her that wasn't a good idea and that he was fine on the floor. She even divides the bed in two. "We're adults Richard you won't even know I'm here! Richard. " He says no he's fine. Cassie goes back to sleep and gets up to look at him again and then back to bed. Richard looks up at her and back down. He finally gets back up and quietly goes to bed. He lies down and Cassie smiles to herself and says goodnight to Richard without even turning around. Richard says, "Goodnight Cassie."

At the Bauers':
Danny, Rick and Abby take Michelle home. Danny wants to order pizza and Michelle is not saying anything. She is wondering about the jury and they try to calm her down. Michelle wonders what they are thinking about, did they think she was wearing something bad or are they sleeping or eating. "This is my life on the line and there are 12 people in a room somewhere deciding on my life." Danny says he has not given up and Michelle says there is nothing left to do. "This is not saving me from your mother it is different than that. This is the one thing where you can't do anything." Michelle says. Rick offers her a sedative to help her sleep but she doesn't want it. Danny is feeling guilty. Abby believes that there is always hope. Michelle says, "What good is hope going to do me? You know Abby.... you should know what it's like to have 12 people deciding my life based on lies..." Rick wants to talk to Danny. He apologizes for snapping at him in court and says he should not have said those things. He is just going out of his mind with all of this. Danny tells him that he knows Carmen shot Ben and he will prove it. Rick says Carmen will never confess to that. Rick and Abby leave and Danny and Michelle talk a little more. Michelle says this could be her last day of freedom and she wants to do so many things. Danny wants her to stop talking like that. Michelle says they have to face it. Her whole life could be over. Danny tells Michelle that she saved his life. "I owe you everything...I owe you my life." She leans on his shoulder and the kiss. They look at a few cards and letters Michelle has collected over the years from the many people she has helped out in the past, including one from her mom. It only said, Have hope. Michelle read it over and over again and finally it kind of got to her. She laid her head on Danny's chest and kissed him some more.

At the Car Crash:
Car crashed in the woods. Phillip spots the car and knows it is Lillian's. He looks in and sees that it is Susan. He helps her out and she is panicked. He asks about Lillian but she says Lillian isn't there; it is just her and Lizzie. Phillip goes to the car and gets Lizzie whose nose is bleeding. Phillip holds her tight and asks if she is okay. He carries Lizzie out and he asks where it hurts and she is crying that her nose hurts. Harley yells at Susan about why she was driving the car. Lizzie defends Susan and Susan says Lizzie had nothing to do with it. Lizzie is crying she wants her mommy...Susan informs Phillip that Beth and Jim just got back from Hawaii. Harley is very angry and drags Susan out of the woods by the arm.

At the LeMays':
Max is caught by Beth and Jim, who want to know why he there. He has candles lit and music playing. He tried to leave but Jim stops him. They have to talk. Max says nothing is Susan's fault it was all his idea. Phillip and Harley come in with the girls and Lizzie runs to her mom in tears, her nose still bleeding. Harley tells them that there was an accident, they listen about the accident and Jim turns to yells at Susan because Susan took the keys and crashed the car. Phillip says that the important thing is that everyone is ok. They sit Lizzie on the couch. Phillip calls Rick. Jim is mad at Susan and she tries to apologize. Lizzie tells everyone that she didn't get hurt she just bumped her nose. Susan told them that she accepted all the blame but Beth went off on her. Jim doesn't know how he will ever trust her again and Susan tells everyone that she understands how bad this is and that there is nothing that can do or say that would make her feel worse then she already does. She apologizes to Beth and Beth says she can't forgive her this time. Phillip says Rick is on his way and then calls Lillian. Harley wants to hear the whole story. Susan was trying to warn Max about Jim and Beth coming home early and she got into an accident. Beth is mad "You stole my mother's car! What were you thinking?" Susan defends Max. Max tries to say that it was an accident and Beth yells at him and tells him that it is not ok and Jim tries to calm her down. Harley says Susan knows she did wrong and Beth goes on and on. Phillip says that Beth needs to calm down. Harley says that she knows everyone is upset but Susan knows what she did was wrong. Harley tells Beth," God you act like you've never made any mistake in your entire life!" Harley is holding Susan, who is in tears in her arms. Harley apologizes to Phillip for yelling. Rick arrives and sees Lizzie. Harley sees Jim about to get up to say something to Max and Susan and stops him. She tells him that he shouldn't get in the middle of it or restrict them seeing each other. She explains that, "Forbidden love is too exciting." Lizzie and Rick playing with his doctor stuff. Rick asks about Lizzie's cold prolonging. Lizzie says yes she has had a cold for a while now. She also has had a few headaches and dizzy spells. Rick takes her pulse. Rick finds some bruises on her that she said they just never went away. Rick is a bit worried about her but Lizzie doesn't want to talk about it. Harley tries to smooth things over and tells everyone that she will talk to Drew about Max and Susan. Rick says he wants to take Lizzie to the hospital for a little bit and doesn't really tell them why, but interrupts their argument. They all leave to follow Rick. Susan follows with Max in tow and they are both feeling really bad.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

In Texas:
Richard and Cassie are in bed. They are dreaming about being in bed together making love and telling each other that they love each other. Cassie wakes up and looks over at Richard and wonders "if only" he knew how she felt, he knew she wanted him, and if only she didn't act like such a jerk the night before. Richard rolls over and hugs Cassie. He wakes up and says "morning." He gets up when he realizes what he is doing and apologizes. They both apologize to each other and make up. Richard tells her how he wants to kill Gil every time he looks at her. She tells him that he is playing a part in that bar but that is truly her life and where she came from. Richard tells her that she is an extraordinary woman. They talk about sharing the bed and how frustrating it was. Richard asked her if he had done more than put his arm around her would she have minded. She told him that she wouldn't have minded at all. Cassie is feeling a little defensive now and when Richard asks her if she would have minded if he was more forward, she told him that she wants that also. Richard doesn't want to rush her but feels he has. Cassie starts to tell him something but Gil knocks on the door and tells Richard to go downstairs for a crew meeting. Cassie wants to know if Edmund could be behind the sabotage but Richard tells her about what Phillip said and how Edmund is probably not involved. Richard leaves and Cassie wonders how long she will be able to hide the fact that she loves Richard.
Gil calls Edmund and Edmund tells him that one of the men will not leave San Cristobel . He will have to die. Edmund doesn't care who he picks, just so long as there is a fatality. Gil hangs up and sits his phone down. Another guy gives the phone to Richard and tells him to give it to Gil. Richard pushes redial and the phone rings and rings but Edmund doesn't answer until it is too late. Gil comes back and takes the phone. He tells Richard to keep his mitts off his stuff and Richard tells him to do the same thing.
Cassie thinks she has to tell Richard the truth about how she feels. She thinks Richard doesn't love her but at least he wants her. She puts on a towel to get in the shower and drops the back of it just as Richard came in. He apologizes and gives her a moment to put on some clothes. He tells her that the crew is leaving for SC the day after tomorrow. He stares at her when she comes back in her robe and slips and says something about kissing. He feels so awkward. He goes downstairs and tells her to take a shower and come down for a nice talk.
Cassie comes down and she and Richard have coffee. Cassie tries to tell him how she feels but he tells her that it isn't the right time because they have to keep their wits about them.

At the Lewises':
Olivia and Josh are hugging. Marah and Shayne come down and Marah is nice to Olivia. Shayne doesn't understand why she is being nice to the enemy. Marah told him that she had a plan and by the end of it, Josh will never want to see Olivia again. Marah wants Josh and Shayne to go off together so she and Olivia can spend some time alone too. Josh wonders what's up but Olivia says that she wouldn't mind spending time with Marah. Marah starts off for apologizing to Olivia for Shayne the other evening. Olivia asks if Shayne should not be the one apologizing. Marah admitted that it was her idea to spill the juice on her and Olivia told her she thought it was. Marah tells Olivia that she has been having mixed feelings about her and her dad. She tells Olivia that she wants to like her but she wonders if Olivia likes her dad or if she is just trying to get back at Reva. Marah asks if Olivia loves her dad. She tells him that she is very fond of him but has never really thought about the future and marriage. Marah tells her that she knows what the score is and knows that she doodles this guys name at her school over and over no her notepad and wants to know how she is supposed to let this guy know that she is interested. She asks how Olivia got Josh to fall for her and Olivia told her that she did nothing. Marah doesn't believe her and Olivia sees her messing with a rather large purse that is beside her on the couch. Olivia picks up on the clues and knows Marah is taping the conversation. She tells Marah that there was one underhanded thing she did in order to snag Josh. Olivia tells a scenario about seducing Josh in an elevator and Marah thinks she has her now that she has it all on tape. Marah tells Josh that there is something he has to hear. Olivia said, yeah that he should hear the tape Marah made. Olivia covers and tells Josh to go get her briefcase. She pulls the tape out and tells Marah that was so beneath her. Marah told her what she did to her dad was wrong and Olivia told her that she made the whole thing up. Marah called her a liar and Olivia told her to play the tape for her dad and he will tell her. Olivia wants to know why she is being so mean to her after she has been nothing but nice to her. She tells Marah that if she keeps it up she will be the one hurt, not her. Josh comes back and Olivia leaves with him.

At the Cedars:
Lizzie is ready to go home but Beth and Jim think she should sit tight until Rick comes in with the test results. Phillip and Harley come in and want to know when they can leave. Rick comes in and wants to do a few more tests. Lillian is concerned when Rick tells them that the extra tests are because of a computer glitch. She doesn't say anything but follows Rick out and asks him about it. She tells him that she knows there was no computer mess up and wants to know about Lizzie's condition. He tells her that the results were all borderline and he needs more tests. She tells him that she knows what those batteries of tests are for. Lillian is very upset. Rick tells her that he knows about the paternity of Beth's child and knows that they already have so much stress in their lives. He wants them to keep these tests between them until they are sure of the results.
Susan comes in and talks to Lizzie. Everyone leaves and tells Susan to watch her. Lizzie and Susan talk about the accident and Susan tells her she is sorry and it was all her fault. Susan tells her that she feels like Lizzie is her real sister and they hugged. Beth and Jim come back and see them, but give the two girls a few minutes. Beth tells Jim that she was rough with Susan but she realizes it and everyone is okay. Phillip and Harley are talking and want to see Rick. Rick keeps stalling them and tells him to be patient. Rick gets a call from the lab and goes to get the test results. Lillian is praying that the results are wrong.
Rick calls Phillip out of the room and tells him that he wants to go over a few things with him concerning Lizzie's test. He tells Phillip to sit down. He tells Phillip the news and Phillip starts crying. Lillian goes in and gets Beth. She comes out and Phillip tells he needs to tell her something. He tells her that Lizzie has leukemia. Phillip holds Beth as she cries.

In the Courthouse:
Carmen is standing there when Edmund walks in and shows her a key chain from Texas. They talk about his trip to Texas and how her kids all hate her and Michelle may be found not guilty. He asks her about Gil. He asks her if she knows anyone that Gil would hire because the next accident will need a fatality. She said she didn't care who got killed as long as it wasn't traced back to her. Carmen is stressed and Edmund makes her sit down. He complements her and she tells him that she isn't giving in to whatever he wants. He rubs her shoulders and makes her feel a little better. He complements her legs and her perfume and she laughs and asks what he is up to. He tells her that she knows exactly what he is up to. He offers to take her mind off things with a little carnal distraction. Carmen tells Edmund no several times and he tells her that was just turning him on more. Gil calls Edmund back and clarifies that he can choose who is the martyr in their cause. Edmund says it is totally up to him. Gil hangs up and looks at Richard and says he knows whom he will pick.

Tuesday, March 1, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Michelle is thinking about what will happen to her. Danny comes in and asks her why she is there. A bailiff comes in with a jury request to re-read the testimony of the forensic expert that testified about the powder residue. Danny is hopeful. He tells her that he spoke to the architect and told him to add a third floor to their dream house.
Bill comes in and asks Ross and Abby what the word on the jury was. Ross told him what was up and the DA interrupts them. She wants to offer Michelle a deal. She is worried about what the jury is thinking. The DA said that she would offer Murder 2, 25 years, with a possibility of parole. Ross said he will tell Michelle the deal but she is not guilty. Ross tells her that she has made him feel good about their chances for acquittal.
Abby comes in and tells her about the DA and the deal. She thinks that is making the deal because she feels she is going to lose the case. Danny thinks that is a great sign. Ross tells them the deal and Michelle tells him that she isn't guilty and wont take the deal. Ross gets a not saying the jury has reached a verdict.
The jury comes back in and the judge asks for the verdict. Michelle is upset that she can't read their faces. Ross tells her not to worry.

At the Hospital:
Rick breaks the news to Phillip and Phillip breaks the news to Beth. Harley and Jim come out and Rick tells them about Lizzie. Harley wants to know how this could be. Rick tells everyone that there is hope with all the medical things they have now and they will start treating the cancer immediately. Lillian holds Beth and Phillip looks shell-shocked. Rick explains that Pediatric Leukemia is treatable and they have a great success rate. Rick tells Phillip that he will do whatever he can to help Lizzie. He has already called some specialists and they will be there ASAP. He suggests chemotherapy first. Phillip gets a pen and writes all the info down. Rick wants to talk to Lizzie and Phillip wants to know what to say. Rick wants them to tell her the truth. Beth has no idea how to tell her daughter these things. Phillip wants to know what Leukemia is and how she got it and why she got it. Rick tries to explain it but Phillip doesn't want to hear the truth. Rick wants to knock the problem out with the chemo and then see where they stand.
In the room, Susan and Lizzie are talking. Lizzie is ready to go and wants to know what is keeping everyone. Susan tells her that they are probably working on paying the bill. Susan comes out and overhears. She freaks out and thinks Lizzie is going to die like her mom did. Harley and Jim take her away from everyone to talk to her. Beth and Phillip go in to talk to Lizzie. She has gotten up and put her clothes on. She is glad when they walk in and tells them that she is ready to go home now.
Jim and Harley tell Susan that Lizzie has every chance of making a full recovery and that it is nothing like what her mom went through. Susan thinks that the accident could have made things worse but they told her that the accident was how they found out she was sick in the first place. Susan was feeling guilty about how she called Lizzie a brat and how she was rude to her.
Beth and Phillip sit down with Lizzie and tell her that she has more tests to take before they can leave. Beth tells her that Rick found something on the test and Rick wants to take more tests to see how to go about fixing it. She tells her that she has a sickness in the blood and it is called Leukemia. They tried to act like it was nothing to get upset about and they tell her that Rick will fix her blood. They assure her that she will be fine. Lizzie is asking how they are going to make it go away and what it is going to do to her.
Alan comes in and asks the nurse to see Lizzie. He goes in and overhears the condition. He is floored. Harley comes in and talks to Alan. He is angry, wants to know how that happened. He thinks it is his fault. He remembers them working in the stable with stain and thinks it may have been toxic. Harley tells him that isn't it and tries to get him to stop blaming himself. She hugs Alan and tells him that Leukemia just happens. He wants specialists. He feels helpless and doesn't know what to do. She tells him to play games with her, spend time with her and love her. That's all she really needs, is his love and support. He hugs Harley and lets her cry a little. Phillip and Beth come out and Alan doesn't know what to say. Alan and Phillip hug and Alan wants to see Lizzie. Harley comforts Phillip. He tells her that what they said to Lizzie and how she was okay with all of it. She trusted him and Beth to fix things and he doesn't know if he can.
Phillip tells Alan to be positive and let Lizzie know she will be fine. Alan goes in and hugs Lizzie. Alan tells her that she will be in there for a while and he had already asked the cook to fix all of Lizzie's favorite dishes. So he wondered if she would like to have a picnic with him there in the hospital room. She seemed to like that idea. She said the food in the hospital stinks. Lizzie tells him that she knows what leukemia is and that it is a big deal and that he doesn't have to worry. She knows she will be all right and she won't die.
Harley tries to help Beth but she doesn't know anything that will help. She does hold Beth and lets her cry a little on her shoulder. Jim tells Phillip that he is familiar with cancer and will be there for Lizzie and Beth. Lillian comes in with Edmund and talks to Beth. Edmund tells Beth how sorry he is and he will help her anyway he can.

At Company:
Lillian is crying outside when Edmund walks up. He recognizes her and asks her if everything is ok. She tells him about Lizzie and Edmund acts like he actually cares. He goes in and brings Lillian some coffee. He tells her that is fine when she apologizes for laying all this on her. Lillian tells him of all the heartaches Beth has gone through and now this. He tells Lillian that he was a sick child and he almost died. But the worst part about it was seeing the pain that he felt he was causing his parents. He felt he had done something wrong to make them suffer so. Lillian understands and thanks him for making her feel better. She tells him that they all are confused and that will help them when dealing with Lizzie. Edmund tells her that he will pray for Beth and Lizzie and the family. Edmund wants to take Lillian back to the hospital. He wants to see Beth and offers to walk her back to the hospital.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

In Texas:
Cassie and Richard go over their plans and talk about how they only have a few days before they leave Texas. Richard remembers how it was waking up with Cassie and walking in on her when her towel slipped off. He is interrupted by Cassie and nervously starts talking a mile a minute about their plan. They brought up Edmund and Richard thinks it would be wrong to rule out Edmund no matter what Phillip said. He tells Cassie he is superiorly intelligent and knows how to make people believe what he wants. Cassie wants to talk to Gil and see if he will tell who is his boss. Richard thinks Gil will not want to "talk" to Cassie. Richard gets an idea and he leaves.
Downstairs Gil tells a guy that "Dwayne" should be in charge of explosives. Gil sends "Dwayne" to the guy to get his work assignments and he stays behind with "Stella" and begins to rub up against her. "Dwayne" comes over and pulls him away and tells him to keep his hands off his wife. He starts a fight. "Dwayne" baits him and tries to get him to tell what is going on. Who they are working for and what they are going down to SC for. All the other guys want to know too but Gil wasn't talking. Gil tells them all that they know all they need to. Gil walks out. All the guys take Dwayne's side.
Cassie and another bartender talk about Dwayne and what a man he is. The bartender asks Cassie and Richard to a dance the next night to spice up their old married life. The woman gives Cassie a leather dress to wear and sends her back in the bar to impress Richard. He tells her that he likes it but she is distracting him. She tells him about the dance and how they can go and maybe learn who is in charge.

In the Courtroom:
The Judge asks for the verdict and the foreman announces that they find Michelle guilty of Murder in the first degree. Ross asked to have the jury polled. Michelle almost fainted as she heard the 12 guilty's echo through her head. Danny held her and Ross tried to talk to her but Michelle couldn't hear anything except her own voice disbelieving what she just heard. The Judge gave Michelle one week to be held in custody before sentencing. Ross tells her that they will not give up and will fight all they can.
Outside Holly calls in the verdict to the paper and tells them to type it up and she will go over it when she gets in. Bill comes up and Holly talks to him about how she remembers him and Michelle as kids. Holly is worried about Ed. She thinks Michelle needs her father now and no one can seem to be able to locate him.
Selena comes out to see Abby. They are upset about the verdict. Abby reminds Selena that Michelle could be given the death sentence and then she makes a comment about how she is sure Drew is happy about the verdict but Selena stands up for her daughter and tells Abby that Drew isn't happy about it. Drew has lost so much: her friend, her dad, and maybe even Jesse. Abby is not concerned about Drew because she can go home and live her life but Michelle cannot. Selena gets irked and leaves.
Ross is going to ask for a mistrial because of Mick's name coming up. Holly talks to Ross and tells her that it isn't his fault. He thinks he should have done more. Danny hugs his wife doesn't want to let her go. He tells her that he will fix everything. It is not over. She tries to tell him things he needs to do. He needs to pick up the dry cleaning and withdraw her from the University, etc. He feels that she is giving up but she says she is just facing reality. She wants to be prepared for the worst but Danny tells her that he will get her out. She cries and holds him and wonders how she will ever be able to say goodbye to Danny. The guard takes her away and Danny tells her that it isn't goodbye. Drew watches as they take her away.
Drew leaves the courtroom and Jesse follows her. He asks her how it feels that an innocent person is going to jail, just like she wanted. He reminds her that she could get the death penalty. Drew tells him that 12 people convicted Michelle, not her. Jesse is pulled aside by Buzz. He tells Buzz that he has no idea how Drew can sit back and watch this happen to Michelle. Meanwhile, Drew talks to Selena and doesn't understand why Jesse thinks she is happy by all this, cause she isn't. She said she didn't want anything like this to happen and starts crying.
Rick realizes that he is all alone and Michelle will never come home. Abby tells him not to give up hope. He reminisces about Michelle as a kid decorating for Christmas. He cried about how much he will miss his sister.
Ross beats himself up for everything and Holly tells him that he did all he could. He is going to set up character witnesses and work on appeals, etc.
Michelle is marched into a cell while all her loved ones sit in the courthouse looking shell-shocked. She lies down and looks at the bars.

At the Santos Estate:
Edmund comes in to congratulate Carmen on Michelle being found guilty. He thinks that is what she has worked so hard for. Carmen tells him that what she wanted was her family back how they were, before Michelle came into their lives. Edmund thinks she was victorious today. But she says that both her children know the truth about the murder and hate her for it. Edmund thinks she should try to rewrite history in Pilar's eyes by convincing her that it never happened the way she thinks it did. Edmund tells her to convince Pilar and she will retract what she said and Danny will come back to her because he wants to believe his mom. Carmen tells Edmund how Danny threatened her and how she doesn't know what he will tell them. Edmund doesn't believe he will do that. She is worried about someone finding Vanessa and about the witness she paid off having a sudden surge of conscious. Edmund tells her to stop wasting time and energy worrying and he kisses her. Carmen finally tells him that isn't what she needs or wants right now and he tells her that he will wait. He pops open the champagne and they drink to Michelle being alone in a jail cell. She thinks they she will wait to celebrate until it is all over and done with. Edmund knows the maid wont come forward and Vanessa will die any day now.

Friday, March 3, 2000

In Texas:
Cassie and Richard are at the party. They start to dance until Gil comes in. Gil is talking to the blonde bartender and telling her that he doesn't like "Dwayne." He thinks something is up with him. The bartender tells him that he is just jealous because "Dwayne" is so good looking and has a hot wife. Gil asks her to keep an eye on Dwayne and to report any suspicious actions to him. Gil comes over to Dwayne and asks if he is related to some Wilson man and Dwayne tells him that he has no family. He apologizes for causing the riot with Gil earlier and told him that he is just overprotective over Stella. Richard keeps buying this other guy drinks and he is loosening up and talking more about Gil and San Cristobel . He tells Richard of the accident in SC and why it is so dangerous.
The bartender mentions that Cassie spoke of a mean brother of Dwayne's, Gil remembered Dwayne telling him he had no family and grew even more suspicious.
Cassie tells Richard she is having a great time with him being away from the royal stress. He asks her if she would rather he left all of it behind and she told him that she wouldn't change anything about him, ever.
Noah comes in and recognizes Richard. He calls out his name and Richard punches him out. Cassie looks at Richard with a worried look.

At Cedar's:
Beth is in with Lizzie. Lizzie is telling her mom how God made her sick because she didn't eat all her vegetables and didn't clean her room. Beth told her that wasn't the reason, leukemia just happens. Phillip came in and asked to speak to Beth. Beth told him what Lizzie said and then she told him that the real reason this was happening was that God was punishing her for lying. Phillip comforts her and Harley and Rick come in.
Phillip goes to Rick and tells him how much he appreciates him helping out but knows he has a lot on his mind with Michelle. He tells Rick not to feel obligated if he needs to be helping his sister. Rick tells him that there is really nothing he can do for Michelle now, just support her and wait for Ross to appeal. Rick goes in to check on Lizzie. Rick sits down with Lizzie and tells her that she can leave to go home that very day. Rick plays around with her for a while and tells her that his feelings are hurt that she wants to leave. Meanwhile, Phillip turns to talk to Jim and Beth. Jim is saying that Susan has moved out of her room and is arranging it for Lizzie to go through her chemotherapy. Phillip tells them that Lizzie should be at the mansion where she has constant servants and help. He thinks it will be too much for Jim and Beth to handle on their own. Phillip tells them that all should come, just until Lizzie is better. Jim and Beth hesitate and Harley escapes off into Lizzie's room. Harley goes in and talks to Lizzie. She brings her a great big bag of magazines and tells her and Rick that as Miss Lizzie's personal secretary she has loads of messages for her. She gets out her pad and reads messages from Alex and India. Lizzie wonders why Alex and India are together because they used to hate each other. Harley told her things change and that she used to hate Blake and now Blake is one of her best friends. Lizzie asked Rick if he and Phillip ever fought and he told her they had but they had always been there for each other. She mentioned how Rick and Phillip both were in love with Beth and Rick told her that was true but Phillip and Beth had to be together to create her and now Phillip has another wonderful woman in Harley. Lizzie says that she loves Harley and wants to know more about Rick and her dad's past. She ends telling him that she knows her dad is really worried about her and hopes that Rick doesn't get in any fights with him anytime soon.
Phillip and Jim are talking. Phillip apologizes, he says that he realizes moving in is probably the last thing they all want to do. Jim said they would do it since it is really the best thing for Lizzie. It would definitely make things better for her.

Phillip goes in and tells Lizzie that she will be moving back in with Grandpa until she feels better. Lizzie is worried that Alan will mind at first and of course everyone knows that Alan would love her back home again. Then she is worried about Susan. She thinks Susan is mad at her and doesn't want to live with her anymore. Beth tells Lizzie that Jim and Susan are both moving in with them because they are part of their family now. Harley reassures Lizzie that Susan loves her and will be overjoyed to go with her and live in a big mansion. Rick comes back and gets Lizzie in a wheelchair to take a final set of tests. As she is rolled out of the room she tells Beth to tell the cook to make extra vegetables and she will eat them all. Lizzie and Rick leave and Beth starts crying. Harley tries to comfort her and asks her what is wrong. Beth tells her how Lizzie thinks all this is happening because God is mad at her. Harley starts crying too. Beth tells Harley that she believes God is punishing her for things Beth did. Harley tells Beth not to blame herself. "You didn't do anything wrong! Don't do this!" Beth tells her that she did, and that Harley just didn't know. "I did something horrible."

At the Prison:
Danny came to see Michelle. He has to sit on the other side of a glass partition and use the phone to talk to her. Michelle comes in wearing an orange uniform and sits down. They press their hands against the glass and Danny promises to get her out. Danny tells her that Ross is working as hard as he can. Michelle asks him why he looks so tired. He tells her that he refuses to sleep until she gets out of there. He believes it is his entire fault. Michelle told him that it is Carmen's fault and not his. They talk a bit, tell each other they love the other and Danny gets up to take care of a few things. Michelle begs him not to get himself into trouble. Danny leaves and passes Bill in the hall. Bill still has no idea where Vanessa and Matt are. He goes in. They talk and Michelle breaks down with him. She tells him that he is the only one she can express her fears to. She doesn't want to upset Danny and he is her best friend. She also doesn't want Danny to keep visiting her there month after month seeing her deteriorate. After a bit of trying to boast her spirits, Bill leaves and Michelle goes to a guard and tells her that it is very important that she talks to her lawyer. She needs him to do something for her.

At the Lewises:
Josh and Olivia looking at plans that Matt sent. He didn't put a return address on them and they discuss the two disappearing. Danny rings the bell. He needs to know where Matt is. Josh tells him that they really don't know. Josh introduces him to Olivia. Danny tells Josh that Michelle's sentencing is in a week. Danny says Vanessa could clear Michelle. Josh said that even if Vanessa were there they wouldn't be able to count on her in her condition. Danny thinks a minute and says that his mother doesn't know that. He asks if Josh would help him. Danny tells him, "The only thing that matters is that my mother THINKS Vanessa can testify.... Do you want to help me set her up?"
They are talking about Carmen and Josh is concerned that his kids not get into the middle of it. Olivia suggests that they use the little potting shed in the back. Olivia is all set to help and Josh thinks she needs to think about it and not be so enthusiastic. Olivia says she wants to help Danny because she can see how much he loves his wife and she wants to help.

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen is on the phone with Edmund. She is happy that Michelle is behind bars, her daughter is safe in a hospital and they are in perfect position to hear about Vanessa's condition. Pilar rushes in and Carmen asks what she is doing out of the hospital. Pilar says she just saw on TV that Michelle has been convicted. "You are going to make this right and I am here to make sure that you do!" Carmen tries to change the subject and talk about how worried she is about her. Pilar says, "You know damn well Michelle did not shot Ben! YOU did!" Carmen denies it and then starts to rewrite the story. "I did have a gun but I never fired that shot baby..." "I SAW the gun!!!" "I dropped the gun and ran to you and brought you back home..." Carmen is making Pilar feel like she is crazy and confused! "You are saying a lot of things.... you are confused..." "No mom you can try but I'm not crazy! I know what happened that night and Vanessa when she wakes up she's going to tell everyone." Pilar says the truth will come out. Camen tells her that the doctors will help her. "No you're just trying to confuse me!" Pilar says. Carmen insists that Pilar is not strong enough for the real truth. "No one believed you baby, they could see that they can't trust your memory but you will get better!" A man comes in and Carmen asks him to take Pilar back to the hospital. Pilar wants to go back. She says, "You know what? They are helping me and I will get better and everyone will know the truth'll'll see..." she walks out. Carmen says she is sorry but Michelle belongs where she is.
Danny walks in on Carmen. Just there to checks his mail he says. His cell phone rings. He answers and tells the person to hold on. He turns to Carmen and tells her that it is a personal call and she leaves the room. She walks to the other side of the curtain and hides to eavesdrop. Danny talks to Josh and makes sure that his mother hears that Vanessa is coming around and then tells Josh that he is on his way to see her. He wants to be there when she speaks. Carmen freaks and follows Danny.

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