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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on PC
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Monday, February 28, 2000

Pre credits:
Chris gets a message from Julie on the answering machine. She says she had some business to take care of, and that it was complicated but she would explain to him when she got home.

Christina, Scott and Lucy standing in front of the church at the christening. The minister says a few words about loving Christina and her family. Victor asks Eve what happened to Kevin, and she says he got a page from the hospital. He asks if it was about Neil, and Eve told him that it wasn't an emergency and that he should be right back.

Woman dressed like Julie with long, brown, curly hair hangs up the dangling phone, and drags Kevin's body across the floor into a room.

Scanlon house:
Courtney comes in and says she expected Joe to be at the Christening. As usual, a fight between them ensues. Courtney told Joe not to expect gratitude for going against all of Neil's doctors and doing the transplant. Joe says he gave Neil his only shot. Courtney calls him on his arrogance. Joe calls her on her lying. She guesses that he went ahead with the transplant to punish her, to prove he was still in control where Neil was concerned. He says she's a selfish bitch and not worth it. She says that was a time that would have really hurt, but she doesn't care what he thinks anymore.

Christening attendees reciting the end of a Psalm (23, I think). Minister welcomes Christina into the community. Lucy and Scott stand up to make comments, everyone else stands up to leave. They hint that they are all hungry, Lucy gets through her comments in record time. The party breaks up. Scott and Lucy talk with Gail and Lee. They tell Gail how much she means to them, hence naming their daughter Christina Gail Baldwin. Scott says she was like a mother to him after she married Lee. Gail told him that after awhile there is no difference between a child you give birth to and one that you don't. Victory and Mary approach. They say they loved the ceremony but have to get back to Neil. Serena stops them before they can leave, giving them a piece of cake to take to Neil. They leave, Eve approaches. They wonder where Kevin could be. Eve says she's going to get him. Scott and Lucy bask in the glory of a successful christening.

Church foyer:
Chris on the cell phone says they have to find her. Eve approaches and wonders what he is doing there.

Choral Room:
Kevin lying on the floor, Julie lookalike walks around him, grabs a knife and holds in menacingly in his direction.

Scanlon Smackdown:
Round 2, Courtney and Joe. She tries to leave, he told her that he never used the BMT to get back at her. He loves Neil. Courtney told him to stop because that love is killing Neil. Joe says she let him get close to Neil, let him believe Neil was his son, and then expects him to just stop and that things don't work that way. He went on about what kind of woman would sleep with him, his brother, and God knows who else at the same time. Courtney bores us to tears with some lame ass story about bumper cars. She told him he was predicable and boring. Joe says that she and Frank deserve each other but Neil deserves better. She told him that she may not be perfect like Joe, but she loves her son. More arguing. She calls him arrogant, he calls her a cheap whore and then she slaps him. She tells him to go to hell. She then says that fighting is getting them nowhere and that she's going to the hospital. She apologizes for lying to him, but he says she does that as well as she lies so why bother. She says she does care about the people who get hurt. He asks her how she's going to deal with how much she hurt Neil.

Church foyer:
Chris and Eve go around about Julie. He says he thought Julie might have gotten a last minute invitation since Lucy is the only person who treats her with any decency and respect. Eve says that Lucy is starting to come around about Julie and that she isn't there. She senses there is something more to his story, and eventually pries out of him that Julie is missing. She gets panicky because Kevin is also missing. They decide to go look for him.

Choral Room:
Julie wannabe walks around Kevin's body. Kevin wakes up and looks at his attacker as she holds the knife in front of him.

Church foyer:
Scott and Lucy sneak off for a few minutes alone together. They make silly promises to each other, and then start making out in front of the Choral Room door. She suggests they to into the room for more making out, and they are just about to get away when Serena find them and drags them back to the festivities.

Choral Room:
Kevin's body, knife prominently stuck in his chest, lies on the floor.

Neil's Room:
Courtney wonders why Neil isn't on oxygen anymore. The nurse told her that he's improving and that his doctor took him off the Oxygen. She says maybe things are starting to turn around.

Church foyer:
Eve and Chris meet. They don't find Kevin even though his car is still there. Chris says he called GH and they told him they never paged Kevin. Eve gets more panicky and says she knows something is wrong. Chris says that just because he hasn't heard from Julie it doesn't mean that she and Kevin are together. They look for him some more.

Serena, Karen and Christina have a sister's tea party. Serena told Karen that she saw a movie where all the sisters had a secret handshake. Karen says they should have one. Serena suggests a pinky grab and pinky grabbing ensues. They promise to always love and look after each other. (Karen's hair, by the way, looks fantastic today.) Scott and Lucy watch from a distance. Lucy says everything is perfectly in order. She feels a change is going to happen starting today. Good changes.

Choral Room:
Kevin lying in the middle of the room.

Church foyer:
Chris and Eve meet up again. Eve says the choral room is the only one they haven't been able to get into. Chris says he'll go get the janitor with the key, Eve tries to break down the door and says she has to get in there. She tells Chris to break it down. Chris kicks the door in and they find Kevin lying on the floor. Eve tries to get him to respond while Chris uses a pocket knife, I assume, to cut the ties on his hands and feet.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

In Neil's room, Neil is sleeping as Frank looks on. Courtney enters and says Frank looked really sad. He says he's just tired. He asks if Neil has seen the video he's holding yet and Courtney says no - isn't it scary? Frank says so what - Neil takes after his parents and laughs at danger. Neil wakes up and says "Dad?" and Frank says he's right there. But is Joe around, Neil asks. Courtney asks if Neil needs Joe for something special and Neil asks when he can get out of there. They talk and Neil says Joe told him he'd make him better and he did. Frank says he's getting there. He asks who is bone marrow donor was and Courtney told him it was Christina. She's just a baby, Neil exclaims. Can he see her to thank her? Courtney says not today; it's her Christening and probably won't be exciting...

At the Christening, Serena, Lucy and Christina are talking with the rest of their extended family about the ceremony. Gayle says she's thrilled that Christina's middle name is hers and Karen takes pictures. A cheerful group!

In the choir room, Eve and Chris work frantically to save Kevin's life. No breathing, no pulse. Chris calls for Karen to come help and calls for an ambulance to GH. They do CPR...

At Neil's room, Mary and Victor arrive to visit. Neil asks if Kevin will be stopping by and they tell him he will later. Neil is kidding around with them and says they've gotta get him outta there! He seems so good! They tell him about the Christening and he chats happily. He thinks Kevin is a great choice for Godfather. Neil asks why Victor calls Kevin Monk and Victor told him; Kevin was like a little monkey as a kid. Neil wants Kevin to be his Godfather too! He again asks if Kevin's coming to visit - he helps Neil with his crosswords. Victor guarantees Kevin will be there.

Back at the church, Eve and Chris work on Kevin as Karen comes in with Scott and Lucy close behind. Karen springs into action reminding the others not to touch the knife; it must be kept right where it is or more damage could result. Scott went to get Chris' medical bag and Lucy races off for the christening blanket at Karen's request. Serena, in the chapel with Charlene, Lee and Gail (and the baby) wonders what's going on. Where is everyone? Lucy rushes in and asks for the blanket and races off again after telling Serena she'll explain it all later. In the choir roo, Eve and Chris still work on Kevin; Karen uses the blanket to secure the knife - if it has hit the heart, it could do more damage if moved. They *must* keep it stationary. Scott is stopped by Lee demanding to know what's happening as he rushes Chris' medical bag in. Scott told him Kevin was stabbed and asks him to take care of Serena. Lee says he will just as Serena comes out into the foyer. She asks why everyone is running around and he deftly distracts her, saying they should go check on Christina.

In the Choir Room, our doctors work frantically and as a team. The EMTs arrive and are filled in. Kevin is in defib and they all desperately work to save him. First shock doesn't work; the second gets a pulse. Eve calls GH and informs them of what's going on, what they need, when they'll be there and that they need a trauma team ready. They get Kevin on a stretcher and head to GH. Scott calls Mac and fills him in; Mac heads there with a forensics team. Lee and Gayle come in and Gayle insists she'll drive Lucy ,who is insisting she go, to the hospital. Lee says he'll take care of the kids.

Back in Neil's room, Victor gets a phone call and is visibly upset. He and Mary leave check "the situation" out.

In the chapel, Serena is asking Lee hard questions; she's a bright child and not easily fooled. She knows something is wrong. She knows he's keeping a secret from her and says he should just tell her. She asks if it's about Scott and Lucy and Lee assures her it's not. He finally told her Kevin had an accident and has been taken to the hospital. She says it was a good thing it happened in church cause God was right there to help him out. Lee agrees to saying a prayer for Kevin with her. In the choral room, the forensics team is hard at work while Scott fills Mac in. It turns out that, while no one was seen, a security camera was installed at the church after a recent break-in. Julie comes up and Scott looks down. Mac swears that if she did this, he'll throw the book at her. They go to view the tape.

At the hospital, Matt waits as Kevin is brought in. The trauma team and doctor work feverishly to save him. It's an accurately chaotic scene. Matt steps in for Chris who went to find Julie (with great trepidation). Eve went to find Monica to operate and, on the way, told Lucy and Gayle that they have less than half an hour before the chance of survival went way down. Eve places the call and went back to Kevin. Victor and Mary arrive and go to Lucy and Gayle. Lucy told them what's going on. Mac and Scott view the security tape. The perpetrator looks a lot like Julie - from the back.

At the hospital, Mary reassures everyone that the fact that he's having surgery means there's hope. Eve comes out with info and told them that the knife did puncture the left ventricle of Kevin's heart. Victor has seen this type of injury before and it's usually fatal. As Kevin is wheeled to surgery, Victor told him Neil needs him and all the rest of them, him most of all. Kevin can't let them down! Scott arrives and tells Lucy what the film showed - Julie, his client, stabbed Kevin. Chris enters the penthouse cautiously to find Julie happily lighting candles and preparing dinner. She told him her whole life came together today... she notices the blood on Chris' shirt and asks what happened. He told her Kevin was attacked at the Christening and stabbed in the heart. There's a pounding on the door - it's Mac and the police. Chris lets them in and Mac arrests Julie, handcuffs and Miranda. Both she and Chris look shocked and frightened.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

In the OR, they're getting ready to operate on Kevin. Eve wants to go in, but Dr. Quartermaine says no. Eve is upset. In the elevator, Lucy told Scott that they have an hour after Kevin is stabbed to operate and then his chances go down. She realizes the hour is almost up. Scott says it was Julie, he saw her on the surveillance camera. There's no doubt, Scott says, it was Julie.

In the police station, Julie is declaring her innocence. Chris told her to stop talking. Rachel comes in and says Julie's neighbors said she had been arrested. Julie says they think she did this, but she did *not* stab Kevin. Outside of OR, Eve watches as they start the operation. In the elevator, Lucy asks if Julie has been arrested. Scott says that Mac was on his way to get Julie, but she's probably on the run by now. Lucy and Scott try to figure out how this could have happened. Lucy and Scott get off the elevator, and meet Victor, Mary, and Gail. Karen comes over and says Monica is doing the surgery. He's in good hands. Victor wonders who would do this. Julie, Scott says. They have her on tape attacking Kevin.

At the police station, Julie declares her innocence. Mac says that he has a video tape. It clearly shows Julie knocking Kevin out, then dragging him into the room where she stabbed him. Julie screams she wasn't at the church! Mac leaves and Rachel told Julie that it's just them, and Julie can tell them what actually happened. Julie looks upset that Rachel doesn't believe her innocence. There is nothing to talk about, Julie says. She wasn't at the church. Rachel says that Mac has a video tape that shows she was. Did she black out and can't remember? No, Julie says. Chris asks where she was. She went to Jasmine Island, Julie says. Why? Rachel asks. She has been having dreams about the "General Homicide" murders, and she had to get some answers. Rachel is upset that Julie did not mention these dreams. In fact, Rachel says, she missed their regular session. Julie yells that Rachel has been telling her to stop depending on other people. Rachel leaves, mad. Julie told Chris that Rachel thinks she did it. After all they've been through, Julie sighs, Rachel thinks she stabbed Kevin. In the OR, they start to clamp it off. They have a bleeder, Monica says. There's blood leaking into the chest cavity. Lift the heart, she instructs. They find the tear and repair it. Karen approaches Eve who is still outside the OR doors. She shouldn't be here, Karen suggests. Eve asks if Karen could leave if that were Joe. (Karen doesn't answer, admitting defeat.) Karen suggests that Eve get some rest and some new clothes. Eve says she can't leave him. Karen reminds Eve that this was not her fault. Eve explains how she got really protective of him when the threats started and how Kevin got upset with her for hovering over him so she backed off a little. Karen told her that Kevin never would have let her leave the christening to watch over him. Eve agrees that Kevin can be very stubborn. She reaches into her pocket and finds the flower from the christening arrangement. She starts to cry and told Karen that Kevin took the flower and she told him to put it back. He much have slipped it back into her pocket. S he told Karen that she's going to give that boy hell when she sees him. They walk out to Victor and the others and Karen told them that the surgery is going well. Mac runs over from the elevator. Lucy thanks him for coming, and told him that there's no news yet about Kevin's condition. Lucy asks if they've arrested Julie. Mac says Julie is being charged right now. Eve says that Julie did this and there was nothing *she* could do once Julie was released. Eve glares at Scott. Lucy told him not to go there. Scott says that he got Julie released and he walks away from Lucy and the others. Lucy looks pensive. Scott's phone rings. It's Julie. She's at the PC Police Department, and she needs his help. This is her one phone call, and she needs him.

In the OR, they mention that they did nice work. Monica is not sure if the sutures will withstand the pressures. They just have to wait and see. At the family gathering outside the elevator, Eve asks Mary if Kevin got a page about Neil. Mary says no one paged Kevin. Eve told Mary that means Julie planned this. Meanwhile, Gail told Lucy that someone is watching the kids. Lucy is relieved and worried about how Serena is taking the news. Lucy sits with Victor and they talk about the "authentic" Thanksgiving Victor threw. The partridge was inedible, Victor says, but Kevin tried his best to not show his disapproval. Victor vows to be less annoying if Kevin survives. Lucy says Kevin likes him annoying. Victor says her nose is growing. Lucy told Victor that Kevin appreciates his eccentricities, then.

At the jail, Chris wonders if anyone saw Julie at Jasmine Island, or going to or from. Chris says Mac needs an alibi. What about him, Julie asks, does he need one to believe her? Julie is worried that Chris doesn't believe her when she says that she did not try and kill Kevin. He *has* to believe her, she begs. In the recovery room, Eve approaches Kevin's bed, and strokes his forehead. She leans over like she's going to say something.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Eve is barking out orders about Kevin's care. Matt told her that they know what they are doing. The nurse mutters "I'm glad someone realizes that". Matt gently tries to get her to leave. She says she's staying until he comes to. Matt told her to at least get something to eat and leaves.

Karen told Victor that Kevin has stabilized. After Victor leaves, Lucy comes up. Karen told her that until he comes to, they won't know the extent of the damage. She also told Lucy that she has to prepare herself for the possibility that Kevin won't wake up. Lucy, in tears, told her that she can't live her life without Kevin in it. Karen asks where Scott is - Lucy tells her he's visiting Julie.

At the police station, Scott told Julie he thinks she's guilty. She tries to tell him she's innocent, but he doesn't buy it. She asks if he saw her face on the tape. He told her that he didn't have to, he saw her hair and her manner. Julie asks if he's considered that she may have been set up. She asks to believe her innocent until proven guilty. He told her he doesn't believe in her. She told him that when Kevin comes to, he'll prove she didn't do it. Scott told her he may not wake up and leaves. Later, Chris has checked on Cooper, he was present for all his bed checks. Chris starts to show doubts about Julie's innocence - maybe she blacked out. Julie is upset that Chris can't tell her he believes in her. Chris gets paged and tells her he hates to leave her. "You already have", she says.

In Kevin's room, Victor is somewhat hopeless. Eve tries to give him some. Victor thinks he should try talking to him (something Eve hasn't tried for some reason.) Victor told Kevin that he respects and admires him and maybe he shouldn't call him Monk anymore, then decides the name still fits. Rachel comes in, Eve is very cold to her and told her only family members are allowed. Rachel questions Eve's family memberness. Victor jumps out and leads Rachel out. He asks her what made her think she'd be welcome in there. Rachel claims to be concerned about Kevin. Victor, speaking quietly but being as mean as I've seen him, points out her specialty of getting killers released to kill again. She lamely defends Julie. Victor told her about the threats to Kevin, supposedly from Julie. She asks if he has proof that it was Julie, he doesn't have time for this - he starts back into the room. She told him if he needs to talk to anyone. He looks disgusted and went back to Kevin.

Later, in the hallway, Victor brought Lucy hot chocolate. He wants reassurance that Kevin will be all right. She told him that when her best friend Dominique died, she thought she lost everything, but then she got Serena. Like Kevin always says, for every action there's a reaction. So the bad thing happening to Kevin will be balanced by a good thing. Victor doesn't share her beliefs, but the fact she believes it makes him feel a little better.

Matt talks to Eve in Kevin's room. He tries again to get her to take a break. He told her that when she collapses, he and Karen will take over. He went out in the hall and talks to Karen. He thinks sooner or later, all that's happened will hit Eve, and that people as badly hurt as Kevin usually don't pull through.

Scott returns to the hospital, where Lucy is dozing on a chair. He offers to take her home, but she doesn't want to leave. He told her he called home and the kids are in bed. He told her they have to tell Serena exactly what happened. Lucy doesn't want to, but Scott persuades her. He told her that Julie claims her innocence and points at Cooper. Rachel comes over, Lucy leaves to go to Kevin. Rachel defends Lucy and told Scott not to blame himself. They can't control the lives of their clients/patients. Rachel says she's done all she can and now she'll move on. Scott is stunned that she can live that way. He told her he can't and leaves her. Outside ICU, Scott and Lucy look in the window. Eve sees them and comes out to rant at them for believing in Julie. She told them they let this happen and walks off.

Friday, March 3, 2000

Scott contacted Dara Jensen and told her that he wanted to do everything possible to make sure Julie wasn't set free again. Dara revealed that Julie's blood-stained coat had been found near the crime scene, but warned Scott that switching sides now would not lessen his responsibility for getting Julie acquitted in the first place. Eve poured her heart out to Kevin, who still hadn't regained consciousness. Although still angry, Eve allowed Lucy to spend time with Kevin. Lucy made an emotional plea for Kevin to live, while Eve watched from outside the room and began to comprehend the strength of the bond between Kevin and Lucy. Joe declined Karen's offer to speak on his behalf at his re-instatement hearing. Karen took his refusal to mean that things were over between them, but Joe insisted that wasn't true and told Karen he needed to straighten out his life. Later, Karen was called to the hospital regarding Neil.

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