The incomparable Dorian Lord will be headed back to Llanview. An enthusiastic Robin Strasser revealed on Twitter that she'd been contacted about returning to the show and was "proud and honored" to accept. Strasser first appeared as Dorian in 1979.

Emmy winner Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord) will be part of One Life to Live's revival. The actress shared the news with fans on Twitter.

"PROUD & HONORED," Strasser exclaimed. "I promised -- if DEFINITE- YOU'd know! 'GIFT' offered & ACCEPTED. It was definite last night I'd be PART (DORIAN AGAIN:) of REVIVAL! Who knew HAPPINESS could make you lose sleep?"

Strasser assumed the role of Dorian in 1979 and remained a One Life to Live cast member through 1987. She returned to the show in 1993, but exited in February 2000 amid a very public disagreement with then-executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. After a stint as Hecuba, a 300-year-old witch on NBC's Passions, Strasser returned to Llanview in April 2003. She remained with the ABC soap through its final full year on the air. However, in May 2011, Strasser was sidelined due to a back injury and unable to continue to remain on-air through the show's January 2012 finale.

"With the large number of casts, as it turned out, with an axe swinging over the show's head, there was no room for anything that would disrupt the forward motion," Strasser explained in an appearance on Soap Central Live. "So it turned out that although I was ready to wait until August to take my leave of absence, I was told July 1st would work because other key characters were being written off at that point, and that turned out to be the Todd as played by Trevor St. John and Kelly (Gina Tognoni), and a couple of other people."

When last seen on-screen, Dorian was headed to Washington, DC, to temporarily fill a Senate seat.

Earlier this month, Prospect Park confirmed that it had secured the money and contracts needed to finally resume production of All My Children and One Life to Live.

"OLTL LIVES AGAIN thanx to FANS & [Prospect Park' I'm IN & GRATEFUL," Strasser posted.

Though other performers have been signed to return to Llanview, only Strasser and Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan) have made public announcements. verDorn announced last week that he was "thrilled" to be headed back to Llanview.

Prospect Park has not yet announced a first airdate for One Life to Live.

To listen to Robin discussing her exit from One Life to Live, her memorable storylines, and her favorite behind-the-scenes stories, listen to her appearance on Soap Central Live.

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