Passions' DirecTV Cast Shaping Up

Posted Tuesday, July 17, 2007 5:51:51 PM
Updated Wednesday, August 08, 2007 1:40:01 AM
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Passions' DirecTV Cast Shaping Up

More than a dozen Passions stars have inked deals that will have them continue their roles on the soap when it moves to DirecTV. At least three stars, however, have announced that they will exit the show when it ends its run on NBC. And there is at least one star whose status was very much up in the air.

The who's in and who's out list continues to grow as Passions nears its end on broadcast television and prepares for the move to satellite. Now as Passions enters what will be its final full month on NBC, things are becoming a little more certain. But what would a soap opera be without at least a little drama?

NBC has confirmed that many of the show's principal stars have signed new contracts and will continue on when Passions moves to DirecTV. The contracts are all reportedly two-year deals. Those stars making the move include:

• Dylan Fergus (Noah Bennett) • Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald)
• Emily Harper (Fancy Crane)
• Lindsay Hartley (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald)
• Liza Huber (Gwen Hotchkiss)
• James Hyde (Sam Bennett)
• Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop)
• Ben Masters (Julian Crane)
• Juliet Mills (Tabitha Lenox)
• Heidi Mueller (Kay Bennett)
• Tracey Ross (Eve Russell)
• Eva Tamargo (Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald)
• Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Winthrop)
• McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan Crane)

Nicole Cox (Endora Lenox) and Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss) will also continue on with the show. Both actresses are on recurring status with Passions. Evans has been a perpetual recurring star, having been off-contract since she joined the show in 2001. [For more on Evans' re-signing with the show, please click here.]

There are several stars that have opted not to renew their contracts with Passions. As previously reported, Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald) decided to pursue other ventures when it became unclear whether or not Passions would survive its original cancellation announcement in January. James Stevenson (Jared Casey), who earlier this year became only the third Passions star to receive a Daytime Emmy nominations, has made the decision to leave the soap. Also out is Mark Cameron Wystrach (Fox Crane) and Silvana Arias (Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald).

While NBC initially reported that Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald) had agreed to continue on with Passions, there was some whispering that the actor might exit Passions anyway. Published reports hinted that Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group, offered Gering a job. Officially, a show spokesperson insisted that Gering will be a part of the Passions cast when the show begins on DirecTV in September -- and that is now truly official. The actor has inked a deal that will keep in him Harmony for some time to come.

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