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Behind-the-scenes at the Emmys:
A Year of Growth in its Final Year?
Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:38:59 PM
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Behind-the-scenes at the Emmys

Because so much happened behind the scenes of this year's Emmys, we've set up chatter items for each of the soaps. Click on a soap's name and you'll be taken to a page of Emmy gossip about that soap.

All My Children
As The World Turns
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
The Young and the Restless

Soap opera wide gossip.


For Port Charles, this year's Daytime Emmys were hardly a night to celebrate.

Kiko Ellsworth
Not only did the show not receive any acting nominations, but Port Charles was also shut out of the soap-related technical Emmys as well. The show did earn one nomination in the Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design. Of course, Port Charles revolutionized the opening credits of the soap industry last year when it began displaying the characters' names next to the photos of the stars who portray them in the opening credits. It was the belief of Port Charles executives that seeing the names would allow newer viewers to more easily identify with the show's characters.

Things went much better for Port Charles last year. In 2000, the show received an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series. Additionally, it had received nominations for Hairstyling and Costume Design. The win for Makeup is the show's only Emmy victory.


Behind the scenes, Port Charles' future was discussed quite often. Rumors have the show being canceled at the end of its next story arc.

At the conclusion of "Time In a Bottle," Opal Anchel (Arianna) will be let go from the show. The departure is storyline dictated.

Kelly Monaco and
Brian Presley
The name of next story arc was not revealed to the media. According to one of the show's stars, the name would be release during the next week. The next story arc will focus almost entirely on the show's teen scene, a move soaps traditionally turn to during the summer months when school is out. ABC is also going to heavily promote the story arc.

One set of rumors has Port Charles' head writers Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown moving to All My Children at the conclusion of the next three-month story arc. The pair joined Port Charles in August of last year, so presumably their contracts with the show could end at the one-year mark.

Rumors go on to say that Port Charles could very well be canceled in August. Some of the stars would be roped back into General Hospital, while the others would be let go. When Port Charles first went on the air, it was said that Lynn Herring (Lucy) had a clause in her contract that would allow her to go back to GH if Port Charles was yanked from the airs. Port Charles' ratings have been on a steady decline and the new storytelling format has done nothing to raise the numbers.


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