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A rivalry escalated after one young lady's scary fall down the stairs. A man refused to take the path of the least resistance to learn more about his father. The truth about a loved one's death drew closer to being revealed. And could a wedding finally happen? To find out more, read this week's Two Scoops.

After hearing the absolutely terrific news about The Young and the Restless' renewal through 2017, I have decided to be more upbeat this week about the happenings on our show. After all, this news has indicated a brighter future for Y&R and for soaps in general, and I couldn't be more pleased. I just hope this trend continues and we can look forward to seeing all of our favorite soaps for a very long time. As long as we have that, we will always have hope for better days for our beloved characters and the actors who portray them.

So, first, to point my mind in a more positive direction, I started to think about what current storyline most excites me right now. Which storyline do I think has the most potential, and which one am I most looking forward to watching as it progresses? Actually, that was a pretty easy question for me to answer. I believe that Jill's music box adventure could still prove to be fun, especially since Jess Walton always knows how to bring the humor.

Y&R fan Bonnie H. commented, "Jill should be moved up to the status of Katherine now that she is gone," and I totally agree. And with Tristan Rogers' return as Colin, I still think that this music box story could be amusing. Those two had some outstanding chemistry the last time around, so I am anticipating seeing how they work off each other this next time. I really hope the writers bring some lighter moments to this "adventure."

But since Tristan Rogers' first on-screen date won't be until February 5, does that mean that Jill will have to remain handcuffed to the bed until then? And who is the mysterious figure that instigated her abduction? Is that Colin, or will Colin be her rescuer? Why was Jill taken in the first place? What was the motive? This has truly intrigued me and has sparked my interest. There is so much potential here. The music box started a mystery that could continue to bring both the drama and the humor. I sincerely want to see where this goes.

Do you know that my mother had to remind me that Colin Atkinson is the father of Cane Ashby? It's been so long since we have seen Colin that I had actually forgotten that little tidbit. I wonder how Cane will react to Colin's return or if they will have much contact with each other at all. Since there really hasn't been too much going on with Cane and Lily lately, other than their new careers at the Athletic Club, this would be a great time to kick-start things with them again. Cane's relationship with Colin has always been somewhat strained, to say the least, especially after Colin's attempted kidnapping of the twins. Can this estranged father and son ever grow closer?

I have not forgotten that our last time to see Billy Miller and Michael Muhney will be on January 30, but that means that I can save my tears until then. I will remain positive this week because we still have them on our picture tubes. (Yes, I am aware that they are not really "tubes" anymore. Welcome to the world of flat-screen TVs!) However, I will still need to prepare myself and to get out the Kleenex for next week. Yet I also realize that remarkable acting will result from what's to come from these two brilliant actors. It is my intention to put the best positive spin on everything -- even having to say goodbye to Billy Miller.

But now, let's start with Adam and Chelsea, shall we? Adam had very serious intentions of putting distance between himself and his father, Chloe, Billy, and anything that was remotely connected to Delia by suggesting that he and Chelsea move to Paris. The one thing that he could not do, however, was to run away from his suspicions and from his own guilty mind. Chelsea wished to marry before they moved to Paris so that she wouldn't "lose the same dream twice in one lifetime," and Adam agreed. Yes, the small courthouse wedding did take place, but you know that the move to Paris will never happen. But that was probably one wedding that should never have happened either.

Adam's guilt did overwhelm him, though, and it showed in his nightmare of a toy puppy yapping and waking him to find pieces of black cloth laying all around the house. That was rather a spooky sight, even if you didn't know what those dark layers represented. And the yapping toy dog was rather frightening in itself. The pup could even move the cloth with his little leaps forward. Oh, wait, I get it...the toy dog symbolized Dash. Clever! Adam's mind was obviously getting the better of him, and I don't see how he thought he could ever escape what he suspected was the truth. Y&R fan Alice M. related:

    Writers need to make sense of what they write, fix it and move on keep the show moving!!!!! the accident with the child clearly show the accuser's car never going into the area where the child was hit, there was never any real damage shown to the accusers car! no blood! pick up a scarf that was dropped in the middle of the street when the little girl was running after the dog!? the car stopped to miss a dog who had run into the street from the woods where the dead girl was found.? never wrote in a medical exam to determine the cause of death?????? A good story would be that the little girl had a reaction from her illness when she was running and collapsed and died and the dog was running away for help when he almost got hit, that would be the only reason a dog would have run away from the girl after she caught up with him.? They need to put Avery on the case, have her solve the problem by proving there was no contact by the accuser! they have punished "Adam enough for his wrongdoing." fix it and move on! Give Victor some! We are sick of him being so evil for the sake of family! make it interesting. let him have some punishment for something sometime!

Sadly, Alice, unless "the truth" changes down the road, it appears that Adam will be the one to blame for Delia's hit-and-run accident. That would pave the way for Michael Muhney's exit on January 30, although I rather like your idea about the girl running and collapsing. And I definitely agree with you about Victor. I have never understood why Victor always has to win. It would be tons more interesting to have him lose once in a while. For instance, it's hard to watch a battle between Victor and Jack when you know that Jack will be the one to lose again. There should be some balance there. Y&R fan P.G. agreed:

    So glad to know Y & R's contract renewed until 2017. Yes, sometimes the story lines have been better at times than others, but so glad it is continuing! Been a fan for many years! I do wish sometimes the character of Jack would win over Victor!

Okay, when Chelsea exclaimed that Paris was "the most romantic city in the entire world," I had to reflect back on my own brief excursion there. My husband and I traveled to Paris, where driving was what I can only call a nightmare. If I hadn't needed to help my husband find where we were going, I would have covered my eyes the entire time. Luckily, we had a GPS in the car, or we would still be driving around, searching for the hotel, as my husband likes to say.

Traffic was bumper-to-bumper, and road construction hindered getting anywhere anytime soon. The traffic acted as a chicken on a June bug, and my husband was the June bug. He had no clue how to drive through it. Later, after we dropped off the rental car, which was a very nice automatic Mercedes Benz (a huge vehicle by Paris standards), we took a taxi back to our hotel, and as the taxi driver constantly pulled out in front of the other vehicles to get around, we crossed our fingers and prayed that no one would hit us. I really did cover my eyes then. But at least the cabbie knew what he was doing. Now, that is the way to drive in Paris!

Anyway, we first arrived in Paris on my birthday and our anniversary (that is another story in itself), and once we finally reached the hotel, we did not want to drive any further. We actually figured out how to take the Metro (I'm so proud), and after getting drenched by a sudden cloudburst at the Eiffel Tower, we returned to sit at a small bar with outside seating, just a short block from our hotel, where we had a few drinks and watched the traffic go by. We even started counting all of the cars with dents in them from previous accidents and fender benders. Now that was romantic. Our birthday/anniversary celebration even included an unexpected guest pigeon we named Pierre, of course. I miss Pierre.

So, Chelsea, forget the Eiffel Tower, and head for a small bar with outside seating if you really want the romance. I have to say it was fun watching the people go by. But somehow, I don't think a move to romantic Paris is something that she will even have to worry about. And that's because Billy was getting closer and closer to the truth, especially since he found calla lilies at the site of Delia's hit-and-run. Then after his talk with Kevin, Billy saw that Adam's very own license plate started with the number 6. Darn that Adam and his phraseology about balancing the karmic scales!

Billy reflected on all of the clues that pointed to Adam as Delia's killer and told Victoria that he had it figured out, when Chelsea arrived to say goodbye to Johnny. After Billy heard of Chelsea and Adam's move to Paris, he said, "You two think you can just walk away and leave everything behind, huh?" Boy, that sure sounded threatening. And next thing you know, "Billy Boy" and his gun are gone. In the meantime, Adam wrote out a note, "I love you. I always will. Adam." Gee, that almost sounds like a suicide note. Adam then answered the door to find Billy. I have a feeling this is not going to go well. (Do you think?!)

Billy has always wanted vengeance for what was done to his daughter, and he has no love for Adam anyway. Billy would feel no remorse for getting even with the hit-and-run driver that had taken his precious little girl from him. I don't see Billy being too merciful, and Adam's guilt will add to the anguish felt by both. I am looking forward to and, at the same time, dreading the scenes between these two gifted actors. I know that the acting will be spectacular and that they will both reach out to the hearts of the viewers. I will have to prepare myself for the tears that I know will flow.

Oh, my gosh...don't tell me that we may actually have a real, honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred, romantic wedding on Y&R?! Wouldn't it be grand to have a large, beautiful soap wedding with all of the frills again? Well, there's a good possibility that could happen, since My Fair Wedding star David Tutera was brought in as Neil and Leslie's wedding planner. Apparently, without even entering, Neil won the Bridal Expo Raffle, and the prize was a bridal consultation with Tutera. While Leslie had originally wanted just a small, fabulous, and intimate wedding, she sure changed her tune when she realized who would be assisting her. I can't say that I blame her.

This is just the type of story that Y&R and the Winters family need right now. Hope. That's what we all need, accompanied with some happiness and joy. Just please don't rush the wedding because the planning stages are part of the excitement (and terror) of preparing for a wedding. Well, as long as Leslie doesn't become a "bridezilla," that is. I am actually excited about his event. I truly hope it happens and that it's fun. And Leslie, I say choose the gold and magenta. Fuchsia is so passť. Yes, David is right. Magenta screams elegance.

But apparently, not everyone shared my excitement over this. From Y&R fan Cathy:

    I don't see Leslie and Neil getting married. Leslie wanted to postpone the wedding and now all of a sudden she changes her mind. That segment with David Tutera was totally useless. Glad to see Avery and Dylan connecting today. There was something about their love scene which wasn't quite right. It seemed rushed. Not magical.

I think that the wedding has strong possibilities and I will be also interested in seeing how the love can still flourish between Dylan and Avery with the drama that is headed their way. These are two good examples of drama in storylines that don't have to be engulfed in depression and sadness. We need this kind of storytelling for a change.

Then we have Sharon. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon...when will you ever learn? Sure, Sharon is more rational now, but she still doesn't seem to see all the harm that she has caused if she did indeed alter Summer's paternity test results. At least she looked as if she could finally see the love that Nick sincerely has for Summer as his daughter. But obviously not enough for Sharon to come clean to both Nick and Jack about what she believes to be true. And unfortunately, I think that what Sharon believes to be true is probably true. She probably really did change the test results in the lab. Y&R fan Cathy offered her views of various topics including Sharon:

    Happy New Year- I am still not impressed with the direction Y & R is taking. I am not a fan of Devon. I always thought that music was his passion and hate the fact that now he is buying the GCAC. There are just too many bars and clubs in that town. I do not like Tyler and Abby. I find the couple boring. It really does not interest me on his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend. I do predict that Kyle is going to be killed. I see no place for him at Y & R. As you know, anyone who messes with Victor will not come out as the winner. Kyle photographed the documents on Victor's desk and I am still waiting for that issue to explode. I think that Summer's hospital stay will be the precursor to the paternity issue. I firmly believe that Sharon did not switch the paternity results. Nick will forgive Sharon for Phyllis's accident since she saved Summer's life.

I actually would like to believe that you are right about Sharon, Cathy. For Jack's sake, I hope that Sharon's mind was in a fog due to her illness and that she only thinks she changed the results. I would love for it to be another delusion of hers so that Jack does not have to face more heartbreak. Because you know that is exactly what is headed his way. It was hard enough for him to hear Summer call Nick "Dad." Jack has already lost Phyllis and Delia. Can that guy never catch a break? And, of course, he always has Victor right beside him to rub salt in his wounds, as only Victor knows how.

Victor can be so cruel, not only to Jack but to Sharon. And Noah gave his granddad more ammunition by telling Victor that Sharon had been seeing Cassie as a symptom of her illness. You know that Victor will use that information -- and not in a good way. He'll utilize it as a weapon of torture against Sharon. Sometimes I wonder how Nikki can stay with such a beast. But Victor especially loves to torment Jack, and if Sharon really did change the results, Victor will never quit throwing Summer's paternity issue in Jack's face. Just as he tossed in that Summer's drug-related fall was all Jack's fault due to the "wonderful legacy" that Jack had given her. The guy's a gem.

But back to Sharon -- what a feeble reason to not tell Nick what she believed to be true. Because she needed to have 100% percent of Nick's attention during the conversation? Are you kidding me? Just another way for Sharon to avoid the truth and for the writers to postpone the big reveal. I am glad that Summer is okay though. Plus, even though Summer had taken three pills, she had not overdosed. Apparently, the pills contained a stimulant that increased her heart rate and sent it racing. She was a very lucky girl that those pills did not kill her. The lesson for the week: never take any unknown pills for any reason. Good old common sense should tell you that.

Summer will have to be very careful in the future. I noticed that her peanut allergy was mentioned several times this past week, which was a reminder that she has had health problems in the past. Of course, that was also to point out the closeness between Nick and his "Super girl," which, unfortunately, Jack witnessed for himself. You really have to feel for Jack. I loved the flashback to Jack's rules for Summer upon learning the news that he was her father: #1. She didn't have to call him "Dad" and #2. To take her time. Jack has been very patient in a very difficult situation.

Later, still at the hospital, Victor gloated over the complaint that he had filed with the labor relations board against the fashion division of Jabot Cosmetics for improper working conditions and for distribution of illegal drugs. However, Kyle learned from Stitch that Summer had taken an illegal drug, VivaSurge, that was not FDA approved and that was produced by the subsidiary of Victor's own company. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe the fault was with Victor, not Jack, after all?

And it seemed that Jack might finally have some weapons of his own against Victor after Kyle and Hilary learned that VivaSurge was indeed sold online through Victor's subsidiary, Bonaventure. The very same subsidiary that Jack, Kyle, and Hilary had already targeted to investigate. Wow, what a coincidence. Even armed with this kind of information, does Jack stand a chance to finally best Victor? Somehow I doubt it. Alas, he never does.

Oh, by the way, I have not heard anything about Kyle possibly being "killed" or being recast either. I honestly have no idea what's in store for him. But think...if Kyle were to be killed off, that would be the loss of yet another Abbott youth. At the rate they die off, all remaining young Abbotts should be shaking in their boots, knowing that they may be the next to go. Abby is half Abbott. She should be worried. Maybe her Newman side will keep her safe for a while though. But since I am thinking positively, the worst thing that should happen to Kyle would be to send him out of town -- again. He should be familiar enough with that disappearing act by now.

So, after Noah learned about Summer and the drugs, he ran straight to Courtney and accused her of supplying them to Summer. I actually believed Courtney when she said that she was not using. I think there is more to this story than what meets the eye, and it all has to do with Alex. She probably did betray Noah and Summer but not in the way Noah thought.

Hilary was a busy girl as she must have dashed to the Athletic Club straight from Jack's, just in time to give the Delia Project planning committee the theme for Nikki's event, "Once Upon a Winter's Evening." Anything to put a feather in Hilary's cap and to score more points with Devon, I'm sure. Lily sure never intendd to forgive her though. I see conflict between brother and sister in the near future. Shoot, you don't need a crystal ball to see that!

Tyler and Abby are still precious together, and they are actually growing on me a bit. Maybe because trouble is on the way, most likely by the name of Mariah. Y&R fan Gretta offered her view:

    I enjoyed the new abby until recently. Why does she "laugh" or "giggle" so much after everytime she says something? It's annoying. I actually now turn the volume down when she talks because her giggle after every line is so fake and annoying. Please stop trying so hard. Bring the old abby back!

Hey, Abby's young. Girls giggle. It's what they do, especially young girls in love. It's so exciting to fall head over heels in love, and girls do silly things when they are in love. Besides, "the old Abby" is still gainfully employed over at General Hospital, as GH Two Scooper Tamilu reminded us in her January 13 column, so I don't think Emme Rylan will be returning anytime soon. I think it will be interesting to see how this Abby reacts to Mariah...or should I say the lady with the tattoo on her arm.

Tyler had some unique decorating choices for their new potential pad: home theater system, stretch leather sofa, candle-covered dining table, and a custom-made bed. All of the comforts of home! But after Tyler left, Abby was trapped in the apartment with no phone or key, thanks to tattooed-arm lady. Don't doors normally lock from the outside. It would be pretty unusual to be locked in a room from the inside, I would think. But I will go along with this for the storyline's sake.

But hey...maybe Abby's not such a dumb blonde after all. Once Tyler finally rescued her, Abby remarked that it was weird that the door had locked from the outside. There's hope for her yet! Abby also suspected that Mariah was behind all of the weird things that had recently happened to them, including the Los Angeles hotel break-in, their loss of the perfect house, and her lock-in. Abby then broke it off with Tyler, but somehow I doubt if that's the end of their story together. Or there would no longer be a reason for Mariah to be a threat.

Who would have thought that Fen would be acting in a more mature manner than either of his parents? Lauren pleaded with Paul to treat Fen as a hero and to aid in Fen's release, and Michael talked to Leslie, attempting to get information on the person who had turned state's evidence against Womack to make a deal with Womack for Fen's safety. But Fen claimed that he just wanted to serve out his sentence for Carmine's murder and then to get on with his life. Now that's facing the music and acting like an adult, Fen. At least he was trying to take responsibility for what he believed he had done. If only Lauren and Michael would follow suit.

Well, now we know that Womack is connected to some crime family in the east and that Carmine was also involved. Ahh...the unexpected mob twist. No matter, Fen just wanted to take a deal with D.A. Christine in order to be safe, which went totally against his father's advice. Fen knew that his days would be numbered if he remained in prison.

As Dylan tried to follow the path he had started on, or on the path he was meant to walk (whichever you prefer), Avery and Dylan found themselves in Indiana (which was certainly off the beaten path from Wisconsin), searching for clues about John Darwin, whom they suspected was Ian Ward. So I have to ask: "Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?" This is actually a quote from Garth Nix in Sabriel. But in Dylan's case, the quote is very appropriate. It almost sounds like Dylan believed he had chosen to take this journey, but Darwin's assistant, Clarence, and the entire concept of the organization, The Path, seemed to differ.

"There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk." -- Guy Gavriel Kay, Tiguana. This supports John Darwin's view also. Oh wait...I found a quote from Jim Rohn that backs Dylan's view, "The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. Proceed, and light will dawn, and shine with increasing clearness on your path." Wow, perfect. A treasure of path quotes can be Googled online. Since he is "into" the path analysis, these quotes could prove to be very useful to John Darwin. (Or should I say Ian Ward?)

Clarence saw through Dylan and Avery's ruse of pretending to be a struggling married couple attempting to find their path back to each other, so Dylan finally admitted that he wanted answers from his father, Ian Ward. Clarence denied to Dylan that Darwin was Ward but later called Ian about Dylan. Where will this path take Dylan? Clarence implied that Dylan was perhaps searching for the wrong thing and suggested that Dylan read Darwin's book, The Path, with an open heart for guidance. But somehow, I think that Dylan is going to need more than that. I just hope that he isn't being led down the garden path. Okay, okay...I am done with the path references now.

It seemed that Clarence could Google for himself because he found a rather interesting picture of Dylan with Nikki online, and he related this to Ian. Wow, could Ian really recognize Nikki after so many years, way back from when she was a teenager? And just how close is Clarence to Ian if he can even recognize Nikki from a current picture? But I don't think that Ian ever knew about her pregnancy. Wouldn't that make Nikki just one of many girls who had once been with the commune leader? I just find it strange that Ian and Clarence would both remember Nikki after all of these years, enough to even instantly recognize her in a photo. (But then again, Nikki is unforgettable!)

But the timing was good for Ian to hunt down Nikki, since Avery was able to convince her "strong, brave man" to return home. After some hot, passionate love-making, for their first time in years, from what I gathered. Although Dylan was not ready to accept Nikki as his mother, he did feel that she was a woman to respect. Small steps, my friend. Dylan also realized that while Ian was the reason Dylan existed, that did not make him a father. Maybe Dylan was ready to give up his hunt for answers, but I fear that he has started something that he won't be able to stop. I predict that Ian Ward will be in Dylan and Nikki's future...very soon!

And sure enough, Ian surprised Nikki...inside her house? Ian claimed that he'd told the guards that he was an old friend. And they took his word for it? Victor and Nikki had better be shopping around for a new security system. According to Ian, their time in the commune had been a beautiful experience, which Nikki viewed in "a lens of shame." But Nikki perceived Ian as a lecher who used "the ruse of spiritual enlightenment to prey on others." Well said, Nikki. Well, all right, maybe the "lecher" part was mine. Ian made it perfectly clear that he intended on sticking around to meet his son, so Nikki warned Dylan that his father was in town. I am willing to bet that Dylan will regret ever starting his search for answers.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

That Victor is a funny guy. At the hospital, when Sharon told Nick that she was leaving, Victor observed, "I'm sure he'll manage to struggle along without you." Why, dear Vic could almost do stand-up!

The delicacy choices at the hospital cafeteria: a cup of coffee and mystery meat burger. Sounds yummy!

Tuesday's episode contained quite a few rules. Not only did we have Jack's rules in the flashback, but Michael had a couple of rules for Fen as well. #1. To not undermine Michael's defense of Fen, and #2. Don't give up. Two seemed the magic number. Two for Tuesday. It was only fitting.

Womack's line upon Fen's return to prison was very appropriate for "Little Mouse," "Look what the cat dragged in." Good one, Wo!

I love the new exterior shots of the residences. And the snow looks so cold! I had always tried to picture the outsides of the houses and the yards in my mind. Now I no longer have to.

Billy walked off the elevator with his hand in a splint. Poor baby! Billy explained the injury of the two smaller fingers on his right hand by saying he had "fought the door, the door won." Hey, those could be the words to a song. And maybe Avery could sing it -- off-key.

Chelsea and I were both pretty amazed when Anita revealed, at the wedding, that she had always felt that Dylan was all wrong for Chelsea and that Adam was right for her daughter. Money can sure clarify a lot of things in Anita's mind.

When Adam saw Anita smothering Chelsea at the wedding, he said to Chelsea, "Paris is looking better and better and better, isn't it?" I am going to miss Adam's humor.

Chelsea insisted, "Nothing will ever separate our little family again," after she and Adam were married. Don't jinx it, Chelsea! You know that once someone says something like that on a soap, it's "Splitsville" from there.

After Dylan wondered why he had waited so long to reunite with Avery, he asked, "Why didn't you tell me I was stupid?" Avery threw in some humor of her own and joked, "I did. I tried many times in many ways, but no matter how I phrased it, you just weren't bright enough to understand." That was cute!

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