A week of three Y&R goodbyes

Posted Saturday, February 02, 2002 8:36:32 PM
A week of three Y&R goodbyes

It could be a daytime first for The Young and the Restless -- but it's not the kind of record that a lot of fans will be looking forward to. This week, Y&R will lose three of its top stars.

The on again off again departure of Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) finally takes hold this week as the actor says farewell to Genoa City on February 14th. Long-time Soap Central visitors will recall our chronicle of the actor's planned departure since early 2000.
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Ashley Bashioum (Mackenzie Browning) opted not to renew her contract with Y&R and will instead focus on primetime projects and a career in medicine. Though Bashioum will exit, Mackenzie will remain in town. A soap newcomer has been cast to replace Bashioum. Bashioum makes her final appearance on February 15th.
  THE FULL STORY: Read detailed information about Bashioum's exit and the new Mac.

After being bumped to recurring status by her own request, Alexis Thorpe (Rianna Miner) has decided to leave Y&R to devote her time to other projects. Miner was apparently forced to pass on outside projects because her Y&R work schedule did not permit her to take time off to work on those outside gigs. Thorpe makes her exit on February 14th.
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