Muhney reportedly near the end of his run as Adam

Posted Monday, March 01, 2010 1:55:26 PM
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Report: Muhney out as Y&R's Adam

Though his on-screen persona is pretty much universally despised, Michael Muhney has earned rave reviews for his performance as The Young and the Restless' Adam Wilson. Now, however, rumors are questioning whether or not the actor will remain a fixture in Genoa City.

Questions are swirling regarding Michael Muhney's (Adam Wilson) future with The Young and the Restless. According to at least one published report, the actor could very well exit the show in the upcoming weeks.

"I'm not sure what the responses will be to what happens next, but it's been a fun ride," Muhney tells Soap Central. "I'll always be fond of having the opportunity to shake things up in Genoa City. Personally, it can be quite difficult at times playing the antagonist and pariah on this show. I knew I was up for some beatings, both on- and off-screen. A special thanks to those who never made it personal."

Adding to the uncertainty were recent posts Muhney made on his Twitter page about auditions for the primetime pilot season.

"Met for the lead in a pilot for ABC today, and my old pals who 'tested' me for the lead of Scrubs wanna see me for the lead in a sitcom tomorrow," Muhney tweeted.

Among the series Muhney has auditioned for is a remake of the 1970s cop series, Hawaii Five-0, though the actor says he did not get the part.

TVGuide Canada, meanwhile, reports that Muhney only inked a one-year contract when he took over the role of Adam last summer. The former Veronica Mars star assumed the role of Adam when Chris Engen abruptly exited the show due to personal and creative differences.

For his part, Muhney tells Soaps In Depth that he always keeps an ear to the ground -- just in case.

"Let's just say that every day that I work here, I treat it as if it were my last," Muhney states. "I love this job, but let's just say I'm an equal-opportunity job-seeker."

While his alter ego is one of the show's most hated characters, Muhney has repeatedly earned praise for his acting talents. The actor earned an Outstanding Newcomer nomination in the 2010 Dankies, the Soap Central awards.

"I really wanted to thank most of you for your kind treatment and support of my portrayal as Adam Newman. It is comforting knowing most of you realize there's a real person, just like you, behind my name," Muhney said in a statement exclusively to Soap Central. "Your critiques have been appreciated and your compliments uplifting. And I really respect the folks who, while not appreciating Adam or Shadam, they voiced their opposing opinions in dignified ways. There are a lot of class acts on this site, and I really am humbled by your level of devotion to Y&R."

Muhney made his first appearance on The Young and the Restless in June 2009. A CBS spokesperson declined to comment on Muhney's rumored exit.

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