Bushman whacked, Y&R to recast Summer

Posted Wednesday, September 19, 2012 11:01:15 AM
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Bushman whacked, Y&R to recast Summer

Another Y&R newcomer has been let go. Lindsay Bushman is out as Summer. The young actress joined the show in June 2012.

Lindsay Bushman (Summer Newman) barely made it through the summer in Genoa City. The actress, who made her first appearance on June 8, is out.

"Ahhh! [Y&R] is being invaded by #HollywoodHeights and has replaced yet another actress on YR. Guess who?! Me. Haha," Bushman wrote on Twitter. "Well, onward and upward."

News of Bushman's ouster was first reported in Soap Opera Uncensored, indicating that "[t]he role of Nick and Phyllis' daughter will be recast immediately."

The show has not officially named of the Hollywood Heights actress hired for the role, but a co-star's Twitter post has let the proverbially cat out of the bag. As deduced by fans who checked out the Nickelodeon series' roster, Hunter Haley King has been tapped to take over from Bushman.

"Hey @HunterHaleyKing," Max Ehrich (Fen Baldwin) wrote. "Great working with you yesterday. Looking forward to a long journey!"

In casting Bushman, The Young and the Restless also "aged" the role of Summer. The character was born in December 2006, meaning Summer should be just six years old. The character was aged a first time in 2009, when actress Samantha Bailey played the part.

In addition to her short stint on Y&R, Bushman also appeared briefly on General Hospital as a young Kate Howard.

Landon is the sixth actress to be let go from The Young and the Restless in the past week. To read about Y&R's other firings, click a link: Genie Francis (Genevieve), Jennifer Landon (Heather), Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia), Debbi Morgan (Harmony), Marcy Rylan (Abby).

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