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Constanza "Connie" Louise Falconeri
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Actor History
Kelly Sullivan

Born June 3, 1972, according to her U.S. Passport [May 4, 2012]

Mortally wounded by a gunshot on August 26, 2013 [Ava Jerome revealed to be the shooter on Feb 25, 2014]

Other Names

Born Constanza (Connie) Louise Falconeri; her alter Kate legally changed her name to Katherine Hardwicke Howard in 1990 at age 18

Prior to integration, she also had an alter named Connie


Part owner of the Metro Court hotel

Editor of Crimson magazine

Former fashion editor for Couture magazine


Johnny Zacchara's penthouse in Port Charles

Formerly next door to Greystone Manor

Marital Status

Single/Annulled marriage to Johnny Zacchara (as her alter, Connie; Married: Sep 28, 2012; annulled: Apr 29, 2013)

Past Marriages



Talia Falconeri (aunt)

Theresa Falconeri (aunt)

Vito Falconeri (cousin)

Violetta Falconeri (cousin)

Olivia Falconeri (cousin)

Dante Falconeri (first cousin, once removed)


Trey Mitchell (son; with Joe Scully, Jr.)

Flings & Affairs

Trevor Lansing (as alter, Kate Howard)

Sonny Corinthos (engaged: Jun 23, 2008; as alter, Kate Howard)

Jasper "Jax" Jacks (one-night stand; as alter, Kate Howard)

Mitchell Coleman (lovers; as alter, Kate Howard)

Johnny Zacchara (one-night stand; as alter, Connie)

Sonny Corinthos (engaged: Aug 13, 2012; as alter, Kate Howard)

A.J. Quartermaine (kissed; as alter, Connie)

Sonny Corinthos (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Hit and run; hit a parked car in The Hamptons [pre-2007]

Hit and run; hit a police cruiser [Aug 2007]

DUI; was drugged and had a single car accident [Sep 2007]

Clobbered Dr. Ewen Keenen on the head with a paperweight [Apr 26, 2012; as alter, Connie]

Stole Molly Lansing's manuscript [Dec 5, 2012; as alter, Connie]

Clobbered Johnny Zacchara over the head with a wine bottle and rendered him unconscious [Dec 20, 2012; as alter, Connie]

Tied Johnny Zacchara up and locked him in the office of the "Haunted Star" nightclub and then placed him in the trunk of her car (as Connie) [Dec 28, 2012; as alter, Connie]

Pushed Starr Manning into a desk and rendered her unconscious [Dec 28, 2012; as alter, Connie]

Hit Ellie Trout with her car; caused the car behind her to swerve off the road [Jan 2, 2013 (Dec 31, 2012 on the show); as alter, Connie]

Taken into police custody for assaulting Starr Manning, kidnapping Johnny Zacchara, and running down a pedestrian [Jan 8, 2013; as alter, Connie]

Held a thug captive under the orders of Sonny Corinthos [May 15, 2013]

Health and Vitals

Raped by Joe Scully, Jr. at the age of 17

Drugged by Trevor Lansing

Minor injuries from car accident following the drugging

Bitten by a poisonous snake while saving Morgan Corinthos from drowning

Shot by a stray bullet when Michael Corinthos dropped a gun in a dumpster [Feb 2008]

Shot in the spine while standing at the altar while about to marry Sonny Corinthos [Sep 2008]

Infected with a bio-toxin [Jan 2009]

Diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder [Apr 2012]

Experienced a fever after being exposed to the toxin placed in the town's water supply by Jerry Jacks [Sep 2012]

Kidnapped and tied up in a warehouse by Shawn Butler under the orders of Sonny Corinthos [Nov 20, 2012]

Threatened and choked by A.J. Quartermaine [Aug 8, 2013]

Shot in the stomach by Ava Jerome and mortally wounded [Shot Aug 23, 2013; Died: Aug 26, 2013]

Brief Character History

Kate Howard first arrived in Port Charles during a storm. Her car broke down and she needed to call for help. She barged into Sonny Corinthos' coffee house and demanded to use his phone and office until help could arrive.

Sonny thought there was something familiar about her but Kate brushed it off. She insisted that she was a powerhouse in the fashion world and never crossed paths with the likes of a man like Sonny Corinthos. Sonny couldn't let it go. Kate seemed to be everywhere suddenly and each time that familiar feeling grew. Finally he figured it out. She was his first love, Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst, New York -- the one that got away.

At first Kate tried to deny it but she quickly realized that Sonny wasn't buying it. She finally admitted that she was indeed Connie Falconeri. She explained that she had every intention of meeting Sonny one fateful night when they planned to run away together and get married but at the last minute she realized that as much as she loved Sonny she wanted more out of her life. She didn't want to be married with a passel of kids and living in Bensonhurst for the rest of her life.

She decided to go away to college instead. She also decided to change her name to Kate Howard when she turned 18. She wanted to be in the fashion industry and didn't feel that people would take her seriously as Connie Falconeri from the block. They would take socialite Kate Howard seriously though. After legally changing her name, she created a persona and took the fashion world by storm.

We would later find out that during this time, she met and had a long affair with Trevor Lansing. He was a high powered attorney and married. Kate admits that Trevor opened doors for her but she was the one who put in the hours and sweat that it took to build the reputation that she had for being a cutting-edge fashionista. Eventually that association would turn on her.

As Kate and Sonny grew closer, after several bumps along the way, Trevor came to town and immediately tried to pick up with his ex-lover. Kate refused to be anything more than friends. Furious that Kate was choosing Sonny over him, Trevor set out to destroy Kate's career. He set her up for a DUI which led to her boss firing her as Editor and Chief of the prestigious fashion magazine, Couture. Kate was crushed but determined to prevail. She decided to create a new magazine and pitched the idea to Jax. He agreed to provide the financial backing.

The relationship between Sonny and Kate went public when Kate asked Sonny to escort her to the Black and White ball held at Wyndemere and Sonny agreed. Chaos ensued at the ball when Anthony Zacchara and the text message killer were on the premises. Kate received a close-up look into parts of Sonny's life she preferred not to be a part of when she found Sonny holding a gun on Anthony's son Johnny. However Kate continued to believe there was more to Sonny when his half-brother Ric, Trevor's son, was stabbed and in need of a blood transfusion. Sonny and Ric had been at odds for years yet Kate convinced Sonny to donate his blood to save his brother.

After the ball at Wyndemere, Sonny assigned guards to Kate and she reevaluated her choice to be with Sonny and ended their relationship. Sonny tried again to woo Kate and proposed to her but she turned him down. She later reconsidered and accepted the proposal. Shortly after, Kate was accidentally shot near her heart by Sonny's son Michael when he threw a gun in a dumpster and it discharged.

Claudia Zacchara visited Kate in the hospital and bragged about her one-night stand with Sonny. When Kate confronted Sonny, he admitted he had picked up a stranger in a bar after Kate rejected his proposal. Sonny assured Kate he had only been Claudia one time and Kate reconciled with Sonny.

The plans for Kate's new magazine were moving along and she hired Maxie Jones as her personal assistant. Carly was still bothered by Jax's friendship with Kate so Carly arranged for her cousin Lulu Spencer to be hired at Crimson. Initially Kate was not pleased Lulu had been forced upon her, but Kate took it in stride and decided Lulu and Maxie would each work harder if they were in direct competition.

Kate's relationship with Sonny continued to move forward and Kate forgave Michael for accidentally shooting her and she agreed not to press charges. She remained concerned that Michael had an interest in guns and had one in his possession, which resulted in her shooting. Kate decided it would be good for Michael to see the legitimate side of Sonny's business. She arranged for Michael to visit Sonny at his coffee warehouse. Kate brought Michael to the warehouse agreed to stay with Sonny while he showed Michael around. While they were at the warehouse, a bullet was fired. Sonny saw something in the rafters and pushed Kate out of the way. The bullet ricocheted and struck Michael in the head. He was in a permanent coma.

Although Carly blamed Kate for taking Michael to the warehouse, Kate remained by Sonny's side. Kate received an unexpected visit from Ian Devlin. He told Kate he had meant to kill Sonny, but instead had placed the bullet in Michael accidently. Ian wanted to leave Port Charles and he wanted to exit using Kate's money. He told Kate he would confess to Sonny and either Sonny would kill him or he would kill Sonny. Either way, unless Kate paid him, more violence would occur. Kate gave in and financed Ian's disappearance from Port Charles but he contacted Kate for more money shortly after he left. Maxie and Spinelli discovered the connection between Kate and Ian and shared the information with Jason. When Sonny learned Kate had made a deal with Ian, he pushed her away. Kate believed their relationship was over and attended a business event with Jax where they shared a kiss.

Much to Kate's surprise, Sonny turned his organized crime business over to Jason and decided to focus on his legitimate coffee importing business. Kate was pleased and took Sonny's actions as a sign they truly could have a life together. When Sonny proposed, she accepted.

Pictures that showed Kate and Jax in a compromising position the night they attended the business event became public and enraged Carly. She was determined to bring down Kate by destroying Crimson. Carly knew Sonny had slept with Claudia and she tried to arrange for Claudia to purchase Crimson. Jax stood up for Kate, which further angered Carly. He told Carly if she interfered in Crimson business or tried to sabotage Kate one more time, their relationship was over. Kate set Carly up so neither she nor Jax would have to deal with Carly any longer. Kate made it appear as though Carly had not delivered an important business message to Jax. Initially Jax was furious with Carly, but his fury turned toward Kate when he realized she played as dirty as Carly. Jax put Kate on notice that any further attempts on her part to disrupt his relationship with Carly would result in the end of both his personal and professional relationships with her.

Kate focused on planning her wedding to Sonny as a Russian mobster named Andrei Karpov began conducting business in Port Charles. Kate was concerned Sonny was being lured back into the mob when he began meeting with Karpov but Sonny explained his meetings with the Russian. Kate worried bad luck was headed their way when Sonny pricked his finger and got blood on the dress Kate planned to wear for the wedding reception. Kate worried it was a sign of bad luck regarding their wedding. Sonny calmed Kate's worries about the wedding and Karpov by taking her to his private island to distract her.

An associate of Kate's learned Sonny and Carly had slept together the day they had moved Michael to a permanent care facility. Kate told Sonny they were over, but she decided to forgive Sonny and proceed with the wedding plans. Sonny arranged for Kate's cousin Olivia Falconeri to be part of the wedding and booked Olivia a room at Carly's hotel. Carly was intrigued by Kate's cousin and questioned Olivia about Kate. Olivia was unaware Kate had kept her true identity as Connie Falconeri a secret so she openly told Carly about how she and her cousin Connie had been extremely close growing up together in Bensonhurst. Kate was horrified that Olivia had confided parts of Kate's past with Carly.

Sonny's plan to surprise Kate with Olivia's presence hit the mark as a surprise. The reunion between Olivia and Kate was wrought with tension. Olivia accused Kate of being embarrassed by her family and where she came from. Their arguments continued even on the day of the wedding. The guests were seated and as they waited for the ceremony to begin, a verbal altercation between Olivia and Kate regarding a family necklace was overheard by the guests.

Kate made her way to the altar and as the ceremony was about to begin Kate was shot in the lower spine. She was taken into surgery and Patrick Drake was able to remove the bullet and prevent Kate from spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Patrick checked on her as she awoke from surgery and overheard Kate talking in her sleep about Sonny needing to know that Olivia had his child. Patrick wrestled with what to do with the information he overheard. He decided not to do anything.

While Kate recovered in the hospital, Sonny made plans to punish Kate's shooter despite her protests against more violence. Sonny believed Karpov was behind the shooting and told Jason he wanted his business back so he would have the power necessary to retaliate. Jason refused to hand over the power to Sonny while his judgment was clouded with revenge. Sonny turned to the Zacchara organization instead for power, even though it meant he had to marry Claudia Zacchara. Claudia showed up in Kate's hospital room to brag about her impending nuptials to Sonny. Kate dismissed Claudia's claims, but she listened to Jax when he told her Sonny had been accused of Karpov's murder but was cleared when his alibi emerged. Carly claimed Sonny was not able to shoot Karpov because he had been in bed with her.

As Kate ended her relationship with Sonny she was tempted to tell him he was the father of Olivia's son Dante. Olivia begged Kate to keep the secret she had protected for over twenty years and Kate reluctantly agreed. Sonny went through with securing a place at the head of the Zacchara family by marrying Claudia and Jax served Carly with divorce papers. Kate and Jax turned to one another and had a one night stand.

Kate enjoyed telling Sonny she had slept with Jax, The verbal sparring between Kate and Sonny continued even though he was married. Kate saw Claudia snooping around Sonny's house and observed her viewing a suspicious DVD. Claudia was very defensive and secretive about what she was viewing. Kate looked around Sonny's house and found a DVD similar to the one Claudia had. Kate viewed the DVD. It was a confession that Claudia, Jerry Jacks, and Ian Devlin had conspired to shoot Sonny on the night Michael was shot.

Kate planned to present Sonny with the evidence that his new wife was behind Michael's shooting but she was rendered unconscious after a bio-toxin that had been released in the hospital entered her lungs. After Kate recovered, she ran into Claudia and confronted her with the truth. Claudia endeared herself to Sonny and the hospital was rocked by an explosion. The DVD was destroyed. Kate was left without proof of Claudia's treachery. She decided Sonny would get what he deserved after he told Kate he intended to remain married to Claudia.

Kate focused on her work and decided to use Maxie's wedding to Spinelli as a feature for Crimson. In the end, Maxie and Spinelli did not marry, but they celebrated their non-wedding with a celebration at the local bar Jake's. Kate attended the party and became intoxicated. Kate flirted with Coleman, the owner of Jake's, and began an affair with him. Their affair remained casual since Kate was often out of town on Crimson business.

Eventually Kate's relationship with Coleman ran its course and Kate ended their time together. Around that same time, Olivia asked Kate to reach out to Sonny when he spiraled out of control after his wife Brenda Barrett left him and he was accused of causing Jax's plane to crash. Kate was hesitant to help Sonny but her cousin convinced her that she was the only person that could get through to Sonny.

Kate supported Sonny while he dealt with the hospitalization of two of his children and he made it clear that he was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her once again. Kate agreed that feelings remained between the two of them but cautioned Sonny that she wanted to move forward slowly so they could reconnect as friends first. Kate surprised Sonny and took him on a Thanksgiving trip to the place where he had grown up so he could deal with his past before planning any sort of future with her.

Sonny and Kate became lovers again although Kate remained conflicted in her ability to deal with Sonny's life as a mobster. She was shaken up each time a threat of violence occurred and second guessed her decision to be with him. Sonny managed to repeatedly convince her that they should be together. Kate revealed to Sonny that she was seeing a therapist after he followed her to Chicago although she had claimed she was headed to Palm Beach. While Kate was in Chicago with Sonny, she was confused when a man she did not recognize left her a voicemail.

After the trip to Chicago, Kate had one secret left to tell Sonny. She had seen Jax and he had sold her his shares of the Metro Court. Sonny was hurt by the betrayal and Kate reacted oddly to their argument. After Sonny left, she spent time cradling the blood-stained wedding dress she had worn when she planned to marry Sonny.

Sonny forgave Kate for her interaction with Jax and she proceeded to stake her claim at the Metro Court. Her first task as a part-owner was to assist Carly in setting up a benefit Sonny planned in honor of his son Dante. Carly and Kate bickered over the details but managed to pull together a fundraiser for the hospital. Kate attended as Sonny's date but the night took an unexpected turn when Sonny was shot in the parking garage. Sonny took off in search of revenge and Kate ended up on the pier wearing her blood-stained wedding gown.

Dr. Ewen Keenen, a psychiatrist at the hospital, found Kate and she admitted she did not know how she ended up at the pier. She also told Ewen that she had experienced several bouts of time she could not account for. Ewen gave Kate his card and recommended that she be in touch with him. Instead, Kate donned in a provocative outfit and paid a visit to Johnny Zacchara few days later. She spoke with her Bensonhurst accent and asked Johnny to call her Connie.

Kate/Connie proposed that she and Johnny sleep together and get caught in the act by Sonny. She explained that the betrayal would be enough to permanently end the relationship between Sonny and Kate. Johnny questioned why she was with Sonny if she wanted to cause him pain. She responded that she wanted to save the both, Kate and Connie, from taking another bullet for Sonny. Kate/Connie promised to be in touch while Johnny considered the offer.

As Kate continued to struggle with the bouts of lost time and bags of clothes she did not recall purchasing, Ewen stopped by to check on her. Kate talked about her past life as Connie and her decision to become Kate Howard. Ewen suggested she might have dissociative identity disorder and that the persona of Kate may have developed after Kate experienced some sort of trauma. Their conversation was interrupted but Kate remained concerned after a gun was found in her office and she worried the gun might belong to her.

As Kate tried to recall the blocks of time she could not account for, Johnny paid Kate a visit but asked to speak with Connie. He was able to coerce Connie to come out and the two starting to get physical on Kate's desk and Connie invited Sonny to stop by. Suddenly, Kate returned and pushed Johnny away.

Kate managed to regain control over Connie but she continued to emerge more often. Connie had a negative encounter with Jason and he sensed something was off but she managed to explain herself to Sonny. Kate continued her sessions with Ewen and he suggested that she check herself into a psychiatric care facility before Connie went too far. Kate initially refused due to the possible implications a stay at Shadybrook could have on her career. Ewen persuaded her to change her mind and she agreed that she would check herself in after she told Sonny about her dissociative identity disorder. Kate started the conversation with Sonny but Connie stepped in and changed the subject.

Sonny's trial began and Kate testified in court about the gun that was found in her office. Connie was kept under wraps during the trial but she emerged for an extended time after Sonny was acquitted. Connie put together a birthday party for Sonny at the Metro Court but she disappeared from the party and went to Johnny's penthouse. She told him that it was time for them to enact their plan for Sonny but Johnny refused. While Connie tried to convince Johnny to get into bed with her, Sonny called and she called out Johnny's name as if he were hurting her. Connie told Johnny that Sonny was on his way over and he could either find them in bed together or when Sonny arrived she would claim that Johnny attacked her. Either way, Sonny would be furious with Johnny.

Johnny decided to sleep with Connie and Sonny walked in. He assumed that Johnny had taken advantage of her until she explained that she wanted to be with him and that they had been sleeping together for a few months. Carly also stopped by and Connie taunted her about being with Johnny. When Sonny and Carly were gone, Kate emerged and was mortified to learn that she had slept with Johnny and that Sonny had seen them together. She accused Johnny of taking advantage of her medical condition and she left with Ewen when he arrived at the penthouse.

Ewen convinced Kate that she needed to seek immediate treatment at Shadybrook and she agreed. When they arrived, Connie took over and hit Ewen over the head. She took her patient file and escaped. Connie made plans to leave town but Jason found her at the airport and Kate regained control. She was admitted to the hospital for psychiatric care. While Kate was at the hospital, she saw Sonny and begged him to forgive her for sleeping with Sonny and she tried to explain her illness. He refused to forget her betrayal and Kate believed that she had lost Sonny forever.

Kate spent some time in the hospital until she was taken into police custody for her assault on Ewen. While she was there, she was surprised to learn that Sonny had arranged for Alexis to be her legal counsel. Kate shared the information about her illness and her knowledge of Connie's activities with Alexis. She also revealed that she feared Connie had shot out the tires of Anthony Zacchara's vehicle which caused an accident that killed a young man and his daughter. Alexis advised Kate to keep her suspicions about Connie's activities quiet but Kat struggled with guilt when Starr Manning, the mother and girlfriend of the victims of the accident, was placed in a cell across from Kate.

The suspicions Kate had about the accident were confirmed when Connie took over and met with Sonny. She bragged to him about planting the gun to frame him in order to keep Sonny and Kate apart permanently. Eventually Sonny coaxed Kate back and he protected Kate from the potential fallout of Connie's actions. Kate was transferred to Shadybrook and while she was there she received an unexpected visit from Starr and received her forgiveness for her role in the accident.

Things continued to improve for Kate when she received word that Ewen had recovered from his injury and Sonny continued to stand by her. Kate continued her sessions with Ewen and she had a breakthrough when she uncovered the memory that had caused her illness. The memory was triggered when Kate thought she might be pregnant and did not know if Johnny or Sonny would be the child's father. Although her pregnancy test was negative, Kate regressed to when she was seventeen and had been pregnant after being raped.

Ewen was present as Kate/Connie relived being raped by Joe Scully Jr., the son of Sonny's boss. She had kept the rape a secret out of fear that Sonny would kill Joe Jr. and their plans to run away together would be destroyed. When Kate/Connie learned she was pregnant, she stood Sonny up on the night they were supposed to leave town. Then she told her family that she was leaving early for college but instead moved into a boarding house for the duration of her pregnancy. Kate/Connie was alone when she went into labor and she gave birth to a son. After the delivery, she abandoned the child and the memories and created the new persona of Kate Howard.

In time, Kate believed she truly was the persona she created and she blocked out the painful parts of her past that did not fit her new image. Ewen believed that Kate was on the road to recovery since she had remembered what had triggered the dissociative identity disorder. Kate shared the information about the rape and the pregnancy with Sonny and he promised to continue to love and support her as she moved forward. Kate wanted to move forward with dealing with the ramifications of the car accident Connie had caused but she was unable to recall any information about shooting Anthony's tires or planting the gun.

Kate worked with Ewen to fully integrate her personalities and she believed Connie was gone. However, Connie continued to exist since Kate could not remember causing the car accident. Unbeknownst to Kate, Connie sneaked out and met with Johnny. The two discussed how Connie had agreed to take the fall for Johnny's crime and that Connie's existence was dependent on Kate not remembering the truth.

Meanwhile, Sonny remained enraged over the pain that Joe Jr. had caused Kate and he tracked Joe Jr. down and brought him back to Port Charles. Joe Jr. eventually ended up in the custody of the Atlantic City police for a different crime and Kate paid him a visit there. She confronted Joe Jr. about the rape but insisted that she had come on to him. Kate informed him that he no longer had the power to hurt her and Joe Jr. responded by taunting Kate about the son she had left to die.

As Kate dealt with the memories she had repressed she also grew closer to Sonny and they became engaged again. Soon after, Kate discovered that Joe Jr. had been released from jail and had taken up residence at the Metro Court. Kate was shaken by Joe Jr.'s presence but she was quickly distracted by the news that Jerry Jacks had returned to Port Charles and had poisoned the town's water supply with a deadly toxin. Kate wanted to spend the remaining time she had with Sonny instead of focusing on Joe Jr.'s presence.

Everyone in town, including Kate and Sonny, started to feel the effects of the toxin. Jerry demanded millions of dollars in exchange for the counteragent and Sonny worked with several others to secure the counteragent from Jerry. The efforts were successful and after the close encounter with death Kate and Sonny decided to move up their wedding date.

While the town had been affected by the toxin, Sonny's daughter Kristina had taken off to Las Vegas and married her boyfriend Trey Mitchell. After the wedding Trey stopped by Sonny's house to announce the marriage but found Kate instead. As Trey and Kate spoke, she recognized the pendant around Trey's neck and questioned where he had gotten it from. Trey replied that the pendant came from his father and Kate recalled that the same pendant had been around Joe Jr.'s neck when he had raped her. Kate inquired about Trey's father and Trey's age until she realized that Trey was her son.

Connie emerged again after the shock of meeting her son and she announced that Trey was lucky to be alive because she had originally planned to abort the pregnancy until a priest had counseled her against it. She informed Trey that he had been unwanted from the start because he had been conceived out of rape. The reunion was cut short after Sonny returned and Trey took off. Connie impersonated Kate and did not reveal that she knew Trey was her son.

While Connie was out, she devised a plan to stop Kate's marriage to Sonny and her plan required help from Johnny. He wanted no part of Connie's plan but she threatened to tell the police that he had shot out Anthony's tires if he did not comply. Connie impersonated Kate and continued to make wedding plans. She insisted that she was merging Connie's style with Kate's as she planned a wedding at the Haunted Star casino and insisted on having a stripper at her bachelorette party. Olivia walked in on Connie touching the stripper but Connie insisted that what Olivia believed she had seen was a hallucination from the LSD she had been poisoned with.

On the day of the wedding, Connie joined Sonny at the altar but objected to the wedding. She announced that she was not free to marry him because she was already married to Johnny. Everyone realized that Connie was in control instead of Kate and Sonny announced that he would have her committed for psychiatric care. Connie laughed and reminded everyone that only her husband had the authority to commit her. Connie went on to explain that she had been sneaking out of Sonny's bed for months to spend time with Johnny. The wedding broke up and Sonny made a plea for Kate to return. Connie informed Sonny that Kate had taken off for good once she realized that Trey was her son. She advised Sonny to forget about Kate and she left with her husband.

Sonny continued to pursue Kate and he convinced Trey to ask the court to have Connie committed for psychiatric care. Connie forced Johnny to play the role of a loving husband and the court sided with them. After the legal system derailed Sonny's plans, he had Connie kidnapped and held at his warehouse where he and a psychiatrist tried to bring Kate back. Sonny's attempt failed and Connie returned home to her adversarial marriage to Johnny.

In addition to blackmailing Johnny into marriage, Connie also used her leverage over Todd Manning and forced him to reinstate her at the helm of Crimson magazine. She and Todd reluctantly shared office space where Connie came across a manuscript written by Molly Lansing. Connie was intrigued with the novel and stole it from the office and planned to pass it off as her own work.

Connie was concerned over the state of her marriage after Johnny met with his lawyer and made plans to confess to shooting out Anthony's tires. She realized that Johnny's confession could help Kate regain control. Connie delayed Johnny's confession by kidnapping him but on her way out of town with Johnny in her trunk she hit a pedestrian. In a futile attempt to avoid the pedestrian, she swerved the car and the car behind her was forced off the road.

The other car contained Michael, Starr, Trey, and Kristina. Everyone in that car initially seemed to be fine and Starr was the first person to find Connie, who had been thrown out of the car. Connie held on to the edge of a cliff and begged Starr to pull her to safety. Starr refused and claimed it would be justice for her daughter and boyfriend if Connie were to die. Johnny intervened and confessed that he, not Connie, needed to be punished and he pulled Connie up.

Connie was shocked that Johnny had confessed and he announced that he would confess to the police upon their arrival. Connie decided to leave the scene of the crime even after she learned that the pedestrian and her son Trey were severely injured. She was unable to escape before the police arrived and they took her to the hospital before heading to the police station. At the hospital, Connie was overcome with guilt, anger, and fear over Trey's condition after she learned that he was brain-dead. Sonny offered her comfort and posted her bail so she could see Trey.

After Connie consulted with Trey's doctors and Kristina, she reluctantly agreed to remove him from life support. As Connie grieved for her son, she bonded with Sonny and fell in love with him. However, after she slept with Sonny, Kate emerged the two identities fought for control. Eventually, Connie and Kate realized that they needed to be integrated, so they agreed to seek treatment. During the process, Constanza Falconeri, the host personality, absorbed both Kate and Connie's memories and personality traits. She opted to use the name that she was given at birth, Constanza "Connie" Louise Falconeri. After integration, Connie ended her relationship with Sonny because she could not be with him and maintain the balance between her alters. She focused on her work instead and resumed her position as Editor in chief of Crimson magazine.

As Connie distanced herself from Sonny, he spent more time with Olivia and he invited Olivia to recover at his home after she had been shot. Connie sensed that she was losing Sonny to her cousin and decided to allow Sonny back into her life. Olivia encouraged Sonny and Connie reunite but Connie questioned which woman Sonny truly loved. As Connie speculated about Sonny's feelings, she overheard a conversation between Sonny and his son Morgan in which Morgan revealed that Kiki Jerome was not a Quartermaine heir. Connie admitted that she had overheard the exchange and Sonny asked her not to repeat what she had heard. Against Sonny's wishes, Connie used the information to save her career.

Sonny was furious with Connie, as was A.J. Quartermaine. Her choice to divulge that Kiki was not a Quartermaine caused A.J. to lose his position at ELQ and he choked Connie until Sonny came to her rescue. Afterwards, Connie hoped to get her relationship with Sonny back on track and she accidentally uncovered information the Jerome crime family. Before Connie could warn Sonny, she was shot and killed. She left the initials AJ next to her body written in her blood. After Connie's death, Sonny had a vision in which Connie visited him and they exchanged wedding vows. Sonny was devastated when he realized the vision he had experienced was not real.

A few months later, A.J. conjured up Connie's ghost as he tried to remember what had transpired on the night Connie was killed. A.J. had been declared not guilty of Connie's murder to due insufficient evidence but remained unconvinced that he had pulled the trigger. As he spoke to Connie's ghost, he realized that Ava Jerome had been present on the night of Connie's death and he pieced together that Ava had killed Connie.

Sonny experienced another vision of Connie while he dealt with his conflicting emotions regarding A.J.'s murder. He had killed A.J. to avenge Connie's death and hid the truth from Michael, but later learned that the initials next to Connie's body stood for Ava Jerome, the real killer. Sonny planned to kill both Ava and Franco and reunite with Carly in the process. Connie's vision asked Sonny not to seek revenge through murder and she encouraged him to move on with Carly.

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