Jeremy strikes fear into the Abbotts and riles Kyle

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, December 5, 2022
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Jeremy strikes fear into the Abbotts and riles Kyle | Y&R Recap (Monday, December 5, 2022)
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Monday, December 5, 2022

In a hallway at the Jabot office building, a frustrated Kyle petitioned Summer to inform Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley to back off their crusade against Diane. Summer's mind, however, was on work, not personal issues. Kyle persisted and warned that Phyllis and the others were putting their entire family in danger. Summer replied that she was fed up with all hysterics and chaos that seemed to always surround Diane.

Summer insisted that she and Kyle listen to both sides before pointing fingers. Kyle, reluctant to listen objectively to Phyllis, shook his head in disgust. As if on cue, Phyllis breezed in and invited her daughter and son-in-law to join her for dinner. Phyllis mentioned that nothing was more important than spending time with family. Kyle reacted by giving Summer a knowing look.

Diane was shocked to find Jeremy Stark standing before her when she answered the door at the Abbott mansion. Jeremy greeted Diane, and said, "Long time no see." Jeremy informed Diane that he had been released from prison days before and had missed her. Without an invitation, Jeremy marched inside the house and mentioned that it would have been nice had she visited him in prison. Jeremy showed off his spiffy clothes and smart grooming and said, "Look at me now. You look great, as well." Diane folded her arms across her chest and slowly backed away when Jeremy announced that he had much business to discuss. Jack arrived and said, "Hello. Who is this?"

Diane introduced Jack to Jeremy, describing him as an old friend. Jeremy mentioned that he and Diane had been close when they had both lived in Los Angeles, recalling that she had called herself Taylor. Jeremy described his line of work as being "a little of this and a little of that." Diane was noticeably uncomfortable and was eager for Jeremy to leave, though he invited Diane to join him for coffee or a nice meal before he moved on. Jack asked Jeremy how he'd known where to find Diane. Jeremy replied, "Lucky guess." Diane looked terrified when Jeremy explained that after learning Diane was a grandmother, he'd known she would be drawn to see her beloved family.

After Jeremy left, a shocked Diane clutched her stomach and breathlessly cried, "I can't believe he just came here." Jack embraced Diane to comfort and calm her. Jack and Diane sat together on the sofa after he served her a drink. Diane cried, "How dare Jeremy come here and have the nerve to mention family and to talk about my grandson." Jack assured Diane that no harm would come to any member of the family as long as he was around. Diane, raising her voice in distress, blamed Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki for having revealed her and Harrison's whereabouts. Diane cried, "Those bitches have gone too far."

Summer, Kyle, and Phyllis waited for a table at Society. Summer broke away briefly and approached Nick, who was drinking alone at the bar. Nick explained that he and Victor had gotten into an argument about something that was none of his dad's business. Summer persuaded Nick to join her, Phyllis, and Kyle, and he agreed. Nick took a seat and said, "What are we talking about?" Phyllis replied, "Marchetti."

Nick asked Phyllis and Summer if they were often at each other's throats over creative differences. Phyllis snapped back that it was an unfair characterization of her and her daughter. Nick explained that both were strong-willed, fiery women. Phyllis mentioned that everything was sunshine and roses. Nick replied, "Is that the mood for everyone, including Diane?" Phyllis forced herself to convincingly claim that Diane and everything at Marchetti had been going great. Shaking her head, Phyllis asked Nick how he had been getting along with everyone at Newman. Nick replied that he had taken Phyllis' comment as his cue to leave, explaining that he had already endured a less-than-awesome day.

After Nick left, Summer expressed concern for her dad. Phyllis seemed unconcerned and said Nick was all right. As Nick was leaving, he ran into Jack and Diane. Jack paused to speak, but Diane rushed into the restaurant, having seen Phyllis seated with Kyle and Summer. Jack told Nick he would see Nick later as he quickly followed Diane. Nick shrugged and continued on.

Inside the restaurant, Diane approached Phyllis and angrily said, "I know what you're trying to do, and it still won't work. You will never, ever drive me away from my family, do you understand?" Jack grasped Diane by her arms from behind and explained that they would get their own table. Summer glared at her mother and asked, "What the hell was that all about?" Phyllis feigned innocence.

Kyle followed Jack and Diane to their table and asked what was going on. Diane replied, "Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City, and the only reason he knew how to find me here is that Phyllis told him where I was." Diane cried that Jeremy had stopped by the Abbott house, and she expressed concern for what he might be planning. Kyle asked where Stark was. Diane pleaded with Kyle to stay away because he had no idea what Stark was capable of. Jack agreed and said they should not confront Stark until they all decided how to respond.

Jack told Diane he would take her home to keep her away from Phyllis. Jack glared at Phyllis as he walked past her table. Kyle returned to his table and confronted Phyllis. Kyle said, "For Summer's sake, I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I have tried to restrain myself from making judgments, to not take sides, but your childish and reckless behavior has gone too far." As Kyle delivered his tirade, Phyllis chuckled, even when confronted about how she was endangering his family. Kyle rushed off, mumbling about having to fix the problems Phyllis had created.

Summer ran after Kyle as Phyllis looked on and casually sipped her wine. Summer caught up with Kyle in the alley and asked him what he was talking about. Kyle replied, "Jeremy Stark, the man my mom worked for in L.A., the convicted felon, flew to Genoa City and went straight to our home, looking for her. Where our little boy sleeps." Summer gasped, "Oh, my God!" Kyle blamed Phyllis for having sent Stark to their home. After Kyle left, Phyllis met Summer in the alley. Summer cried that her mother had made a fool out of her. Summer asked her mom how she could put their family, especially Harrison, in the line of fire by telling Jeremy Stark he could find Diane at the Abbott house.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane apologized to Jack for having lost her composure, which in turn had forced him to double down on his support of her. Diane, trembling, cried that she was a basket of nerves. As Diane wiped her tears, Jack observed that she was already bouncing back just like she always did. Diane smiled, her eyes sparkling as Jack praised her resilience. Jack embraced Diane after she thanked him for being supportive and protective.

In Sally's room at the Grand Phoenix, she and Adam made love, kissing passionately and stroking each other tenderly. Afterward, Adam told Sally it did not have to be the end. Sally replied, "It doesn't have to be, but it is." Adam reminded Sally that they both still had strong, powerful feelings for each other. Sally acknowledged it was why they had given in and made love, and she said it was also why it would not happen again. Tearfully, Sally told Adam that they had lost something they could not get back, and she thanked him for showing kindness and having faith in her when no one else did.

Adam, deeply emotional, cried that he did not regret one moment he and Sally had been together. Sally replied that she felt the same way. Sally told Adam he was a wonderful, supportive, and loving man, a spectacular father, and a dedicated son and brother. Recalling how Adam had become misguided in his attempts to protect her, she assured him he could be an amazing partner, as well. Adam wiped a tear from Sally's face and replied, "It's too bad I can't be your partner." Sally recalled that they had loved each other with all they had, which no one could deny, though it was time for them to move on and learn from their mistakes. Sally told Adam they had to let each other go, so they could each find true happiness.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon approached Chance, who was lost in thought, and asked if he wanted coffee. Sharon offered to listen if Chance needed to talk, acknowledging that after having lost his partner, Rey, she might have gleaned some of his listening skills. Chance initially told Sharon he was not ready to talk, but after she walked away, he cried, "It's over with Abby. I'm getting a divorce." Sharon asked Chance if he and Abby had tried other options besides divorce. Chance told Sharon that things were too far gone, admitting that the deterioration of their relationship had begun so long before that it might have been better had they never entered into a relationship at all.

Sharon gently told Chance that all relationships could teach something, even the ability to acknowledge the end of a chapter. Chance lamented that he had thought his story had been written, and he pondered what to do. Sharon advised Chance to take things day by day and lean into whatever gave him purpose. Sharon asked Chance if he still planned on being part of Dominic's life. Taken aback, Chance replied, "Absolutely. I love that kid, Sharon. That's never going to change." Sharon asked Chance if he and Abby had discussed co-parenting. Chance replied that he had not yet and acknowledged that he still loved Abby, though their relationship had not been a good fit.

Sharon suggested to Chance that having Devon as a buffer and third parent might make things easier because he and Abby could both communicate with Devon until they were ready to communicate with each other directly. Chance replied, "That's an idea -- maybe." Chance had not noticed Victor glaring from behind. Victor asked Chance if he had spoken to Abby. Chance said he had and that Victor would not be pleased with the outcome.

After Chance rushed out, Sharon told Victor she could not help but notice how dismissive he had been with Chance. Victor said he saw no reason to be cordial because Chance had brought pain to Abby. Sharon confided that there might be more to the story and that he might have been too hard on Chance. Sharon advised Victor to wait and learn more. Victor replied, "What do you know?"

At Devon's penthouse, Tucker sat on the floor with Dominic and played with a toy keyboard. Devon joined his father and son and noted that being with Dominic helped him forget all the worries in the world. Tucker asked Devon how work was going after the loss of Billy and Nate. Devon, setting boundaries, reminded his father that they had agreed not to discuss Chancellor-Winters. Tucker explained that they shared only a few topics in common, one being business, and he swore he would never use his grandson as a pawn. Devon, responding to Tucker's earlier query, said that his company was interviewing candidates to fill both COO positions. Tucker replied, "Having a family company is still the dream, right?"

Tucker admitted he still held out hope that he and Devon might someday create a business together like Devon had with Neil. Tucker took Dominic from Devon's arms, so Devon could answer the door. It was Abby, and she became livid when she spotted Tucker holding Dominic. While Abby comforted her crying child, Tucker apologized for not having contacted her before stopping by.

Tucker suggested he and Abby make peace because he had chosen to settle in Genoa City. Tucker asked Abby how he could prove to her that he was not a threat. Abby said she did not know. Tucker said he had grown to love Dominic, especially after having missed out on spending time with Devon growing up. Tucker said it felt like a blessing to be with Devon and Dom and that he did not intend to squander his opportunity.

Tucker told Abby he would ask for her blessing before spending time with Dom in the future. Devon thanked Tucker for stopping by, and then Tucker left. Devon apologized to Abby and said he had thought she would be fine with Tucker spending time with Dom. Abby explained that seeing her son and Tucker had reminded her of a "messy" time in her life she would rather forget, though Tucker had a right to have a relationship with his grandson.

Devon assured Abby he would monitor all interactions between Dominic and Tucker. Abby paused and told Devon that Chance was ready to move forward and get a divorce. Devon asked about counseling or a trial separation. Abby said Chance was not in favor of either, though she had tried to be pragmatic and brave, knowing she should not expect him to stay with her because she had broken their vows.

Sally and Adam talked at length after pulling back on their raw emotions. Adam told Sally he'd really thought they could have made it work. Sally replied that she had, too, though it was perhaps all they had been ready for and meant to have. Adam cried that his feelings were still real. Sally replied, "So are mine, but love changes, and that's all right. We're going to be okay."

After Adam dressed, he told Sally that she deserved the world, and he apologized for not being able to give it to her. Adam advised Sally not to settle for anything less. They shared one long, last kiss before Sally pulled back. As Adam was leaving, he ran into Nick in the hallway. Adam briefly acknowledged Nick before walking away. Nick paused before opening the door to Sally's room. Sally, still tearful, turned around and saw Nick. Nick glanced at the bed and noticed rumpled blankets and pillows askew. Nick drew a deep breath and said, "I guess this is a bad time."

Tucker entered Society and took a seat at the bar, ordering a scotch. Checking a message notification from an unknown sender on his phone, Tucker read, "Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City." Tucker slipped his phone back in his pocket. Across town in a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Jeremy read online stories Talia had published. Jeremy said aloud to himself, "You have done your research, Talia." Answering a knock at the door, Jeremy faced a livid Kyle, who yelled, "I'm only going to say this once. Leave Diane Jenkins alone!"

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