Johnny's reaction to a revelation stuns Victoria and Billy

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, September 26, 2022
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Johnny's reaction to a revelation stuns Victoria and Billy | The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Monday, September 26, 2022)
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Monday, September 26, 2022

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria discussed her plan to acquire Chancellor-Winters. Victoria acknowledged that Victor had approved. Nick observed that Victoria seemed rattled. Victoria said she thought she had done a better job hiding her emotions. Victoria confided that she and Billy had decided to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother. Nick recalled that Adam had once wanted to tell Christian that he was the boy's biological father, though it had been decided that Christian had been too young. Nick said he would have to deal with telling Christian in the future. Victoria explained that Johnny was old enough to know the truth, though she hoped she was making the right choice.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chelsea bumped into Billy and asked to join him. Chelsea thanked Billy for agreeing to tell Johnny about her connection to him and for having convinced Victoria to go along. Billy noted that Victoria always made up her own mind. Chelsea was elated to learn that Billy and Victoria would discuss the issue with Johnny later in the day. Billy said there was no way to determine how Johnny might react. Chelsea said she would not expect miracles right off the bat, though she anticipated that it would be a big first step to something healthy and rewarding for them all. Billy replied, "I hope you're right."

At Society, Audra, an IPO advisor, asked Nate if he was certain about Chancellor-Winters going public. Nate said he was optimistic it would happen. Audra replied, "In that case, why don't you give me the lay of the land, the dynamics behind the scenes of the company. I like to know all the players before the games begin." Nate told Audra that Jill was a force to be reckoned with, though she seemed less interested in power and control than she was in providing a financial legacy for her family.

Nate explained that it had been Lily's idea to combine the two companies. Nate described Billy as being competent, though he did not mind letting others take center stage. Audra asked about Devon. Nate said that Devon had brought Hamilton-Winters to the party and always seemed to be focused and single-minded. Audra agreed to discuss her personal interests with Nate after the big meeting at Chancellor-Winters.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily informed Devon that she had set up a video call. Lily asked Devon if he had changed his mind about taking the company public. Devon replied that he had not changed his mind one bit. Jill appeared on the video screen and greeted Lily and Devon. Jill was pleased when she learned that Lily and Devon had agreed to take the company public. Jill said, "From now on, Chancellor-Winters is going to be unstoppable."

Jill requested that Lily and Devon consult with the IPO advisor she had recommended. Lily replied, "We are, with Audra Charles." Lily recalled that it had taken some convincing to get Devon to agree, though he had approved after being assured that they would retain some control after going public. Jill noticed that Billy and Nate were not present. Devon assured Jill that he and Nate had settled their issues. Lily told Jill that Billy was dealing with a family matter. Jill said she would check in with them later, and she ended the meeting.

Devon asked Lily what was going on with Billy. Lily assured Devon that Billy approved of the IPO. Devon told Lily it would take everyone giving the project a hundred percent to make it successful. Lily admitted she felt Billy was pushing himself too hard to fit into his supporting role. Audra and Nate arrived, interrupting the conversation between Lily and Devon about Billy.

Lily told Audra that they had heard great things about her from Jill. Devon seemed taken aback to discover that Audra and Nate had already gotten to know each other somewhat. Lily refrained from telegraphing her thoughts and smiled broadly while cutting her eyes at Devon. Lily shook hands with Audra and said it was good to put a face to the name. Lily introduced Devon as her bother and co-CEO.

Audra told Devon that Nate had been singing his praises, noting that she and Nate had met coincidentally the day before at the coffeehouse and had had breakfast together before the meeting. Lily, smiling, announced that Chancellor-Winters would be going public. Audra said it was a smart decision. Audra assured Lily, Devon, and Nate that she would walk them through the IPO process from start to finish. Devon seemed a bit uneasy.

Lily asked Audra to be more specific about her role. Audra said she would offer advice before moving forward and would help with project management, technical accounting, and SEC reports while overseeing the drafting process and maintaining deadlines. Lily remarked that Audra's energy was infectious. Audra said that based on her research, it would be the most satisfying move they would ever make. Nate agreed that it was the right decision. Lily and Devon thanked Audra for laying things out clearly, and they officially hired her.

After Audra left, Lily said Jill's instincts had been spot-on. Nate said he approved. Devon mentioned that Nate had conversed with Audra before the official meeting. Nate replied, "I hope you're not trying to start something when we're finally in a good place again." Devon explained that he was pleased that Nate had made a good impression on Audra. Nate replied, "In that case -- thanks." Devon and Lily were pleased when they later perused the initial figures Audra provided. Devon admitted he felt better about his decision. Lily said she did, too, and was excited to proceed with Devon by her side.

Sally and Chloe sipped coffee at Crimson Lights and worked on their pitch for Victoria. Sally said she intended to be more focused when discussing her ideas. Chloe agreed to consolidate their to-do list. Chloe suddenly urged Sally to return to the office to finish their planning session when she spotted Adam. Adam approached, greeted the women, and jokingly asked them if they were plotting world domination. Sally smiled and replied, "Every morning." Adam smiled back, which prompted Chloe to tell them that their polite banter was freaking her out.

Sally explained that she had moved on, though she had decided to remain cordial because she and Adam lived and worked in the same town. Adam agreed that there were no hard feelings and no reason for awkwardness. After Adam left, Chloe remarked that the exchange had been civil and downright mature, and she praised Sally for focusing on herself instead of "that jerk." Sally received a text message from Nick asking her to stop by.

Nick entered Sally's office after she and Chloe returned. Nick asked Sally if she had received his text message. Chloe left to give Sally and Nick time to talk. Nick asked Sally if Chloe knew about them being together. Sally replied, "I haven't said a word to anyone." Nick asked Sally to join him for dinner. Sally said she would check her schedule and get back to Nick. Nick, filled with passion, looked Sally over as she passed by him on her way out.

At Chancellor Park, Billy and Victoria met together with Johnny. While Johnny kicked around a soccer ball, Victoria admitted to Billy that she was apprehensive. Billy replied, "You know, you may feel like he's outgrowing your love, but he's not. He never will." Victoria became emotional and asked to watch Johnny for another minute while she struggled to ground herself emotionally.

Reminiscing, Billy said that Johnny had been a joy from the moment he'd come to them. Victoria cried, "He's the greatest joy of my life." Billy and Victoria fondly remembered Johnny as a smiling, happy baby who had enjoyed bedtime stories. Billy credited Victoria for providing their children with a warm, stable home. Victoria praised Billy for being a wonderful father. Victoria took a deep breath and said she was ready. Billy summoned Johnny.

Victoria told her son they had something to tell him. Billy reminded Johnny that after the birth of Reed, a doctor had told Victoria she could not have more children, though Katie had been a pleasant surprise. Johnny said he remembered being told that he had grown in his mother's heart and not her stomach. Victoria asked Johnny if he had ever wondered about his birth mother. Johnny immediately and emphatically replied, "No."

Johnny was surprised when told that he already knew his birth mother. Johnny cried, "What?" Victoria replied, "Chelsea, Connor's mom." Johnny recalled having recently seen Chelsea at the pool and asked his parents if they had been planning the announcement behind his back. Victoria replied, "No. No, it's not like that." Johnny became emotional and reminded his parents that he had told them he had not wondered about his birth mother, though they had told him anyway.

Johnny asked his parents if something was about to change. Victoria assured Johnny that nothing would be changing. Victoria explained that other people knew, so they did not want him to learn the truth from someone else. Johnny, sounding frustrated, replied, "Great, so everybody knows that my birth mother lives in town? You told me, thanks. Now, I don't want to talk about it ever again." Johnny rushed off. Victoria and Billy were stunned.

Chelsea approached Nick as he was standing outside Victoria's office. Chelsea said she was looking for Victoria. Nick, noting that he was aware of what was going on, said Victoria was with Billy and Johnny. Nick said he understood why Chelsea was on edge. Chelsea admitted it was nerve-racking, though her thoughts and her heart were with Johnny because it would impact his life forever.

Nick said he was sure the revelation would have a huge impact Johnny's life and Chelsea's life. Chelsea said she knew she had done the right thing by having Victoria and Billy raise Johnny. Nick said that though Johnny was at an awkward age, Nick was sure the boy would realize that she cared about him. Chelsea received a text message from Billy. Chelsea, beaming, said, "It's done. Johnny finally knows who I really am."

Nick was alone in Victoria's office when she returned. Victoria said the meeting with Johnny had taken longer than she'd thought it would. Nick told Victoria that Chelsea had stopped by and was anxious to hear the news. Victoria insisted that Chelsea was not her priority and that she needed to go home and spend time with Johnny. Victoria admitted that the discussion had gone worse that she had expected. Nick said that kids were tougher than people gave them credit for and could adapt better than adults sometimes.

Victoria told Nick she did not believe it would be easy for Johnny to come to terms with the truth. Nick received a text message from Sally letting him know she would meet him for dinner. Nick smiled as he read the message. Victoria asked, "Who's that?" Nick said he was finalizing dinner plans. After Nick left, Nate called Victoria and told her the IPO was official. Nate asked Victoria to meet and discuss their next big step.

Chelsea met with Billy at Crimson Lights. Billy calmly explained that Johnny would need time to process the information. Chelsea was anxious to assist in any way and help Johnny. Billy replied, "You know, Johnny's a very happy kid, and he doesn't want his world to change. And we're not going to pressure him to do anything that he doesn't want to do." Billy told Chelsea that her immediate desire to be a participant in Johnny's life was not what they had discussed when they had agreed to reveal the truth. Chelsea said she just wanted Johnny to be okay. Chelsea wiped away tears and thanked Billy for filling her in. Chelsea left abruptly.

Chelsea went to the park and encountered Adam. Adam suggested they accompany Connor to an amusement park. Chelsea asked Adam if they could spend time together without being at each other's throats. Adam promised that their efforts would be an example of modern parenting at its finest. Chelsea said she would talk to Connor, and Adam offered to accompany her, so they could do it together.

Frustrated, Chelsea told Adam that it was not a good time for her because she was having a bad day. Chelsea recalled Adam having said she was using Connor to "fix [her] emotional struggles." Chelsea suggested that Adam was using their son to fill a hole in his life. Chelsea cried, "I would never use my son to make my own life better. I just want to love him and take care of him. Why can't anyone understand that?" Chelsea left abruptly.

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